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As Isa bent over to feed some of her scraps to the wolf pup that was bounding around the room, she felt an unfamiliar prod at her consciousness. Then she felt it again, and again, and several more times until it was a constant knocking. While it wasn't making any attempt to break into her mind, it was certainly something strange. She figured that making some small talk with the canine in front of her would help. She bent over a little further and put out her hand for... him to sniff, then began to scratch his neck with her left hand. "You're a cute little guy, how'd you get here?" she asked, hand absentmindedly delivering what were highly sought after scritches to wherever she could reach at the moment. "I'm Isa, is that your friend over there?" She gestured in Rathe's direction, looking away from the pup briefly to take a slightly-too-long glance at the mountain of a man. In her view, she also caught a courier that had probably been standing there for too long with a box in her hand.

The Widow quickly sat up and straightened her skirt, trying to at least somewhat redeem herself in the eyes of this delivery girl that apparently had a package for her. She accepted it with a graceful nod and placed it on the table in front of her. Within this box could be any random item, from a fork to a live animal, and what the answer was... well, that was anyone's guess. Curiosity begging to be sated, Isadora gripped the purple bow with two dexterous fingers and pulled, slowly undoing it. In a short moment it came loose, and her hands went to the box proper, lifting the lid. What greeted her was a severed hand on top of a number of wood shavings. The initial disgust was quickly exchanged for scientific curiosity, and she picked up the hand. On closer examination, it bore the symbol of the local Queen on the back of it, burned into the skin with a branding iron. The question was if it had been done post mortem or not. Not that it mattered, but it was a question.

The zoologist soon noticed a piece of parchment within the box, and set the appendage aside to focus on that item. Upon picking it up, she read the test upon it to herself, fingers tapping on the table idly.


I am very uncertain as to what exactly you did to my toy, but I would very much like to speak with you about your methods. It was certainly well done and I wish to know more about how my toy was broken. That being said, I invite you to a ball I am hosting tomorrow. It is of course formal wear and feel free to arrive with your healer friend. Please accept a gift of formal wear of your choosing from a tailor.

I look forward to speaking with you,

Heketah Queen of Hyall

Well, it seemed a Queen had taken a personal interest in Isadora for the man that she had mentally murdered. By the looks of it, she had finished the job quite thoroughly and wanted to speak with her. She then looked up from the letter to find the huge man with one as well, and decided that now would be a good time to approach. She rose from the table with a certain grace that demanded attention, her walk emphasized by her hips jutting back and forth. The Widow was absolutely fishing for his attention, and made it more obvious as she got close. Her arms crossed under her bust as she stopped in front of the winged man, weight shifting to her left leg. "Looks like Heketah's after you too. I know a nice tailor down the street, care to join me?" She asked, sizing him up as the pup scampered around the room.
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Mikahiel Zephyros

When the centaur mentioned how care free they both were Mikahiel gave a agreed nod with a smile. But as she mentioned "soul mates" he gave a light hearted chuckle. As they began to move, his long legs casually striding as he did so, and she asked him about himself he lowered his chin and gave a smirk. The mild air and clouded skies felt like riding on a calm sea as a storm brewed silently over head.

He breathed in the smell of the city and its fragrances was vastly different from the salt water mist. He sighed. He was eager to tell his past but he could not find the words to express the vibrancy he felt. The calmness, the normalcy of being within a city felt very peculiar to him. His gaze on the centaur was a pleasant one like any other woman. It was more than indifference he seemed genuinely intrigued.

"I.." He began.
"Am an artist. But my days have been full of sights across the lands. I would say we do share similar souls." He placed his hands behind his back as he walked with his head up high.
"It was only a few weeks ago I was on a ship. On my travels I have met many different creatures and people. I may appear like a common man but I am far from one." He gave her a sharp glance before being interrupted by a courier.

He was handed a letter and read it within a brief moment. He stopped midway to their destination to do this. People walking by and around the two. His blue eyes looked up to see the castle in the distance.
"I see. So I have work to do it seems." It put the letter away and nodded a thank you to the courier.
He looked over to Aisha. For her reaction to her letter before continuing onward.

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Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Hyall, Drunken Unicorn Inn, Realm of Terreille

Interacting With: @Mega Birb

Rathe was idle in the bar, looking about here and there for any sign of why he was brought to this city of for his next step, but also to keep a weary eye on his little brother. The wolf pup having a habit about getting himself into sticky situations without even realizing it. Though at this point, it seemed like the majority of the crowd had clear good intent. Several patrons feeding him bit of their meals and giving kind words as he passed, trying to meet as many new faces as he could. Though it ended at a rather particular looking girl. Dress in black and her body open to the world she had an air about her and something about it bothered Rathe. Like a worry that she was dangerous, though perhaps not ill minded given that Chiya appeared to like her attention. Woofing down the offerings of food that she gave and he certainly loved the scratches that the strange woman gave in droves. Rolling around on the floor he didn't seem like he could get happier.

Though it was at that point his attention was stolen from him as he was approached by a somewhat frightened individual who seemed very tepid to come close to him. Yet he did and before long he presented a letter saying that it was for him specifically despite only being in the city maybe an hour. After the message was retrieved he watched the messenger leave to ensure that he was making true on his escape. When he was gone Rathe opened up the letter to read something quiet disturbing. While the messenge sounded friendly in tone and design, it was what she knew that disturbed Rathe the most. He'd only been in the city an hour, yet she knew exactly where he was and that he had brought a small party with him. The capabilities of finding things out with this Heketah person was both astounding and bothersome. What else did she know?

Regardless his thought process was interrupted by Chiya scampering back over to him and instantly speaking up, "Big brother! Big brother! I found this person and they are nice, but I need your help! She gives food to say hello and I don't want to be rude, so I want to give her food! But I don't have food because I ate it... So I need you to give me soemthing to give her!" He cheerily chimed up, leaping up onto a chair and then onto the table to bite at Rathe's prepared plate, snagging what looked like a rib with a bit of meat on it as he turned to look at the strange woman. Chiming up once again, "Here this is for you!" He said, sitting down, but leaning forwards to get closer to the woman in black at the edge of the table.

Though clearly unable to understand as she addressed him next. Asking and knowing about the message as she had her own nearby. It would appear that they were in the same boat and destined to head to the same tailor. Though Rathe had no intention of heading there. His armor was his dress clothes and that was what he would wear. "I won't be going. I already have my clothes." He said powerfully and strongly, leaving his intentions simple and putting his mind out on the table for her to see clearly. He wasn't a man that liked to beat around the bush. Though as he continued to sit there as the woman seemed to be providing attention to her bust, Chiya was getting dangerously close to falling off the table as he tried to reach the woman with his offering. "He wants you to take the bone. Something about saying hello. Take the bone." He continued, ending with what almost sounded like an order at the end, though that was mostly just bleed off from his job title. Regardless, Chiya kept leaning over the edge of the table to try and get the bone to the woman.

However, even as he was making his offering he spoke up again, "Big brother! I don't have clothes! I need to look good to meet a queen! Let's go and get some! We can go with the nice lady!" He continued only to get a grumble and retort from Rathe, "We will not go. There is no need." But shortly following that followed what could only be described as a five plus minute story on how Chiya needed to look good before he went to the castle, and that the woman really needed to take the bone. To which Rathe grumbled again, "We will go to your tailor woman. But first, take the bone and what is your name." He said, still very soundly, but also more like he was making a statement than asking a question.
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Location: Castle, Unknown

”If you were really sorry you wouldn’t be like them.” Taiah growled as the man stood in place. Hands hiding from sight making her feel uneasy. The tigress’ claws wormed their way from their sheathed position, magic layering upon of them in order to strengthen them, just in case something was about to happen. Instantly the animal regretted being correct. The branch shook in placed making standing harder to do, her grey eyes darting to see what was causing it, only to be forced downwards. The female forced her figure upwards quickly as her claws slashed at the humans. Some of the attacks seemed to have hit them and some seemed to missed before the nets were placed on top of them. Everything else just seemed to blur together.

The rattling of the cages told the tigers that they were moving, yet Taiah’s proud figure was curled into a ball. Shivers ran throughout her body as they were repeatedly picked up making the lingering thought of death that much closer. The scent of wolves just added to the fear and shock. Though when the moving and the smells seemed to lessen the tigress seemed to return to semi normal. She looked at Niji as her figure shakily stood. ” We need to get out of here now. Any plans?”
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While Isa's attempts at seducing the taller man failed, quite spectacularly at that, he did duck into a conversation with someone. It seemed to be him talking to himself for awhile and looking somewhat annoyed, though her attention was soon pointed to the bone being held out to her by the wolf pup. While she was initially confused between the man's bluntness and how distractable the canine seemed, it was quickly cleared up as he said to take the bone again. The Widow reached out with her left hand and took the bone, looking it over as her face twisted in disgust. "Good lord... they're cooking meat way past it's prime here," she mumbled, turning the bone over several times and only addressing the man's question after she snapped out of her examination.

"Oh, sorry, I'm Isadora. Yourself?" She slipped the bone into her belt and nodded a thank you to the dog, turning on her heel and walking for the exit. "Come with me, we'll talk as we walk." She reached behind her and beckoned for the man to follow, finger curling elegantly as she walked for the door. As per usual, her hips swayed seductively as she went, and a hand was placed on the door and pushed it open. With a smile that screamed for him to follow, she disappeared into the streets of Hyall.
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Location: Forest, Kindred territory.

Naaji was hissing to the man, ready to jump. He certainly wouldn't let that happen to anyone ever again... He only hoped Taiah could get away safely. But even before they could do anything, the man looked at them and said:

"I am sorry"

As he said that, the other hunters closed it. Immediately after that, both Taiah and Naaji were pulled down from the tree by invisible tendrils, as strong nets were tossed on them.
Naaji tried his best, but there were simply too many hunters and the net was making it so he wasn't able to move himself properly.
He fought with all his strength, the only things he remember after the man's words were his claws, his fangs and the hunters. He remember feeling the taste of their blood, he remember hitting some of them but they were too many and it was impossible to concentrate on them and the net at the same time...

But even after they threw the net over Naaji, he didn't stop fighting. He knew it was useless, he knew he wouldn't be able to escape, but the only thing he could do was fight.

After being dragged for some time, the worst thing that could happen to Naaji happened... He could see from the holes in the net as they approached the cages... He tried to bite the net, he tried to cut it with his claws, he tried to attack the ones that were holding the net but it was useless. After being put on the cage, he roared, enraged as he threw himself against the steel bars, again, again and again, until he could no longer stand from exhaustion... And like that, he collapsed, completely exhausted. The time he spent sleeping wasn't peaceful... It was filled with nightmares and his burning rage towards the hunters.

Naaji woke up after several hours, completely lost. He wasn't in the forest anymore. There were strange voices, strange sounds and smells all around them. He could smell Taiah too, but she was the only familiar smell around. He could feel the cart stopping, he smelled and listened the furs being taken from the cart... Even if his cage was covered, his other senses were still sharp and told him a lot of what was happening outside. Sadly, there was no way to escape that cage... At least not for now.

Soon after they finished moving the furs, both his and Taiah's cage were taken, the covers were removed and the cages opened, leading to a bigger cell. The new cell was dark and silent. He was able to smell other animals, but none of them made a sound... It was strange... The only sound he could hear was screams echoing through the stone walls.

” We need to get out of here now. Any plans?” A familiar voice interrupted his trance-like state, bringing Naaji back to reality.

"Taiah, are you ok?" Naaji said, with a shaky voice, trying to hide his anger as he stood up, walking around the cell back and forth, smelling every nook and cranny, inspecting everything on the cell, looking for anything that could give them any hope, even if small, to escape.

It was quite obvious that Naaji was extremely stressed and uncomfortable with the situation. After several minutes walking back and forth, he let out an enraged roar throwing his front paws at the steel bars...

"It's useless... I know." He said, trying to calm himself down without much success...

@Demonic Angel

Aisha Najm

Location: Hyall

Aisha heard as Mikahiel spoke about his life. Every word that came out of his mouth only made her even more intrigued about the man. She didn't knew much about the man, but even before he said anything she knew that he had already seen many things. Just like as she somehow knew that he was an artist, she knew that. It wasn't just a coincidence... It was his words... His eyes, the way he looked at the things... Those weren't eyes of a merchant that was only worried about his money, or a nobleman that knew nothing about the world other than his own mansion and his precious city... He knew more, much more...

But before they could reach the Crimson Brothers or even before they could continue their conversation, a courier interrupted them, delivering a fancy letter to Mikahiel and an equally fancy letter to Aisha.

The envelop was quite fancy and flashy. It was sealed with a golden wax seal, emblazoned with an intricate sigil, exactly the same sigil as the letter delivered to Mikahiel.
Who could have sent those letters? Aisha didn't knew anyone on the city, nor was she expecting to be contacted by anyone...

As she opened it and her eyes met with the words written with a fancy and flourished calligraphy, Aisha didn't know how to react.
It was a letter from the queen of Hyall... She wanted to make a proposal to her... Until then, it was only a bit shocking, since such an important people was contacting Aisha. What could she want with her? By that proposal she meant that she wanted Aisha to work for her?
But the most shocking part came right after that... The queen invited Aisha for a... ball... complete with formal clothes & everything.

"A ball?!" Aisha said out loud, shocked as she read the letter. She had never been to a ball before. Aisha was genuinely lost and didn't knew how to react to that. Rejecting that invitation would be incredibly rude, and could potentially bring some problems to Aisha. She was aware on how the noblemen wanted things their way and they wanted it right on the moment they asked. She most certainly didn't want to ruin her stay on the city...

"Really? A ball?!" She said to herself, sighing. After a few moments lost on her own thoughts, her head almost exploding trying to find answers to all the questions that rose on her mind without much success, she looked at Mikahiel.

"It seems that the queen sent a letter to you as well... Am I wrong?" Aisha asked, with a forced smile, trying to hide her troubled expression.

"She wants to make me a 'proposal'... Probably she wants to hire me... But she also wants me to go on her ball..." She said, looking to Mikahiel, almost as if she was looking for answers for her problems on his eyes. Even if she didn't say much after that, it was clear that her mind was almost exploding with questions and problems.
Should she go? Should she just politely reject her invitation? Wouldn't that make the queen angry? Did the tailors even make formal dresses to centaurs? Wouldn't it be incredibly difficult and uncomfortable to move around with them? What did the queen possibly might to want with Aisha?
Such questions and many other more flooded her mind, as she looked to Mikahiel.

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Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Realm of Terreille, Hyall, The Drunken Unicorn

Interacting With: @Mega Birb@BlackPanther

Chiya watched as Isadora took the bone and while she made a bit of an odd comment, but in his eyes it was just another thing. After all she did accept his offering, which means they were even and they both said a polite hello through the offerings of food! Which was good. Though after she took the bone he leaned back onto the table to avoid falling off and began to chatter away, "I'm glad you liked my offering! It felt weird with you making one and me not, but now we've both done it! So now we are friends and that is good! I hope I get to know you better and we can be better friends! Because I like you and I hope that you would like me!" Carrying on with semi-coherent ramblings that didn't seem to have an end.

When the lady identified herself as Isadora, Rathe was skeptical about her intentions, but through the ramblings of Chiya he determined that she has at least won over his trust. Though that isn't speaking too highly given how easily he makes friends. Though as she spoke and made a turn on her heel, heading for the door without a second thought, Chiya leaped from the table to go scampering after her, still rambling. Rathe however took a bit longer, waiting and watching as she moved, curious about her and why she saw fit to wag her rear at him to seductively. Though he had bigger things to worry about than chasing tail. Standing up and walking after the woman and pup, catching up quickly given his large size and long legs. Though with him being led to the tailors, he had to walk behind Isadora, towering over her by several feet as she walked and continued to wag at him.

Chiya was stoked still and running circles around the two as he rambled and ranted about random and off the wall things that ranged from food, to flowers, to flowers that make good food, to what he was going to do to get ready to go to the castle, to what kind of food the castle would have, and what kind of flowers the castle would have. Giving a hearty bit of one sided conversation on his part, though the one-sided-ness of it didn't seem to bother him.

For Rathe he walked just behind Isadora and decided that it would be in good manners to at least share his name as she has given her's, "Rathe. Rathe Grey. Warden Commander of Fort Helios, Eternal Warden of the Skypass Mountains, and The Dragon's Blade of Ashkavi. This is Chiya." He said ending with a gentle gesture towards the energetic pup that continued to run circles around them.

It was about this time that the trio made their way to the very same Tailor that was mentioned in his letter. Turns out the two were in fact mixed together in this. The only question was if she was really brought here by Heketah or working for her. Regardless, the cards will be shown in due time and he'll be ready should she prove to be a betrayer. For now they entered the Tailor and saw the scene before them. Rathe wasn't a man for fancy dresses and tailored suits, but he did take pride in the design and upkeep of his armor, so the fine work on these garbs sure did attract his attention, but only for a moment. Then he saw the tailor working away in the background, but this wasn't his conversation to initiate. So he merely waited for Either Chiya to get himself into a pinch or for Isadora to make the first words. Chiya was much more happy to deal with this new place and he began to run around, investigating the new sights, sounds, and smells.
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Location: The Nosey Needle

Deja, the head tailor of the nosey needle had moved back downstairs after Onyx had left her notes to one side of the table while several different fabrics of different types sat along the rest of it. She gave each fabric a thoughtful glance and tapped her chin with her pencil. Deep in thought she did not notice the new customers until she got bumped by the wolf puppy. She blinked and looked down with a smile before looking over and then up...way up. Being only 4 feet tall meant that many a person was taller then her, but Rathe was a good additional 4 feet taller then her. Icy blue eyes looked him up and down before looking at Isadora. "Well hello there, welcome to the nosey needle. I apologize for the scatterings of fabric everywhere, but there is an event coming up." She paused before crouching to Chiya and upon seeing his jewel giving a bright smile. Oh well hello there little brother...I don't suppose you need something fancy"

With that Deja gently pick him up and put the pup in a chair before gathering up the fabrics and the sketchpad. She paused before sighing and darting up the stairs and in moments darting back down. "There we go you have my full attention, that being said...how can I help you Blue eyes kept eyeing Rathe up and down and by the look she was giving him it was clear she was thinking of all the different outfits she could put on him. Isa got the same occasional look, but Rathe was massive and it was not like such tall individuals came into the tailor all that often.
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While her and the man walked, Isadora caught a glimpse of a jewel underneath the fur of the dog. It soon occurred to her that the pup might be one of the Kindred that she had heard so much about previously, and that she could very well understand him. She opened up her mind to him and instantly regretted it, her senses suddenly being bombarded by talk of all different things with a common theme around food, flowers, and castles. It took her a moment to adjust to the constant rambling, but the second she did the man's gruff voice cut in over the dog's. His name was Rathe, and the Kindred's name was Chiya. He also happened to list off his titles, which she grinned at only slightly. "So, you're a warrior of sorts," she said, stating the obvious with a turn of her head. As they neared the Nosey Needle, she looked over to Chiya and gave him a warm smile. "Y'know Chiya, you'd look good in a bowtie and a jacket. She should be good enough to make you a set," the Widow mused, lithe hand closing around a doorknob and pushing the slab it was connected to open.

Inside was the Nosey Needle, a smaller shop known for the seamstress that could make anything and everything. She was greeted by the same woman she had thought about moments ago, then gave her the same warm smile she gave to Chiya earlier. "Don't worry, we're here for the same reason everyone else is. I do have a special request, however." The Widow crossed her arms, still under her bust as it became apparent that this was a default pose for her. "I need a dress centered on a red corset. Oh, and detached sleeves to go with it." Almost as an afterthought, she glanced over at Chiya and cracked a smile, intending to follow up on her joke earlier. "Also, a bowtie and jacket for the Kindred."

Familiar with the procedure for measuring, Isadora stepped onto a raised dais surrounded by mirrors, arms extending to her sides before she frowned at her current attire. "How accurate would you like to be? I have nothing against losing a layer if you need me to," she said casually, fully aware of the doubt of there being anything underneath her outermost layer. Her right hand retracted quickly as she remembered the bone in her belt, which she then tossed to Chiya in the hopes he would catch it. "Hold onto that for a moment, please."
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Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Realm of Terreille, Hyall, The Nosey Needle

Interacting With: @Mega Birb@BlackPanther

Chiya was far to excited to be bothered by anything, especially a tailor lifting him up and plopping him don't on a chair to collect information on his size as well as offer pleasant conversation, "Hi! I'm Chiya! That's my name not my species of anything, but I'm sure you knew that. Yeah! I need something fancy for a big ball at the castle! I don't know why a big ball would need fancy clothes, but maybe rich people like to dress up when they chase around toys. I don't know, but it sounds like fun! And I bet they'd have nice food and flowers too! So I need to look nice for all the other nice looking people! The nice lady said something about a bowtie and jacket, so I want to try one of those!" His ramblings continuing and his innocent and childish behavior never ceasing to leave him.

Though with the nice lady speaking up and stepping into her own little tall stand, she spoke of what she wanted and seemed to know her stuff. That in turn made Chiya want to take her advice even more given how knowledgeable she seemed! But now the tailor lady was busy with the nice lady so he started to wander off, only to hear something and turn back just in time to snatch the bone from the sky, "I can hold onto this, but aren't you going to eat it? You gave me an offering of food and I ate it. Is that bad? Was I supposed to hold onto it like you are? I'm sorry if that's the case, I didn't mean to be disrespectful, I just thought it tasted good and that was how your kind says hello. Had I known I wasn't supposed to eat it I wouldn't have! I promise!" He chimed in, still unsure if the nice lady could hear him, but still not caring about that currently. Instead with the bone in his mouth he started to wander off again, ever chasing the nearest interesting thing.

Rathe looked around the tailor's place and took note of all the fancy, elegant, and extravagant garbs, trappings, and clothes that filled the small shop. They appeared to be of excellent make, but this was all the things Rathe hated. They wouldn't protect you if your shield fell, they were not combat effective, allowing for rapid and free movement, or for proper conduction of arcanic energies. They served no purpose other than to make somebody look fancier than they normally would to exert some kind of class power on others. Wearing expensive clothes, dressing up and scenting yourself with expensive oils, and holding elaborate festivals that serve no other purpose than to flaunt how you can waste money. Money that could pay for swords, shields, armor, training, and fortifications. It's just wasteful.

It was about that time that Chiya came bursting out of a rack of clothing, wearing two scarves, a very fancy sequenced hat, and some type of high heel with laces being dragged in his mouth with the bone. It quiet frankly looked like something out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and he appeared to be dressed in full drag.

For Rathe this was a sure fire groan moment and as he expressed his disappointment with a single sigh, but still this was Chiya and he loved it. It was the innocence and fun that he didn't have. Chiya was his Humanity. Instead he leaned down to a knee and said, "We are guests in this residence. You wouldn't want a stranger moving your things would you? Put them back where you found them. It's the polite thing to do." From there he leaned back up, giving Chiya a ruffle on his neck scruff before he returned his attention to the tailor and Isadora in turn, just in time to hear her talk about dropping layers to get better measurements. While this wasn't a bother to Rathe, it was the way Isadora looked at him in the mirror when she said it. It wasn't like she wanted him to turn away for give them space. She was playing a game and Rathe hated games.

Regardless, he did take note of one thing and that posed a question. "What is upstairs? It seems to be important to you." He asked simply and bluntly making note of her hurried and rushed way she both entered and exited. Also stating his intent clearly and showing no sign of wanting to beat around the bush.
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Location: The Nosey Needle

Deja raised a brow at isadora as she spoke. A corset hm? That's certainly different. detached sleeves not as much, but a corset was not something she got requested of very often. She then shrugged. Alright though I will recommend a warmer fabric like velvet. It will be cold in that castle Her brow then somehow raised higher.

My dear I'm not just called the best because I can sew well. She went to her side of the table with the stool and whipped out the rather long tape measurer and grabbed the step stool. With precise movements she set up the step stool and began moving around isadora. Occasionally moving her arms and nodding at each number. Before long she was done and moving the stool before making her way to the sketch pad where she flipped to a new page and wrote in each measurement.

Deja looked over in time to see the wolf puppy in drag and in time to give him her full attention. Well hi there Chiya I'm Deja. I do believe it's your turn for measurements" she gave a smile and then a glance at Rathe with her icy blue eyes that were shining with amusement. As for what is upstairs...well I may be the best but I certainly don't work alone. That's where the other tailors are. She looked at Chiya before lightly picking him up and putting him on the pedestal making sure to remove the various garments he had and quickly measuring him. She then went back and made notes on the pup.

Deja shot another glance at Rathe. Let me guess your armor is formal enough correct? Well why don't I at least give you a formal tunic or cloak big guy She gave a head tilt as she waited for the response.
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Location: Unknown

"Taiah, are you ok?" Naaji’s voice slipped inside her mind. In all honestly she wasn’t actually alright considering that this tiger had stalked her in the forest. Than again this wasn’t really a bad thing considering that she found a male to maybe spend time with. Perhaps something more will come out of this. ”Considering that we’re stuck inside a cage and have no clues to where we are I’m fine. It could be worse. Theodan could be here with us and frankly Theodan would be upset. Granted that the girl would be freaking out seeing my inside a cage as well.” She remarked as she stretched out.

The roar caught her completely off guard though the fact his paws slammed against the bars came to no surprise. The next words he spoke made it sound as if he was giving up. Something which was not in her personality. ”Naaji I swear to you we will get out of this. I’ll be yours once this is all done. I promise. I’ll ever take you to see the girl I know. Calm your thoughts. We can do this together.” The tigress said in a soothing chaff.
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Arsenio & Ravyn

"Well, apologies are in order then. Sorry, Crow." Arsenio spoke, keeping a loose hand around the 'boy's' shoulder as he walked 'him' out of the alley. They were headed for the Drunken Unicorn, the inn that had suddenly become incredibly popular with the entire town. While never digging his fingers in, he did direct the apparent boy with enough force to show that he wasn't messing around.

She blinked at the easy apology. Something that wasn't common in her life. Gruff thanks might be given, but rare was the person who could admit their wrongs. Ravyn was among that group of 'can't admit wrongs'. It went hand in hand with being a Procurer- as she prefered to be called. "Darn right they are!" She huffed, still keeping up the gruff act of being a insulted boy. "An' I aint going to run off if yer payin' for food." She admitted the partial truth. It wouldn't hurt for him to let go. Also, if he did, she'd be able to bolt off if things turned bad. Something she was quite good at.

Arsenio considered what his companion said for a long moment as they walked, then let go of 'his' wrist. He decided that if his new friend would run off, it wouldn't be much of a problem for him. The two neared the inn quickly, and went inside just in time to see a very tall man and a woman in black clothing walk off outside. The Glacian directed the boy to a table and went up to the bar to order a couple of meals, coming back to wait for them for awhile.

Ravyn moved subtly to put Arsenio between her and the exiting giant and woman. Both rather- exotic to the urchin's eyes. Her eyes, however, felled to the adorable pup. She was sorely tempted to smother the adorable animal, but food was a tad more important at this particular moment. Thus now she sat, hunched in the table. Fidgitting slightly with the unnerving sense of people watching. Not that they were, but it was troublesome. Ravyn made her life out to avoid trouble, even if she fell constantly in it. Her eyes constantly scanned the room, as she offered little to no conversation. She didn't want to give away anything to this man.

The Glacian broke the silence pretty quickly. [color=FFEF94]"What brings you to Hyall?"[color=FFEF94]

"I live here." She lied. He didn't need to know the reason.

The Glacian's eyes narrowed, picking out the tone of the boy's voice. "You shouldn't lie to someone buying you a meal," he ordered, looking over to the bar to check if the food was ready. It wasn't yet.

She frowned, kicking her feet absently. "You said food, you never said I had to be honest." Ravyn grumbled.

"Given. But it would be appreciated if you were straight forward with me." He looked up as a woman that was obviously a courier approached and handed Arsenio a letter, not even waiting for a thanks before she was gone to presumably deliver more messages. The Glacian drew the knife affixed to his shoulder and sliced open the top of it, blade cutting right along the fold. From within he pulled a neatly written letter, eyes scanning it quickly as he returned his dagger to its scabbard.

He set it down gently and folded his hands after finishing the telegram, looking up at the boy across from him. "Queen Heketah has taken an interest in me, and you're invited as well. We'll need to stop somewhere and purchase you some new clothes, of course," he paused for a moment as he got up, the smell of 'fresh' food wafting over as he came back with both of their meals a short minute later. "Can't go to a ball without the proper dress."

Giving a wary glance at the courier as she approached, the self-proclaimed 'Crow' shrunk in her seat. Naturally not wanting to draw attention. This was doubled when the Glacien was handed the letter and as he read it. Even more so when he said that the Queen had taken interest in her. That was not good in the slightest and nearly drove her off the smell of food. Though she dug in with a greedy look. Surely the Glacien would not want some ratty street urchin to join him to some great ball or whatever.

His next set of words put end to that hope as her head snapped up. Her eyes narrowing at the man. "Not going. She stated firmly. Her fork gripped almost too tightly. Her body tensing to bolt. She was not going to some ball. Especially not in Hyall. Nothing good happened in Hyall. She should have remembered that!

"The clothes are already paid for, and there will be plenty of food. And maybe a number of Kindred there, too," he added, sliding the invitation along the counter to the 'boy.' He started to peck at his food idly, waiting for a definitive yes or no.

Ravyne seemed to debate for a second, still eating, before she snatched the letter up and scanned it's contents. She could read, decently. It wasn't like her sort to know the fancy words that the aristo lot made up in their free time. Her golden eyes narrowing at the thought this queen knew of her when the Glacien had barely snatched her up. She bit her lip. Did she have a choice not to go? If this Queen knew things so quickly, she doubted. Her appetite, however, was far from gone as she still dug into the food. But it held little enjoyment in the flavor department any more. Looking nervously to the Glacien she nodded slightly. "I-I'll go. Just make sure I come back out, aye?" She left behind the gruff voice, her tune turning to a littering and far lighter sound. Perhaps this was one of those rare times to embrace feminie things if only to get this Queen off her tail. To get something from Hyall off her tail.

Arsenio's eyebrow raised while Crow's voice lightened, throwing doubt onto his sex. He took a moment to get a closer look at her proportions, seeing past the bulky clothing and shadows to his true self. Her true self. Based on what he had seen of her so far, the caution with everything, the desperation, the hunger... he set his fork down and wiped his mouth with a napkin, more out of habit than mess removal. "I'll keep you safe, don't worry... and you can wear a tuxedo, if that would make you more comfortable." He gave the girl a friendly look, one that showed he would keep his word if it killed him, though his mouth broke the expression quickly. "I would like to know your real name, however. I'm Arsenio," he said, revealing the mystery of his name while expecting hers to come along soon.

Her shoulders hunched in defeat slightly as she shrugged at the offer to wear a tuxedo. A dress might be better if only because she had worn them once. Were boys suppose to walk a certain way as it was with a dress? Ravyn did nod slightly as he offered his name. However, her curiousity was sparked and questions poured out as quickly as a broken dam. "What kind of name is Arsenio? It is common in Glacia? Do you really build your homes out of snow and rock just? I heard that's all that's up in that region. Too cold for me really, and nothing there to-" She cut herself before she revealed her 'procuring' nature. "gather. I- My name... Ravyn. Ravyn Ghosteye." Ravyn finished lamely. Waiting for the shouts of theif, or ridicule that came with Ghosteye. When her eyes were nothing like her mother's ghostly grey.

Arsenio was mildly stunned at the sudden change in Ravyn once she dropped the persona. And Ghosteye, that was an interesting last name, there had to be some kind of story behind it, even if it was a moderately boring one. It still merited his interest, no matter the outcome. "How about this; I'll answer any questions you have about myself and Glacia, if you tell me how you got a last name like Ghosteye. Does that sound fair?" He began to finish his meal, food on it slowly disappearing as time went on between the pair.

Ravyn frowned slightly. The steady tap of her finger on the table as she chewed at her lip before nodding. "It's- My mother's name. Grey eyes." She shrugged, and tugged at her own short lock of silvery hair in example. The small theif saw no reason to explain her Dea Al Mon ancestry. Her mother had warned her not to reveal that too openly. "It will cause too much trouble, little bird. Keep it close, keep it safe." Even after roughly six years, she still kept that secret as she was bid.

Arsenio nodded as Ravyn spoke, grasping much of her situation just by those few solemn words. He decided it wouldn't do her good to dwell on the subject for too long. "Very well. What questions do you have for me?"

An exasperated expression met his. The silent words of either 'you are an idiot' or 'did you even listen' clear on her face. "What's the difference between a tuxedo and normal shit?" She was so done beating around the bush. He was a tad bit of a slow foriegner, this Arsenio was.

The Glacian thought for a short moment before answering. "A tuxedo is an entire suit you wear for special occasions, like a wedding... or in this case, a ball. Normal 'shit,' as you put it, is for every day." he answered, beginning to rise. "Come on, we'd better not waste time getting you an outfit." He started for the door, motioning for Ravyn to follow.

Ravyn blinked and grabbed a roll, nibbling it as she followed Arsenio. There was no reason not to she figured. She was faster- so long as she kept out of arm's reach. Which she was doing. If barely. "And since you have that really bad case of old man memory..." She noted continueing her questioning. "I asked if your name is common in Glacia? And what do you do with so much snow, as I've heard tell you make yer houses out of snow and stone. I mean- you need the trees for fire right? Or something? And why are balls so damned fancy? I mean, really- dresses are useless. And yes, I'm going to get stuck in one. You saw through my disguise." She grumbled the last part, very annoyed about it.

"Well," he began, left hand coming to rest on the crossguard of his sword in a natural fashion. "I thought you were asking questions for the sake of saying something earlier," he explained. He then launched into the answers, speaking like someone used to presenting a case to others. "There are very few with my first name. We export much of the snow, actually. People without Jewels need a way to keep produce from rotting, after all. Many of our houses are stone, though the smaller towns have a lot of wooden housing."

He paused at the mention of balls as a certain light came to his face, like he was very familiar with the concept. "They're fancy because everyone is there to impress, whether it be for a family or a nation. And dresses do have their uses, the larger ones can hide plenty of weapons or contraband, and the slimmer ones can be extremely deceptive. I've been in a handful of fights because an assassin hid a knife in a dress." He contemplated his next words as he walked, careful not to put the girl into a rut.

"I only saw through it because you rushed to make it. And even then, it took me a fair amount of time to figure it out. You could still get away with wearing the tuxedo if you'd like, I'm the only one that knows." His stride kept consistent, heading towards the Nosey Needle which was little more than a stone's throw from the Drunken Unicorn.

She blinked and frowned slightly. "I don't think it'd be a good idea. Not if I'm not sure I can pull it off. I don't like this." She admitted albeit softly. Eyeing the Nosey Needle with distaste, she slowed her pace. Dreading the entire fiasco that was on the figurative horizon. Though her spirits were lifted by the mention of deadly daggers- a weapon she knew well enough. "At least I'll be able to tell the whores from the killers." She chirped, cheekily. Already plotting where she could possibly get and hide a knife in a poofy- if useless- dress.

"If you're paying attention, absolutely. Now, let's go in and get you fitted for something." His right hand closed around the door knob and it swung open as he pushed it. The inside was something close to organized chaos, sheets of fabric everywhere as one short woman bustled around in an effort to serve many a customer at once. The woman from the inn was on a dais waiting to get her measurements taken, while the ridiculously tall man had taken up residense in a corner to observe the room.

"Do you want my help picking something out?" He started to wander slowly, browsing through the various fabrics that were either on display or scattered around the boutique.

Ravyn's eyes nearly bulged out of her head as she gapped at the scene before her. But there was the familiar ache in her hands. The itch some called it. Polishing off the roll, she stuffed her hands into her pockets. "Dunno never been to a ball afore." Though in the hubbub she kept close to the Glacien. It seemed the safest bet right now.

The Glacian's arms folded and his right hand came up to his chin, elbow resting on his left wrist. "Well, are you looking for something flashy or subtle? Large or slim?"

The silver haired girl grumbled. "Not noticable. Something I can hide a knife in." The last bit mumbled to herself under her breath. "And how do you know about this stuff? Yer a man. Bit odd aint it?" Her suspicious look was securely locked onto him- then it wasn't as she eyed the pup on the other side of the store. The large Eryien however- didn't look like a welcoming figure. Best not to approach was written on his forehead in all the common tongues. So her golden gaze flickered back to the Glacien with a scrowl.

"I've had to learn a lot about functional fashion in my time as an ambassador. So subtle and capable of hiding a weapon..." he trailed off, browsing through some of the premade dresses. He took a darker dress off the wall soon, certainly modest and capable of hiding several weapons on the inner thigh. "Well?" He held it up for Ravyn to get a good look at. While it was much too large for her, it could easily be tailored to fit her.

A shrug was his best response. Ravyn knew little of dresses than they cost money and were foolish in her eyes. "It's a dress." Her tone alone was stating the disgusting obvious she was none too please about.

"Yes, but do you like it?"

"Like is the optimal word." She noted dismissively. Giving a 'prime and proper' snobbish sniff. "It's a dress. It will do."

"Very well. Tailor! When you have a moment!" he called, holding up the dress in an attempt to hail the tailor that was busy working on the man and woman, and pup at the moment.
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Mikahiel Zephyros

Mikahiel raised a brow to the centaurs honest reactions to the letter. For a hardened warrior she seemed as soft as a girl would be in a sundress. Never the less her size kept people from walking too near the two. He withheld a chuckle and began to muster a reply. "Yes indeed my letter was an invitation. An expected one. My time here has little room for leisure. This letter is a testament to this. For my art will be displayed within the castle and we will all experience what lays beyond our desires. Pure wonder." He went and the words exploded from his lips with passion that was like an intimate whisper that was close enough to ring loud in your ears. He continued their walk to the rather quaint shop that housed the jewelry the centaurian woman was looking for. They paused briefly.

"For future reference my dear. I have reason to believe that denying the Queens request would be a grave decision only for the bravest of souls. Think of this as an opportunity to enjoy yourself. Eat fine delicacies and bask in the light of aristocracy." He gave her a brief look up and down and sighed. "Do you happen to have the correct.. attire?" He asked with suspicious eyes and with a tone of a master speaking to its student. He was a stickler for fashion but not usually to this degree. He was in fact pretending to gauge the centaurs sense of her own fashion and beauty. His deep dark desire was to aid this woman in her choice of wears. "I am a fairly decent tailor when I want to be." He was caught by the sound of a crow in the sky cawing loudly as another made off with its meal. He looked to the sky. Time was now on his mind. He looked down slowly.

"Let us begin as soon as possible. We will have to arrange a meeting point. I have something else I have to do after this." He turned to sight his destination briefly. "Could it be though.. That you a centaur warrior can be as elegant as a daisy at a ball?" He chuckled a bit. "I think anything is possible.. He gave her a slight glance from the side as he raised his chin and stroked his chin hairs in mischievous thought. "But alas that is up to you.

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Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Realm of Terreille, Hyall, The Nosey Needle

Rathe was set about looking through the room, ensuring that Chiya didn't get into anything he shouldn't and that no trouble came around. This place gave him the creeps and it was mostly due to the fact that Heketah was the one who brought him here. In his eyes she was the enemy until he got his answers and this was just another den of her's. Even if the Tailor's story sounded right, something about it just rubbed him the wrong way. Regardless of his reservations more customers came in and it was just then that he saw a little girl glance at him, before hurriedly looking away. She was traveling with a stranger who was from far away, Rathe could tell merely by the way he smelled, frozen and cold, Glacian.

Chiya on the other hand was much more energetic and lively, not assessing threats or finding ways foes could get at them, but instead still scampering around to find new and cool things. It was actually in this moment that he took away from the Tailor, Rathe, and Nice-Lady to find the dressier section of the shop, leaping up and letting out a few yips as he started jumping up to try and reach something. After a bit of effort is was revealed that he had snatched a slip on bow-tie from one of the shelves. Running though the store with it dangling from his mouth, looking to get back to Rathe to get some help putting it on. However, before he reached him he bumped into the leg of a new potential-stranger-friend.

Shaking his head after bowling into somebody's leg, he looked up from his seated position to see what looked like two guys just coming into the Tailor. He'd bumped into the legs of the smaller one at basically full speed so that couldn't have been the most pleasant feeling. Instantly he reached out with his mind and started to ramble for all to hear, "Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't see you and I was going to somewhere in a hurry, but I didn't mean to bump into you! I promise I was just trying to get by, but then wham! There you are! I'm sorry, I'm being rude. I'm Chiya! Nice to meet you. What's your name? Can we be friends? Oh hey! Maybe you could help me! I wanna try on this tie but I can't really do it myself. Could you lend me a paw or two? Um. I mean hand! You all have hands not paws, silly me." He chipperly stated, not even sure if either one could understand Kindred, but hey! It's a crap-shoot.

Though through his crazy Chiya stood up and all the way through his tirade he was wagging his tail so furiously that his hind end was shaking again. Still seeming to trust and love everything until proven otherwise. The dead opposite of Rathe to the last.
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The travel across the mountain scape and valleys below was exhilarating. The cool wind hit his face, sending his hair in an untamed and wild dance as he dove down to the treeline. The fun soon faded to curiosity as the land before him became barren and void of life. Dead as a winter’s night. It was odd seeing the lands below the mountain lacking lush foliage and life. Who would allow this to be? Who was the queen of these lands? Many other questions would begin popping into his head as he continued on towards the nearing city.

Sul’ryk looked forward to see the City of Hyall, the largest city within the land of Hyall, busy with trade and commerce. Even at a distance its streets were lined with cobblestone which seemed to be dusted with people walking about, a few carts here and there peppered the roadways, more than likely merchants who were entering with new stock or those leaving with their profit for the week. Sprinkled within the citizens en masse, carriages of handcrafted woods and metals were drawn by horses who pulled the vehicles along the way. Sul’ryk could see as he looked past the nearby entrance further into the city where the population of this massive place could be seen better. Within moments he landed within the center of the city, gaining a few looks in the process. A couple of women even stopped to gaze at his outsider beauty, promptly earning glares from their husbands or boyfriends. For now he simply gave an awkward smile and wave in response thanks to his attention drawn elsewhere, the library. He walked about a bit, and over the course of the walk had taken notice to some rather peculiar things with one starting at the nobles and their furred clothing. The clothes were strangely familiar and seemed to hold the slightest of magical essence within them. He turned to a passing noble cart, whose horses gave off that familiar feel. A weary look soon made its way to the surrounding people as he continued his walk towards the library.

Looking about, a few large buildings stood erect over the others. One held a modern flair, with its structure seeming to be ahead of its time. Though he looked off to the left and a smirk formed.

’There it is....

The library, an old looking building that seemed to be one of the original structures when the city was initially built. Embellished by an intricate design and well crafted stairs, he begun his descent up towards the doors of the library, taking in the vintage design of the structure before the large wooden doors creaked open. The inside of the library was impressive to say the least. Rows upon rows of books, whose dates seemed to go back to the renaissance of literature, all the way to modern satire. Sul’ryk made his way up to the librarian. A Hyallian whose salt and peppered hair showed his age if the glasses helped any. He wore a white collared shirt that was accompanied by grey trousers with matching vest, black shoes and a grey tie. His spectacles were rather interesting as well, While looking like regular bifocals, these included small extensions to them, possibly allowing for sight enhancements. Jewel fragments by chance he thought to himself.

The man seemed rather busy, leaned over a desk with an old relic of a book to his left and a neatly written parchment on his right, his hand seemed to glide across the material with grace. Sul’ryk cocked his head to the side as he moved closer to inspect what this man was doing. As he neared, the faintest of voices could be heard muttering.

“And so Tristram the Third my great grand fatherrrrr….took over the estate of one thousand - for the love that is all good… - ahem, the thousand and forty six acres which included the range where the De Rosa, Castamere and Bjorn families hold their steads. And - WHA THE HELL!!!” By this time the young Eyrien had been hovering behind the man, watching him work until the older gentleman turned and was greeted with golden eyes just behind his shoulders. The man jumped back into the table, knocking over the ink bottle which rested just above the piece of parchment. Like a flood the ink laid waste to the most of the three hundred or so pages he had worked on previously. Sul’ryk jumped back, nearly falling himself.

“Sir! I demand to know what lead to this absurd level of stupidity and ignorance that concluded you to invade someone’s personal space such as that or else I will be forced to call upon the...Eyrien?” The man, whose temper had escalated rather quickly, soon subsided as he took quick interest into the newcomer.

“Well now...An Eyrien in the kingdom of Hyall. What, I wonder, brings you out here, hm?” He quirked a brow.

Sul’ryk stared at him for a moment before speaking up.

”I was only curious as to what you were doing. I have-” The man spoke up once again with irritation in his voice.

“So that means you stand directly behind an individual at work? No no. There is much more heh heh behind what you’re claiming. No one travels to Hyall without purpose, whether it is for trade, political reasons or to visit the ever looming usurper of the throne...At least not now…” He sighed as he scratched the back of his head before glancing down at the ruined project he had been working on and sighed.

“Anyway, the reason for your being here?” He looked to Sul’ryk with annoyance.

”Well your work only added to the curiosity. My real reasoning is that I am looking for a brother, a half brother…”

“If you’re looking for a person then you are in the wrong place. This is a library, not an orphanage or a lost and found.”

”No, it's my brother’s crest…”

He spoke up as he erect himself to full height. The librarians head cocked to the side and shook his head as he began walking away, only to glance back over towards Sul’ryk, gesturing for him to follow.

“Follow me..”

He lead the young man further into the depths of the library, their footsteps echoing through the halls of the mostly empty structure, their voices carrying through the halls.

“My name is Ezekiel Castamere You say you are looking for your brother's crest, yes? Another benefactor to a rather large sum of wealth I assume. Most who pass through aren't interested in the finer points of life. Just who has the biggest and most polished golden cock…”

”No actually. I had a dream some woman told me-” The man turned his head to the Eryien with a glint in his eye.

“What was she wearing by chance…” his eyes squinted.

”A golden-” An audible “ah” was heard as they rounded a corner of shelves and Sul’ryk slowed. This section was quite large and open, with only three walls containing books and scrolls behind a rather large gate and lock. In the center on a marble pedestal was an ebony colored book, embellished with gold trim and etched with a beautiful floral design.

“So the dreamweavers came to you, an Eryien, telling you that you had to find your brother. I'm curious to know why you but if I had to guess with that eye color and skin tone you could be looking for one of two families.”

”Two families?” The librarian nodded.

“Exactly. There is the De Rosa family, whose beginnings date back to the renaissance of this city-” He sighed, gaining a curious quirk of the brow from Sul’ryk.

“I would like to doubt it but the SaDiablo family, whose family history dates back prior to the city’s history. Other than that not much else is known other than their estate dubly named the Ebon Askavi.” Sul’ryk’s eyes slowly grew wide as he listened. SaDiablo. What an interesting family.

Ezekiel continued to talk as he walked over to the gate and pressed his ring against the lock and with a light glow a loud “click” was heard as the rusting hinges creaked open. The caretaker of the library quickly entered and grabbed the book that rested on the pedestal and with a “thunk” set it down on a nearby table.

“This here contains the families and their crests, kin, wealth and land. If I assume who I think you may be related to I can tell you right now...you may or may not have more than one other kin to find. Lets see. ” He opened the book to the table of contents which held the sigil of most of the families within the city and a few outside of the capital. As Ezekiel flipped through the pages Sul’ryk spoke up.

”Wait wait go back.” The librarian looked and went back to the previous page and no sooner did he Sul’ryk had tapped the sigil he was looking for.

“Figured as much…” The librarian muttered under his breath.

“SaDiablo family. So knowing that now I can tell you-”

”Where is their keep?”

“I’m sorry?”

”Where is the keep? I plan to leave now.” This took Ezekiel back for a moment.

“Um, well, uhh, yes! So the Keep is located in Ebon Rih behind Askavi. But from here to the your best betwouldbetakingthewinds! Damn SaDiablo. Heh, at least he should have an interesting time…” He said to himself as the Eryien began to walk away with the information he needed.

Sul’ryk quickly made his way out of the library and headed towards the gate of the city from the sky, thoughts popping in his head.

’So if it's behind the Askavi mountains then it would take me possibly a week or so to get there. I currently don’t have money to hitch a ride and the people here are a bit..odd to say the least. Might go with the Winds then...That’s what I’ll do.” Sul’ryk nodded as he landed in front of the gate to the city and closed his eyes as he focused on his power, quickly becoming consumed by it and took to the Winds. Time had progressed on and soon he landed, wings out to slow the descent. As he stood he took in what he now stood in front of.

A massive wrought iron gate with its twisted black metal. At first the area was silent, wind echoing, but then the sounds of multiple howls were heard in the distance. Though the source of the howls were uncertain due to the forests in the gated area. Nothing but a path from the gate to guide him. Despite the sounds of wolves and a sense of unease. He took his first steps into the estate of SaDiablo, with fate bringing him finally into the fold.

As he walked into the valley several eyes could be seen peering from behind bushes and trees. The creatures following him as he went. After a few more feet a massive pack of wolves could be seen, a massive amount of prodding in his mind as the wolves got closer and closer and then swarmed him. Tails held high as they circled him sniffing him and barking at him. The prodding getting worse as at least 20 wolves demanded his attention. If he were to look he could see that each wolf wore a chain with a jewel, none lower than opal.

Sul’ryk watched as they moved about. Were they trying to see if he was food? Were they guard dogs? He knew that the wolves in some of the Eyrien tribes were used as sentries. Were they like this as well? Then he was able to get a closer inspection of them as one of many sniffed him. He wore a chain that held a jewel within it. A red jewel that bounced about as the wolf circled him. That’s when he felt the tug in his mind and at first did not understand what it meant until it grew in numbers. Soon enough he opened his mind and the thoughts came pouring in like a tsunami.

WINGED BROTHER The thoughts were intense as 20 wolves thought the same thing at once. Each wolf waved their tails as they stopped their swarming. Soon conversations made their way through.
He is a winged one that means he is good
But he may be deceiving Several wolves growled at that wolf and quickly it dipped its head.
The alpha gave a bark and silence echoed before he looked at Sul’ryk.
Why are you here winged brother? The question was paired with a nose twitch as the wolf studied him.

”I have come seeking my kin. A sibling that the dreamweavers told me in a vision. One who bears this crest,-” He then showed him his father’s ring.

”-the crest of the SaDiablo family. I am Sul’ryk Yaslana.” He stood erect as he spoke, trying to look as presentable as possible.

The alpha tilted his head and as soon as the dreamweavers were mentioned several of the wolves started talking a few actually howling. The spiders sent him! Why would the spiders send him here? Is he looking for SaDi? What if the spiders sent him for bad? The alpha had a visible amount of annoyance as he let out a soft bark that resulted in them becoming silent once more. The alpha looked at the ring and gave a head dip. The one you seek is not here at the moment, but Brother SaDi should be back soon. The alpha turned and began trotting down the path looking back as if to tell Sul’ryk was following. The rest of the 19 wolves crowding him and trying to get him moving as they went. Sul’ryk watched as the wolf trotted on ahead, Sul’ryk took a moment to gauge what the wolf wanted and soon followed suit.

The keep seemed to get larger and large in front of them until it was clear that while this black stoned castle was not as tall as others, it made up for it in size. The alpha stopped in front of the doors and looked at Sul’ryk. This is where I leave you winged one. You will be able to find what you need here The wolf gave a soft woof and a head dip before turning and trotting back from where they came, the pack following with one of them lingering for a second. Its head tilted before it too turned and trotted off.

Sul’ryk, who knew nothing of his past now stood in front of what was to be his possible future. The doors to the keep itself were massive and showed age but held elegance and embellished with quite the classical design. Its dark wood matching well to the surrounding walls and towers within. He glanced down to the wolf as it spoke, subconsciously nodding in response as his gaze went back to the keep itself. As the wolf left to join the others, he stood alone, not knowing what was in store for him. But with a sigh and a slight nervous feeling he rapped the old iron wrought knockers against the wood. The sound of the knock echoing from within the keep itself. Time would tell what was in store for him and soon enough the door would open.

The door was opened by a rather tall burly man with salt and pepper hair. He was clearly a long lived race, muscles bulged in the white button up shirt the man was wearing and golden eyes looked Sul’ryk up and down before moving to the side, almost as if he recognized him. As soon as Sul’ryk was fully inside the man shut the door and moved in front of him, leading him to an office. He gently opened the door to a slightly familiar seeming office and then walked away once Sul’ryk was inside.

He entered the office and was greeted with a sense of familiarity but he couldn’t place the feeling. Its darker interior held gothic designs that complemented the fireplace that sat along the side wall near the desk. Chairs made of fine leather and wood decorated the room by the door and near the desk. It was odd to him, this setting. The tribe did not necessarily have “offices” but instead the chief’s quarters, though, not as posh. He made himself comfortable near the fireplace which held two chairs, a small table with a decanter of some beverage and two glasses. He decided to pour himself a glass and sat back down as he waited. Time had progressed and the decanter had been emptied, leaving a rather interesting scene behind. Sul’ryk had found comfort in the chair behind the desk. His feet up ontop  and another glass in hand.

”Thish ish feckin shtupid. Ivebin livin a life with no othier family and then, when I fineal find one. He shtands me up like shome kin’da prick. You know wha? Feck hum. Shtupid asshole. Fuck thish shit.” Stumbling to his feet he slammed the door of the office open.

”Hey Ashsholr FECKIN WERE-hiccup-Are ye’!! He slurred out as he began to wander the halls.

Dujae made his way inside the keep after artfully avoiding being tackled by wolves. His hair was messy and by his overall appearance it was clear he did not have a good day. Topaz eyes looked at Butler who held a rather obnoxious look that resulted in a brow raise. ”....Butler…..what did you do...is there a….there is. There is a guest. Alright then. He sighed at Butler who simply walked off and started walking toward his office only to see his supposed guest wandering around drunk as a bat. ”....Are you perchance my visiter? And If so why the hell are you wandering around like a drunken bumblebee.” His other question was where a certain pair of kindred were, but he had a feeling they were watching from a distance...either that or they were simply being distracted nearby.

Hearing a voice behind him he spun around, nearly falling headfirst into the wall.

”Youuu...I’ve be-hiccup- been waiting fer hoursh. You...fuck!”

Dujae raised a brow and moved forward to lean sideways on the wall. His arms crossed as he looked the guy up and down and unlike butler had zero recognition. ”Considering I had no idea I was going to have a visitor I do not see how this is my fault”

”Wadda mean not know!? That dude in a suit lemme in no prablem and lead me to the...the...that thing!” He said as he pointed towards the office.

Dujae tilted his head before rolling his eyes. ”That was butler...and I did not know because I was not home…..you drank my alcohol didn’t you.” There was a sigh as he walked forward and motioned for Sul’ryk to follow him. ”You need to sleep that off for a moment or something before I can even talk to you….you drunk bumblebee” He looked at him and furrowed his brow as if he was trying to figure out who this guy was before he made his way to a room next to one of the rooms close to the office. He opened the door and jerked his head toward it. ”You can take a nap in here until you are actually….able to communicate” Topaz eyes held a clear curiosity of who he was, but he figured Sul’ryk would not be able to communicate correctly.

”Oh no you dun getchu tell me waht tudu. I’ve been waytin’ hoursh!” He began to stumble over to Dujae, the smell of alcohol overwhelming on the Eryien. He pressed his finger against Dujae’s chest.

”How kome you nefer bother to kome and fen meh. You getta hell lot esplainin to gif meh. Sho talk you prick...” For some reason even an intoxicated Eryien was still as dangerous as a sober one. Funnier, but still unpredictable. He hadn’t even taken notice to the power this Dujae character let off and yet here he was, poking the proverbial bear.

Dujae rolled his eyes at the drunk Eyrien and then got serious. ”The hell are you talking about” The poke had him straightening as he looked at him. Dujae the spitting image of a long lost father had zero recognition of the long lost brother. Topaz eyes looked the Eyrien up and down once more and then Dujae circled him to come to stand in front of Sul’ryk once more. ”You look a little….like…..no” He circled Sul’ryk once more and then blinked. ”Are you….are you related to me somehow” Topaz eyes seemed to hold an unclear mix of emotions, but he wanted to be damn sure before he went talking about family that he didn't realize he had.

Within a second the Eryien in front of him, his long lost brother went from an incredulous look to becoming hidden behind a moving fist that connected with his half-brother’s face.



The Eryien stepped back a bit before the anger in his face turned to shock as he managed to trip over his own heel, his head hitting the ground before he passed out from the impact, and the alcohol taking its full effect.

Dujae normally could move pretty fast, but he was not expecting a flying fist. It connected with his face and he found his face going to the side with the impact. There was a frozen moment as he stayed there out of shock before he slowly looked back at Sul’ryk. A bruise was already forming along his cheek bone as wide topaz eyes blinked at him. Then he snapped. ”What the ABSOLUTE FUCK PRICK” there was a growl then a deep breath as he rubbed his face and then exhaled. ”Alright then….I'm so not carrying you asshole. Fuck he's definitly related damn it” He paused and then huffed before carrying him with a bit of black jewel back bone to a bed. ”Not warning you about the kindred though. Damn it why the face” He stormed off toward his own room and locked the door.
~Time Skip~

Sul'ryk was on a rather large comfortable bed. The room itself was large with a connected bathroom, but the strangest part was the odd purring sound coming from what appeared to be a fur blanket. His eyes had fluttered open as the sun reflected into the room, its rays piercing into his iris and initially blinding him before they began to take focus. Unfortunately this was around the same time that last nights antics had caught up with him, the pain in his head making an appearance for the first time. Clutching the front of his head from the pain he went to sit up and stre-

”What the hell?” He managed to crane his neck a bit to get a better look at what this “furred blanket” looked like and his eyes went wide before he screamed and thrashed about, a hand already reaching for his blade.

The furred blanket in question opened bright blue eyes in response to the scream and tilted a head with large canines attached in its mouth. Seeing him reaching for a blade the blanket stopped purring. ”...I do not recommend that winged brother.” the now very much a feline sat up with its face extremely close to Sul'ryk’s which made apparent just how large said felines mouth was. The yawn did not help. Neither did the exposure of the grey jewel dangling around the large cat’s neck.

Dujae meanwhile was applying make up to the newest found bruise. At the scared sounding scream he grinned. ”..now….do I save him from Kaelas or let the pup get there too. Decisions decisions” He let out a chuckle as he finished covering the bruise. Which he could have healed, but it seemed he did not feel like self healing anymore today.

Sul’ryk glared at the feline as it spoke before it seemed to go silent within the room. From the outside, if Dujae would walk by it, he would see the door splintering and the spike in jewel power by his new guest as a white sabertooth was thrown through it, before it looked back into the room, shook his head, walked a few steps before pouncing back within the room. The sounds of things crashing and yelling would be heard for sometime before Sul’ryk was on the ground, the massive cat back atop of him once again, this time with a mild look of amusement amongst slight irritation, a paw keeping the Eryien’s face into the floor.

Dujae flinched with the door broke. He could hear that...and he could feel the drain of money with that. In moments however there was a loud voice heard. ENOUGH He was standing shirtless in front of the duo as the temperature seemed to shoot upwards to an unbearable heat. Kaelas quickly got off of Sul’ryk with his head bowed. ”....I'm sorry papa SaDi” Dujae moved and pulled the cat's face upward until they locked eyes. Chest height cat finding it incredibly easy to do so. Moments passed before they separated and the cat padded off and Dujae sighed at the Eyrien. The shirtless version giving a clear view of his black jewel along with a few still healing wounds. ”You stay here one night and-

”Oh fuck off Prick…” Sul’ryk interrupted his head throbbing from pain now. Though he didn’t show it physically, he was having a hard time concentrating.

”I’m going out.” He said shortly, grabbing his blades and re-equipping himself before stepping out of the broken door frame.

He would search the premise a bit until he located an open field. It would be best to train now while he still felt like this. It would definitely be a way to test his constitution. He began with a simple run, one that slowly picked up in speed and with fluidity went directly into swordplay. Quick, precise and efficient, like a dance of death, his blades whistling through the air only added to this metaphorical dance as its music. Slowly he began adding jewel power and the whistling turned into something with more bass, its precision doubling and his focus on placement increased. His training went on for several hours before he soon stopped. Sweat dripping from his forehead and his clothes now soaked as well. He took off his shirt, revealing quite the physique, a well defined and medium build but definition seemed to be key. Across his body like a violent canvass were scars from swords, spears and arrows, more than likely from neighboring tribes and the occasional bird of prey that seemed to attack his kind. His breathing was heavy but not as heavy as he was hoping. It seemed the Master’s endurance training paid off tenfold. Eventually he found a spot beneath a tree to relax and meditate, leaving him to his thoughts about the new situation.

But before long a 15 pound ball of fluff was suddenly in his lap. Then it licked his face and spoke. ”HI! My name is Lucias. PaPa SaDi is busy so I snuck here to say hello. You are as interesting as the wolves said! And you even have wings!”

Sul’ryk looked at this dog as it talked to him with furrowed brows. He knew that his tribe held onto a few dogs but those were mostly wolves. This, this thing...This thing was different. He sighed and closed his eyes.

”Lucias...My name is Sul’ryk. I am…..Papa Sadi, as you call him, I am his brother. But-” His eyes opened and looked into the distance..

Excitement filled the dog as he began to wiggle. Then the pink tongue shot out and assaulted Sul’ryk’s face. ”UNCLE SaDI!” it's body wiggled as he did a small spin and then yipped. ”Another uncle! Oh I am gonna need to tell Ebony. Hm where is….oh well doesn't matter! Another uncle another uncle!” the dog then paused and looked up at Sul’ryk with a waving tail and a rather excited expression.

”I’m wondering if I should stay. I did not start with a very good first impression…” He glanced down at the dog in his lap before hesitantly scratching it behind the ear.

The dogs head tilted and he then huffed. ”You can't go you just got here. And you haven't even met Ebony or talked to uncle Memphias or talked better with papa SaDi.”

”Ebony? Memphias?” He looked confused.

The dog gave a firm nod. ”He's kinda like you….but less punchy.” before the dog could get any further Dujae walked up in formal wear and with a patient expression. ”Lucias….what are you doing” Lucias gave an innocent face and wagged his tail resulting in a sigh from Dujae. ”I don't have time for your quiet innocent game that you do.” topaz eyes looked up somewhat into Sul'ryk’s ”Well I must say you do punch rather hard even drunk. But anyway...You are welcome to stay while I go….and silently wonder how muchitwouldcosttomurderabitch I mean to a ball” It was already getting a tad bit cold around him.

Sul’ryk looked towards Dujae as he approached and looked away with slight irritation. As he talked to the dog, he heard him mention the physical confrontation they had the other day and let out a heavy irritated sigh. It was when Dujae had openly said something about murder, Sul’ryk was on his feet, blade in hand and glaring at him, his jaw clenched.

”Fucking try it...I dare you…” His face was pressed up against Dujae’s own with defiance in his expression.

Dujae raised a brow. ”Im not talking about you prick. Unless you suddenly swapped genders and aged up with that nap. Which you certainly did not so….get off my face.” of course he had already had his own black shield in place, but it was skin tight and being that this was his brother he really did not feel like fighting him. Sure he felt murdery, but not sibling murdery.

Sul’ryk studied his half-brother for a moment before stepping back and re sheathing his blade and crossed his arms.

”Then who are you talking about… He said with a bit more calmness in his voice.

Dujae shook his head and then looked down at Lucias who was being very quiet. He jerked his head back and the dog huffed before trotting off leaving the two of them fairly alone. ”Just a bitch you have no need getting involved with. And like I said I am going somewhere for awhile. Please don't follow me and don't attend.” he really did not want to think about what would happen.

Sul’ryk had started off with a bad first impression and he only recently thought about attempting to reclaim that lost impression with a slightly better one and so he would do what Dujae had asked him. He looked down to the earth and silently nodded before glancing up to him just to confirm he heard him.

”Sul’ryk...Sul’ryk Yaslana is my name. I wanted to tell you that yesterday while I waited.” He nodded once more before he walked off towards one of the many entrances back into the keep.

Dujae watched him leave and then picked up his pace to catch up. ”Dujae SaDiablo. And if you want...you can take up that last name too” He then looked away and walked back into his room that upon closer inspection was connected to the office.
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Faeril Ashkevron
Gen Saroth

Location: Hayll - Drunken Unicorn Inn
Snaketooth Counter: 24 days left

Location: Forest

Downing the tankard of ale Gen Saroth growled at the woman sitting across the table from him. Who was looking far too calm for his liking. Faeril, on the other hand, was brushing wrinkles out of her gown, the newly made one draped over a third chair and shielding from any accident by two slightly extended wings. She was not worried in the slightest or so it appeared. The heavy thunk of the tankard hitting the table was followed by the slight sultry smile of a waitress as she filled him up again. Coin changes hands before the woman slipped away to other customers. "So let me get this straight. You went to heal a wound, and on your way back you saw a wounded man. So you took this man to this inn to help him." Gen stated in their mother-tongue of Eyrian. His grey-green eyes boring into the dangerous woman as if trying to mentally force her to look guilty or remorseful. About this situation. About bringing him here. Already he had to hold himself back from drawing his weapons and slaughtering the Hyallian males in reach. He would never turn his blade on a woman without good reason. But he was not fond of his father's kin.

Fae nodded simply, "I did. He was. I mean to continue treatment."

"Did he agree to treatment-?" The answering shrug and silence only confirmed his worst fears. "Who was it?"

Faeril Ashkevron merely gave her oldest friend a smile. Her hands clasped together in her lap and the picture of innocence, which she assuredly was not. But Gen nearly groan aloud at the sight of the curiosity and sheer desire in those eyes of ice. When others saw desire they would think of a lovely night under the moon and roses, to Faeril it was the secrets of the soul and the unknown wounds that lured her. The healing and working of her Craft. "Now that would be revealing a patient's privacy and I don't do that." The large Warlord did groan at that. She did reveal secrets if she found it necessary. "Be that as it may. We are going to this ball, you and I. We will go and we will see what this Queen wants. Then we will leave and be very polite about it." The icy tone filled her voice as venom shot into her eyes. Faeril did not like this Queen who thought she could command her, but just as quick as there was venom- the seas of her eyes smoothed into the quiet mask of solemn.

"And if problems should arise?" His one brow rose in question. Fae had worked the battle plan this far. He might as well see what all she wrote. The answer was given with a small smirk.

Ravyn Ghosteye

Location: Hyall - Nosey Needle

Ravyn blinked as the small puppy bowled into her leg which sent her stumbling against Arsenio. Which was odd in a dress shop, but add in the fact the puppy had a tie in it's mouth- it was a bit more than merely odd. Springing back up from her stumble, she gave her ally in dress shopping a apologetic look. Her golden eyes turned back to the pup as she felt a odd pushing on her mind. She was wary but saw no reason to not push back. She pushed with a strong mental shove. There was no need to be tentative- it was her mind after all.

Then she heard him. The puppy- Chiya- was talking and quickly. It was typical of what she expected from a puppy, and she couldn't resist reaching out to scratch his ears. "Chiya- How can I understand ye? What- how can you talk?" Her mind voice was littered with her accent of street slang. "I'm Ravyn? What- Why are you in here? And why does a pup want ter wear a tie?" She questioned the questioning Chiya. Her hands already trying to fix the tie about his neck, however it ended up in a bow rather than necktie typical.
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The ping list: @Deos Morran@Demonic Angel@13org@Mega Birb@Rai@Vesuvius00@FallenTrinity@LadyRunic@Landaus Five-One

A woman in gold, well every part of her is gold, walks toward you. She gives a small bow and smiles before speaking.
”Hello travelers...adventurers...what have you. You are about to embark upon a rather formidable task. One that if you misstep will result in your demise, but if you succeed I see great rewards in your futures. Not to mention that with so many different paths...the fate of the world is in your hands...as cliche as that sounds it is true.” She moved forward and tilted her head, switching to a more somber expression. ”You must defeat the tainted one and save the one in the cage. Ally yourself with the one in black, and that dear ones...is how you bring the word to peace.”

“Now...wake up”

The entire scene fades from view and in its stead you are returned.

With this dream a time skip to the day of the ball has occurred

location: Heketah’s Castle Hyall-Terreille

Dujae rolled his shoulders as he strode through the castle, just as elaborate and excessive on the inside as the outside. Frost etching its way along the floor and walls with each step he took, black outfit slightly more formal than his normal attire. His black collared shirt was unbuttoned to reveal his chest and jewel. Clearly, he is in SaDist mode. ”Heketah….must you throw a ball with every new face in the town?”

Heketah turned, a revealing blue dress hugging her body as she stood. ”My dear...of course I do. I need to make a good impression.” There was a snort. ”More like you need to lure them into a web so that you can absorb them into your circles. You forget...I do know you...more then I would ever like you old hag There was a chuckle from Heketah. ”Now I know you were raised not to have such a mouth.” With a glare from Heketah, Dujae hissed as a familiar pain spread from a sensitive area. ”Now. You will attend this ball. You will behave. And you will do what I tell you to, understood?” Dujae winced and then nodded, exhaling as the pain stopped.

Dujae made his way to the entrance and leaned in the doorway of the castle, hands in pockets. Apparently he was to play bodyguard and local...pet. He huffed and then turned and reluctantly made his way to the throne where he proceeded to lay in front of it...like he was on display...like a damn pet tiger. He still never understood why the throne room doubled as a ball room. He looked up as Heketah made her way in and sat down a sickeningly cheerful sing song voice rang out. ”Put the tigers near the throne. No wait….toward the back yes.”

A group of people, mostly those native to Hyall dragged in the two tigers they seemed to have knocked out and proceeded to chain them to their areas. Muzzles went into place and then cuffs around each ankle that chained them to the floor. ”Most excellent. Now leave my presence.” Dujae sat up and looked at the tigers, the frost suddenly increasing as his temper increased. He always hated what she did to kindred, but these…..they were not broken yet. Maybe? He would have to deal with them later.

Heketah chuckled. ”A soft spot for those animals hm? That is just so adorable that you never grew out of it.” She then suddenly grabbed Dujae and kissed him- a kiss that was clearly paired with pain to force him to kiss back before she separated from him. ”Our guests shall be here soon. Remember...no weapons. Wouldn’t want a fight to break out again...you did almost lose an eye that time” Dujae swiped his mouth and moved to stand instead of sit as the first fanciful dressed guests began to flow into the room. Most decked out in velvet as the room was freezing thanks to the resident angry warlord prince.

The room itself was rounded with a large chandelier above the throne. The floor was marble veined with gold and the architecture was extremely well done. Stationed at the entrance was a man checking invitations as people flowed through. Heketah remained seated in her skin tight blue dress that was clearly meant to show every single curve of her body. Falling under her jewel was a golden...unicorn horn...the horn having been dipped in gold on the tip so that the natural lighter gold of the horn was visible. A matching set of much smaller horns in her ears as earrings.

Dujae did not seem to be doing much as he stood there, but he was really scanning each individual for weapons. At finding one, the weapon would seem to float from their hiding spot and then put them in a large chest that held every weapon he found...which now amounted at 1 dagger.

Heketah eventually stood and gave a smile and waved her hand over the heads of the people and motioned to the room. Her sing song voice rang out with a boost of jewel power. ”I welcome all my guests to this ball. Please do enjoy all the festivities.” She walked down the steps from the throne to the floor and kept hers eyes out for those she was specifically looking for.
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Before the palace of Queen Heketah, Arsenio Graves stood in his dress uniform. On his chest were several medals, each from a different act of bravery or selflessness, though they meant little to him. His dagger had been moved from its usual place on his shoulder to a scabbard above that of his sword, which sat in its own sheathe on his left hip. As always, his left hand was resting on the crossguard. Beside the Glacian was Ravyn Ghosteye, a young scoundrel that he had attempted to right over the last day or so. Whether or not he had been successful was anyone's guess, but he had done his best with her. With a deep breath, Arsenio closed his eyes and spoke. "Remember, the story goes that you're my apprentice. I'm training you to serve as a Glacian Ambassador. You're new to everything so don't worry about the details." With the plan established, he took the first step towards the entrance to the palace.

The inside of the manor was beautiful, a far cry from the inside of the Drunken Unicorn, or even the Nosey Needle. A quick scan of the entrance hall merited little besides an obnoxious display of wealth, along with a rather cold looking Dujae and a staff member that seemed to be waiting for invitations. Without hesitation, the Glacian reached inside his uniform and produced the invitation he had received, along with the smaller one on behalf of Ravyn. "This young lady is my guest, I expect she'll be treated well." He continued onto the main room, where he soon felt a magical tug at his weapons. His dagger lept from its holster and flew to the weapons chest across the room, though Arsenio's left hand held firm to the hilt of his sword. His eyes snapped to Dujae again as he connected what was happening, and he fearlessly locked his gaze on him. He approached with his hand still gripping the handle of his favorite weapon, stopping a short distance away from the cold man. "I'd prefer to keep my sword for the duration of the ball. I dislike being totally unarmed." He came across as firm, though not unreasonable in his tone.

Isadora Lafay stood at the door to Heketah's palace, awaiting a small number of people. Namely, Faeril Ashkevron, Gen Saroth, and Rathe Grey. By extension, she expected Chiya as well, though to a somewhat lesser extent. That didn't mean she was any less excited, proven by her fingers running through the loose fabric of the black dress she wore. As she waited, she scanned the facade of the building, and noted the extreme wealth that practically oozed from the windows. There was no way anyone, not even a Queen, could amass enough money to own something like this without getting their hands dirty. She wasn't thinking physically, either. Heketah had likely manipulated her way to the top here, and now sat comfortably on a throne of black mail she had built from the ground up.

All she could really do is theorize while she waited for the others. Once they all showed, she would head inside with them, and more than likely stick close to and drop hints at Rathe at every opportunity.
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