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7 mos ago
Current But Buddha, you've been on RPG much longer than that!
7 mos ago
I was so mean to someone they started acting like a decent human being. Is this real? Am I in the matrix?
8 mos ago
I’ve got you, you’ve got whatever’s left of me to get—our conversations are like minefields, no one has found a safe way through one yet.
8 mos ago
I liked Attack on Titan for six episodes, but then it turned into shit.
8 mos ago
I think some people on RPG like the idea of anime gifs and avatars more than they actually care about watching anime or reading manga! Just sayin’.


You should look at my new account, I think.

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I'm hardcore and will still sitck around.

While I am hardly "hardcore" as long as my squaddies are around I'll still be in it.

@Gowi So... is there an ETA on the first IC post?

Possibly a few days after when I have all current applications in and reviewed. The OOC revisions might have to take a backseat so I can get said reviews over with though.
Yeah, a PM might be a good idea to start from since we both have interest checks to use to cross reference.
you'll love it in here :)

We shall see.
Ew. I have to use actual faceclaims instead of amazing anime pictures? What is this. This isn't Secrets. I was lied to.

I am so out of my element.

So a few people told me this is where the cool kid’s hang out. Tentatively working on something, but y'know be wary of trusting me.
Updated the OP a little bit.
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