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Queen of Carthage
Remnants of Troy

Dido didn't know exactly what they were or how they were able to create that light, but she didn't care. It was trouble, but not so much trouble that she was scared, more that it felt a nuisance, a speed bump really in her quest for revenge. Her hatred was turned on these things, the monsters that would bar her path and try to prevent her from reaching her goal. She couldn't allow that.

Dido pushed her master aside, fairly gently actually, so that he wouldn't die from something like a fall. With her arms free again, she would be able to defend them in a fight.

She didn't need her arms for what she did next though. Dido glowered at the monsters, but concentrated on her words. Her mouth worked at an incredible speed as she chanted the encantation and manifested her magic. Alongside her several points of light appeared inside a series of six circles, charging with magic as she chanted. While it wasn't instantaneous as it would be with one better versed in the magic of their time, Dido felt it was fast enough. As she finished the points of light streaked away as lasers, beams of condensed light, aimed directly at the monsters standing before her.

@BlueHelix@Paradox Witch

-----------------------Moving to Shinto Town, Outside Troy-----------------------

Lilith(Hotaru Fujikawa)

Outside Workshop, Near "Newly" Occupied House, Southern Moor

It seemed like the blink of an eye, but in what seemed like it must have been less than a second, Lilith saw her potential allies fleeing from the creatures that had just approached them. Not only that, it seemed their parting gift, meant for the beasts that had run up to them was also going to hit her.

Lilith began to turn, shouting at the other magi to "get down." They might make it. They were further away. She knew she wouldn't be fast enough though. She was too close, and the lightning was too fast. Lilith would be fried here unless she was saved.

No it, wouldn't end. She had a potential out. A servant could easily move faster than a human ever could, possibly even fast enough to dodge lightning. Across her link she urgently sent a request for help, Assassin, help me. With luck, they would all survive this, and they could deal with the beasts, maybe even talk to them, after.

@DostHou@Yukitamas@Addamas@Paradox Witch

Queen of Carthage
Divine Descending Denouement Hot Spring, Foreigner's Lowlands

NO! NONONONONONO! Someone took it away! Dido could feel her revenge slipping through her fingers. That damnable city was being snatched away from her grasp again. She knew this meeting was a waste of time, time in which she could have been assaulting her enemies, but now that was stolen away.

Not only was Troy lost to her, but her army was stolen away. It wasn't just her revenge, but her warriors and even the bond to her master was weakened or broken. Her rage was all consuming.

Well it seemed the others were gathering themselves and moving on the trouble. The pub? That's where it seemed they were intent on going. If that was where the trouble was, she could be there in the blink of an eye.

Dido grabbed her master and held him close as she said, "Come, Master, we must exact vengeance on those that threaten us and deny me my revenge. We must exact penance on our newest foe. They can't give back what was taken, but they can give their life."

Dido paused, took a breath, and activated the spell she had prepared ahead of time. This, surprisingly, was one of the few things her preparation had worked out for. With a burst of words, to most, they would have seemed incomprehensible, possibly even gibberish, but they were that of a spell. One moment they were there, the next they weren't.
====================Teleporting to the (Former) Walls of Troy=====================


-----------------------Moving to Shinto Town, Outside Troy-----------------------

Lilith(Hotaru Fujikawa)

Workshop, "Newly" Occupied House, Southern Moor

It seemed this was really was going to be a bust. Not only had her plans to swell her numbers at the riot failed, it seemed a contender had come hunting her. On top of that, something...peculiar was happening to this city. It seemed something was exuding an overwhelming sense of dread across the city. Not only that, her familiar had witnessed the fall of those great walls and the transformation of the enigmatic "pub" into some kind of cave. Things were escalating quickly, and it seemed much too late to leave. It was time to do something heroic. Lilith was trying not to think about the alternative to that.

“There’s not much time to speak, I’m afraid. But I’d like to ask if you’d like to leave with us and go find some others to prepare for this figurative storm, Saber and I are more than happy to have a new friend.”

An attractive offer. She wouldn't be able to do much alone, without her eyes(read familiars) or some sort of army. Could she even lead an army? It didn't matter. It sounded like a good offer.

Master, I believe whatever had just occurred is beyond our own capabilities to handle, it would be most prudent to ally ourselves with the rest of the competitors to deal with this disturbance.

It would seem her servant agreed. Lilith couldn't really argue with her, especially since she had the same thoughts.

Lilith responded over the link in kind, That sounds like the best course of action for now. No more subterfuge or hiding. I will gather "the flock" and meet you by the front gate.

Before long, Lilith emerged from the residence at the head of a group of magi and approached her former enemy, now temporary friend.

As she neared the small group, Lilith spoke again, this time for all to hear. "I hope your offer is sincere. I'm affraid we've run out of places to hide or run to, and in the face of this," Lilith gestured towards Shinto, "We no longer have time to squabble over grails and wishes if we want to live."


Queen of Carthage
Former Miyama Town, The White Forest, Collaborative Project: Yggdrasil's Revengeance

Avenger wasn't sure if she should be furious or excited. Its Troy after all, home to her enemies, the people she swore to destroy. Well, it didn't matter, its time to destroy Troy. As queen of Carthage, as Avenger, as Dido, she couldn't and wouldn't rest until Troy and her children were dead.

Actually, that brought up a good question. Why were they gathered here in the ruins of Miyama Town when Troy was across the river?

Nevermind, questions like that weren't important either. Dido had gathered her army and done what she could for them to make them just that much more useful. Between her army, her phantasms, and her rage, it was a good thing she'd set up a way to offset her costs before hand. With these preparations, Dido would crack Troy and bring her fury to her enemies, the one grudge that she clutched to even after her life.

"Master, why are we here? We have our army, and there's not much more time to waste for 'preparations.' We should already be in Shinto, tearing down their god's forsaken walls and burning the city."

Dido paused and paced in front of her army for a moment before releasing what was basically a snarl as her fire flared.

Louder, much less in control, Dido shouted, "We're wasting time! While we wait here the enemy mocks us." She paused and looked back at her army before addressing her master once more, "No more waiting. I can't restrain anymore. We attack."

@BlueHelix@Sageage@Vocab@addamas@Art of Fun@DostHou

-----------------------Moving to Shinto Town, Outside Troy-----------------------

Lilith(Hotaru Fujikawa)

Workshop, "Newly" Occupied House, Southern Moor

After a night's hard work and some much needed sleep, Lilith was ready to intervene in the affairs of the town. It seemed all the fun was happening in the "Native District," and she wasn't about to let them be cut out of the fun anymore.

Judging by all the chaos, there didn't seem to be much time left to act, especially if she wanted to capitalize on the situation. It would be a real shame to waste all her preparations to help the people of Fuyuki.

Lilith decided it was time to go. She gathered her things, most of them stored in a large basket that she carried out the door. "Come, let's show the city the way to peace. Let's share with them our peace."

--------------------------Moving to Native District, Riots-----------------------

Queen of Carthage
Forest Outskirts, near Foreigners' Lowlands

Dido's reaction was much the same as before. She shoved her master to the ground to protect him with her body, and her with the fire. Her ability to control it, keeping it from reaching Christopher.

When the lightning struck it was yet again stopped by her fire and, as Dido stood up, she produced a long strip of ox-hide. It was left in a circle around Christopher's feet, "I need you to stay here and this will protect you. I can't fight her if I have to focus on protecting you from her magic."

"Byrsa." Just that one name, and a burst of magic energy was all it took to raise the walls of Carthage to defend her master from this servant. Sure, it would drain on her reserves, but if she didn't needlessly waste energy on any fancy attacks and focused on burning her enemy away, it wouldn't be too much of a drain.

Finally, Dido could focus on her enemy. She turned the direction from which the attacks had come from and began to wonder who it was that had ambushed them while they were talking.

"It would seem you have me at a disadvantage, since you know my identity somehow. In that case, surely you must have some idea of how to fight me, or are you attacking my master because you can't think of another way to win?"

Dido produced yet another length of ox-hide, slightly longer and held it, coiled, clutched in her right hand.

"You can't be an assassin because your concealment isn't good enough. I would hope you are not a caster if those attacks are all you have. Hmm, well it doesn't matter. I might help burn away that mess. Before I do that, I'll have to deal with you, even if that means burning the forest away with you."

With that said, the ox-hide in her hand was engulfed in flame, the now flaming whip used to light a nearby tree ablaze.

Queen of Carthage
Forest Outskirts, Near Foreigners' Lowlands

Something was wrong. There was something nearby, a servant. Were they trying to hide? Surely they knew that wouldn't work right?

Avenger wasn't sure what the other servant wanted, but it couldn't be good. If something was going to happen, she'd be able to see it though. Using her future sight, she could see not just the attack, but where it came from. That didn't matter at this moment though. The explosion was trouble, for her master.

There wasn't time for words, only actions. Avenger had to protect her master, so she grabbed Christopher and pulled him in tight against her and shielded him with her body and flame. Christopher would be safe.
@BlueHelix @ManyThings

Queen of Carthage
Forest Outskirts, Near Foreign District/Miyama

Avenger frowned for a moment as she processed her master's words before a calmer look settled onto her face and she looked back to her master. She had let herself get out of hand and the best she could offer was a somewhat apologetic smile for her behavior.

"I'm sorry Master, you're right. I had forgotten why we came out here in the first place. I guess I got a little caught up in all the fun." With that she gestured back towards the remains of Miyama.

Avenger looked about, looking for signs of other servants, but not seeing any.

"We should head over to where we saw those lights the other night and see if we can learn anything new, in that case. We should be careful though, I can only assume the Einzbern servant won't show themself if we don't intrude, seeing as they haven't appeared to challenge us yet. However, it would be bad if they took us by surprise so close to their territory."
Lilith(Hotaru Fujikawa)

Workshop, Newly Occupied House, Southern Moor

Lilith was beginning to grow bored of the house. There just wasn't much fun to be had here, and hiding from the other masters didn't leave her much in the way of options for "resource" gathering. She would need to leave and interact with the others, now that the basic preparations were done.

Assassin had her own experiments to run and the plan to win the grail war was already in motion, so Lilith doubted she would have an escort on her trips, but that was something she'd just have to deal with. Her servant had responsibilities, things that she would just get in the way of or...well, she didn't feel comfortable around that one thing.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to ask, so Lilith settled down to await her servant's return.

Queen of Carthage
Forest Outskirts, Near Foreign District/Miyama

While he didn't respond to her, Avenger thought it was pretty obvious that her master wanted to leave. Well, he seemed interested in getting his samples more, but he looked like he was trying to figure out where to go. Eitherway, something felt wrong. It was time to go.

While the Christopher gathered the last of his samples, Avenger wrapped an arms around his waist and pulled him close to her, taking him up to carry, before running in the opposite direction, away from the fire, deeper into the forest.

[(Supposedly Shinto), Actually moving feeper into the forest, toward Einzberns]

Avenger could see the confusion in her master's eyes as she sat him down on the ground. It seemed the sudden transition had shaken him a little at first, but he would come to terms with it. Since the fun in Miyama was over, it was time to find some more while the others were distracted. "Why don't we pay the Einzbern family a visit, Master?"



Queen of Carthage
Workshop, Outside of Fuyuki

[Travel to Einzbern Forest interupted]
Avenger stopped to stare at the blaze as it began to rage out of control. It seemed there was a squabble going on nearby, but that interested her far less than the fire itself. Something seemed off about it, so she decided to use her clairvoyance.

In her minds eye, she saw and felt the flames. There was a reaction between her and the fire, but it didn't hurt. The fire changed, but so did she, they were stronger together. It felt good.

As she dispelled the foresight, she turned to her master and said, "It will help us if I walk into the fire." She looked back at it. "I have an idea but first I need to touch it, so wait here and I will be back in a moment."

While the others fought or tried to find a way to extinguish the flames, Avenger moved with the speed of a servant, engulfing herself in the flames. As the fire swallowed the former queen, her own curse manifested and the flames mingled as they became one and the same.

Avenger could feel her pyre change, the flames taking on the aspects and curses of the fire, in much the same way as the fire took on the aspects of hers. The flames engulfing the foreigner district began to change, taking on a coal black hue as curse spread to the fire. With a smile, Avenger turned away and moved back to her master, at that same incredible speed that a servant posesses.

As she returned, she said to her master, "With that done, we should probably leave. It seems like there are others gathering here, and I want to see how they deal with the fire from a safer location." More quietly she added, "We could also find some other ways to cause mayhem and have a little fun if you'd prefer, maybe even inconvenience or set back other masters."
Lilith(Hotaru Fujikawa)

Workshop, Newly Occupied House, Southern Moor

Lilith was surprised by Assassin's leaving suddenly. One moment they were discussing what to do with the day, and then she was gone. She was left alone with the "test chamber" they had created earlier.

It really was something to look at it, mesmerizing to see the lives thrown away in the pursuit of knowledge. Of course results were far more important than those they spent, but watching it, seeing the feral brutality still unsettled her. This is what happens to people who are trapped and forced to fight with no hope of escape, the only hope of survival being the last one left.

She shuddered and turned away from the "arena" to look out towards where Assassin had run off. She saw something in the distance, maybe smoke? It wasn't very clear and it wasn't her problem anyway.

Lilith turned back toward the house and walked back that direction, Stay safe, Assassin. With that thought, Lilith returned to the house to await Assassin's return.

Queen of Carthage
Workshop, Outside of Fuyuki

The duo had returned to the workshop without much to really justify their excursion. They'd shown up too late, really only seeing that someone had attacked the Matous and not much else. Avenger would see to it that there wasn't a repeat, and they were well informed.

The time for rest was over eitherway, though. Avenger donned her "disguise" and went to talk to her master. "I am back, Master. We shouldn't find ourselves unaware of the actions of others anymore. That won't replace direct observation or a fight though, so let's go check out all those lights from the forest." Avenger paused for a moment, considering something and asked, "Unless you had something else planned already?"



Lilith(Hotaru Fujikawa)

Workshop, Newly Occupied House, Southern Moor

Lilith gently stroked the fur of one of her new familiars. Her hands gently stroked over the red fur of the shiba sitting in her lap. He really was a good dog, even before she had made him hers.

Sadly it was time to get on with things. The acolytes had returned from crafting barriers around the mansion and it was time to let them rest, for now. Lilith moved the dog aside and stood, before mentally ordering her new familiars to disperse and assume their duties.

As she bathed, Lilith ran down a mental checklist of their accomplishments last night. It wasn't huge but it was definitely more than a start. The acolytes had spent the night putting up barriers. Nothing too fancy really, just some illusions and alarms. Nothing that would do anything against someone trying to cross the barrier. She had also sent off a couple acolytes to abduct some pets for her to make into familiars. Lilith, herself, had assisted Assassin in setting up their own barriers, a cage to contain a certain experiment the servant wanted to try. After that, some familiar crafting and then a few hours of sleep. It was a decent use of the night.

Once she was done with that, Lilith dressed herself and, wondering what her servant was up to, opted to use their connection to see what, the lovely assassin saw. What she saw shocked her. It seemed Giulia was out in the fields running those tests she had helped her get set up for. That all made sense. It was the simulation itself that gave Lilith a start. It was barbaric, monstrous even. Inhuman was another word that came to mind.

Lilith decided it best to not watch too much more. As a magus she could understand, but it was still brutal. She could almost see similarities between the simulation and the combatants in the grail war.

Giulia, I see you're busy with your experiment, but I don't think we can rely entirely on remaining hidden and playing the long game, at least without finding out what the others are up to. I want to use the day to gather some ingredients and items. I would like it if you would accompany me, or use this time to spy on some of the other masters. I know that, errr... simulation is important to you though, so I understand if you need to stay and watch over it.
Avenger Dido

Queen of Carthage
Workshop, Outside of Fuyuki

Avenger offered her master a smile before saying, "That sounds like a good plan. Let's see who we can find, maybe we can make some allies or learn something about some of our other opponents. It would be nice if we didn't have to worry about trying to take out the big players, like the Whitehall girl or the families, on our own. We should probably start with our immediate surroundings."

It was good that they had come to see things in the same light. It was also good to see him looking more serious, not that she minded the way Christopher had been before, but a situation with no idea of who the enemy is, merits some degree of caution, even in something time limited like the war.

Time was wasting.

Avenger walked over to her master and said, "We should get started while we can, now that we have a plan and a destination. I want to see who we are matched up against in this war and what they can do."

[Moving from Workshop to Shinto Town]



Lilith(Hotaru Fujikawa)

Workshop, Unoccupied House, Southern Moor, Morning

Lilith had settled on this house when she came to Fuyuki. It was out of the way enough that she wouldn't have much in the way of nosy neighbors interrupting her, and the price was extremely reasonable. The previous owner, who was looking to sell anyway, had practically given it away thanks to a quick charm spell, a little flirting, and quick romp. In all, it was a satisfying purchase. Lilith loved what she did.

Now, she found herself in the middle of a sort of storage shed. Inside were some of the acolytes, working to finish the preparations. There were candles set about and enough "materials" to draw the summoning circle. Small animals like birds, snakes, and rabbits, really whatever they brought or found were gathered and drained of their blood. The corpses had already been cleared away though, leaving behind a bucket of still warm blood.

With a smile lf satisfaction, she realized everything was ready and the acolytes had already left her to it, off to rest or work on personal tasks, for the time. She turned her attention to where the circle would be and began.

Before long, she stood before a circle, painted in red on the floor of the shed. The shed itself was dark, so the candles had been arranged and lit, mostly for lighting honestly. With everything ready, Lilith raised her hand, before having an idea, and cutting the tip of her finger, adding her blood to the circle. That done, she once again raised her hand, this time gathering mana into her circuits and infusing it into the circle. The she began to chant.

"Let silver and steel be the essence.
Let stone and the archduke of contracts be the foundation
Let my great Master Hanada be the ancestor
Let rise a wall against the wind that shall fall
Let the four cardinal gates close.
Let the three-forked road from the crown reaching unto the Kingdom rotate.

Such a boring chant. I really should have taken the time to create something

I hereby declare.
Your body shall serve under me.
My fate shall be your sword.
Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail
If you will submit to this will and this reason…Then answer!

I wonder who I will be paired with. What kind of spirit will I attract? I hope someone with a sense of humor. Maybe good looks.

An oath shall be sworn here!
I shall attain all virtues of all of Heaven.
I shall have dominion over all evils of all of Hell!

This is exciting. Almost like gambling really, the game of chance. A roulette to see what hero will answer the summons.

From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three greet words of power,
Come forth from the ring of restraints,
Protector of the Holy Balance!"

And with a flash, the lgiht that had been building vanished, leaving behind the figure of a servant.

Well it got the beauty part down for sure.

Workshop, Newly Occupied House, Southern Moor, Night

Lilith stared at her command seal. It sat on the back of her wrist, marking her as master to all, unless she chose to wear gloves of some sort. What kind would look good though? It probably doesn't even matter.

She turned her attention to her servant. The dark haired woman had said she was an assassin, perfect for her really. Direct engagement wouldn't be wise, but that was fine by Lilith. They could just avoid the other servants and kill people indirectly, or gather allies and support them.

"Giulia, what would you like to do tonight? I think I should spend tonight improving my defenses and creating more familiars to help spy on our enemies." She paused and looked thoughtful for a moment. "I will defer to you though, what do you think would be the best use of tonight? We could go out and look for something fun to do, or we could stay in and find something fun to do here," she said as she offered her servant a smile and a brief suggestive look.

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