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This is the place where WIP posts go so I can work on them on any Internet-connected computer the fates will grant me.
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An Appointed Time

A More Excellent Way

Man Is Born Unto Trouble

A Continual Feast

*And You Will Know The Truth

*And The Truth Shall Set You Free

The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed

We Shall Be Together In Paradise

On A Pale Horse

Justified By Faith

Great Men Are Not Always Wise

Bear One Another's Burdens

Days Of Old

To Steal And Kill And Destroy

My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts

Deliver Us From Evil

There Is None Righteous

You Shall Not Give False Testimony

Acceptable and Perfect

Let The Dead Bury Their Dead

Lacking In Nothing

The Fruit Of Lips

Fear Of Man

What No Eye Has Seen

Faith, Hope And Love Abide

Plans To Prosper


Evgeniy Petlya
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Pic sources
shingoku no valhalla gate
valkyrie crusade
brave girl ravens
gemini seed
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Welcome to the Paul of Recaps. This is Razelia: The Kingdom of Magic Season 1.

The kingdom of Razelia is the most magic-centric nation in all the land. Its capital, Zauberheim, is home to the most prestigious magic school in the country, Seraph Academy. Every year, a tournament is held as celebration for the graduating students. This tournament regularly invites outsider fighters so the students can fight someone 'outside-of-the-box'.

One of the student competitors is Seleth Thenri, a Dark Elf who's staying in the Radiant Cathedral. She's a bit arrogant and rough but she's a good person. She's also friends with Alicia de Florencia who is, a a bit of a dumb jock, but also a good person.

Also a student competitor is the Princess of Razelia herself, Lisianthus von Zauberheim. She's pretty much The Ace in Seraph Academy. However, also an Ace and also a competitor is Varjan Caldeyron. He's lauded as a child prodigy and a potential rival to Lisia but he's kind of aloof and does little to stand out so they've barely met each other.

Arriving in Zauberheim is Hisana. She plans to participate in the tournament for the lols. She is also a criminal when she steals this guard's pocket money. At the registration tents, she meets Keith North, apparently a better criminal by stealing the money that Hisana stole. However, he gets caught for the crime that Hisana committed so maybe not. He was also a would-be competitor, but then he changed his mind and now wants to leave Razelia. Ominous.

Following Hisana is bounty hunter Enishi. He is also here for the tournament but he gets caught for being in close proximity to Hisana's crime so he doesn't get to participate in the tourney.

The Grand Academy Tournament begins. Seleth fights this fat knight and wins pretty easily. However, one of the knight's friends approaches her. This guy has a sleeping cap for a helmet but then he tells Seleth about dreams involving a burning city and monsters attacking it. Ominous.

She gets back to the Radiant Cathedral to find Varjan Caldeyron hanging out here. Like always, Varjan is quiet and reserved but then he has a breakdown, asking Seleth to kill him. Seleth's like 'No! You're crazy!'. A woman then bursts forth into the cathedral. This is Varjan's mom, Iona Caldeyron, and she begins ripping into Varjan right in front of Seleth. Iona goes 180 on Seleth though so yeah, she's pretty plastic.

Meanwhile, Princess Lisia fights this purple-robed martial arts guy who can shapeshift into her so that's cool.

Back to Enishi, the confusion was cleared but he's still bummed out that he couldn't join the tournament. He's instead recruited for a secret investigation headed by Athos, ripped straight outta Fire Emblem down to the name. Athos is the Court Mage of the royal family and explained that the investigation is about a crime ring that's suspected to be selling drugs and enhancers to participants of the Grand Academy Tournament.

They need hard evidence to get a manhunt launched though so Enishi and a bunch of other agents sneak into a suspicious warehouse where they see drugs being manufactured and Keith North?! How'd he get out of jail? The sneaking fails though and a fight breaks out. One of the agents is about to get thwacked when a Beastkin girl comes to the rescue.

She is Lumina Lusteria, a new arrival at Zauberheim but she's not here for the tournament. She comes from a faraway land across the ocean. The seers of her land told of a great catastrophe that will befall a magical kingdom. So, Razelia. Lumina volunteered to go and find out what it is and stop it if she can.

Back at the warehouse, Keith declares 'Code Orange' and the warehouse is set on fire to destroy the evidence. Fortunately, our heroes' combined efforts drive off Keith and snag some hard evidence.

It's the second day of the tournament. Seleth is fighting this funny leopard Beastkin and wins albeit with some awkwardness. She meets with Alicia and Mira Yasunori, a girl from the Eastern Isles. After some Ship Teasing, the conversation turns to Varjan and Seleth discovers that Alicia, Mira and a dude named Ecthel are friends with the aloof, friendless Varjan because they were planted there. Mira says they're genuinely friends but Seleth rightly calls them out on this deception.

Meanwhile, Lisia defeats her Beastkin opponent and encounters a heavily despondent Varjan with a maid girl. The maid's name is Anesh who gets all b****y at the Princess, pretty gutsy. Varjan dismisses her before things escalate and Lisia asks what's wrong and Varjan goes all edgelord on her and leaves.

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The Twin Goddesses

Minor Gods


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A world in which humanity has met its end.
A world in which everyone has died.
A world in which nothing more can die.
In which naught stirs but walking corpses.

The protagonists of Nechronica are the girls of this world unfortunate enough to possess hearts - the Dolls.
To put it simply, it is a game in which the players become zombie girls and fight against other zombies.

The one who caused the dead to wake - the ruler of this shattered world - is the Necromancer.
The Necromancer serves as both the master of the game and the archenemy.
For it could be none other than the Necromancer who gave hearts to the Dolls.
For in a world filled with mindless puppets, the Dolls - they alone whom possess wills of their own - are no more than toys.
For the tragic comedy wrought by the foes sent against them is a delightful spectacle.

Since Dolls are already dead, they will find no rest when they are broken.
The peace of death came to an end long ago, just as did the world itself.

As we have a cup of tea, beneath these skies as gray as lead-
let us tell the tale of this long, long epilogue.

Hello everyone! Your failure of a GM over here, here with his first attempt at a Tabletop Roleplay starring with a somewhat obscure Japanese tabletop RPG. Said RPG is...

Nechronica ~The Long, Long Sequel~

The Rulebook (and other stuff) has been translated over here.

This is the PDF of the translated Rulebook.

This RPG is built for Live sessions and not Play-By-Post sessions. Thus, I will be modifying and/or structuring the RPG for a Play-By-Post session and will be posting the new-and-improved Rulebook in the OOC once it comes up. I'm working on it right now but I want to know who's interested in playing as an anime zombie girl. (And if you are interested, I recommend reading over the Rulebook and planning your character 'cause this RPG's meaty)

If you have any questions (especially about the RPG's mechanics and how I will be handling it), ask away~!



You can read more about the setting over at the website located above.


Here will be described the various mechanics that are featured in Nechronica.



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Battle Map


Goliath A


Soldier (x5)


Hound A
Hound B
Zombie (x10)







Enemy Data

GOLIATH A (Max AP = 10)

HOUND A (Max AP = 9)

HOUND B (Max AP = 9)

ZOMBIES (Max AP = 8)


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Exotic Appetites - Done

Absence Makes The Heart - Done

The Great Horizons - Done
The Great Horizons 2 - Done
The Great Horizons 3 - ?

A Strange Tale - Done
A Strange Tale 2 - Done

Fetch Quest - Done
Help, Wanted - Done
Escort Quest - Done
Fetch Quest 2 - Done
Help, Wanted 2 - ?

Herbal Medicine - Done
Herbal Medicine 2 - Done

The Sky Is The Limit - Done

Keeping It Real - Done
Keeping It Real 2 - ?

Alike In Dignity - Done
Alike In Dignity 2 - Done

Lost In Translation - Done

Let No Man - Done

One Man's Trash - Done

Who Are You To Judge - ?

Ambran First! - Done

Fame and Fortune - ?

Cryptozoology - ?


Love Your Neighbor - Done
Must Saviors Die? - Done
=Liberation At Any Price - Done
-The Great Escape - Done
-For The Cause - ?

Humble Beginnings - Done
Keeping The Peace - Done

A Tempest Looms - Done
Faith, Hope and Love Abide - Done
Just Business - Done
Dubious Wares - Done
-Recruiting Forde Briar - Done
-That's What Friends Do - Done

Water and Honesty - Done
Laying The Foundations - Done
Laying The Foundations 2 - Done


Boeal Port Festival - Done
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Hey guys, this is my first time managing a CYOA quest thingy. I hope you guys can guide me in this endeavor and I hope this will all be fun.

This CYOA will be about Girls' Frontline, a Chinese mobile game that features characters that are the (metaphorical) manifestations of real life guns. The game features cyberpunk, post-apocalypse, alien viruses and lots of government conspiracies. The player character is a T-Doll Commander in Griffin & Kryuger

The story will mainly be a retelling of the game's events with small yet significant changes to it. Especially regarding the nature of the Commander as well as the gameplay mechanics.

There will be mechanics in this CYOA but they will be, obviously, quite different from that of the game. These will be explained below.

Maps will be provided by me and each node will have a designation on them to make things easier for all of us. However, I am no wizard so there will be times when the situation will be confusing. I'll try my best to keep track of it all so just ask if there is confusion.

Unlike in the game, enemies in this CYOA will behave intelligently. While they cannot take the Command Post, they will do their best to hamper and hinder the operation as well as score as many kills on T-Dolls as they can. They cannot be underestimated, though even they cannot know what the Commander has up their sleeve.

T-Dolls are the backbone of G&K's forces. They may be numerous but they are not exactly replaceable. They come in six classes: Handguns (HG), Submachine Guns (SMG), Assault Rifles (AR), Rifles (RF), Machine Guns (MG) and Shotguns (SG).

T-Dolls are put in five-man squads known as Echelons. In the game, each T-Doll gives buffs to their echelon mates which makes echelon composition and placement very important.

This CYOA, however, will focus more on the narrative rather than any hard numbers. Generally, HG-RF echelons will beat enemy RF teams, MG teams and armored teams but are vulnerable to mobs and AR-SMG teams. AR-SMG echelons will beat fellow AR-SMG teams and mobs but vulnerable to RF teams, MG teams and armored enemies. MG-SG echelons will beat enemy MG teams, AR-SMG teams, armored enemies and mobs but are vulnerable to RF teams and special enemies.

I will be the sole arbitrator of what the outcome of the battle will be. I can only give you my word that I will be fair in this as possible.

In this CYOA, new T-Dolls are acquired after each mission. They are randomly chosen and they cannot be acquired again until they are lost. For example, if IDW is acquired then she is removed from the pool of possible acquisitions until she is lost.

A T-Doll is potentially lost when an Echelon loses a battle or sustains too much damage, usually in a disadvantaged fight. Some T-Dolls, however, cannot be lost as they are essential to the story. Lost T-Dolls can be re-acquired but her relationship to the Commander will be reset.

G&K's newest commander has a past, one that he or she can call upon in times of ordeal. But be wary, these gifts have a price. Both in the short-term, and the long-term.

1) The Astral - Separate the flesh from the spirit. Allow the soul to escape its mortal coil and seek out another vessel to contain it. But no matter how mighty the ethereal is, it still needs a house. A spirit without a home is like a ship without an anchor. It will drift and float away until the boundless ocean puts it out of its misery.
2) The Beast - A primal, brutish force lies shackled within. It is powerful, unbreakable and relentless. Break the chains to unleash it at the foe. Watch it rend and rip. Watch as the enemy crumble before it.
3) The Chosen
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The world of Lamalla is in peril! ...Or rather, was in peril.

Years ago, a Light Elf King named Feazon earned recognition in the world with his outstanding talents and tremendous skills in practically all walks of life. His prowess in combat was allowed to slay the great beasts in the wild, his proficiency in magic allowed him to master many arts in spellcraft and his charisma made him a peerless leader. All across Lamalla, he was respected and praised.

However, his fiery personality came with an arrogant pride and great vanity. It reached its peak when he demanded the power to create life from his patron goddess Amalya after years upon years of tribute and worship. The Goddess Of Light refused, saying that his deeds, though awesome, did not make him worthy of that power and that he already could create life same as everyone did. Angered by the deity's insolence, Feazon forsook Amalya and insulted Aylama before attempting to take his people from the lands of the Elves to a remote part of the world and away from the godesses.

However, most of his people were still Light Elves and refused to go with him. In an act that shocked Lamalla, an angered Feazon started killing those who would not follow him resulting in a bloody battle between Light Elves. This act was so grievous and unprecedented that Amalya was said to have wept for a year. Feazon emerged victorious and he sailed to an unclaimed land to build a Rogue Elf kingdom called Feazar, named after himself.

In his newly-built kingdom, Feazon attempted to wield the power to create life by himself. He found that he could not, but he did discover that he could twist healing magic in order to restore flesh and life to corpses. However, the revived dead were soulless husks and had no drive to do anything. The Elf king then experimented with illusion magic to make the resurrected think they were alive and were sworn to him. To this end, Feazon discreetly convinced some mighty but unscrupulous Dark Elves to help refine this twisting of the undead mind through magic. And it worked! The undead believed whatever their masters wanted them to believe.

Seeing how far he and his people have fallen, Amalya and Aylama sent prophets to Feazon to tell him to stop this corruption of magic and that should he apologize, he would be welcomed back. Still resentful of the goddesses, Feazon captured the prophets and held them hostage with the demand that the goddesses apologize to him. A stealthy squad of Wood Elves took the initiative to rescue the prophets but Feazon took this as an act of war.

Feazon and his fellow necromancers sent forth their undead legions against Elvenkind. Aylama called upon her children, the Beastkin, to aid the Elves while Amalya requested help from humanity whom several kingdoms answered the call. This gigantic conflict would soon be known as the War Of Feazon or War Of The Undead.

The war against the undead went well for a while until Feazon took the field. The Rogue Elf King was still a mighty warrior with a plethora of spells and a thousand strategies inside his mind. He won battle after battle, scattering the alliance of Elves, Beastkin and Humans. A stalemate then occurred, one that favored Feazon since every enemy he has slain was another recruit for his armies.

Desperate, Amalya and Aylama summoned a hero from another world, named Rex. Though this hero started out unremarkable, he quickly grew into a mighty individual with talents and skills to rival the Rogue Elf King. When he took the field, he turned the tide of the war.
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