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Current Well, one emergency solved. Pity I have two more coming up next week... Urgh.
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It's become your main is inferior
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Word of the week: plarphf
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Took forever, but I finally finished my training app. Starting with the real thing on Saturday, and just praying it isn't as codependent as a mobage.
4 days ago
Taco Tuesday has been cancelled and replaced with Tako Tuesday


So yeah, this is Blaze. I'm sorry you had to see this. I do 1x1s of the we're all going to hell variety. 29. Living in Japan. Male. Uh... Stuff. PM me for RPs of questionable moral fibre.

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Felix frowned. "I mean... I'm more worried about that ass back at the manor following us back to the village and then... Well, he is in charge there, even if he doesn't come around..." He stood and brushed himself off. "Far as I know, he doesn't have governance over at that next town, right? Besides, I don't think we're a danger to anyone else... I mean... Who knows about you at this point? Him, Emmerich, your parents, and me, right? We have time to figure this out."
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I clicked on the link to this in discord. I was not disappointed
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"..." Felix fell quiet for a moment. "Kathy... The Old Man didn't know anything about this. The letter that creep gave me, it was a fake." He told her. "I don't know if it's safe to go back though... And besides, you wanted to do this, right? We don't do anything, and a nasty war's going to start... Isn't that what they said? Besides... Least we can do is get to the mountains... There's supposed to be another village on the way I think... We could make it there in three days and then... And then... I don't know, but..."
"Well," Felix scratched the back of his head. "I haven't... Well, except for the one time, remember when I broke into the bakery when we were kids? I guess that counts... But then again, I think I cried for like... 10 minutes because I cut my forehead on the glass." He laughed to himself. "Honestly, though, I think it was just desperation. I don't think anyone would have ended up well off from a confrontation... We could have been marked as criminals... Mind... We may end up that way anyway... Guess we'll just have to keep moving... Apoligise to Emmerich once we get back."
Actually, I'll just bump this. Revived this RP, had to kill off half the PCs, but it's back. Blah blah blah
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