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Always wanting a Personality as a Student first rather than a Magnate Gradient Style I accomplish B-CLASS. And didn't let my High School Transcripts lull void, capturing them for what worth they are. I try to valor as a Mercenary just for Ranger Guilds. Should "banditry" ever occur I believe their tactics, however so, would be inferior. Then, that'd give me ample Ward opportunities to defeat "Marauders".

I'm totally aware that there're People that prefer thinking they're a "-Grade" foremost than a "-Class'. That's all well, well, well, so for what it's worth saying I'm a B-Class B-Grade Person, and 'unweighed' from a measly .25 Credit a B-Class C-Grade Ward.

I play RuneScape, Neopets, and Halo. I SkateBoard, do fitness, and once I joined a R.eal L.ife S.uper H.ero website, which went well till the Owner "Tothian" forged a private message when I was "Quantum Viper" in a psych to make it be that they get support from forging it about having it been about accusations of Religion needing to be vagabond... During the theme I was "Hazop Ranger" and supported Catholic against his pilfering-pry to get a reaction out of ME not publicity, so with that my legacy as a RLSH defeats English *shrugs*. Do I LARP, then? I got an apparel of me being a Thief-Huntsman, sure.

I'm not an Eboy|Eguy|Eman. I'm not E(mporial) about anything. I Restituted my stuff to further tell myself how Noble I am from what I am succeeding in life for - that means I wrote it down for safekeeping like a Treasury, finding the HeraldrNobilitation within it's Bordure to satisfy myself.

And included all my Polish Kings and Queens to know I am correct in doing so, but after I had read them from Starter to Last. So, yeah, my Country is very Virtuous, and is a Fatherland not a Motherland, meaning that whilst we do have the British Bachelor Degrees allowed to be translated to Polish at our Colleges us specifically merit the Magister Degree. Thus instead of "Bachelor" for our People we have the "Kawaler"! Although I fully support making a Degree between Licencjat and Magister as "Damsel|Lady" Degree, since in America I am proud to have accomplished a Diploma, wherest in Polska High Schoolers dont get a "Diploma" they get a "Matura", or a "Liceum".

It took a while to get to the very NATURE of the Party Animal Restitution. Because I had to purge "harassment" through it all to have it be sensible that it is of my Soul, being that "harassment" is an English origin word only. One I didnt start to hear till after Boy Scouts were introduced to my stature, and that was in Teacher-Leader Field Trips.
So, whilst others may be independent to roleplay from a dystopia (like a spellcaster) I chose to find my pure-blood status in roleplaying to have that affinity be enough for 1st-Person regardless, since I'm not a "Shaman" or "Ward" but need to respect the latter because of how, I, was a Swordhunter (I went hunting with a Longsword) Barbaric or Noble. For me it was "Ranger" that could rival "Swordhunter" that tried to "Party" bringing "Guests" to Forestry, but not to the Badlands of School - which as Turf accords as Forestry to me. There they had to learn to evade "Extremist" there if neither of the Guests became "Guardian" from "Ranger" for them to learn "Avenger", to quit to become a "Shaman", especially a Ward, to Arch PET harassment. Since there is no harassment for Wild Animals.
They also needed to get muscular to learn "Chief" or it was "harassment" for them sociopathing... so far as if. Because "ecology" is Nature preserved without weather, giving sense of Religion to not be disasterous.

Later that occurred to me out of School through Seperatist weed-insurrection. Although it was all mine, not any bit theirs. I being a Resistance Type, acknowledging Ranger as Nobility and not "Imperial", thus could be virtuous instead of merely pragmatic, automaticly have Ward for Polish Garrisons. So I'd of need to tell them in English, I didnt tell them they should rebel from whoever got them to Seperatist, creating then them into a Vanguard|Garrison against those Intruders vying to Archnemesis through Emporiums - which would be immediate if any Naturalism was incurred of them. Thus they never superceded "Private" into Corporal|Sergeant for me to think them as Raiders. Instead I pondered when I'd prove I was an Avenger, defeating their "Bringer" besieging Pet Party 'Guardian" possibilities as gypsy vagrants cheating "mooch". (they peer-pressured me but I ventured to smoke outside of School at whatever Badlands. They were always an inside-School type. Either they avenged themselves and got Damsels or they failed and tried to flee into Floozies. Fake Floozies found them and tried to make them insatiable to vs Me, specifically. Duping themselves lout. So I Renegaded against them, preserving Soulmate qualities for the ever future.)- Then I got the kid moved out from that village, and held Ranger regard from there visiting him at his dads near High School, where allowed to smoke freely - causing us to lose playmate agility through a "zone out" room where we smoked, umbiquitous to Vanguard Garrisons. I skateboarded there so I skateboarded out on their street rather than become a Gamer-Bringer, not wanting them to escape into the modernity of idealism, wanting to fight as a Barbarian for my reputation, they knew me for, before the peer-pressure, as to why they never brought it up afterwards, outcasting themselves.

Now "Animal" can be comprehended however you please from there. But "Floozy" is my SoulMate Quest instead of "Totalitarian" of Nobility Principled for Polska, but Kawaler is acceptional of course, - that is "Magnate". A Floozy is a Flower. A Flower-Doozy though. Because if asked if they are an Animal, Object, or Plant there's a chance of Her (She's a She for Me) unassuming the intellect to an "awry" moment of answer. A legit Flower would answer whichever She is. Thus a "Floozy" is avenging Her as accordial Flower Soulmate - BUT I'm not a Flower so I must get naked! - Nah, just messing with you, I dont need to get naked to ego-Her, but it's possible, like if I wasnt Manly getting muscular already, nah I know how to court from simply asking the question and proving what Animal I am, solidaritifying Her half of the Quest wondering about My Tail!

As a SkateBoarder I did Party 11 Years not profunctly known as an Animal to Others, whilst they were questing to learn "Guardian" against "Beseigers", from whoever actually may of had a Status. I never was or had Boy|Girlfriend Party|Asounder, personally, just "Ethos" of a Race or however it's said keeping from giving myself to the populace to cheat egos. I was just a Gamer and SkateBoarder Adversary without reknown for it when I got home from fieldplaying that, rejuvinating me to not bandit it to others - keeping me Adversarial. I didnt join Students that made Packs|Herds as whatever Animal, instead needing to think of the course as a jungle, or forest to aquaint Floozies that I'm not in an incorporated setting, to cheat into a pure-blood Pet theme. That was the English; So, that kept English inbound with me just acknowledging needing to be a worthy Warrior, possibly a Foe, but not a Nemesis because I wasn't interested in being a Rival, or a Rogue - near any Student to beat their valors talking so to not be a Peer but Outlaw at the least till it made me recess as a Barbarian, if they gypsied near me feigning consuling - but Renegade was needed to profound the English as my own, since I didnt study virtue till after any Schooling. So "Brigand" to me, while Polish, true, I had to evade saying I was till I had accomplished Ranger|Prince valorously, to like merging with other Brigands for Polska only. I Renegaded to vs the "savages" from Birthdays warding|spiriting me to be a Marauder if not Dandy|"inbred" to gain leverage as a Horde|Loser Varment before Banditing.
With Animal Soulmate though all School years being a Thief gave me the edge Students neglected about visage. That in the "Badlands" of smoking I joined a mob of SkateBoarders instead of Seering the Hazers as Hippies and accustomed Dooby-Peace-keeping into actual Forests not Badlands, and accorded their Partying Scene respecting myself for being a SkateBoarder, too. This was the zenith of my Soul chance to represent myself as a "Brigand" or something to not try to be a Charger (which is my High School Mascot too - the Charger) for a Vanguard afterwards, instead enjoying that adversity effort to Equalist me to want Girl Cheerleaders as a Vice of Nobility without calling them "Sirens", as if a "Sorority", for Popularity, then, there. I Dated 3 English Girls assessing how to quit being a Renegade, evaluating their "Extremist" so to not be a Deflector in a Vanguard of Students Underlording, and ultimately ready to duel their populace but never join as a Swashbuckler to "hook-up" as a Junky (Armiger), too. Using it to Overlord my 'Hood with a League of Thieves sideshow gambit (not accepting the Hood as a "Resistance" Garrison just because of my 3rd Lady). . . Then, being that that is a swordsman prestige in some aspects of roleplaying to me personally, I became that Charger I said I avoided allocating to a Vanguard; the Overlord. Because I've always been closest to wanting my principles near the Queendomesses vsing the Brauds vsing the Pet Tribunals as a Ranger than joining a Vanguard for potential Tournaments, although Huntsman Balls are acceptable.
I learned I was a 7 of Spades through that, to Age 23, and surely afterwards founded my Peach-tie-dye Ward ranging Soulmate, restitution not into "raving" but into Wildlife however I could, wanting to keep the healthy aspects of the Partying in Forests a solidarity. I found Snake Handling Courses in Michigan, learned the Motocross Motorcycle, and became a Swordsman. Since 23 I've been doing pushups and situps with commando-like jogging. All my pants rip now, so I use commando-clothing two-sizes bigger ranging like a shock trooper Wrangler. To get the ordaned ideas to reserve thoughts I used my High School's mascot colors formally to the Wrangler apparrel look-alike of being the Brown Spotted Pit Viper, later.

The Animals I was a Swordhunter near whilst Harrowng Hedge-Knights pretended Floozy rangered, becoming uncouth instead of platonic, then rejected being Summoner of their own Courtyards, failing Armiger|Chancellor/Knight of my Field\Hedgemony|charge, needing their Gals to Damsel for them, or they lost as a Fair Maiden to a Magnate. I didn’t choose my Animalsoul to help another Race wonder about that because it happens to be from their Region. And of my own Sebastian Soul, too, I didn’t pick it to be an “Assassin”-Prince, or lesser type of Assassin, for Lowlanding Polish Students. Nor guile to carous a Troupe, Carnie, Circus, stuff of Performing – Fool, Joker, Jester, types of Harlequin being Oponent to it’s Regional Ethnic, either.
I tried to have fights on vacation rather than make friend, 40% of the Time, because Im Barbaric not Seer. As the Vacation-Pets that were heretics in School would be forced to fight me with a Girl brought in – whom I’d avenge not sex with to have “girlfriends” stead towards a Polish Soulmate gaining a Queendom, or whatever.. No Shires. I didn’t pitty them either being allowed to uncouth birthday parties. I actually didn’t attempt to join any, too, but my sister was raiding it for personality – that she brought me to her own parties, where I stalwarted to Kawaler prior to my own Parties. She wanted to be older on vacation, making her a lame. After Polish Camp of middle school she fell out of herself attempting Braud with English-Guys to one impregnating her, whom I defeat, ceasing her from Braud’s Bitch? She never proudly stated that stuff, just used it as English not Polish, so I don’t know other than interracial is independence – hopefully slavery more than escapism from that imperial thing “emporium”; Infidel(s).
I didn’t seek moshpits or fight cubs, like my own gang, though to slay her Pet sconce. Got moshpitting as raving from the formal 3 years of skateboarding High School. The dude who showed me was not as weak as the friend he came from that was whelping grunge aside my skateboarding.
One of the contacts I eliminated.
And I can go deeper with my Soul how to show my parents losing to me, too, and how I removed families that went interracial but being my Animal isn’t needed to be so primeval – just predatoring that I mate without family retribution is enough. My Kindergarten didn’t do Class-Assemblage, we just got in Class when we did. 1st Grade Up did Class-Assemblies outside.
So, other than moving to the front of Class for floor-placatements to be diligent rather than in the back where vagranting occurred… one day a Couth Couple of Students lingered towards me and called me a Witch-Killer. I didn’t befriend them but I enjoyed the Title. A different kid later, a Girl herself, asked me if I’d enjoy fighting so I said yeah.
After that year Animals became Soulmate. Those kids never approached me for Fight Pits, and I never saw them in any as Arbiters, but the heretics that wouldn’t fight tried to insult wayfairers from the Pits as “witch”, “slime”, or near the pits it was the Girl heretics, saying whatever to avoid having Couth and Sex for not being active Tyrants. “Fucking” occurred as They tried to escape as “arcanists” to not be “warlocks” to prove sex had nothing to do with feelings but actually emotions when enough Boyfriends|Girlfriends wouldn’t avail Boy|Girl prototypes – but the spellcasters avoided mental imaginary playing – so how would I know if they were from the Pits or just wanted male sex dungeons? Through thinking they needed MATH to be magical. Eventually they sought targets with their minds, pretending psychology, to undermined nihilism, duping themselves into bitches. Those bitches had to have sex with ugly people for naturalism, otherwise theyd become “spirits” of sacrilege – and self explanatory from there they became grunge evading fighting an emo, or a goth, so got to lie “poltergeist” and other monsters – then creatures became hybrid animals, then so forth other types of inbred bitches narcissist for anarchy; merging as dragons, eveloping as dragons, made me reap a self proposed Dragonslayer from making “magus” of the populace Lady-In-Waiting Consorts from Nobility Soulmate consuling-of-rhythmicism. I had became a Dragon-Hunter to know how I defeated them. It wasn’t till the end of high school I began to get bored and do dragonology naturally (that Party Animal stuff really inst mere geek connoisseur stuff), then joined a Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer’s League to defeat all spell users that they’d not see theis first-time Adventurer lose their Animal Character from making me a Master Player.
I played as a Pit Viperoid. No warlocks for those damnations. Hehaha I used a Scythe and just a Leather Body armor. After the Tomb of Annihilation I got Black Gauntlets, Black Platemail, and a Green Hooded Cloak. I didnt control my mental imagination till Middle School. THere after finishing work I had time to relax (but it was special education classes for rebels) that I napped the remaining minutes to an hour, thinking about Halo in the time it took to get to the nap. I tried various popculture stuff other than Halo, but it was Halo first in the Outskirts level of Halo 2 I began "2nd-Person"? All I got to do to roleplay that is slay the Centurion, Legionairre types of armored spartans that it's millenial invasion having that as armor in my Country's mercenary providence using other armors from that spartan unsc stuff.
So, I, like, ‘hit-on’ Lady Witch-Killers first, but not foremost, because Magess-Hunting is unisex. I need to compliment that to grunge women, goth, maybe emo, as a love interest that they look like a witch from me to say “Witch-Killer” … that don’t have multiple Animal Tattoos; That’s incessant.

Then I wrote a SkateBoarder Huntsman Nobility through recessions of my Animal Restitution, too. I hadn’t originally had my SkateBoard for journeys, so I tried to avenge it as an Adult that I didn’t need it as a maul – I used shadow boxing with it when cruising it for momentums lame.
[In Peach] My take of being the Barbarzyn Szef in my Pole Clan, Dabrowski: allowed families to merge iinto a Village. The Main Family {The Chief’s Family} needed to prove themselves Guardians as not Pagans. That meant Healer, Hunter, or Warrior however the order it acclaimed for equality, of course. Peace was prospered helping other Villages that had similar styles to make the Ple Tribe biger.
Barbarzyn Mating Ritual:
Has to be Animal styled. The Soul will be either virgin commemorating the love to Soulmate or virgin adulterated earning Soulmate from compassion. Both singulating their Mate to bond in trust|loyalty.
Wondering becomes Skill self sufficiently, but “instinct” is pondering adversity to morals, needing humbleness to steady from fathoms or something. That humbleness with the Mate is nurturing. Askinghow they reap nature from Warding Floozies whether scouting to be Boy\Girlfriends or pettying parties perturbed about Ethnics, however Savage, Barbaric, Ranger, on them sexing “experience” through sharing saliva with knopie siewne with just “Doobies”|”Ravers” hoping the harassment effect matters to have their pride from others Principles|Adolescence|Couthing reaping diligence of what their popularity is as congeniality, broaden it to security against gypsies fascizing the Diploma as cheating – Warding the Humane question of toys, hobbies, to personality esteems last.
When a Boy|Girl wore kamuflaz in School it bothered the Ethnicity that were Evangilist, surviving from becoming Floozies, or Animals yet.
EXERCISING themselves quitting that virtue of Soul-Comprehension: “Psychology”.
Choosing either makes the person try to fulfill it against “harassment” [Other Ethnics or their Human Race itself not Questing to Nobility themselves] and psychology for themselves if they think themselves a lesser Ethnic than others – bothering them about “Regality; As sex is nobleness thoroughly.
It is this psychology that was Partying in any School before “College” to ascertain “garrison” Nobility that a Diploma proved Virtues meant Nobility inevitably for the Country Born in, or Consular for a Nation’s Sovereignty if went for Diplomat for Government – if that’s their Heritage, though. OR quit drugs as the reminder t fend against those that use drugs itself to independ to regard the petty Ethos of their {mine} Naturalism {Nature}; mine slew Pagans – the last intruder of our Country which is created from our Barbaric Race, not held or defended like a “nation” – which deflects being a Kingdom, to War it not even near it’s Realm.
It is through this union that seeking an Animal is atoned, Questing the Mating to not be sultry satisfaction as responsivity is to mind reflexively or something; there should be an affinity acknowledgement of which Animal genuinely, not needing something abode from imagination to sound course. Although that challenge aught to be met with aspiration if so, with caressing, to get Her to lean up to my lips, merging casually from pulsating Sex to pumping love. And if She wants she can arch Jer back later to not take a fettle position – if that was so before. Can be Soulmated as Animal Tattooo doesn’t need to be on the back.
If not ready for Chief\Chieftainess|Chiefess/Chieftain it is said that Animals have one Mate Organ thus we Humans can Barbaric Her butt cheeks to blast the sperm onto her back, rather than blasting in the vagina. The vagina is haughty this way, thus “missionary” position is Mating to make the baby|Babies, free of lusts of forward copulation.
Sex is a respect of Tribe, so making the baby|babies doesn’t need be in a Bedroom, but the Marriage Day is more blissful if wanted to. Having Sex in nature is prominence towards Animal Courtship, but Chief\Chieftainess|Chiefess/Chieftain is only at Marriage, internally, of Love, not War.
Thus the sexual intercourse of Paganism is fake, scrying, and immaturity. Front sex for pleasure because of a stupor, not mating, without morality is conniving, not Barbaric. It’s likely from warring, that the pagan(s) could of succeeded against a Tribe, whether Barbarzyn or Pagan, though. But ultimately they’re not Noble, so will deflect to heathen heresy only capable of voice and\or raiding. That is why I must perceive Her Polish to keep Polish intruders out of my Party(ing.)
Which is accorded in TWO REGIMES: 1} Become a Ranger of Animals somehow naturally before “ecological” to not be fascist as merely “volunteer” activist. Which also means platns too if wanting, fore being an Animal Soulmate defeating the Harlotry of minority Ethnicity sexing called “Extremists” not “poaching” matters for STREET!
2} to have a UV Blacklight mating(doesn’t need to be sexual – can just be goofy) ritual to prominate vsing Ethnicity that had, obviously somewhere, accepted a spirit animal of what Animal they actually are but were a different skin-tone that I, Us (me and my Wife); since imperial college impedes emporiums theyd enslave themselves that spirit animal is a gyp, so it means they did drugs to psychedelic themselves cheating the real Animal through “economics”, which getting muscular accords as martial arts against spirituality in that sense of naturalism for combat|battling, so obviously the Animal itself doesn’t need to respect you if you did yourself- which is being fit and healthy not “exercise” which is gypsies unnoble.
Thus, evil Women somewhere aint getting muscular, whilst good women may reject being a basic Animal like a Squirrel because being a Lady can be upkept basically without College, as ecological Degrees make the person need not to be a spirit animal but the real thing. So it sMale that makes it Soulmate if they can prove their might this way, Souly.

Shaman invasion to rival B-Class A-Grade indubious of C-Anything; especially if never studied any Nobility factors. I didnt let Minstril Nobilitation deter me and become indifferent to a Damsel's Court, enjoying English untranslated to Polish without ever being a Consort to, for instance, a "harem" They rebelled from nobility courtships, otherwise they'd of known who else were Pets that werent family.. For the 3 Ladies I dated I prove I am a Foe against their "courtyards" Animalsoul as a Cottontail Bunny Rabbit, Marbled Fox, or Red Rough Border Collie Dog, of whatever "spirituality" they forelorn. If they can't manage to evangilate from what Floozy I say they are then they never were a "Girlfriend" to their own yards, they were already an Ex(ile), from those Soulmates venturing into other States, here in the U.S.A., vsing raving that I am what party Animal I am, so it's not Raving for Me it's Slithering.
Thus would be slithering through floozy Shires, and meadow Baronies.
Because if Students are thinking about other States to find their Animalsoul I can only presume they're the Pet Tribunals vying for popularity because they're savage, not Shaman Warriors.

I have a Black Spade Tattoo where the Peach Tie-Dye Shirt felts out.

The Pit Viper ambush scales neck-softener isnt up because its green, proving I'll ambush with my fangs as the Brown Spotted Pit Viper.
The closest Male to a Guy Shaman Archfoe was the "X-Tremeist" that psyched themselves to learn Extremist to diffuse raving from sociopath; just venturing into raving defeats the "Highlander" out of State Pet Tribunals Highlanding. That meant being comprehensive to new Ravers; vagabonds.
Till they fought a Pet defeating them from having a Gal, or keeping the word Champion from becoming Highlander if thuggish was Pet Prototype speaking whereever I was... seeing that X-Tremist would of likely have had heard such things anytime it was modern naturalism against inbred duplicitous adolescence evangilising rebellion for dungeoneering mysticism BUT they didn't wear KAMUFLAZ cargo pants wth light-tactical combat boots. That would of symbolized they were Couth, and I'd of needed to take their words to Soul - instead of thinking them "Ex(ile)tremist". So, I took that "X-Treme". It's helped me well against Geeks. Althought I dont enter Polish Dance Parties with Dress-Codes... making me stronger finding a Polish Wife streetwise. - That Tattoo spells "DEATH" against the SkateBoarder mob for whatever indorosity peer-pressuring that could of been, younger than me; It has "FLAZ" Tattooed above the A in DEATH in Amethyst UVLIGHT Ink. So, I'm a Reaper should She ever get me in.

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In Barbaric Halo 4 days ago Forum: Test Forum
The ODSTs under our Command were remanded to their UNSC, Polska having avenged our Diplomacy we were reconnoitered off Earth to our Nebula.
Upon hearing of my mission statement to Captain Claudia that LT. Major Ranked me to Captain It reminded me of the War Games Academy I graduated from when a LT. Poland and Planet Illinois regimed to create that Military Academy, where I earned my Rogue skill.
It was a splendid Academy of Illinoisan English American Ancestry attained Nobility from the Kingdom of Poland when Kolonizing Planets. I had entered after reaching Gunnery Sergeant on Polska (Poland) against Separatists. This Academy prepared me for Insurrectionists.
There at the Academy I had conquered separatist David Lukaszuk from attaining Apprentice promoting me to Lieutenant thanks to General-Commander Piwo Dobrzyn, and insurrectionist Mark Pabst from attaining Cadet. Graduating me to a LT GRADE 2.

I established a Squadron from the UNSC MSBS of Polish Eagle Frigates to pick us Troopers up off Earth.
Polish Border Guard 1st LT Mimi in Her GENERATION 1 yellow Hazop Armor and Designated Marksman Rifle was rallying our ODSTs to remain at the Consulate Office whilst the Polish Eagles were arriving.
She got on my Eagle first, then Polish Navy LT. Commander Nicole in Her Pink Ranger Armor.
I stood near the Entry to the Eagle making a count of Troopers that made it to the Base.

Polish Border Guard 1st Sergeant Shinetta in GENERATION 1 sandgrass fields colored Military Police Armor with a Squad Automatic Weapon.
Polish Marshall Guard LT Phillip in GENERATION 2 ice colored Enforcer Armor with Grenade Launcher.
Polish Air Force LT GRADE 3 Peter in GENERATION 2 grass colored Operator Armor with Rocket Launcher.
Polish Navy Border Guard Mate Catherine in GENRATION 3 black coral bone colored Mirage Armor with Assault Rifle.
Polish Territorial Defence Force Special Forces Captain Ella in GENERATION 2 sizzling coral Warrior Armor with MSBS Assault Rifle.
Polish Army Gunnery Sergeant Mathew in GENERATION 3 orchid colored Hazmat Armor with Browning.

After Him I closed entry and that was that mission.
For the next 3 years I was stationed on the Corvette Dreadnought "PL Corona Szczerbiec". I attained Staff Captain thanks to that Ship's Captain Polish Special Forces Strike Commander Pit Viper.

On the DATE 02|06|2007 I was promoted to Rank Major GRADE 3; So, I changed my Rogue Armor Helm VERDANT VISR with the PRIMEVAL VISR, changed the Helm to GENERATION 2, my Body Armor to the Interceptor Armor, and gave myself a Pecan coloring.

After a solo mission stealing a covenant stealth ship, using it to attack multiple covenant vessals, with space ejections to EVA their flagship to crash land onto the Planet GROM I was further Ranked to Field Major for the duration of the Halo Wars for Polska.
In Barbaric Halo 6 days ago Forum: Test Forum
"Fucker shant hearthen grog!"
"Shite on my face!"
"Pussy galore, devils food donut assASSiNation!"- I was beginning to conceive these sentences are thee reapers not just killers of those aliens before.
But they were raving. The vapor was so good I could sleuth away from the glaring battle, leaving them to their flurrying. It almost felt boring escaping, with no glow of my own to satiate intuitively. Then I stumbled upon a Gauss Cannon.
I heaved it up, spotting the glowing iconoclasts, shooting them. It charged blasts for a few seconds before beaming them dead, that was all they had to get to me.
They died instantly to my Cannon.
Some fo the red elites hurtled phrases before their deaths. It invigorated all aliens to do so. White elites, gold elites, blue elites, gray elites, purple elites, flying elites, drones, hunters, grunts, brutes, jackals, - all had something to say-
"Cum dumpsternizzle"
"Fucking A"
"Bitches and whores"
"Cum my wanksters"
"Cunt cunt cunt"
"Twatshocker"- a bunch of Banshess spliced in an approach. The blew up in seconds, like 7 at first, then I had to maneuver about to kil their seraphs.
A prophet busted out of the wall, a Pink GENERATION 2 Ranger Armored Woman slaying them, it's hoverchair being smashed to bits - onto a phantom, then they roled off it. Separately my Armor incured itself to find flipmusic to my awesome intake of the scene. I chose Rocket From The Crypt's "Venom Venom" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byO7ZMO5VRg, then trebled my music themely out of my Armor.

I shot that phatntom. It exploded into the street, killing what covenant below. I kept firing as I sidewinded to the prophet. When within stomping turf it gasped "pedophile".
I used my Cannon to crush it to death. Green blood splattering the vicinity.

I picked up the Ranger, She was immobile. Seemed She broke her leg, or strained it during the tumult. "Polish Naval Border Guard LT 2nd Grade Sebastian, Lady." I answered.
In both my arms, off the ground, She said looking behind me as She squeezed a trigger in Her hand, eradicating bombs in the Trump Building, blowing it to smithereens, "Polish Navy LT. Commander Nicole - She sidled Her helmt to aim at my face asset position- Nicole."

"Hostages?" I asked.
Walking from what acrid was ashing down, plaguing the vapor to acid mist She answered "They've been seured to a Ship near the higher floors. When there were hgiher floors."
What about the A.I.?"
"Confiscates. Which reminds me, turn to the prophet corpse, that one by chance took our 'Siren'."

When there I layed her down next to the dead body. She rummaged her side, I mine. "'Siren',huh? We should break it." I wondered to her.
"Only Field rnaks Major plus can." was her say.
I found it, showed her, and crushed it; "No jabberwocky."
The theme music ended.
In Barbaric Halo 7 days ago Forum: Test Forum
AND the elite started saying "FUCK" - I presume they tried to steal it from the A.I. as their own language to survive the cultural experience for evangilism. From the slaughtered aliens I presume it's even advancing.
In Barbaric Halo 12 days ago Forum: Test Forum
After Operations Intelligence getting to the Trump Building was absolutely easy.
Except for the invisible Aliens, I killed one there was an 80% chance another was near there that would enrage causing a patrol to merge into a firefight.
They didn't climb buildings, though. 2nd, 3rd Level, I could have whatever like donuts and milk.

The few Streets remaining to the Trump Building echoed English American Sexual urges- apprently anything played was sexuality, and it changed infrequently. The lighting was flashing as strobes, regardless that it was Daylight, and vapor was blown into the streets everywhere, the wind galed it out near the 6th-9th Levels. There was nothing in sight of a way of entry.
I began to cross a Bridge there.
Killing invisibles was to be simply a fun start figuring it out.
The covenant were dead all over the Bridge when I got to my new killzone. The elites were sword dancing I saw. It must of slew all these former aliens. One'd get close to their raving quest to lie liking the music, I'd punch it's face, it'd not be dancing but flurrying-
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I, and the Other Troopers, followed 1st LT Luke up the office building to an Operations Command, lead from Navy Captain Claudia, a GENERATION 2 Monarch colored Hazop Armored Polish Troop.
The Command had ODST Soldiers charting transparent maps among a holo-terrain showing the Bridges near the Trump Building.
Other ODST Armored Troops, and a Pilot Armored Troop stood guard with Railguns.
A Black colored GENERATION 1 Grenadier Armored Polish Troop with a Sniper Rilfe communed us "Polish Army Special Forces Lt. Major David. Welcome to Barbie Bravo. The other Bases are Tech Deck Dudes Whiskey at the Illinois University and Hot Wheels Tango at the Polish Consulate. Please, Officers only, this way to the Captain."

The roof of the building was where we 3 LTs met Navy Captain Claudia. She had a Spartan Laser at Her shoulder. Without interest turning She said "Polish Air Special Forces Captain Claudia. Watch this."
The Laser hummed to power, beaming at a Covenant Lich in the horizon. "This Laser is purging them with that beam already. May have even gone through to the other side, now." She fully squeezed the trigger, warranting the Laser Beam at it's full power. The Lich Ship was devastated. Had it been shot elsewhere upon it it would of been destroyed. Captain Claudia knew where it's core was. She lowered the Laser - "You've seen the Plan why we are on land?"
"Negative, Captain. I was only quartered. You, Sebastian"?
I Said "I was in the SOEIV Hanger, using it to get to the Galley, when the kklaxons blared yellow, letting in our Troopers to drop. Figured I'd come instead of a PFC, Lady."

Captain Claudia started "They have our A.I. at the Trump Building and other areas. They're being made to watch porn. This is a Resque Mission."

Both I and Adam had our neural operator armor systems go mute and disable communications explicitly. The thoughts to get them online was thick pndering, that we didn't have time to laugh ourselves amused at what the Captain had said.
Adam's was farthest - His armor started malfunctioning, sparks began imploding machinations so much that He tried laughing bodily, hands patting theighs, staring hunched at the roof's complex pavement.
That's when I inexplicably had perverse thoughts margining that I acknowledged that His armor could detonate, but wouldn't because this became of psychedelia not hysteria.
He tried to hastily straighten, ti was perfunctory, but he took his helmet off and threw it.
That's when my armor began to convulse to detonate, but I knew better, so it just kept me permanently muted.
I took my helmet off and held it in my left hand. "PitViperHotel requesting intelligence" I said smoothly with a grin.

The Captain told the Mission incrediously to us "The A.I. has been forced to watch porn. It couldn't avoid attesting itself with sardonicism. They captured the highest ranking officer with a comedic sexual Name because of that; Rear Admiral Hon LonXiong, Commander of the Space Hospital "U.N.S.C. Bliss". Then, they started poaching the next, and the next. Hooking up them to cyber-suits. Those suits were specially made for sexuadelic inducements of sensuality.
They have a sex organ transparent dome like an inflatable swimming toy for the male attached to it. The entire thing otherwise, like for the women, is skintight and block eye light. Air is brought in and breathing is mastered.

... There is no saving the A.I.... they're who are the psyche of the suits."

Adam spoke first "We'll go without helmets."
The Captain "Just you LT. Sebastian. Those malfunctions are hot wires, Lt. Adam." Ordered the Navy Captain, and furthered "You will go in just as One. You are our first Komando from this Base.
Till KIA we can't allow Avengers."
In unison I and Adam said "Understood."
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A Purple GENERATION 2 Armor Polish Troop approached from a high, shattered, tiered office building. "Polish Army 1st Lieutenant Luke, I saw the explosion. Need a gel-band?"
"Polish Naval Border Guard Lieutenant Grade 2 Sebastian. Just my flame-thrower. It was too heavy to run with. I got an energy sword, you wan-"

Over a divisionary wall a Brown GENERATION 2 E.V.A. Armor Polish Troop soared over incoming to their zone. It had a Flame-Thrower Turret at it's rear, with a Pumpkin colored GENERATION 3 Torchbearer Armored Polish Troop wielding it. The Peach colored GENERATION 2 Vector Armored Polish Troop in the passenger seat fired a bazooka at unseen covenant over the wall's side, coming down.
"Ooowaaaahhhg"!! said those elites, in pieces.
The Torchbearer managed to flame them before the vehicle landed.
The Brown E.V.A. Polish Trooper skidded towards the wall after seeing us LT's in the courtyard. Colliding with a Legionnaire Spartan landing over that very wall, halting to state Rank: "Polish Territorial Defence Force Lieutenant Adam" - then the Peach Vector Armored Polish Trooper said Her's "Polish Coastal Defence Force Sergeant First Class Monika" - then the Pumpkin Torchbearer Armored Polish Trooper "Polish Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Sarah!"

The Legionnaire Spartan cringed getting up behind them "That'll take more to remedy this Sydney". I walked towards Her finishing my intital SMG bullets on Her. Killing Her.

Adam said "That was a Hospitaller revel>"
Luke said "Hoplites I say".

A Silver GENERATION 3 Firefall ODST Armored Polish Troop had jetpacked-tackled a Goblin Spartan through some upper levels of the office building, crashing through glass into the courtyard pavement. "Goblin down. Achilles millennial inbound!"

Monika "Whatever hoshposh, the Achilles aught to be the Hostile! Assert Komando Squad BAttle Reports!" We all braced ourselves to cover each other's flanks straightening our reticles to not shoot at shadows till affirmative results, ignoring the tussled fight.
Sarah didnt ignore it, She kept a steady aim at the Goblin Heretic. So I commanded Monika to vacate the vehicle while moving forward some to where Sarah wouldn't twist to shoot, then said to Adam to knee in front of the vehicle. Luke said Himself He'd strafe into the Squad clockwise.

"Sergeant, vacate the vehicle, guarding that side. LT knee at the front of your vehicle. I'm taking the rear."
"I'll cover the aft side" Said 1st LT Luke strafing with their BR55 Battle Rifle closer.
When Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Sarah didnt say Her say the Firefall ODST Armored Polish Troop trusted in our formation to pounce off the GoblinSpartan, having the Brown E.V.A. Armored Polished LT Adam the the Goblin Spartan with his MSBS Assault Rifle with bullets. The Pumpkin Torchbearer Armored Polish Petty Officer shot flames at them, too, but the Goblin Spartan evaded the attacks, withdrawing into the office building with a backflip.

The Firefall ODST Armored Polish Trooper somersaulted to stand, unveiling a Shotgun. They pumped it free of a used bullet casing then they jolted up onto the adjacent wall everything seemed to come from, seeking affirmation. They bellowed "It was one covenant patrol, no resistance incoming. Achilles not present." -He landed to our ground side, their Back to the wall. "Polish Army Mechanised Brigade Warrant Officer Grade 3 Daniel. Good on our Military knowing how to Republic our Command Signals. We have private communications, they can only Paragon. Killing these two Separatists may be the only millennials next.

After that moment 1st LT Luke and Sgt First Class Monika saw the Achilles Spartan, they fired towards the sky at them, but the Achilles Spartan survived the haze of bullets, stomping the Flame-Rover, ejecting the Petty Officer flipping forward into an Oak Tree canopy. I lanced my energy sword through the Achilles Spartan's heart whilst the Flame-Rover was mid-flip beyond them, through their Back.
The Brown E.V.A. Polish LT swivelled to blast them with bullets during those moments.
The Flame-Rover crashed behind Him.

The Goblin Spartan appeared with my Flame-Thrower "Don't move! I, Force Colonel Abbigail, of the U.N.S.C. decla-" the sword was now through Her throat. I gashed it out of the Achilles Spartan shadowy.
She fell to Her knees, struggling for breath.
I ginited a plasma grenade and stuck it to Her helmet from where I was. Her head exploded like an energy drink soda pop can.

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class landed with two M7S SMGs in Her hands.
I said in my GENERATION 2 Rogue Armor "1st Lieutenant Luke you have the Squad."
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Amazed that She got burned I ran for cover because theses Armors destroy themselves automatically if the Wearer acknowledged death from a Foe through their nervous system integrated neurology anti-piracy ordnance.
She wailed to oblivion the witch she was and burned to a smouldering colonic blast.

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