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Added commission of a Werebear form for the half-orc Asradai.
Vaporwave portrait commission for DJ Synth.

Sketch of a mermaid admiring her gift from a human friend.
Lewd commission of a previous OC commission, Tank, and his valentine for the upcoming holiday. Reminder that select NSFW is available at a +30% to base price.

Half body commission of a smarmy desert dweller named Ridley.
Quizilla just made me age 50,000 years, wow lol

Ya girl's not usually one for romance, but these two got me down bad. Have another lovesick and slightly spicy scribble of my steampunk royal OCs.
Xmas gift commission of Rixori, the spaghetti warlock, as a suffering member of the service industry.
<Snipped quote by Zweit>

ok, THIS is absolutely gorgeous. I love all of it. The posing, the expressions... so so lovely.

Is that Iskandar?

If so, who's the lucky lady?

Thank you, thank you! Unfortunately I don't know who/what Iskandar is in reference to here. Though I do know these two specifically are original characters belonging to the client's original fantasy universe. Najuma on the left and Eirvin on the right.
Ya'll remember my boy Ferris from the front page? Well have a glow up~
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