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Idiea has been at peace for almost a century. The flames of war were quenched and the blacksmiths went back to hammering ploughs, but now? It seems like that is coming to an end. Technological advancement has stoked the flames of ambition and competition like the world has never seen before. The power of crude, the sticky black stuff that reeks and powers the world... It is sending countries mad, and with each descent into the greed for black gold comes the rearmament. Still, politicians claim that war will never happen. There will be peace, they say.

Pah! Peace. It looks to me like you should be readying for war!

The Fumes of War is a curious idea I've had. If you're aware of upcoming RTS game Iron Harvest, the ideas are somewhat similar. Dieselpunk, to put it in simpler terms, is what happens when the idealism of steampunk runs out. World War 1 brings the Victorian romanticism to a clothesline stop, and the interwar period, rise of facism and other extreme ideologies brings the worse out in people.

This, is slightly different. In the continent of Idiea, roughly comparable to Europe of the 1920s and 1930s, war has not happened. The kingdoms and empires that made up the continent remained on a steady course, but that is about to come to a halt. Rapid advancements in technology have suddenly opened the floodgates for weapons technology in a way that has never been seen before. Understandably, tensions are rising, and the diesel that now powers Europe is now ripe to be sparked, dragging perhaps the entire world into a combat the likes of which have never been seen before.

Philosophically, Empires are a real part of the world still. Civic and Chauvinsitic Nationalism, racial supremacy, blossoming democracy, absolutist monarchy and totalitarian dictatorships butt heads like never before. Communism is a wildfire idea that is dismissed in parlour houses but spoke of on factory floors, the nation state is tussling with its directions... With you at the helm.

At the core of it, this will be a nitty-gritty game.
Exactly how it'll play out is still being worked out in my head, but if you just want to write a bit casually, this won't be for you. Apologies. I also am looking for people who will have long term interest. If you're going to vamoose after a few posts, then there's no need to bother in the first place.

That being said, I look forward to seeing if folks are interested!
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I'm interested. Whenever the game's ready to start, you can count me in.
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You had me at Iron Harvest ... but the rest is cool too.
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I can do this. It'll have to be my last RP until I finish some, though. What level of tech are we talking?
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1x Thank Thank
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You have my interest, sir!
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@Irredeemable The Domestian Republic is ready for war. By the emperor's grace, we will conquer all under the sun!
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Also jolly interested :)
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I'm game.
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I'm down if we're still taking players.
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Color me interested!
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EDIT: Nevermind
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