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1 yr ago
Current Some of the damn quotes from old 80's animation is damn gold. If english isn't gonna cut it, just swap to ones native language and you have yourself some good comedy. Unlike hollywood post year 2000
1 yr ago
Prepare for oblivion...
1 yr ago
36yo today, one step closer to oblivion.
3 yrs ago
Let the roleplaying shenanigans ensue! Fun times!
3 yrs ago
Nationbuilding buisness is underway!


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I am very sorry about the three which didn't make it through, I would have loved to have roleplayed with each one of you. I was already pondering about how my character would have interacted with yours, even if I was uncertain if he would make it due to the large text-cluster of my sheet and how I had arranged things. I would like to have thought my character would have been highly intrigued in a fellow red mage, and been abit too nosy around him to basically pry him open. "Reveal to me thine secrets!" Sort of manner. Rheine on the other hand might have come to feel like a librarian being picked up by a biker and placed on his motorbike, such an interaction between an extrovert like my character and an introvert like Rheine would have been very amusing. Lastly with Solace, my character would have leapt on that PTSD sort of guy and probably seen about adding a couple of more layers of things to be worried about, that and cringe everytime hearing a song or any music being played. All things considered, I can imagine the choice wasn't easy to pick only 8, and I did enjoy reading your character sheets, so keep your heads raised high. /Dez.
Still waiting to get back home, still on that 24 hour shift. Will tidy up my sheet, add some coinpouch to his inventory and after reading Izayoi's sheet, I gotta add a theme and who would voice my guy haha ūüėĀ

I am going to post this abit early (still feel like I want to put in a colour code, spelling check, alter some words and add a few more details on biography and personality section and make it look prettier. Also possible alterations to the two NPC groups my character would be involved with and it's members. But I won't be able to get to that til Sunday.
Allright! Thanks!
Can white magic be offensive in nature? (Example: Rays of light, Holy smiting blast, Cleansing fire)
I have been working on my sheet, but I need abit more time to flesh all the details out. Don't wanna leave it too bland, but on the other hand don't want to spoil too much neither. Tricky path to walk, that line inbetween the black and white magic. I may finish the sheet later tonight or early tomorrow. So bear with me abit longer.
Dissidia 012 only :P
Home and working on my sheet, hopefully it will be done in a few hours. Gotta make sure it looks and reads nicely first.

Still a few more hours til I am home feom work and can start putting down the character sheet. Still out of all the classes the red mage is what fits the best for what I have in mind. I am not overly familiar with fantasies of the final kind, but I have been prone to follow the story of a vagrant, even if my character wouldn't be a vagrant. But perhpas something more along with a faerytale, a saga in the frontiers of Edren. Thus thoughts were already in motion before I even read about Lunaris, which fits like a glove for what I have in mind.

Can likely expect a sheet post from me in some 6-8 hours from now.
I am leaning towards Red mage, as that would likely be the closest thing for what I have in mind for a character. Other possibility could be summoner unless they are bound to staffs.
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