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1 yr ago
Current Rewatched all of Stranger Things and now, I need a roleplay based off of it. 😩
1 yr ago
Stranger Things have flayed my emotions, in good, bad and sad ways but it was good overall. πŸ‘πŸΌ Anyways, now time to watch some fireworks illuminate the sky.
1 yr ago
Happy 4th to all of those celebrating and while most of you are out, popping fireworks, I’ll be here binge watching Stranger Things. Have fun! 😘
1 yr ago
We’re impatient as fuck though! 😀
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1 yr ago
Am I the only one ready for the third season of Stranger Things? πŸ‘€
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<Snipped quote by Wistful Dreams>

As of right now, we are full unfortunately! But don't worry, there will be open spots soon, and I'm going to talk to everyone that posted interest! Sorry, I had a friend express interest on Discord.

That’s okay. Thanks anyway.
<Snipped quote by Wistful Dreams>

We're actually full at the moment, BUT, there will be a sixth slot opening up sooner rather than later, and I'll be sure to let you know as soon as we get that far! I really didn't expect this to be quite so popular... so I'm gonna have to move a little faster with making room for people. Sorry!

Oh, wait, I’m not writing the red ranger? πŸ‘€
Oh, shit. I need to be getting on the ball here.
@Wistful Dreams
Just wanted to find out where in the west coast the roleplay will take place? Some how my brainstorming session has my character coming from Pittsburgh, Just want to make sure I have her moving to the right state and city.

Probably Los Angeles, where Beverly Hills and Hollywood are.
Yes, time to put my brainstorming cap on :)

Cannot wait to see what you come up with. :)
Two. One of which could be a member of the Stephensons family and the other would be the child of family friends to the Rothstein family. Just haven’t decided which one yet.

Both are very good ideas. Just take your time deciding. :)
The lurker is present and accounted for.

Good deal.

Did you have any ideas already? πŸ‘€
@Lady Ostara @Fabricant451 @alexfangtalon @Hey Im Jordan
Took me a whole millennium but finally got an OOC up. :)

This is also a bump.

This is only an outline of the information I want in the sheet, decorate anyway you wish but I am looking for quality of writing more than decorative sheets.

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