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4 yrs ago
Current "There is no right. There's just the wrong that doesn't pull you down."- Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead
4 yrs ago
I dunno, what's on >YOUR< mind, RPG?
4 yrs ago
Geometry Dash's soundtrack gives me the feel-goods.
4 yrs ago
Shakespeare: *Forgets the number of the apartment he just moved into* Oh, crap... 2B or not 2B? That is the question.
4 yrs ago
"no u" - Manny Pacquiao


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<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

*As you do, the consoles along the walls spark with a red electricity-esque energy along its entirety*

*As I emerge from the portal and take in my surroundings, I realize I have come out at the very bottom of a deep, dark crevice in the ground, with light poking in from the crack in the ground far above me*
Oh no...
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

Very well.
*Nods to some nearby working technicians, who proceed to power the massive portal in the room, bringing it to life with a strong purple glare*
Best of luck, soldier.

To all of you here as well.
*Turns and heads through the portal*
No matter what happens, I’d like to thank you for your survive. Should everything work out, you’ll be sent directly to Isaac Waternaux. But we’ve never sent anyone beyond the bounds of Existence before. You’ll be the first, and should there be any unforeseen errors in the technology or calibrations, you’ll be sent into the wilds of Brinkspace.
*Straightens my posture*
I just felt it fair to make you aware of the risks before letting you go through with it. I wish we had more time to test, but Nemid is running our time short.

I understand. I’m willing to make the sacrifice.
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

*Cracks a small smile in my otherwise straight face*
I hate when you make a point I can’t argue. You’ll make a fine leader one day. Just know that I won’t be able to be there when things go down.

Don’t worry about me. Now, I suppose I should be off to find this Isaac. I’ll see you afterward.
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

*Folds my arms*
You’ve already more than done a service to all of mankind. Time and time again, you played a significant role in saving so many universes. So many people. This threat is different. I just want you to stay safe in this instance.

This is a huge ordeal, Dad. You know as well as I do that we’re all in just as much danger fighting directly as we are waiting for someone else to do it.
*Places a hand on your shoulder*
Look at it this way. If it’s really to be believed that I’m the best for this job, then I’m safest if I’m the one doing it.
You won’t even decline for my sake, will you?

I have a duty to uphold, for more reason than one. Just like you. Besides, you’re not the only interdimensionally traversing father concerned for the well being of family are you?
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

*Saunters in, rubbing my eyes*

Hello there.
*Stands up, no longer bleeding*
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

That might assist? Perhaps; I can look. In the worst case, I do have a backup that I would rather not use.

I would hurry.
<Snipped quote by Multifarious>

I will do what I can, though I'm better equipped for treatment than fighting.

Are there any others around?
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