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3 days ago
Current I'd happily join an Avatar roleplay taking place in the M.Night Shyamalan continuity.
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10 days ago
Roleplay Bucket List: 1) Medieval Spongebob RP 2) Wizard Cops RP 3) Garfield RP
2 mos ago
Join now and get the chance to receive 10 Wal-Coupons.…
4 mos ago
Guys, let’s just make an roleplayerguild highschool RP where the moderators are teachers, Mahz is the principal and so forth.
4 mos ago
Gong Xi Fa Cai, RPG!
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Alright, my plans for finishing the post got ruined when I got dragged into a round of Mario Party. I'll probably get this up by tomorrow then.
it's been a couple of days, bork, where is this IC at, i'm itching man

To give everyone an update, I'm about halfway done through the opening post. I'll most likely get it done today or tomorrow. If I don't get it done tomorrow, you have my permission to overthrow me as GM.

To be further added........
After an hour or so of deliberation, I have finally made my decisions on which sheets will be accepted into the RP and which ones will be deferred. You all really made this difficult. Really tough. I briefly debated adding more positions but I decided against it. I struggled between my personal biases over people which I have role-played previously along with my responsibilities as a GM.

The final roster is as follows:

@Firecracker - Rory McShan/Assistant Manager

(You're lucky that I let you in six minutes after the closure time. Nothing really egregious about the character sheet gramatically, other than the fact that I assume that you know that you need to use colored text of the correct color to exercise your position's Benefits. Other than that, it's a solid CS. I see no problems with it.)

@Atrophy - July Wench/Cashier

(We have too many flamboyant character sheets in this roleplay. Great character sheet. Really love the fact that you're embracing the ridiculous blend of the mundane and mysterious that the Night Shift invites. No major mistakes as far as I can tell.)

@Rapid Reader - Adeline du Beaumont/Stock Clerk

(The position of Stock Clerk was extremely hard to decide but Ada's shtick of adhering to the medieval principles of knighthood in modern times appealed to me. Other than the slight kerfuffle which we discussed over the PMs, I think the only problem that I have with your sheet is our interpretation of Management. Even though Gas-Way's Management are a bunch of capitalist scumbags, their terms and conditions probably wouldn't allow an employee to carry weapons in premises. This is not to say you can still have a sword. It's just that your character would really need to keep it well hidden from Management. Adding this detail in your CS would be fine.)

@RedVII - Cletus Hickman/Pump Attendant

(Yes, I am ready for this Alex Jones redneck conspiracy theorist. Please, however, keep in mind while your character is understandably a conspiracy theorist, that you are mature enough not to have your character spout off offensive conspiracy theories that involve real life events such as 9/11, Sandy Hook or whatever.)

I'll be posting the start of the IC in a couple of days. Those who have been accepted can post their character sheets with any fixes I mentioned above in the CS section. For those who weren't accepted, I appreciate the support you showed for this RP and the effort that you put into your character sheets. If you have any questions about why you weren't accepted, please PM me in private if you want feedback.
Alright,CS submissions are now closed. Sorry for all those of you who were working on their CS. If a position is available, I'll let you know.

(With the exception of Firecracker)
Okay, so, just about one more day before submissions. For those of you who are eyeing this thread, the final submission time is officially 10:00 PM UTC-5, 25th May. There have been a lot of interesting concepts submitted thus far. Let's see if you can make my decisions for the final rosters even harder.
Alright, given that there have been signups for all the positions in the RP, I will be closing submissions and begin accepting on the 25th of May. Anyone still wishing to join should try and make a CS before then in a timely manner.
Still looking for more employees! If you enter now, you are liable to earn a pay-raise from Management.
Hey, y'all. I'm probably going to wait until at least 3 more applications have been posted before I begin accepting. There is no due date yet but I'll be confirming it soon in the OOC.

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