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Jess Goldman

Collaboration between : @Unknown100 & @The Abyss

Jess kept to the shadows when she heard breathing. Not quite the sounds of a ‘Walker’ (as ManHunter had nicknamed them), but maybe something worse.
The man who had kept her tied up for endless days must have brought all his scouting parties to find her. And the fact that those people might dominate the population in this particular area wasn’t much of a stretch. Sure, it was possible that this was nothing more than one of Alex’ people. But then why were they sneaking?
A careful Jess reached up and freed herself from the strap attached to the sheath. In the leather cover was her sword. Carrying the weapon by hand, she had one grip on the sheath and the other on the Nodachi's handle.
Distant whispers were heard and then the breathing lowered.
She rounded a few shelves, that had been cleaned out, and placed herself on the opposite side of the breathing. Only a low cover separated her and whoever was on the other side. She sneaked closer and got ready.

Chris’s eye’s darted unceremoniously in every direction as he secured, at least in his mind, the portions of store they had traversed so far. They were moving into the interior now, leaving the safety of the more open area behind, so he was paying very close attention. It wasn’t really a stretch at this moment that Chris had not been in this situation before. Enemy territory, dark, not much knowledge of the area or the obstacles it possessed. On top of that, protection detail, thoughts flooded his mind as to the tactics one might use in this situation. The most obvious one to rule out was a frontal assault, he did not consider himself a badass or the scariest of people, but given his size and disposition.. A head on attack is not usually the first route for most. Given what he knew of their supposed adversary, which wasn’t much, they did not look all the big from the glimpse he caught when they entered the store.
Then again who was to say that was the only one in here? Surprise attack, those words kept going through his mind. Anyone with half a brain would go for Norman first, he was big but he was also overweight, Chris would go after him too to get an upper hand. As the brothers both came beside one of the many empty shelves, Chris would stop as he looked around silently, listening. It was low, very low, but he could hear it. There was breathing, beyond Norman’s, most people probably wouldn’t notice if you were not paying close attention. Chris grunted lowly as he would continue to move forward, he was almost certain they were close by, waiting in the shadows, looking for opportunity. He took his finger from the side of the gun and placed it over the trigger of his beretta and prepared to fire. Guessing would get him nowhere, the enemy was going to reveal themselves eventually and when they did he would be more than ready. If they thought they could sneak up like a thief in the night he would show them otherwise.

Still in a crouched position, Jess peeked out from around the corner and saw the cold darkness of the barrel of a gun.
She blinked, looked up and was met with a professional calmness.
This guy was the exact breed that ManHunter preferred. A warrior. He gestured for her to step forward and she complied and stood up. The pistol persistently followed her forehead all the way. Whoever this man was, he did not shake, not even slightly, while he none-verbally communicated that she should drop her sword.
Again, she did as she was told and proceeded by raising her arms up in the air. “I’m not armed,” she mimed. Only now did she notice the other man. Big, was the nicest word for a guy like him.
Why would the giant cannibal welcome a man like that into his fold? Never mind.
Jess’ confusion was hid behind a mask of fake recognition. “It’s you…” she whispered and did her best to act, as if she knew the plus sized guy.
Confusion seemed to overwhelm both men and just as the front guy turned his head, Jess made her move: In one fluid movement she jumped into the armed man’s face. One hand directing his gun, one slamming the side of his head. The firearm dropped, and she delivered a right and left cross that unfortunately did not do the damage she had imagined. Instantly she jumped back from his seemingly unshakable iron jaw.

The belief in fate was a big cornerstone in Jess’ meditation. Maybe a fight like this had been what she really had been training for. Not MMA. Not UFC. Not any of that other pretend. Maybe some kind of force had prepared a fairly peaceful woman for the apocalypse. Prepared her to survive a real fight. How to move, dodge, punch and keep her energy up.

While the opponent’s defense got up (and reflected more experience than she would have hoped for), she slipped into her stance. Then she fired up some of that coordinated footwork, she had spent months perfecting. Determined to not let the heavy opponent control the fight, she danced around, as much as the rows allowed her, and started to rain down series of jabs.

A woman, a younger woman at that, Chris was a little taken aback when he located the one who had been stalking them. It had not been exactly what he was expecting, hell it was the farthest from. He had expected someone bigger, perhaps more intimidating, but a skinny blonde wasn’t exactly on the list. Still, that sword she was cradling told him that she was definitely not as defenseless as he would have wanted to believe. Chris would motion for her to drop it, she would comply willingly as she would raise her hands and claim she was not armed. What happened next was a fury of fast movement mixed with three strong blows most of which had stricken his jaw. Chris would spit a little blood out to the floor as he glared clearly agitated now, not from the blows as much as the fact that he fell for that bullshit feint she used to get him to take his eyes off of her so she could disarm him.

She was fast, very fast and her blows were remarkably sharp, although she definitely did not have much stopping power. This was no normal woman, she had experience with fighting, something of which was supported when she took a fighting stance and began to hop around like a boxer in a ring. It did not take her long before she would move around him, she would start to throw jabs in quick succession. Chris would attempt to block the jabs, but the woman was much faster than he was and a good majority made it through. Again though she did not possess enough strength to seriously harm him, but nonetheless when you get hit three times in the same place it hurts.

Chris agitated quickly grabbed at a nearby shelf and ripped it bodily from the stand and swung it hard for the woman's head. She dodged it quickly, changing the directory of the shelf he slammed it down in front of him and drove off the quick footed woman, she quickly regrouped at a distance regaining her stance. ”Norman, get back now. Move.” Chris was very direct, Norman compiled immediately as he quickly fled away from the scene, Chris would ensure that the woman did not try to pursue him as he blocked the path. Once Norman was at a safe distance Chris finally had his full attention on the woman.

Now that Norman was safely away he could concentrate on her, he would admit she took him by surprise with her ability to fight but no more. She wanted a fight than he would give her one. This time he was prepared for her and the outcome would be a bit different. Her footwork was the real issue, if he could take her off balance than she would fall. Chris would put his hands back up setting aside the now dented metal shelf. ”Round 2” Chris went for her this time, he moved forward down the isle quickly, he rounded on her with a solid jab, she dodged it easy enough and gave him a quick shot to his stomach, with his opposite hand he tried to punch her again, she dodged and got two quick jabs in.

He needed one good hit on her, she could punch him all she wanted, but he was positive if he could get one solid blow she would be done. In his third shot he tried a hook shot which she would duck however the angle would drive her towards the shelving, the aisle had become smaller now and with his size she had no way around him. Bringing his leg up in an arc he brought it down for her head, she quickly pushed away from the shelving seconds before the heel of his boot crashed into the shelving. The shelving would buckle from the blow as he brought his foot back to the ground and continued his assault. He started his own set of combination attacks, he wouldn’t give her a chance to breath.

The movement of the larger opponent felt stiff, yet efficiently allowed him to dominate the fight by forcing Jess from side to side. Again and again, she slammed her shoulder into something, just to escape something worse.
Jess was losing the rhythm in her knees when she wasn’t allowed to commit to just one tactic. Her elbows stayed tight and her hands were up, when a hook brought a thunderstorm to her inner ear. Even through her defense it rocked her like that one Queen song. She felt the airstream from a second attack pass right by her nose.
Shit, shit, shit! she thought and threw herself backwards. That little bit of distance was all she needed, and in the final second she rearranged her posture. Her weight was centered in the balls of her feet and she threw a low kick at his shin.
That’s right, Mr. wifebeater, I’m dangerous from a distance too.

Submissions would not work on a guy this size. Not when Jess had spent this long without training. There was only one chance: slow him down and bring him down the old fashion way. Capitalize on his attacks and let him move into position where he was exposed.

Jess was able to connect again yet missed with the third cut kick. Another punch hit her defense and sent her arm slamming into her own face. The larger opponent brushed against her cheek with a left cross which pushed her further back.
Only now did she realize how long and narrow the passage had become. Aisles trapped her and decreased her possibilities at landing that one perfect strike against his kneecap that would hand her the victory.
Hell, maybe one won’t be enough.
She slipped her head, and through a sequence of quick evades, she got a few jabs in. Then mixed it up with a knee to his quadricep. Maybe the man got a little slower, but so did Jess. Without a proper meal her reserves were emptying fast.
That’s when she felt it. A wall at her back. No bell would sound to save her when she was against the ropes. The air was inadequate and tasted like death. The surrounding caved in.

A huffing and puffing Jess felt time slow down. She saw the guy close in, taking that final step towards her. She moved forward and did a surgical strike against the leg he rested on.

The strikes were mutual in their own respects, Jess had managed to connect with her last ditch attack to Chris’s leg but it wasn’t enough to stop the punch. It had however done enough, the hit was enough to force Chris to lose some of the power in his punch. It would connect to Jess’s jaw, even weakened though, the strength in it was enough to knock her back and into the wall. Chris’s breath was a bit uneven now, his own hunger was taking its affects now, but he shook it off the best he could as he approached Jess whom was still reeling from the punch. Chris reached forward and grabbed her by the collar of her coat and pulled her up almost effortlessly. The woman would try to kick out at him but it was fruitless, the shot to the jaw had knocked the fight out of her.

”I have never meant a woman who could fight like you, I consider myself pretty good but you, your on another level, but it's over now. I should kill you, it's probably no less than what you were going to do to me and my brother with the sword of yours. But it's your lucky day, I am not a monster, not yet anyways. I can’t have you try and follow us so this is good night for now. For what it's worth, you fight better than most men could dream to.” Chris raised his fist to knock Jess out completely. He drove his fist forward but everything would just freeze and stop for him when he heard the scream come from the distance within the store, his fist an inch from her face.

Chris!!! HELP ME!!” Chris’s whole demeanor would change, the solid unphased man from before would suddenly be filled with obvious panic as he dropped Jess to the ground and quickly ran in the opposite direction. He had forgotten about Norman, how could he be that damn stupid?!? He got carried away with that fight, Chris exploded out of the aisle and back into the open area of the store. It didn’t take him long to find Norman, his brother was a short distance away behind one of the counters with a walker making its way towards him. Chris swore furiously too himself as he quickly spotted his gun and ran towards it, it was sudden, like a lightning strike. Chris’s leg suddenly locked up as his muscles all contracted at the same time driving electrical like impulses all the way through his leg and up his side.

”No! Not now! Not now! Chris was furiously slamming his fist into his leg on the ground as the walker kept advancing on Norman. ”The bat Norman, use the bat, hit in the head, kill it!!!!” Chris yelled at Norman to take down the walker knowing full well his brother wouldn’t and couldn’t do it. ”I can’t!” Norman yelled it back as he was weeping in the corner the bat in his hands shaking. Chris gritted his teeth as he nearly yelled in pain as he pulled himself up from the floor, he had to get his damn gun. Damn it all, that woman's kick must have set off his old war injury, it was bad this time. ”I am coming Norman! Hold on!” Chris was becoming desperate as he tried to reach his gun, he wasn’t gonna make it!

Jess ran past Chris (apparently that was his name) and their eyes connected for a second. Whoever he was, he had not come to hurt her. Under different circumstances his smoldering looks might even register as attractive, at least to her.

Truth be told, her first instinct had been to get Kiley and get the hell out of there. Norman’s scream only registered the moment after, and the pieces had started to come together.

She remembered where she had disarmed Chris and grabbed the gun without slowing down. Then she aimed it back up to the blurry mess, she had to assume was a Walker, and pulled the trigger.
Nothing happened. Jess cursed her poor eyesight.
The walking, indistinct figure drew closer to the sobbing one.
Squeezed the trigger, don’t pull, had someone said in a crime drama on Tv.
She tried to focus on the not-even-that-distant target and squeezed.
Something certainly happened, and it changed direction. From its mouth came a sound like someone had ripped the throat from a woman and somehow, she was still capable of snoring.
A shaking came over Jess which compromised her aim. She wanted to move backwards, but her legs didn’t listen. All the efforts and punishment she had endured hit her. And all she could do was stand there and watch the rotten corpse step forward.
Calm down, let it… dammit, let it get closer. Th-Then... she mumbled and saw its lines sharpen. Its rotten features get into focus. The stench of decay arrived before it did. A nauseating odor. Then it became quite clear.
Jess fired 3 shots and ripped through better parts of its head.
The thing went down and suddenly her legs listened to her, and she went over and emptied the final bullets into its twisted expression.
The sound of a few additional clicks followed before Jess stopped. Her heart was pounding, her skin glimmered and she sought some support from a shelf with pink, plastic dolls. There she stayed, hardly even registered Norman glaring at her. She just tried to get her breathing under control.
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@CaptainSully I apologize for giving you essentially nothing to respond to! This should give you more to go off of:

It was Leo's lucky day. Tucked into the pocket of a pair of legs (no torso to be seen) was a keycard. When he enters, there is no movement in the small loading area, nor down the long concrete hallway, but he can definitely hear something- or someone- moving around up ahead.
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When she first got through the window Brooklyn could hear conversation. Real, live people having a conversation; no sign of the dead. The closer to the end of the hall she gets, the clearer the voices become.
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I love you and I hate you and I'm losing my mind. You tell me all the time that this will pass and that I'm gonna be fine.

After making her way through the window, Brooklyn congratulated herself at the job well done. She had made little to no noise and did not get cut up in the process. Suddenly, the chatter of other's caused her to dip down behind a pillar. She pulled the sleeve of her hooded sweatshirt up to her mouth to mask her breathing. The last thing she needed was to be caught by bandits or worse. She listened for a moment, and could not make out the words.

Scuttling across the floor, Brooklyn made her way down the hall, where the voices could be heard more and more clear. Before she knew it, she could be within ear shot as she positioned herself behind an overturned garbage can. "Why am I doing this?" she questioned herself in a harsh whisper. It was quickly then she decided she needed to keep going, she had made promises to herself earlier that she would just get in and get out.

Extending her legs to stand straight, she ran past the open doorway in which she heard the voices coming from.
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Edging along the outer area of the grocery store, Alex was looking for a safe spot to leave Sadie and Micky. If he had truly split off from those two then he knew his mind would be constantly be worrying and he wouldn't be able to focus. "Alex, the two of us are fine. Go scavenge or whatever." Alex looked behind him giving his sister a sideways glare. He looked back in front of him seemingly searching for something. He began lightly tapping on something nearby with his katana sheath. It didn't take long for a lurker to round the corner ahead of the trio. Alex stopped and then stepped aside waving his hand at the walking corpse while looking right at Sadie. The teen took an arrow from her quiver nocking it. She drew the bow but never released. Alex waited until the monster got close to cut it down with his katana. "Until you get over your fear of shooting a Lurker I can't just leave you alone. Come on."

After that 'lesson' the trio kept moving and Alex continued looking for anything worthwhile. He saw a few rotting vegetables. Not very many but he reached down and grabbed a rotten tomato. The vegetable itself was done for but maybe they could find a way to plant the seeds. If that would even work. Suddenly, in the direction of the exit to the outside, Alex heard yelling. Not sure what it was he motioned for Sadie and Micky to follow slowly. The stealth approach was thrown out the window though at the sound of gunshots. Fear started to kick in and Alex started worrying about where Kiley was. Lacking his better judgment he lifted Micky onto his back and bolted into the direction of the noise with Sadie following right behind. As he neared the location he slowed down so as to not attract any more attention than his sprinting had already likely given him. He quickly took in the scene before him. Two new people and Jess were the only living he saw.

Thankfully, Kiley showed up not long after he did. The young man quickly tried to focus. Loud noises were dangerous. They brought Lurkers. They had to move. "Kiley! Come grab Micky. We need to move NOW!" Alex rushed over to Jess. He did his best to grab her attention motioning that they had to go. Growling could be heard coming from multiple directions. Alex looked to the two new people and saw that they didn't really appear all that dangerous, right now at least. Conflict rose up inside him until Kiley called out, "We can't leave them. Come on there is a door in the back. We can hide them there." With that nudge Alex decided to at least try and help these guys. He ran to the one laying on the ground extending his hand.
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Chris was beside himself in that moment, everything had just went to shit and he damn well knew it. Was he relieved that Norman just got saved, yes he was, more than he could express. But at the same time he was pissed all to hell that this woman had been dumb enough to fire seven shots, she was out of her damn mind because now every walker in hearing range was on their way to eat them alive. He was a mix between grateful and wanting to strangle her by the throat. Chris slapped the mans hand away from him as he looked up at Norman who was cowering still nearby. "I don't need your help! Norman my bag! Hurry!" Chris growled at the man as he drew his attention to his brother, Norman who with a new sense of purpose or maybe a new sense of doom quickly ran over and grabbed the black pack from the ground and quickly tossed it to Chris whom caught it unzipping it. Chris was breathing hard as pain was still shooting up and down his leg, every pulse was a new level in agony as he was finally able to find what he was looking for. He pulled out a small syringe from the bag, grabbing the cap with his teeth he yanked it off and slammed the needle directly into his thigh as he injected himself with the clear liquid. The relief was immediate as the muscles in his leg relaxed themselves allowing him to get to his feet, his leg was still in pain but that he could manage.

With his new footing he made his way to Jess and grabbed his gun which was sitting next to her hand on the shelf. God damn it, Chris was swearing in his head as he ejected the spent clip, placing it in his jacket pocket he pulled out a loaded clip and pushed it in as the barrel clicked forward. He pulled it back loading the bullets in as he grabbed at his waist removing the large blade from the black sheath. He had no intention of hiding in this mall with these... people... while the flesh eaters swarmed, he would fight his way out if necessary. "Lets go Norman, were getting the hell out of here, right now." Chris made the remark, which came as more of a command, something of which was normal when Chris lost his temper. "Chris.. maybe we should help them..?" Normans voice was low as he gave the suggestion, "She did save me after all..." Chris turned to Norman who was looking down at the ground in that pitiful way only he can muster.

"She was also the one who kicked me in my damn leg and than made a shit ton of noise you idiot!" Chris hissed at Norman, this whole situation was a mess. Chris sighed and let out a deep breath as he would calm himself, if he liked it or not he did not know just how many of them things were coming, if he charged out there he could very well be signing both of their death warrants. He did not want to stay with this people, he didn't trust them or did he want to risk them doing something even more stupid and getting them killed. But what choice did he have? There was no time to dwell on it, he could hear them, they were coming and they had to do something now lest they took their last stand here and hoped it was something they could handle. "Fine... but if we get out of here I am gonna break that bat over your fat head." Chris looked begrudgingly at the man who had offered to help him, "Did you have plan in mind?"


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Through the hardship of fighting and killing Jess assessed the situation. In some way Chris’ frustration was worse than having a gun pointed at her. A part of her wanted to explain to him that she really wasn’t fricken Rambo. That she didn’t wish to hurt him or his brother, and that she just got scared.
Jess swung the Nodachi onto her back and secured it with the strap, with as much self-confidence as she could muster. She then proceeded to grab Alex’ sleeve. “Where are we going? We can’t go into the streets. There’s something worse out there, remember? And there’s food here. A lot, I think.”

@The Abyss @alexfangtalon
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"What was that?"

Taeyeon was surprised at the loud sounds that came in the store she was in, it was like those people or if they were not people and were like sentient soda cans were not in a zombie filled world. With the loud yelling and screaming, Taeyeon wasn't expecting it and jumped from where she was, making a thud as her head hit one of the empty shelves. Surprisingly it was quite loud as well and would probably signal the people (or sentient soda cans) that she exists with everyone in the store and that won't bode well for her since they might kill her on sight.

Annoyed and a little concussed from her head banging epidemic, she moved over to a different shelf and hid behind that instead as she held the top of her head and tried her absolute hardest not to make any noises from the pain she was feeling, it hurt so bad she was tearing up a little and that was completely unlike her.

She kept rubbing her forehead as she muttered Korean curse words just to express herself a little bit. "If Jimin saw that he'd think I was an idiot... No, being called an idiot it probably correct." She whispered to herself as she held her ground making sure that she can defend herself to anyone that might even get a little close.
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The shots had not gone unnoticed. The entrance way to Sears is full of Walkers. From her hiding place, Taeyeon can see them passing by the windows. The dead are flocking to the mall.

Fortunately, the airlock style entrance means they are locked outside... for now.

Over in the food court, Sam and Jorel see movement in the back hallways.


A note sounds from the service area of the mall.
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It had only been a few minutes, and already Sam was rather amused by her new companion.

Then again, who wouldn't be? Not only had he eaten up her tale of woe - though to be fair, she hadn't lied about it - but he was so literal! Maybe he just didn't get American phrases? That seemed more likely, if less humerous.

Still, here she was creeping around the dark, creepy mall with the weird bing-bongs and an Australian stray. All in all, she's been in worse positions - at least he had the sense to keep an eye on her. Sam followed easily behind Jorel, schooling her expression into seriousness, even if the slight twitch of her lips gave her away. She was so excited to be with people again!

Plural, possibly, considering the movement out of the corner of her eye.

Sam's fingers twitched against the warmed stock of her rifle, the slight smile never leaving her face as she tilted her head just slightly to try and keep both people in sight. Rather, person and possible person. There were only three possible reasons for a shadow darting around.

One, a particularly subtle corpsewalker.

Two, Jorel the puppy had fangs and was leading her into an ambush.

Three, they had even more company.

For a brief moment, Sam entertained putting a bullet into Jorel's back and getting out of dodge just in case. Yet...

"Say, I don't suppose you have friends in the mall?" The Californian put forth, jerking her head in the direction of the shadow. After all, a good lead-man for situations like that was worth his weight in ... well, not gold.

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The sheer number of rotten figures appearing took Jess’ breath away. Chilling fingers closed around her spine and fear gripped her heart. Somehow, she was both cold and sweating at the same time and for a moment her legs didn’t respond.
“Oh, god! Oh, god!” she panicked before calming herself and taking a look at the people at her side.
She followed Alex and Kiley towards the door in the back, when suddenly a smelling creature came from around the corner of a rack. Something vaguely resembling a human face sneered at her and grabbed her by the collar. Its weight and the utter surprise wrestled Jess to the ground.
It felt more like instinct than will, when she turned its grip and somehow got on top of it.
Her trainer always said her moves would come to her automatically and without her really thinking.
Her current opponent hardly cared when she broke its arm and shifted her weight and pinned its head into the floor. She signaled for Alex to continue with his sister, before firing six hooks into the back of the Walker’s head.
Only then did a realization hit Jess. She was facing an opponent that would never submit. Would never get knocked out. A monster that did not care about pain. Her approach and the elbows she sent into its skull mattered little.
She almost lost balance when the living corpse struggled, showing no signs of discomfort, and even more cadavers were closing in.
Shit, shit, shit!
Jess jumped up and did a low spinning sweep kick to a nearby threat with some of her last energy. The thing went down, but did not seem to mind that much, so she ran towards the back door, hoping that Alex had a way to lock it.

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"Korean backdash."

Taeyeon's head was still stinging a bit but nothing she could handle, she then immediately heard some glass crash and suddenly there were a whole lot of walkers by the windows entering the building. She didn't have enough bullets for this, and since those walkers would have only died if it was straight through the head she doubt she would have done much. She then had a thought, run away and risk getting seen by those people who she is now sure that is in this building, knowing well that these same people could kill her if they were not the friendly type, or get eaten by zombies. Either way, it would have both resulted in her death, so why not get killed in the hands of some people since she wouldn't want to become a walker anyway. She then got up and started to ease her way away from all of that nonsense. She then accidentally hit the shelf with the bottom of the soul of her boot and one of the shelves that had like plastic containers came off and fell on the ground making quite a racket.

"Okay no quiet, gotcha." she muttered under her breath followed by Korean and English curse words. A walker immediately turned to her direction and started walking towards her. Two quiet shots, but the shots being quiet wouldn't be much since she was going to make a break for it. As soon as the walker hit the floor, she ran straight towards the back door, dodging walkers left and right jumping over a few that were on the ground. This is not what expected, but I totally should have. She thought in her head as she saw someone else run to the backdoor. That's a person, great, the one who is going to kill me. Taeyeon had speed on her side so she made it to the backdoor in no time, but was soon out of it the moment she had arrived at the other side. She swallowed her breath as she started breathing heavily and continually tried to regain her breath back as she felt her legs ache a bit since she didn't really stretch and the immediate sprint to the backdoor drained her.
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Alex tried to think quickly. If they hesitated too much then the lot of them would likely die. He looked at the ones which were questioning him. "We can't go out the front. Likely all of the Lurkers outside will be right at the exit. We have two options. Find somewhere to hide nearby waiting it out or make a run for the main section of the mall and then work our way to an exit then get to my truck, everyone here can fit." The sound of the dead was getting louder forcing the group to make a move. "We can decide on the move. LET'S GO!"

The odd group of people started rushing towards the back of the Sears. In his head, Alex didn't want to have these three people tagging along but in his heart, he was glad for other people. but this feeling wouldn't really last long if they couldn't get out of this alive. Part way through the mad dash for safety Alex turned around to see way too many Lurkers than any one person could handle as well as Jess on the ground with a Lurker. While Kiley ran past, he turned to help but she motioned for him to keep going. Probably for the best as someone needed to secure safety. As the group neared the back Alex could see a cluster of Lurkers shuffling in from the back entrance and he froze a little in place. He didn't know what to do. They were trapped. Then Kiley yelled out to him from a nearby service area. He rushed over to find her standing next to a locked shutter door. Alex attempted to brute force the door up but the darned thing barely budged. Realizing this was no time to really worry about sound he took his gun and put two shots into the outside of the lock mechanism and thankfully it popped out.

He opened the shutter and everyone there rushed in. He slammed the thing shut but with no lock there was no way to secure it. Alex saw an industrial fridge next to the door and started to try moving it himself. Looking around he saw Kiley wrapping her belt around the end of one of the chains for the door and a new person. No time to address her. They needed to close the door as best they could. "Someone help me with this. Sadie, do what Kiley is doing on the other chain!"
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Jess wasted no time on debating strength or gender roles, as she hurried over to Alex, trying to help him move the massive fridge. She got more than a few surprising looks when her thin frame actually made a real difference and the damn thing started to move.
The fridge roared louder than any Walker while the two of them dragged it across the dull linoleum floor. Using most of her remaining strength, Jess tightened just about every muscle in her thigh and pushed forward.
“Wait it out. Definitely wait it out,” Jess said to Alex. Only now had she really made up her mind.

Recent events had turned the borrowed clothing on her body rather sweaty and this certainly didn't dry it.
The nifty trick Kiley had begun, and Sadie imitated, looked to pay off. Yet through the commotion Kiley seemed to look at Jess as if she was some kind of superwoman.
Around her, people had split on whether this was a flight or fight situation.

Finally, the refrigerator was in place.
“Alright, pretty boy,” Jess moaned with on final effort, “what now?”

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