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Luddita crept to the end of the alley to find a small pack of dwarves covered in cuts and scrapes, bound to one another in leg shackles and being marched down the street towards the wall by two xill soldiers. As Luddita peered out from the alley, both turned their heads and darted towards her, weapons raised.

On the walls to Thalia's right and Agatha's left are doors. Behind Jarven, the alley extends another twenty feet.
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As the party made their final preparations, Luddita had cast spiked armor on herself and attempted to cast ironbeard on Thalia.

Upon departing, Danny used his knowledge of the city to direct the group through a few alleys and streets that cut diagonally through the city towards the Dwarven Quarter. Crowds of people raced across your path towards the docks, but thus far you’ve managed to avoid being trampled. As you drew closer to the Quarter, you noticed the streets becoming more and more empty. Halfway through a particularly dark alley, you began to hear the sound of metal scraping against stone, some ways ahead.
@JimFromTheOfice Felix nodded and allowed Owelbert to hop on his arm. "I will send a runner to your home and see that your pets make it onto the fleet," he said, standing, "and as it seems this matter is nearly settled, I'll be on my way." He stood and followed Danny out of the room.

@Ludditetechie "The slums, unfortunately, have likely been overrun," Arissa told Luddita. "Those who haven't evacuated have likely been killed or captured."

@Ludditetechie @Ciaran “Thalia is right,” says Symon, “we’re not fighters, we’re strategists. We’ve got our own roles to play in the evacuation that don’t include running through the streets and getting ourselves killed.” Arissa nods at this, but gives Symon a stern look at the end.

@The Large Dumbo “This message is all we’ve heard from the Elven council,” Felix tells Jarven, “Llenasae is their spokeswoman, so I assume she or Ayrie sent the request, the rest of the council rarely communicates directly with us.”

@JimFromTheOfice Arissa responds to Danny saying, “Redirecting the militia from blocking the streets may leave the docks open for assault. If that were to happen, the xill would wedge between the quarters and the docks, making any efforts to rescue either of the quarters practically futile.”

Felix gives Danny a blank stare as the wizard speaks in dwarvish, then looks to Arissa, who translates “He wants someone to retrieve his alchemy lab and to take his bird and horse to the fleet.”

Felix nods and says, “Where is this alchemy lab of yours? Perhaps we can send someone to gather it for you.”

@Guardian Angel Haruki Symon expresses a look of curiosity towards Agatha and says, “They must be very good friends or very foolish friends if they’ve not yet retreated. Speaking of which, I’m needed on the fleet.” He gets up and moves to leave the room.

“Arissa and I will need to be on our way soon as well,” Felix says, “time is of the essence. While I agree that splitting up is a dangerous idea, it would be better than sitting here debating if we can’t come to a unified decision. As I understand it, Thalia and Danny are in favor of assisting the elven quarter first, and Agatha and Luddita would like to rescue the dwarven quarter first. If I may make a suggestion- take it on a vote between the six of you, and if it comes to a draw, simply split up or…” Felix pauses, his nose wrinkles at what he’s about to say, “flip a copper.”

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IC is up. Folks unfinished with NPC and PC relationships are welcome to wrap those up, but in the interest of not losing any more momentum, we're going to get started.

From this point on, I would prefer we use third person, past tense in the IC to avoid confusion.

Warning bells ring in the distance, crowds stampede towards the docks, and armor clatters as soldiers march towards the wall. The Exodus Festival has been interrupted by a Xill assault, and Felix has called local leaders to the temple of Torag. Agatha, Danny, Jarven, Luddita, Khan, and Thalia sit around a table in Felix’s office. They are joined by Felix and two other humans: one, a woman in formal military attire; the other, a young man in fine clothes and jewelry.

“The walls hold 7,200 militia,” the woman says, “we’re still awaiting a report from the front lines on their numbers.”

“Thank you, Arissa,” Felix says, turning to the young man. “What about the evacuation, Symon?”

The aristocrat speaks up, “It is not going well. Rowboats are attempting to ferry civilians to the fleet, but the docks are in a frenzy. People are being trampled to death or thrown into the water, several have leapt onto departing rowboats and capsized them. Further, the last supply boat has stopped midway to the fleet. It’s expected to be carrying 50 tons of food. Last word was that a small crew planned to row out to meet it, but I’ve not heard whether they have been successful in fixing the delay.”

A crow flies through the window and lands on the table, dropping a rolled piece of parchment in front of Felix. He unrolls it and his face pales as he reads aloud:

“Three to four thousand xill. Walls lost in seconds. Soldiers attempting to block streets to buy time for retreat. Dwarf Quarter cornered, no word from Gammar. Elf Quarter in better shape but not retreating, are requesting assistance on a search & rescue mission. Please advise.”

Felix passes the parchment around the table for everyone to see. Arissa and Symon sit in stunned silence for a moment- things were not supposed to fall apart like this. They turn to the rest of the table, clearly waiting to hear Our Heroes’ thoughts on the crisis.
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Felix is unconvinced. Individual faith without the guiding hands of priests is what leads to people killing their neighbors because "Torag told me to do it." He reminds Luddita that temples and priests devoted to one deity do not necessarily forsake the rest of the pantheon. Worshiping multiple deities in one service would convolute the message, confuse the people, and potentially anger the prouder gods.
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