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Current Last call for a Persona RP! -->…
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I don't want China to win.
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Looking for 3 more people for my Persona RP! -->…
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is that love train?
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Just saying I'm claiming Lux, maybe Ashe or another ADC.
@RC3 They are available!
@Bee Sure!
@Jordan @Fabricant451 I know you two were interested!

League of Legends-- a computer game that millions of people spend their time playing. These summoners (or so players are called) spend hours and hours playing the game, using their favorite champions to defeat one another on the field known as Summoner's Rift.

You are one of the many people that play this game. One night, after playing a couple of League games and complaining endlessly about your teammates, you decide to hit the hay. You promise that you'll play again tomorrow and try harder to carry yourself out of the division you were placed in. Maybe you'll buy the new champion that came out, too.

The next morning, you find yourself in a horrible fit. Your body's burning up. You keep vomiting. It doesn't feel like you've caught the flu-- maybe it was something you ate. Hours pass, and it feels like you're dying. Maybe it was a bacterial infection. Maybe it was a gas leak. But before you decide to call 911, you suddenly feel better, but you don't feel like yourself. Your limbs feel like they're disconnected from your body, your body feels like its been run over by an 18-wheeler, and your head is pounding. Nevertheless, you go to work, to school, to the park, or maybe you decide to stay home.

Little did you know was that you weren't yourself. An unnatural phenomenon has occurred, and those who play League of Legends have been granted the powers of the champion that they main. Some may find out sooner than others and some may not find out until it's too late. The point is, their lives will never be the same again...

This isn't the story of being stuck in your favorite online game like you've seen in anime-- it's moreso the fact that your favorite online game is stuck in the real world. With your new-found powers, you choose whether to become a recluse in fear of being found out or you go out and begin to make a name for yourself. Maybe you just choose to ignore them and struggle to hide them. Whatever the case, you slowly begin to realize that something is after you. Is it the government that wants to experiment on you? Is it another of your kind? Nobody knows. What you do know, however, is that you're knee-deep in the most complicated problem of your life.

To top it all off, you suddenly get this letter in the mail...:

Please note that this is a 18+, high-casual/semi-advanced roleplay. While I don't expect novels for posts, I would like for you to please take your time creating your characters and writing your posts. We all make mistakes, and that's fine, but if your post gives me a headache to read, then that'll be an issue.
Do not ghost us. If you need to step away from the RP, please let me know.
I will listen to people's suggestions and ideas for plot development and etc. However, my final decision is law.
Once this OOC goes up, I will create a discord and PM the invite link to those who have already proclaimed interest. Please be active on the discord, as that is the easiest way for most people to get in touch with one another.
While we do have a handful of people, I don't want you guys to constantly pump out posts. Thus, we will be running on a semi-cyclic posting schedule. This means you should try to wait for everyone to post first before typing another post. If the person we're waiting for doesn't post in a week or so, then we may move on.
I get that we're all busy at times, but I would love it if players post once or twice a week.
Try to keep characters balanced! This means that if there's four girls and only one dude, then you should probably make a dude.
Note that not all of the information you need to know is on this interest check.
I am a fun-loving person. I love it when we talk about things on Discord and make fun of characters, create ships, theories, and relationships. Don't hesitate to reach out to me for anything you need!
Have fun~

Feasting Hall | Shula Castle
Interacting with: N/A

Never did Jiro think he was going to come here again.

Shula's feasting hall was as large and grand as ever. Tall ceilings arched above his head and the whole room seemed like it was miles long. Several wooded tables, each about the length of an Onix, lined the room. Upon said tables were endless types of foods: roasted meats, fishes, vegetables, and even fruits, which were diced and glazed with sugars or placed upon the roasts. It seemed like a festival paraded down and up every table. But nothing really peaked his appetite. Jiro was used to the raw fish and rice dishes of Yine. Everything Sher served to their guests seemed too... heavy. Greasy, at that. Yet, the soldiers and knights and even the countrymen of Atlas devoured every bite as if it'd be the last meal they would ever have. He caught sight of multiple faces, flushed under the influence of liquor.

It wasn't just the people that were enjoying their time drinking and eating. Pokemon darted to and fro, scampering after scraps or hiding to ambush servants that brought out more food. What caught Jiro's attention the most, however, was what occurred above.

Countless winged Pokemon flitted above them. They lined the wooden beams, chittering and squawking as they fought over space and food alike. Jiro saw the white, steely hide of Kaneki swoop up from a table, a dried morsel in his sharp beak. A pair of Pidgey followed after him, screeching in protest as he weaved his way through the airborne crowd of Pokemon. Eventually, he settled on a beam, quickly scarfing down the food as the Pidgey bickered around him. The three engaged in a heated debate before a large Fearow, clad in light armor, flew down to perch on the beam next to them and made them scatter in surprise.

Jiro shook his head, sighing as he made his way down the hall. Shuhei prowled beside him, a silver shadow at his side. The northern Ninetales held grace in his step, much like he did. But the Pokemon did not mind the crowd. Jiro did. That's why he bore his light armor, shielding his face from the curious glances of the rulers that sat at the front of the hall and ate among themselves. Of course-- why would they dare mingle with the lesser peoples? His eyes narrowed at the sight of Emperor Yataro, an aging man with a gaunt face and gray in his long, dark hair. He was as he always remembered; cold, calculating, and uncaring.

His already soured appetite soured even more. Shuhei tipped his narrow muzzle up to look at him, and Jiro stroked his frosty mane. "Come, Shuhei. Let us try to eat." he mumbled, deciding that he should at least submit himself to the celebrations at least for a little while. He settled down, not caring who or what kind of person he sat next to. There was a large, stuffed Piloswine in front of him. Its small jaws were open, an apple placed between its teeth. Jiro pulled a face. Ugh. How could people eat this? Sure, he had settled for dried meats when he traveled, but the sight of preparing a corpse in such a way disgusted him.

The people across from him stared for a second. He realized that he was sitting with Neridans, which were the allies of his home country. Yet, the looks they gave him were far from friendly. Their blue eyes bore holes into him, and Jiro ducked his head as he reached for a plate and served himself from a plate that bore a smaller, lesser creature-- probably a roasted bird. Quietly, he tucked into his food, trying to seem like he was enjoying its taste. Shuhei gnawed on a bone he had found on the ground, quietly sucking on the marrow that was exposed from the shaft.
Alrighty, here we go with the critiques. Be aware that, even though I am looking over your sheets, there might be one or two things that stick out and would like emphasized/changed/explained more. I hope you don't come at me with pitchforks and torches.

@jdh97 Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with Eon other than the clothes he wears. Taranis is pretty hot, so maybe he could ditch the furs? Unless you're saying that's what he's wearing up in Sher. Also, you can explain what he carries under the "equipment" section that's beneath "weapons" instead of putting everything under other. Other than that, your character is ACCEPTED.

@Mr Nim The first thing that sticks out to me is that, even though Zella was born in Hotaru, she has no eastern vibes. Her name isn't really Eastern, and she seems like she isn't really from there. You can easily fix this by either having her parents not be Hotaruan, and have moved there instead, or have her be from somewhere else.

@Typical Honestly, I love him. I don't see anything that really sticks out, so he's ACCEPTED.

@CleanBreeze I am not looking at your character until you join the discord, fix your backstory, and separate your paragraph into separate ones.

@Eleven Firstly, I love the format you have your sheet in. Love the blocks and sprites! Honestly, love her simple and straightforward backstory, and I love the story with Captain. She's ACCEPTED.

@Hey Im Jordan Well, nothing much other than to say ACCEPTED!

@Fabricant451 Since your character's backstory is interlinked with Westra's, I don't have a problem with it either. ACCEPTED!

@UndeadSpartan I don't really have an issue with Shareena either. But, something that does nag me is the fact that she named her Croagunk and not her Zoroark, which has been with her for longer. If you need me to help you to come up with a name for him, I will! But for now, she's ACCEPTED!

@Demon Shinobi Your character sucks and you should feel bad.


His weaponry is accepted, especially since we discussed it before. They're pretty cool-- simple, yet intricate, weapons. His personality and backstory is good, too, albeit a bit short. But I'm not gonna haggle you for it, it's good enough for me. If you would like I could help you pick out movesets later. For now, he's ACCEPTED!


@dragonpiece @FailingForward I'm sorry to say you've been booted from the roleplay and will not have a chance of rejoining.

@Helios J Mears @Pirouette I'm giving you two until the end of the weekend to at least reply to my pings. If you don't reply by Sunday, I'll unfortunately have to boot you two as well.

I'll be trying my damn hardest to start this roleplay today.

@Calle I'm sorry but I'm only looking for jojo atm.
Craving Jojo!
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