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Ultimate One Universe: Year One Application

Character You're Applying For: Batman/Bruce Wayne

Powers And Abilities: No physical powers, but is a master of twenty-seven martial arts, a gifted detective, and a billionaire with limitless resources that provide him with an arsenal of state-of-the-art gadgets and vehicles.

Origin And Backstory (In A Maximum Of Four Paragraphs): Born as the son of a wealthy philantropist and the head doctor of Arkham Asylum, Bruce Wayne witnessed the unthinkable whenever a mugger ended the lives of his parents on the streets of Gotham City. Suffering severe post-traumatic stress from the event, young Bruce was put under the care of legal guardian Alfred Pennyworth, who sought the treatment of Martha Wayne's dearest friend, psychologist Leslie Thompkins. Together they would act as Bruce's surrogates, trying to shield him from the ever-present public eye as he was mentally rebuilt. But despite their best efforts, Bruce would never be psychologically whole again.

Eventually fleeing the country in the middle of his senior year at Bludhaven University, Bruce travelled to the most remote areas of Asia and Europe and spent a period of ten years engaging in what he considered to be extreme trauma therapy. This soon evolved into lessons under a series of different masters that would incidentally make him an adept thief, a cunning detective, and a brutal hand-to-hand combatant. His experiences brought him closer to the criminal underworld as he began to see his own psychosis take on some of their habits - that is where he learned the nature of fear, and how powerful of a weapon it could truly become.

Under the tutilege of the legendary Ra's Al Ghul of The League Of Shadows, Bruce would learn to face his own fears in the dangerous Thogal ritual, meant to simulate a state between life and death to achieve a spirtual awakening. All that Wayne found waiting for him were shadows. Echoes of something he didn't fully understand, until he reached out - and was met by a large nest of bats, circling out of the monolithic caverns that The League operated from. But a falling out would occur whenever Bruce revealed that he held no desire to take his enemy's lives, leading to a duel between master and student that would only stop when the master's daughter forbade her father from delivering the killing blow. Exiled, Bruce travelled back to the United States at the age of 28.

Discovering that Gotham had become crippled by inner-city corruption headed by what was considered The Five Families, including mafioso Carmine Falcone, his rival Salvatore Maroni, a Siberian native that took to calling himself The Penguin, and a powerful drug lord known only as Poison Ivy, Bruce took up a mask and a series of gadgets supplied by his family's company of Waynetech and became a vigilante. But after being beaten half to death by the masked gang of sociopaths calling themselves The Royal Flush Gang, led by an individual called Red Hood, Wayne was forced to reconsider the nature of fear as he understood it. Only in a state of euphoria brought about by blood loss did he revisit his incident in the caves during Thogal, and remember the fear that overcame him when he was attacked by the bats. And so in order to strike terror into Gotham's criminals, a Bat is precisely what he would become.

What Makes This Character 'Ultimate'?: The comics, the movies, The Animated Series. The image that they conjure in your head is who he's destined to become - but for now, he's still new to everything. So his aversion to using guns, for instance, isn't exactly set in stone yet even if he still doesn't use them to kill. In addition, his psychosis is a little more unhinged, with vivid hallucinations and dreams often plaguing his waking hours whenever he's not fighting criminals, along with his violent tendencies being a little more brutal in his need to make criminals fear him. He also doesn't live in Wayne Manor or have a traditional Batcave, choosing to live in an inner-city penthouse with an underground bunker that leads out into a massive tunnel system beneath Gotham. This is Batman by way of the version Frank Miller created, if that version also produced an offspring with the Denny O'Neil and Scott Snyder versions that favor the humanistic detective. Mine sits at a happy medium.

As far as Gotham itself is concerned, virtually every supporting character is different from how they're usually portrayed. Alfred isn't Bruce's butler and is more of a proactive agent for the cause, Gordon isn't his ally in any capacity and the police almost entirely distrust Batman (The Bat-Signal still exists, but with a twist), Barbara Gordon is already paralyzed and will never become Batgirl, and Jason Todd isn't a Robin or a vigilante. The big villains are all going to be reinvented in ways that feel familiar but operate differently, aswell. And then there's the interconnected crime families, who are going to more closely resemble the warring factions of Westeros from Game Of Thrones than any previous incarnation.

Lastly, I've toned down the whole 'master of everything' element of his character. He's good at what he does, but I wouldn't call him the best ever as a fighter, or even close to the World's Greatest Detective. He's a man who learned alot of tricks that make him a force to be reckoned with against street criminals, with the cash to pick up his slack. If he were to go toe-to-toe with Daredevil, for instance, he'd probably do alright. But a fight with Captain America or Iron Man would leave him dusted fairly easily, not to mention a certain Man of Steel. And he's definitely not the brilliant strategist that makes the Batman of the comics seem almost ridiculously untouchable, with plans upon plans for every possible outcome. He's simply quick on his feet and lucky to be alive.

Supporting Characters: I'll start with his allies and leave the exact roles of his enemies as an in-game surprise.

Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce's mentor and trusted field agent, among many other things. Raising Bruce from the time his parents were murdered, Alfred has overseen most of Bruce's training abroad and continues to act as his moral compass.

Captain James Gordon, Batman's relentless law-abiding rival who believes him to be a criminal. He's an honest cop and honorable man, but belives Batman to be the cause of several of the city's newest threats.

Harvey Dent, Bruce's best friend since boarding school and the city's crusading A.D.A. Unwittingly acts as an informat of Batman's through Bruce's charade as a carefree friend for Dent to vent his frustrations at.

Oracle, Batman's online accomplice whose identity even he doesn't know. In actuality, she is Barbara Gordon, the wheelchair bound teenage daughter of the Captain with a vendetta all her own.

Lucius Fox, Bruce's armorer, who outfits him with the latest in scrapped military tech. Fox also currently acts as a member of the board of directors for Wayne Enterprises, keeping an eye on it's shady business dealings with a potential buyer in the majority shares, Roman Sionis.

Jason Todd, Batman's twenty-something streetwise informant and occasional mechanic, responsible for customizing the equipment Fox provides. Known for his ability to seamlessly infiltrate the local gangs.

Leslie Thompkins, Bruce's psychiatrist and a surrogate mother who helps guide Bruce through the darkness. She also works as a doctor in Arkham Asylum, where her care is considered kinder to that of men like Jonathan Crane and Professor Hugo Strange, the Asylum's administrator.

Duke Thomas, Batman's only informant from within the GCPD. One of the few honest cops in Gordon's precinct, he nevertheless only seeks the vigilante's help in times of absolute crisis and only begrudingly feeds him information out of loyalty to Gordon.

Selina Kyle, Bruce's liason to the elite of Gotham. The daughter of crimelord Carmine Falcone, whose real alliegances are routinely questionable, she is primarily responsible for introducing the billionaire to some of the city's most powerful individuals.

A.C.E, Batman's Waynetech-provided A.I. that acts as a digital super-weapon, able to black out portions of the city, remotely control his vehicles, give him three-dimensional readouts of his surroundings, and hack into the GCPD criminal database, among many other features.

And Katherine 'Kate' Kane, Bruce's cousin and one of only a handful of blood relatives. Still a teenager, she occasionally resides in Wayne Tower to escape her militant father. She remains unaware of Bruce's double life.

Sample Post:

Post Catalogue:

Volume 1: Ninety-Six Hours

1. Signal In The Sky
2. Terrorized And Terrorizing
3. Shall We Play A Game?
4. Shot In The Dark
5. Deadly Influences
6. Motives Unclear
7. Roads Paved With Good Intentions
8. A New Player In Town
9. Allies In The Field
10. Temperate Toxicity
11. Roman's Holiday
12. Life Or Death
13. Out Of Your Element
14. A Fight You Can't Win
15. Desperate Measures
16. Rock And A Hard Place
17. Out Of Control
18. The Impressionable
19. When All's Said And Done

Volume 2: The Dark Before The Dawn

1. Second Chance
2. Matters Of Family
3. Cold Realities
4. Seeing The Light
5. Gathering Intelligences
6. Through The Mud
7. Fist Of Clay
8. Black And Blue: Part 1 (w/ AndyC)
9. Black And Blue: Part 2 (w/ AndyC)
10. Black And Blue: Part 3 (w/ AndyC)
11. Black And Blue: Part 4 (w/ AndyC)
12. Black And Blue: Part 5 (w/ AndyC)
13. Black And Blue: Part 6 (w/ AndyC)
14. Black And Blue: Part 7 (w/ AndyC)
15. Black And Blue: Part 8 (w/ AndyC)
16. Black And Blue: Finale (w/ AndyC)
17. Cards On The Table
18. The War Will Carry On
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Name: Peter Reilly Parker*
Hero Name: Spider-Man
Known Aliases: Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, The Human Spider, Spidey, Wallcrawler, Webslinger, Menace
Age: 16
Powers: A genetically mutated spider transformed Peter's DNA into that of a human/arachnid hybrid, giving him the abilities proportionate to that of a spider. These powers include the ability to stick to any solid surface, superhuman strength, agility and reflexes, a biological survival sense that warns Peter of impending danger, and an organic pair of wrist spinnerets that secrete a tensile silk.


Spider-Suit: Put together from the ground up using salvaged bits of technology, the head-to-toe bodysuit that Peter wears in the field is based on his amateur wrestling gear, which consisted of a red jumper and a light blue hoodie. The advanced costume is designed to help Peter navigate throughout New York, easily take advantage of his ability to stick to walls, tune the mask's two-way mirror lenses to a variety of settings, and even protrude a gliding mechanism for emergencies.

Web-Shooters: Originally built as a container to house his own webbing samples for research purposes, Peter's outfitted these wrist-mounted devices to allow him to control his webbing with precision accuracy. Without them, he can still spin simple webs and traverse an area with ease. With them, however, he can pull of considerably more difficult stunts, such as catching a falling demolition crane, snatching up several criminals at once, and creating "impact webbing" - Peter's go-to for offense.

Spidey-App: Created by Peter himself, the encrypted phone application turns any common smartphone into a self-capture camera, an NYPD bulletin feed, a wi-fi based tracking device, and a low-level hacking tool. It's also capable of storing up to a terabyte of data on a private server.


Known Affiliations:

Uncredited Photographer for The Daily Bugle
Rotating Employment At Various Shops And Restaurants
Junior At Midtown High School


May Parker: Peter's aunt and widow to his Uncle Ben. His maternal figure and guardian.
Harry Osborn: Peter's best friend, one of the few to treat him kindly.
Gwen Stacy: Peter's neighbor since childhood, his classmate and friend.
Mary Jane Watson: Harry's girlfriend and Peter's classmate, harboring a rebellious side.
Dr. Curt Connors: Peter and Gwen's science teacher, an incredibly gifted genetic biologist that left Oscorp in disgrace following an accident that severed his arm.
Otto Octavius: Considered one of the world's leading authorities on robotics and their application in the research for clean energy sources, Otto is Peter's idol. Labelled 'Doc Ock' by the press following the Oscorp incident, the doctor is determined to rebuild his career.
Quentin Beck: A fellow classmate and kindred spirit, also frequently targeted by Flash Thompson. Peter keeps trying to help Beck out, only to be shunned by the teen's aggressively anti-social demeanor.
Felicia Hardy: Peter's classmate and longtime crush, she is virtually unaware of the timid teenager's existence - and is likely never to learn of it, given Peter's responsibilities.
Mac Gargan: Gwen's boyfriend, the high school jock with a heart of gold. Considered one of the only members of Flash Thompson's clique to accept Peter, Gwen, Harry, and MJ.
Miles Morales: A senior at Midtown, Morales regularly accepts Peter's help on science tests in exchange for helping Peter out with his own achilles' heel, history. Miles' dad used to work with Peter's uncle when they owned a small business as electricians.
Liz Allan: Flash Thompson's girlfriend, daughter of Adrian Toomes. While cold to Peter in public, she's more lukewarm when Flash isn't looking, even going as far as to befriend Gwen and MJ.
Jessica Drew: Principal of Midtown High. She genuinely cares about her students and looks to keep the peace among a growing paranoia about mutants and metahumans.


The Chameleon: A mysterious crimelord whose use of uncanny mimicry and penchant for disguises has put him at the top of the local gangs. He can appear to be anyone, making his identity unknown.
Norman Osborn: CEO of Oscorp Industries, Harry's father and a figure of controversy. His presence alone seems to draw up more trouble than anyone Peter actively fights.
Eugene 'Flash' Thompson: Peter's rival in school, and the frequent instigator of bullying against him and the other 'nerds' of Midtown since the fourth grade. If he has any likeable qualities, they're well hidden under an oafish need to step on the little guy.
The Rhino/Alex O'Hirn: A two-bit thief, and the first recurring enemy Spider-Man ever made. Possesses an abundant strength and resistance to injury, chalked largely up to his size.
The Sandman/William Baker: Former corrupt cop turned genetic freak of nature, able to control his molecules and redistribute them in a similar method to grains of sand.
The Vulture/Adrian Toomes: Part of Oscorp's VULTURE para-glider militia, Toomes commands a team outfitted with technologically advanced armored wing-suits for the sole purpose of protecting Oscorp and it's employees.
Electro/Francine Frye: Serial killer who, along with her betrothed Max Dillon, was caught in the same accident that Sergeant Baker into The Sandman. She now possesses latent electricity-based powers and a burning need to avenge her fallen husband.
Hammerhead/Joseph Lorenzini: The Chameleon's rival, a hot tempered crime-lord with an indestructible plate surgically grafted to his skull.
Kite-Man/Charles Brown: Kite-Man. Hell yeah.
Edward 'Eddie' Brock: A relentless reporter for The Daily Bugle who, in conjunction with shock-jock J. Jonah Jameson, looks to discredit Spider-Man at every turn. Unlike Jameson, Brock holds no shred of integrity and values fame over all else.


J. Jonah Jameson: The television host of a nightly news program, Just The Facts With J. Jonah Jameson, the loud-mouthed veteran newsman regularly criticizes superbeings and metahumans from Superman to Iron Man, and everyone in between. His newest target is Spider-Man, and judging by the ratings generated from Jameson's rants against Queens' new hero, he's unlikely to stop questioning the web-slinger's intentions anytime soon...
'Stan': A mysterious figure that keeps watch over Peter from the sidelines. A man whom he's never actually met, but seems to know a great deal about Peter's life. For now, he'll remain distant...

Who Is This Character?: Really?

List Of Reimagined Traits:

There's not much in the way of reimagination for Peter himself, so much as a remix of a couple of different versions. He's basically 616 Spider-Man mixed with Ultimate, the MCU, the Raimi films, the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon and the Insomniac Games' universe version. He's still a teenager burdened with Great Power and Great Responsibility with roughly the same origin, but he's of the year 2019.

The real change-up is how Spider-Man's origin relates to some of the villains' origins (Peter wasn't the only one affected by Oscorp's mistake) and how the supporting cast works and interacts with him. But otherwise, this is Spider-Man as purely as I can write him.

Story Overview:

Sample Post:

"Boy, there's just nothing I love more than being rained out on a swing home!"

I grumble to myself as the rain, almost as if the universe itself is sensing the wedgie building up between my soaked tights, begins pouring down to Biblical proportions over 5th Avenue. On a Wednesday afternoon. Funny enough, I checked the weather on my phone as I was leaving for work this morning. Sunny skies! Not a cloud in them! High of 87!

Now I know how the Yankees feel. Except, you know, I've probably got a better shot of winning the championship than them. Blindfolded, with one hand tied behind my back and no powers. They suck, is what I'm saying to myself. Why am I saying this to myself?

"Because I'm a sad, strange little man..."

Aunt May always tells me to think of all the best things in my life on days like this, where it's not so much raining cats and dogs as dumping entire buckets of zoos onto the rooftops ahead of me. Uncle Ben used to double down on that one with, "Son, for every rainy day in life, you get to enjoy years of sunshine."

Probably a good time to note that neither of them ever had to get into fights people who can actually control the weather, but hey, I'm just internally venting here. Poking my hand out infront of me in a vain attempt to see if it's somehow calmed in the forty seconds since I started on the Yankees analogy, I pull back my glove to look at my watch. Gwen and Harry wanted to see a movie tonight, and I said sure, as long as it's a matinee showing. Looks like someone's paying full price for sticking his foot in his mouth.

"Who am I kidding? That's practically my side career!", I say to myself, preparing to fire out a webline to brave the storm. "Eh, well. At least no matter what, I'm having a better day than Sandman."

Just as I say that, the distinct sound of an explosion rings out across Manhattan. My Spider-Sense buzzes loud enough to cause me to jump out from under my perch, somersault upwards, and land on the scaffolding above.

"I think I liked it better when the rain was my enemy..."

With alarms blaring from what appears to be the Fifth National Bank, I sigh to myself and briefly consider sending Gwen an apology text. But then I remember that I don't have my phone. Because I'm wearing wet, skintight underpants that can barely even hold spare change.

"Whelp, Parker. You wanted a change of pace from a lousy rainy afternoon."

Firing off a webline, the rain becomes something of a pelting series of windy scratches, as I soar high into the air and begin to fire another. Aunt May would be proud of me, because I am starting to think positively.

"Can't say you never get what you want."

- - -

*(Yeah, I know his middle name is Benjamin. This is a different Peter than in 616. Wanted to reflect that.)
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C H A R A C T E R   C O N C E P T   P R O P O S A L
S T E V E   R O G E R S

...S T E V E N   G R A N T  R O G E R S......V E T E R A N / R E T I R E E  / L I V I N G   L E G E N D......
...W H E A T O N , N E W   J E R S E Y......( F O R M E R L Y )   S . H . I . E . L . D ...

C H A R A C T E R   C O N C E P T:

"The price of freedom is high. It always has been. And it's a price I'm willing to pay."

At this point, the foundation of who this version of Steve is wholly belongs to @webboysurf's fantastic work all throughout last season. I only want to build on what he's established and use it to push Captain America forward. At the end of season one, especially, he had to do alot of things that would completely break a lesser man. Murdering two villains fits that bill. While not broken, Steve is definitely lingering into this season with some considerable scars. Even a man of action needs some time to re-evaluate and figure out his place when things go that dark for him, and Steve's intent is to learn from what he considers to be compromises in order to discover if there's a better way. It'll be a road that'll last all season, and I'm not content to put him back in the stars and stripes immediately. He'll have to earn that, but I hope that in the journey there, I can help build Steve Rogers into the Captain America of today rather than keep him as the Captain America of yesteryear.

After the series of events that disillusioned him with both S.H.I.E.L.D. and the world that he once thought he knew, but learned he never really did, Steve Rogers left New York three months ago and retreated west. He now lives in partial isolation, taking up residency in the small town that was once home to his training camp in 1942. The locals don't ever really recognize him, and if they do, they keep it to themselves as he spends his days repairing an old house that belonged to a dear friend, and spends his nights catching up on every significant world event that transpired between 1945 and 2019 to observe, learn from, and form his own conclusions on modern society as it took shape without the bias of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files to blanket everything under the global peacekeeping organization's version of events.

But while Cap remains benched and unauthorized for field duty, Nick Fury and his Commandos have been struggling to balance the fallout of the Metahuman Supremacy Front's attack on New York and shutting down the machinations of the newly reformed HYDRA as they operate under the command of The Red Skull, seizing power away from Baron Zemo's personal vendetta to set a course for destruction on a worldwide stage. And while Fury himself may not think much of turning away a liability like Captain Rogers, there are those on the team - some likely, some very unlikely - who feel as though the fight with HYDRA only ends when Captain America returns.

C H A R A C T E R   M O T I V A T I O N S   &   G O A L S:

Captain America is one of the highest echelon of characters in comics, not because of how long he's been around, but because of how writers have shaped him over the nearly 80 years of his existence. He's one of the few characters that I'd consider it an honor to play. My motivation beyond that is whenever webboysurf indicated that he'd be retiring the role, I went back and read his stuff out of curiosity. Rather than finding myself bogged down by another person's continuity, however, I really found myself envisioning his next chapter as the stories played out - to the point that as his run wrapped up the first season, everything fell into place organically to tell my story entirely unaltered. Now I just have to carry it out while trying to keep true to the established character, weaving both webb's continuity and the larger mythos of Cap's history together into a tapestry of my own.

C H A R A C T E R   N O T E S:

S A M P L E   P O S T:

Normandy, June 1944 - D-Day

The humidity of a hard-fought battle finally gives way to the smell of gunpowder. Corpses of both allies and enemies line the sands of the beach. Distant gunfire and bombs pop off, filling the air with a metaphorical symphony of cataclysm. For the soldiers that stand, the hope is that it's the cataclysm of German forces and their stranglehold on the area. For those that want to go home, see their families again, and put aside the ever-looming threat of a violent end in service of a greater sacrifice. But for the man standing on the hill, just overlooking the parameter that leads directly from Omaha Beach into the Nazi-occupied city of Bayeux, the hope is that his men come back with good - hell, any news about the subsequent strike against Erwin Rommell's forces. Commanding the 107th battalion, the figure clutching at the hunk of metal strapped to his wrist had ordered that his personal strike team go ahead without him as he personally dispatched six enemy tanks that were flanking every direction. And yet Captain America's primary concern, amongst the dead and barely living, was that he hadn't made a grave error in sending these hundreds of an overall twenty-four thousand man operation directly into Hitler's clutches.

"Come on, Buck.", he silently whispered. "Don't do this to us. Not today, not now."

Five agonizing minutes went by without so much as a shot, signaling a change of course in the battle. Placing his battle-worn helmet atop his leather cowl, the Captain had finally ran out of patience. Of the many still stationed to watch the coast, Rogers counted fifteen who weren't visibly damaged or cut apart by enemy minutes. He'd need more to truly be able to breach the Nazi's wall and get into Bayeux to find his Howling Commandos - or what was left of them, at least - before it was too late, but he didn't see waiting as a viable option anymore. The wounded were being treated to, as were the dead. His job on this front of the war was finished. Now it seemed that a rescue op was in order. In an effortless motion, he removed the shield clinging onto his gauntlet and placed it on the satchel attached to his back. For the men below, it was an awe-inspiring sight. Even with the colors muted from a bright red, white, and blue into a virtually maroon, gray, and black uniform, Captain America still looked uncharacteristically fictional among the very grim reality that surrounded him. Like something out of the pictures or the pulps had sprung forth into their reality.


Turning his head as an armed soldier approached his six.

"Tell the others to gear up and prep for a run. We're going after the missing."

The color from the soldier's face nearly cascaded out of existence. But over the past few months, the man had grown to know better than to question a direct order from the man who was almost assuredly going to drive his fist through Hitler's jaw.

"Consider it done, sir."

Emptying the magazine from his side-arm, Captain Rogers removed another clip and placed it into the chamber. He had already practically spent every ounce of his super-soldier serum given strength and agility to take out those tanks, and yet any hesitation to head back into battle never appeared in his mind. But even he knew that there was a chance that this could be their last stand. His enhancements gave him a clear edge, but he wasn't invincible - at least, literally speaking. He could never tell that to the men who stood even less of a chance surviving the through the day.

"We charge for the city walls in..."

A deafening explosion knocked several of the soldiers off of their feet, as Captain America found himself interrupted. He turned, shield raised, to the North and braced for something to hit. An enemy band of troops sent to scout for survivors. German planes looking to incinerate the shores. At this rate, Rogers was half-expecting some metal monstrosity straight out of the adventure books he read as a child to emerge, with big claws and a beam from outer space.

Instead, he lowered the shield upon hearing his own troops begin to cheer. Cap looked again to the North, watching as a German tower crumbled onto itself like a sandcastle on the very beach beneath his feet. Brick and dust shot out of the side of it followed by a gust of fire. Steve could hardly believe his eyes, but the grin on his face was no less visible.


This was the sign that Bucky had told him they'd give upon victory. They were alive.

How many, of course, was yet to be determined. But they were alive.

And that meant that they were going to see another fight, bringing the War even closer to the finish line.

"At ease, soldiers!", Cap shouted, looking over his shoulder. "Lieutenant Barnes and his fleet have done the hard work. Now it's up to use to clean up the mess. So let's make sure that bastard Rommell never sees the light of day!"

The soldiers gave an even louder cheer, raising their guns as they ran forth to join Captain America while he marched ahead.

He felt a hand clasp onto his shoulder, forcing him to stop.


Steve spun around, seeing a familiar face greet him. But he felt the pit of his stomach immediately turn, and the hairs of the back of his neck stand on end. The figure that stood infront of him was familiar, sure, but it was one that didn't belong. The face of a blonde, hazel-eyed woman that smiled back him. A person that had never been alive in the year 1944. And one that he would never see again after 2019.


Cap removed his helmet, his eyes widened in fear.


Sharon Carter evaporated just as quickly as she appeared, torn apart yet again by Zemo's horrid machine. Steve reached out, realizing that he had failed to grab onto her a second time. His heart stopped, and he immediately became aware of his surroundings. He wasn't in 1944, and this wasn't D-Day. As he looked back at the soldiers heading into battle, they began to evaporate too. Leaving him alone with their ghosts.

"You shouldn't have let them die."

Sharon's voice was no longer tangible as human. It was all around him. In the skies above him, in the sands. Even the seas seemed to bellow out with disgust, as Steve dropped his shield into the mud. He dropped to his knees, closing his eyes and realizing that he was hyperventilating.

"You shouldn't have let me die."

It felt as if his asthma was back. Only a thousand times worse, as though his lungs were made of lead.

"But that's all that Captain America ever was, wasn't it?"


Steve clutched at both sides of his head, Sharon's voice becoming illuminated even further by the sudden return of the ambience of a destructive conflict.

"A harbinger of death, painted up as a symbol."

The Captain fell onto his side, trying his best to block out the voice.


But it wouldn't leave.

"Please... stop..."

It would never leave.

"You failed us all."

P O S T   C A T A L O G:

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C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:
"Somebody had to do something. And you sure weren't about to!"
- Terry McGinnis to Bruce Wayne

Obviously, this isn't a character that originated with me. @Lord Wraith did all of the heavy lifting to establish the blend of both the contemporary Batman mythos and the canon of Batman Beyond, resulting in a version where Terry can operate as Batman in a modern Gotham City that hasn't become a Blade Runner-esque futurescape. So the changes to the regular Batman canon should be apparent - my goal is basically to take the baton and run with it, seeing as I've had conversations with Wraith about the basic philosophies of what made Batman Beyond interesting (so don't expect a Riddler Beyond or similar gimmick concepts). We both seem to agree that Terry should be the focus, not Bruce.

Wraith provided me with alot of story content that he was going to do himself, but has no interest in pursuing any further, so I'm going to do what I can to blend what he had in mind with my own ideas since I like alot of what he came up with. Beyond that (no pun intended), I want to really flesh out the Gotham of the past and the Gotham of the present, since The Batman's been around since the 1960's and holds a metric slag-ton of history that influences Terry's life as the heir to the cowl.

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

The overall crux of Batman Beyond, as I've revisited the show, is that as Terry grew into the mantle of Batman, he became further away from what Bruce Wayne was whenever he was active. The best way to describe his personality is that Terry evolved from the best parts of each Robin to create a new character, someone who saw things like justice and heroism in a more optimistic light than his predecessor while retaining the rough edges that would make someone The Dark Knight. My plan isn't to deviate from this arc, but to take it even further. Right now, Terry's operating very much in the shadow of The Bat, but I want him to eventually own the role almost independently of Bruce and set the course for his own destiny. Which I recognize is a mammoth task when Bruce Wayne has been the originator from day one of his creation, but I want to make it clear that the old Batman's days are over rather than lean on Terry being an extension of one man's legacy.

Especially since the canon of the DCAU went so far in the opposite direction that they eventually retconned Terry into Bruce's biological... well, let's not get into it. Best to ignore the mistakes of the past, right?

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

Supporting Cast - Established By Wraith

Bruce Wayne - the original Batman, Terry's mentor, who retired in 1995 after a life-altering final mission. Wayne is actually 80 years old, but appears closer 60 due to a Lazarus Pit encounter.
Ace - the loyal guard dog of Bruce Wayne, and sometimes ally to Terry as Batman in the field.
Melanie Walker - Terry's current girlfriend, formerly the villainess 'Ten' of The Royal Flush Gang.
Mary McGinnis - Terry's mother, legal guardian, and widow to Terry's father, Warren.
Matthew McGinnis - Terry's younger brother, who lives only to annoy his older brother.
Maxine 'Max' Gibson - Terry's lone confidant in his secret life, a genius level hacker.
Carrie Kelly - Max's girlfriend and one of Terry's classmates at Hamilton Hill High.
Dana Tan - Terry's longtime girlfriend, recently turned ex.
Chelsea Cunningham - Terry and Dana's more 'out there' friend, prone to attracting attention for her rebellious behavior.
Nelson Nash - Terry's rival and frequent social antagonist, arrogant and spoiled rich.
Commissioner James Gordon - Current head of the GCPD, unaffiliated with The Batman past or present.*

*Established by @IceHeart

Antagonists - Established By Wraith

Roman Sionis/The Black Mask
Jervis Tetch/The Mad Hatter
Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin
Lonnie Lachin/MoneySpider
Deever And Dumfree Tweed/Tweedledee And Tweedledum
Real Name Unknown/The Tally Man
Warren White
The Mutant Gang
The Jokerz
The Sons Of Batman

Supporting Characters - Established By Me

Antagonists - Established By Me

Deceased Characters
The Joker
Catwoman/Selina Kyle
Alfred Pennyworth
Lucius Fox
The Riddler/Edward Nigma
Ra's Al Ghul, The Demon's Head
Two-Face/Harvey Dent
The Scarecrow/Jonathan Crane
Mr. Freeze/Victor Fries
Arnold Wesker/The Ventriloquist
The Phantasm/Andrea Beaumont

S A M P L E P O S T:

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P H I L A N T H R O P I S T G O T H A M C I T Y , N E W J E R S E Y W A Y N E I N T E R N A T I O N A L
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"Never again."

For over half a century, Gotham City had been protected from the forces of evil by an unseen guardian. Considered an urban myth whispered among a superstitious and cowardly criminal lot, those who had been saved by him and those who had been unfortunate enough to earn his wrath knew him only as The Batman. And as the times and traditions of Gotham's citizens changed, he remained the one true constant, striking terror into criminal factions of all creeds and urban terrorists that sought to challenge him through their own bizarre, inspired gimmicks. But with the aid of Commissioner James Gordon, his trusted and faithful servant Alfred, his one-time partner Robin, The Boy Wonder, and the use of his civilian identity as billionaire Bruce Wayne, The Batman crusaded against evil successfully for many years - until one fateful night in 1986 changed everything.

Becoming hardened, grim and vicious, The Dark Knight Detective began to forgo the shadows and legitimately terrorize evildoers, leaving them maimed, broken, and scarred beyond repair. Some terrible evil had been committed against him, and those who knew him best were unable to comprehend how Gotham's greatest hero could have fallen so far. It wasn't until many years later, in a final fight against arguably his greatest foe, The Joker, that something finally shattered The Caped Crusader's restless spirit. Bruce Wayne realized that he'd come too close to the edge for comfort - or worse, that he may have even descended into the abyss without even realizing it. And so he made a choice.

Retiring the cape and cowl, destroying the many weapons, gadgets, suits and vehicles that he'd used to operate as a vigilante, and going so far as to abandon Stately Wayne Manor and block off the fabled Batcave beneath, Wayne devoted himself to his philanthropic and financial efforts entirely. One way or another, The Batman was dead. And as soon as his absence became noticed, his rogue's gallery seemed to slowly dissipate, either dying out due to age, unfortunate circumstances, or retiring far away from Gotham to live in peace, their war against the masked vigilante having ended. With only a few remaining in Arkham and no further escapes reported, Gotham seemed to settle into a period of peace, seemingly affirming that The Batman's war on crime had escalated the very evil he sought to vanquish and that the city was better off without him.

But while Batman's abscence may have left Gotham with eased tensions, they eventually began to boil over once again with a dramatic rise in street crime. With Commissioner Gordon having left the GCPD years earlier, a new civil servant had to rise up and challenge this escalating violence - and to everyone's surprise, the one to answer the call would be Harvey Dent. The one-time criminal known as Two-Face, Dent had been given a clean bill of health and returned to civilian life shortly after his masked enemy retired. Having managed to amass a fortune that rivaled Bruce Wayne's own in the years following, Dent's charm and ambition managed to win him back the public's trust - aswell as an eventual election for Mayor of Gotham City.

In a move that could only be seen as suspicious soon after taking office, one of Dent's first acts as Mayor was to erect a massive wall, blocking off the crime-ridden East End of Gotham City from the more fortunate West End, where the rich were accommodated while the poor were left to fend for themselves against common criminals and street gangs. Despite the best efforts of Commissioner Renee Montoya and the GCPD, whose members were beginning to align with Dent's promise of a Gotham where good and evil could be easily separated, The Blackgate Wall eventually stood as either an achievement in forceful dominion over crime or a testament to a city too far gone to be saved. Montoya eventually quit the force in disgust, leading the way for the ruthless Lyle Bolton to succeed her. But regardless of who was running the police, the massive blockade proved to be effective at preventing GCPD from interfering with what transpired in what was then dubbed "Old Gotham", with even fewer citizens of "New Gotham" willing to lend a hand. While some initially heeded the legend of The Batman as an example to try and take back their streets, those that fought back were soon eliminated by a vicious gang of masked criminals calling themselves The Disciples Of Order.

In the year 2020, all hope seems lost. Bruce Wayne is 81 years old, forced into a pending retirement as CEO of Wayne Enterprises. The once gallivanting socialite has turned into a bitter old hermit, never seen among the public between his hours at the office and the many nights spent alone on the top floor of Wayne Tower, overlooking the city he once would have given his life for - wishing desperately to be able to defend it once again, but physically and mentally unable to return to the mantle of The Bat. In his mind, he is poised to die a failure, leaving behind a Gotham City torn apart by the very sort of criminal that murdered his parents.

It is only until a mysterious figure treads the soiled ground where a ghostly Wayne Manor now stands and begins digging, reaching the partially collapsed ruins of The Batcave beneath with the intent to steal a very important book - The Journal Of Alfred J. Pennyworth - that the quest for Gotham's salvation begins again. Someone out there knows Gotham's biggest secret, and they're determined to continue the fight whether Bruce Wayne allows it or not.

The Batman is dead.

Long live The Batman.

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

This concept is the most ambitious endeavor I've ever attempted with the character. It's not so much about one single narrative - with the exception of Bruce Wayne and the new Batman's perspectives, since they're the protagonists - as it is the biggest statement I have about the myth and legacy of Batman and how that can affect a Gotham City which has seemingly lost it's hope. When Bruce began as a vigilante, he was trying to save a corrupt version of the city. This is the antithesis, where the war was seemingly won, but the corruption naturally took back over after the age of the costumed supervillain passed. There's been no one there to stop it - until now.

I've taken alot of inspiration from notable Elseworlds stories, including The Dark Knight Returns, Year 100, Brotherhood Of The Bat, The Batman of Bethlehem, White Knight, Arkham City, a very tiny bit of Batman Beyond, and the general history of the character in comics, films, television, games, and everything in between. I've also taken some inspiration from stuff like HBO's Watchmen, Logan, Netflix's Daredevil, and the current political climate of The United States to really try and tell a story with some meat to it. It's going to be something very personal that I hope can be wholly mine and yet honor everything that Batman is and has been for the last 81 years.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

Gotham is home to many characters that operate within the new status quo of a city quite literally divided. Very few of the original rogues gallery remain, and if they do, they're far too diminished to make any trouble now. But there are quite a few recognizable names that still appear within the city that will make up the supporting cast of Bruce Wayne and the as-of-yet-unidentified Caped Crusader.

And finally...

The Once Deadly... And The Dead
Many of Batman's original rogues gallery were either scared off by their arch-nemesis' newly gruesome approach to striking fear into the hearts of his enemies, forced into retirement by debilitating circumstances, or simply died off due to a varying number of causes. Whatever the case may be, their names are almost as mythic as Batman's own, even now existing as whispers within the halls of The Arkham Institute from the mouths of those who still remember. They are...

Residents Of The Arkham Institute

Julian Day
Thomas Elliot
Hugo Strange
Drury Walker
Jervis Tetch
Arnold Wesker

The Dead

Poison Ivy
1966-1997. Transmutated.

1965-2012. Overdose.

Ra's Al Ghul
????-2005. Natural Causes.

The Scarecrow
1941-2008. Heart Attack.

Harley Quinn
1952-1992. Murdered.

1950-2016. Suicide.

1952-2012. Asphyxiation.

Victor Zsasz
1972-2005. Shivved.

P O S T C A T A L O G:


1. And I Heard, As It Were, The Voice Of Thunder
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The Narrows, 2005.

A traumatized boy is escorted out of his home by police as two bodies are covered by a tarp. The couple is a lower class family, a small business owner and a nurse practitioner. A break-in turned home invasion and double homicide, the attending officer James Gordon notes, with nothing notable about them except for their name - Wayne.

It isn't mere coincidence, as the city soon learns that the patriarch of the family was indeed the brother of billionaire Phillip Wayne, sole heir to the Wayne family fortune and CEO of Wayne Enterprises. Phillip's reputation as a cold, calculating businessman who never fails to step on the little guy to stay ahead is put aside, as the news portrays him in a gentler light when side-by-side with his 10-year-old nephew at the burial site of the deceased Thomas and Martha Wayne. It is said that Phillip will gain legal custody of the boy, whose name is kept anonymous from the press, and that the mystery child could potentially become the new face of Wayne Enterprises when he turns of age.

This, of course, never happens. When the cameras are done rolling, Phillip places his nephew Bruce into the care of a private investigator that he has on retainer, hoping that a foster home can be found without taking a hit to his newfound publicity. The private investigator, Alfred J. Pennyworth, takes an immediate shine to the boy and decides that Bruce needs to be raised with more care and finesse than Phillip would ever be capable of. Alfred ensures that Bruce's education is paid for and that his future remains prospective in the face of a two-fold barrage of tragedy and greed.

This only partially happens. Bruce is eventually diagnosed as having extreme Post Traumatic Stress. He can barely get through a night's rest without waking up screaming, reliving the horrible night that his parents were murdered. Alfred consults Gotham City's top psychiatrists, but nothing seems to work. Bruce is constantly sneaking out of the house, often being found at his parents' gravesite after hours and telling the officers that find him about the last movie he saw when they were alive: The Shadow Of The Gray Ghost.

"Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot,", the boy explains, paraphrasing the film. "That's how you can stop them, isn't it? Because they're afraid."

The officers usually say nothing, but it's a fantasy that Bruce carries with him for the rest of his life. Growing into the role of a teenage social outcast, he becomes reclusive from his schoolmates, teachers, and neighbors. Alfred eventually learns that Bruce is intentionally blocking them out, with his sights set on one goal: the complete and utter dissolution of organized crime in Gotham. So in a desperate bid to break through to his son, Alfred plays along with this delusion - so much so that he eventually gets lost in it himself. Bruce is convinced that he will need instructors for this mission of his, so Alfred reaches out through the grapevine to find what Bruce is looking for, still thinking it to be harmless, though an intense phase of his troubled young life.

The first instructor that Bruce meets is Ted Grant, a former heavyweight boxing champion turned owner of the run-down Wildcat's Gym. In exchange for taking on a part-time job in helping to fix up the place, Grant gives Bruce nightly lessons in hand-to-hand combat. The basics of boxing, at first, but Bruce eventually convinces Grant to bring in some friends that can teach him a cursory knowledge of how to perform Silat, Kali, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Tai Kwon Do, Wushu and even Judo with relative success. Grant is amazed at Bruce's proficiency with each style, displaying a level of memory retention that allows him to mimic and master every move that he's given. By the time that he turns eighteen, Bruce is a natural - so much so that he turns his attention away from combat to seek a new vocation.

Though Alfred eventually retires from the business, he does introduce Bruce to a detective named Slam Bradley under the pretense of needing a steady job. Bradley puts Bruce to work on errands, but eventually catches onto the kid's true intention: he wants to learn the trade. And so Bradley takes him out on a few field investigations, letting him know how to approach a scene undetected, tail a potential suspect, gather evidence, and come up with conclusive results. Within three years, Bruce becomes equal in skill to his mentor and is working as an assistant, breaking some of Bradley's toughest cases on his own.

During this phase in his life, Bruce runs afoul of some dangerous members of Gotham's underworld. But rather than turn back and avoid danger, Bruce seems to run toward it, despite Slam's protests - eventually having a falling out with his determined protege. But Bruce doesn't seem to care, and within a night, Alfred discovers the reason why in a letter left for him: he's realized that to learn all he needs to know, he'll have to turn to more unorthodox mentors to stay ahead. Burglars, thieves, underground fighters, drug dealers, gang members, street racers, and all manner of the criminal element that infests the city. Only through them, Bruce reasons, will he learn how to turn their methods against them. Alfred doesn't see or hear from Bruce for another five years.

But as Bruce's "education" continues, it becomes clear that the Wayne family name is carrying terrible secrets. Phillip Wayne is arraigned on suspicion of colluding with the Falcone Crime Family, painting Wayne Enterprises in a less than flattering light and prompting the question of who will become Wayne's successor. While a few stories run of the mysterious young boy that Phillip supposedly adopted, most outlets are focused on leading figures of the industry that are looking to bid for Wayne Enterprises' stocks. The most ruthless of them is the owner of a franchise series of nightclubs named Oswald Cobblepot, looking to go legitimate and put Wayne Enterprises back on top. In actuality, however, Oswald is Carmine Falcone's rival in the mob and knows that securing the company will generate enough revenue to make his weapons' trade the most prospective venture on the black market. The only thing standing in Oswald's way is the jailed Phillip - and with a single phone call, that obstacle is rooted out: Phillip Wayne dies in a pool of his blood, having been shivved by three fellow inmates. Within a month, Oswald is named CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

Over the next few years, the corruption in Gotham begins to escalate. The streets are engulfed in a massive gang war between Roman Sionis, the sadomasochistic leader of The False Face Society, and Waylon Jones, the murderous psychopath who butchered his way to the top of the food chain, earning himself the moniker of Killer Croc. Through these powerful underworld leaders, several criminal enterprises are allowed to thrive. Dr. Crane of the mental hospital established in place of Wayne Manor following Phillip's death, Arkham Manor, seems to be misplacing many of his patients. The police turn a blind eye to this activity and the District Attorney, Harvey Dent, is proven to be far from incorruptible. Mayor Rupert Thorne openly mocks the victims of GCPD brutality in The Narrows, proclaiming that any violence would have been avoided if they'd vacated their homes. Captain Lyle Bolton is visibly covering up these incidents, threatening any press that attempts to cover what's happening. Millions of citizens are being blackmailed by an anonymous hacker who bizzarely leaves puzzles in places of frozen bank accounts. The economy is down, tensions are escalating, and even those fighting for the good - such as Lieutenant James Gordon - are beginning to lose faith in the possibility that peace can be restored.

Enter a series of robberies at Wayne Enterprises' Applied Sciences Division. A figure in black attacks each of the archival warehouses with uncanny precision. Each security guard is systematically taken down, the alarms are bypassed, the military-grade technology that lies dormant is stolen in irregularly large quantities, and the warehouses themselves are ransacked to the point that no one piece of equipment can be properly identified. Oswald Cobblepot publicly condemns the lunatic responsible, placing pressure on Mayor Thorne and Commissioner Loeb to head up an investigation. But the thief is never caught and the robberies go unsolved.

Around the same time, Lucius Fox is greeted outside of his home by a young man with jet black hair. He tells Fox that he knows what happened to the man's late son, Luke, how nothing was ever done about the wrongful murder at the hands of a corrupt cop named Flass. He promises that if Fox, a former engineer and member of the board of directors at Wayne Enterprises, helps him to not only learn how to use a heap of stolen technology but improve upon it, that he'll make sure Luke's murderer is put in jail for the rest of his life. The man only ever identifies himself as William Kane, but Fox suspects it to be an alias. Nevertheless, he takes a chance. Within a week, Arnold Flass is arrested after evidence is anonymously collected and sent to Lieutenant Gordon. Fox begins teaching 'William' what each gadget does, and 'William' begins sending back notes.

But it isn't enough. Despite being armed to the teeth with such items as an experimental grapple launcher, modified tasers, tear gas and mace caplets that explode upon impact, and a police radio dispatch forcefully taken from a corrupt officer, Bruce Wayne returns to Alfred's doorstep in a bloody heap, near the point of death after having tried to save a family from being jumped just outside of a theater by a gang of False Facers. As he lies in a hospital bed, drifting in and out of consciousness, Bruce begins to relive the night that he'd always been afraid to confront in a series of hallucinations. This assault on his senses doesn't stop until, upon happenstance, Bruce notices a winged animal fighting to defend its nest outside of his hospital window. It inspires him to fight these delusions in tandem, becoming unafraid of the memories of losing his parents as the bat manages to restore its place.

Taking it as a sign, the words of The Gray Ghost echo throughout Bruce's mind throughout his recovery: that criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot. To prey on their fears, he'll have to appear to them as something that isn't entirely human. Within an hour of being released from the hospital, he phones Lucius Fox with a brand new series of ideas - and with some trial and error, a new persona that Bruce crafts for himself that will begin the fight to reclaim Gotham. An unsung figure that will strike from the shadows and use the night to his advantage.

The beginning of the The Gotham Bat's legend has begun.
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"Woe to you, blind guides! You say, 'If anyone swears by the temple, it means nothing; but anyone who swears by the gold of the temple is bound by that oath.'" - Matthew 23:16

T H E D E V I L O F H E L L ' S K I T C H E N

M a t t h e w M u r d o c k D e f e n s e A t t o r n e y / V i g i l a n t e H e l l ' s K i t c h e n , N e w Y o r k C i t y , N Y
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"You believe people can change? I don't think we can. Well, maybe we get a little... nicer. A little angrier. But we can't change our fundamental nature."

Five years into his career as an attorney by day and vigilante by night, Matt is starting to have doubts about the level of brutality that he inflicts on a nightly basis. His senses allow him to control every encounter so that he doesn't go so far as to strike a fatal blow, but his restlessness along with Elektra's influence has begun to blur the line over where he stands. He seeks weekly penance in the form of confession from a nun that watched over him, Sister Maggie, but he's started to challenge God's wisdom in the face of his own inner-turmoil. He wants to be something better than he is, but he can't figure out what that would be.

Making matters worse is that while he and Elektra have been able to keep the small-timers and the wannabe members of the Maggia out of Hell's Kitchen, there's been a new presence beginning to loom large over the fledgling criminal underworld that's been operating in the district - a distant voice in the ear of every petty crook that instructs them on how to claim their piece of the Kitchen, and the considerable wealth to back up all of these endeavors, so long as they pledge loyalty. This figure calls himself The Kingpin, and while he isn't a major player when compared to the likes of Hammerhead, Caesar Cicero, or The Owl, he's been cutting enough deals to potentially, with time gain control of not just a single operation.. but all the Kitchen's illegal output.

Matt Murdock has a choice to make, and soon. Uphold the law by trying to fix the system from within, embracing a side of himself that yearns for true justice... or let the Devil out for real, letting it consume his soul at the cost of saving Hell's Kitchen from complete damnation?

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

Only behind Batman, Spidey, and Supes, Daredevil ranks high among my favorite characters. He's someone you can do so many things with, as alot of the prolific runs have taught, but there's something very appealing about his relationship with morality and how he often falls very short. Law and order are nice concepts, but justice is a whole other ballpark, and that's what is going to define Matt's journey towards truly becoming Daredevil - which he distinctly hasn't become, because I want to take the ideas of Born Again and his other low points of Matt's from the comics and use it to enact a tipping point.

He's not a particularly good guy right now, as he maims and tortures criminals without a second thought. The question is, if he puts on the red suit, does he become Daredevil in the traditional sense? Or does he decide that Daredevil is what needs to be feared by all, and really use it as his advantage in an act of letting go of all of the things that he perceives is holding him back?

The reason that Elektra and Kingpin are so focal to this Matt aren't because they're simply enemies to overcome, but they're shadows - echoes of what Matt's inner thoughts are telling him to do. A sort of literalization of the Angel and Devil on the shoulder idea, with Elektra indulging his promise to God not to allow more blood to spill onto the streets while Fisk takes on the role of what Matt would become if he looked at his vigilante crusade as a mission to keep the streets clean, no matter the consequences.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

Supporting Cast:

Elektra Natchios - Matt's partner on the streets, having traded in the life of an assassin for fellow vigilante. While they're devoted to one another and even engage in the occasional one-night stand, Matt refuses to let their relationship move beyond that because of Elektra's willingness to let herself be known by the criminals they fight. As a result, he doesn't include her in his daily life, fearing that she might destroy the only normalcy he has life.

Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson - Matt's boss and mentor. No longer the bumbling sidekick, Foggy is instead an adept, seasoned attorney that runs the practice of Nelson, Murdock, and Page. While certainly still eccentric, wearing bowties and regularly blasting swing music after a hard day's work, Foggy is more authoritative in his approach to holding Matt accountable.

Karen Page - Matt's law partner. As a defense attorney on her own merits with five years under her belt, Karen has remained the heart and soul of what Matt and Foggy do by regularly reminding them what merits the law still has, and taking both men to task when they seem to forget. Karen and Matt harbor feelings for one another, but Matt's distant behavior regarding his off-duty hours - coupled with the times she's found a mysterious Greek woman enjoying his company at his loft - keeps her at bay.

Wilson Fisk - A renowned land developer and leader of business, Fisk is beloved by the public for his unwavering critique of corrupt officials and law enforcement, even garnering him a few supporters for a Senate run. What few are privy to is the fact that Fisk is a mover and shaker behind the scenes aswell, supplying resources and guidance to those in the criminal underworld that need it. This has earned him the codename 'Kingpin', and a spot among NYC's worst mobsters that think he's worth far more to them as an asset than an enemy. Recently, Wilson has taken particular interest in Hell's Kitchen as a testing ground for something that could result in an empire.

Sister Maggie - Matt's biological mother, unbeknownst to him, and his religious counsel.

Lawrence Cranston -

Ben Urich -

Mary Walker -

Leeland Owlsey -

Vincent Patillo -

Melvin Potter -

Jonathan Powers -

Detective Larks -

Detective Taurens -

Officer Day -

Turk Barrett -

Stick -

S A M P L E P O S T:

A sample post that can be used in the IC if you so desire upon acceptance. This post should provide an example of your vision for the desired character. This sample post should meet all standards outline in the rules and additionally include dialogue, mannerisms and other actions representative of your intended portrayal.

P O S T C A T A L O G:

A list linking to your IC posts as they're created. This can be used for a reference guide to your character or to summarize completed arcs and stories.
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Bruce Wayne, 28-29 (b. 1939)
Millionaire Playboy / Masked Vigilante
Gotham City, New Jersey

Active since Fall 1963

Character Concept

In the shadow of the Great Depression, Gotham City fell under the control of a ruling class of mobsters looking to pilfer the once prosperous capital for all it was worth. From Boss Salvatore Maroni to Sal Valestra and his cohorts Chuckie Sol and Buzz Bronski, innocent citizens and proud patriots to serve in the first World War were all sent to the streets to beg. Some tried to leave, but the easy money made through the available rackets became all too alluring. And with the 1946 election of highly corrupt city councilman Hamilton Hill to the Mayor's office, the police, the DA's office, and everything in between were brought under the control of crime-lord Carmine "The Roman" Falcone.

What drew many outsiders to claim that Gotham was a lost cause, however, was the murder of a prominent doctor and his wife on the streets of the city's celebrated Park Row Avenue. Humanitarians to the very end, Thomas and Martha Wayne were both considered revolutionary in helping to reopen the long dormant Arkham Home For The Criminally Disturbed. But with all evidence pointing towards a peasant mugger being their assailant, and Mrs. Wayne's pearl necklace indicating the motive a robbery, all that could be said about the double event was that it was an act of random tragedy. Not even their orphaned son, Bruce, would be able to identify the culprit.

But a solemn vow would be made. The son's unfathomable despair would give way to an unshakable drive to see justice brought to Gotham's streets. Bruce Wayne would spend the earliest parts of his teenage years abroad in study before officially being declared missing in 1955. In reality, Wayne had left the public eye of his own volition, to master his mind and body in a preparation for a crusade against all crime - a veritable war on a different front.

At age 24, Bruce officially returned to Gotham to claim his multi-million dollar inheritance from the Wayne estate's sole and dutiful benefactor, Alfred Pennyworth. Spending months crafting a suitable public persona as an extravagant playboy, appearing at large social functions, dating fashion models and writing checks for any cause that suited him, Bruce donned a series of disguises to begin infiltrating the criminal underworld.

After a particularly harrowing encounter, however, Bruce found himself lying half-dead in the study of Wayne Manor. He'd somehow overlooked something. The scum he was putting away were back on the streets within hours of when he'd nail them, and the DA's office was powerless to stop the rampantly corrupt GCPD from falsely imprisoning the blacks, the hispanics, the gays, and anyone else who stood defiant against these crooks without looking a certain color or acting a certain way. It disgusted Bruce, who felt particularly powerless, even with all of his newfound wealth.

But one of Kirigi's mantras echoed through his mind: that criminals were inherently "a superstitious and cowardly lot". He didn't want to take the lives of his enemies, but he definitely wanted them scared - and he wanted them to stay afraid, tormented by the mere idea that something as horrible as him could even exist. But to accomplish that, he'd have to be more than a man. Delving into the pulp magazines of his childhood, Wayne's long-admired fictional heroes of Detective Harvey Harris and The Grey Ghost were beginning to give him ideas. And the black and white movies that used to frighten him as a boy, the ones set in creepy castles with monstrous figures appearing out of the shadows to terrorize society, particularly began to take hold of his psyche.

It was while preparing to watch "The Mark Of Zorro", a 1940 swashbuckler about a man of wealth and privilege striking against oppression while wearing a mask, that a stray bat flew into Wayne's study and momentarily frightened him. But that fear quickly dissapated as a life-changing realization took hold. And in shadow of that encounter, the makings of a crusade would begin in earnest.

Weeks went by, preparations were made, and Wayne found himself dwelling atop the rooftops and the dark shadows of the city's alleyways. He had ceased to be a man, opting to instead immerse himself in his new role and become a creature of the night. He easily began dispatching purse snatchers and would-be murderers with his disguise's frightful appearance alone. Police Lieutenant James Gordon would dismiss the vigilante's existence as mere rumor, but columnist Vicki Vale would be the first to identify the figure with an appropriate monkier: The Bat-Man.

Within the next five years, the vigilante earned himself a reputation as an unparalleled detective in addition to being a silent guardian and a watchful protector of the victims of criminality. He'd cultivated an ally in Gordon, who used The Dark Knight's shrewd cunning and dedication to rooting out corruption in order to partially clean up the department. It'd won Gordon the rank of Commissioner, eventually bringing The Batman that much closer in alignment with law enforcement - albeit in an unofficial capacity. Still, when summoned by the giant light in the sky that the Commissioner would go onto deny even existed, The Caped Crusader would appear to fight against threats that were beyond the GCPD's reach.

Threats like Dr. Death and The Mad Monk. Threats like Professor Hugo Strange and his scientifically enhanced Monster Men. Threats like jewel magnate Oswald Cobblepot, who'd not-so-secretly taken over The Roman's operations as the deranged, bird-like, trick umbrella carrying crime-lord known by his loyalists as The Penguin. Threats like the deadly thrill-seeker Catwoman, who pilfered from the rich while using her feminine wiles to stay one step ahead of the law. And threats like the terrible Clown Prince of Crime, a harlequin of hate who seemed to sew chaos and disorder wherever he appeared - The Joker.

But there seemed to be some measure of hope at play. With Falcone having been nabbed by a joint effort between The Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and District Attorney Dent, organized crime seemed to be entering a downward spiral by the summer of '67. While what seemed to be replacing them was even more bizarre, such as the Alice In Wonderland-themed criminal Jervis Tetch, aka The Mad Hatter, aswell as The Scarecrow, an underworld bogeyman who kidnapped and tortured his enemies with a series of experiments that left them paralyzed with chemically induced terror, there were signs that Gotham was nevertheless beginning to see a brighter tomorrow. From a successful Mayoral campaign of the criminal reform-minded William Linseed, as publicly endorsed by millionaire Bruce Wayne, to the appointment of Dr. Jonathan Crane, a brilliant and widely recognized criminal psychiatrist, as the director of the newly minted Arkham Behavioral Rehabilitation Center.

Adopting acrobat turned orphan Richard "Dick" Grayson as his ward, Bruce began training the boy to be able to find and bring his own parents' killer to justice. This evolved into a full-fledged partnership, where Bruce, under a candlelight oath, swore Grayson in as one half of what was sure to become a Dynamic Duo. At the start of a new year, Batman is left unsure of himself: he doesn't want to discourage the boy from following in his footsteps, but he can't help but shake the feeling that he's made a grave mistake in allowing him to walk his exact path as Robin, The Boy Wonder. Add to it the reports from recent months of an amateur directly inspired by him, a Bat-girl, and Bruce is beginning to feel uncertain that his campaign as a Caped Crusader is beginning to do more good than harm.

Of course, he doesn't know the half of what's coming. The fifth year of The Dark Knight's crusade will be his most trying yet, giving him new enemies, a new romance, and a set of partners to contend with that will change the course of everything. Batman can brave the storm, but whether Bruce Wayne's soul will survive the eye of it is an entirely different matter.

My take on this is pretty simple: in the comics, or whichever continuity you subscribe to, Batman goes through a generally dark period in his first year before lightening up considerably and taking Robin on as his partner. This... will not be that, as the realities of late 1960's America will keep Bruce perpetually hardened and crime-oriented despite the fact that he's all but eradicated the mob.

Equal parts Sam Spade, James Bond, and all of his pulp contemporaries wrapped into one, this Batman will have to contend with a rogue's gallery that will reflect the madmen, sociopaths, and murderers ripped out of the headlines of both the period he'll exist in and the two decades to follow. If you thought The Joker was creepy on his own, think of what a version of the clown can do with a bit of that Night Stalker flair for random, brutalized insanity. Or a Riddler who operates closer to The Zodiac Killer.

There'll certainly still be plenty of room for the superhero elements, but this version of Bats isn't going up against anyone looking out to play games. These are matters of life and death, every single night, and will be treated with the same gravitas as a 70's crime thriller. Some of this stuff is gonna get downright raw, which I think is still vastly uncharted territory for a child-friendly character like Bruce Wayne, despite many writers' attempts to push those boundaries.

Buckle up.

Key Notes


References / Sample Post

Coming soon...
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Bruce Wayne CEO Of Wayne Enterprises Gotham City, New Jersey, USA
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy... and I can't do that as Bruce Wayne."
Basically, I'm running with the idea that every big media interpretation - all of the live-action fare, BTAS, the games, etc - has all happened and are canon, with the exception that none of the villains ever died. So Joker didn't fall off a bell tower, Penguin didn't choke on bile and drown, Catwoman never blew herself up, Two-Face never fell to the bottom of a well or fell off of a construction site, Ra's wasn't permanently killed in a train explosion, etc, etc, etc. But the general idea is that Batman's career has hinged on these moments aswell as many of the notable comic book storylines. As such, he's quite an older man and very experienced, with all of the sidekicks and the rogues' gallery members you could think of - not quite at the level of a Dark Knight Returns era, but enough to be showing signs of age.

Also, given recent comic events, I'm just gonna go ahead and say that Alfred is dead. Feels like he'd be better served in that regard at this stage of Batman's career than if he were waiting on Bruce with tea or something in the Batcave.

P L O T ( S ) & G O A L ( S ):

My idea for a story is to actually examine the fragility of Batman as a man rather than trump up his hyper-trained mind and physique. He's had all of those for a long time, but he's starting to notice that he's getting slower and his mind is getting foggier. He's always been shown as someone who struggles with his sanity, but he's never really written to experience simple things like arthritis, disease, and even the idea that he'll eventually get too old to suit up anymore. So what better time to lay a prominent murder mystery in his lap to try and sharpen the senses? Every member of his rogue's gallery is a potential suspect and the victim is a prominent figure in Gotham, in a sense - but with no clear M.O., it's going to take some doing on Bruce's part to piece everything together. Add to that any plots that villain players or players who want to take up the extended family (Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin, Batgirl, Oracle, ect.) can bring to the table and I can keep things going in Gotham for a multitude of different interactions. The only hard-set supporting character I intend to utilize is Gordon, so any other player has the freedom to jump in and work with me to their content.

Batman's an overarching shadow over Gotham, both literally and figuratively, so it shouldn't be hard to draw his attention if you're in the area.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

In the interest of specificity, these are the events that I'm considering canon alongside the comic continuity that ends with Tom King's run:

P O S T C A T A L O G:

A list linking to your IC posts as they're created. This can be used for a reference guide to your character or to summarize completed arcs and stories.
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A g e n t O f C H E C K M A T E

Marc Spector / Steven Grant / Jake LockleyFormer Marine / Secret Agent / Cab Driver
Various / Brooklyn, New York City, NYCheckmate / Little Chicago Cab Company
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T :

"I died once. It was boring, so I stood up."

This is where you outline your vision for the character including any notable changes or differences from the regularly accepted canon. This should be a short summary that provides insight into where the character is in terms of their overall progress and development.

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S :

There are very few characters that I feel like I could tell a "hero before they wear the costume" type of story with. I even ran into a wall with that when trying to write Bruce Wayne. But Marc is a pretty fascinating character to pluck out of his prior origin period due to two things, his nature as a soldier-turned-mercenary and his struggle with Dissociative Identity Disorder. In trying to figure out how to slowly build to Moon Knight from a base level, I imagined a scenerio where instead of simply being a gun for hire who winds up betrayed by his superior officer, he's recruited into a shadowy organization that looks to manipulate his condition and trick him into carrying out missions that are beyond morally questionable. In that way, it expands his horizons as a character and gives him more weight going into taking up the cape and shroud. I also wanted a chance to write an extensive supporting cast, but no prior team really fit what I was looking for... which is why I decided on Checkmate, since there is no set roster for that and I can incorporate both the DC and Marvel stables believably.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S :

Maxwell Lord - Black King
Jessica Drew - White Queen

Wendy Harris - Black Bishop
Jean-Paul DuChamp - White Bishop

Christopher Chance - Black Knight
Marc Spector - White Knight

Christopher Smith - Black Rook
Yelena Belova - White Rook
Eve Eden - Black Rook
Wade Wilson - White Rook

Marcus Johnson
Thomas Tresser
Clay Quartermain
Kate Spencer - Pawns

S A M P L E P O S T :

A sample post that can be used in the IC if you so desire upon acceptance. This post should provide an example of your vision for the desired character. This sample post should meet all standards outline in the rules and additionally include dialogue, mannerisms and other actions representative of your intended portrayal.

P O S T C A T A L O G :

A list linking to your IC posts as they're created. This can be used for a reference guide to your character or to summarize completed arcs and stories.
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Gotham City RP (Tentatively Titled "Gotham City Limits")

- Year 10

- All of the sidekicks and villains would be pre-established, so no first appearances

- Plot to possibly revolve around the formation of the GTO (similar to White Knight), Batman joins them? Dually deputized agent of the law type of scenerio?

- Gang wars? At least one primary conflict to pit two sides against eachother

- OC characters allowed alongside canon

- Primary factions being the Bat-family, the GTO/GCPD, and the Arkham crowd. More factions possible within player choices.

- Focus on choosing "paths", the light, the gray, and the dark.

- Serial killer sub-plot akin to Long Halloween? Someone's picking off the B-tier villains.

- Another route would be the return of a forgotten enemy. Carmine Falcone isn't as dead as thought? Hush feeling up to another city-wide game? Hugo Strange looking to make more Monster Men? There are possibilities...

- Death matters. And someone will die at pre-determined points. Maybe even Batman isn't safe?

- Events would be focused on a single supervillain attack on Gotham. So one would be Two-Face centered, another would be The Joker, another would be League Of Shadows, ect. No two would be alike in scope or type of event.

- No other DCU characters without justifiable provcation. Superman and Wonder Woman wouldn't be hanging around for an extended period of time. Green Arrow or The Question being in town to bust heads, however...
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"Tell all your friends about me."
Bruce W. Wayne
Caucasian | Billionaire Industrialist
Gotham City | New Jersey | USA

This version of Batman has been operating in Gotham City since 2008, and is roughly in his mid-forties. He was a founding member of The Justice League and remained with the team until their disbandment, seeing no desire to return. His history largely reflects that of the Post-Crisis/Rebirth continuities, where he became dedicated to crimefighting after the murder of his parents, trained his mind and body to their limits in a worldwide journey, returned to fight the corrupt while disguised as a fearsome creature of the night, made enemies of increasingly volatile opportunists and the insane, adopted several recruits into the fold and oversaw their training, built up an arsenal of some of the most advanced non-lethal technology and weapons on Earth, and firmly established himself in the world of buisness while also presenting the facade of a careless playboy. He's legally adopted Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Cassandra Cain as his children, and has a biological son in Damian. He still believes that Jason Todd died the night that The Joker murdered him. And while he and Selina Kyle nearly married, it wasn't meant to be.

P L O T ( S ) & G O A L ( S )
P L O T ( S ) & G O A L ( S )
Bruce will be driven by one of his worst habits: the fear that eventually, he'll lose everyone closest to him to violence. While he obviously has a rather large family of agents, Batman has become increasingly isolated from them and operates on his own in the field. This makes him vulnerable to behavior that could threaten everything he's built, particularly when his enemies seize the opportunity to make his life hell under the machinations of a mysterious third party looking to destabilize the well-being of Gotham's protector out of personal revenge. To do that, Batman will be put through a gauntlet of his worst foes, from The Riddler to Bane, Ra's Al Ghul, The Penguin, and eventually, The Joker, who still has yet to pay for the murder of the second Robin many years ago. And on the path towards that endgame, he'll be forced to come into conflict with those who bear his symbol to ultimately challenge this pattern of behavior.

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