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It's been a while since I drew something for myself, even longer since that something was fanart. So here's Miss Cloud getting ready for her debut on the town.

Flat color commission of a pink haired dude named Yuri.
Happy New Year, fellow guildmates! Special thanks to all the folks that have supported me throughout the year. Cheers! <3
Full color commission of a fantasy couple.
Reference sheet for the half orc Asradai!
Commission of an Au Ra inspired dragonknight.
My part of an art trade featuring the knight Imari.
Doodle of a goth flavored vampire lady for the spooky season.
My name is Zweit and I'm looking for stories!
•I am an adult so my post frequency could be anywhere from once a day to once a week depending on life. If I'm expecting less than that, I'll let you know.

•All I expect from you is to be able to describe what your character looks like and what they're doing without me having to guess. I am a little rusty, but I'll try and give back just as much as you give me. My limits are your limits.

•All romances are fine. M//, F/M, F// - what have you. I play it all. There doesn't even have to be romance at all!

I prefer PMs and Private Threads over anything, though willing to negotiate. Email and gdocs are also ok. I don't mind if you ditch. It happens. But know that I'm always willing to work together if either of us get bored/lost/whatever with our current rp.

I like dark and gritty just as much as magic and whimsy, but what I really want is some adventure.

Bold - I have a plot idea! Create with me! Also feel free to pitch me your ideas too!

General Fantasy
Magus x Apprentice(s)
Demon x Novice Summoner
Paladin x Witch
Mercenaries / Adventurers
Modern Fantasy
Witch x Demon

Hunter x Hunted
Vampire x Spicy Bloodbag
Lost/Surviving in the Wilderness

Warring Countries
Trophy of War
Exiled Royal x Knight
Arranged Marriage
Dragon Rider x Dragon Slayer
Ruling Royal x Rebel Fighter
Campaigning Royal x Conquered Royal

City Dystopia
Post Apocalypse
Space Opera
Science Fantasy
Mutants, Monsters, Zombies!

Fandoms! ( OCs only unless you really convince me )
Left4Dead / Back4Blood
Dead by Daylight
Walking Dead
Fire Emblem
Dead By Daylight ( canon and OC accepted here )
Army of Two
Horizon: Zero Dawn

My favorite type of dynamics are diametrically opposed:

No, seriously. Really devoted friends having to weather trials and torments together is my biggest weakness. Either way, whether it's any of the ideas above or something of your own, I would kill for a story where the two main characters are serious, long time friends(or become that way through the course of the rp : D).

The WORST kind of people!
People with deep and complicated flaws that happen to trigger each other perfectly. The relationship is one of persistent tension, pushing buttons, and testing boundaries. Maybe fate has forced them to work together in order to survive/achieve their goals. Or maybe it's the poison drink they just can't live without.

Compelling slice of life featuring these

Companion character sheet commission of a buff detective.
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