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Welcome to TAP! We are so delighted that you have decided to take that first step to discover your life partner. And it is our calling to help. Please stop by one of our offices anytime to complete the following:

Unfortunately, we do have to start out with the paperwork. Just the usual things – insurance, liability waivers, and profiles. Once this is done, we will have you fill out a little questionnaire to help us begin to set you up with your perfect match.

The questionnaire is done in a comfortable, small, and private room where you will enter information into a state-of-the-art computer. Everything is kept between us and don’t worry. There are no wrong answers! Just put in whatever you feel. Our experienced team will do the rest!

The next step is collecting bio samples. Our trained nursing staff will be getting swabs, blood, hair, the works! This gives us a look into genetics and hormones to ensure a long-lasting relationship. And to also ensure that any children borne of the coupling are healthy, happy little babies!

Now you may collect your watch. In addition to recording heartrate, sleep, and steps it also gathers information for us to help couples in the future obtain their lifelong partners. Now that you have completed all of the steps, an invitation will be sent out to you with the date for our formal gathering in a few months.

Thank you and we look forward to your future lives together.
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A few months after the sample collection you receive a beautiful invitation to the TAP dinner party. Along with it comes an RSVP card that has pre-postage to be sent back and your choice of chicken, fish, or vegetarian dinner. Lastly, there is a one-way plane ticket to get you to New York City and directions for a shuttle to take you to The Plaza.

Welcome! We are so happy to be hosting our 23rd annual dinner event.

As you come into the Plaza hotel you are directed up an elevator to a ballroom. Outside of it are a couple of tables holding precisely folded name cards. After doing some searching you find your card and on it is a table and seat number. Your first goal may be to immediately find your table and set up base camp. Or, you can look around the extravagant ballroom filled with gold and blue decorations. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling, there is a good open space on the floor before the stage for dancing, and the stage holds several music stands which indicate the band will be live and likely orchestral.

There is an open bar at both sides of the room to allow the great number of people to order drinks and perhaps socialize even with those, not at their tables. It is easier to notice some of the shyer people who have attended as they sit at their tables, though the bolder have gone to get a drink. For now, it is a free for all, people coming and going and doing as they please. At 4:30 the band arrives and plays a delightful mixture of classical music as well as orchestral versions of modern songs.

At 5:45 an announcement is made. “In fifteen minutes your dinner will be served. Please be sure to be seated at your appropriate table. Once 6:00 pm hits our head honcho and CEO will make an announcement.”

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Location: Ballroom at the Plaza
Interactions: Random Ball Goers

The plane flight was exhilarating and exhausting. She couldn't remember having flown before and there were so many rules to follow. None the less she made it to New York around ten am and then shuttled over to The Plaza. It was grander than she had ever imagined and the room she was given was like a tiny castle. A large bed, magnificent view, and there was even a hot tub! She took the time to relax in it before getting ready for dinner. It did nothing to ease the guilt of leaving her cats for so long. Noemi would have the petsitter sending her pictures of them at least once a day while she was gone.

Noemi wore light make-up with the bkue eye shadow and soft red lipstick being the most outstanding things on her face. Her curls were left loose and a flower crown was placed on her head. She had decided to play a bit of a joke with her clothing. She word a bohemian style dress of black and floral print. The sleeves were a ridiculously large, belled style and the dress cut just above her knees in the front and to the floor in the back. It was low cut, hinting at what little bust the young woman possessed. She had decided upon knee high, laced up black boots and fishnet stockings. To finish the look she had a black tie hanging loosely about her throat. Noemi gave herself the once over in the mirror to ensure she looked as stunning as she possibly could.

She made her way down with the elevator to the directed floor and found a series of tables with little name cards upon them. Curiously she looked through them to see if she recognized any names. Oh! Leon Walsh. He was a famous actor wasn't he? What was he doing here to get a date? Finally she found her own name card and went to her table. No one else had arrived yet so she left it at her seat before making her way to the bar. She ordered a simple vodka and cranberry. The bartender made it with a copious amount of alcohol and just a smidge of cranberry. Noemi laughed and winked at the woman. "Trying to get me drunk huh?" The woman smirked back and playfully responded, "That is the plan."

She spent a few more minutes chatting with the bartender before others joined in the conversation. It wasn't long until she had gathered a small group of people around her. They were full of smiles and excitement just as she was. She had them sharing anecdotes and life stories. Since her childhood, she had been quite good at speaking with and getting to know people. Sometimes they shared just a bit too much, which she found to be delightful.
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Plaza Ballroom
4:00 PM

Interaction: Noemi Wayward @eclecticwitch (not exactly full on interaction though)

"Seriously, Ethan. A Sabbatical? Right in the middle of your busy season? Tell me you're kidding," Lee's manager, Chloe, said in an incredulous voice. Being on the phone with an actor who suddenly decided to up and go wherever he wanted was not something she was prepared to deal with.

"Sabbatical," Lee confirmed into his phone. "Seriously. I've been working my ass off for years. Don't you think I deserve a break once in a while?"

"Of course, you deserve some you time but at least you could've told me maybe a month earlier? You have a full schedule well into next year. How am I supposed to tell them that our dear Ethan Walsh just suddenly disappeared into thin air like some sort of apparition?" Chloe sighed. "Where are you?"

"Somewhere hopefully fun. Don't worry too much. Just tell everyone I had some sort of breakdown and I needed to take time off for a breather. I don't know. Be creative. I'm not gonna be staying away too long anyway," Lee replied.

"I swear, Lee. If you weren't like a son to me, I'd quit and leave you to deal with all of this... this..." the older woman complained.

"Love you too, Chloe. Thanks. I'll bring you home a gift," Lee grinned, knowing full well that Chloe would handle the situation.

"You'd better," she grumbled. "Please stay out of trouble," she reminded before finally saying goodbye and ending the call.

"How much trouble can I get into?" Lee chuckled as he pulled on a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap before stepping out of the car and into The Plaza. It was two hours before the big event, just enough time to get settled in and make himself presentable. The Aristophane Project promised to pair him with his life partner. He was a little skeptical about it but hey, why the hell not? It wasn't hard to make the decision to go for it. If it didn't work out, then he'd just walk away and back to his usual routine. If there was indeed someone there for him then, he'd have someone. Either way, it was a vacation and he had all intentions of enjoying it.

As planned, it didn't take long for the actor to get settled in, refreshed and dressed in a gray suit and black tie. He made his way down into the ballroom and made a quick scan of the tables. He found his name easily enough. Making sure he remembered which table he was supposed to sit in, he headed for the bar. He wasn't planning on getting drunk but a drink or two wouldn't hurt to get the party started. "Dry Martini, please," he asked the bartender, giving her a smile when he noticed the look of recognition on her face. He leaned back and waited for his drink, returning the smiles of all that passed him by. Several did a double take, some approached and made small talk with him. He glanced over to a small group of people crowding around a pretty woman in a Bohemian dress. Pretty. he thought before turning back to the bartender.

"Here you go, Ethan," she said with a bright smile.

"Thanks. You can just call me Lee," he replied as he took the drink. Ethan, Leon, Lee. It didn't really matter which name he was called. But he was the most relaxed with Lee, it's what his family and friends called him. And since this was a vacation and he planned on making friends, he'd ask everyone to call him that.
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x x
Miss Mills in the ballroom with the screwdriver. The drink that is.

After the sample collection had gone through, Barbara was overly excited to find the ornate invitation at her door step. She read over it several times, and placed it into a keepsake box where all her other treasures were stored. She sent back the RSVP card within the same day marking chicken as her meal of choice. She almost put fish, but figured that having a fishy breath during the course of a dating match up might lower her chances in the long run. A taxi voucher was given, which after a few transfers later eventually got her to the plaza in one piece.

Stepping out on lookers would see that she was adorned in a fur coat, the nicest clothing item that she could borrow from her mother. Underneath was an elegant floor length black dress which was probably not very age appropriate. The rhinestoned fabric was form fitting and long sleeved. It was another thing borrowed from her mother, who insisted that it would "turn heads". Barbara was not one for high heels, but she would not be caught dead in her normal working boots at the event. Those were hers, but her baby deer legs would tell otherwise. Another thing she had opted for today was not wearing her glasses. She had made sure to pack them in the black clutch she gripped in her hand, but would try to go without them as long as she could.

Striding a little slower than usual (mostly due to the heels, and not being able to see well) the young woman was escorted to the elevator and brought up to the ballroom. A little knot could be felt as the elevator lifted her higher, the doors opening to reveal the grand architecture and well thought out planning that had been put into this event. "Do I belong here?" she questioned in a hushed whisper. A man took her jacket, as she searched the table for her name and her assigned seat number. Everything was terribly blurry. Cussing under her breath, she took her glasses out of her clutch and placed them on to her face. Finding her name and number almost instantly after the improvement. She made mental note to herself for later use as she walked over to the bar where a few other participants seemed to have gathered.

Nodding to the other participants, she laughed nervously and pushed her glasses up higher onto the bridge of her nose but without missing a beat, "Hope I'm not the only one with knees shaking here." she took a seat at the bar, thankful for a rest before she ordered a screwdriver. The drink wasn't very fancy, but it sounded a lot more complicated than it really was. She took a small sip not to ruin the lipstick she had applied just hours before in the ride over. She prayed she didn't have any on her teeth, as she looked to the other participants studying their faces to try to match names with appearances once she got a hang of it.
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"Let's hope I don't screw this up!"

Location: Ballroom at The Plaza, 5:45 pm

Interaction: N/A

A few days before the party...

"Absolutely not !" Naoko exclaimed at her roommate as she eyed the dress she was holding up for her to see, "I'd rather not go !" She added as she started stomping around, her roommate, annoyed at this point stated "It's a formal event Naoko, and not to mention it is being held in the super prestigious Plaza Hotel." Naoko hated dresses, only ever wearing them when absolutely necessary, and this particular dress was the shade of pink that she ddn't like, showed off too much skin, and came with black gloves to be worn. Naoko just shook her head, with that Tiffany put it down on the her bed and sarcastically replied with, "Why don't you go in a suit like any other guy in that party." Followed by a sound that stated disgust. Naoko's face lit up, "That's not a bad idea-" Naoko replied, she then ran out of her room and started to put her shoes on while Tiffany tried to explain that she didn't actually mean that. Though Naoko had already decided, as soon as she put her shoes on she gave Tiffany a quick hug before saying "I'll see you when I get back, you're the best Tif !" She exclaimed as she ran out the door to get herself a suit.

Present day...

"Get in the car, you're gonna be late !" Tiffany yelled from the driver's seat of her navy blue BMW, "I'm coming !" Naoko yelled back, as she tapped the toe of her black high cut converse on the first step of the front door of their apartment building, after that she tied her hair into a short ponytail. Naoko wore your average black suit that was fit perfectly for her, it even came with a grey vest, her the top button of her shirt was unbuttoned, her tie was loose, and she wore a pair of black Chuck Taylors. Fancy parties were never her thing, and based on this look, that was pretty obvious. "How do I look?" Naoko asked, as she held her arms out from just outside the passenger window that was rolled down. "You look great ! Now get in !" Tiffany gestured her hands for Naoko to move quickly, and she did, she hurried along in the car, the invite in her hands, and as soon as she got in they drove towards the Plaza.

When they arrived, Tiffany stopped the car right in front of the entrance of the building, but Naoko just sat there, clenching the invite in her hand; she was nervous but excited at the same time. She turned to Tiffany, and looked at her with the most worried look Naoko could pull off, "I'm not gonna fuck this up right?" Naoko asked. Tiffany smiled, she buttoned Naoko's shirt and tightened her tie, then said "You won't, I'm sure of it." Naoko then nodded, and turned to the door; but before she could leave, Tiffany stopped her and pulled out her hair tie, "You look better with your hair down." Tiffany stated. Naoko smiled, gave Tiffany a hug and left the vehicle.

She looked up at the giant structure, swallowed her saliva and made her way in. The place was absolutely grand, the type of thing that would be only fantasied or be only seen in Disney movies. A lot of people glanced at her, well since she was a girl in a suit which would always make people have a peek. She made her way to the elevator and rode it to where the main party was, it was pretty high up but she wasn't complaining, this place looked stellar and some part of her didn't want to leave. Throughout the whole elevator ride, she stared at her invitation, memorising her number so that she wouldn't forget it the moment she got there. Though as soon as the elevator opened, and people poured out since she was at the back, the grand glow of the interior of the ballroom had already stunned her like crazy.

Naoko searched card after card looking for her place in the party, after 5 - 10 minutes of walking around this giant ballroom, she finally found her name that stood out pretty well since well, it was a Japanese surname. She let out a sigh and thought Fancy place with fancy people, it's like that episode of Spongebob. I need a drink. She thought, she removed her jacket and draped it over the chair, showing up a very fit look of a her grey vest, white long sleeved buttoned shirt, and black tie. She walked to the bar and said "Hi, yeah, Whiskey, the oldest you got. Or you know, a 35 year." Said Naoko. After her drink was served and she took that sip, she knew how different this place was compared to Brooklyn. Naoko took a sip, which was followed by her saying "くそ, それは滑らかです. (Kuso, sore wa namerakadesu.) 'Fuck, that's smooth. " After that, she only needed to get through the night and maybe talk to some people for everything to go well for her. The night is young, so a lot can happen.
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LOCATION:Ballroom at the Plaza


Residing in The Big Apple surely had its perks; for Yvonne King, the main one was the easily accessible public transportation. For a woman who'd been an owner of a New York City driver's licence since she was sixteen years old, Yvonne rarely drove her own car. She hated getting behind the wheel, and only relied on her Jeep when it was absolutely necessary. Very often, like a good portion of NYC natives, the young woman would simply walk or take the subway to and from her multiple destinations. And sometimes, much like today, she'd rely on a taxi cab driver to get her where she needed to be in a timely manner. Yvonne was thankful that the TAP dinner party was to be held in the Plaza, a hotel that she'd seen many times before but could never afford to spend a night in. This way, she wouldn't have to stress over what would have been her very first plane ride.

As soon as the cab arrived at the hotel, a man who looked to be about thirty years her senior pulled open the car door and gingerly helped her out of the backseat. It was after she'd exited the vehicle and stepped foot onto the concrete sidewalk that any nearby spectators could get a first look at her ensemble. Her floor length, off the shoulder dress was black and polka-dotted; the fabric hugged her body like it was made for her and no one else. She paired this dress with her favorite pair of black heels and a heart shaped clutch; she felt that this would be fitting given the entire reason why she was attending this event in the first place. As she followed the man inside of the hotel and towards the elevator, Yvonne took long, confident strides. The corner of her mouth slightly turned upward at the sound of her heels clicking against the tiled floor.

After taking the brief elevator ride, Yvonne was directed to the ballroom. Her eyes sparkled with excitement as she admired all of the gold and blue decorations; she smiled in awe as she looked up at the beautiful chandeliers. She allowed herself a few more moments to take in her surroundings before snapping back to reality. Following the lead of those who'd arrived just before her, Yvonne began to sift through the many name cards that had been placed upon a couple of the ballroom tables; it wasn't long before she had found her own card and begun heading towards her designated table. Upon arriving at her seat, she couldn't help but notice that coats and purses had been draped over a few of the chairs at the table. These chairs, however, were unoccupied, therefore Yvonne made the assumption that the owners of these few items were around mingling with the rest of the participants. After a quick debate, she decided to follow suit; she draped her jacket and purse over the back of her seat before making a beeline for the bar. She needed a bit of alcohol in her system if she was to make it through the entire night.

"I'll just take a house beer," Yvonne said to the bartender as she took an empty seat at the bar. While she waited for her drink to arrive, the woman took this time to scan her immediate area; there were quite a few interesting looking people gathered at the bar. The first person Yvonne noticed was a young woman in a floral dress; a small crowd had gathered around her, all of them smiling and giggling like school girls. Next, Yvonne spotted an oddly familiar looking man, casually sipping his martini. She studied the tall mans face for a few moments before finally making the connection. Yvonne wasn't a huge movie buff like her friends were, and although she initially had trouble putting a name to the face she did recall seeing him a couple of times on the big screen of her local movie theater. As her glass of beer was sat on the counter in front of her, Yvonne couldn't help but groan before taking a quick gulp of the bitter liquid. If someone as handsome and accomplished as Ethan Walsh was on a trip like this, what were the odds of someone like her ever finding love again?

Yvonne shrugged off these negative thoughts as she quickly finished off the rest of her beer in a few large gulps; she smiled satisfactorily at her empty glass as she thought of what her best friend had told her earlier on in the day. "Please, for the love of God," Corinne said, "Do not order beer. Get something more lady-like and... high-class. Like a margarita or some champagne. You'll make a better first impression." But Yvonne wasn't too worried about any of that. Because if someone had an issue with her choosing a good, old-fashioned beer over a pricey glass of murky olive water, they surely weren't the right person for her.

"Hey, bartender. Can I get another one of these?"
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Gaia collapsed on the crisp sheets of the Plaza hotel bed and grunted in frustration as she tried to pull a high heel on. God, why did she even agree to do this? Why couldn't she find love on her own? But knowing herself she would never ever be able to manage it anyway, she couldn't even force herself to socialize a bit more, much less be the starting end of a flirtatious conversation so maybe this option was for the best. Plus, it was paid for and she wouldn't have to spend much out of her budget in having what had been advertised as a pretty good time if not a chance at finding her true love. Gaia wrinkled up her nose. One true love? Who was she kidding?

As she got up she smoothed out the simple black dress she wore, recurled a strand of her hair and ran some lip gloss across her chapped lips. Gaia headed towards the hotel room door before she swiveled back and shaking her head at herself she reached for one of her tinier, compact books and stuffed that into the bag she had on too.


45 minutes later and she was regretting her decision to come to the party. The glass of whiskey and scotch she held in her hands was starting to feel heavy and she could feel her curls unfurling. What with just the sheer amount of beautiful and handsome faces that surrounded her Gaia felt totally inferior. A girl in a flower crown seemed to be dominating the space she had, especially radiant in a crowd of like-minded people and Gaia sighed, wishing she could be as charismatic as that girl was. She also noticed a man who a lot of people seemed to be eyeing in curiosity (Gaia thought he looked normal enough, was there something wrong?) and a couple of girls who were drinking at the bar, one who looked quite excited to be there and the other looking quite laid back.

Gaia finally decided that going anywhere was a moot point and that no one would talk to her anyway so she beelined towards her seat and placed down the small card, her purse and her drink on the table. She'd asked for a chicken dinner and her stomach rumbled in anticipation. She leaned her glossy brown head of hair back against the seat and inhaled a deep breath before she lunged forward and grabbed the book from her bag before she could stop herself. She would look totally out of place if she read here but...NO, Gaia shook her head furiously at herself and the book was returned to her bag. She would try to socialize or if not she just would have to sit here, drink her dwindling drink and look relatively approachable or pensive. She had a feeling that she would still look very out of place but that was still better than reading a book in the middle of a frigging social event!
"Oh god help me, Mr.Darcy" She muttered, rolling her eyes
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Plaza Ballroom
Interaction: Yvonne Elaine King @Ejected

God, what did I get myself into? Lee found himself thinking twice about his decision on joining TAP when a small group of women, including a few men began gathering around him. Some of the women were becoming touchy, one scantily clad woman was running a well manicured nail up and down the lapel of his coat while a taller, more modestly dressed one was pressing herself to his side, urging another female to take their photo. "Why don't we exchange numbers, Ethan?" came a not so discreet whispered request into his ear. "If you're giving her your number, you should give it to me too," a guy wearing a sharp black suit piped up.

"Lee, you're an A lister now. You can't just go in public and not be expected to be mobbed. Most of everyone would want a photograph with you or an autograph. Hell, some would even want to have your babies right then and there. Believe me, it's gonna be hell. I can't say I envy you, man." He remembered his bestfriend, Brent, saying. "I mean, those days of hanging outside Jen's Diner til way past midnight are long gone. It has its merits, don't get me wrong, but that pretty face of yours will never go unnoticed anymore. There's Ethan Walsh! Look guys! I'm gonna die!" the full time gym instructor pretended to faint comically.

Of course, Brent was right and this was a very very bad idea. He should have known better.

He drained his martini in one gulp. "Sorry guys, I'm not in the habit of giving away my number. You know, too many messages that I can't really reply because of my schedule and..." he laid the glass onto the bar, his eyes scanning the crowd for some sort of excuse. His eyes landed on a woman wearing a black polka dotted dress and a beer in her hand. "I see an old friend there. If you guys will excuse me..." he didn't wait for any of them to respond and immediately removed himself from the scene that was quickly becoming unpleasant. There were just too many people wanting to invade his personal space.

"I'll have one of those too, bartender," he said as he stopped beside Yvonne. "Hi, my name is Lee. Please. Just play along for a little bit. Pretend like we know each other from...uh... high school or something," he begged in a low voice as he gave her a smile.
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