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  • Name: Arinne Velvet Ar-Rynesarte
  • Age: 14
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Arinne has blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. She is very petite, quite short even for her age at below 152.4 cm/5 feet in height.
  • Personality: Arinne has what many would call a bad personality. She is arrogant, self-assured, and manipulative, fond of seeing others struggle and quite eager to make the lives of the people around her harder for her own amusement. Referred to as 'the Blonde Devil' by some senior magi, her attitude is well-known throughout the Tower. To put it simply, Arinne has a sadistic streak. She also enjoys mocking or teasing others, and has nothing but complete confidence in her own capabilities as a mage. Indeed, she is quite proud of her own bloodline, and of her own capabilities. Arinne also has a vengeful, spiteful side. She deeply resents the branch families that sold off portions of the Ar-Rynesarte's assets, even some of the contracts they held, and would take satisfaction in finding some way to undermine or dismantle them the moment she gained the opportunity. However, it is also clear that she has some level of concern for the magi now in her employ, even if she does take pleasure in making life difficult for them and teasing them whenever she has the opportunity. While she will stop at nothing to find her parents' killer, at the very least she does not seem to have any desire to sacrifice those who are under her contract in order to do it. She is very plain about her intentions if the killer is found, however. Arinne plans to kill them. Even if she was not present for the death of her mother and father, even if she does not have many memories of them, she absolutely cannot accept a world in which the one who murdered them walks free and unpunished.
  • Abilities: Arinne's arrogance is not unfounded. A prodigy mage carrying the blood of the Ar-Rynesarte family, she has a large mana supply that is of a very high quality. Her Affinity is Water, and she has a specialization in Ice beyond that. Her magic is therefore best suited to spells relating to flows and cycles, but also to Stillness and Stagnation. Of course, more directly, she can utilize water as a projectile via various spells, and use spells to freeze the moisture in the air into icicle bullets. However, she can also utilize spells to slow or freeze something in place. One particularly unusual spell allows her to convert a solid material into a liquid or vice-versa, though it only functions on inanimate objects and only within a magic circle she has put into place with chalk, making it irrelevant in a direct conflict. Additionally, she has use of the German spell Schattenpfiel, a low-power projectile spell that can be swiftly cast and used without relying on moisture in the air.
  • Skills: Arinne possesses few life skills, but she does seem to know just the right way to tease people.
  • Assets: While some of the Ar-Rynesarte family's assets have been sold off, Arinne still possesses their mansion and a considerable amount of wealth. This includes a large number of maids in her service. With her mansion comes the unique defensive barrier Crystal Killing Array, a defensive system embedded into the foundation of the Ar-Rynesarte mansion. When activated, it begins to manifest as a sheet of liquid that coats the walls and automatically seeks out body heat, attacking it by crystallizing and striking out at the target. If it is activated, any maids in the mansion are quickly called to one room to avoid their being harmed. The system ignores those possessing Ar-Rynesarte blood, but due to its method of tracking it can easily be fooled and it is best suited to penetrating soft targets as opposed to magical defenses or armor.
  • Brief Backstory: Arinne was born into the Ar-Rynesarte family and swiftly prepared to be yet another powerful mage bearing the family name. Her parents rarely spent any time with her, outside of what was necessary to facilitate her growth as a mage, but they were not without care for her. When she was six years old, spending time at the home of a family associate, her parents were suddenly killed. There were no witnesses, but it was undeniably not a natural death, the interiors of their bodies heavily lacerated by some sort of magic. Left alone, without siblings or parents, Arinne was unable to take her position as the family head for many years. During this time, various branch families leeched off of the main family's wealth, even selling assets possessed by the Ar-Rynesarte. But during this time, Arinne also grew as a magus, receiving schooling and expanding her capabilities. As she grew older, her reputation as something of a devil grew as well. She quite recently activated the contracts she still possesses, with the goal of locating the one who murdered her parents through any means necessary.
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  • Name: Lillia Avemaria
  • Age: 14
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: In some regards, Lillia is quite endowed, certainly to the point that it’s rather hard to ignore… whilst in regards to her height it is quite the opposite: any height difference between her and Arinne can be put down to their shoes.
  • Personality: As the family heir to one of the Tower’s old noble families, Lillia has been quite spoiled… and thoroughly conditioned to act properly. She’s unfailingly polite and friendly, though she can be quite upset by bullying or being picked on—not that most people would even consider that to be an option, in her life. She’s also quite bad at reading people’s intentions… unless she’s in danger.
    In dangerous or messy situations, quite unlike most girls of her age, Lillia tends to remain frighteningly calm. She’s hard to shock.
  • Abilities: The generation’s other magical prodigy, Lillia has a vast pool of high-quality mana, and at her family’s insistence has studiously trained in the basics of various elemental or seemingly generic magic: if you have the magical ability, then one should be quite able to maintain a household in a comfortable state with it (of course, that’s why servants exist, but the point remains).
    Her true affinity is for Life, something regularly occurring in the Avemaria’s main line—and possibly explaining the rumours that for some generations, all of their servants have been homunculi made at one point or another. Lillia, a prodigy or not, is much too young to have considered entering into the process of trying to… acquire a soul. Instead, she tends to focus on more mundane concerns, like healing, or growing plants, or—in extremis—draining the life from anyone too close… which mostly serves to make people around her increasingly sleepy. With the proper set-up it could be quite more lethal.
    That her specialisation is Poisons would come as quite a surprise with her attitude, but she likes how it can be used for some medical effects that healing wouldn’t cover. Or self defence. A touch that makes limbs go numb can be quite useful.
  • Skills: Lillia is pretty good at gardening, cutting things carefully, and sewing.
    Do not ask her about anything created after the industrial revolution, she’ll be quite confused.
  • Assets: As the current heir, Lillia has access to vast wealth—provided that she can justify it to her parents, who are fairly permissive about what their daughter might choose to spend money on—obviously, becoming a business magnate is out, but almost any mundane expenses are beneath their notice. Similarly, the family’s large staff of maids and bodyguards who are also maids can be called upon—diverting the butler from their duty would, however, be considered quite improper.
    One maid, in particular, is assigned specifically for Lillia’s use and protection—Maria, a homunculus made with full intent to be extremely proficient with knives and not to talk back to her master. Accordingly, she’s completely mute.
  • Brief Backstory: The Avemaria family has a long history, but it does tend to be accused of having quite unsavoury practices in the past—no matter that most of their contributions to mage society have been through their adeptness at healing, somehow quite competently dealing with injuries that can’t simply be healed away—missing limbs or severely damaged organs, if you’re willing to pay up, then anything can be healed right now…
    One of the things that lends credence to the negative rumours, however, is that the rumours of a vast mansion and its grounds maintained and staffed by homunculi? True, for at least five generations back: from cradle to grave, five generations have been served by the exact same household. To have that many, they must be getting souls… somehow.
    Lillia is their latest heir, born into the family and given quite a lot of attention by parents with time to spare, and almost anything she could ask for. But there were no other children her age amongst the family or staff, so what were they to do? Simple: have her associate with the child of one of the few other families of appropriate standing.
    Perhaps it’s not surprising that when Arinne called upon her contracts, the Avemaria sent Lillia instead of one of the adults. No doubt her parents have reasoned it easier to send someone who would be visiting regularly anyway than go themselves and have Lillia intrude awkwardly.
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⇲ NAME: Dame Grain Blackmore
⇲ AGE: 19 years
⇲ GENDER: Female
Grain is every bit the image of what an ideal knight should be in the eyes of others and of themselves. She's relatively tall for her age, standing close to 1.7 meters, with a well built body that has neither a lack or excess of weight and muscles.

Despite being a stoic type, who keeps a detached view of the world, and thus, not being one to speak freely unless requested to. Grain's half soprano voice carries a great deal of resolution.

This resolution is seen in her actions as well. Even though her quiet demeanor may make it seem like she's shy or unused to social interactions, the truth is quite the contrary, and it shows in every minutia of her being. From the way she walks and dresses, to what she reads and her silent, vigilante gaze, everything about her is proper and knightly.

While it's easy to think that someone like her would be a consummate tomboy, the truth couldn't be more further away. That said, she doesn't like it when others pay too much attention to her feminine side either.

"Though, just maybe, will she get flustered when called cute? Well, there's only one way to know..."
Grain was born and raised in a spartan environment, with the sole purpose of continuing her family's knighthood tradition and their relationship with the Tower's magi.

It would be easy to assume that this meant an abusive and grueling childhood, but the truth couldn't be more different. In fact, she was raised with attention and care, befitting her social standing. Even if her parents were always the hands-off type, Grain always counted with her servants to do everything she needed so that she could concentrate solely on the obligations required of her as a knight.

As a result of her intense focus she was able to acquire the title she sought at a jaw dropping young age. However, as a consequence of such intense focus on her life goal, Grain is pretty... disconnected from the outside world. Whenever she goes through the streets of a modern days city like London she can't help but feel amazed at the simplest of things; it's actually even said that she has difficulty using even something as simple as a smartphone.

Anyway, it's of no surprise that when the young heiress of the Ar-Rynesarte family declared that she would find the ones responsible for her family's fall from grace, one of their ally families like the Blackmore would answer their call for help.

It was the only honorable thing to do.
Grain isn't a member of the Tower, or eve mage in the proper sense of the word. She's knowledgeable in magecract and magical foundations, but practicing it -- while not beyond her abilities -- is beyond her interest. That said, she does have an enviably high reserve and quality of mana -- befitting her pure, noble blood -- which comes in handy for other applications rather than spellcasting.

All of this is possible because of her very rare Sorcery Trait: "Blood of Heroes" which only appears sporadically in families of those who are direct descendants a legendary hero of the past. In her case, the legendary Celtic king Fionn mac Cumhail, also known as Finn MacCool.

First of all, always having such an amount of mana on reserve, makes Grain highly resistant to magic effects in general since she can simply counter pretty anything using her own raw magic energy.

She also the "body of a hero who can challenge fate itself", an ability that goes way beyond what even a mage dedicated to just physical reinforcement would be capable of doing. Which can reach truly absurd levels of power when combined with her ability to release her magical energy to improve her physical abilities, making strikes harder, jumps longer, etc.

When combined with her family's heirloom arms, it's possible to unleash a blast of pure magical energy that mimics the legends of old, when a lone knight had the power to defeat whole armies of their own as well as other similar feats.

However, the most unique part of her trait is inheriting a part of the legendary wisdom Fionn is said to have gained in the tale of the Salmon of Knowledge. By sucking bringing her thumb to her mouth Grain is able to gain limited clairvoyance allowing her to divine the possible best course of action for almost any situation, as well as get a good idea of the answer to pretty much anything you ask of her. Needless to say, this skill is pretty handy for her studies.
It's safe to say that grain could be a specialist of everything if she truly wanted to overuse her gift of wisdom to solve the problems of life. However, not only would this be inappropriate in her view, but also... she can't help but feel embarrassed while doing it in front of others.

Thus, it's no wonder that she avoids it. Even so, Grain's very knowledgeable in the classic matters, knightly traditions, and social etiquette. She's an outstanding athlete, amazon, and naturally acquainted to many different forms of combat. That said, she's mostly helpless in matters that don't pertain to her chosen life goal, sometimes to pretty amazing to see degrees.
As far as monetary assets, it's simpler to say that Grain never did, nor ever will, lack anything that she might need or want. Unless some incredible misfortune befalls her family, the fortune they've been amassing for the previous hundreds of years, won't be getting smaller any time soon.

When it comes to other possessions, she has access to a decent selection of both arms and armor -- though most of them aren't magical per se -- as well as a number of magical tools accumulated over centuries of service, even though most of them have either lost their original powers, or are outright useless in a practical sense. To the point that it's almost appropriate to say that the Blackmore's excel at collecting junk.

As expected, she doesn't carry anything of that with herself unless she's on official business, in which case she'll almost always be seen with her family's heirloom sword and a set of very light armor (basically just gauntlets and greaves). She's also usually seen with a whip. Even though the origins of that weapon are unknown, she does seem to be rather fond of it.

Anyway, Grain has an enchanted key -- said to have been gift to her family by fairies -- which allows her summon any item in her family's armory effortlessly. It's also able to unlock any non-magical locks (as well as some magical ones), regardless of them having a keyhole or not.

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