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Commission of a zealous dunmer priest.
A quick front and back of Amelia's base design for my reference, a character from my visual novel Constantly tweaking along the way.
Commission of Artamese caught in the blow back of a powerful spell. Was given free reign on the outfit design. Had a real lot of fun with this one!
@Mistress Dizzy Yeeeah. I wouldn't be surprised at all the different little things in my art that's inspired by my decades long addiction to video games, haha. My childhood was heavy on the SNES and N64 days. I can imagine a lot of my storytelling and artistic preferences were shaped by those games.

Speaking of! If your tagline of 'Tired Mermaid Fanatic' is apt, would you be at all interested in checking out my mermaid visual novel? :D
Not sure if I'm allowed to post here, but damn, you've got some excellent stuff here. Very lively posing and I like the way you color.

Oh shoot! I didn't see this right away. Of course you're allowed to post! The praise is more than appreciated, friend. In fact, it made my night. Thank you! <3
Commission of a friendly half elf!
Commission of a celebratory drink after the mission.
Second half orc portrait commission!
Flat color headshot commission of a rowdy half orc.
Updating with screenshots and a link to the first arc!
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