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Current @Odin: It is dream worthy, isn’t it? lol
1 day ago
My profile is not changing anytime soon, so you can stop viewing it now. I’ll update you on any changes though. 😘 #noshade
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Under construction.

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@Wistful Dreams

I’ll reserve that slot for you :)

Let me know if you change your mind!

Thank you so much. I’ll be sure to let you know.
I like this but unsure which role to aim for!

Probably The Mad Hatter though. ^^ If reserving is possible.
@Lionhearted Thanks for clarifying that up for us. ^-^

By the way, here is where I am conjuring up a character. Should have him done within a day. Been a minute since I've made a character and wrote out a profile.
Yeah, I'm in the middle of creating the Supreme Witch, although I got permission to make a warlock instead

Same here, I’m assuming.

I might just withdraw my reservation if that’s the case. :/ I’ve already started working on my character but it’s fine.
@Wistful Dreams

Leader of Vampire Coven
Coven Member #1
Coven Member #2
Coven Member #3
Alpha of The Pack (reserved)
Pack Member #1
Pack Member #2
Pack Member #3
Lone Wolf
Supreme Witch (reserved?)
Witch or Warlock #1
Witch or Warlock #2
Witch or Warlock #3
Supreme Voodoo Witch
Voodoo Witch #1
Voodoo Witch or Warlock #2
Voodoo Witch #3
Head of the Hunters
Hunter #1
Hunter #2
Hunter #3

Took the List from page 1 of the OOC and added in what has been accepted and what I know was crossed out by being reserved. It doesn’t mean you can’t try for the spot though.

Thanks. I am guessing the Supreme Witch is reserved for me but I’m making a Warlock instead. ^_^

Thanks again, Akaya.
Before I continue on making my character, which roles are taken already. I had an idea for my character but if the role is taken already, I need to go in a different direction.

Just let me know, please.
Here I shall place my ideas for upcoming roleplays, or possible some reboots.
Please do not stake claim to anything here unless you've asked permission first.
Feel free to look around and take ganders but do not take anything from this thread.
<Snipped quote by Wistful Dreams>

haha, you can stick around

so long as you keep up that "great" stuff

Oh, I will and you have not seen anything yet. ^^

Thanks again!
<Snipped quote by Wistful Dreams>

What is...deletion?

Is it gone for good?

Does it stay in the remnants of the server's soul?

Will there be traces left of it in your router log for ever and ever?


Yeah it's deleted.

Why thank you, oh great Ruby! :)

I'll leave the mods alone... for now. >.>
Is it possible to have this thread deleted? :)
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