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Nope. The genre is more of transported to another world. Imagine finding yourself waking up in Impel Down of the Grey Terminal.
Made some fanfiction about this and decided to bring it to the forums to see how viable it would be as an RP. Its nothing all that unique as far as fanfiction themes go. Basically, the setting will be that of One Piece, but all your characters will be those from the real world.

Your characters would be treating the realm of One Piece as some sort of game. A good example would be Re: Monster, maybe The Gamer, or something like the Greed Island Arc from Hunter X Hunter.

Challenges and events would be presented to your characters as quests and rewards would come in the form of items or abilities. Progression-wise, you'll improve your strengths like that of a game character, so sudden boosts in certain abilities wouldn't be too weird.

Using real life knowledge may or may not be useful, but your characters would have the luxury to do so. The first arc would be an event leading to venturing into the Grand Line or something related to that.

Anyway, if you're interested, make your presence known. If not, oh well. Here goes nothing.
@Rin I imagine most would lead towards being a pirate.

I'm okay with the whole DF thing being common among the participants. Just gives the crew more reason to gain some infamy.
@Archmage MC I'd love to here the concept you want to go with.

As for the plot, I don't mind having a story style similar to the straw hats. If we try to deviate from that, the change could be in the overall goal of the crew, the type of morality they follow, and the type of adventure they're going to have.

@Rin Who knows? I might be the one to break the streak of unfortunate One Piece RPs?

Also, I wouldn't mine straying from the plot of being pirates and go with joining the marines.
Or a third party group like bounty hunters.

As the name suggests, this is a thread to find out if there are people interested in doing a One Piece RP with me. In regards to the specifics of the plot, I have several but picking an exact one hasn't been done yet. After garnering enough initial interest, I'd like to discuss with those individuals what they'd want to see in a One Piece RP and how they want it to be ran.

I'm open minded and willing to go with anything as long as its One Piece. My goal right now, is to just get a dedicated number of participants.
Hi there. Just wanted to stop by and let you guys know that my net is kinda iffy, so having some trouble with posting my character. It'll be up as soon as possible. Thanks dudes.
Count me in! Will be finishing this as soon as I can.

@Mr Allen J@MechonRaptor@Ashevelendar@Rin@JunkMail@catchamber@RumikoOhara@Jules_Watts@Empath@Sisyphus @Archmage MC @Architect @Silver Carrot

Would you guys prefer limiting the setting of the RP or have the story take place in multiple areas? I don't mind either, I just prefer to go with what the majority wants.
@Sisyphus I think I'll be going with the first option, but to be fair, it'll be somewhat of a sandbox too.

@Archmage MC I'd like to avoid science; nothing sucks more than an online debate explaining how plausible or unplausible something is based on science while in a world of fiction.

@Architect Not really sure what "Ellis-esque posthuman themes", but I'll check it out.

@Silver Carrot Will be posting up a CS soon.
@Mr Allen J@MechonRaptor@Ashevelendar@Rin@JunkMail@catchamber@RumikoOhara@Jules_Watts@Empath

Okay, so far it looks like a tie. 4 for each then 2 for both. I could do a combination of both, but honestly, option #1 was going to be sandbox-like too. Instead of forcing a story on to the players, I'd just be nudging you guys into certain directions plot-wise from time to time.

As far as powers go, I'd be giving them off. I'd definitely listen to what you guys want, but at best, I'd give you some sort of variant of whatever ability you wanted.
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