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22 May 2017 17:09
Current Because creative freedom allows more input than being forced to write about one topic.
7 May 2017 1:46
Sweet tea and pizza. It seems my appetite can't decide if I live in the north or south.
6 May 2017 19:52
If you put a picture of yourself in a locket, I guess you could say you're... independant! Get it? I'm terrible with puns.
3 May 2017 16:22
"Space stretches into infinity. Countless stars die as others are born. And thus, space is alive." - Uchuu Senkan Yamato
3 May 2017 12:41
I imagine that actors of child TV shows feel really awkward asking kids to shout, point, etc. It's even more awkward when no one is there and the character is all happy that you did what he asked.
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I'll try to get a reply soon, but it might be delayed until later tonight. Trying to get some posts in before I have to do a few things.
I'll start working on a post in the next hour or two, but it might be delayed until later tonight.
Well, the IC hasn't had a reply for 12 days. Two people have been gone for five days, and the RP can't really move on without them. I'm sorry, but I think I'll have to call it quits on this RP. :(
Tanner Harwell
Current Location: Wall Rose, Training Grounds - Interacting With: Gabriel (@LordVoldemort)

Tanner entered the cabin, and on first glance, it wasn't anything special. The building wasn't fancy, nothing like the homes of the deepest section of the three walls that surrounded humanity in a giant chicken coop. Rather, the cabins were quaint, and the interior reminded Tanner of his home. Inside, there were four beds, and a few cabinets that surely were meant to hold their clothing and whatever belongings the cadets had. The cabin also boasted a small table and a few chairs, but Tanner's interest was inclined towards the beds and if his belongings had arrived.

He walked over to the cabinets, and opened each one until he found the jacket that was all too familiar to Tanner. Underneath the jacket lied a small patched sack, which was all Tanner had left in terms of belongings. Excluding what Tanner shoved in his pockets two years ago, everything else that Tanner owned was crushed by a section of the wall and now guarded by monstrous titans. Reaching deep into the bag, Tanner breathed a sigh of relief as he pulled out clump of papers detailing every note he wrote about the mysterious woman that haunted his mind and soul.

"One day I'll have to find a better way to store these. The papers are already crinkling and dotted with crease marks..." Tanner muttered to himself once he sat on one of the beds, oblivious to the sound of the cabin door opening while he focused on the papers in his hands. Like Tanner, the newcomer was just as oblivious and sat down on the bed across from him. Seconds went by before the newcomer realized Tanner was in the room, and in an attempt to initiate conversation, spoke up.

"Hey...didn't see you there. Guess we're going to be booked together. My name is Gabriel... we might have met before? Maybe?" The voice said, causing Tanner to suddenly look upwards. Despite the friendliness radiating from Gabriel, Tanner quickly tried to shove the documents in his hands between the bed frame and the bed in hopes that Gabriel wouldn't see them. "Tanner. I don't think we've met before." Tanner replied, almost hurrying his words as he slid down the bed to block Gabriel's view of the hastily shoved papers sticking out from underneath the bed.
In Book of Aeos 23 May 2017 20:17 Forum: Casual Roleplay

The party had more or less went with Alberich's barked orders. Each one set out to do the task he had asked of them, although there were some changes in Alberich's plans. Elyria had chanted a spell that cloaked the encampment in an invisibility field, while Ysran used his own magic to summon what seemed to be hundreds of fish. The elf's magic had taken a toll on him as he collapsed, yet Alberich was distracted by the sudden explosion of fish that swarmed the shores and now flopped around on land. The lumberjack was in disbelief, but he quickly came to his senses and pulled out a large net-like sack to gather as many fish.

"We'll surely be full for days thanks to you, Ysran." Alberich replied once the elf had came to his senses and handed him an arm full of fish. "Yet there may be too many for us to eat before they spoil. I wonder if we could use these - along with whatever Kathryn might catch - to convince some of the locals to fight with us. They know the terrain, and we're at a disadvantage in numbers against the orc horde. Their help would be a boon in all regards." The lumberjack nodded to himself as he drew a knife and prepared a fish to roast over the fire that Elyria had set.

Running the blade against the fish to descale it, Alberich gazed towards the water. "If you three intend to stick around and fight the Dark Lord with me and whoever else wishes to stay, I believe our encampment should have a name." The lumberjack stated, brushing fish scales off his blade as he sliced open the belly to remove the insides. "Since we're camping by a lake and we desire victory over the Dark Lord... how does Victory Bay sound? Cheesy, I know. I was never one for names to begin with." Alberich chuckled as he tossed the organs in a small container for later use as bait or to sell to the local villagers. Food was usually hard to come by this close to the realm of the Dark Lord, and every scrap saved could be someone's saving grace.
In Book of Aeos 23 May 2017 19:43 Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'll start working on a post.
Well, some have finals around this time, so she might be busy. I'm all for waiting unless you all want to try pinging Delta for another reply.
I still live. Just been busy.
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