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Name: Jared Grant • Age: 46 • Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, thin, and dark-haired, with gray at the temples. Appears quite reserved and refined.
Personality: Cool, calm, and unempathetic. Has a rigid personality that seeks control.
Biography: tbd
Step-daughter - Valerie Grant @Mae
Fellow Halloween Dance Organiser - @Pirouette's character
@Mae Since the town has a dead witch, it's probably a New England town in the US, with a Puritan history. My character is a wizard, perhaps from a line of wizards. He takes secret pride that he was able to lure the "old blood" back to the town. He has married into your family strictly for magical purposes. His goal is to fulfill the dead witch's spell so that she can assert her power over the town and punish the "insipid ignorant plebeians" of the town, allowing dark magics to take control. I'm not sure whether he wants to instruct your character or sacrifice your character yet. As for your mother, I imagine that she's pretty dim, or died "mysteriously."
As @Jove said each character will be working based on their own motivations at all times, and again, half of all scenes will end badly.

That's implying that half of all scenes end well. Nothing could be further from the truth. Also, the diagram isn't finished. It's missing the fortune teller clarification.
Getting a little buddy-buddy in here. Remember, in a Fiasco, everyone has their own agenda, and doesn't care for the long-term consequences. I was imagining that Mae's character is a juvenile delinquent who has one friend in this new town, which is Cao's character. My character feigns fatherly interest in Mae's character merely in order to use her for his magic ritual. And there's no more artifact necessarily. Anyways, I'll take Carnival 6: The fortune teller.
Either Pirouette's idea or get a fill-in.
@ButtonChops You've got to post that in the "Characters" tab.
AYYY post a short character description in the characters section
You are literally incomprehensible right now. Maybe you should try talking like a human being.
@ScreenAcne Didn't Pirouette need the 4?
Ok, Relationship six. But didn't @Pirouette want a four? So could @ScreenAcne give his four to Pirouette?
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