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Residents of Dawn

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Lady Mie:


Death Goddess:

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Flora/Fauna in Kyr Forest

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  • Name: Seelay
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Cosain Elf
  • Appearance: A young elf maiden, with a short stature of around 154 cm. Her hair is an ethereal silver, and she has light skin and green eyes.
  • Bio: The child of a pair of elven guardians of high standing in Tamaln, Seelay's childhood was spent as a daughter of nobility. At the same time, her parents were quite insistent on instilling a sense of duty into her. She may have been their cherished daughter, but they wanted her to grow up to be a fine guardian of the forest. And so, her regular training was both to hone her skills and to grow a strong sense of purpose within her. Seelay took her training readily, proving to surpass her own father in skill when he was her and demonstrating a buried capacity with magic, to the surprise of her family. Needless to say, her pride swelled as her skills developed. But so to did her sense of duty, as her parents were successful in their endeavors. They had raised a stern, serious, and prideful girl.

    As she grew older, it was only natural she would begin to take on duties as a defender of Tamaln. Why else would she train, and continue to train, if not for this reason? Perhaps born of the way she was raised, Seelay desires to be patted on the head praised for her efforts, as such combined with her dutiful nature this pushed her to pursue greater and greater efforts. Her dedication to her duties, her desire for praise, and her pride would always spur her onwards.

    As a result, when Seelay was instructed to investigate the attack on Dawn, she did not hesitate in the least. She would demonstrate her skills once more, and get to the bottom of what had occurred without issue. Perhaps she could do without the observer that was sent along with her(in fact she could definitely do without her) but that would not stop her from completing her duties.
  • Goals:
    • Assist in rebuilding, as it is the proper thing to do.
    • Discover why the Elder Beast attacked Dawn, completing her duty.
  • Skills:
    • Ancestral Scion:The fey created the Elves with a specific purpose in mind - to protect, and constantly learn in order to do that. As such, they instilled the Elves with a specific ability to call upon their ancestors. Most often it simply takes the form as some sort of sixth sense to make the supernaturally good at some skill, rarer some elves earn particular favor of an ancestor spirit and it manifests to protect them. Even rarer, though all are capable of it - is the Leargas. A skill that turns a living elf into an Incarnation of every single ancestor.
    • Magic Lineage: Born with the blood of elven druids running through her veins, Seelay has far greater capacity in magic then most of her kin. She has not followed in their footsteps, however. Rather, she has honed her magical capability in regards to the appilication of applying magical effects to her weaponry. The application of mystical energies to her arrows or the edge of her sword is a common use, as well as increasing the impact of each arrow loosed.
    • Bow and Blade: Extensive training in the usage of a longbow and a curved elven sword. Seelay may be young for an elf at seventy years of age, but this still allows her to have training equivalent to nearly the entire average human lifespan. As a result, her capabilities can easily be seen as superhuman. While she lacks considerable physical power, much of her skill lies in agility and precision. In addition to the span of her training, Seelay can be considered to have taken to her training outstandingly well. All of this comes together to result in a combatant of considerable skill.
  • Inventory: A number of hunting and food supplies. Much of the food was acquired by her hunting and fishing. Additionally, she carries a longbow, arrows, a curved sword, and a dagger. Each of these weapons are of fine make. Finally, she is accompanied by a diminutive fey companion by the name of Sionna, whom she considers the least useful piece of equipment she has access to.
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6'4 | 201 lbs | Human | Female

What could she be, but a mountain of a woman? Atzi is a woman brimming with energy, energy that had transformed the gaunt child she once was to the broad-shouldered, sun-kissed lady she is now. Standing at an impressive 6’4 with a body that’s equal parts glamourous and intimidating, Atzi is one of the most physically imposing individuals in Dawn, her right eye glimmering with a brilliant passion while her left is sealed by a leather eyepatch. Blonde hair, rarely brushed, pops outwards in erratic tufts, like a perpetual case of bed hair, and she keeps it shoulder length, habitually chopping it shorter with every change of the seasons. Many scars criss-cross up and down her body, some stretching out from her childhood whilst others emerging from more recent wounds. Her hands too, are stained by the craft she pursues, thick and callused with uneven coloration from mild burns over the course of years and years of work.

But does such minor defects matter, when one possesses a bosom and hips as grand as hers? If only Atzi could actually find it in herself to commit to any one person…

Her Story
How many seasons ago had it been, since a child, her left eye blinded by a burn, escaped the beasts of the forest and fell into the arms of a hunter? She had been ragged then, nothing more but a bundle of skin holding bones within, the rags that served as her clothing worthy only of becoming kindling. It was through kindness that the child lived, raised by the hunters to perform chores that those of the wild were less inclined to do. Tedium gradually helped rehabilitate her, but though rumors circulated, the child herself remained mute.

A slave of the Bastelians, having crossed great distances in a wild flight towards freedom?

A sacrifice to Iva’Krorh, having suffered esoteric rituals to become an archive of eldritch philosophies?

A sinner branded by the Apostles, left excommunicated solely because they wished not to stain their hands with a child’s blood?

Stories, whispers, and yet all that Atzi ignored as she grew older and older, becoming more and more comfortable in the body she now inhabited, the freedoms that she now was granted. Dawn was a hard village to live in, and work was plenty for a child without a family, but she took to it with gusto. The fresh air gave her life, and no matter the bite of winter or the roar of great beasts, the cracking of her lips and the burning of her hands, Atzi worked hard, brimming with an energy that did not fade with age. Soon enough, she inherited the knowledge and skills of the resident craftsmen, maintaining her close relationship with the village hunters as she turned their kills into well-sectioned meats and water-shedding leathers. A tomboy at heart, she maintained friendly with all but the most insular and serious of the village members, crafting for herself as a reliable, hardworking, invigorating member of the community who could both hold her own drink as well as take care of the kids. If there was one fault, it would be her lack of patience in book-learning, and even now, reading and writing is what she leaves for those who enjoy pacing around in circles…but out in Dawn, one didn’t need to make records in order to live well.

Indeed. Time passed, Atzi grew, and everyone forgot the child that she once was.

Everyone but herself.

And when night falls, when she cannot sleep as she often does, Atzi burns out the rest of her energy with a wooden club, its edge embedded with arrowheads.

It is through creation, not destruction, that one encroaches upon the domain of the divine. Atzi finds solace within her craft, and while she sees her exercise of violence as an obligation, she sees her work as reason to continue living. She works to expand the capability of her artistry, curious not only about different cultures, but also different materials, different aesthetics. Truly, she is an artisan emboldened, seeking to surprise even the gods themselves.

Or perhaps this is simply the well that she immerses herself in, to drown out the consuming flame.

Humans, while they bear no special natural born talents, their limit for growth and power is near infinite should they choose to cultivate said power. They, in their finite lives will find it easier to learn new skills and adapt to new situations if they put their mind to it.

Pioneer of the Craft
Through the transformation of raw hide into pliable, waterproof leather, Atzi finds solace. She is skilled in both vegetable tanning and braining, and, surpassing her old master, has even come up with a special concoction of oils that allows her to tan specific patterns into the hide itself, creating permanent markings upon the leather once it has completed its smoking and drying. Both as fashion and as interior decoration, Atzi’s work has proliferated around Dawn over the last few years.

Barbaric Wildness
Through constant exercise and a steady influx of meat, as well as a vigor that keeps consistently willing to burn herself out, Atzi’s body has developed into a superior specimen of humanity’s physical capabilities, until her strength, speed, and stamina alone could be considered a gift. Without any true masters of the blade to guide her, she has become a self-taught warrior reliant on her physique to power through any obstacles in her way, combining anatomical knowledge gained from butchery and savage aggression gained from her humanity in order to rip and tear as necessary.

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