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The Banshees Return

Hail Sithis!

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Basic Information

Name: Audrey Chen
Official Title: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Position: Unlinked Asylum

AMRO Stats

Specialty: Silencer
Alchemic Style: Primary: Motem, Secondary: Siggilum
Position of Tattoo: On the back of her Left hand
Asylum Code: XXV (25)
Alch-Specs: Matter Assimilation

Audrey can absorb matter, take on its qualities, and utilize it in different ways.

1. By absorbing it into her body. Depending on how much of the material Audrey absorbs, she can either utilize it as a second skin or convert parts of her body into living versions of the material. The latter is more difficult to pull off and requires a larger amount of the material, but also allows Audrey to mold converted body parts into weapons made of the same material.

2. To extend absorbed matter into anything she is touching.

Note: Matter absorption can be dangerous if not used properly. What Audrey will be capable of doing relies greatly on how much of the material she can get her hands on. (Example: If Audrey gets her hands on a small rock, she will barely have enough to coat her fist in stone). Also, the heavier the material, the higher the chances of Audrey getting bogged down by its weight. For now, the girl mostly focuses on coating an arm at a time or using it for defensive purposes. Audrey also needs to be careful about what she absorbs.


Jawbreaker - Two metal gauntlets with the ability to emit small electric charges. The metallic nature of these gauntlets also allows Audrey to use her matter absorption while wearing them.

Soda Bomb - Explosives disguised as harmless cans of soda, different kinds and flavors come with different uses. Most of these soda bombs are more annoying than dangerous. (Save for the coke bomb)

1. Coca-Cola: Acid bomb
2. Mango Soda: Mango scented knock-out gas
3. Grape Fanta: Grape scented glue bomb
4. Mountain Dew: Flash bang
5. Dr. Pepper: Pepper bomb
6. Sprite: Confetti bomb

Audrey places cat stickers on the soda bomb cans to differentiate them from the soda she usually drinks.


A gas mask with built in night vision and zoom in capabilities.

Pez - A handy little flashlight that serves as a bar code scanner and finger print detector.

Gum Drops - Several color coded medicinal pills disguised as gum drops. The blue gumdrops are for energy enhancement, the white ones for pain relief, the green ones for adrenaline, and the red ones for an enhanced salve. The red ones are non-edible.


Standing at merely 4'9, Audrey is a pipsqueak brawler who is anything but intimidating. She's got a larger than life personality and a colorful vocabulary to make up for it, but at most, is an angry, nonthreatening ball of crumpled up hoodies and old baseball caps - a small, petite girl often disappearing into clothes and jackets that are a size or two too big for her.

But she doesn't mind, Audrey has never been particular about clothes or her appearance. Often found sporting band aids and cheeky grins, the girl's fair complexion is marred by an assortment of scratches and bruises, new ones often appearing just as the old ones have started to heal. But she doesn't mind and wears her battle scars with her head held high.


A feisty troublemaker who tends to bite off more than she can chew, Audrey is a loudmouth rebel with a broken brain-to-mouth filter. Speaking whenever and saying whatever the hell she wants, it's a miracle the girl hasn't been outright strangled to death for her lack of good manners and tact. Blunt at the best of times and outright rude at the worst, it doesn't help that she's almost always unapologetic.

If there's something noteworthy to be said about the girl, it's that she's often genuine. With Audrey, what you see is what you get, she wears her heart on her sleeve and doesn't pretend to be someone she's not. She picks fights, makes more enemies than she does allies, and enjoys the thrill that comes with missions and downright brawling. Pushing people's buttons, getting reactions out of them, it's all second nature to her and that's just who she is. People might dislike her for it, but Audrey's perfectly okay with that.

If everyone got along perfectly, where would be the fun in that?

Still, hotheaded brawler isn't all there is to Audrey. A fairly curious individual, she enjoys new sights and new experiences. A bit of a hedonist, the girl will almost never pass up something or someone she deems potentially fun. To others, she might come off as somewhat shallow, but the truth is, Audrey acts the way she does because she's sick and tired of all the ambiguity and secrets. She's desperate for happiness, but doesn't exactly know how to get a hold of it. More of a softy than she lets on, Audrey's wish for happiness is often smothered by her own coping mechanisms, mainly a blanket of cynicism and a plethora of curses.


Will be revealed as we go along


  • Audrey loves rice, and is a pretty good cook.
  • Cats have a special place in her heart
  • Brings instant noodles wherever she goes
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Basic Information

Name: Zak Halls
Official Title: Mechanical Darwin
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Position: Unlinked Asylum

AMRO Status

Specialty: Hunter
Alchemic Style: Sigilum (Primary); Vocem (Secondary)
Position of Tattoo: Right Glute (following the curve)
Code: MMXVII (2017)


  • He answers to Zechy but not Zacharias.
  • Anyone caught singing 'Zak the Halls' during Christmas receives a knuckle sandwich. No questions asked.
  • Zak chose to learn barititsu along with several other martial arts while undergoing training.
  • He'd rather not swim unless it is the only way to stay alive.

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🇦🇨🇨🇪🇸🇸🇮🇳🇬 🇦.🇲.🇷.🇴 🇩🇦🇹🇦🇧🇦🇸🇪...
🇴🇵🇪🇳🇮🇳🇬 "🇹🇭🇪 🇵🇷🇪🇩🇦🇹🇴🇷🇸" 🇩🇦🇹🇦 🇵🇷🇴🇫🇮🇱🇪...
🇩🇦🇹🇦 🇸🇺🇨🇨🇪🇸🇸🇫🇺🇱🇱🇾 🇱🇴🇦🇩🇪🇩

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Name: Gregor Dubrinsky

Official Title: The Slender Man, Demon of Sochi

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Position: Unlinked

Specialty: Hunter/Silencer

Alchemic Style: Motem/Sigillum

Asylum Code: XIII

Weapons: Gregor was given an unique weapons system in his youth, bio-mechanical tendrils surgically implanted onto his spine. At first glance they are not visible until summoned by Gregor but once called on they are able to take whatever shape Gregor requires of them anything from long slender blades to powerfully thick octopi-like tentacles. He has upgraded this system where they now produce a mixture of Anti-Alchemical Posion and what has adequately been described as "Fear Toxin" which attacks the center of the brain that controls fear.

Alchemy Specialization: At his most basic Gregor is a Porter, able to teleport over considerable distances. However, unlike the more trained division in A.M.R.O., he is only able to move himself and only to locations marked by his Sigillum. Gregor has learned how to take advantage of this by placing a sigil directly onto his target which allows him to stay within eyesight of his targets. In combat Gregor uses this ability to hound and harass his target wearing them down both physically and mentally.

Alchemic Overdrive: (Look at dictionary to understand the

concept of Alchemic drive) An Alchemic Overdrive is a state achieved

when Asylums merge their Alchemic drives to reach a state of

resonance which boost the capabilities of their alchemy as well as

materializes in the form of a weapon that represents their

collective personalities. You have to think of the weapon that will

come forth from your overdrive as well as its alchemic properties

(these are usually derived from the alchemic specialization or the

alchemy that best represents the current state you are in at the

time of resonance). It is not neccessary for you to mention the

details of your alchemic overdrive, you can show it IC.

Appearance: Gregor was diagnosed with giantisim and at his current height he stands at an impressive 8'6'' he stands perfectly straight allowing his mammoth size impose on those around him. His face is marred by numerous injuries from both self-inflicted and not Gregor wears a mask that covers his whole head, this mask is completely void of any anatomical sign as to add to the already growing legend that he his building.

Gargantuan size aside Gregor tends to keep himself dressed in a rather spectacular fashion keeping himself in exquisite suits tailored to fit his massive frame but the one item that always sticks out is the bright red tie that he wears in a perfect double windsor knot.

Personality:Gregor is a curious sort, very little is know about his early life but what is known is his life up to now. He hasn't spoken in years most likely because he is trying to play the role of unknown horror, due to the events in his own life. Gregor's has become a ruthless Hunter playing off the fear that he his a phantom, a ghost that haunts man's dreams.

It is unknown if he enjoy's what he does For he keeps to himself mostly and speaks very little to anyone. Something that many find odd is that Gregor has an affinity for children, he tends to be very protective around them now it is unsure if it has somthing to do with his own childhood but what is known is he will fight to the death to protect children.

History: Will reveal later...
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Dorian Radshaw

"You do not know of the darkness in which I have walked."

Name: Dorian Radshaw

Official Title: Dorian doesn't care for titles or chummy names, especially from a fellow asylum or the A.M.R.O

Team Title: Once again he couldn't care less of the thoughts of others. Sure they know who he is but he hasn't gone out his way to brand a fancy reputable name. What they call him is beyond his concern.

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Position: Unlinked

Specialty: Hybrid

Alchemic Style: Sigillum, Votem.

Asylum Code: CLIX (159). Located on his left hand near the thumb running from his wrist towards his index finger knuckle.

Dual collapsible katana's
Growing swords
  • Blade length incremental.
  • Temporary taser charge
  • Air injection
  • Anti asylum poison coating.

The 'every situation gun'
The Swiss Army knife of fire arms This powerful scoped sniper rifle with an under barrel grenade launcher can be disassembled into dual multi-function tech auto pistols.
Comes complete with;
  • Silencer attachments
  • Sniper modification/Dual auto pistols
  • Variable barrel size
  • Loaded retractable winch
  • electronic Infra red/night vision scopes/binoculars.
  • Smoke/tear/anti Asylum grenade.

Alchemy Specialization:
Vibrational Manipulation:

Most consider him to be 'un-specialised' or not to specialise in anything at all. He seems content to play with trinket tricks or basic cantrips and prestidigitation.
It couldn't be further from the truth.

As well as the above titled manipulation he also has a heightened sensitivity.

Dorian works in a hidden world of invisible lines and technical intricacies. He reads the vibrational patterns in all objects and notices the faintest variations or alterations. He can see weak or worn spots where others couldn't. He can tell if something has been recently disturbed or touched. He is in tune to the very air pressure of a room he steps into.

He might not be able to throw powerful blasts of energy at his foes but he is never caught unaware.

Alchemic Overdrive: Dorian fears Overdrive. It has already threatened his sanity.

Appearance: Dorian is a man who is swathed in mystery and seclusion, much is always happening behind those deep intense eyes but that's where his thoughts stay. He is quite tall and lean. His short dark styled hair is well kept and his beard always groomed.

His clothes are always in pristine condition and he takes great care to ensure his appearance is always at its best. He favours a fine suit over all else. Sleek and black, sheer artistic sophistication with subtle hints of forgotten era's lining more modern elements creating a purely individual piece of fashion. Always custom made and expertly fitted to his form. Delicately measured to the exact millimetre giving the perfect cut and complementing style.

Personality: It is unknown if Dorian thinks highly of himself or just extremely lowly of others. Either way he is not a highly social animal. Despite this he has a curious nature that falls prey to his overwhelming confidence and self interests. It causes him to seem quite erratic and eccentric at times. Occasionally pushing him out of his reserved unsocial bubble. On these rare occasions his mannerisms are always proper and particular.

Dorian loves to paint and is fascinated by ideals of personal freedom and non conformity. As a strictly analytical thinker, emotions intrigue him as he seeks to deeply understand them like a maths equation. While he is a talented Alchemist his personality makes him a bit unpredictable and difficult to deal with. His sanity is already considered 'waning'.

History: TBA

Other: Any additional information.

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