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3 yrs ago
Current "There is no right. There's just the wrong that doesn't pull you down."- Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead
3 yrs ago
I dunno, what's on >YOUR< mind, RPG?
3 yrs ago
Geometry Dash's soundtrack gives me the feel-goods.
3 yrs ago
Shakespeare: *Forgets the number of the apartment he just moved into* Oh, crap... 2B or not 2B? That is the question.
4 yrs ago
"no u" - Manny Pacquiao


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<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

*Saunters in, rubbing my eyes*

Hello there.
*Stands up, no longer bleeding*
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

That might assist? Perhaps; I can look. In the worst case, I do have a backup that I would rather not use.

I would hurry.
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

I will do what I can, though I'm better equipped for treatment than fighting.

Are there any others around?
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

I suppose that would depend on your definition. What's the problem at hand?

I’m not enough to defend myself, and he can’t be allowed to kill me. I won’t expect you to know who he is, but I say you have less than a minute until he shows.
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>


*Leans myself up against the wall and slumps down*
I hope you’re as tough as someone seems to think.
*Seeminly appears out of no where and ducks into an alley on a new planet, clutching my stomach and bleeding heavily from there, as well as having sustained many other wounds, and also looks visibly weak. I pull a necklace from my pocket, and remove a crystal from it*
Take me... Take me to anyone who can best protect me.
*Crushes the crystal in my hands, and suddenly appears at the base, on my knees*
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

It’s time to honor your end of the deal. I feel like you’ve had plenty of time.

*The area becomes enveloped in a massive green flash that quickly dissipates, leaving a suddenly formed desolate wasteland zone with no one left around.*
*I manifest in an peaceful looking area, a small resort-like area with people milling about, some being treated like kings. I look around and spot a bearded man sitting at a bar drinking some colored drink*

*Turns around and faces you, stopping everything suddenly and staring like a deer in headlights*
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>


*Walks out*
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