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Character Rules:

  • No characters that are permanently 'huge'. This means no dragons and the like. Characters that are just... tall are fine, especially if you take their height into account properly and they have to duck and stuff to get under doors.
    • An exception to this is characters that can shapeshift into a bigger size. They will not be able to grow to their full size indoors because of size issues, but they're otherwise fine.
  • No invincible characters. You should be able to get hurt in fights if they break out. Agelessness is fine, as long as your character can still be somehow killed.
  • No omnipotent/omniscient/etc powers. There should be a limit to your character's powers.
  • Please use common sense when creating your character. Nobody's perfect, weaknesses are a thing and they're both good and fun to have.
  • I reserve the right to ask you to change things to your character, or reject them, if they do not fit or are too overpowered in some way. Engaging in a discussion about this with me in PM is fine (preferable over discussing it in the thread), I'm open to talking about such things, but if I insist on you changing something and you refuse then I won't accept your character.
  • If you want some, or all, of your character's details/info to be kept a secret from the others, PM them to me so I can approve them in private!
  • Please post characters in the OOC tab until I approve of them, at which point you can post them in this tab!

Character Sheet:

Note: It's not mandatory to use this exact sheet, it's more of an example/guideline thing. Feel free to add as much or change it as much as you want.

Appearance: (Description, Image, or both)
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Name: Yus

Age: 23

Species: Eldritch Touched Human

Height: 4'3" (130cm)

Abilities: As both a psion and a mage, both of her abilities are influenced by her nature as a partially eldritch being. Despite acting human, her method of thinking is such that it gives her a natural resistance to any psionic effects. Most of her abilities are untrained, particularly her psionics, which she has trained for only a few things, mostly surface level mind reading, intent reading, and shielding herself from perception. However, when under threat, she'll typically grow more panicked, and if fearful enough, unleash a psionic screech focused through her hairpin, typically stunning those around her to give her time to flee. Strangely, this seems to affect even magical constructs or mindless beings that would normally be immune... In terms of magic, she uses fire magic, twisted from her heritage, into a sickly green color. Though perhaps weaker than normal fire, it tends to cling to whatever it's burning, and it's difficult to extinguish. Additionally, the twisted nature of it causes it to be more effective against those unnatural, such as magical constructs or even eldritch beings. Her tail acts as a conduit for her psionic abilities, and she can speak into someones mind if the tail touches their skin, though it's also very sensitive to tugging and pain. Her hairpin, stylized in the form of a third eye, also acts as a magical focus linked to her, which she can use to accentuate both her spells and psionics to a powerful level, though this typically comes at the cost of focus, making it a powerful, but uncontrolled expulsion of energy. Finally, she has a 'hollowed' artifact which consists of a crystal on a string, which resonates with strong intent of the wielder. If she wishes to hide, it will resonate, and those around her will find it harder to notice her, etc.

Personality: Her appearance not indicative of her true age, she nonetheless plays up the innocent child act, feigning naivety when she meets people, though dropping the act if she trusts someone enough, revealing a lonely, bitter girl. She's also somewhat troubled by her own young appearance, wondering if she's trapped in an eternally youthful body. Used to pretending, and her mind rather naturally shielded from psionics, she's rather skilled at deception and lying, and with the added benefit of her crystal resonating when she intends to deceive, it's rather easy to take what she says as true. That said, she does have a tell for when she's outright lying, as one foot will sort of awkwardly rotate as if she's digging her toes into the ground.

Backstory: Yus, from the earliest she can remember, was an orphan. Abandoned in a city, she was forced to try and beg and steal for money for quite a few years, occasionally moving cities when she was in danger of being caught. Once, curled up under the nook of a tree, she awoke to a hairpin clutched between her hands, and a strange thrumming inside her she would later learn is her magic. Though she hasn't had much time to train it, it has assisted in her thievery, and even helped her to steal an artifact of sorts from a vendor, though the previously glowing gem seemed to strangely dim as she held it, and she couldn't find anywhere to sell it...

Other: She is very unwilling to take her gloves off, and actually has several pairs, one backup and a few in her bag, at all times. This is because of the fact that her fingers look naturally flayed, as if she simply did not have skin on her fingers. Perhaps her skin is simply invisible there, as she is not in pain, it merely looks gruesome.

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Name: Adara Kraith.
Age: 57 (3 years since reincarnation)
Species: Artificial vampire
Appearance: Adara is about 135 centimeters (around 4"4") , she has quite a slim build. She usually dresses a neutral face or a smug smirk, showing off her feelings of superiority over others. she has straight mid back length silver-ish white hair, red-eyes

Abilities: Adara has a high preference towards necromancy even if she knows other types she simply refuses to use them as it was her family’s signature. She however does not like or can properly raise the dead, using parts of the deceased instead. This does play with her special quirk as part of her necromancy where she can freely control anything deceased within a 15 meter radius, this was 4 meters from before she reincarnated making her theorize it has something to do with her connection to the concept of death itself. Her small frame makes her rather nimble and swift. The small crystal on her cloak serves as a magic residue of some sort as she would flow magic into it when unnecessary (like during sleep) to make sure she can use magic without it straining her body anytime soon, this however does leave her pretty cranky in the morning.

Personality: Even though her looks may look like a innocent little girl as she has the knowledge of a fully fletched mage that could rival a lot of the top mages during her time. She sometimes likes to tease people by acting all innocent but in generally would act not all that differently from her old self. Full of herself, wanting to help and being as lazy as can be to the point of using severed hand to hold the book and another to turn the pages. She gets rather frustrated about her appearance as if they knew who they were actually talking to they wouldn’t treat her like a child all that much.

Backstory: Adara (Born as a wholly different person) has been very proud of his abilities from a young age as he was born with a aptitude for a unknown kind of necromancy in the family which quickly let him to be shunned by them for lacking any real talent to become the next head of the family. He learned on his own and quickly rose up to be a pretty prominent mage in his own right, all that changed when he tried to search for immortality which he tried to use a female vampire’s blood and made a alchemic formula to make use of her essence of immortality for his own… this however backfired with him losing his life. Waking up a couple years later in a body that was somewhat similar to the vampire’s although looking younger. He, or rather she had gained immortality but lost her status. (She’d never publicly tell anyone, instead saying stuff like “I died, then came back” or “I was a big shot years ago” most of the time, she is so secretive about it that she hasn’t even revealed her previous name to anyone)

Other: She’s strangely attached to her cloak and refuses to take it off unless absolutely necessary. It also looks like she talks to herself when she’s actually talking to the wisps.
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