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Current To continue working on this script or to not continue working on this script. That is the ultimate question that's haunting me right now.
4 days ago
Praying for the people that is in the path of today’s hurricane. Hope that they all will be safe.
11 days ago
I just love how my friends drag me to a football game like I actually know what's going on.
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12 days ago
So today might've been my brother's birthday and I might or might not have forgotten about it. Oops.
16 days ago
I really want to start welcoming newcomers to the site but know that I'll say something that'll probably scare them off, which is the goal, right? lol


ʜᴜsʜᴇᴅ ᴡʜɪsᴘᴇʀs ᴘʀᴏꜰɪʟᴇ

"The Old Silence Can't Come To The Phone Right Now. Oh, Why? Because She's Dead."
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Unfortunately nothing at the moment.

1/2 African American, 1/2 Caucasian.

INFP-T "The Mediator".

If you wish to know anything else about me, more than the basics then just ask. I tend to be pretty nice, in my own opinion anyway.
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1x1 ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ ᴄʜᴇᴄᴋ

1x1 ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏs

Upcoming Works
The thread for my upcoming roleplays can be found here.

People of Interest
@Love Dove
So glad that we're talking again. You're a really sweet person to talk to and I love writing with you, as well. I thank you for checking up on me occasionally and hopefully we'll be able to write again.

@Lady Amalthea
Great person, great GM and someone I respect. Her roleplays are some of the longest running on the site and I commend her for the feat. She also a great person inside and outside and while we're not really speaking to each other(except for the time I was in the hospital) or writing together anymore, I still respect her very much.

@Scarlet Loup
A friend from another site that I brought to this site. She's an exceptional person and is kind to just about everyone and anyone. Plus, she's an amazing writer and I'll always call her my friend.

We may not live as close as we did before but I am happy to say that I am glad that we're still chatting and even better, writing together. You're still the same old adorable Poo that I contacted months ago and glad that you have not changed.

@Lovely Complex
Such a realist you are, Lovely and I admire that trait about you. You're also a great Co-GM and filled with such creativity that you let flourish in just about every single roleplay that you are in. I am so happy that we're chatting again and writing together again, as well.

OMFG! Talk about nerve-wracking whenever I sent you that PM but luckily for us both, something great came out of it and that's our 1x1. I was a little nervous to ask but glad I did. I am so glad that we're writing together and cannot wait til we delve deeper into our story.

@Dirty Pretty Lies
I still thank you for checking up on me while I was in the hospital. It was a sweet gesture from such a great person and I will never forget that. You are a great GM and Co-GM and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You're also a great writer, too.

@Altered Tundra
Even though we're not talking or really writing together anymore, I still remember you as my first even Co-GM on this site. I'll never forget that.

So glad that we're writing together again. You have so many genius ideas and I hope to be apart of them all, truly and honestly.

Most Recent Posts

► Creative Credit:

So, I was scrolling through Tumblr and came across a prompt that inspired this roleplay.

► In Character Info:

There is no doubt that Youtube is one of the most influential and regularly followed communities on the internet or app. Youtube has lasted over a decade and people learned how to stay in touch with others through video along with reach out to people that they have never even met before. But there is a group of Youtubers that have done it all too well and even made Youtube a fun-loving and happy community for not only themselves but for thousands to watch and enjoy, as well.

So with the success of Youtube and these vloggers, they've been given an incentive that the Youtube Headquarters offered each other them an all-expense paid vacation upon the cruise ship known as S.S. Collab. These vloggers will not only have them of their lives on the cruise ship but they will also travel to exotic beaches and countries to experience and see things that they never imagined along with the opportunity to do things they never have done before.

Since these vloggers are so close together on the cruise ship now, they do not have to rely on the internet to get to know one another anymore. But there is a twist though. The cruise ship they board is also apart of a web series for many viewers to watch at the comfort of their own homes. Almost like a reality television show but only on Youtube. Almost anything can and probably will happen as there are no limits as to what can happen.

Rivalries could form, romance could blossom, relationships and friendships could be made or even broken. This cruise ship is full of multiple personalities and some of the zaniest along with most lovable people in the world. They are on the cruise ship to collaborate and do what it is they do the best, which is Vlog.

► Out Of Character Info:

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another Silence Sounds Production, or SSP, for short. Thanks to everyone that showed interest and to those who are joining in on this roleplay. For those of you lurking, I thank you guys, too. This is a slice of life roleplay, so drama is definitely encouraged. We're dealing with twenty-something to thirty-year-olds in this roleplay, mature themes are definitely likable such as partying, drugs, drinking, and sexual activity, etc. But keep the guidelines within the RPG site rules, please. This is a high casual, very character driven roleplay so creating relationships, especially between the vloggers, is very crucial for this roleplay. We will be starting the roleplay on the second week of the cruise with a vlogger gathering, not a party but more of a welcoming gathering, being held in The Cafe.

► Interest Check Info:

Ideally, I'd like at least five people to show interest before I set up a thread.

The Church
Interactions: Wyatt; Lilith; Father Luca
Mentions: Father Luca

She shook her head at Wyatt then made a mental note to talk to him later if he was available. She eyed Father Luca as he started to walk to the private place where they were to speak at. Nicole followed closely to the group as the entered a small room and she eyed her surroundings, suggesting to herself that she'd rather stand than sit down. Her ears twitched whenever Father Luca started speaking about townspeople showing up dead and drained of blood. Her mind immediately clicked that vampires were involved but kept her mouth shut for now. Father Luca mentioned that he could not offer then payment as she mentally shrugged at that because she wasn't really expecting any payment. She was there to save the town of hers and would do it for free __ But since he was offering, a payment would be nice. She was seemingly inside of her own mind, already plotting while everyone else spoken among themselves.

When everyone had said their peace, Nicole stepped up to say what she had to say. "We're here to help you, Father and appreciate the call." She paused briefly to take a breath and tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Whatever you need, just let us know. You got our numbers."

Her eyes then went over towards the biscuits as she shook her hand and head at them. "No, thanks. I am good." She mentioned then eyed Wyatt and Lilith for a while. "If either of you wishes to talk more about this, let me know so we can strategize or whatever." With that she turned her gaze back towards Father Luca with a raised brow.

"Are we done here?" Not that she was ready to leave but she wanted to see her family off before they leave her home.

@Silence Sounds@Moon Child
Finally finished my second character! I hope you like her :) I'll get the relationships done for her soon, after I talk to people about them.

Awe. Such a lovely character. :) She's accepted and you can place her in the tab whenever you're ready.
@Helo [@Universorum] @Fabricant451 @Bartimaeus @Congee
So, I might as well go ahead and close this up, guys. It's days since the last post and almost two weeks since people said that they were going to post and I've honestly lost motivation to run this.

I might reboot it in the future. I thank you all for your time and for being apart of this roleplay.

I'll see you guys around the guild. :)
I'll post tomorrow for this. :) Sorry to keep people waiting.
@Aamaya I can make another Queen character for Primfira, too.
@blubirb @Zoey White @sassy1085 @Gareth @ShyGirl
Just to let you guys know that the OOC is up. :)
@Silence Sounds


@cerozer0 Well, well, well. :D
@Silence Sounds Thank you. As for the username, I'm unsure why it would be familiar to you, but I hope it's not familiar in a bad way. I'd rather not garner an reputation for this name based on someone else's buffoonery.

Oh, no. It's in a good way, to be honest. :)
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