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@themadhatter420 haha, ok.
Firstly thank you for all the courtesy, you are very polite. :)
But as far as characters go you cannot step on any toes. Literally anything is welcome the only limitation is how you will be able to interact and offer interactions with others. (Although maybe consider size constraints as there is a roof.(unless you want to rp from outside the tavern *shrug*))

Let your imagination and heart run wild as long as it brings a positive experience to others.

Yup! I think I’ve got to record that and add it to the golden rules somewhere.

Anyway looking forward to rp’ing with you.
I was going to see if you still needed someone to help with entertainment but I think if I jumped in now id be super late to everything going on xD I can put together a quick character sheet for my bard to play music in the tavern and dance if your still looking? @Dark Light

Always looking for new employees! Actually just started a new write up for them. (Will probably take weeks to finish tho)
The role of an employee is to entertain and provide interactions for guests and in return they get some tavern employee privileges,

So jump in when ever you’re ready and introduce your character.
ah oops
i don’t think lavender actually said anything at the end of that post but oh well

Ahhh! No no no. Let me go retcon my post. I clearly didn’t read your post properly. I see there is no quotation marks around the bottom bit. Sorry! My bad :(
”New guy!” The shirtless lycan shouted while looking towards Ghair.
”Watch the bar will you, should be easy enough. This guy” and he pointed a big finger at a man in a deep black trench coat, wearing glasses and a funeral hat. ”is paying for all the drinks, get him a room if he needs it. The imps will know what to do.”

Clay took a deep swig of a bottle he found and then his eyes ran across the room before falling back on Lavender and Anya. He would say it was an odd place for a child to be but then again there was a god playing a game with itself and a six winged unimaginable hybrid creature simply surveying the room. It would be odd if there was nothing odd here, this was a place of oddities after all.

@aia2022 Clay looked a bit confused, confused why Lavender was confused.
”It’s for your hand.” he insisted. ”Let me wrap it up.” he playfully chuckled.

”Was a neat trick, all that fire but it looks like even you can’t handle all that heat?” there was that devilish taunting grin again.


”Used to have a doc livin’ and working here.” Clay casually throws the words out there. Not directly speaking to Lavender but also not, not, speaking to her either. His back was to her as he put a thick paste on some slim white bandages and continued to verbalise his thoughts.
”Very odd fella but handy to have around. Set up a practice in his room, saw patients and treated people in this very tavern. Then.. Don’t rightly know what happened to him. Just suddenly wasn’t around anymore. Must of just up and left one day. No word, no trace. But that’s how things go around here.

Clay paused as he let out a sigh and slowly turned around. His eyes scanned that cold emotionless mask of hers. With a gentle nod of his head he gestured to the long strip of treated bandage that he held out, patiently awaiting her hand.

”Maybe he caught something off one of his patients or more likely he simply had enough. Hard game, helping others all the time.” Clay flashes a brief curious smile.
”He really could work miracles. Great man to be around when your dying, not so much when your sober.

Clay had the spool of bandage in one hand, a strip of it in his mouth and scissors in the other. He tried to hold it in place on his ribs with an elbow as he cut at the fabric.

“Ther brn gorked boddle over der” Clay said with slight difficulty through the bandage between his clenched teeth, with a vague nod of his head in the general direction of the table.

After cutting the spool of white fabric free from the layers that wrapped his wound he struggled to tie the loose tail off behind his back before conceding and turning to Lavender.

Reckon those burnt hands of yours can still tie a bandage?” he asked.
Ideas/themes I am am currently craving.

Ideas I REALLY want to do.

Always open to new ideas and inspiration.


- none yet
- everything

If you made it this far and are still interested, PM me to discuss further.
If anyone is looking for an interaction just let me know.
Can work something out to cure your boredom.

I have Dorian the immaculately dressed dark haired, dark eyed proprietor of the tavern.

Clay the half naked barrel chested biker lycan

The young server boy who looks like dorians younger sibling and speaks dark Magic’s.

Then there’s also the wide eyed loveable serving shadow imps.
Injuries were abound in plenty. The barkeep, injured himself, pulled up a large hard leather case from behind the bar. The overused metal hinges groaned along with Clay as he flipped the lid back.
One by one he took out item and implement. Some familiar, some bizarre. Some so ancient surely they couldn’t work anymore (if they ever did). Others appeared so advanced you couldn’t possibly determine their purpose. At first it seemed to be a healers kit of some sorts, creams and scissors coming out, but as he continued rummaging through it and removing things, one could not be so sure. Some of the items could easily be misconstrued as torturing implements, or perhaps devices of a much more personal nature.

Finally Clay pulled out a roll of bandage from the deep case and awkwardly began wrapping it around his bloody, tattooed toned stomach. Noticing Lavender come back into the bar he gave her a knowing smile that quickly faded into a wince of pain.

“Girl!” he snapped, looking at @Marmalised Junk. ”Throw that thing away and get some clean supplies from here, see if anyone else needs anything too.”

”Dead people cant buy drinks.” he mumbled to himself.

His eyes briefly flashed to the golden bipedal lion creature.
”Just... ah. Be with you, in a minute.
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