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Never had L'aruh seen such long shadows. From her first experience in Thanalan, it seemed like the region was covered in pale yellow sands and those blotches of shadow which stemmed from Ul'dah's imposing buildings. Yes, it was very much unlike Limsa Lominsa, where the city's arches allowed her to feel safe. This place was a whole other beast.

As she walked through the streets of Ul'dah's merchant strip, she fully knew that she looked like an outsider. Not that she minded. She was more interested in what the merchants were selling. At least, for now...

Seven Hells! If she knew Ul'dah was going to be this hot , she would have brought lighter clothing along with her. The sweltering heat was already getting to her head, and she had only arrived at the city a few hours ago. In Limsa Lominsa, the summers were not as intense. She wondered how the people were so nonchalant to the heat as she carried herself through the throng of people also pursuing different types of wares. Maybe it would just be best if she just focused on what they were actually selling instead of whimpering to herself about the heat.

"Ah, you!" called a voice from her right. Turning around to see who had shouted, she saw a Hyur woman next to her stall. L'aruh was unsure if the woman was beckoning towards her or someone else in the crowd. "Yes, you!"

L'aruh slipped through the torrent of people and approached the Hyur. The woman was selling all sorts of wares-- daggers, books, potions... and jewelry, too. Upon closer inspection, L'aruh noticed the daggers had been polished, but still showed signs of wear. The tomes's bindings were coming apart, the elixirs' color was off and perspiration gathered on the insides of the vials. She raised a brown, but before she could form a coherent sentence, the merchant waved her hands and spoke loudly.

"I know, I know, I know-- it doesn't seem like much. But I'm willing to give you a discount. That grimoire at your hip seems rather old... I have this new one right here for only three hundred gil."

L'aruh cast her eyes towards the purple-skinned grimoire. Like the rest of the merchant's inventory, it was dusty and old. But there was no tears in its binds or any other signs of misuse. Maybe it's actually time to replace this one, she thought to herself. She certainly had the gil but she would have to put aside some money in order to rent a room at an inn... either way, she should have some money left over after the purchase of the tome. "Alright, I'll buy it," she said, reaching for her coinpurse. "Like my mum's always said, you--"

Her fingers touched that tied her purse to the belt. All she felt was the rope and the stumps left behind by a quick knife. A quiet one, too.

L'aruh's blood ran cold. She hadn't been in the city for a day and she'd already fallen prey to a cutpurse. What was she, an idiot? Flushing, she turned to the Hyur and opened her mouth. "Ah... I-I could've sworn--"

"Oh, seems like someone got to ya, already... the celebration happenin' and all of that brings about all sorts of people. Say, you're not from around here, are ya? Someone shoulda warned you, it gets rather shady--"

She held up a hand. "I don't need an explanation," she told her bluntly. "All I need is a place where someone can help me out with a room."

"O-oh. Well, miss, there's the Quicksand, they'll probably help you out with--"


L'aruh spun on her heel, flushed with anger. How could she be so dumb as to lose most of the moeny she had on her? She didn't even hear the man or woman approach her from behind. And she had sharper ears than a mouse! I''m such an idiot, she cursed herself as she stormed down the merchant's strip. How can I call myself an adventurer if I don't have my wits around me?

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The soft breeze of The Silver Bazaar brushed against Kash's cheek as the Miqo'te sat on the edge of the pier with fishing pole in hand. The wind was hardly comforting as it carried the heat of the arid lands surrounding with it. Kash recalled that most would say it was a rather unnatural coastal breeze, brought on with the many changes the land experienced five years ago. Though with naught to compare it with he could only nod in acknowledgement of the comment.

The Miqo'te's eyes were solely locked on the pole as he watched for movement, a bait box to his left and small basket on the right, containing the prizes of this days visit. Hardly enough to feed those gluttons. Kash thought to himself as he sat patiently. A strange hobby for a resident of Ul'dah, but one he oft saw himself partaking in, if nothing else it provided time away from the busy streets.

As the pole jolted Kash quickly tightened his grip as he began to reel in the potential bite. This was the exciting part, the sudden change of pace and rush of thought and reaction. To Kash the sudden transition matched what any pugilist should aim for when changing tact in combat. Though typically caught off guard by the initial moment, this only made the catch more fun to achieve. Kash briefly eye'd the haul of Anchovies that currently laid within the basket. Comeon... Tiger Cod... He could only hope for something more appealing to take back, lest he be served a flurry of complaints on his return. His eyes lit, with a stupid grin plastered on his face as he stood victorious staring at the bounty. Though not too long, lest he risk it wiggling loose, Kash removed the fish from the hook before slapping it against the pier and tossing it into the basket.

Kash prepared another piece of bait carefully, as he lifted the rod preparing to cast once more. No sooner had he cast his line had an insistent ringing began in his ear. With a roll of his eyes Kash quickly reeled the line back in before raising his right hand up to his ear. "Kash here."
"Kash, you need to get back to the city. You're supposed to be on guard duty." Kash sighed as he picked up his bait box and rested it atop the haul of fish in his basket. He leaned his fishing pole against his shoulder before replying. "Fine, I'm heading there now."
"You know what the Master said. If you want in on the tournament, then you need to help out with security."
"Would of been nice to have a say in whether we should stretch the numbers thin at such a time. This would of been a great time to try and spot new potential." Kash began his walk back as he walked up the stairs from the pier and pass the market stalls of the Bazaar.

Having spent his life in the Thanalan region, the heat seemed hardly noticeable. However the traffic from Horizon to the Gate of the Sultana was very different. The celebrations being held in Ul'dah was seeing a predictably large number of residents from both Limsa Lominsa & Gridania heading to Ul'dah. In fact the Silver Bazaar was one of the only places that was still relatively quiet. From this increase in people traffic, the Brass Blades had to reach out to the Guilds and Immortal Flames for support in maintaining near adequate levels of security. This in turn had lead to Kash's current predicament, he didn't like it, nor did the Blades but neither had any real choice.

As he was about to step through the gates and back into the city he spotted someone. These were the types that he would be watching out for over the next few days. Cutpurses, pickpocket, thieves any of these could apply to these unsavory characters. Kash paused as he just glared at the individual who was counting out the coins from a small leather bag, the wrapped rope sheered ends dangling at either side of the bag. "Quite the small purse, get that from one of our guests? No citizen of Ul'dah would carry such a small quantity of coin." The cutpurse froze upon being called out on their actions. "If you're still holding onto that by 'morrow I'll be coming for it. So I better see it on the other side of the bar at the Quicksand later." With that Kash continued into the city, he didn't need a scene to be caused at the city gates so close to the Blades. As he approaches the guards within the city wall he informs them. "Keep an eye on the guy other end of the gate, don't want our guests knowing Ul'dah is completely full of thieves."

Emerald Avenue, usually a quiet section of the city, was overcrowded with citizens of the Three Nations some of the foreigners stuck out more than others as not being from Ul'dah. Though Kash had not the time, nor the interest to mingle with the cities guests. He had his own tasks that he needed to complete for the day. He made his way into the Guild building dropping his fishing gear and haul off on the reception counter. "One Cod, ten Anchovies." Kash said with a sigh. "Glad I'm not the chef, so where are they putting me?"
"Duty at the Quicksand." The receptionist replied to Kash's enquiry as they eyed the list of Pugilists and their respective duties.
"What?! Is that the Blades idea of a bad joke?"
"No... but they also want you to deliver three cases of mead to the Syndicate hall before keeping an eye on the patrons. I believe that's their idea of a joke. There's also this" The receptionist pushed a package across to Kash's side of the counter. "From Limsa."
"Metal Cesti's... must be for the tournament. Keep 'em here, I best get going, less the Blades come to drag me to the Quicksand themselves."

A short lived visit to the Guild house, there was no time to rest for the residents of Ul'dah as the celebration hosts. The miqo'te made his way to the Quicksand. Entering from the Ruby Road entrance, he approached the bar with a smile, though his un-amused voice revealed his true thoughts of the situation. "Three cases of mead... for the Syndicate hall." The bartender stacked the cases of bottles atop the bar whilst Kash glanced back over the patrons, so many strangers, hardly any familiar faces. It was almost strange, he'd now consider Ul'dah his home yet most of the patrons at its bar this day were not the locals. Once they were prepared Kash turned once more sliding the cases of alcohol into his grip, making his way for the Steps of Thal.

The traders markets, the arena and all the trade guilds. These made the Steps of Thal a daunting place for Kash. Carrying his fragile load the Miqo'te navigated through the crowd. The odd hiss escaping him each time he knocked shoulders with those ignorant enough to make no effort to allow him space to pass. Eventually reach his destination, a member of the Brass Blades raise his hand, indicating for Kash to stop. "Three cases of mead, for the Syndicate hall." Kash's tone had not changed since his original request at the Quicksand. "We got it from here, return to your position Kash Tia." Kash suppressed a building anger from the tone with which the Blades member addressed him. Such an errand could have easily been accomplished by anyone, seems it was fortunate this is the only requests the Blades had made from this momentary time of holding power over Kash's actions.

With the pointless side task completed, Kash headed back to the Quicksand. Entering once again from the Ruby Road entrance as he stops by the door leaning against the Tavern and Inn's wall. He raised his hand up to his right ear, covering it before speaking. "Kash Tia in position. Nothing to report." Though the importance of the role was not lost on him it was more than likely to be a boring one. The chance that any of the visitors would be stupid enough to act out in violence was likely slim, no if anything it was more likely to be the locals being not so welcome to their guests that was more possible.
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Location - Central Thanalan

The steps leading into the city were finally in sight, a blessing for a weary party consisting of an Elezen thaumaturge named Ladert, a lalafel healer called Momoko, a Roegadyn lancer named Harttrach, and the fully armored Annora Steele. After spending the day chasing cactuars and failing to find any that sported the valuable flower they searched for, the troops had decided to avoid heatstroke and head back to the city. Of course, nothing in this life was ever straightforward. It was too much to expect to head into Ul'ah, it was too easy to just walk in, grab a drink at the Quicksand to cool off, and possibly enjoy the festivities.

Instead, the group was faced with a hunt.

Locked in battle, Annora was fighting both the Sabotender Ballarina and heatstroke. Any semblance of wind was welcomed for Annora, who felt like her armor was trying to strangle her in the heat. Normally the heat wouldn't be any issue for her, but she had stupidly decided to test out a new set of armor that was heavier than the sort she was used to. That combined with using the day to chase after elusive cactuars made her feel like she was going to pass out at any second. It was on its last legs, but so were they. She swung her axe into the abnormally large cactuar's leg, hoping to cripple its movement, but it did very little. Instead she got a punch in retaliation sending her flying back.

Coming to the ground, she let out a groan. All she wanted was a cold drink at this point. Pushing herself to her feet, she tried to at least get her helmet off. Just as she was about to get it, however, the Sabotender stood still for a moment, lowering its head towards them. Oh no.

"Watch it!" Gerald warned the melee duo.

Both Annora and Harttrach made a run for it just as the Ballarina spewed out thousands of needles. She felt a few dink against her armor as she turned around, watching it aim its needles at her. If she got a good swing in, she was pretty sure she could finish it. Gripping her axe with both hands, she charged forward. Harttrach seemed to read her mind, using his lance to hold it steady. As skidded to a halt, the Sabotender shook its entire body, sending needles flying everywhere. One made a direct hit with her helmet, freeing Annora from the oppressive heat. The fresh air invigorated her more than a healing spell could, a fire in her eyes as she swung with the intent to kill.

The creature fell, Annora throwing her head back in relief. The thrill of battle had come and gone.

Location - Ul'dah, Quicksand


The four were celebrating their victory in the Quicksand, having bought a round of drinks. After a bit of a fuss, Annora had shed her armor, remaining in her casual clothing for the moment. They weren't the only ones drinking, the place buzzing with people as they drank and ate and shared tales and whatnot. She was surprised they managed to get a table in the first place. Still, she was glad for the respite, the fruit of their labor resulting in a pretty gil in their pockets. At this point, however, gil was less of a problem for the hyur; she was in hunting purely for the experience of battle.

After a few rounds, Annora decided it was time to go walk off the food. Stretching her arms above her head, she pushed her chair back to stand. "Well then, I'll be taking my leave. You have my sincere thanks for letting me join you for the hunt," She told the group.

"We greatly appreciate it! You were kind enough to repair our gear, the least we could have done was return the favor!" Momoko replied, grinning.

"Already? Won't you stick around?" Harttrach asked.

Ladert seemed to agree, though his flushed face showed he already had one too many. "Miss Steele, you are as elusive as they say," His words slurred slightly. "Coming and going just like the wind."

"I wasn't aware I had a reputation," She admitted. It was a half-truth; her smithing skills were known, but not her battle prowess.

"You stick around Ul'dah long enough and people start noticing," Harttrach frowned slightly. "Though I suppose some people have been on the lookout for the Vulcan of Limsa Lominsa."

Lookout? Annora didn't like how that sounded. Her eyes scanned the table and people before her, all quietly looking at her. Considering the amount of people around along with numerous Brass Blades bodyguarding the place, she sincerely doubted they would attempt anything here. Then again, it was easy to disappear into the crowd. "Have they now?" She asked as she would slowly stand. "I suppose I'll watch where I tread, then."

Ladert took a hold of her arm, preventing her from leaving. "Come now, you're among friends! No need to cast such a suspicious eye!" He assured her.

Hmm. She didn't like that. Had they been watching her? She had been in Ul'dah for a few days now, but she didn't think she had drawn any attention to herself. She could also be mistaken, taking their drunken words as a threat despite no ill will being behind them. Either way, she did not appreciate being grabbed. Pulling herself free, she backed into another patron. Said patron was a seemingly irritated Highlander, none too pleased that Annora bumping into him had caused him to drop his food. Before she could properly apologize, she was surprised when he swung. She ducked, resulting in the man hitting Ladert instead.

Seeing the rage in Ladert's eyes, she knew exactly where this was going. "Don't--!"" She tried to stop him, but it was too late. The Elezen stood up from his seat, retaliating in a somewhat drunken rage. The Highlander sidestepped him, drawing his fist back. Her judgment said not to get involved, though the only thing she accomplished when she stepped in front of Ladert was getting a strong punch to the face. Oof, it had been some time since that happened. Shaking her head, she noticed several others standing to back up the Highlander. Great. Taking her hand off her jaw, she took a stance, knowing she wasn't getting out of this cleanly.

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Cocoa rode on Spud's shoulders through the streets, suddenly aware of the thickness of her robes. Spud however, was having a great time and barely noticed the heat. They had been in Ul'dah for about three days now and the days often started like this, with the pair leaving wherever they had been holing up for the night. Work was scarce even during such a busy time, it seemed that so many people had arrived that even with how much needed to be done, not many people had mercanary work for either of the two, so this was what they did during the day.

They were both surprised none of the thieves caught on, it's hard to forget being beat up by a Roe. At any rate, it did not take long for another young man to try and swipe the large purse at Spud's side, only to have Cocoa give Spud a gentle squeeze of her thighs as a signal for the Roe to suddenly grab the would-be thief by the face.

" Careful who you grab things offa lad, you could get hurt ya understand? "

" Yea stupid, now do us a favor and drop anything else you stole today. "

It was one thing to stop the poor guy, and another thing entirely to have a Roe wrap a massive hand around your face with no warning, needless to say the young man was terrified and did was he was told. Dropping Spud's cut purse to the ground to show it full of sand and pebbles, he also scrambled to drop whatever else he had as Cocoa slid down Spud's back and swiped up the new Gil, leaving only barely enough for a loaf of bread and tying the new purse to her belt alongside two others that made gentle noise as Spud knelt down for Cocoa to scramble back up onto his shoulders.

" Next time choose a better target genius. "

" Perhaps one without a lookout on his shoulders. "


Walking casually back onto the main street, Cocoa counted their money from her safe place high on Spud's shoulders. She was there for their little scheme yes, but only as an afterthought, the main reason was the fact Spud was scared of losing her in a crowd, especially with Cocoa's horrible sense of direction.

" We have enough for the next two or three nights. "

" Alrigh, but lets be a bit careful anyways, we should still look for whatever work we can find just in case. "

They were on their way to the Quicksand at that point, after they caught the poor young thief and left him with soiled trousers on a side street they found little other prey, perhaps word of the pair had finally spread. When they found themselves in the doorway of the building however, there was quite the sight. A fight had already broken out between a few patrons, though for what reason was unclear. Cocoa slid off Spud and clung close to him as they walked along the walls in the direction of the bar, trying to realistically avoid confrontation, then again how on earth would anybody miss a Roe and Au Ra traveling so closely.
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Of all the inns Fae had limped into, The Quicksand’s candle lit interior stood out to him with an undeniable and unique charm. And after the blistering trek that had taken him from Limsa Lominsa to Ul’dah, that charm was an unbelievably welcome sight. So while it seemed impossible, the Elezean somehow managed to slump even further forward as the relative comfort of the room washed over him, bringing him dangerously close to just curling up right there on the floor and calling it a day.

Reason won out in the end though, as getting a bed to collapse in was far more motivating.

It only took a glance for Fae to pick out the establishment’s proprietor standing behind a counter, a mountain of a Highlander with dark hair and clear no-nonsense attitude. So with a swagger that should have been impossible for one so run down and sweaty, the young man made his way past the scant few patrons that had come in with the early morning. As he approached his target, Fae could feel the stony faced Hyur sizing him up. It was impossible to tell what kind of conclusion he had reached, as the man merely nodded at Fae when he finally reached him, his expression giving away nothing.

"An awfully fine establishment you have here.” Fae’s voice dripped with genuine awe and he wore the most disarming smile he could muster. "The cozy feel of the place can almost draw one right in.” There was an unspoken insinuation in the Eleazen’s tone, one that the owner thankfully picked up on, as evidenced by his eyes narrowing in suspicion.

"You trying to say this place is missing something?” the Hyur replied rather pointedly, his dark eyes growing a shade darker. And it was there Fae saw just how much the man valued his establishment. Not to mention it also showed him exactly how he was going to get that room.

"Oh, I must apologize. I assure you I meant no disrespect.” But even as he said it, Fae couldn’t quite stop his smile from widening. With a small flourish, he produced his lute. "It’s just that a little music can go a long way in keeping a crowd spending their money,” strumming a bright chord for emphasis.

Fae kept the Hyur’s steely gaze for several long moments, showing neither fear nor remorse. The silence dragged on, the owner’s face a stone mask that refused to give Fae anything to work with. No, really, the guy was doing an impressive job selling his whole stare-you-down-till-you-look-away thing. Fae found it awfully difficult to resist the urge to hum in response.

Eventually, the grizzled man relented and with a labored sigh he pinched the bridge of his nose. “I’ve been thinking the same damn thing lately. Problem is you musician types always end up rubbing me the wrong way.” He punctuated his statement with a slight grunt of distaste. “So here’s the deal, you have the look of a guy that is in need of a room. So you’re gonna play through the afternoon and if I like what I hear, we’ll talk about getting you a reduced rate and maybe a meal out of this.” The man extended one of his mighty paws in Fae’s direction. “No guarantees though, got it?”

Fae didn’t hesitate to shake the man’s hand with an impish glint in his eyes. There was little doubt in his mind that by the end of the day not only would he have that free meal, but a free room to boot.

The early morning had gone by peaceful enough, with Fae situated in off to the side of the main tables. The sound of his lute lightly danced throughout The Quicksand, competing with the overall din of its growing number of patrons. The acoustics of the locale left a good deal to be desired, but Fae had worked with much less before so he wasn’t terribly concerned about it. After all, the true appeal of this job was the people watching.

Adventurers had always been a rather fascinating group to Fae, as he felt like he could relate to their rather free lifestyle. Well, that and the fact that he was a complete sucker for their absolutely outrageous tales. His blue eyes caught a sight of one group as they raised their glasses to celebrate some victory and Fae couldn’t help but wonder what it may be like. The fingers that were plucking away at his lute were no strangers to the drawstring of the bow that rested beside him, so it wasn’t like he lacked the talent. In fact, more than anything it simply came down to the opportunity never really presenting itself, what with him almost always on the road or performing.

A sharp series of movements ripped Fae away from his idle musings and he looked just in time to see a member from the group he had noticed earlier get slugged by a Hyur. Fae blinked several times as the next series of events unfolded quickly, his face shifting from startled to outright bewildered. It was hardly the first time he had gotten front row seats to a bar fight, but this one had started so quickly that it had caught him completely off guard. But when he saw the Highlander that threw the first punch hit a dark haired woman, Fae knew he had to do something.

So the musician did what any responsible person would do in his shoes. He stood up and started to play something more appropriate.
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The Quicksand looked to be quite the humble place from the outside. L'aruh noticed there were some loiterers lounging around on the outside, but they didn't seem to be drunk or looking for trouble. Nevertheless, the glances she got were less than friendly. It was interesting to see how apprehensive people could be around here. Were they like this to everyone, or was it only to people they never met before? L'aruh ran a hand through her hair, sighing. How was she even supposed to ask for help? Was she supposed to tell the whole story, or just some of it?

Carefully, she picked her way up the stairs to the doors. There seemed to be music playing inside. Did they have a live band or something? L'aruh stepped into the establishment after some deliberation, her eyes widening when she saw the absolute onslaught that was occurring. What was even going on? Swishing her tail nervously, she picked her way towards the front of the Quicksand. There was a tall man there, possibly a Hellsguard, with a strange woman perched upon his shoulders. They seemed just as off-put by everything that was happening around them. It was obvious she wasn't going to get anything done with the Quicksand in such a state of disarray. Sighing, L'aruh pulled out her tome and began to channel her aether.

"Zephyr," she summoned. Her Carbuncle appeared at her side in a subtle blaze of wonderful hue. "Settle things the best you can, please. I'd like to have something to eat before the end of the day..."

Zephyr let out a little trill and leapt on top of a table. In a few instants, it was able to summon a gust of air that wouldn't seriously harm anyone, but would possibly stall their infighting.
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Location - Ul'dah, Quicksand

Her violet eyes were fully focused, calm as the moment seemed to freeze in time. The music around them seemed to change, signaling a shift in the atmosphere. Of course, the entire situation was now the center of attention as the patrons seemed to be waiting for the next step towards the logical conclusion. She could hear the drunken ramblings of Ladbert but ignored it for the moment, focusing more on the disgruntled Highlanders. Three on one, was it? No point in counting on the fool who caused the commotion nor was she expecting any help from anyone at her table; she was on her own.

The magicked wind that strolled over them seemed to give a distraction to those ready to fight, with the Highlander in front of her looking for the source. Seeing her opportunity, Annora drew back her fist and punched forward, her knuckles colliding with the bigger hyur's jaw and effectively paying him back for the one he hit her with. No going back now, especially as her action invited the rest of the Highlanders into the fight. The scurry of the surrounding tables quickly clearing the area as the fight ensued almost drowned out the sounds of the fight itself, with people pushing against one another to either steer clear or get a better look at the spectacle.

Dropping down slightly to avoid another hit, she used her momentum to punch straight up once again. Her smaller stature should have given her a disadvantage, but she suspected her opponents had been drinking, their movements somewhat sluggish. Still, a drunk's unpredictability was still somewhat dangerous, and sure enough, Annora found herself throwing her arms above her head as a chair went flying over her. Said chair crashed into an unfortunate victim, causing another commotion as a few people tried to tend to the injured soul.

"Well, then..." Annora muttered to herself, though she had bigger problems as one of the Highlanders lifted her by the back of her shirt. As she found herself dangling in the air, she ended up using her newfound height to kick down the second Highlander, leaving the one holding her left. This one seemed more sober than the others but irritated nonetheless. Before she could react, he ended up tossing the Midlander onto a nearby table, scattering anything that was on it to the floor.

Scrambling to her feet, she wobbled on the unsteady table as she eyed her final opponent charging at her. Hopping off the table, she knelt down as she took a hold of the edge, flipping it onto him as he neared. His charge wasn't stopped so easily as the wood of the table splintered into several pieces. Clucking her tongue, Annora backed up slightly as she readied herself for the collision, choosing to stand her ground. Of course, that was easier said than done, and once again Annora found herself flying backwards, barreling into several people and knocking down anyone unfortunate enough to have been in the way.

Of course, now that the violence had spread, the crowd seemed to erupt into chaos. Fists and food and chairs were thrown, people were shoved around, few could determine friend from foe. As the woman was not particularly keen on remaining in the middle of what had now become a mosh pit, Annora shoved her way through the crowd, making sure to grab her axe before high tailing it out of the Quicksand.
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I lied. I am scared.

Telling him wasn't any easier from the ebony smog that poisoned the air as the sky bled crimson. My expression mirrored his own, one draped with terror, a dread as overbearing as that monster played with the destruction of our land.

My throat burned of charcoal, a croak passing my soot-stained lips as the earth rattled again. And again. And again.

It's coming apart, I screamed.

But he didn't say anything. Just looked at me, frozen in fear. This wasn't him, the boy with tears welling in his eyes.

Please, save me. We're friends, right? You have to save me, I begged. This is all my fault, he finally spoke. His face fell to his feet, shaking his head in ruin. Wait...

Come back!

My screams lingered, unanswered, the sight of his back to me growing smaller in the distance.


Castiel Pace drew a gasp as a sudden force sent the young man off balance, his footing stammering forward as his face lit with awakening. He would barely catch himself against the guard rail, only after his forehead struck against the stone. With equal irritation, a sound of irritation trailed his lips, his eyes searching for the culprit responsible for his assault. "Ahaha! Ya look like you've seen a pair of aldgoats in heat!"

"Thal's balls," Castiel cast a long frown upon realization, pulling himself back onto his feet and raising a gauntlet against his aching head. Had he truly been sleeping like such once again? And even after I rested early last night! Wheeling around to the individual, he found himself unsurprised. "Trying for some cheap shots before the match now, huh, Harper?"

A stocky Ala Mhigan of large frame, Harper easily towered over him, crossing his arms together as he tilted his head, scoffing. "Afraid to dent your pretty little face?" the Hyuran male spoke, a lax confidence about his features.

Castiel sighed, looking up to the darker male with a similar scowl.
"You forgetting how fast that one lass left you after what happened in that match of ours some months ago?" Half a smile began to rise on his lips, a lightness behind his voice. "I remember those nice drinks that she and I had on that night. And I definitely remember-

"Alright, alright," Harper seemed to admit defeat over the reminder, his imposing structure defusing into a wave from his hand and the onset of laughter. A closer friend to Castiel, he had been embroiled in a highly-publicized rivalry with the larger male many fortnights before, until his victory on the Bloodsands earned the fellowship of the Ala Mhigan. "Can't have you catnapping 'fore the match, an' you go straight fer the throat!"

Their conversation had persisted even throughout the ruckus of the Quicksands that occurred behind him. Castiel pounded his armored hand against his chestplate, wearing a smug grin with glee.
"What can I say? Ain't the Phantom Pace for nothin'!" he nodded with exaggerated swagger, much to the chagrin of his friend. "Yea, an' I'magine you finished just as quick with Ursula than ya did our duel."

"Poppycock," Castiel brushed off Harper's rebuttal, turning to watch the ragtag brawling that continued on. Always the same dream... His mind retreated into deeper thought, cupping his chin on the palm of the gauntlet. Yet, it's never in my body, in my shoes. It's always someone else; why? "Whaddaya want, anyway? Can't be bothered to have a drink with these whoresons pissin' over themselves."

Castiel turned his head as Harper stepped beside him, watching the Ala Mhigan speak. "Like I said, ya should stay focused. Today's matchups aren't gonna be a joke this time, I hear."

"That's what they always say," he interjected over the raucous music, drawing a sigh. "Always underestimatin' me like they did back then, but I-"

Turning his back to the undying brawl had been a folly as Castiel found himself struck with a chair, having been thrown hard enough to break upon impact with the back of his head and his armor. While his Ala Mhigan associate and some other patrons went to his aid, the young man wrestled himself from his large friend's grasp as he felt a pitch in his temper.

"Alright, ye dumb cunts! his shout brought the commotion to a pause, leaping over the guard rail with anger written on his expression. Castiel drew his sword, provoking the incriminating brawlers as he pointed his blade at them. The crowd seemed to die down from all of the fighting, with some realizing who the overseer was. "I don't mind a 'lil warm up before the tournament, folks! I could carve all o' you like a dodo for dinner!"
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Somehow it was possible, somehow against all odds what had been a small fight in the Quicksand had quickly become a full blown bar fight involving several people. It seems that there had been several steps that furthered the violence, one of such seemed to have been a magic user conjuring a gust of wind. No matter how well meaning they were that single action seemed to anger people even more and through a series of seemingly barely related events, involved a few other people who were a bit more keen on using more than their fists.

Spud had to drag Cocoa out of the Quicksand, she was no stranger to violence against peers, but such needless violence started through such a small event was not exactly something she stood for. Spud was used to the events in bars by this point, and could not care less what happened to the brainless within who seemed to go out of their way to find a reason to kill one another.

" I mean cmon! How did it start? Lemme guess somebody bumps into somebody? It's dumb! If you want to fight somebody take it outside and fight like a real warrior! Don't start thing in the middle of a bar and ruin perfectly good booze and food! "

" I've gotten used to it, and you should too Cocoa, you can't go around trying to force your point of view on people all the time, even if you are a bit right. Besides, dumb people tend to get angry and violent if you use too many words, or if you tell them they are wrong...
really dumb people tend to be really easily angered to be honest. "

They stayed outside having already bought a pair of drinks. They kept close to the quicksand, just in case the fight ended quickly and mostly because Cocoa wanted to be close by when it all ended and she could at least heal any major injuries and make sure to tell everyone involved how dumb they had been.
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Fae Luhenuet

Despite the fists and furniture flying all around him, Fae continued to strum his lute, his eyes dancing across the brawl without a care in the world. A small grin tugged at his lips as he artfully weaved in and out of the chaos, never once missing a note despite his exaggerated movements. Part of him knew that he was likely only exacerbating the fight with his antics, but it was simply too difficult for the imp to pass up an opportunity to test his reflexes. After all, one misstep and his pretty face could end up terribly worse for wear.

For some reason, that thought caused his little grin to widen to a full blown smile.

A small gale tore through the crowd, causing even Fae to pause after nearly losing his footing from its sheer force. There was a beautiful moment where time seemed to freeze in the crowd for a split second as the crowd processed the event as one. It passed all too quickly as the sound of another punch connecting rang out from somewhere and within moments the fighting was even worse than when it started. Fae could only laugh at the sheer absurdity of it all and once more began strumming along to the rhythm of the madness.

Fae’s little jig through the fighting took him clear to the other side of the table area, but before he could relax he caught sight of some movement out of the corner of his eye that caused him to quickly duck. Just in time too, as a chair went sailing carelessly over him, smashing into pieces across the nicely framed back of a Midlander. A small huff of surprise escaped the Elezean as he realized just how close he had come to redecorating his face with wood chips, but he had little time to dwell on the feeling as the enraged Midlander hopped over the railing next to him.

With a flash of steel and some rather angry words, the brunette quickly made sure everyone know just how upset he was about the current state of things. And funny enough, the mob actually seemed to care, seeing how a majority of them quieted down and slowly ceased hitting one another.

Fascination lit up Fae’s eyes, as he wondered how much of a big shot this man had to be to strike genuine fear into such a volatile crowd. Judging by his full plate armor and the stance that said he knew exactly how to use the pointy end of his sword, it seemed reasonable to assume he must be a renowned adventurer given the location. No, that didn’t seem quite right. His crude manner of speech was better suited to one of Ul’dah’s gladiators.

Fae couldn’t help but smile at his own hesitation. There was a much quicker way to get the answer he was looking for.

With the grace of an acrobat, Fae slid over to the man glaring daggers at the crowd in front of him and went to sling an arm over his angry friend’s shoulders.

“Heya bud,” Fae practically sang, his voice ringing with an amiable sincerity. “Do forgive the lads, I’m sure they didn’t mean to ruffle ya pretty feathers.”

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The Kindly, Hasty Stranger

Already in Ul'dah for a simple acquisition (barring having been lost for a while, all this sand looked the same to him), and this part of the city was chaos. He had been tracking down a thief he had witnessed liberate a coinpurse, 'Bloody right magnificent 'though dirty that was,' were Cyrus' words in his mind, taking an alternative route to not arouse suspicion. He had been running for a good few minutes. He heard commotion up ahead, which started to quiet as he elbowed the door as a breeze met him shortly after he entered. It was to his misfortune that there had been a barfight, "Brilliant." he put under tones of silent sarcasm: the one word he could find. His mind worked quick, two avenues, and he had all but hope that no one stepped in his way. "Right then, pardon, fellows! In a right rush 'ere!" Once he had his attention from bursting the door and being loud, that would get people to notice him and most to probably stop. His eyes gleamed over the crowd, seeing a certain man along his way, and what better - a certain cat. He then darted, quick as he could, and started a parlor trick - unable to keep himself from entertaining the crowd. He tapped on a fallen chair, leaping over the railing after a table. His shoe hit one part as he landed on his other foot, the momentum dictated he either got "hurt" and landed into someone, or tumbled.

And what better man to tumble into than the man from the opposite end, the one he got a good look in that tattered cloak, now in something out of place for him. "Oh, beg pardon ol' chap. Earnest mistake really, I'm jus'na hurry. S'all, last few minutes of my break." He dusted the man's tunic off after rising him up to his feet. "Trust me, it's a few rounds on me." Sure, out of place, but Cyrus gave him a grin, patting his shoulder as he nodded, but only a grin the other man would understand - a grin that a code among thieves would be kept under Cyrus' word. Nonetheless, Cyrus took his own gil out of his pocket and gave him worth a round, winking. He then made sure everything was alright, thirty seconds, and the man looked back - bewildered that he'd been targeted by his own kind so quickly. Hook, line, sinker. Cyrus had the coinpurse in his possession through simple sleight of hand while dusting the man off, he turned around as he trusted the man to keep his word. Otherwise, Cyrus would start a brawl, or worse: get the Blades involved. He slipped a low-ranking Rogues' insignia on his breast pocket for him to see and sunk it down. Although Lominsan and no jurisdiction here, Cyrus had affirmed to him with that grin that he's letting him off easy. Giving him a few drinks to think it over and promising not to turn him in, he had effective blackmail as a sharp-eyed witness. He then strode over to the Miqo'te, the one with the purple hair, sitting next to her if he could. He would be ready to dodge what went around him in reflex, having now entered soft focus. Like an eel, he slipped past patrons, rowdy or otherwise and he would take his seat.

His voice hushed, trying to be gentle, unsure if her ears would pick up. " 'scuse me miss. Might I ask f'a moment of y'time? Y'look like y'need some lightin' up.." He opened up his surcoat as he looked to the man as a friendly warning: 'Act like none happened and I'll be sure not to buddy up with this lass and put ya in like a cap'n does the ol' wenchmaid if he's in need of relief, but it won't be as any bit fun as it sounds, oh no, it's a punishment, rough only second to the Seventh Hell, friend! A bloody right brayin' t'would be, we'll threp ya, twat.' He then placed the coinpurse to the cat-like girl while still appearing to straighten his collar to the rest of the crowd. Cat with a purple mane - odd as it is to him. "Judgin' from the make and the timing, this looks like your own, but it ain' all of it. Don't fret, I did recover what I can." He then tapped the bar thrice, paying in advance, his voice going back to normal like he wasn't chatting. "If it's not much trouble, sometin' ligh' and subtle, just need something to keep me in a good mood when I get back home when the order's ready for an old friend.". Whether or not his intimidation would work on the man was up to him, although Cyrus did give him his warning.

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Interacting with: Castiel [@Solace], Fae [@Sarcelle Renard], Cyrus [@BlackDragonSol]

Zephyr's burst of wind did well to silence. At least, L'aruh thought so. The woman's ears flattened against her head as the Quicksand slowly cleared out, watching as most people involved in the quarrel had had their fill. Chairs and tables had been knocked over, both in the light gale and the past fight. Her Carbuncle padded back over to her, its tiny paws clicking against the hardened floor. At least it passed... and the guy with the sword didn't have the chance to cleave someone in half. She was tired and weary from the day already, and the celebrations still hadn't started up. Seven hells, she didn't even know how she was going to get her money back. She was sure the person who ran the Quicksand didn't even want to help her at this point. Her eyes watched as a Lalafell emerged from behind the desk, grumbling and cursing as she pushed a table back up onto its feet. Sighing, L'aruh forced herself to relax, her eyes roaming towards the upset Hyur and the Elezen standing next to him. What kind of idiot just decides to unsheathe a monster of a weapon..?

Someone approached her. It was a blonde Hyur, and he was holding something familiar in his hands. "My coinpurse!" L'aruh reached out and took it. Zephyr let out a little sound of appeasement. "Thank the gods, I thought I went broke. Where did you even find it? There's so many people in Ul'dah, I can't imagine how you found out who stole it..."

L'aruh hadn't noticed the man glaring at the back of Cyrus' head. Perhaps it was because like he left like everyone else after a few moments of frustration.

"Don't worry, I'll buy you your drink. Even though I got some of my money back, it ain't gonna help me with my situation, still," she deflated for a moment. "So might as well pay you back. You two, too," L'aruh turned towards Castiel and Fae. They look like they had a rough time, too. Even though the Hyur still had his weapon drawn. "Come, now. I think we all need to settle down and take a breather. Isn't there some sort of celebration today? Then we gotta end this ruckus on a high-note!"
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