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Current Space: The final frontier. The womb: The first frontier. Somewhere between those two: the ocean.
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Lost? Confused? Lacking direction? Need to find a purpose in your life?
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Name: Abeni ‘Beni’ Simpson

Age: 22

Host of: Anat, goddess of fertility, sexual love, hunting, war

Bio: When Abeni was sixteen, she was picked to be Anat's host by the goddess herself. Ever since then, she had been going on quests and practicing magic in numerous nomes, participating in fighting tournaments for money in the meantime. When the veil was pierced, both of her lives collided and her world shattered. She formed an organization, the APA (African Protection Agency) to stabilize and protect the smaller villages in Africa that couldn't afford the bigger companies. She also collaborates with other agencies when their shorthanded.

Other: She is a boxing champion from Western Africa, and she will speak in her native language during the rare times she gets angry

Theme song: Home by WALK THE MOON and morgxn

Looks good.
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None saw it coming. Not the Mortals. Not the Gods. Definitely not the Halbloods.

In the year 2030, the Old Gods woke up. This came as a big shock, as even the Gods had Forgotten they existed. A Race of Beings so old, they vanished before the current Gods even came into existence. A terrifying new threat that the God's could not hope to face.
The initial attack was horrific. It shattered the veil. These giant behemoths descended from the heavens and rose from the depths of hell, revealing the Supernatural to unsuspecting mortals. The ultimate ambush. Entire countries decimated. New York reduced to ash. Humanity helpless to fight back. At least they would be if it weren't for Demi-Gods. Children to the New Gods. Children of the Norse, Shinto, Greek, Roman and more Pantheons.

With the help of the Demi-Gods, Humanity was able to set up a few cities. Though, as suddenly as the attacks had begun, they ended. Leaving what was left of humanity to rebuild. Though with the existence of the Supernatural known to all, the Demi-Gods were called to defend Humanity from the lingering dangers. Monsters from the various pantheons and several new monsters that liked to prey on helpless mortals.
Some agreed and joined the Militaries of the various surviving settlements, others started or joined Private companies, and others went completely freelance.
It has been two years since the Old Gods changed the face of the earth, but we are still rebuilding. Recovering. With the Demi-Gods leading the Charge.
Oddly enough, no one has heard of the New Gods since the Old Gods attacked, and it has several Demi-Gods concerned.

Sounds fun. Consider me interested.
In Camp Fujin 5 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay

Tony nodded. A little surprised he could understand the question asked in Japanese. He gestured to the glowing symbol above his own head, "And what if we already know who our parents are?" He smiled. "Never mind. I'll find Ryūjin's cabin." He said in Japanese as he turned to leave he stopped. Releasing what he had said. "Fucking Oath." he said reverting back to English. "That's trippy as hell." He continued on his way. Leaving the tour group. Off to go find his cabin. Kicking off his thongs, and picking them up, he walked barefoot to find his cabin. Stobbing at an intersection of two walking tracks, he paused. Not really sure which way to go, but remembered seeing a lake down to the right, so he picked that direction. He kept walking until he made it to the lake. Setting his bag down he took off his shirt. Getting ready for a swim. He gently grasped the shark tooth hanging from his neck Closing his eyes, he slowly walked out into the water.
In Camp Fujin 5 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay

Tony didn't take the ferry to the island. Instead, his father took him. Riding on the back of giant sea turtles. Once at the island, they said their farewells and Tony walked out of the ocean. Most of his belongings in a waterproof bag. He ran a hand through his hair to mess it up a bit, and restyle it. Setting his bag on the beach, he took out a short-sleeve button-down shirt and put it on, leaving the buttons undone, and put on a pair of thongs. Re-zippering his bag, he slung it over his shoulder and walked inland to find the camp. He got a few odd looks, but he couldn't tell if it was because they saw him come from the ocean, or that he looked obviously foreign.

Looking up at the gate, he sighed. The kanji rearranging themselves in his mind. "Cool trick." He muttered to himself as he figured it was something he had inherited from his father. Walking through the gate, he saw three people, two around his own age, and one that looked older. Nodding at the others. "G'day. We waiting for more?" He said, hoping at least one of the others would understand.

Razol chuckled as the shackles were released. "Now this is an execution I can behind." He said as he stood up. He cracked his knuckles and rolled his shoulders. He walked into the armoury and looked around. He grabbed a Spiked chain whip off a wall. He spun it around himself, nodding. "This I can get behind." letting the chain wrap itself around the hilt, he smirked. Looking at the possible armour, a glint appeared in his eyes. A leather helm. It looked beautiful. Horrific. Picking it up, he put it on. "Oh yes. This I like"
He acquired a simple leather armour with a bandolier of pouches, which he filled with throwing knives. Armed up, he went to get his tattoo.
Walking over to the mark maker with a pep in his step. He was going to get it on the nape of his neck. Rolling his head in its socket, to stretch out the muscles, he looked forward to it. Pain that wasn't just meaningless torture. Pain that served a purpose.

After getting his mark, he walked back into the throne room. Chain Whip on his hip, and face obscured by the leather mask. "So, what is our first mission?"

Numair sighed at the sound of a scream. His right hand instinctively moving to the hilt of his rapier. Spinning to face a new danger, his sword was already half-drawn before he saw that the only threat was his travelling companions. "Butt knuckle." Numair al-Din swore under his breath. He agreed to join this travelling group because he thought they were good people, but now he found one of them crippling children. At least now the other two were seeming to help out. Numair was torn. By oath, he should go over, but he knew if he went over to help, he would just be getting in the way. There was also the fact that he wasn't sure which of the group possessed what magic. If he went over and found out which member had crippled the boy, he would be oath-bound to take action. He swore again as he turned to continue on his way to the tavern.

As he walked, his mind went back to his training and time at The Obelisk Of Stresior.
The muffled sounds of wooden swords clashing against wooden swords, steel armour and flesh could be heard in the learning hall as a young Numair sat listening to his lessons. Mokci strode backwards and forwards across the front of the learning hall. "As a knight of the Order, your first duty is to protect the innocent." Numair nodded. He wanted to help people. "Those that harm the innocent should not be spared your wrath. Of course, you should be a good person, but there are certain things you are oath-bound to avenge." Numair was confused. Only twelve, he was still fairly naive about the world as a whole. "Like what?" Mokci chuckled at the question. He admired the boy's naivety. It was a nice change of pace. Though he knew it wouldn't last long. "Only the truly despicable. I will explain another time. For now, how would you like to learn some magic?" Numair stood up and nodded enthusiastically.

His mind coming back to the present. "Only the truly despicable." He muttered under his breath. Crippling an innocent boy sure fit that description. Such a pure soul. Such potential. Snuffed out by one of his travelling companions. Something he would have to keep in mind. Something he planned on resolving in town, with the local authorities to back him up.
Ryan followed through to the kitchen. Stopping by his room first to grab his bag of food. "So, lunch?" He said opening his bag to see what food he had left. Tossing bags of candy and chips around. Not really finding anything fit for lunch. He saw the notes on the fridge and sighed. He thought someone was missing during training but didn't really think about it.
He walked over to the pile of snacks strewn over the bench and grabbed a bag of corn chips. It may not have been healthy, but it would have to do. He was growing bored. Everything was coming to a standstill. He joined for the excitement of a quest, but so far they'd just been hanging out in some old house. He needed excitement. He thought as he ate a handful of chips.

Ryan strolled over to the commotion with the new girl. "Divine Bussiness?" Ryan questioned, interjected into the conversation. "Sounds vague and unconvincing." He said. He pulled a cigarette from his pocket and put it to his lips. Snapping his fingers, the cigarette lit itself. Taking a drag, he blew the smoke out into the group. "Seems like the last thing this quest needs is more people. You can't seem to get anything down with the current amount of people. Too many moving parts." Ryan said before taking another drag from his cigarette.
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