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The Republic of Prabog


The National Reconstruction Government of Prabog


Prabog was once a prosperous world in the times of the Confederation. The first daughters of Earth called it a heavy industrial and technological world marked by its output and technological marvels, thanks to the amazing minds of their philosophers and to the tenacity of their industrial leadership. In the troubling times of the Confederacy, Prabog was thrown into consternation and anarchy after a devastating nuclear strike. It is still a mystery to this day as to who had targeted them, and lead to an age of bloody war and death. Warlords have terrorized the land for nearly a decade and a half, until it was ended by a single man named Alexander. He forged the Republic in his 30´s and launched a final war unifying half of the planet before dying in battle and arising to the emblematic position of hero in his last days and guardian of the nation. After finishing the unification, the Republic now faced its greatest challenge: rebuilding what was left by the events of the past. Where some may simply settle and wait for better times, hope is now back on people's minds. Its people wish not only to rebuild their homes, but every world and reunite mankind under a single flag.

In modern days the economy lies in ruins and the politics have grown divisive due to the aim of ambitions and priorities of several factions within their government. While the situation has been stabilized, the military now aids in the reconstruction of the cities. States face a new challenge compared to the times before, where they just fought warlords - now they must rely on the pacification of regions that are still held by rebels.




  • Heirs of Alexander - Hard times forge great men and none on Prabog were greater than Alexander the Glorious, the Son of Prabog. Battle after battle, war after war, and conflict after conflict, the Republic of Prabog fought itself in a bloody civil war to reform itself. Its citizens have become hardened from years of constant civil war and its armies are experienced, its soldiers still remembering the many times that the Son of Prabog led them to victory against impossible odds. The scars of war are still visible across the planet, but so are its lessons.
  • Executive Order 213 - Otherwise known as the Reclamation Decree, Prabog was once famed for its industry. Although much of it now lies in ruins, it can still be brought back. With hard work and a unified push, the currently crippled Prabog could rise again like a phoenix from the ashes back to its former glory, becoming an economic juggernaut in the process.
  • Shining City On The Hill - The idealism of the Republic still burns strongly in the ruin as championed by Alexander the Glorious. With Earth now fallen, Prabog now sees itself as the light of democracy and freedom charged with bringing liberty, unity and the Prabog way to every system in the former Confederacy. The restoration of order for their planet is just a stepping stone on the journey far beyond Prabog.


  • Wounded World - A decade of civil war, warlords and nuclear exchanges has left the planet a ruined shell of its former self. Abandoned cities and irradiated wasteland still cover many areas and it will take a great internal effort to restore them back to habituality and then full potential.

    The devastation level is currently high, about two thirds of the planet is in ruins.
  • Divided Government - While united in community and ideals, many of the leaders still struggle to grasp unity and work together. Majorly due to warlords turned politicians thanks to integration processes albeit their loyalties are questionable, others simply leaders who want power, The parties were forged by a wide variety of groups; some by artists who lived isolated from the conflict, others by scientists who survived the chaos, some by politicians from the few regions who have not faced too much warlord damage, others by nationalists who gained a renewed sense of nationalism under mankind, and some by the Order who were the original party of Alexander. The latter which does its best to hold all together from falling apart, but requires the aid and cooperation of all to fulfill its true potential.

The Government of Prabog

The Republic and its administration are ruled by the Congress and the Senate who legislate and debate with the judicial maintenance of the constitution. It is led by a "five" party system under the leadership of the President of the Republic, however, it is heavily reliant on the coalition governments of two or more parties to form a majority to make big decisions.

Leaders and persons of interest

History of the Republic and before
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Shining Path, a socialist revolutionary movement, took inspiration from the Old World's revolutionary movements to protest the Stellar Confederacy. At the start of its foundation, their goal was to get the attention of the Confederate Parliament and accept the Six Demands. The first, and most important, demand called for the restoration of selected laws and bills scrapped by corporations. The second demand called for anti-monopoly and corporate tax laws to be enacted. The third called for the resignation and arrest of wealthy individuals and politicians that played a part in the transfer of powers to corporations. The fourth requested an independent committee investigate alleged brutality against protesters (and bystanders) from the police, military forces, and PMCs bought over by corporations. The fifth ordered an amnesty for arrested protesters and the sixth, and final, demand called for the abolishment of the Confederacy in favor of independence.

Unsurprisingly, their demands were avoided and resulted in a surprising attack that killed twenty-two people. Shining Path kept on protesting for months while doing whatever peaceful options were available that brought attention from the media. While in the background, several members started talking about stockpiling supplies and weaponry for a possible attack against Airwave, a drone company responsible for producing drones for the Confederacy and PMCs. Leadership knew of the matter and decided against stopping them but did condemn the idea of attacking Airwave.

Then, the news reached Frontier Post.

Earth ended in a nuclear war, bringing the Stellar Confederacy down with them. Everyone on Frontier Post was horrified and sadden by the news even the Shining Path. But, several members saw this moment as their only chance to strike while everyone was still caught off-guard. That triggered the leadership into an emergency session, where they voted whether to strike or not. Four of the two leading members voted in favor of attacking, starting with Airwave to find out if their Frontier Post headquarters secretly housed an underground factory used to produce military-grade drones for the former Confederacy.

Persons of Interest
Zhan Yijun - Leader of the Shining Path.
Marie-Hélène Leloup - Lead Correspondent of Pandora's Lantern and spokepwerson for Shining Path.
Sadiki Saliba - Organizer of the Elliot Square protest and its upcoming occupation.
Amalia Hart - General of Shining Path forces and owner of Amalia's Armory.
Isabel Barceló - Director of Intelligence and active agent for Shining Path.
Carol Morris - Chief Engineer and Technical of the Shining Path

Much of their supplies come in the form of donations from other protesters, anonymous sources, or supportive citizens.


  • Hardened Protestors - Shining Path has always been fighting the hard fight since their creation. Their members had been pepper sprayed, tear gassed, and brtually beaten by counterprotesters, the authorities, and PMCs hired by corporations. Yet, that has never stopped them for protesting their demands. Those within leadership also had their fair share of scars from the protests and riots.
  • Liberation Square - Known as Elliot Square by the locals, Liberation Square is planned to become the starting grounds of the resistance due to its strategic location. It's close to the several high-rising buildings that overlook the downtown district. And in addition, the Airwave headquarters is next to the square along with a police station.
  • Blinding Light - A secret weapon that has been worked on for months by Amalia in her armory. It was a powerful flashbang and thermite capable of melting through metals while blinding anyone nearby.


  • Frontier Post - The first trading post established when humanity ventured out beyond the Solar System. Frontier Post was their first attempt at establishing a colony far away from Earth and it worked. Eventually, it became the most populated megacity in the Confederacy making them influential within the political and corporate world. Despite the Confederate being wiped out and several major corporations hurt economically, their presence is still stronger than anywhere else within the galaxy—that also includes their military.
  • Vilified - The media in Frontier Post was already brought out by corporations with right-leaning biases. It should come as no surprise that they are going to vilify the Shining Path even more as the liberation movement begins. That's why Pandora's Lantern has been established: to fight back against any false information about them.
  • Surrounded on All Sides - Once the resistance begins, there's no doubt in mind that the military will respond accordingly. It would depend on the strength that the movement manages to gain during the confusion especially if the Airwave is successfully occupied. Otherwise, the might of the former Confederacy military are more than ready to take on resistance fighters.

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Gaian State of Arcadia


Summary: A small slice of paradise out in far corners of the Western Froniter. The Arcadian State was the result of decades of a slow, insidious takeover of the local religion, the Gaia Church, an evolution of a now defunct Gaia-centric cult that had grew in influence on the planet over the decades, incorporating elements of Old Earth-based religions to craft their own. Now the Gaians have established a theocracy in their corner of the Western Frontier, and set their plan in motion to embark on a great crusade to enact the will of Gaia.
The Arcadian State is separated into several dominating institutions.

  • The Central Government: The last trace of the Confederacy on Arcadia. In theory, it functions as the more secular portion of the Arcadian State, responsible for maintain the everyday functions of Arcadia, as well as law enforcement. In truth however, it it is but a shallow husk of its former self, serving the whims, and in turn, as an extension of the Gaia Church.
  • The Church of Gaia: Acting both as the State Church and the ruling Government of Arcadia. The Gaia Church main tenants is the worship of the personification of Mother Earth, Gaia, as a living Goddess.
  • The Arcadian Crusade: The combined military forces of Arcadia. The Crusade is an amalgamation of the former colonial militia and other assorted enforcers, various faithful civilian volunteers, Arcadian Xeno auxiliaries, and members of the Church's militant arm, the Order of Our Lady's Most Sincere Servicemen, or the Sincere Order as they're often referred to.


Dea Vult: The Dark Age brought about with the Confederacy's near collapse and the destruction of Earth has brought about a wave of fanaticism within the Arcadian State, leading to many very eager faithful to join the cause of the Crusade of the Western Frontier.

Blessings of Gaia: The colony of Arcadia was, and is renowned of the bioengineering research its minds have often delved to, often leading to surprising and beneficial results. Such results include Superfoods to properly feed the colonists and import to other worlds in the Confederacy, effective medical materials and the like. In these current uncertain times, the bioengineering research teams, at the request of the Church, have begun using their minds for military applications. The military Research resulting in a semi-regenerative alloy, bioengineered from the extremely dense chitin of the Northern Jade Strider, a rather large species of insect.

Papal Authority: As is the nature of any religion, the Church of Gaia's reach extends far beyond the Arcadian Borders, many going into the shadows, both missionaries and converts alike serving as the eyes and ears of the Church through known space. When the Primarch speaks of something he wishes to see on a grand scale, it seems to have weight outside of the jurisdiction of their own lands and into others, or at the very least his word and intentions travel far.

Keep it green: The Gaia Church makes it a priority to preserve the natural serenity of Arcadia, however, this has led to crippling industrial reforms that keep in mind the carbon footprint that is left. Their meticulous new policies include but not limited to ensuring that the recycling industry is bolstered, that carbon emissions from vehicles and factories are kept in check and regulated, and with other standards of practice meant to help the environment. In many ways this helps Arcadia stay beautiful and mitigates pollution; however the industry in Arcadia struggles to conform to these standards while still being financially viable, leading to slower production time all across the board.

Fanatical Ignorance: Many of the most devout and zealous followers of the Gaian church often have their heads buried in the sand and are not entirely cognizant of the larger picture of things. Though they will interminably listen and abide by the holy authority over them they often lack the critical thinking and capacity for discussion about whether or not things are as they ought to be, and often are not open to the conversation; this is a roadblock for those who wish to pause and ponder as well as foreigners who do not have such an obsession over the church of Gaia and wish to forego different solutions.

Propensity For Peace: Not all share the bloodlust of the Crusade, a portion of the populace and some of those within the Church see the Crusade as a perversion of the First Prophet Tobias' teachings. The predecessor's of the Church had expressed that pacifism was the way to be one with Gaia. These differences on Church doctrines has led to some divisions that hinder the Crusade to some capacity, although they move with the approval of His Holiness, the disapproval from the masses proves to be a morale breaker.

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