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I'm a fucked up mess
Feeling angry and depressed
I make bad decisions
I make bad decisions
Oops! I did drugs
Again last night
My younger self
Would be mortified
'Cause Captain Planet
Told me to say no
Oh, what happened?
When did I grow into a
Fucked up mess
Feeling angry and depressed
I make bad decisions
I make bad decisions
I'm in so much debt
So I'm getting off my head
I make bad decisions
I make bad decisions

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Also, in case anyone wanted to know: While I said I was going to go for a more NPC-ish role in this RP, I was thinking of giving my character a sibling, so HMU if you want to do any shenanigans of that nature.
@Yankee@Bartimaeus Is there any specific team or play style you two were thinking of? Lems wanted to name all her pokemon after food items, Sloth was thinking of pokemon that were themed after sleep, etc.
Using this post as a placeholder to track teams.



Roleplay Overview
Go, Swannas, go!

You are a forth-year student at the Mistralton Senior Pokémon Academy that is currently representing the Mistralton Swannas in the Unova Tournament. Despite the team's decent battling skill, for the last several years Mistralton has struggled to bring home any sort of victory. The team hasn't won any titles nor any trophies for some time, and is usually squashed out early on in the competition. Some have even theorized that Shauntal of the Elite Four might've cursed the team, much like the Curse of the Gogoat that had been placed upon another team.

No matter whether the curse is true or not, however, one thing is for certain; this year is your last chance to take home the trophy and represent Unova in the grand regionals against some of the other regions located throughout the world. Coming together, you and your teammates have pledged to make this year the year MSPA wins it all. One final hurrah before everyone graduates and goes on their own journeys.

Will Team Swanna be able to achieve the number one spot, or will their past failures cause everything to come crashing down in flames? Find out next time on Pokémon Showdown!

OOC Information
This roleplay is currently invite-only. If I've spoken to you about this roleplay, then feel free to make a character sheet. Apologies to anyone else that might be interested, I just feel that with more personal roleplays such as this writers that I've already established with works out better in the long end.

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@LadyAdiraa I don't have anything in mind myself as of right now, but as a sort of tip: I'd suggest checking out 4chan's /tg/ board. It can be kind of a shitshow over there (it's 4chan after all), but they usually have some sort of draw thread up where people post reference sheets in hopes someone will draw it for them. Maybe give it a look as well since you're wanting to practice your art?…

ET is finally on steam, let's fucking goooooooooooooo
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