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Fiona de Valencourt

20 || 5'6" || 134 lbs.

Fiona feels the pressure to carry on her family's legacy, even if that's somewhat self-inflicted. She's eager to prove herself, and can be reckless at times, but it ultimately comes from good intentions. She doesn't want future generations of her family to need to sacrifice like the past ones have, and quietly dreams of a peaceful life in a world she's helped heal. She doesn't enjoy battle, but she'll dive into it head first if it needs to be done. She's quite hard on herself for her failures, particularly if it was someone else who paid the price for her mistake.

She can be a little too serious at times, always focused on the task at hand, but with a little persistence she responds well to the personalities around her, and adapts well to social situations even in tough times.

The de Valencourts have won great renown in the wars against demons. Fiona's grandfather was among the first to make use of God's Gift for warfare, and his descendants have carried on his work, one after the other accepting the gift and devoting their lives to the struggle. The weight of expectation was always on Fiona and her older sister Sophia, and they both accepted their fates without much in the way of hesitation.

They had more advantages than most growing up, as the de Valencourts earned a significant amount of power in multiple northern nations for their work, which meant Fiona was able to devote her time to training and preparation as a teenager. Never able to match her older sister, she nonetheless grew skilled and capable, all while the crusades raged on, up to the creation of the fortress at the edge of the abyss.

Times have changed, and now warriors are preparing for a new Crusade, to descend into the abyss, to battle demons and face the complete unknown. Sophia has spent two years in Zion already in defense of the city, now it's Fiona's turn to make the trip. Optimistic but nervous, she hopes she can make a difference in the grand scheme of things, and carry on her family's tradition of service to the future of humanity.

In Battle


de Valencourt training || +1 Power, Skill, Resistance
Fiona doesn't have much experience to speak of, but she has had some of the finest training a young warrior could ask for, and it has helped prepare her for the hard road ahead.

Physical Attributes
Power: 8 (Base 7, +1 from passive)
Skill: 14 (Base 13, +1 from passive)
Resistance: 6 (Base 5, +1 from passive)
Spirit: 1
Action Points: 3
Health: 70

Spells and Feats
Blessed Smoke || 1 AP
Upon spell activation, white smoke wafts from Fiona's body. While the spell is active, she can briefly shift into an entirely-smoke state and move very rapidly a short distance in any direction, even up. Used to dodge attacks, quickly reposition, escape an enemy's grasp, or slip through very tight spaces.
Effect: Skill +6 (+4 spell, +2 vessel) on dodge attempts (ignored by certain magic attacks), lasts 3 turns.
Does Not End Turn

Angel's Fire || 1 AP
A swing of Fiona's sword launches a thin projectile of fire at a target. In addition to dealing damage, the fire rends through armor, making enemies more vulnerable to further attacks.
Effect: Power +3
Effect: Seared Armor, -4 Resistance (+2 spell, +2 vessel) for 2 turns.
Ends Turn

Heavenly Pierce || 2 AP
Fiona's strongest attack. After a brief moment to focus, she lunges forward behind her flaming sword in a straight line at high speed, taking smoke form and piercing through anything in her path, inflicting high damage. If the attack misses or is blocked, Fiona crashes to the ground, and is knocked Prone.
Effect: Power +12
On Miss or Block: Prone applied to Fiona.
Ends Turn

Minor Feat - Desperate Strength || 1 AP
Fiona focuses her inner spirit on her physical strength, gaining a boost to power while suffering a minor penalty to her toughness. If she's heavily wounded, her courage grants her even greater strength.
Effect: Desperate Strength (Power +2, Resistance -2) for two rounds. If at half health or below, power bonus is doubled.
Does Not End Turn

de Valencourt Sword || P: +2 S: +3
A thin, one-handed straight sword, double-edged. An elegant, well-balanced, finely made weapon, it serves both as Fiona's tool for slaying demons and as a symbol of her family's relative wealth and power compared to much of the world. It was a gift from her mother, upon the completion of her training, and serves as a vessel for her magic.

de Valencourt Spellsword's Attire || S: +2 R: -3
Fiona wears a personalized uniform in her family's colors, clean white and solid red, the fabric thin and light and comfortable, well suited to the hot southern climate. The material and the expert tailoring mark her status somewhat, as does the gleaming, polished steel breastplate she wears. It serves as her only piece of real armor, leaving her light and fast in battle, but also more vulnerable to damage.

Miscellaneous Supplies
Basic medical supplies

Combat Notes/Roll Quick Reference
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The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

...............................................................................22 - A spiritually gifted child, Braska hails from the Northern lands, the first girl after three sons. The north was a harsh place to grow up in and, from young, Braska saw herself groomed to aid in the crusades against the charred angels, much like her brothers before her. However, born with a gentle soul, empathetic and sensitive to the plights of others, Braska was in no way fit to pick up a sword and join her brothers in the front lines; she would have perished under the blood and the chaos.

Instead, she quickly proved to have good hands for healing and nurturing, and at the young age of 12 the lights of heaven descended upon her, gifting Braska with holy light to aid the wounded. From that point onward, she would continuously lend her abilities to the efforts of the fourth crusade and, rather than returning home after its end, journeyed all the way south to join the fifth.

Braska's light held preciously within the lantern she carries, illuminating an otherwise dark path. With it, Braska believes, she will heal the scourge that afflicts the world.

For she sees the future with hopeful positivism. However she is not as naive as she might initially come across as. Mindful that mankind is facing the consequences for their past actions; she is keenly aware of the debt she must pay for the strength that has been lent to her. Nevertheless, she chooses to face her path head on, knowing that a fire may be lit even in the coldest winter night.
Health: 70
Power: 12 [10+2] +1
Skill: 13 [10+3] +1
Resistance: 5
Spirit: 1
AP: 3
Cries of the Dead - Memories of all the crusaders Braska failed to save haunt her dreams, yet also empower her spirit. She carries inside her heart all the failures and losses and strives to continually improve. [+3 skill] [+2 power]

﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌Spells & Feats﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌

Healer’s Touch
[1AP - Ends Turn]
After battle has made someone weary, Braska’s light can envelope them in warmth and heal their wounds and sorrows. [+4 power] [raises morale]

Courage in Death’s Face
[2AP - Doesn’t End Turn]
A holy armor cast around the target that protects them from physical attacks. Also works against unholy spells. [+7 resistance (4base+3vessel] [-1 skill] [2 turns]

Turn on the Lights
[3AP - Ends Turn]
Braska casts a holy light that shines over the surrounding area, its warm enveloping her party and burning the enemies. [-6 power (3base+3vessel) | -2 skill against all unholy enemies] [protects party against status ailments] [2 turns]

Slap on the Wrist
[1AP - Doesn’t End Turn]
A powerful blow of Braska’s lamp against the target’s head. [causes HP damage and CONFUSION against enemy targets] [ causes HP damage but cures SLEEP and BRAINWASH against party members] [Confusion: -1 skill] [Damage: +1]
Lumina Sanctus
Braska’s spiritual gift is channeled by a lamp of all darkness’ bane. Directly chained to Braska’s Spirit, it is but a mere physical representation of her power. To cast a spell, she needs only to shine the lamp on who she wants and cast; the lamp’s light will embrace her target and work its powers on them.
She can use the lamp to physically hit her enemies too, but it won’t do much.
[+3 power] [+2 skill] [repels darkness]
Robes of the Healer
Specially crafted and gifted to Braska by her country's church, a reward for her feats during the Fourth Crusade. They are spiritually imbued to offer her superior protection against unholy attacks, as well as give her spiritual strength that may keep her going even after she’s exhausted herself.
[+3 skill] [-2 resistance]
Healer's SatchelYou really shouldn't be looking inside a lady's bag!
Healer's JournalDuring breaks, Braska enjoys writing down the party's adventures.
Dried HerbsSome simple herbs that can be used to make medicinal tea or ground to make simple medicine.
Simple BalmA very basic form of medicine that helps heal cuts and ease the pain of body sores.
Simple ClothCan be ripped to make bandages.
RationsA few days worth of food and water, will probably run out quicker than expected.
RopeBraska's not courageous enough to go climbing though, maybe it can be used to tie something.
CandleNever enough light when one's headed into a dark place!
Rolling Cheat Sheet
Skill: 1d20+3 [+1mod + 2weapon]
Power: 3d6+4 [+1mod + 3weapon]

Skill: 1d20+4 [+1mod + 3armour]
Resistance: 1d10-2 [-2armour]
W/Courage in Death's Face -> Resistance: 1d10+2 [-2armour +4buff]

Healer's Touch
Healing: 3d4+8 [+1mod +3weapon +4spell]

Slap on the Wrist
SKill: 1d20+3 [+1mod +2weapon]
Power: 3d6+5 [+1mod + 3weapon +1feat]
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Doctor Ioxeia Aceso, Disciple of Panacea

Age : 23

Personality: Ioxeia is cautious yet inquisitive. Spiritual and analytical. Kind, but the doctor also knows best. She has seen a lot of good people die. She will do everything she can to not lose another.

Brief Biography:
Just as weapons have rapidly advanced and become more sophisticated to allow humanity to harm the demonic monsters invading their world, so too has medicine advanced in-order to undo the harm done to them by the fiends. The Panaceans have long been at the forefront of these advancements, drawing wisdom and understanding from their gifts and using it to create mundane treatments and teach the art of surgery to themselves and the un-blessed.

Ioxeia was born the child of two Panacean doctors and, like all their other children, was inducted into the order as soon as she could walk. From a young age she got hands-on experience with the ins and outs of the human body. The Panacean Disciples followed on the heels of the Crusade’s warriors as part of the armies massive baggage chains. There, right behind the frontlines, they tended to the wounded, mending broken bodies so that they could be sent back out into the fight. All of Loxeia’s formative years were spent here, elbow deep in the dying and under the constant fear of Demonic raids targeting their field hospitals. She learned the very basics of how to fight to defend herself and her patients when she had time, but for the most part she learned how to run and hide in the shadows and fragrant smoke of the Disciples’s hospitals.

Then, once the crusade reached the Abyss, the nature of the war changed. No longer did armies do battle in the fields but instead bands of martyrs descended down into depths from the wounded could not be pulled out of so easily. As the war changed, so too did the Disciples. They could no longer rely on distance or the masses of soldiers to protect them, for down in the depths everyone was at risk and those who could not defend themselves were a potentially lethal liability. Ioxeia and her fellow Disciples were trained in the art of battle and survival by grateful veterans whose lives they had once saved so that they might continue to do so in this new stage of the war. One by one the Disciples felt they were ready to face the abyss. One by one they found a group to join and descended into the depths. Some returned. Many did not.

Now it’s Ioxeia’s turn to descend into the depths bearing Panacean’s cleansing mist. By the light of god and the strength of women, the vile cancer afflicting the world will be cut out, one incision at a time.

Gift : Spiritual

P(power) : 11 (+ 1)

S(skill) : 14 (+2)

R(resistance) : 5

S(spirit): 1

Surgeon’s Hands (+5 Skill). When one errant twitch could end a life, you learn to keep your hands steady.

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26 || 5'6" || 142 lbs.

Outwardly, Alistair appears to be a kindly young priest who treats everyone he meets with dignity, respect, and a smile on his face. He is wise, understanding, and surprisingly knowledgeable about the ways of the world. He appreciates art, music, and the little things. Above all else, he is a pious man who has dedicated his life to serving the Lord.

Inwardly, Alistair harbors a deep resentment for demons and the unrepentant and can be particularly cold or angry towards them. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and believes that ridding the world of these undesirables would be better for everyone. To him, being denied salvation is a small price to pay for the opportunity to save the world, and he'd readily give it up again if he had to. He's also fiercely protective, and perhaps even a little possessive when it comes to those he truly cares about. Paradoxically, Alistair will die for a cause he truly believes in without hesitation yet is simultaneously not yet ready to die.

After all, there is so much more work left to do.

An orphan turned traveling priest turned inquisitor, Brother Alistair is certainly a priest with a story to tell, if you manage to get him talking about it in the first place. He is an extremely capable warrior in his own right, having trained for years under the Inquisition's best. Now he arrives at the Edge of the Abyss, ready to pay for his penance with the blood of the guilty.

In Battle


Inquisitor Training || +2 Power, +3 Skill
Even among sanctioned witch hunters, Brother Alistair was shown to have a prodigious talent for the arts of battle. He leverages this training to great effect during combat, combining his talent and training together.

Physical Attributes
Power: 14 (Base 12, +2 from passive)
Skill: 11 (Base 8, +3 from passive)
Resistance: 5 (Base 5)
Spirit: 1
Action Points: 3
Health: 70

Spells and Feats
Divine Smite || 1 AP
Alistair focuses divine energy into his weapon before releasing it all in a single strike. This light burns especially hot for the unholy.
Effect: Power +4. Effect is doubled against Unholy.
Ends Turn.

Righteous Might || 1 AP
Alistair prays for the strength to bring God's judgement upon His enemies, imbuing himself or an ally with additional power.
Effect: Improves a target's Power Mod by +3 for 2 turns.
Does Not End Turn.

Rejuvenate || 2 AP
Alistair imbues a target with energy, healing them slightly and speeding the recovery from certain ailments.
Effect: +2 Power. Roll the healing die on the target. If the target's HP becomes full, you may remove a Condition (except Exhaustion).
Does Not End Turn.

Minor Feat - Endure || 2 AP
Alistair has the uncanny ability to cheat death, though doing so invariably leaves him fatigued.
Effect: Apply Undying on self for 3 turns. If you would be reduced to 0 HP, but are not killed outright, Undying triggers, setting your HP to 1 instead. Once this effect is resolved, Alistair becomes Fatigued.
Does Not End Turn



Steel Shortsword || P: +2 S: +3A ubiquitous blade carried by Inquisitors who prefer a lighter weapon.
Book of Scriptures || P: +2 S: +3A Vessel that also contains various prayers, hymns, and songs dedicated to God.
Inquisitor's Robes || S: -2 R: +3An inconspicuous set of priestly robes with chainmail and iron plates sewn into the fabric. Hard to move around in.
Amulet of Saint Vincent || R: +1A keepsake from his youth with Sister Mira. The blood won't wash off.
Miscellaneous Supplies

Survival KnifeA small dagger ill-suited for combat, but good for activities at camp. Alistair keeps it sharp.
BackpackA leather rucksack to store supplies and equipment.
BedrollA stretched length of cloth, stuffed with wool and straw. Makes resting in the wilderness more comfortable.
RopeA coil of rope that stretches to roughly 50 feet. Useful for many situations.
RationsA set of nonperishable foodstuffs that will virtually keep forever, as long as it is protected from the elements. Can keep a single person fed for three days.
LanternA container of iron and glass with a receptacle for oil. Sheds light in an area for as long as there is fuel to burn.
Oil FlasksTwo small ceramic vessels that contain animal fat. Used as fuel for a lantern, with each flask lasting an hour, if burned continuously.

Combat Notes/Roll Quick Reference
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[ 29 | 5'9" | 154lbs ]

⚜ Personality ⚜

Strict and straight to the point, Amélie is as straight laced as they come. Which given she was raised by a military branch of the church shouldnt come as any surprise. One might consider her cold and callous at first glance, but one will find that she has a big heart and cares deeply for those she considers friends.

⚜ Brief Biography ⚜

Amélie is an orphan who was taken in by the Chevaliers de Lyonesse, a militant branch of the church located in Lyonesse, France. Amélie doesn't remember who her parents were, as she was but a toddler when she lost them, but she was told they were lost to the demonic incursions. She wasnt the only orphan the Chevaliers de Lyonesse took in, as it was their main way of bolstering their forces. They'd take in orphans and strays off the streets and train them through grueling, strict discipline with the idea that they'd form an order to oppose the Abyss. Not every child survived such ordeals or could handle the stress...

As such, the Chevaliers de Lyonesse are a small force, but are renowned for their prowess in battle and unwavering zeal against forces that would drive a normal person insane. Amélie rose through the ranks as she grew older, showing the prime talents sought after in any Chevalier de Lyonesse. Strength and conviction and to fight to the very last person.

The Chevaliers de Lyonesse normally dont concern themselves surrounding the happenings of the Abyss and are content to simply fight the forces that pour from the festering wound. But when word came out that there was going to be a new expedition to venture into the Abyss, Amélie volunteered herself to take part in it, which the leadership agreed to with no certain amount of grumbling.

⚜ Gift ⚜


P o w e r
S k i l l
R e s i s t a n c e
S p i r i t
A c t i o n P o i n t s

Passive: Conviction! +5 Power
Amélie's unwavering believe in God gives her a tremendous boost to her overall power, allowing her to lead her party into the depths of hell, striking fear in those who stand before her and strengthen her party's resolve.

⚜ Spells and Feats ⚜


1 AP | Does not end turn

Channeling divine power, the caster imbues a target with divine strength; allowing them to smite God's enemies with greater ease.
Effect: Provides the target with increased Power and Skill. Lasts for 3 turns.


2 AP | Does not end turn

The caster blesses the land, momentarily providing a holy circle, blessing whoever stats inside it with greater strength. This holy ground debuffs the enemies of God as they are bathed in the Lord's light.
Effect: Increases Skill and Resistance of party members while reducing Skill and Resistance of enemies standing in the circle. Circle encompasses a diameter of 10m (~33 feet) and lasts for 5 turns.


1 AP | Ends turn

Channeling God's hatred towards its fallen children, the caster sends forth a wave of divine energy; drawing the ire of any demonic entities hit. Drawn in by rage, they will lose their reasoning and strike with wild abandon.
Effect: Draws aggro of targets in front of the caster and causes them to strike with lower Skill for 3 turns.


3 AP | Ends turn

The user rushes forwards, slamming their weapon into the ground and releasing a wave of energy; knocking down those struck.
Effect: Physical attack that closes the distance and strikes all targets around the area of effect, dealing normal damage. Targets will have to make a check to determine whether they're knocked down or not.

⚜ Inventory ⚜

[Armor the Faithful]
The standard battle attire of the militant forces of the Chevaliers de Lyonesse. Sturdy plate covering the arms and chest provides ample protection while still remaining light in use, allowing the user to wear it unimpeded.
Stats:: S(skill): +1 || R(resistance: -1

[Spear of Lyonesse]
The standard battle spear of the Chevaliers de Lyonesse. Its an ornate spear with a heavy front, allowing it to strike hard and true. Its heraldic embroidery allows the user to channel their Spirit more effectively, allowing the spear to act as a vessel.
Stats:: P(power) +3 || S(skill) +1 || R(resistance) +1 [] E: Acts as a vessel.

- 10m (~33 feet) of rope
- Bedroll
- 2 days of rations

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Petra Nisbet
Name: Petra Nisbet
Age: 17

Personality: Petra tends to come off as brash and inconsiderate to most people, seemingly doing whatever she wants with little regard to those around her. In actuality, it might be better to describe her as not caring about other people’s opinion of her and unconcerned with actions that don’t have a tangible effect on others. Though she might seem impulsive at a glance, when it comes to anything of consequence, she’s quite the opposite, becoming calculated and analytical as the situation calls for it.

Petra is also the sort to form very strong opinions about certain things and though her opinions can be changed by others she can at times act quite hostile towards those who fail to do so. Most notable of these opinions is her borderline heretical opinion of god, whom she blames for not doing more.

Brief Biography: Petra’s village was attacked by demons when she was quite young and though both she and her father managed to avoid the attack, many of the other villagers, including Petra’s mother were not so fortunate. At the time the incident left a lasting impression on the young girl’s mind with her dreams haunted by imagined scenes of what might have happened in the village that day.

Worse still was that the attack only marked the beginning of a string of bad luck for her and her father. With so many villagers killed in the attack, the village was left lacking many vital functions and soon had to be abandoned, forcing the two remaining Nisbet’s to move to a larger city. Unfortunately, it seemed they were not the only ones to arrive under these circumstances and with a skillset not well suited to the big city and no shortage of candidates to with the same skillset it was hard for Petra’s father to make a living.

Years passed with the family’s financial state steadily falling until the day came that with little other choice remaining, Petra’s father left to participate in the 4th crusade, telling Petra that he’d slay all the demons so she’d never need to be afraid again. As much as she wanted to believe her father’s words at the time, she knew he was not a fighter and though he lasted a good while Petra couldn’t say she was surprised when the day came that instead of a letter and money sent back from the front lines it was a body.

What meagre funds she had after that didn’t last long and Petra was soon forced to the streets, doing whatever it took to survive. It was difficult at first, but over time she picked up the skills she needed to survive on her own, learning to steal what she needed or otherwise the coin required. Not that it ever became easy, Petra lacked both the bravery to steal from those who had plenty and the cruelty to steal more than she needed from those who did not, but at the end of the day, it was survival.

Upon hearing of the expedition into the abyss Petra saw an opportunity to remove herself from her situation and one that would allow her to continue where her father had left off. Despite knowing that the odds were stacked against her survival should she join, Petra decided to anyway, not seeing what she had to lose.
Gift: Physical
Power: 8
Skill: 16 (+2)
Resistance: 6
Spirit: 1

Passive – Underhanded Survivor: +5 Skill
Petra has survived up until now not by being particularly strong or tough, but instead by exercising her skill and wit to deal with whatever life throws at her regardless of what that entailed.

Spells and Feats:
Dirty Trick: Whether it be by striking their groin, throwing sand in their eyes or some other trick entirely, Petra uses an underhanded manoeuvre against their opponent to gain the upper hand.
  • AP Cost: 1
  • Effect: -1 skill and resistance debuff to target for 3 rounds.
Does Not End Turn

Targeted Strike: Petra launches an attack against a weak point in an enemy’s defence.
  • AP Cost: 2
  • Effect: Roll an attack as normal but add an additional point of damage for each point Petra’s attack roll exceeds her opponents dodge roll.
Ends Turn

Reactive Maneuvers: Petra channels her strength into mobility and evasion.
  • AP Cost: 1
  • Effect: +4 buff to Petra’s dodge rolls until the start of her next turn and Petra can physically move as part of this action. If the enemy fails to dodge after Petra’s attack, Petra can strike again with half the damage.
Does Not End Turn

Minor Spell – Peripheral Illusion: Petra creates illusions only in the peripheral vision of a single target to distract them. Any attempt by the target to directly look at the illusion immediately causes it to disappear otherwise it disappears at the end of the current turn.
  • AP Cost: 1
  • Effect: The next skill-based roll the target makes before the end of Petra’s current turn is made at a -2 penalty.
Does Not End Turn
Cloth Armour: [Skill: +3; Resistance: -5]
An “armour” set cobbled together by Petra in preparation for the 5th crusade. Largely comprised of several layers of cloth stitched together as a means of rudimentary protection, it offers very little by way of defence but also does not hinder Petra’s movement. A number of pockets stitched to it, including a few surprisingly well-concealed ones, though nothing that would stand up to more than simple observation.

Coffin Nail: [Skill: +2; Power: +2]
A large coffin nail with a handle of waxed cloth. Being relatively short for a melee weapon and not having a sharpened edge this weapon is ineffective in cases where getting too close or stabbing would prove difficult.

  • Rations: 3 Days
  • Leather Backpack
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Saul Anders

Name : Saul Anders
Age : 27
Height: 6’ 4”

Personality: A rather upbeat young man who is often wearing an easy going smile on his face. Saul always looks to keep things positive even in the worst of situations, always wanting to keep others spirits up.

Brief Biography : Saul is the sole son of Jacob Anders, a veteran of the ongoing war who suffered a fatal wound while protecting his comrades during an enemy ambush. His father was a man of conviction, who believed more than anything that the greatest asset you can have in a fight is the allies you fight beside, an ideal he pounded into Saul as he grew up. With his death, Saul knew that it was now up to him to continue where his father left off, no hesitation as he heads off to fight against the Abyss.

Gift : Physical

Stats || Remaining: 0

P(power) : 11 (8 base + 3 passive)

S(skill) : 5

R(resistance) : 14 (12 base + 2 passive)

S(spirit): 1

Passive: The Strength of a Guardian.
Guided by his father’s words and lessons, Saul sought to become the pillar that would protect those around him.
+3 Strength, +2 Resistance.

Spells and Feats :
Fight Me, Cowards!: Saul issues out a challenge towards his opponent(s), setting himself into position to be attacked.
1 AP | Ends Turn
Effect: Taunt Self (Till start of casters next turn). Caster does not roll to dodge/block. When attacked, caster can follow up with a counter-attack.

Shield Slam: Saul bashes his shield with great might into a targeted opponent, knocking them Prone.
2 AP | Ends Turn
Effect: Strength +3, on hit target is knocked prone.

I Got Your Back!: When Saul is adjacent with an ally, he positions his shield to better protect them.
1 AP | Does Not End Turn
Effect: When Ally is attacked, they may add caster’s shield modifier for their resistance roll.

Charged Armor: Focusing magic into his armor, it starts to crackle with electricity throughout it.
2 AP | Does Not End Turn
Effect: When attacked, attacking creature(s) must make a resistance roll. On a failed roll, creature is inflicted with paralysis through till their next turn.


-Iron Armor
A full set of armor that completely covers the wearers body.
S(skill): -5 || R(resistance: +5

-Kite Shield
Standard large shield designed to protect the body.
R(resistance): +5

-Iron Spear
An iron spear that has seen use over the years.
Stats:: P(power): +2 || S(skill): +2

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