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The Various Worlds (Except For Capella's Universe)

In most of the various Keyblade Wielders' homeworlds, a Moogle would arrive bearing a letter, asking them to head to the world of Renovation via a Gummi Ship. This letter, automatically translated into the local language by magic, said:

The Heartless Plague has spread to World after World. To find out the reasons for these beasts' rampage, come to where we are; the key to defeating them lies in the wielders of the Keyblade acting in concert. Free Passage via Gummi Ship has been provided; elude whatever enemies are watching you and come to the version of Konstantinopolis/Constantinople that exists in the World of Renovation.

Once at the Palace of the Blachrenae, meet with us; meet with the War Council.

Palace of the Blachrenae, Renovation

Felix Vulpes would recognize the person who came towards him as Tocsax, one of the most powerful servants of the current Emperor, Michael XIII Sideros. An 18-year old clad in a black cloak, accentuated with black hair and eyes, Tocsax was also a Keyblade wielder and the Empire's main source of knowledge as to what their enemies were doing. Therefore, for the Red Mage to be approached by such a person... It would make less prepared people uncomfortable.

"Captain Vulpes," the Keyblade wielder said in a solemn tone, "Have accommodations been made ready yet for the coming of the off-worlders? We're expecting them to come today, after all."

The Milky Way (Capella's Universe)

A Moogle brought a message to Capella, saying, You must hurry, Child of the Sixth Brightest, for the thousands of Universes in Existence stand on the edge of a knife. Ask the Moogles to bring you to the world of Green Sahara, and thence forward to the Kingdom of Israel, and in Israel, look for a village called Bethlehem and fly above it as a Star. There, a legion of Heartless seek to slay a child named Yeshua, a child born of a Virgin Birth. Do not let them touch him, or all is lost.

As proof that we are right, we are sending, with the Moogle, a symbol; a Keychain that empowers the Keyblade, The Moogle bringing the message then brought a triangle of platinum with three symbols at its corners, one a pure golden circle, and the other two finely engraved pictures of Frankinsence and Myrrh. Attach this Keychain onto Halcyon, and attain great power.

The Moogle waited for her to do so, and should Capella attach the symbol to her Keyblade's chain, it would glow brightly, and the young woman will feel a rush of raw, hot, but not painful energy rushing into her. Her eyes would fill with light, but once the momentary blindness of that had passed, she would feel... Powerful. As powerful as someone born from Sirius.

It seemed that the letter was telling the truth, and she should go. But then came a postscript to said letter, which said in simple terms:

PS: After you've saved Bethlehem, go to the western side of a Peninsula called Arabia, and save a city called Mecca from an invading army calling themselves the Kingdom of Axum. Do not let a single Axumite - Or their own legions of Heartless - get within 50 miles of the city. Another birth of immense importance is to occur there.

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Pathe Prison, Alexandria, Egypt
Hirutila awoke to the feeling of hardened bread smacking across his face. He scrambled awake, only to be held back, wincing as the shackles cut deeper into his wrists as he tried to get himself up to grab the bread. He dug his finger into the hardened crust of the bread, barely able to pull off a chunk to eat.

"Good morning captain", one of the guards spoke mockingly. "Today it's been five years since you've come here. The other guards and I have decided to get you a little something special to commemorate the occassion". The two guards let out a hard laugh as they walked away up the staircase. Hirutila sat himself down on the floor and chewed on the hardened bread, which crumbled as his teeth barely managed to cut through it. Had it really been five years already? The time seemed to go by so quickly after he lost track of the days. He pondered over what the guards intended to do with him this time. However, he resolved not to think about it and continue eating.

A few more strained bites were made before the sound of an opening door caught his attention. He expected guards, which left Hirutila surprised when the entrant was rather, a pink creature.

"Special delivery for you, kupo!" the moogle said as it fluttered down to him, tossing a letter of some sort over to the chained Hirutila. He opened the letter, however it only left him with more questions than answers.

"Constantinople...Never heard of it." Hirutila replied.

"That won't be a problem, kupo. Everything will be explained once you meet with the Emperor." the Moogle replied.

Hirutila lifted his arms to show the shackles keeping him chained onto the floor. "The only problem is, they've got me chained up here. Unless you know a way out?"

"Your keyblade, kupo!" The Moogle replied, only for Hirutila to reply with a slient glare.

"My what?"

"Oh?" The moogle responded pensivly, "You haven't manifested your keyblade yet?"

Hirutula shook his head, "I can't say I understand anything you're talking about."

"Well, try it! Try thinking about your freedom and breaking free of your chains again" The Moogle spoke, but Hirutila declined.

"There's no way I'm getting out of here. Sorry, but I think you'll just have to find someone else to help you out."

It was at that moment that Hirutila and the Moogle heard a series of bloodcurrdling screams echo out of the open door, with the clashing of steel, followed by a glow of fire, and then silence. The two looked over at the doorway, hearing footsteps growing closer, before a cloaked figure began to descend down the stairs. The moogle flew off into a corner as the man approached the cell holding Hirutila. He said nothing, but looked on in shock as the cloaked man raised up his sword, which began to glow raident with fire before slashing into the iron bars. The cut glowed hot red, the metal turned molten, as the man grabbed the door and pulled it open.

Hirutila crawled his way as far back as the chains would permit him, but found himself backed into a corner as the figure's sword glowed once again, and swung down towards him.

A flash of light overtook the room, and Hirutila opened his eyes to find a weapon had materialized in his hands, stopping the assailant's sword, and his shackles had fallen beside him. Hirutila immediately kicked the swordsman in the chest and vaulted up running out of the cell and up the stairs, the moogle following behind.

"The letter said you had a ship, where is it?" Hirutila asked.

"Right outside the prison, kupo!"

Hirutila looked with confusion at the moogle, sputtering a bit before conceeding, "Ill ask about it later, lets just get out of here".

The two made it through the prison with little effort, the mysterious swordsman seemingly having slaughtered all the guardsmen with little effort. Outside lay the gummi ship, which the moogle motioned Hirutila to get into. The Two got in, as the moogle prepared the take off, the two found their assailent had jumped into the ship, carrying all three off towards Renovation. Hirutila defended himself from the punches of the swordsman, finally managing to get a hand around his neck as the ship entered into Constantinople.

"Open the door!", shouted Hirutila to the Moogle, who protested until Hirutila demanded it again. The moogle opened up the door of the Gummi Ship, and Hirutila used what little strength he had left to throw the swordsman out, leaving him to tumble 2000 ft directly into the Bosphorus.

Hirutila lay exhaused on the floor as the ship piloted itself towards a magnificent castle.

"There it is, kupo. The Emperor's palace."
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Palace of the Blachrenae, Renovation

"Shishishi... everything is ready for the budding lights, milord." Felix replied to the cloaked man, little more than a boy in appearance. It was simultaneously sad that someone became a Nobody that young, and terrifying that he had that level of power. Ah well, chalk it up to the power of the keyblade, giving even the most useless of kids the ability to rival gods.

The rooms had been made up exactly to Felix's specifications, his underlings knew to fear his humiliating punishments if displeased with their efforts. He had left a little surprise for each of them... if they couldn't handle a little prank how would they handle the ones who use darkness as their own. Meh, it was Toscax's fault for assigning a known pranster this task.

"Shishishi... you know you could wear something a bit more colourful. I mean you look like an angsty teen." Note to self, hit Toscax with paint balloons.
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Drake lay on his stomach looking through the scoop of his sniper rifle, waiting for his target to show up near the intersection. Floating by him was a Moogle fidgeting with a piece of paper waiting for Drake to finish his business.

“Excuse me Kupo,” the Moogle said but was cut off my Drake lifting a finger to silence it as he looked through the scoop of his sniper rifle.

“I told you once I’m done here I’ll listen to what you have to say,” Drake said as he continued to wait. He saw a black SUV slowly coming down the street and smiled before he added, “Looks like you won’t have to wait long.” Drake reached for a remote next to him and flipped the switch. The light at the intersection changed from green to yellow and finally red causing the SUV to come to a stop. Drake fiddled with the scoop and the view changed to infrared.

He saw the driver tapping his finger on the steering wheel while the passenger in the front seat seemed to be fiddling with his phone. He then saw the large heat signature in the back of the SUV with two much smaller heat signatures on either side of it.

“Bingo,” Drake said to himself before he aimed for larger of the three heat signature in the back of the vehicle. He let out a long breath before the world went quiet. His finger hovered next to the trigger before he finally pulled it. The bullet rocketed out the barrel of the rifle and tore through the air towards SUV. The tip of the bullet spun clockwise while its body turned counter-clockwise. It tore through the windshield of the car with ease. Drake had figured the windshield was bulletproof and that’s why he chose that specific bullet, but it turned out he was wrong.

Drake watched through the scoop as both backdoors of the SUV opened and two scantily clad women ran from the vehicle screaming with blood coating parts of their bodies. The two in the front quickly got out and took out guns looking for where the bullet came from. Not realizing Drake was nearly eight blocks away from the car. Drake stood up and placed the rifle next to his Blaze Blue Sword.

Drake turned to the Moogle and said, “All right, let’s see this note of yours.” the Moogle stared at Drake for a few seconds forgetting why it was even there before it realized Drake had asked to see the letter it was caring.

“Oh, right! The letter Kupo,” the Moogle said before it handed Drake the letter. Drake took the letter and began to read it. Some of the wording puzzled him like Heartless. He was unsure what they were, but if this was a well-paying job. He wasn’t going to question what they were. Once he finished reading he tapped his earpiece three times and waited.

“Thank you for calling Chaos and Order. My name is Jinx. How can I assist you?” Jinx asked in her bubbly voice.

“Jinx, it’s me,” Drake answered bluntly.

“Oh hey! Just saw the credits added to your account. You scored big!” Jinx praised before she added, “even after taking my cut, you got a pretty good amount of pay.”

“Yeah, yeah. That’s not what I’m calling for,” Drake admitted before adding, “Do we have any more big bounties that still need doing?” Jinx fell silent as Drake could hear her sifting through paperwork, mumbling to herself.

“No, I don’t see anything new that came down the pipeline,” Jinx finally said.

“Thanks,” Drake said before hanging up on her and turning towards the Moogle and said, “looks like my schedule’s free. I’m guessing you’re just the messenger and I will need to speak to your boss about payment.” The Moogle nodded before it took Drake to its ship and the two headed towards their destination.

“The War Council huh,” Drake said to himself before he added, “Seems like I’m about to enter into someone’s war.”


“Please let go of me Kupo!” The Moogle pleaded as Rebel squeezed it tighter into a bear hug.

“But you’re so fluffy!” Rebel said. Alex paid the two no mind as he read the letter the Moogle had presented him before Rebel had walked down to see the Moogle. In a flash Rebel had grabbed the Moogle and hugged it while stroking its head and playing with its ball-like antenna like a cat. Alex had grabbed the letter the Moogle had dropped. He stopped pacing and looked at the Moogle who seemed to just give up and let Rebel squeeze it tighter.

“Rebel, can you let go of our little friend so I can ask him a few questions,” Alex asked. Rebel puffed up her cheeks and wined before she obliged and let the Moogle go and it let out a breath of relief. Once the Moogle seemed calm Alex asked, “Has anyone in BTI seen this?”

“I’m not sure Kupo. I was only instructed to bring you this letter. I’m not sure any other Moogle has gone there,” the Moogle said.

“You might want to go Alex. You never know if BTI will be helping the Heartless,” Rebel said.

“Yeah, I was just thinking that,” Alex said before he added, “All right lead the way.”
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Currus Library, The Milky Way

An ever present daze fell over the young adult as she flipped tiredly through a book she's read probably thousands of times by now. Well, the same could be said about every other book in this library, but that's besides the point. A free hand went up to play with the blonde and bluish strands not covered by the mandatory veil on her head as she let her mind wander to other things.

It's been a few days since Capella caught a glimpse into the future of The Milky Way, and since then she'd been trying to get an appointment with the Big 3 to discuss it, but even with her status, it'd probably take weeks before she so much as gets a reply on the matter. But what else could she do? It wasn't like she was some chosen one that would venture out into the unknown world and make a big enough difference to prevent calamity upon her home.

"Uh, excuse me, kupo? But you're Capella of the Sixth Brightest right?"

She wasn't expecting to hear a voice come up from right behind her, so like any other normal person, Capella jumped and whipped her head around to see the owner of the voice with wide steel eyes. Due to The Milky Way's defiance and pride, Moogles were still a rare creature to be seen flying around, let along talking in general. So Capella reacted accordingly, unsure of how to even break out of her stupor. What business did it have with her?

After dumbly nodding, said Moogle handed over a letter to the girl, who took it quickly as curiosity got the better of her;

You must hurry, Child of the Sixth Brightest, for the thousands of Universes in Existence stand on the edge of a knife. Ask the Moogles to bring you to the world of Green Sahara, and hence forward to the Kingdom of Israel, and in Israel, look for a village called Bethlehem and fly above it as a Star. There, a legion of Heartless seek to slay a child named Yeshua, a child born of a Virgin Birth. Do not let them touch him, or all is lost.

This...this couldn't be real. It had to be some joke. Who sent this? And why to her of all people? The Big 3 would be a much better fit to handle something like this, not someone like her... Steel eyes glanced at the Moogle who was waiting patiently for her to finish, holding out a triangular keychain she's never seen before. Arching an eyebrow at the sight, Capella continued reading:

As proof that we are right, we are sending, with the Moogle, a symbol; a Keychain that empowers the Keyblade, a triangle of platinum with three symbols at its corners, one a pure golden circle, and the other two finely engraved pictures of Frankinsence and Myrrh. Attach this Keychain onto Halcyon, and attain great power.

Halcyon...looks like this was in fact for her. It wouldn't hurt to try and her curiosity was screaming at her to try out the new keychain being handed to her. It could still very well be trap, but it's not like she couldn't be stopped by another Keyblade wielder if that was the case. Taking a quick look around, to see if there was anyone nearby, Capella held out a hand, a starry glow enveloping said hand before her Keyblade replaced the glow. Equipping the keychain, the glow returned, but at a much brighter register. She felt hot, almost to the point of it being uncomfortable, steel eyes shifting to gold as light filled and poured out of them. She has been so surprised that stumbled backwards into her chair.

It only lasted for a moment, but once everything returned to normal, including Capella's eyes, the star child's attention fell to her Keyblade, or at least what she remembered to be Halcyon.

This letter was telling the truth, she'd even seen a bit of it for herself beforehand, but what would saving one boy do anything in the grand scheme of things? Taking a look at the remaining paragraph on the unsigned letter, Capella furrowed her brows. She she was just going to be sent on 'errands'? It wasn't like she had anything else better to do anyways. It'll been tough leaving The Milky Way, but if this task fell only to her, then she had no choice. Putting away Halcyon and informing the Moogle of where she wanted the go, the two left the library as quickly as possible, said Moogle guiding Capella to a Gummi Ship.

Onward to Green Sahara.
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"Just file a report and we'll work on it. Our precincts might be busy, but rest assured, your case is important to us."

That was they had told him, the Global Police. Honestly it was like trying to connect to a customer service hotline with them, sometimes. He wondered if it was same for everyone or if maybe they just didn't like his family. Either way, it was enough to convince Noel that he could expect zero help from the Global Police. That was just peachy. As he approached his family's estate, Noel felt himself become a bit frustrated. By the time he opened the gate he found himself slamming his fist into the side of it. Damn it! Why did this have to happen now? He'd finally been free... at least, he was free. But here he was, as if fate was determined to drag him into this life kicking and screaming. Suddenly he heard some kind of whistling noise that made him jerk around, practically jumping.

"Excuse me, kupo! This letter is for you!" it was... a Moogle? Why would a Moogle be talking to him? They only ever dealt with the Global Police, so one showing up here of all places was completely out of the ordinary. Still, Noel took the letter anyway. If his parents had been kidnapped, then maybe this was a ransom letter and it would at least give him something to go on? But it... wasn't a ransom. It was an invitation of all things, to come meet an Emperor in... Constantinople? Surely they meant Istanbul right? It hasn't been called Constantinople in, what, five hundred years? Wait...

"War Council?" asked Noel aloud, "As in... actual war? I think you have the wrong person. I'm no soldier, never have been. And besides, I've never even been to Turkey!" Noel protested, prepared to dismiss this whole thing as a mistake.

"No no no, not your Constantinople, kupo!" the Moogle replied, "The one in Renovation! Didn't you read the letter closely, we're supposed to take you there in our ship, kupo!"

"What do you mean 'my'...?" Noel began to question, but he also read the letter more thoroughly, "Wait wait... I'm sorry but, worlds? As in like... planets? And... Wielders of the Keyblade? As in plural? More than just one?" that honestly took him off guard. According to all sources, there was only ever one Keyblade: the Calling Card. There were more? Were they all Phantom Thieves, or was Lupin just a unique case? "I... look I don't know anything about worlds and War Councils, like I said I'm not a soldier! I can't be the one you're looking for. Besides I have my own problems, I'm sorry." Noel turned away, even dropping the letter on the ground. But then stopped when he heard noises from the manner. Black creatures with knightly helmets and bearing heart emblems on their bodies came bursting out the doors. From behind the Moogle, a few more of them appeared out thin air, joined by pitch black ones that just seemed to emerge from the ground. Noel summoned the Calling Card, holding the Keyblade with his unique backhanded grip.

"Okay, it looks like I'm your only way out of here in one piece! Stay close!" the Moogle seemed to obey, staying close to Noel as he stood his ground. When the first of them lunged, Noel batted it away with the Calling Card, "Geez, what are they? Never seen anything like them before." another lunged and he batted that one away as well.

"Heartless, kupo! They come from the Darkness in everyone's Hearts, be careful, kupo!" just then, several of the Heartless lunged at once. But this only made Noel smile.

"Back at ya!" he taunted, using the Calling Card's power to put barrier between them and the Heartless. They collided with it, whatever attacks they were using seemed to hurt them instead as they bounced back and dissipated, "My turn!" Noel readied the Calling Card and lobbed it while spinning his body around, "Wind!" the Keybalde circled its wielder, a small tornado of wind forming around it as it wiped out the remaining Heartless. The wind died down and Noel caught the Calling Card in his hand before the weapon vanished in it's familiar flash of light, "Guess that takes care of that. You'd better get out of here before anything else can show up." that was about when sirens could heard in the distance, coming closer. The Global Police? What did they want? Noel soon got his answer.

"Surrender, Noel Lupin!" called an angry voice on some kind of megaphone, "You're under arrest!"

"You've got to be... why?" Noel said, now starting to get genuinely irritated by all this.

"No time, kupo!" said the Moogle, still hanging around, "But if you want to avoid jail, you better come with me, kupo!" and unfortunately, Noel was no longer in any position to argue. So the two made their exit, much to frustration of the officer who had just now arrived.
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The hanging lamp swung back and forth from the ceiling, flickering one and off. Even if the power to Illuminates Outpost #1 was completely stable it would still be flickering. It was simply the nature of such lights, in rooms such as this, to flicker when not giving off a irritable hum.

The poor moogle was seated on a hard aluminum chair under this flickering spotlight, a few well placed books boosting it up enough so it could rest its head on the wooden table in front of it if it wanted. The poor thing shivered as a face emerged from the gloom across the table. The face of a man with an unnaturally large grin, and as the man loomed over it the moogle heard a voice in its head. Salutations, little friend, it said. Could you tell me what you told the people in the square?

"Indrid!" Came a female voice and the flip of light switches. The light, though still flickering, was now coming from many lights hanging above a drab looking circular netting room. Georgia stood by the door, hands on the switches, looking cross while Snopes sniffed around for dropped food at her feet. The man sitting across from the moogle, an uncomfortably tall sort, sat up and turned his smile toward her. She crossed her arms and walked forward. "You know all that does is make people uncomfortable."

The man tilted his head, confused. Mios suggested I speak intimately with it.

Georgia turned and looked at the rooms only other inhabitant, a three foot tall alien with a rounded grey head and big black eyes currently snickering at the moogles predicament. He stopped when he saw her look. "C'mon, it's funny. Besides, that little guy ruined my whole model." He said' swinging his hand to a bulletin board that had once been festooned with lengths of string and thumbtacks linking various pictures. Now everything lay piled on the floor, as though ripped down in rage. The grey threw his hands up in the air and jumped off the table to pace. "Heartless. Heartless! It doesn't fit. There are no logical connections. It's like they jumped right out of the blue to ruin eveything!"

"That's what they do, Kupo." The poor thing squeaked, earning it a dark look from the grey. "They must be stooooooowww."

"Oh, sorry." Georgia hadn't been listening to his short rant though. She advanced on the moogle with single minded purpose as soon as she'd seen him and pinched him right where she thought his cheek would be. "Spongy, like one of those old stress balls. Tell me, how do you breath?" She said, whipping out a pad and pen and taking a knee so she was at his level.


"Is it through your skin?"


"Because you don't have a mouth. Follow up question, do you have a mouth and where is it?"

"This concerns the end of your world, Kupo!"

All three of them looked at one another. Then Georgia turned back and said. "Sorry to break this to you, but you're seven years too late for that party."

"Look." The moogle said, shoving the letter in their faces. As they did Georgia narrowed her. "I thought that if anyone would know where to find this worlds keybearer it would be this organization, Kupo."

"Keyblade?" Georgia said, picturing what that would look like in her head. "It look like this?" She held out her hand, and in an instant the thing appeared.

She really didn't think it looked all that much like a key. The handle sort of did, being silver and surrounded by rounded edges that, when she thought about it, sort of reminded her of a flying saucer. Where the...blade part...met the handle it was engraved with the illuminates crest, the inverted pyramid with the all seeing eye. The actual blade, if you could call it that, was just a pair of big spoons twisted together with the bits at the end bend backwards.

She supposed it did sort of look like a key, if you turned your head and squinted. What it definitely didn't look like a a blade. It didn't look like you could cut butter with the thing.

Looks could be deceiving, though. She at least knew that. Her family was a bunch of shape shifters, after all. Even if they hadn't been, she'd seen what this thing could do when she'd been assaulted by those "heartless" cryptids out in the wild.

When she'd found her way back to what passed for civilization these days she'd found she wasn't alone in the experience. Merchants and other Illuminates had been reporting sightings of these strange, new, incredibly hostile creatures. For now they mostly seemed to be confined to the surface continent of my, in the center of the great reptillain empire that resided there. There had been theories, of course. Tulpa was a popular frontrunner, an alien plot, a new undiscoverd variety of shadow people, but after a time the word Heartless had started being applied to them.

The source of that word, it had tuned out, had been the small creature currently piloting this deceptively comfy little ship though, well, another dimension. Once the little guy had laid eyes on that key he'd insisted she accompany him to Constantinople, which Indrid had informed her was old Istanbul. When she asked why it wasn't called that any more, he'd just told her that was nobodies business but the Turks. Then he'd chuckled cryptically and vanished when she'd looked away, as he did.

She didn't know what she was suppose to do about this Heartless business, but that didn't matter. These were new, strange, totally unknown creature they were dealing with. It was her job to shed light on the things that lurked in the dark, he duty as an Illuminates agent. If there was any information to be had on these things on some far off world, that was worth checking out.

More than that, though, there was that line about enemies. Watching her. The thought of something invisible watching her and her people, spying on them without their knowledge, turned her stomach. Maybe it was just paranoia, but then again it had all been dismissed as paranoid before and look at where they'd ended up after doing that.

She leaned back and tried not to stare out into the void too hard as the ship made its way to Rnnovation.
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Global Police Paris Headquarters ~ Several Weeks Ago

The sun's brightness increased as morning dragged onward. It was just before 8 AM, and a squad car unit pulled into the lot of the Headquarters. A man got out of the car once the engine was killed. His silvery white hair blew in the chilly morning breeze as he slammed the door shut and locked it. He walked toward the entrance, nothing in hand except his morning coffee. It was the start of his shift, he'd need to go clock himself in but after that he'd officially be on duty for the day. The man was one of the officers, promoted not too long ago to Special Operations. Global Police Special Operations, or GPSO, were the elite officers of the Global Police. To qualify one needed a minimum of five years on the job, plus an impressive arrest record if they really wanted to get someone's attention. GPSO were the units issued the Arms Changers and Pursuit Arms equipment.

As Ace DeLeon walked through the door, his arrival turned the heads of a few from the lower ranks. GSPO Officers tended to turn heads wherever they went, mostly due to their more advanced gear making them stand out much more than the lower ranked beat cops. But Ace was silent, choosing not to bask in the attention so that it would remain brief. After a moment the precinct continued with business as usual, the novelty of seeing one of the GPSO up close had apparently worn off. And so Ace made his way to the Special Operations division, but as he did so someone else was making their way out of the headquarters. Whoever they were, they were not part of the Global Police... and yet they seemed to turn a few heads just as Ace had done a second earlier. He had to have been around Ace's age, perhaps a couple years younger. He dressed nicely, with a fashionable red scarf and fedora hat to tie it all together. The two brushed by each other, shoulders bumping unintentionally, "Excuse me." Ace said, somewhat bluntly but also politely.

"So sorry about that." the guy replied, then removing his hat to take a quick bow, "Adieu!" and with that, he was out the door and gone. Ace didn't pay it much mind, but he couldn't help but stare a moment until the stranger was out of sight. Just who was he, anyway? He clearly didn't seem to belong in a place like this so what business did he have here? Oh well, he was gone now so worrying about it was pointless.

Outside the Lupin Estate ~ Present

The squad car's siren blared as the vehicle screeched to a halt. Ace quickly jumped out of the car and - following standard procedure - announced his presence, "Surrender yourself, Noel Lupin!" he shouted, having gotten a megaphone out of the car, "You're under arrest!" then he tossed it back into the car and approached the front gate with caution. Normally he would have to call for backup, but unfortunately that wasn't possible at the moment. Ever since those black anomalies started showing up, the Global Police had been spreading the manpower pretty thin to try and keep the attacks in check, and that included Special Operations. That was actually the main reason why Ace was the only one currently assigned to the Lupin Case, everyone else was tied up dealing with black anomalies.

As he neared, Ace started to suspect that his target was no longer here. Reports placed him arriving home just a few short minutes ago, so Ace had no idea how there could be no sign of him anymore. He sighed, making a frustrated clicking sound with his tongue, "Damn it! How could I have missed him? He was supposed to be right here!" still, it didn't hurt to look around, and that was what Ace did. After a few moments, he stumbled across something. It looked like some crumpled up... letter? Well, it was address to his target so Ace wasted no time and unfurled it so he could read.

"Is he planning to flee the country?" Ace wondered, thinking that was what the reference to Constantinople meant. But there was more to the letter that didn't add up, "What's this about Keyblades? There's more of them? Is he forming a whole gang of Thieves, now? And what's this about a War Council?" that sounded almost like some kind of revolutionary manifesto, and that just made this whole mess make even less sense. War? Violence like that was never Arsene Lupin's style during his day, so it stood to reason his family line followed a similar self-imposed code of conduct. And yet... a War Council? Unfortunately Ace didn't get any further time to mull it over. A group of those black anomalies emerged from the ground. Something about their pitch blackness and beady yellow eyes just made Ace want to wipe them all out, "Well, these things were officially put in the "Neutralize on Sight" category, so I guess I'd better deal with these now before someone gets hurt!" he reached up his left hand, the gauntlet it wore emitted a digital flash that Ace reached into with his right hand. From that flash he pulled out the Hyperion and opened fire immediately, destroying a couple of the anomalies. He didn't keep the weapon's form for long though, he had to quickly unfold it into sword mode just as the rest of the anomalies made to lung at him.

"Begone!" shouted Ace in a gruff voice as he hacked at the attacking creatures. A few more vanished, but something new made its presence known. They were black, floated about and seemed to be partially made of water. One of them spun around and seemed to fling a strong splash of water that nearly knocked Ace off his balance, "What the?" they seemed similar to the pitch black ones, but clearly seemed stronger and more dangerous. Suddenly they each formed a protective bubble of water around them, "Trying to hide behind defenses, are you? Let's see how it handles this!" he folded the Hyperion back into its gun mode and then loaded the chamber with Firaga Bullets so that the next few shots would be elementally charged with powerful explosive flame. He fired and the explosive shots seemed to bust through their water shields, allowing him to quickly run up and finish them off with a few quick strokes of the Hyperion in sword mode. No more seemed to be appearing, "Well, that takes care of that. Now... to figure out where Lupin's trail begins." he stopped, however, when he heard what sounded like applause.

Ace looked up to see a person, shrouded in a black coat with a hood that seemed to hide their face. The coat made it virtually impossible to tell if the stranger was male or female. This had suspicious written all over it, and Ace was quick to fold the Hyperion back into gun mode and level it at the stranger, "Who are you? Identify yourself!"
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