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So sayeth the factory worker, slaving at steel. So sayeth the soldier, with his jackbooted heels. So sayeth the politican, spinning his lies. So sayeth the pilot, darting through skies. Peace in Idiea will last no longer- for here comes Death, lead by warmongers.

See here for the interest check, here for the discord server, and here for the technology sheet.

Idiea is a (mostly) Pangaea-like world, set culturally in the interwar period of the 20th century. It has had an unusually long period of international peace, although local revolutions and breakaway states have occurred in recent years. However, the discovery of crude oil, and the refining techniques needed to turn it into diesel have sparked a revolution of the technological sort. This increase in technology, particularly with its uses for war, has understandably made many nervous, and it seems that far from ushering in a new age of prosperity in this era of peace, nothing but all-out war shall break out. Philosophically, Idiea is a blend between both of the wars. Totalitarian fascist and communists regimes sit side by side with old empire and kingdoms. Milder nationalists, democratic republicans, socialists and theocratic dictatorships all hold sway in this world, causing a unique mixture the likes of which will be totally destroyed by the war. After all, only one side can come out standing.


We are currently OPEN! You may join us if you want to! Feel free to join the discord and give us a shout!


  • - What I say is final. I am the GM. If I say something, that is what happens. I wish to be a harsh, yet benevolent dictator, don't worry.
  • - Follow Guild rules. Be Fonzie cool, no harassment or any of that. If you must have drama, keep it to PMs, or bring in mods.
  • - Don't Godmod. Nothing sucks more than someone pulling out a superweapon in the middle of a battle and wiping half an army out without letting the other person respond. If they've agreed to that, that's different, but then that ain't godmodding.
  • - KEEP THINGS GOING. I've been burned out with rapidly dead games before. I refuse to let that happen here. I will be poking people on Discord to post, and I will try my best to post in a reasonable space of time. Thank you.

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Austratzia's (my light purple) claim was rescinded. That is all, thank you.
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Gonna plunk in
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Hey, my dudes. I'll get working on a sheet shortly. ALL HAIL THE GODS!
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So sorry guys, but this has been cutting too much into my real life. I'm up late on the discord, then up early to dig a hole.

It's been really fun so far, and I'd definitely stay if I had more time! Maybe once a few of my other RPs inevitably fail I'll jump in again? I don't know. I really want to stay, but it's just not sustainable for me. I really hate to just leave business unfinished, too. So I'm gonna have you guys fight me for my Clay mountains. Anyone who wants to have a shot at it, shoot me a Discord PM and I'll see what I can do. (I'm (unknown) on Discord).

Again, I hate to just leave, but I really need to separate myself from this as it's taking up way too much of my time. It wasn't an easy decision to make.
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EDIT: Nevermind.
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