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Lucian Phaleon

Lucian Phaleon


Aasimar (basically half human half angel)


Sexual Orientation

Lucian is a wanderer, to say the least. He does odd jobs here and there (like slaying goblins or healing a wounded person with his angelic powers), and just simply wanders the planet looking for his partner.

Lucian looks as depicted above in the photo. His mark is on the back side of his right hand.

  • The color grey. To him, it represents a balance of good (white) and evil (black)
  • Seafood
  • Running
  • The sky
  • Meditating

  • Spicy foods
  • eggplant
  • anything inherently evil
  • Other angels
  • Absolutes

Lucian can seem to be reserved to himself, or just a loner. Both are not true. He wishes to confide in others and wishes to find someone he can adventure with. The reason that people think so differently of him is because his "people skills" are lacking. All his time wandering and isolated has made him a little lacking in some places.

Although his social skills are not what they used to be, that does not mean that he does not radiate a brightness that attracts people. He is half angel, after all. He is very humble and chooses others over himself (unlike the other prideful Aasimar). The best way I can describe him is a gentle giant.

Him being an Aasimar, he should be taking pride, like other angels, in his heritage. That could not be further from the truth. It is not like he hates his heritage, he could not be bothered by it. He treats his past like anyone else's.

Lucian is a romantic at heart. He always read books about two people falling in love and living happily ever after. He wishes for that. So once he figures out what his mark was (no one told him until he read about it), he wanted to go find his other half.

Biggest Fear
Failing to find the Coven that chased his family.

Greatest Dream
To finally find who shares his mark. Sometimes out of dreams of love, others out of sheer curiosity.

Lucian was born in the Aether. I know, weird, right? His mother was a human and his father was an angel. An arch-angel, to be specific. His mother died before she could give birth. Lucian's father, giving pity on the little unborn baby, sent the spirit of his mother and the baby to the Aether, where she could meet her husband once more and finally give birth in safety.

You see, Lucian's mother, May, was hunted by a Coven of Witches. They wanted to steal and harness the innate power that Lucian was born with to do their own bidding. May kept on running and running until she was killed by a murderer, looking to steal her golden crest (a family heirloom of sorts). And so, Lucian was the first non-angel born in Heaven.

Lucian was always treated like royalty, since his father was an arch-angel, but that somehow never got into his head. He always hated being treated like royalty, though. Because he just wanted to be treated like any other regular Angel. This was another factor in his awkwardness. He always got the smile from everybody. Mind you, that the Aether is a kind and nice place, no wars of any kind, but there was jealousy running rampant around the angels. Lucian was not "pure" in their minds. Once someone finally told Lucian this, he was crushed. And so began his early years of solitude.

Lucian always dreamed of being on the planet below him. To mingle with the other races. He got his chance when he turned 15. His father allowed him, for once, to go to the mortal plains, on two conditions. One, to check back every once in a while. And two, to hunt down the Coven that harassed his mother so much. His father game him a parting gift, a book. This book was a "guide to the mortal plains" of sorts. Lucian's father knew that he was a little awkward, and he wanted Lucian to not get so many, whats the word, "fake" friends once he got to the mortal plains. And so, that is why you will mainly see Lucian reading his book as if it were a one-stop solution to everything.

Personality Questions
1. What is their worst specific memory from childhood?
He was once forced to eat eggplant, that kind of scarred him forever
2. What do they think of being Marked? Do they believe in it? Have they come to the festival in search of love, or for some other reason?
Lucian was marked the day he was born, making him the only thing in heaven with a mark. He always dreamed of staying by someone forever. You could say he is a romantic. His mark is a set of angel wings (how fitting).
3. Spirit animal?
Bald Eagle. He is majestic in all that he does, and he wishes to stay with someone forever
4. Thing they’re most proud of?
Being part angel
5. Thing they’re most ashamed of?
Leaving his mother in heaven. Since she was already dead, she could not come back to the mortal plain.
6. What motivates them?
Many things. To find who shares his mark, to find the Coven, to eat some more seafood, the list goes on
7. What would they change about themselves if they could?
He would start with making his people skills not so crappy
8. What’s most important in a romantic partner?
Love, loyalty, and compassion

Color Code: DCDCDC
Theme song: If you like. Nah
Face Claim: If applicable. None

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