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6 days ago
Current Starting 2-11 shifts tomorrow, so maybe I'll have time to catch up writing in the mornings rather than just on days off for a bit.
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12 days ago
IRL has been a crazy pain in my ass trying to get this new job situated. Once I get things rolling, though, I should be able to focus more on RP thing
16 days ago
Haven't checked the site in a few days. Was busy getting my shit together this weekend, so apologies to whoever is waiting on me.
20 days ago
It's a spam bot. Pay no heed to it and just wait for a mod to get around to nuking the account.
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21 days ago
Probably going to do some reorganizing of RP-related stuff this weekend. Clean out some, readdress others, etc. Just something that is overdue and I need to do.
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twenty-four x central standard time x open for roleplays

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Right. Since we're pushing two weeks without a post, and had prior issues before that, I think it's safe to call this RP here rather than let it sit around and wait for posts. The RP was fun, but it's not going to survive stalling out repeatedly.
@Carnelian That's what Legend has been doing with his client-side browser addon and the few other places he can push updates. But as for anything that requires backdoor access, the only person who can implement anything is Mahz, hence why the site doesn't get any big updates these days.

That makes sense. When was the last site update? I haven't been active in this forum for over 5 years so I'm not really sure what the heirachy of the staff is and what not.

roleplayerguild.com/staff is the link for staff.

It's been some years since our last site update. Legend might be able to say otherwise, but it's probably been, like, 3+ years since Mahz has updated anything regarding RPG.
I understand ghosting being a large factor when it comes to RP motivation. I too would be fed up if my partners keep vanishing for weeks at a time. But at the same time, it does sound like you're being impatient and pushy. Being excited for a RP is one thing, but rushing your partner(s) into posting is another (since you're considering a RP with no posts for a few days = dead). If you're someone who is frequently checking the forums and wanting to post multiple times to day, I would suggest finding a partner that can keep to that standard rather than continue to fault people who are unable to keep to your expectations.

Do you have a timeline of when the sitewide updates may possibly occur?

That largely depends on whenever Mahz decides to return and pushes an update out. There's only so much Legend or any one else on the mod team can do site-wise.

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