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<Snipped quote by Tyler>

I did send you my characters bio about a week ago so hopefully you'll have a chance to comment in the event anything should be amended.

Terribly sorry; again, I was unexpectedly busy over the past week. If anyone is interested in alchemy, my current project is a re-contextualisation of ancient alchemical ideas for the modern era (with particular parallels drawn to the psychoanalytical ideas of Carl Jung). And for whatever reason, London has suddenly had a surge of relevant content become available for anyone with an interest in the alchemical. Last week I was able to view an original Ripley scroll, and this weekend there's a talk on alchemy at the Whitechapel by the Curios Society. Anyway, I digress! But that's what's kept me away.

I did get to read the text you sent me detailing in depth your character's personal history; I can only apologise here for me oversight, as I believed I had in fact responded to the message. I didn't intend to offer much critique, since there was no completed character sheet (I find a lot of character elements that I might question at face value are often justified elsewhere in a sheet).

It's essentially the same narrative we discussed together in brief, now expanded to include greater detail and more personalised to the character. It was a really satisfying read and I felt like I grew to get an idea of who she was; totally different to how I had been imagining her (or actually, him in my head!). The only thing I would comment on is that there were perhaps some liberties taken with the Nosferytes outside of what we discussed (each House rules itself, for example; there is no council of elders), and I feel that by your account Lord Drachall still has too much power in a legal sense. His power is more nuanced than being able to make decisions for other Houses; it's rooted in his status, and fear. As I said in the PM; Drachall's 'rule' over Rotsanger is more akin to the way a mafia boss might rule over a city. He's not the type to lay the law; but through intimidation and the exchange of favours, few will say no to him.

Hope this helps! I appreciate most of that is minor in the scope of the text you sent me, but until I see an actual application I can't really delve much deeper. I look forward to seeing it!
My apologies. I'm working on a research project that has required two visits to London over the last week (with one more on Saturday), and between compiling that and working late I've been fairly busy. I also have interest from a couple additional people via PM who inform me they are working on characters, so I keep feeling obliged to wait for them.

(On this note, I should share that this story is not likely to unfold as rapidly as other roleplays on this site; I'm keen for people to post at their own pace, so long as the quality is worth waiting for.)

With that said, I shan't hold off much longer. I'm pretty on top of everything now, so you can expect an introductory IC post soon. If I don't get chance before the weekend, I have a three hour train journey on Saturday which lends itself quite nicely to writing something like this. I've also been working on writing a Magic chapter for the world guide, which is almost finished, too. That will likely come before the IC, or at the least in conjunction with it, so that everyone can begin with the same understanding of magic. That seems to be the most major element of Tyrrania that is currently unexplained.

So once again, apologies for any perceived delays! Rest assured, it's on it's way.

In the meantime, I open up a group discussion: Where in Tyrrania are you most keen to explore, and why? This can be because of a personal interest, or perhaps because of ties your character might already have (or potentially develop). The style of storytelling in these roleplays is flexible; a lot of the decisions about where we go and what we do will be decided in-character by our characters, so I encourage people to be considering the paths their characters might be inclined to steer towards. My role as a GM is to present you with options and respond to your choices.

(Personally, I feel Lucius would still be hung up on the Wizard's Tower. It was really difficult for him to go from being a star pupil to essential exile from the magical community. He feels he has a lot to prove and a point to make... But is he ready to face his teachers and peers again? Probably not.)
@Tyler Yes, that's all quite helpful. Thanks for your detailed answers! Technology in these sort of settings always fascinates me, since there's rarely an established 'baseline' for what fantasy tech should be like, so it's typically quite unique from setting to setting.

I suppose I have a few more questions, then, if you wouldn't mind. I like to have a comprehensive idea of what sort of tools I have to work with. Are compasses common for navigational purposes? How detailed are most of the maps of Tyrannia? Does electricity or steam-powered tech exist in an experimental capacity, or have the Dwarves not cracked that yet?

You're totally right. I really like Tyrrania to feel detached from the modern world we're familiar with, so I guess the best way to describe its technology is underdeveloped. There really aren't any 'machines', it's a world of physical labour for most people. My logic here is that most people are poor, and those who can afford to experiment often do so with magic; there is simply more potential in the Arcana than in worldly materials.

The King is not aware of any developing steam tech, and there certainly isn't any electricity. Compasses, however, are very much beloved. There is often so much ground between the sparse settlements of Tyrrania, that most every pocket holds one. Most maps only document the mainland of Amorynthia, albeit in great detail. Terrence Nydell's map of Tyrrania is famed for the scale it covers, documenting from Rotsanger to Tumeken. His is very popular among the more ambitious adventurers.
I would like to know if there's space for 2 more in this roleplay before I begin planning my sheet.

There's definitely space in the roleplay; but I will only allow one character per player. I also intend to get things started at the very latest by the end of the week, so whilst that's not exactly a deadline it does give some indication of a timeframe that I'n working on. Not having submitted/been accepted by the start of the roleplay also doesn't disqualify you from joining; we'll work your character in somehow.

I’ve got a few questions regarding technology. Obviously the setting borrows from Medieval Europe quite a bit, so would it be correct to assume that gunpowder isn’t very advanced/widely used yet? The most you’d likely see is some equivalent of Greek Fire, or perhaps very archaic explosives?

If this is indeed the case, is there some magical alternative to a ship’s typical cannon? Or would naval vessels rely on ramming and hand held weapons, akin to more ancient navies like the Romans?

It's called firepowder or firedust in Tyrrania, and it's a lot stronger than 'real world' gunpowder. The Dwarves are said to have been the first to discover its explosive properties, and its ability to reduce cliff faces to rubble are perhaps a significant factor in why the Dwarves became such accomplished miners. It's extremely volatile, though, and even friction can ignite it.

Due to the presence of magic in Tyrrania allowing much smaller and more controlled explosive potential, firepowder is largely seen as outdated or obsolete. It is still used in canons, but it's considered a risky practice; many a vessel has fallen victim to its own stock of firepowder being handled improperly, and essentially all ships nowadays that do carry it will have a designated and fully trained expert to handle the substance. It's much more common for a ship to be armed with ballistas, firing flaming projectiles at enemy ships.

Pirates tend to use crossbows as their on-hand ranged weapons. Nobody has yet managed to utilise firepowder in a handheld weapon, as the substance is simply too volatile and usually destroys both the prototype and the person attached to it. By and large, the destructive power of firepowder is great, but there are few instances where it is convenient or safe enough to be of much use - unless you're a Dwarf! Unable to cast spells, the Dwarves are still very fond of firepowder, and they're the most knowledgeable when it comes to handling it safely.

Vitriol ('liquid fire', 'alchemists' fire') exists, and is much more practical than firepowder. It's a non-natural substance, born from science and magic by the Human Alchemists. It ignites on contact with oxygen (in air, water or otherwise) in a violent explosion. The resulting flame is notoriously difficult to put out, but sand is effective. The Alchemists essentially own vitriol, due to their inventing it as well as the specific methods by which they are able to contain it within air-tight glass vessels (which can then be smashed to produce the desired effect). Their research is not cheap, and neither is their fire: a single vial of the stuff will set a man back a small fortune.

Hope this helps! I'm enjoying answering these...
@Tyler Great, thank you for the answers!

Hmm, having trouble deciding between three different kinds of characters... Would anyone want to see a ranger-type person, a rancher/homesteader, or an artisan-type person?

I'd be inclined to merge the first two ideas. A rancher is quite an interesting character trait within this kind of story, but I think it's also very viable for a rancher to be skilled with a bow (for protecting livestock). A humble farmboy who happens to develop into a fearsome archer in order to defend his father's livestock has a certain appeal to me...

I'm sure if you go with the artisan it will also be fabulous. I just found the first two more immediately interesting. @Tyler Finished up my CS! Lemme know what you think. If there appears to be anything wrong with the history, lemme know. I tried to avoid using any sort of solid dates or times, but it couldn't be completely avoided.

You've done a stellar job enacting on what we discussed via PM (and quickly, too!) I'm really happy for Gash to join the party; you can post his sheet in the character thread when you see fit.

Welcome aboard, Cap'n!
<Snipped quote by Tyler>

Aside from House Drachall, how many houses are there currently?

Also, are there any settlements outside of Steinplatz? Whether known or otherwise?

There are lots; though it's not something I ever felt the need to define myself. Drachall is part of the worlds canon because of the way it dwarves the others in size and power; the other houses are for the players to create, in the same way they would a Human or Dwarven family.

There are no other known settlements on Rotsanger; the terrain is too unsuitable. This is a lot of what keeps the lesser houses in Steinplatz under the rule of Drachall, rather than leaving and starting their own settlement. Steinplatz has been the home is Nosferytes for as long as there have been Nosferytes on Tyrrania, and that's unlikely to change.
@Tyler, do you think it possible that Lord Drachall had several wives and/or "companions"? It certainly wouldnt be unheard of, lol.

I ask, because my character story idea revolved around Drachall having many children (lets say a couple of dozen) and he would have had more if several of the females had not miscarried. So my character was a "godsend" when finally birthed, but also the last and youngest of all the fledglings.

Yep, this seems both possible and likely. The Nosferyte houses are similar to mafia families, and they assert themselves through wealth and number.
@Tyler For what its worth, you have a really solid story and lore here so I for one look forward to joining this. You've obviously worked very hard on this and seem to genuinely take pride in your work, and i respect that. It'll take me some time to get a CS together, but I'm definitely in...

Thank you! I continue to work on Tyrrania even in periods where I'm not actively involved in the world of roleplay. It's a passion project for me, so I'm really glad when that comes through and people enjoy the world I'm building. There's no better reward for me than seeing people really take to the world and engage with it. I find that the characters people make for stories set in Tyrrania are always so interesting... So seeing them take life is really rewarding, and I can't wait to see everyone in action!

So...let's discuss Wraithtown and its current state.

I'm outlining ideas for my Nosferyte, and after being/raised in Rotsanger, etc she eventually decides to leave (secretly) and takes a ship, which is diverted by a terrible storm, and shipwrecks on the shores of Wraithtown.

Based on the Geography section:
<Snipped quote>

So does that mean people still live there, but don't associate with anyone outside of the town borders? Do they turn into "werebeasts" every night or only certain nights? And what are Broadmarsh? Is that what's missing in the Beastiary? O.o

Wraithtown is still occupied, for certain. They originally isolated themselves so as to protect others from their curse, having seen their neighbouring towns and villages slaughtered by the beasts they become at night. They closed their port, ceased all external trade and closed the town gates to visitors. At the time, the curse of Wraithtown was big news, with every inn and tavern playing host to talk of werewolves and such. Independent mages and chemists headed to Wraithtown with the intent to study and cure their affliction, but none returned; the King himself had little interest in sending official aid. As the years passed and the Broadmarsh began to appear, Wraithtown became even more detached from the rest of Tyrrania, and it has now effectively fallen off the map.

The residents of Wraithtown turn into werewolves each night, from sunset to sunrise. Naturally, they spend longer periods of time as beasts during the Winter, when nights are longer.

The Bestiary will grow and update along with the story; think of it as a Pokedex of sorts, that will document the creatures our characters confront. The Broadmarsh refers not to a species, but to a region:

"Once part of the lush forests of Blith, Broadmarsh is the name now given to the putrid swamp which has overtaken much of the land. Very little is known of the swamp or why it appeared; but it continues to grow each year, and some fear it may spread and ruin Amorynthia, similarly to the Great Drought of Tumeken. Attempting to venture into Broadmarsh means near-certain death; if one is not lost in the rotting woodlands or swallowed by the thick pools of mud, then the various goblins, orks and other bog-dwellers are sure to finish off the unprepared adventurer." (from the World Guide)

Woah, I'm really pleased to see a resurgence of interest and activity in the roleplay. I had almost resigned myself to the fact that it would probably need to go on the backburner thanks to the interference of the site's downtime disrupting momentum; but I'm really glad to see everything begin to coagulate again. Let's get started...

You know what, I'm going to come out and say that I'm interested in this RP. While I work on a CS, I do have a few questions. What kind of limits are there on the knowledge and usage of magic? Would someone need to attend the Wizards' Tower to be able to learn magic, or could they learn it on their own? Does the energy for using magic typically come from the magic-user?

Glad for your interest. I'm aware that I've not adequately covered magic in the world guide; it's been discussed with other players, both this time around and in previous incarnations. It's something I've been working on with particular attention lately; and something that I hope will be added soon. For now, I can only apologise - but we can still discuss any questions you have, and I'm sure other players will vouch for my willingness to go into detail.

You've already highlighted the general foundation of magic in Tyrrania with two words you've used in your question: 'knowledge' and 'magic'. Magic is the general practice of utilising the Arcana, which is understood as a force that runs through all things. Anyone can use this as long as they know how; it doesn't matter how they learned. The Wizard's Tower is naturally the best place to learn magic, because they have a tried-and-tested curriculum, taught by some of the best mages in the land. Plus, as the hub of all magical research in Tyrrania and the home of the largest magical library, they have the best resources. But someone could learn magic from anyone who already knows it, provided they themselves are competent enough. (This is the tricky bit which most often delays my write-up; essentially, magic is scalable in relation to the spellcaster's level of magical practice. Someone who trains fire magic often is going to find it easier to learn new fire spells; similarly, one can't learn to create a firestorm if they have not first learned to throw a fireball, etc.)

Of course, there's also the good-old fashioned method of picking up a book and teaching oneself. Unless you're a Dwarf - Dwarves can't cast magic.

Hope this was useful. Feel free to PM me with further questions! And I would also like to reassure everyone that the Magic chapter of the worldguide is most definitely on its way.

I've been craving a medieval/fantasy RP for ever, so I'm def in if there's still room...

I assume that the races listed under the Chars tab are the ones we pick from? you think the Nosferyte would have their dwellings either underground or in the mountainside? Or would that conflict with the dwarves who might live in that region?

Also, Nosferyte are limited to the frigit temperatures, right? I mean they could travel anywhere provided the had sufficient cover from the sun?

Glad for your interest. There's most definitely still room; and yes, the playable races are Human, Dwarf and Nosferyte.

The Nosferytes live in great gothic towers in their stone city on Rotsanger. You can read more about this in the worldguide; look for Steinplatz. The more wealth and influence a Nosferyte house has, the taller their tower. The exiled Nosferytes (Ferals, or Fallen) live on the barren plains of Vastoria; they often wander for weeks at a time in search of blood, but they have also established a central nest or hive of sorts. This is housed in an expansive network of tunnels within Mount Blut, accessible through many caverns up and down the mountainside. These tunnels were there before the Ferals arrived, and they don't connect to the subterranean city of New Kelda. If anything, Mount Blut is more a roost in which the Ferals gather to sleep during the day.

The Nosferyte's merely prefer cold climates; it's what they're used to. Even on Rotsanger they are known to wrap up warm in furs and hide. They aren't inherently sensitive to light, either; but it would naturally take them some time to adjust from the freezing, dark-skied Rotsanger to the bright and warm mainland. They might find the sun exceptionally blinding, or that it burns their fair skin more easily, but they certainly won't burst into flames if they're exposed to sunlight.

(Similarly, you won't ward them off with garlic, running water, silver crucifixes and the like. They aren't vampires. But a stake through the heart would finish off just about anyone..!)


Again, I'm really pleased to see renewed interest in this. @Vaelin150, @Marx, @Superboy, @Ink Blood and anyone else I may have missed or who is yet to submit a sheet. I'll be reading (and in some cases re-reading) everything that's been submitted so far, and contacting you all via PM to discuss your characters further. I love what I'm seeing!

Just checking in to see if we're still good to go after the offline period.

Also @Tyler, the RP's Join Status is currently 'Jump In', not sure if that was intentional or not.

Still good to go as far as I'm concerned, I'm just waiting on characters. And no; not intentional. Will get that changed, thanks.

The rollcall was 2 weeks ago. I am aware the site was down a few days but unless there's many lively pm conversations this is all the activity I can see. Which isn't much. Are any characters incoming still and if so by what time?

I've heard nothing from anyone since the site went down. There are a few lore related questions I'm keen to run by @Vaelin150, but I'll hold off on that until I know that people are still game.

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