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Hey i'd love to join a D&D 5th game

1. Discord or no for conversations that don't require a lot of extra writing between narrative?

I like discord since It helps people coordinate and do back to back dialogue easier

2. Space and aliens sci-f, High Fantasy worldwide adventure, or horror, death, and suspense?

High fantasy but mostly cause I like Rebellion stories and army battles

3. Preferences of Combat, Exploration, Role-playing, Moral Dilemmas, Puzzle/Traps, Crime, Murder Hoboing, Meta-Gaming, Power Gaming, Politics, and War/Nations. Just list your favorite 3 or 4, and maybe give me some insight as to why.

Personally, I love Power gaming and Murder hoboing but mostly cause internally I can't stand not finding the most powerful builds. Story-wise I enjoy tactics and puzzles as well as plot twists, politics, and plans. Any post I can spend hours looking over to try and find clues mostly since another site's taught me to be a paranoid fuck.

4. How active do you like NPCs to be? Do you like having them in the party or at least strong enough to survive following the party, or do you prefer them to stay on the side lines so the PCs can enjoy all glory? Maybe a mix? Why?

I think it depends. I don't think high-level NPCs should be permanent companions most of the time unless they're interesting enough to keep around and it doesn't disturb the balance of power too much. I don't mind powerful NPCs joining every now and again for a bit of time before leaving though but honestly I feel it should be decided on a case by case basis balancing how much spotlight's stolen by NPCs.

5. Bigger or smaller groups?

Bigger since you have to assume people will drop out and this site's PbP section's pretty small.

6. Homebrew cool?

Homebrew's fine if it makes the game flow easier or make more sense.

How would RWBY even work? Playing it using DnD 5th sounds kind of weird. Also what timelines like near when Ruby joins Beacon, an AU or some other time in the Future/Past? Strange question but if it's the start of Season 1 could we alter the timeline and somehow save Pyrah, Penny or FINALLY get Jaune Laid?

Weird question but how can I share my sheet with you? I've got most of the skills done on a sheet but I pretty much just used paint and I don't know how I can show it.
I'd like to sign up please. I'll think of a proper character concept once I see the rules just so I'm clear.
I'd love to join a Zombie RPG game. My biggest question is what time do you think the Sessions are including the timezone and how often are they run?
Danny just facepalmed sarcastically "Really?" for a moment he sounded genuinely disappointed and was shaking his head while looking at the ground "Pulling out the Squish Wizard card like a right Chav eh? I didn't say I'd take all the wankers by meself just that I'd paste them better than you make shoot quips and I bet I could totally take four hits easy but you know how they are. Honestly, I don't fancy my chances getting so close to one what with their you know?" he mimed fake fangs.
"Anyway," she continued, changing the subject, "the tall guy still inside says he's going off on his own, to the docks. Agatha says she's got friends that'll help him out, but otherwise, I think we're headed for the Dwarf quarter. I think the quicker route is best, that'll be the only way we can get both problems solved in time. Shall I take point?"

He looked over to Khan then stage-whispered to Thalia " 'e's a right nutter that one eh? Seemed like 'e didn't 'ave all his marbles up here when I saw him but ohh well, hope it goes proper jammy and it doesn't go all tits up else he'd look like a wanker for leaving the lads."

@Cu Chulainn He made his way over to Khan to properly see him off "Hope it doesn't go 'ard cheese on you in the waterworks mate." Danny pulled out his wand as well as two scrolls "Some magic to 'elp you not get pasted" He cast Mage armor on Khan while handing him two scrolls. Danny looked the Monk up and down for a second, figured he looked nothing like a wizard and probably didn't know what those were, wrinkled his face in annoyance then spoke "Scrolls... They're paper that make magic 'appen. Case things get a bit 'airy just do what sorcerors do to do magic then run like buggery"

He made his way to the group going to the Dwarven quarters after casting Mage armor on himself.
Neet, so can I join? I was trying to read up on cypher but the internet here's pretty slow. I'll probably look it up further once I get home.
I don't know what the Cypher system is but I've always wanted to try a Super Hero campaign
Danny was mindlessly muttering to himself like a crazy person when he noticed the two women approach "G'day Hens" @Ciaran he turned specifically to Thalia "I'm disappointed 'alf and half just disappointed. I know you think your wit's aces but "stone'ead" just lost the plot 'fore it even started. I hope you're a right fibber though cause if you really are as good with a foil as you are with your words then I might just 'ave to start beating the Xil meself" he chuckled sharply

The Wizard waved the quips away as he moved on to more serious matters "So you and the Lads got your onions sorted out? I've been thinking about all this todger" he gestured to the siege "I might just be a right plonker but I know some trails you lads might be cuffed to know. All three place 'ave ways you can get to 'em quicker but we risk getting cocked up by the Xil even more than normal course there's also ways us chaps can avoid getting gutted but we'd not get anywhere in a Jiffy. I don't think the lads would take too well to that last one though."

Danny didn't feel the need to mention the Xil and their insect-like traits as well as the incredibly dangerous poisons which can easily cause [...] in normal people. He also didn't mention their tactics especially their habit of [...] or the fact that each Xil soldier could [...] because nobody was stupid enough not to know that right? It's pretty much common knowledge already

Felix gives Danny a blank stare as the wizard speaks in dwarvish, then looks to Arissa, who translates “He wants someone to retrieve his alchemy lab and to take his bird and horse to the fleet.”

Felix nods and says, “Where is this alchemy lab of yours? Perhaps we can send someone to gather it for you.”

Danny shook his head in embarrassment both at the fact he spoke dwarvish to a man who didn't understand and because the woman told everybody about his requests. He walked towards Arissa "Oi you daft girl I didn't want every bloke knowing about my boofers." He whispered. the Wizard just sighed then told Felix his address while placing Owelbert on the table "Take care of him yeah? 'es a good lad, that one."

@Ludditetechie@Guardian Angel Haruki@Ciaran@The Large Dumbo
Danny turned to the group "Well Chaps, Since we can't spare any old bills to bail out the stumpies I say we go bail them out instead. Once we've got the boys outa their skiver, if they'd oblige we can send them out to the waterworks while we can 'ave a go at finding those dirt eaters an' their missing gaffers. Three outa six then" He stood up and started walking outside " I'm not too cuffed about being inside during a siege so I'll be waiting outside. Give me an earwig once you lot 'ave gotten your onions sorted out." Danny nonchalantly exited the building
Isaac just about had enough violence for the day so when Roxy disappeared then appeared behind the girl, an instinct clicked in his brain and he sprinted as fast as he could away from all the madness. Once he reached his home, Isaac collapsed behind the counter on top of his sleeping bag then fell into a blissful sleep.
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