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A Galaxy Divided

Peace… or so a teetering Republic calls it. It has been deceived. Hidden from the Galaxy and veiled from its guardians, the Jedi, the Sith menace had endured and rebuilt. Whilst the Republic had grown complacent and its vigilance waned.

Peace is a lie. After centuries, the Sith Empire has returned stronger than ever. Caught unawares, grasping in the dark, the Republic fought a desperate battle against an enemy they thought vanquished centuries ago. Nonetheless, stiffened by Jedi prowess, it put up a valiant fight. Until, with one fell swoop, their hopes and dreams were shattered. Coruscant itself was sacked and kept hostage, obliterating Republic resolve. Thus, the Empire could end the war on their terms.

Many believe the Treaty of Coruscant a diktat, offering but temporary respite. On either side of the divide, it is regarded as merely a delay of the inevitable. The depredations of the Great Galactic War have left the Republic weakened and hamstrung, as people and politicians scramble to make sense of the newly imposed status quo.

A Galaxy in a Cold War
An introduction to the Persistent Galaxy setting

The setting for the Guild’s Persistent Galaxy Roleplay is Star Wars. More specifically, the Old Republic Era, six years after the Sacking of Coruscant, some 3647 years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

In this period, the galaxy is in a Cold War, with the Galactic Republic on one side and Vitiate’s Sith Empire on the other. Neither the Sith nor the Republic have a dominating position, though the Republic suffered hard towards the end of the Great Galactic War and with the Treaty of Coruscant that ended that war and started the Cold War.

Forced to abandon countless worlds to the Sith and withdraw its forces and Jedi on all fronts. The Republic has spent the past six years trying to recover from the war, even as it tries to build up new armies and navies for the next and almost inevitable war with the Empire. Many people throughout the Republic suffered during the war and still suffer now, living as refugees in overcrowded cities or on planets with ruined infrastructure, some of them in the midst of direct or indirect civil war. Formerly functional trade networks and supply lines are broken, prone to pirate raids and corruption.

In the eyes of many, there is little difference between the Jedi and the Sith, both posing a threat to galactic peace. Few among these accept the preachings of the Jedi Order that the Sith are evil and must be eradicated.

In the Empire, many Sith chafe against the reins holding them back from continuing the war. Even as imperial shipyards continue mass-producing warships, armies and new Sith are trained, recruits drawn from all parts of the now much larger empire. Existing armies, fleets and Sith are busy consolidating imperial territory, as the new worlds are being (forcibly) integrated into the Empire.

At the same time as all of this, the Hutts and other crime cartels exploit the opportunities that started with the war and only grew more varied with the Treaty of Coruscant. In their territory, the Republic and the Empire have the opportunity to squabble more than they do in their own, frequently stepping on the edges of the Treaty, but not quite breaking it, often being prevented from doing it by their own.

So long as they profit, the Hutts do not mind. In fact, they are having the times of their lives, wielding power they have not held in countless years. They dream of bygone days when they ruled not a medium-sized sector of space, but rather an entire Empire of their own.

Both inside and outside the territory claimed by the Sith Empire, the Mandalorian clans find themselves conflicted. Remembering the days of greatness when they were a force feared by the entire republic, they dream of regaining this glory, but they cannot agree on whether this is through working with the Galactic Republic or through working with the Sith Empire. While the current Mandalore believes in supporting the Empire, he has not yet quashed all opposition, some of which he considers good friends in spite of their differing views.

The Jedi Order, its main temple on Coruscant destroyed, has withdrawn somewhat, retreating to the rediscovered world of Tython. There, a new Jedi Temple has been built to replace the one they have not been permitted to rebuild on Coruscant. On Tython, as well as in a number of other locations throughout the Republic, new Jedi are being trained to replace the countless lost during the war. As always, the question lies in how well-trained they are… Will they be fully trained before war breaks out again? Will they stay true to the path? Will they be enough to win? No one knows the answers to these and many other questions.

Key points for the era.
  • Sith number in the thousands, they have a clear hierarchy of who answers to who and rules that keep them from openly killing each other.
  • Jedi also number in the thousands. Their hierarchy has firmer ranks and rules, but less of a controlled hierarchy of who answers to who.
  • The Mandalorian Clans are unique in how they are trained and run, completely unlike both the republic military, the Sith military and regular society. As such, we made a guide.
  • The society of the Republic is quite complex and varied, but it can be helpful to have a bit of an introduction.
  • While not as varied as that of the Republic, the Society of the Empire is complex and unique in its own ways.
  • There’s always some that desire to play scum and villainy, taking on the roles of criminals, bounty hunters, mercenaries and other unwholesome folks. The guide to that is in works. Questions can go to the GMs.
  • And finally, there are those who wish to venture into the cesspits of politics, such as Senators. The guide to that is in works. Questions can go to the GMs.
  • Open fighting between Republic and Imperial forces is prevented by the treaty, something many on both sides dislike, but others enforce. Militaries on either side maintain a high level of alertness.
  • Jedi training is decentralized, with most being trained in satellite academies, enclaves and praxea, rather than at the main temple on Tython.
  • Sith training, on the other hand, is more centralized, but only mostly. They’ve got their primary academy on Korriban.
  • There’s hundreds of maps for the galaxy available, some better than others. Because none were quite good enough, a new map has been designed based on several existing maps.

Lore docs and guides.

Guide: Species of the Galaxy: goo.gl/dL5QLr
Guide: Starships of the Galaxy: goo.gl/Jkf2hq
Guide: Time Progression: goo.gl/DLiW7c
Character Sheet Templates: goo.gl/LmZs3A
Guide: Droids: goo.gl/T8GEur

Force Users:
Guide: Jedi Training and Life: goo.gl/z3Z838
Guide: Sith Training and Life: goo.gl/y54Grk
Guide: Lightsaber Combat: goo.gl/KxHwEq
Guide: The Force: goo.gl/ZFYQUG
Guide: Holocrons, the Codes and deviant Force users: goo.gl/qG6bHy

Other Guides:
Guide: Citizens of the Empire: goo.gl/mCyco9
Guide: Citizens of the Republic: goo.gl/PekAoa
Guide: Mandalorian Training and Life: goo.gl/wbZeUH
Guide: Military Ranks & Order of Battle: goo.gl/sRa6VV

Territorial map, 3647: goo.gl/QY2Pr5

Upcoming guides: (No ETA available)
Scum and Villainy
Jedi Training Institutions
Sith Academy

Key RP Info:
  • Character Sheet submissions go in the section of the sub-forum of the same name. Create a topic with your CS submission in it so the GM team can begin evaluation.
  • Space stations, starships, planets; each general location will have it's own topic in the IC section of the sub-forum. Your posts will go there.
  • Each post requires a time stamp and location stamp. This is both to keep track of the time, and to make our Lorekeeper's job easier.
  • Ship/weapon/tech submissions will also go into the Character Submissions sub-forum. Just mark them as TECH in the title so it's not missed. Non-canon designs can be submitted.
  • Your character can die in this game. Traditionally you'd have to agree to it, but if the GMs believe your character can't escape the over the top danger you got them into...it's possible they could rule that your character would not have survived.
  • Is it heavily recommended the parties involved in a space battle simulation discuss the simm ahead of time with the GMs.
  • Should you wish to launch a large scale storyline, please first consult the GMs.
  • Save for a GM NPC or two, canon characters will not be permitted as PCs but may be allowed as NPCs in your scenes. Consult the GMs with specific questions.
  • More information will be posted in this space as needed, so check back!

Game staff: Who to contact if you need information or have feedback

@Ellri - Sith Empire GM.
@Heat - Jedi Order GM.
@Sini - Sith Empire GM.
@Ezekiel - Republic GM/Independent Factions GM. (Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, Criminals, Mandalorians, etc.)
@Ruby - Game Admin/Temp. GM for Tech.
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