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I doubt that I will have the time to play in this, but I love the way you think.
Character creation is honestly the hardest part of M&M. Gameplay is rather simple. It's all d20 based. You add your power rank to the roll, and if things get really tough you can use Hero Points to modify the scene.
The only policy I can imagine for that is for people to provide credit and sources for all of their pictures. But what's the point? The issue barely ever comes up, and if someone really wants to find those images they can use a reverse image search. It's not RP posts from years ago stealing money from online artists. They should spend the time they use hunting down "unauthorized" usages of their images and get a job if money is what they're concerned about.
Really? I know you all started with 900 gp, and I've been giving standard treasure. How much do you have?
Also, if you want to buy magic items or enhance your gear, now's the time.
@SnapCaster27You were a late addition, so that's about all that happened since you joined. The Disciples of Shadow are a sort of cult that reveres legendary villains and monsters rather than heroes. They have sacrificed the sleeping hero Orain before he could awaken and fulfill the prophecy of his return.

On an unrelated note, did I give you guys XP for that dungeon you did last? What's the last XP value you guys got?

Edit: Apparently I made two recaps: one in OOC and one in IC. Both are correct, however.
Uther chips in, "Remember, the ritual in the temple is merely the first stage of a larger ritual. The first stage is to collect the blood of the reborn's greatest enemy. The second stage, wherein the resurrection actually takes place, can take place anywhere that the recipient's body is actually present. Whoever, or whatever they are trying to resurrect must be somewhere they cannot easily reach, or something that they cannot take.
In any case, I say that we should not face our next challenge unprepared. Though I will defer to the group's judgement, I say we take this chance to replenish our healing items, and purchase more powerful equipment."
And for the love of Gygax, make it interesting! Make a setting that uses its source material, rather than one that is used by it. Or else you'll end up like Golarion: awfully bland.
As an experienced D&D player I can tell you this: Sandboxes are awful. Without any evident goal, a party will dissolve, since there is no reason for them to stay together. You need a plot, or at least a metaplot, in order to have a game. Also, you're keeping track of way too much for the players. Have them keep track of their own money and status effects. There's no reason for DMs to kill themselves every game.
Recap: The party has been tracking a cult called the Disciples of Shadow that had stolen the unconscious body of the legendary hero Orain, who fell fighting a wyrm in the village of Minsterhaus. The party managed to track them to a hideout in an abandoned temple to Erythnul outside of a small city named Bloxburg. Inside they found that they were already too late. Orain had been drained of blood as part of a ritual to resurrect... something. After taking Orain's body to a Pelorian moratorium, the party plans their next move.

Now, what do you plan to do? Enhance your weaponry? Restock magic items? It's your turn.
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