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Name: Lo Lyra’Tre
Species: Bothan
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Rank: Padawan
Master: Master Dominik Rothul

Detailed appearance.

Lo considers herself pretty average in looks for her race. She is a young Bothan and she looks like a younger version of the adults, her body having an athletic build. Her height is about 5’1”, the tallest she will likely ever get. A long, canine-like snout dips from her face with neatly trimmed beard along her chin and jawline. Her ears are long and end at a narrow tip. Long brown fur flows around her head, tied back into a ponytail at the bottom of her neckline. Her Padawan braid dangles at the right side of her face and ending just underneath the jaw. The same colored fur covers her body in a shorter fashion. It has a tendency to betray her emotional state by flattening, bristling or puffing out. She has eyes as green as the grass on a perfect day.

Her usual garments are the traditional padawan uniform in a tan and brown color. This consists of the inner tunic, tabard, sash, belt, trousers and boots. Nothing really fancy and appear have some wear and tear.

Report on natural ability with the Force, as well as all known Force Techniques and the skill levels.


Force Jump
Force Speed
Force Throw
Telekinesis Defense
Mind Tricks


Force Healing- While at H’Ratth, Lo learned she had a natural knack for healing. At this small display of talent, the Jedi instructors felt it was a skill worth developing for her. Her force healing is at a basic level and requires heavy concentration to maintain it. With education and experience, it could become a valuable skill for her.

Force Sense- Lo is sensitive to changes in the world around her. She is quick to pick up on danger aimed at her and noted to react much sooner than her peers. With time, this could turn into an ability to sense other force users.

Report on known skills and combat experience, training and lightsaber training.



Martial Arts- This is one of her weaker skill sets compared to her Force abilities. While she has the stamina and ability to fight, she lacks confidence in it. This affects her assertiveness in defending her position and she second-guesses her instinct. Mistakes happen to leave her open to counters, disarms, and more in combat.

Survival Skills- The best thing that Lo got out of these lessons were what herbs and plants would heal. This was the main reason she actually developed an interest in it and it stuck in her head. Now she can survive in nearly any environment for long periods of time.

Basics of Republic History- Lo finds it hard to recall her lessons over Republic history. It wasn’t the fact she didn’t pay attention, but she held no interest in it. At least, she got a general idea that the Republic was worth protecting and assisting.


Basics in Speeders and Starship piloting (including navigation) - She took to the basics in speeders and starship piloting well. Not only did she love the adrenaline rush and wind in her fur, but she was also good at it.

Medical Knowledge- Due to H’Ratth’s specialty in Healing, Lo has gained basic knowledge and experience in how to treat others. This is one of the lessons that Lo gravitated toward and enjoyed learning about. Seeing this, a few instructors encouraged and helped develop her basics. This included natural healing and with the force.


High Stamina/Energy- Like many youngsters, Lo has high levels of energy and gives everything her all. This can lead to good and bad things.

Known interests of the candidate.


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Name: Jaslyn Dayne
Species: Human
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Rank: Padawan
Master: Merrian

Detailed appearance.
FC Cintia Dicker

Coppery red hair is the first thing you notice about Jaslyn, that and her height. Coppery red, thick and wavy to the middle of her back. She pulls it up or braids it most of the time save for her Padawan braid. She is five feet ten inches or 177.8 centimeters. She has a complexion that is most often described as cream and cinnamon, or pale and freckled. She has light gray eyes that change slightly depending on what mood she is in. Her teeth are even and white. Her lips are a neat cupids bow a few shades pinker than her skin tone.
She is of an average fit figure, toned lean muscle, and at 19 could not be mistaken for a boy as she used to before puberty. She is quite apparently female with an hourglass shape.

Report on natural ability with the Force, as well as all known Force Techniques and the skill levels.
Jaslyn seems to have a natural affinity for the Force. Innate talents are as follows:

  • Telekinesis (Innate: Trained Intermediate level)
  • Force Empathy (Innate: Trained Basic level)
  • Comprehend Speech (Innate; Trained Intermediate level)
  • Telekinetic Whirlwind (Innate: Undiscovered)

  • Mind Trick (Trained: Novice level)
  • Force Speed (Trained: Novice level)
  • Force Throw (Trained: Intermediate level)
  • Telekinetic Defense (Trained: Intermediate level)
  • Force Jump (Trained: Novice level)
  • Breath Control (Trained: Novice level)
  • Hibernation Trance (Trained: Novice level)
  • Telepathy (Trained: Novice level)
  • Telepathic Defense (Trained: Basic level)

  • Force Sense (Innate: No Training)
  • Tapas (No Training)
  • Tutaminis (No Training)
  • Malacia (No Training)

Report on known skills and combat experience, training and lightsaber training.
Jaslyn has shown competency in

    After Padawan Trials
  • Persuasion (Novice level)
  • De-escalation (Novice level)
  • Insight (Novice level)
    General Teachings
  • Survival (Basic)
  • Riding (Intermediate)
  • Basic Medical (Basic)
  • Piloting Speeders and Starships (Basic)
  • Negotiations (Basic)
  • History of the Republic (Basic)
  • Meditation (Basic)
  • Construction of a Lightsaber (Intermediate; trained further for this to create twin sabers that locked together to form a saberstaff in Initiate Trials)
  • Martial Unarmed Combat (Intermediate level)

Lightsaber Combat
  • Form I (Intermediate level)
  • III (Novice level)
  • IV (Intermediate level)
  • Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat (Novice level)
  • Saberstaff (Intermediate level)
  • Dual Wielding (Intermediate level)

Known interests of the candidate.
Jaslyn has expressed an interest in music. She sings well and dances. She likes games of strategy. She likes to ride and be out of doors.

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"I’ll be there for you, so lean on me if you can’t stand on your own!"

Lethan Twi’lek

Detailed appearance.

Vasani can be described as an exotic beauty by a large portion of the galaxy. Beautiful in every right by conventional standards, the girl is about 5' 5" in height, with an extremely athletic body. One which she earned through none other than spending her earlier life dancing for the amusement of Krembal's patrons. Though she has a flexible build and athletic body, the girl does have rather pleasant curves in the right places to keep the eye on her. Her orange eyes are piercing, something many find attractive. Though these eyes are also windows into her soul, as one can usually tell how the girl feels at any given point by simply peering into her eyes. Her body is covered in black sith tattoos, standing out against her red skin and the only reminder of being the daughter of a sith. Her outfit typically consists of clothing which fits her form and complements her appearance. Both because she likes to look good, and simply because it is sometimes easier to move in such clothing.

Report on natural ability with the Force, as well as all known Force Techniques and the skill levels.

To preface the girl’s talents and skills within the force, it should be noted that Vasani has quite a strong natural connection to the force, though she has largely been untrained.

  • Precognition || Intermediate Talent
  • Force Sense || Intermediate Talent
  • Mind Trick || Undiscovered Talent
  • Telekinesis || Basic Talent
  • Force Stasis || Intermediate Talent
  • Force Jump || Basic Talent

  • Tutaminis (Basic) || Basic Training
  • Breath Control || Basic Training
  • Telekinetic Defense || Intermediate Training
  • Telepathic Defense || Intermediate Training
  • Droid Disable || Basic Training

Report on known skills and combat experience, training and lightsaber forms used.

Lightsaber Forms:
  • Shii-Cho || Basic Training

Helpful skills:
  • Piloting (Fighters) || Very Skilled
  • Tinkering (Droids) || Skilled
  • Dancing/Flexibility/Agility || Very Skilled
  • Huttese/Basic/Ryl || Fluent
  • Stamina || High Amount
  • Flirtation/Seduction || Decent
  • Intelligence || Highly Intelligent
  • Knowledge of Hutt Crime Underworld || Execellent
  • Blaster Usage || Basic

(Optional)Known interests of the candidate.

  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Piloting
  • Training
  • Tinkering
  • Fashion
  • Reading/Learning (Loves to study old relics)
  • Helping Others
  • Eating Sweets!

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Name: Cora Alcyon
Species: Human: Hapian
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Rank: Jedi Knight Healer
Master: None at present
Detailed appearance.
Cora stands about 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters) tall in bare feet which if she can get away with it she is barefoot. She is the definition of gamine and could easily pass for a boy. Her height and small frame often gets her mixed up with Padawans. She has no freckles, but has pale skin that has no blemishes on it. Her hair is a medium light auburn and cut in a shoulder length bob. Her eyes are a clear silver with a very light touch of blue. She normally wears white or ivory when she needs to be recognised as a Healer. If she is out she tries to blend in with a variety of outfits. Her favorites are the ones that she can pass off as a boy in, albeit a pretty boy.
Report on natural ability with the Force, as well as all known Force Techniques and the skill levels.
Healer Cora’s list of Force Techniques is rather extensive and in her years in the Order she has focused on things that support her most impressive ability. Healing. Talents: Master
  • Healing (Innate)
  • Revitalize (Innate)
  • Sense (Innate)
  • Force Empathy (Innate)
  • Mind Trick (Innate)
Skills Expert
  • Stealth (Trained)
  • Comprehend Speech (Trained)
  • Force Speed (Trained)
  • Force Throw (Trained)
  • Force Jump (Trained)
  • Telekinesis (Trained)
  • Telekinetic Defense (Trained)
  • Telepathy (Trained)
  • Telepathic Defense (Trained)
  • Precognition (Trained)
  • Detoxify Poison (Trained)
  • Breath Control (Trained)
  • Force Stasis (Trained)
  • Tutaminis (Advanced) (Trained)
Report on known skills and combat experience, training and lightsaber forms used.
Lightsaber Forms:
  • Form I: Shii-Cho Basic (Trained)
  • Form III: Soresu Expert (Innate)
  • Form Zero
  • Sum Djem
Non-Force skills: Master
  • Anatomy (Innate)
  • Biology (Innate)
  • Herbalism (innate)
  • Medicine (innate)
  • Psychology (Innate)
  • Xenoanatomy (Innate)
  • Xenology (Innate)
  • Charm (Trained)
  • Deception (Trained)
  • Diplomacy (Trained)
  • Meditation (Trained)
  • Negotiation (Trained)
  • Persuasion (Trained)
  • Strategy (Trained)
  • Tactics (Trained)
  • Driving Planetary (Trained)
  • Droid Repair (Trained)
  • Economics (Trained)
  • Riding (Trained)
  • Navigation (Trained)
  • Survival (Trained)
  • Jedi Code (Trained)
  • History of the Republic (Trained)
  • Investigation (Trained)
  • Unarmed Combat (Trained)
(Optional)Known interests of the candidate.
Cora is very interested in furthering her knowledge in any and every area. She loves books and technology and collects them both.

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Jedi Knight Aren Bec

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Jedi Master Dominik Rothul

Eᴅɪᴛs ᴍᴀᴅᴇ:
ᴿᵉᵐᵒᵛᵉᵈ ᴵⁿᵗᵉʳᵐᵉᵈᶦᵃᵗᵉ ᴰʲᵉᵐ ˢᵒ/ˢʰᶦᵉⁿ ᵃⁿᵈ ʳᵉᵖˡᵃᶜᵉᵈ ʷᶦᵗʰ ᴬᵈᵛᵃⁿᶜᵉᵈ ᴬᵗᵃʳᵘ ʷᶦᵗʰ ᵃᵖᵖʳᵒᵛᵃˡ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ˢᴱ 11
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Imperial personnel files

Name: Nimm Deenia
Species: Imperial Human
Pureblood percentage: 11%
Homeworld: Dromund Kaas
Age: 62 (looks 25)
Gender: Female
Rank: Sith Apprentice (Archaeologist)
Master: Darth Nyiss
Former master(s): Lord Arkanus
Sphere of influence: Ancient Knowledge, Mysteries

Imperial Intelligence Reports
Detailed appearance. Imagery insufficient.

The Subject, one of Darth Nyiss’ apprentices, is outwardly 100% imperial human. She stands 171 cm tall and weighs around 66.7 kgs, all within normal parameters. Further investigation has revealed something odd. Old recordings and images from many years ago showing her looking exactly the same, when she should only have been an infant. The truth of this has proven impossible to find out. There is no evidence of physical degradation from overuse of the Force.

An in-depth investigation into recordings as well as a field study has revealed that the subject is fairly predictable in her preferences for clothing. She almost universally wears black, knee-length sith robes while in the empire, or practical more neutral clothes if she is outside imperial borders for some reason or other and needs to obscure her imperial ties.

She has a preference for the practical clothes suitable for whatever climate she finds herself in. Though simple in appearance, investigation revealed that the quality is top-notch. Any appearance of being tattered or worn is by design. She generally has a wide black leather belt with her lightsaber and tools on it, as well as combined half-gloves/bracers on both arms that appear technological in origin, but whose functionality is undetermined. Rumors persist that her hands are covered in hairline scars that stem from traps, but as she always wears those gloves, that has not been possible to verify.

Report on natural ability with the Force, as well as all known Force Techniques and the skill levels.

Covert field study has revealed that the subject is particularly proficient with the Force, but appears to limit herself to certain techniques, in spite of the fact that evidence implies she has both the raw power and experience to use far more advanced techniques. No amount of investigation has brought to light why. Below is an estimate of the subject’s skill levels with most techniques of the Force.

Basic Techniques
  • Force Speed - Intermediate Training
  • Telekinesis - Master Talent
  • Force Throw - Expert Training
  • Force Choke - Expert Talent
  • Telekinetic Defense - Expert Talent
  • Telepathic Defense - Intermediate Training
  • Force Sight (basic) - Intermediate Training
  • Force Sense - Intermediate Talent
  • Precognition - Intermediate Training
  • Mind trick - Intermediate Training
  • Force Jump - Expert Training

Intermediate Techniques
  • Force lightning - Expert Talent
  • Detoxify Poison - Basic Training
  • Droid Disable - Basic Talent
  • Breath control - Basic Training
  • Force Stasis - Intermediate Talent

Advanced Techniques
  • Force Cloak - Basic Training
  • Force Stealth - Intermediate Training
  • Sith Alchemy - Basic Training or Intermediate Training (investigation failed to uncover facts)

Report on known skills and combat experience, training and lightsaber training.

The subject has proven herself an apt pilot with a variety of smaller ships and vehicles, but does not appear to be overfond of piloting fighters. She is also reasonably skilled at slicing her way through computer systems (sometimes literally), and has claimed to be familiar with the layout of most ship models in the imperial fleet as well as the common types of ships used by the so-called Galactic Republic. For obvious reasons, the latter has proven difficult to verify.

As Darth Nyiss’ personal archaeologist, the subject is an expert at dealing with traps such as those found in the tombs of ancient Sith. Tales of her Force-roasted Nexu rise occasionally, but they seem to be dual-natured in that it is either delicious or lethal. No significant deaths have been verified as tied to it, but a number of people who got on her wrong side have died from unknown causes.

While the subject has basic knowledge of all forms of lightsaber combat, analysis has revealed that she herself primarily uses a variant of the fifth form, with parts from the others mixed in as she deems it necessary. She is fond of using whatever is at her disposal in combat to win. Mostly redacted reports indicate that she is not above running from a fight if it is unwinnable. Such cases have at times been followed up by orbital bombardment. Whatever means necessary. She does not hold to antiquitated concepts such as “honor” in battle.

As befits any Sith her age, she has considerable combat experience, but it is more in smaller engagements than it is front line combat. Most notable of her military experience was her participation in the Sacking of Coruscant under the command of her master, Darth Nyiss. There a significant number of Jedi fell, as well as a significant number of artifacts acquired, including numerous Sith holocrons stolen by the Jedi Order over the years.

Names and pertinent details for all political and social associates. Including allies, enemies, rivals, underlings, apprentices and more.

Her primary political influence can be summed up into a single name: Darth Nyiss. Being one of the Darth’s personal apprentices, the subject has significant influence to draw on, provided it does not go against her master’s goals. Exactly where her master’s influence ends and her own starts has proven impossible to identify, as their goals appear to be perfectly in line with each other.

No specific rivals have been identified, but it is well-known that she bears particularly strong hatred for the Jedi Order, especially for those known as “Jedi Shadows”.

Curiously enough, the subject has no apprentices of her own yet, in spite of her long life. She has had a few captive Jedi that she toyed with before breaking, but none that truly became worth calling Sith. She assisted her master and her master’s other apprentices in dealing with a significant number of captured Jedi in the months after the Sacking of Coruscant.

Personality analysis of candidate.

The subject appears to be mentally sound. She is stubborn, but not to a fault. A good word to describe her is pragmatic, as one who looks for solutions rather than focusing upon the problems. Rushing things is not her style, unless it is necessary, of course. Her determined nature indicates, from acquired medical reports, that she has kept going with missions even with multiple broken bones. Evaluation indicated that she viewed such merely as added obstacles.

Her hatred of Jedi is second to none. In her eyes, Jedi are either potential Sith or—preferably—prey. Making them suffer before they die is something she has shown time and again to take joy in.

It can be concluded that getting her as an ally would be a significant asset, but also that it would be very hard to get her away from her master.

List and description of known and suspected flaws, obligations, vices and weaknesses.

The flaws of the subject, as is the case with the flaws of most Sith, are hard to identify on account of them being kept secret. However, some theories can be noted about probable and possible flaws for this particular subject. They are as follows:
  • Faulty connection to the Force? She doesn’t appear to use abilities she should easily be able to use given her experience and access to knowledge.
  • Excessive maltreatment of captive Jedi - Many captive Jedi that might have become productive Sith have been reduced to bestial wrecks at her hand. Her hatred of the Jedi is such that it can at times inconvenience the Empire.
  • Socially uncaring - The opinions of others do not matter as much to her as they perhaps should.
  • Reduced mobility in right arm - And old medical report indicated her arm is reduced to 87% of its original functionality. There may be other reductions elsewhere, but no other medical reports were uncovered. Evidence indicates she has intentionally had them removed.
  • off-handed combat - Though originally right-handed, the subject has been forced to primarily use her left arm for wielding her lightsaber in battle due to aforementioned injuries.
  • Sub-par duelist - The subject can hold her own in a duel, but anyone talented at dueling is likely to beat her in a pure duel. She is known to use any means at her disposal to balance this, though. She has been known to flee such battles.
  • In the subject’s eyes, cybernetics are a sign of weakness and failure. She is scornful towards those with artificial limbs, treating them as lesser individuals.
  • Peace is a lie - If it had not been ordered from the Emperor himself, the subject would have continued fighting the Jedi after the Sacking of Coruscant. Following her master’s secret project on Feena she was clearly anxious to go back into the thick of things. Enough so that her master publically instructed her to go to Korriban for studies.

Known interests of the candidate.
  • Hurting Jedi.
  • Sith tombs and artifacts.

Major achievements on record.
  • Archeology - Uncovered numerous artifacts of ancient Sith.
  • Participant - Sacking of Coruscant.
  • Pilfered Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Major failures on record. Confidential.
  • Killed/broke several Jedi that could have been turned.
  • Chastised for stepping out of line in relation to the Emperor’s Peace Treaty with the Republic.

Owned equipment of note.

As befits a Sith that keeps herself somewhat isolated from imperial society, it is difficult to uncover much details about her ownerships. While none have been identified, it is assumed that she has a significant number of Sith Artifacts. It is also taken for granted that she has access to multiple ships, albeit none of these larger than small freighters, some made by imperial shipyards, others made elsewhere. How many of her master’s assets she can utilize is also unknown.

Crew of the Aruk:

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Jedi Temple Public Records

Name: Evemari “Evie” Barrall
Species: Human
Homeworld: Chandrila

Age: 28
Gender: Female
Rank: Knight
Specialization: Jedi Shadow
Master: None
Former Master: Graddon Bayasto
Jedi Temple Internal Records

Detailed appearance. Imagery insufficient.

Evie stands at about 6ft (181 cm) tall and with piercing green eyes. She has an elegant beauty that is often complimented with her white robes and eerily warm smile. She often will wear her hair down and always seems to be well kept.

Report on natural ability with the Force, as well as all known Force Techniques and the skill levels.

Basic Force Powers - Intermediate Training
Force Speed - Intermediate Talent
Tutaminis - Intermediate Training
Telekinetic Defense - Expert Talent
Force Stealth - Intermediate Training
Force Cloak - Intermediate Talent

Report on known skills and combat experience, training and lightsaber training.

Form I - Shi-Cho: Intermediate Training
Form II - Makashi: Expert Talent

Names and pertinent details for all political and social associates. Including allies, enemies, rivals, underlings, apprentices and more.

Aren Bec: Surrogate sister from her days on Arkania Praxeum and often will write her.

Graddon Bayasto: Her former master and often will train with him in-between missions

Personality analysis of candidate.

Evie has a patient, warm, and gentle aura about her that is grounded by a distinct sense of duty. A polite confidence that is balanced by her unrelenting tenacity to achieve her goal or the goals given to her by the Jedi Order. This sense of duty and tenacity will override her gentler nature that allows for her to thrive as a shadow. The code is but a set of guidelines to her as the terror of the Sith often require more aggressive measures to stamp out. If it can be helped she would much rather turn Sith back to the light whether it be by persuasion or force. She’s them as lost souls that need to be guided back to the light or become one with force as the blight of the Sith can never be allowed to fester.

List and description of known and suspected flaws, obligations, vices and weaknesses.

She has the tendency to not have a filter and often will speak what is on her mind. She can be a bit forlorn at isolation that involves being a Shadow. So much so that she desperately wants the approval of her peers, however this can come off as wooden and tends to agitate them. She worries that she will succumb to the tragedies that often are apparent to shadows such as social isolation and paranoia. She is not very trusting of any captured Jedi unless they have shown their worth as they can potentially be agents to the Sith. She has smidgen of her master’s paranoia that was instilled in her since she was a Padawan as “The darkness is all around us, often hiding in plain view.” This saying has never left her mind and is often present when meeting someone new. She does her best to rationalize that there is no definitive proof that they are aligned with the darkness and should not assume the worst given the state of the galaxy. She wonders if anybody will care for her or will her life be destined to that of tragic isolation.
She enjoys music and often will go to dance halls to take her mind off the situations that are going around her. This is the one vice she enjoys to partake in as it helps her feel somewhat normal and offers her a brief respite from the tragedies of this age.

Owned equipment of note.

  • A curved hilt Green Saber
  • Data Dagger

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"From the force, I draw strength. From strength, comes power."

Talik Gida
Lethan Twi’lek
Sith Lord Kallei (Deceased)
Under Mentorship of Sith Lord Atroxa

Detailed appearance.

Like her twin sister, Talik is generally regarded as an exotic beauty. Standing at a height of 5'5" the girl has a toned body from years of training how to fight at the Academy. With some rather appealing curves to accompany her, Talik is something which draws attention where she goes. Something which the girl is rather content with, as she wants to ensure her enemies and allies all know that it was she who did those actions. She dresses in a mixture of black robes and armor that are meant not to be bulky. This of course meaning that while the armor is flexible and the opposite of bulky, it will not afford as much protection. The girl can be rather vain at times, and as such typically dresses in a way to ensure she looks good for the occasion. Her orange eyes typically are critical as they look over others, and her expression one of superiority as she sees herself a step above just about all other creatures. Talik's tattoos are very similar to those of her mother and cover almost the entirety of her body.

Report on natural ability with the Force, as well as all known Force Techniques and the skill levels.

  • Force Lightning || Intermediate Talent
  • Force Stasis || Intermediate Talent
  • Force Rage || Basic Talent
  • Chain Lightning || Basic Talent
  • Force Stealth || Basic Talent

  • Force Speed || Intermediate Training
  • Telekinesis || Intermediate Training
  • Force Throw || Intermediate Training
  • Telekinetic Defense || Intermediate Training
  • Force Sight || Basic Training
  • Force Sense || Basic Training
  • Precognition || Basic Training
  • Mind Trick || Basic Training
  • Force Jump || Intermediate Training
  • Force Choke || Intermediate Training
  • Force Combustion || Basic Training
  • Drain Knowledge || Basic Training

Report on known skills and combat experience, training and lightsaber forms used.

Lightsaber Forms:
  • Form III Soresu || Trained Training
  • Form IV Ataru || Well-Trained Talent
  • Form V Shien || Basic Training
  • Form VII Juyo || Trained Talent
  • Exotic Form: Jar'Kai
  • Exotic Form: Trakata
  • Exotic Form: Mou Kei
  • Exotic Form: Cho Sun

Helpful skills:
  • Combat Awareness || Well-Trained Talent
  • Sith Code || Intermediate Training
  • Sith History || Intermediate Training
  • Interrogation || Intermediate Training
  • Torture || Intermediate Training
  • Unarmed Combat || Intermediate Training
  • Blaster Combat || Basic Training
  • Persuasion || Intermediate Training
  • Tactics & Strategy || Intermediate Training
  • Espionage || Trained Talent
  • Archeologist || Trained Talent
  • Politics || Basic Training
  • Ryl || Fluent
  • Basic || Fluent
  • Huttese || Fluent
  • Sith || Fluent
  • Mando’a || Fluent
  • Shyriiwook || "I don't speak carpet."

  • Fury Interceptor "Black Rose": Lord Kallei's former Fury Interceptor, taken by Talik once she discovered her master's demise. It was formerly named Dark Hammer under her former master, but Talik has rebranded the ship. It is colored jet black and tuned so there is minimal external lighting. Otherwise equipped pretty standard, the thrusters, and shields have been augmented for moving faster and handling harsh climates. It houses two speeder bikes in the cargo bay, as well as a revolving inventory of cargo meant for usage on various missions. The Black Rose is also equipped with full living quarters for the captain of the ship, with upgrades to be a bit on the luxurious side and even contains an exquisite bath. Something which Talik is particularly fond of having aboard. A modified pair of Eclipse Speeder Bikes, with a single mounted cannon sit in the cargo hold. The crew consists of imperial personal loyal to Kallei and her apprentice, along with a small set of droids aboard. A single M6 Series Imperial Medical Droid, single X-2 series Imperial Astromech Droid, and four Sith War Droids, Mark I. It also houses the ability for a few imperial soldiers to be brought aboard.
  • Wardrobe: Talik has a rather large wardrobe to satisfy her desire to have outfits to look good no matter the situation.
  • Unique Saber: Talik posses two curved hilt lightsabers, which she often dual-wields in battle. These sabers link together at the hilt to form a dual-bladed Saber Staff. The sabers are meant to easily link and de-link during combat.
  • Various Adventuring Gear: Talik posses some gear not typically associated with a sith, such as a grapple gun and the likes for retrieving holocrons within old ruins and the likes.

(Optional)Known interests of the candidate.

  • Linguistics of the Galaxy: Talik has a known interest in the linguistics of the galaxy, this being some more of personal interest than of furthering her own goals.
  • Combat Styles: Talik has shown in an interest various combat forms, constantly improving herself in using the force, lightsaber, unarmed, and blaster based combat to ensure brute effectiveness in the field.
  • Sex: Talik has no hesitation in engaging in some of the more... primal indulgences that go along with this. Typically she aims purely for the casual end of the spectrum, a satisfaction of her needs with no emotional attachment. Occasionally one may arise, and in those times they must also be dealt with, permanently.
  • Jedi and Sith History: Talik has an interest in the history of the Jedi and the Sith, finding it useful for understanding and exploiting both sides to know where they came from. Not to mention, it is a topic she genuinely finds interest in.
  • Holocron Hunting: Talik finds satisfaction in hunting down and recovering the lost Holocrons of the Sith. The more remote, dangerous, or well hidden a Holocron the more exciting.

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