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Although we don't always announce staff changes, today is an unusual moment in Guild history where we find ourselves creating a new position altogether. In the past (not counting IRC) the Guild Moderators simply doubled as moderators for any Guild chat. With the increased traffic in Guild chatter due to moving from the old Guild Chat to the new Guild Discord server we believe it is now necessary to enlist some help on the chat side of the house.

@TheTwistedOne, @Altered Tundra, and @The Harbinger of Ferocity have been appointed Chat Staff and will work to moderate the chat on the Guild Discord server. They have full power within the Guild Discord server to deal with rule infractions and any incidents that might occur within the Guild Discord server.

Should action be brought against you by a member of Chat Staff, you can appeal that just like you can any site staff action. To appeal an action by Chat Staff please contact a Guild Moderator, not the Admins directly.

Good luck to the new Chat Staff!

To those contacted about the position but ultimately not picked, thank you for your interest. Your names won't be forgotten the next time one of these positions comes available.
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Even the guild mods want that little ghost icon.
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Congrats and good luck!
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