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Son of the Wind

He felt it before the others had. A shift in the air pressure, an air current most artificial. He had taken in what the boy did, smelling the change in that air as well. So in the end, the response of the scared people, under the tables, told him volumes. And probably he stood out like a sore thumb, just sitting there, cheerfully staring ahead, sticking up at the table. Unless the one who had been going around with the skeleton key got to him too, Chris would have broken free on his own, as with a simple action, during the chaos, he broke his cuffs off, the magic he'd been using having weakened the metal enough to make such doable. But he didn't quite yet begin to take part directly.

Instead, he began to move his hands, back and forth, in a strange, almost mesmerizing fashion, even as his expression grew grim, watching those who fell. It seemed to be he was prepping something, a spell of some sort. The ground shaking from the attempt at tunneling concerned him, who knew, they could be underneath lava, or water. Either would be problematic. Acid in an extreme case. And yet, as he glanced down at the still cowering prisoners, he sighed softly.

"It seems that spirit never does break for some. I hope, that even if this turns out to be in vain, you all find courage to keep you moving through your days." His words were gentle, and while it was doubtful all, if any would listen, there was a sort of...charisma to his words. The kind of energy that would inspire. It wasn't time yet, he needed more. His gaze had lifted, to focus on the "commander" the one presumably in charge. Hopefully none of the guards would come his way. Last thing he needed was for this to backfire, or have to start the incarnation over...

//This'll be a two parter, mostly because I'm still working on a thing or two.
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Nale the Fate-Seeker

Nale worked in the shadows, as was his way. The young one was certainly an impressive mage, tunneling and everything, but they wouldn't get far with that Commander on the field.

Sneaking upon the commander wasn't going to be easy. Nale needed concealment for his skill to work fully. Luckily though the furniture was thrown everywhere, along with some bodies of the guards. They offered a good cover for this sneaking mission. Getting rid of the commander would be no easy task. It required planning and speed.

The commander was distracted, taking out prisoners and giving orders to his underlings. Now if anytime was the opportunity to strike. Nale took a chain in his hands. His plan was to leap behind the commander and use the chain as a garrote. Hopefully the commander was flesh and blood and as such needed to breathe. On the other hand, if he was just another armor, perhaps he could use the chain-garrote to pull the helmet out. Of course, first Nale needed to get the chain around commander's neck.

Nale took one more step towards the commander, and with a swift move leapt behind him, trying to get the chain over commander's neck.
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The attack was, moderately successful but Pox's attack was useless against these shades, though it was enough. He became flanked at both sides by warriors whose weapons were more powerful than his little shank of ceramic. Behind him, all the prisoners broke free of their bindings and were joining the fight. It was inspiring. For a moment it felt like freedom was in their grasp.

And then, reinforcements, their captain showed up and the room became flooded with more guards. One was overwhelmed, and they lost ground in an instant. Pox had to back up, he was not a warrior, he knew his capabilities and he could only set up a screen of billous smoke to keep their vision obscured. It only bought them a few seconds before they would just come through.

They needed another idea, and they needed it quick. Someone was making a plan. He needed to give them time. He went to the table and he lifted it over, the bowls of gruel skidding across the floor on one side. It was a big heavy thick piece of wood, longer than he could grasp. He then shouted. "We need to stop their charge! We need a shield! HELP ME!" It would take a few to lift the table, and then direct them into the oncoming horde of guards. He they could hold it, their swords and shields would be useless for as long as the defenders strength could hold out.

He could only hope it was enough time they could buy.
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As soon as the fighting ended she dropped hold of the guard she was wielding. Seeing the other captives had a key to these chains she excitedly welcomed their service, loosing the chain's grip on her wrists and ankles. No longer impeding her she was quick to start peeling the gear off of a downed soldier.

Knowing her way around armor she was able to quickly strip down and promptly don a breastplate, helm, gauntlets and greaves before 'The Cav' and his reinforcements showed up. She hadn't had time to do up any of the straps and such so the greaves and breastplate did shift about but luckily neither were going to fall off at the very least.

"We'll probably die but we'll die tryin'! Am I right?!"

"Yeeaah!" Gang pumped one of the batons she had picked up off a downed guard up in the air and cheered.

"FOOORR DEEAATH!" Taking whatever it was the guy was talking about without really considering what it was even about she let out an overjoyed battlecry as she charged, making a B-line right for the gold guy. As a section of guards tried to intercept her she rammed through the first guard to attempt to strike her, her massive strength sending him flying back and knocking those following him over like bowling pins. With the path to the one who seemed to be spear heading the assault on the cafeteria cleared she charged, weapon high in the air as their clash neared.

Just as she neared him rather than go for the expected swing she lead her attack with a forward stomp kick aimed for the center of his breastplate. With the aim of stopping his advance and knocking him off balance she readied her baton to strike down upon him when the opening presented itself.
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Seeing the stone pillars erected by Ashton, the commander growled as he unsheathed his gladius and hurled it, tip-first, at Ashton's creation. The pillars shattered, revealing that the sword was no ordinary weapon. Regardless, Ashton's plan was ruined. Some four guards have broken past and tackled him to the ground and began beating on him with their boots and rods.

Nale attempted to strike at the commander from behind, intending to strangle the golden-armored with a chain. However, the commander instantly turned around and caught the chain before it could even reach his neck. His strength was undeniable when he effortlessly yanked it off Nale's hands before hitting him with it. The commander began swinging it to gain momentum for one, deadly swing at Nale. Fortunately, this gave the Fate-Seeker to get away.

Meanwhile, Gangraena charged the incoming guards and easily tossed them away. Her target was the commander in the gold armor who was busy fighting Nale. He was open to attack but the guards kept coming and they began to slow Gangraena down. And they kept on coming. And coming. And coming. Gangraena's innate strength was no longer enough and the guards had managed to halt her advance. But that did not mean she was out of the fight.

Pox attempted to use one of the mess hall tables to block the incoming wave of guards. But with no one helping him, the guards pulled the table away and closed in on Pox as well as Selphia.

You were stirred to escape and you successfully left the void that was your prison. But the moment you stepped out of it, you felt something. Something like an alarm being sounded all across the realms. You knew what that meant. You had to move.

Roaming for a while, you find yourself in a gigantic room filled with dozens, if not hundreds, of forges and smiths. You saw anvils next to each other, hammers and tools beyond count. Scorching heat emanated from the bubbling lava within the huge pots near the walls. You knew that this was one of the many forge-rooms that Kazzok used to arm his forces.

Strangely, the complex was empty, making it eerie to be there. But then, the silence was shattered.




Metal boots stomped on the stone floor. They belonged to only one owner but its presence was great. You hid behind one of the anvils and peeked to see who was the newcomer. He was a massive figure, his form towering over average men. He was clad in black, spiky armor and his helm concealed his face save for his fierce red eyes. You knew who this was: Vizcondrius, one of Kazzok's greatest champions. No doubt sent here to try and capture you.

To face him head on would only mean being sent back to your prison. You must find a way to distract him or keep him occupied so you may be able to explore your surroundings more closely.
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Ashton Andrews, the Chosen of Stories and Flame Brooks, Operator

Ashton instictively curled up to protect his face and front, crossing his forearms above his head in order to block the blows. Nevertheless, he wasn't ready for the pain as the guards hit him again and again and again.

Despite having duplicated Selphia's bloodline and powers, Ashton's body was still that of a child, and thus more vulnerable to getting hit than Selphia himself. Every attempt to start a magical counterattack was interrupted by a blow from the guards; same for any try at thinking clearly.

The boy would have given up then and there until he heard a voice shout, "Ashton!," as one of the four guards suddenly stopped, before turning around to swing his baton at a defiant Flame, who ducked beneath the blow as the other guards had their attention caught by the young redhead.

Regaining faith at this, Ashton stretched out his hand, blasting one more guard away with a burst of wind, before using three small blasts of Light to directly target the beings of darkness inside the remaining armor-guards. As the golden suits collapsed, the boy got up, breathing hard and saying, "Nice save, Flame."

Flame gave him a thumbs up, just before he whirled around and parried another guard's blows; more had gotten through their allies. Ashton, already feeling the effects of 'Rune intoxication' deadening the pain he felt, began blasting more foes, using his technique of going for the dark wraiths with light-based attacks instead of just targeting their golden shells.

A glance at Selphia; the latter was busy with some kind of... Incantation? Good; Ashton can use whatever glimmer of hope appeared right now. He had to divert attention from the 'Dragon in Human Form', but broadcasting his intentions was not going to do that as the enemies' Commander seemed to be competent. Plus, he was getting groggy with the constant use and flow of 'Rune energy'.

He whispered a few words to Flame, "We need to protect the taller redhead; my plan has failed. But how -"

The other boy said to Ashton, "Can you control water, and therefore blood? Furthermore, can you use one last burst of power to release the winged woman from her wing-chains?"

Ashton nodded at both questions, pointed at River (@Veradana), and with a burst of light, blasted off the clasp on the restraints on her wings, allowing the Winged Elf to spread them wide for the first time in forever. Here was hoping she could be a distraction.

Flame then looked at Lashiel (@Eisenhorn) and shouted, "Lady with the burning blood! Come to us; we have a way to improvise a long-range attack and blast the enemy with it, but it needs your help!"

Should the 'Lady with the burning blood' come over to them, Flame will say, "All right, here's what we're going to do; Burning Blood lady will bleed herself and Ashton will use water magic in order to lift, then acccelerate the large drops of blood faster than the speed of sound. We will then hit the Guard Commander as much as we can - if we can get his attention, we can do what we need to win!"

This plan relied on Lashiel actually listening, actually being there. If she wasn't, then Flame would command Ashton to rest because the latter was clearly wearing himself down by using too much magic.
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