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*Back, still want something extreme with my character as the sub.

Name: Eloreon

Extra Aspects: White Magic

Name: Eloreon
Are warlocks male witches in this? Sometimes you never know the terminology.
Name: Elore

Base Form:

His roar has a supersonic effect on all enemies. On evil enemies, his roar has the added effect of terror and worse damage.

Aspect: Good Virtue (Good is the Aspect of morality and virtue. Justice in the form of both punishment and reward, benevolent use of power, honor, protecting the innocent from harm, and defending the weak/or weaker than yourself.)

Persona: Generally Elore is Good, maybe Lawful Good but more emphasis on just Good. He wants to encourage and grow a benevolent, honorable society throughout as much of creation as possible. Elore is highly philosophical, and he can be forgiving, but he's also stern. For example, if he feels an evil doer who is generally turning away from evil he may let them die/kill them, but cause them to arrive in a positive after life/or perhaps try to help them work their way out of a bad one.

Myth: ((Still working on this one))

Musical Theme:
I'm Commander Enzayne and this is my favourite thread on the RPGuild.

You're someone who's been here nine years and have less than 300 posts. . . Egad, I'm like the complete opposite! lol.
I want to be in this.
Name- Jacob (Partial Amnesiac)
Age- 22 years old
Biography- Jacob, unbenownst to himself, is a man who was born in December of 1908. His mother left him on the doorstep of a loving, childless couple who raised him with love and wisdom for years. He was diligent, smart, and lucky enough to be educated very well in the sciences, but also had a love of God and country. Nationalistic, but not xenophobic, nor was he a man who disrespected the "lesser" races. This was a man who loved his neighbor. He came across two thugs beating up on a Jewish man. It was clear the man was going to die soon unless he intervened. Jacob Solomon (his surname is Solomon) rushed to help the elderly man and was slashed across his neck and chest, killing him within seconds.
Recently, Jacob has been found rising from his grave, with his grave stone partially defaced.

Chosen God- Zadkiel (Archangel of God's goodness, Christianity)
Reason for Joining the team- He wants to make the world a better place and help the innocent people in the world.
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