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Location: ►His apartment – Horton Estate◄
Interacting With: ►Olivia@SpicyMeatball
Mentioned: ►His brothers@Hero

”Well that was a shitshow” Elliot thought as he lay under his covers, he had woken up an hour ago but hadn't had the energy to get out of bed. Instead he had been mulling over last night's events, getting ambushed by Eva at the wrong time and then Ali yelling at the poor girl for no reason. This had resulted in the couple having an argument in the very same parking lot they had just been having a tender moment in. Elliot had been frustrated with his girlfriend and her jealous behavior, he had assured her nothing had or would happen with Eva and why did she still not trust that? In the end Elliot had said that they probably should take the night to cool off and they had gone their separate ways.

After an other half an hour or so Elliot finally threw his covers of and got out of bed. He checked his watch and groaned, he had to be at his parents house right now. His brother is going to be pissed with him... again. Elliot rushed his morning routine with a speedy shower and minimal effort to look nice even though it was a holiday. Soon he was ready and out of his apartment and in his car speeding down the road towards the Horton estate. He thought about taking a detour and get a coffee but decided against it whit what happened last time. Instead he drove straight to his parents house.

Elliot parked his car behind Jess's broke down Nissan and got out slowly checking his phone as he did so, but no messages from anyone. He pushed that to the back of his mind and braced himself for a day with his parents.

Alice Horton was sitting in the kitchen with a real frustrated look on her face. “Hey mom!” Elliot tried to sound as cheery as he could muster “What's going on?” he asked as he sat down across from her. His mother turned to look at her son with pursed lips”Well I suppose you don't have any idea why your sister is in her bathroom puking her brains out?” she said in a stern voice. Elliot gave her a quizzical look “Jess is puking? Enzo probably overdid it with the shots?” he mused. Alice huffed “Not Jessica! Olivia!” she hissed, Elliot did a double take and let out a little laugh. “Liv...drinking? Shocker! What? Why are you looking at me?” he said at the sight of his mothers anger. “You think I took her out? No, I have my own fu-.. darn problems.” he lamented. Alice kept staring at him implying he should sort this out. Elliot groaned “Oh fine!” he stood up forcefully and stomped down the hall towards Olivia's room. He entered the girls room and looked around, it had changed quite a bit since he went away to school. He could hear her stirring around in her bathroom, he let out a big sigh and knocked softly

“Hey kiddo... you doing alright?”
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LOCATIONThe Edge Nightclub
TIME11:45 PM

It didn't matter how much time had passed since the two had even spoken to each other, as Colin thought back on the past — on their past — he was reminded of the days they spent at Salem High School and how they went with the flow. Neither of them was the type to really take anything seriously, let alone each other. The one thing that seemed to be serious (at least back then) was their growing fondness for each other. It started in their childhood. Their families were as close as it came. The history extended further than Colin's mind could comprehend, so it stood to reason that the two would become friends. And then came along that 'something more'.

"How could I forget?" Colin murmured to himself.

As he remembered their sophomore year at Salem High, Colin was uncharacteristically smiling. He rarely did that and it was brought on by a number of things. The obvious being the memories he cherished of the one he fucked up things with. His actions — well, let's face it. Colin and Jess weren't like most high school super couples. They were more toxic than the poison of a cobra. They were just as good for each other as they were horrible to each other. The way they were to each other — it was the reason why they had broken up. Colin fucked up. Jess fucked up. They both fucked up and for the remainder of time from then until just now when Colin sent that text message, they ignored each other. In a city that acted like a small town, it was hard to not see people you didn't want to. Lord knew that Colin tried his best, but something about them couldn't be denied. A chemistry with unlimited numbers and the history to support it.

His blue eyes stared intently into the coffee that had just come to the booth he reserved on the far side of the pub that was away from most of the usual occupants. The thing about being the son of the owners? Colin had a bit of weight. So, when he saw Jess enter the pub, bearing the leg cast he had seen on her last night at the Edge, he waved her over. As he expected, she wasn't exactly thrilled to see him, much less practically be summoned by him. But, deep down, maybe she wasn't nearly as mad at him as she usually was. Lord knew she could rage up a storm just by the littlest thing. Even to this day, that was something Colin absolutely loved about her. Well, as long as he wasn't at the opposite end of that.

When she finally took her seat, Colin didn't want to appear as if he was staring, but he couldn't take his eyes off of her. If the wrong person were to look at him look at her, they'd probably see a man creepily staring at the woman across from him. But in reality, Colin was gazing at her face. Even to this day, Jessica Horton has not changed one bit. Her eyes - those beautiful hazel eyes - were just as captivating as when he first laid his sight on them all those years ago. the only thing about her that was pure and innocent because Jessica Horton was a spitfire. Everything about her was and has always been spunky. This was especially true by the comment she just made.

"Depends on the day." Colin cocked a smirk, taking a sip of his coffee. Before he would begin explaining why he brought her here, he slid a fifty dollar bill across the table. "That should cover gas for the day. Just let that be some incentive to stay for a bit." Colin offered her a smile, though he wouldn't let it stay because soon his expression turned somewhat serious. "I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, Jess. I've been thinking about what I've done and what those things have done to the people I care about. Off the top of my head, my family, and friends. But also you too, Jess," he said, sipping his coffee slowly.

Colin took a moment to pause before continuing.

"As you know, I'm in AA - well, kind of. I follow the program and go to meetings when I can, but I mostly go for how good it feels to vent to people that won't judge--" Colin stopped himself. She didn't want to hear his life story and his woes. "Let me just get right to it. I know nothing I can do or say will ever repair what happened between us. Whether or not we were willing participants in what happened to us, but I want to make an attempt to make up for all of the crap that I did to you all those years ago and the years that followed."

Colin reached over to take Jess' hand, then his blue eyes met the hazel ones across from him. "I'm sorry, Jessica. From the bottom of my whiskey-drenched heart, I am sorry. For everything."
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A collab with @Ruby

A very giddy Marlena Castillo was speeding down the streets of Salem, shamelessly still wearing the last night’s outfit. She had her dark hair up in a messy but and the Chanel cat-eye sunglasses on, more so to hide the dark circles and mascara residue under her eyes than to shield her eyes from the midday sun. The Ferrari’s speakers were blasting the new singles from Nicki Minaj, and the young woman behind the wheel was happily singing her heart out. If you were to judge her with no context, you wouldn’t suspect her body was aching, exhausted from the night before. But goddamn, was this exhaustion worth it! The night spent shacking it up with the enemy had to be one of -if not the best one she’d ever had yet. Yeah, her father and brother were probably waiting at home and ready to kill her after dropping off the face of the earth for nearly twelve hours. But this pride she was feeling? They could never take it away.

With her phone now charging, Marlie shot a text to her brother to let her know she was alright, then shot one to her boy Grant Horton to see if he wanted to hang out. Iit was July 4th, after all, so they had to do something. Smiling, Marlie placed her phone back on the cup holder and sang along again, her mind going back to the events of the past night..

* * * * *

"Alek, we've got something interesting."

He didn't believe them. At least, he wasn't sold that their metric for interesting was the same metric that he used for interesting. The voice belonged to Jerami, a native of Alek's new home. Jerami was 6'5, a shade over three hundred pounds, and was likely NFL bound before an unsuccessful microfracture surgery. Without finishing his college degree and no other job prospects to speak of, the young man found himself in a precarious place. Somehow Alek's father got networked with the large man, and offered him employment as ‘security’. A title that could mean half a hundred things in the Zima family, but it seemed Salem had relaxed their father. All Jerami did before Alek arrived was play bodyguard.

Now Alek was back. Now Jerami had the chance to work for an actual gangster, not whatever domesticated creature his father had become. Alek didn't begrudge his father a thing. That was the entire goal of a criminal life: learn to evolve to a different, better, life or let the criminal game eventually kill you. His father had been smart enough to step out just as his son was getting his toes wet for the first time. Because of that there had always been a Zima in charge of the underworld part of the Zima business, the very foundation on top of which every other part of their empire was built.

Alek turned away from his wall of monitors in his office just in time to watch Jerami and Claudia enter. Claudia was mid-20s, pretty, smart. The woman's ambition was blunt and obvious for all to see, it made for someone that worked hard for Alek, but it also left a sour taste in his mouth. For now she dealt with irritated snowflakes as well as any other human he'd seen, and she knew Salem. She knew it well, and even better, she knew most of the normal faces in it. It made her a useful voice for a gangster that was setting up in Salem, having never lived there for more than a few months before.

Sergei was nowhere to be seen--probably chasing after some woman, Alek bet.

Not a word was said until Claudia drifted to the screens, and picked up the tablet remote. A few seconds later and every screen focused on a dark haired girl in a short dress. Alek stared, a few seconds longer than he'd like to admit. "Who is she?"

That was when Jerami finally started speaking, "Marlena Castillo."

"Castillo?" Alek only asked because somewhere in the back of his mind, recognition rang like a bell.

Claudia Contreras smiled. Something inside the woman liked what happened to the Castillos, Alek thought as he watched that particular smile in that particular moment. Latin feud? Just didn't like them? Alek had guesses, but they were thoughts that drifted. His mind stayed focused on the girl on the monitors. On the Castillo. Claudia continued, "She's the little princess of the Castillo clan. That very same family your family--"

"--I remember the history." Usually he just sighed at family histories out of boredom. Who cared? They weren't Montagues or Capulets. Business couldn't afford that kind of drama. Or was that how business got done in Salem? The international gangster snorted. "Is she just here to have fun? Is she with people? Does she have an agenda?"

Claudia hesitated, but only for a beat, "She's probably just here to party, but she might be crazy enough to come here for you. You absolutely cannot trust her."

It begged the question in his head: "Does she sleep around?"

Claudia's answer came first, and it came harsh. "Oh yeah. She's a slut. A manipulative little cunt."

Jerami's answer was slower, softer. "Nah, not from what I hear. Plenty of boys been trying for years and them dudes ain't got so much as a snap from her. If she like you she may go hard in ya paint, but that's about it...I don't think she's dangerous."

"No?" The accident was thick as it cut across the room from the door. Sergei had arrived, even though Alek hadn't sent for him, he wasn't surprised to see him. "Is that from your years of experience opening doors, Jerami? Even a little girl like this," Serg said, motioning to the monitors and the girl dancing on them, "can kill a great man. She is the daughter of a known enemy: therefore, she is an enemy as well. She should be treated with suspicion and mistrust. Maybe..." Serg's eyes widened just-so as he walked into the room, in front of the monitors next to Alek, and really took a good look. After a long look, he chuckled, shaking his head slightly. "Maybe she could prove herself over some time...with a body like that it would be fun to see her try."

Sergei had suddenly gone creepy old Russian guy on them all, and Alek loved it, snickering at his old friend. "Let's talk to her."

"Security will pull her." Jerami spoke, and Alek noted that the man hadn't been hesitant to speak again after Sergei ridiculed him. That was a good sign, and one Alek didn't miss: he didn't know Jerami, but people swore by the guy, and Alek could use a few new hands that were native and local. Claudia looked annoyed, hiding it with her nose in the air and a cold expression on her face. Like there were many women out there in the world that casually wore that expression--it was always a dead give away, but then, Alek supposed maybe Claudia wanted him to know she was unpleased.

It was a dumb attitude for a woman who worked for him to have, Alek couldn't stand drama queens, but for now it wasn't something Alek wanted to ask about, or talk about. There were more pressing matters. "Where is she?"

Claudia answered first, "Second floor, middle of the dance floor."

That was down the stairs. "J, tell Security to hold a perimeter around her. Tell them to stare at her, make it obvious and uncomfortable." Alek waited for Jerami and Claudia to leave before he leaned over to Serg, "I got this. Go enjoy...whatever woman."

"Brittany. 26, nurse, biggest god damned tits, with a big thick ass...my God, Aleksander, I'm seconds from ripping her panties right off right there at the bar." Sigh."We know you are better with the women than I am, yes, but be careful with this..." his eyes went back to the monitor, "Marlena. She looks fun, though, and God knows you need fun right now to get that stick out of your ass that your ex shoved up there."

A grin, and a wild smack on Alek's shoulder, and Sergei was off. Alek chuckled, shook his head at his meatheaded friend, and fixed his collar before heading out of the office and down the stairs. Claudia waited by the stairs, pointing out Jerami at the edge of the dance floor, where tables and tall chairs mingled with dance floor. Once he reached Jerami, he pointed her out, but it wasn't something Alek needed. He saw her, immediately. Moving.

"Hispanic women are dangerous." Jerami shouted the words of warning after watching Alek stare without blinking, and barely breathing. It made Alek laugh.

"All women are dangerous." Granted, Alek had heard the warnings about latin tempers, but he'd also heard they were like horny angels in bed, and could cook so well to make any man too fat, too fast, to ever want for any other woman again in his life.

Alek just hoped this Latina didn't want to shoot him. He didn't want to be shot again. Almost on cue Marlena's brown eyes hit his, and the lock between gazes -as was her smirk- was instant. When he beckoned her by twitching his index finger to him, motioning for her, she shook her head and laughed. And then she seemed to grin and shoot him a flirtatious wink. She seemed anything but uneasy.

"Maybe she thinks it's a game?"

"Maybe, either way..." He didn't really have the patience. Knowing damn well just how many eyes were on him right now, he just didn't care as he started moving in her direction, and moving with purpose. Security on the dance floor helped clear a path. Marlena looked pleased at the attention, Alek remembered thinking, as he stayed cool on the exterior. On the inside? He was right up on her, close enough to smell her. She smelled...like something he wanted.

Something he wanted so badly it hurt.

Once the distance was closed and he stood in front of her, she looked up at him defiantly, that bratty smirk still plastered on her face. With a single smile to her, Alek reached out and grabbed her, taking her completely off guard. First her right arm, then her left side, and with a single, easy, motion her body was slung over his broad shoulder. He marched off the dance floor with her, ignoring every shout, sound and punch to his back made in protest. The heat of her, the impossible softness of her skin, and her ass right next to his face? He wanted to rip her dress off, old school gangster style. But that style was never quite his style. So as soon as they were off the dance floor, she was down on her feet, Jerami and two of his big boys blocking off her escapes. It was safe to say the red-faced, scowling Marlena wasn’t looking very pleased right now.

Claudia was right behind Alek, glaring a hole through the oblivious Castillo girl. Alek just moved back to the stairs with double guard, Sergei's men wearing dark suits. Killers that regarded Marlena coldly as she was escorted up and into the office, to which the girl merely looked straight in the face and rolled her eyes as if bored and unamused by the whole thing. When they all got up, Jerami simply nodded when Alek asked him to wait outside, while Claudia visibly balked. Claudia whispered something sharp to Alek, but the Zima heir just shrugged at her.

Marlena Castillo had gone through some bad times because of the Zimas. On the off chance the girl was just here to have a good time, Alek wanted to back off the brute approach, and go for something a little less threatening. For now. Closing the doors, Alek turned and just...drank in the sight of her. That dress, that figure, the hair…

"The Castillos can't be doing half as bad as people are telling me if you're here looking like that. Hi, I'm Aleksander Zima. Can I get you a drink?" He asked, like he just remembered his courtesies, moving for the small dark glass bar in the office.

“After the little scene you just pulled on me, a drink is the least you can do,” Marlena replied coolly, standing in the middle of the room with her arms crossed in front of her. Her brown eyes never left the oldest Zima’s figure, secretly shocked by the fact that she was not in the presence of the man she’d been drooling over just hours before. Funny how life worked like that sometimes. “And I know exactly who you are. I follow you on Twitter. So... What’s up? What do you want?”

"They thought maybe you were here to kill me, or try to con me. The killing...I'd like to see where you could hide a gun under that dress. That's a dress, right? Not just a...stretch of fabric?" The smirk played at the corner of his lips, but stayed back, repressed.

Marlie rolled her eyes at the man, unamused by him offering his unwanted opinion about her choice of clothing. Typical guy move. “You sound like my father. Why the fuck would I be here to kill you? Although I might now, after that ridiculously uncalled for comment about my dress,” she replied in a bored tone, impatiently tapping her foot against the floor now. “Can you get to the point, Zima? Or did you just bring me here to talk shit about my outfit?”

"I thought instead of having you taken out back and shot, we could talk, because maybe you weren't here for some family feud that means absolutely nothing to me? I just moved here. I don't know Salem. I don't know it's families, and I don't know it's history that well." He shrugged, settling behind the bar, working on a scotch for himself even if she remained silent.

But, of course, Marlena Castillo wasn’t one to stay silent..

“Listen here, Aleksander, let’s get something straight. If you want to shoot me out back, go right on ahead. I’m not afraid of you, and I’m not putting up a fight. But I have to warn you: my daddy and brother wouldn’t take it lightly. So if you put a bullet through my head they’ll want yours hand-delivered on a silver platter. So, yeah: I would say that it’s in everyone’s best interest that we ‘just talk’,” she said confidently, never once showing any signs of fear or intimidation. Her daddy hadn’t raised no coward. Smirking, Marlie took up a seat in the couch at the far end of the room, putting up her legs on the empty space before turning to Alek again. “I’m not here to harm you or cause you any trouble. I didn’t even know you would be here. The world doesn’t revolve around your hot piece of ass. Hush is my go-to place to party when I don’t want to be around the Salem people; but you obviously wouldn’t know that, since you ‘just moved here’ and all. Might want to get your facts straight before you try and fuck with someone again.”

So there was that. Even if he had tried to stop it, the shit eating grin that preceded his next line as he dutifully gathered ice cubes and poured the scotch wouldn’t have hid well, so he just grinned. Thank you for straightening me out, Marlena...they call you Marlena?” He asked in aside, eyes slightly squinted as if he just had a hard time ‘Marlena’ was a common form of address for the girl.

“It’s Marlie, actually,” the young woman quickly corrected in a conceited tone, even if her full first name sounded delicious coming from his mouth in that slight British-laced-with-Russian accent.

“It’s very kind of you to issue your permission should I ever want, or need, to end your life.”

“Well, what can I say? I like to help out the less fortunate,” she shot back, giving him a mischievous grin. “Becoming a martyr would be a good way to go down. ‘Gone but not forgotten’ and all that shit.”

After a long, deep, initial sip of the crystal scotch glass with it's heavy base he carefully placed it on the small bar he was behind, eyes returning to stare at the girl across the room from him. The only special feature to the office were the monitors, and those had gone dark, switched off by Claudia if he had to guess. There was a wooden desk that looked heavy and expensive, but it wasn't. The chair behind it wasn't bad, and there was at least one gun in it's drawers, but it just looked expensive.

The couch, the chairs, the bright rug over a dark stained hardwood. None of it was lived in, all of it looked barely touched but always kept clean and ready. The club office of a club owner who had far too much going on? Or just the hideaway escape that had yet to be settled into? It was a question about his own life that he couldn't help but think about as he poured her drink next, ice and glass, and voila: a glass of scotch that would cost a few hundred dollars downstairs. His thoughts shifted as he took her glass even as he sipped at his, moving across to the couch, offering her glass before finding his own seat in the dark brown leather chair adjacent to her end of the couch. The young woman accepted his offer, taking the glass from his hands.

Carefully he sat, a passing look of discomfort that Marlena didn't notice coming and going before he politely smiled at her. "That's why I made Hush, by the way: an escape from Salem people. And I wasn't fucking with you. That's not what it looks like if I decided to fuck with someone." He felt amusement at the girl’s shocked expression upon hearing he owned the club she loved so much, but he tried not to dwell on it.

“Hold the fuck up. You own this place?” the brunette cried out in disbelief, eyes wide in surprise. Was he being serious?!

"Indeed. Glad you're enjoying my club," he said simply, rendering Marlena speechless. His tone was deeper, his eyes glazing as the mixture of scotch and narcotics heavied his head, his mind going further.

"Honestly? I don't think you were here to kill me. My normal people, they're cool, they're hitting on the American girls. They could give a damn about my safety right now," It made him chuckle, because it was only half-true, and because of the next sip of charcoal barrel aged perfection that was the Scotch whiskey in his glass. "It was the newer people. 'A Castillo!'" He laughed at it, like it was joke. It was entirely possible it was to him.

“Good to know the sight of us still gets the alarm bells ringing like they should,” Marlie replied proudly, taking a sip off her glass of scotch, the burning sensation down her throat somewhat empowering her even further.

"You're vicious, I think, but you don't seem centered in history. You seem more the girl that lives for the moment. But I just moved here, and don't know shit." Fast, sudden, smirk and it was gone. Replaced with the glass on his lips.

At his comment, the young woman couldn’t help but crack a teasing smirk, eyebrow raised in amusement. Vicious, he said? For someone who was new to town he sure had a way of knowing the right words to describe her, even if he might not be aware that the adjective applied to her in a different context than the one he probably meant.

“You’re half right about that, Aleksander. I do live for the moment and I’m not centered in history. And on the topic of you not knowing shit: we can definitely change that tonight, if you want. I could show you around our beloved city. It would give us a chance to get to know each other a little more, and maybe even show you just how vicious -as you say- I can really be...” she said in a kittenish voice, stroking the inside of his thigh while keeping her brown eyes locked on his.

He paused the sip of his drink just long enough to say, “Few better tour guides for Salem’s...attractions, I’d imagine.” Attractions, he said, with emphasis...as his eyes moved from her eyes and slid slow and certain down her frame.

He wasn’t referring to local landmarks.

Marlena’s smirk spread out into a full-fledged smile. She was really going to do it, wasn’t she? “Correct! And I promise you that, no matter how hard you try, you won't find a better tour guide once you have me,” she declared fearlessly, blazing brown eyes digging into his.

The smile of hers freed him. Big, bright, and alive with the electricity of adrenaline. She wasn’t scared, she wasn’t intimidated (even if maybe she should’ve been), and she wasn’t tense with second guessing herself. It was a pleasant surprise, one that led him to stand and smile himself. A small, sharp, thing that came all too naturally once he relaxed and decided exactly what he was about to do. A few steps and stood beside her, the trimmed fingernail of his right index finger tracing from her collarbone, up to her shoulder, and around and down her arm--barely touching her until he got to her hand, taking it into his without a single moment's hesitation, his eyes dancing between her body and those impossibly big brown eyes of hers.

"You can scream, if you need to. You can beg, you can cry, be as loud as you need to be --and you'll probably need to be. There's a nightclub outside that door… No one's going to hear us."
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LOCATION — Carver Household
INTERACTING WITH — Olivia Horton @SpicyMeatball
TIME — Around 11 PM

TRYING TO DEFINE YOURSELF IS LIKE TRYING TO BITE YOUR OWN TEETH, impossible and preposterous. Sure, you can learn to understand what makes you tick and what your thought processes are, but how can you truly define who you are when you, as a person, are continuously changing? Every day we evolve; we’re constantly gaining new life experiences that ultimately shape and remold us into our current selves. Therefore, it’d be foolish to characterize or define ourselves by a few temporary qualities, right? Annalise Carver didn’t try to define herself. Sure, she was usually seen as the "sweet" youngest child of the town mayor who followed the rules and obeyed her parents no matter what, but is that who she would still be in the next couple of years or months, even? What if she woke up one morning and realized that after spending a whopping eighteen years preparing to become a politician like her father, or a doctor like her mother, that she really wanted to follow her dreams and become a dancer? What if she decided that she no longer wanted to be labelled as "the town's sweetheart?"

It was highly unlikely that either of these things would happen, but Annalise couldn’t help but wonder as she stood in her bathroom mirror and carefully brushed her teeth. It was almost eleven o’clock in the morning, just a few hours before she would have to throw on her nearest pair of shoes, grab a quick cup of coffee, and drive down to the lake to help her father with whatever is was that he needed to do. The young woman had went home the night before at about two or three o'clock in the morning after having a good time at the Edge nightclub; after seeing the state that her friend Olivia Horton was in by the end of the night, she was glad that she'd only had a little to drink and managed to get herself and her friend home safely.

Today was a new day, and Anna was feeling good. After finishing up in the bathroom and getting dressed, the young woman made a beeline for the kitchen. As usual, her parents were nowhere to be found; although it was a "holiday," both the hospital and mayor's office were still open for business, which meant that she wouldn't be seeing much of her parents until they were finished with work. This was fine by Anna, however, solely because it gave her more time to do her own thing before the festivities would begin. Perhaps she should go visit a few of her friends for a bit, or find something to gift the eldest Zima daughter for her birthday?

It wasn't until after Anna had finished brewing a pot of coffee that it dawned upon her to check up on Olivia. After all, the younger girl did have a great deal more to drink than Anna had, which unfortunately meant that she was probably puking her brains out at that very moment. After pouring herself a cup of the warm, dark liquid, Anna seated herself at the dining room tale and shot a few quick text messages to her friend. "I hope she didn't get into any trouble," the young woman muttered under breath before hitting send and taking a large gulp from her mug.

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LOCATIONThe Horton Household
INTERACTING WITHColin Brady @Altered Tundra, Elliot Horton @Spooner, Annalise Carver @Ejected

Jess nodded to the waitress that had just set down her mug of coffee before letting out a deep breath. The last time she had gone out for coffee with Colin had been back in their high school days and she wasn’t sure it was a memory she wanted to remember. Nevertheless, here she was staring blankly at the black liquid that sat in front of her in a generic white mug. Anyone that knew Jess knew that she was extremely methodical about her coffee preparation. Maybe it was OCD, maybe it was just part of who she was, but if her coffee wasn’t just right it put her in the wrong mood. It was one of the reasons she had stopped buying coffee from restaurants.

Her mind went through the procedure like clockwork. Two packets of sugar, but she didn’t quite empty the second. Two single serve milks and one cream, again not quite completely emptying the cream. Then, Jess stirred the mixture precisely five rotations before finally taking a sip of the coffee.

“Coffee’s a bit burnt, but I guess it’ll do.”

As much as the taste distracted her, she needed this coffee like an alcoholic needed their liquid courage. She drank more coffee than she cared to admit, most likely sparked by her early introduction to the caffeinated beverage back when she was only twelve years old. The warm liquid eased Jess’ mood gently, helping her move on from the rough morning she’d had so far. Part of her was legitimately she’d made it this far without killing someone.

The brunette looked up to see Colin sliding the fifty across the table, before pocketing it and returning her still unimpressed gaze to him. Her eyes took in the details of the familiar face, and while Colin had aged since she’d last been with him, his face had changed very little and still brought on all of the memories from their past -a past she wasn’t sure if she wanted to repeat.

And then Colin started his speech and made her heart start to ache. Jess had always liked the sound of Colin’s voice, there was something about it that put her at ease whenever she spoke to her. She could also clearly see he had changed for the better. She genuinely felt good to see him taking control over his life once again, not leaving it at the mercy of drugs and the bottle. Even if he did still drink, even if she was still upset and frustrated by the way he had treated her all of those long years ago. Something had changed in him, something that made her truly smile inside as he spoke those final words and took her hand in his own. He was trying.


As much as Jess wanted to say something, she found herself holding back. Part of her remained hesitant. Did she really want to entertain the offer of someone who had made her life a living hell for the majority of her high school years? Was it really the right thing to do, to open the conversation with the person that was almost a polar opposite to her? The brunette looked down to her coffee mug as her mind spun and took in a deep breath, letting the air stay silent for a moment longer.

“Honestly Colin, I’m proud that you’ve come this far. Seeing you like this is nice, a huge step up from the hole you were in in high school. But this is a lot right now and it probably doesn’t help that I’m hungover.”

Did that sound too much like she was his mother and not his ex? Too condescending? Did she really care at this point?

“I appreciate the apology, I really do Colin. I just need some time to get my head straight and figure this out. You know as well as I do that this is not a matter to be taken lightly. I hope you’ll understand that much.”

Olivia shuddered as the vile taste of her own vomit lingered in her mouth. She sat up against the wall next to the toilet looking weak, tired and defeated. Her head pounded like someone was constantly hitting her with a hammer and she felt completely drained of any energy she’d had the night before. And people did this for fun? What the fuck kind of sick, self deprecating humour was this supposed to be? With a groan, the young girl reached for her phone and checked the time, listening to her mother and sister bicker just outside of the door. The constant arguing between the two of them lately was exhausting, and the effect was only multiplied now by her wicked headache.

“Both of you SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR MISERABLE LIVES.” Olivia yelled at the top of her lungs.

And then there was silence, all too familiar in the life of Olivia Horton. It had different meanings depending on the situation, at least in her mind. Right now? The silence was beautiful. It let her head calm down for a moment after her outburst and right now, she needed to be calm. It was hard enough to hold back her stomach in peace and quiet, it just made it harder when people were screaming and making her head pound harder than a bass drum.

Olivia jumped a little as her phone buzzed, and with a reluctant effort she retrieved the device from the pocket of her pyjama bottoms.“Who the actual fuck wants to die...is quiet too much to ask for…” Olivia mumbled to herself as she brought up the text from Anna. She smirked slightly as she saw the name come up before quickly glancing over the texts.

Just as she finished sending off a few messages, she heard a soft knock on the door followed by an all too familiar voice. Elliot, her (insert grumbling) brother. As much as she wanted to be mad at him for the events of the day before, Olivia lacked both the energy and the willpower to properly display it. And so it was with a bit of hesitation that she finally answered the knock with something that was closer to a groan than actual speech. “What do you want, shit-for-brains…”
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Despite being twenty-six years old, Grant apparently did not know his siblings as well as he should have.

His earlier complaints had dropped on deaf ears, as once again, Grant was left with the brunt of the work. He hadn't drank much, knowing he needed to get up early, but apparently no one else had gotten the memo. And so once again, it was up to him to make sure the caterers had the right order, double checking the decorations hadn't been damaged, reviewing the DJ's list of music, triple checking their permits were good to go, and of course ensuring the bartenders weren't stoners who would hand out alcohol to minors. Because, you know, getting busted for distributing to minors was a party-killer.

So one could say Grant was a little stressed.

Grant went over his checklist a good dozen times, rapidly tapping his pen against his notebook. If something was forgotten or left out, he could easily make arrangements to bring it during the party. As the thought crossed his mind, his cellphone buzzed in his pocket. If it was Lorenzo showing off yet another one of his conquests, he swore he was going to strangle him the next time they would see each other. But to his fortune, it was Marlie Castillo. Their friendship was an odd one, but it was a welcome relief considering the amount of crap he had been dealing with.

As he walked to his car, he hit the voice message button. "Come down to my family's party, there's always something to do there. I'm heading home to change now but we can meet up," He spoke, hitting 'send' once he finished talking. Letting out a small groan as his phone buzzed again, he completely ignored it as he noticed this one was from Lorenzo. Instead, he sped off, making his way back to his house. As he went to park, he noticed Elliot's car. Once he parked, he entered his house, ignoring his mother's amused laugh as she noticed how stressed he looked. "Glad to see my misery delights you," He couldn't help but huff, though he stopped as he heard snoring. Alice motioned towards the living room, and Grant knew he was going to make good on his previous promise as he stomped over.

Lo and behold, there was fucking Lorenzo snoozing away. Sprawled out on the couch, his head leaned back, and completely oblivious. The sight was too much, and Grant whacked him upside his head. Lorenzo let out a yelp, scrambling himself to a seated position. "Olivia don't take that picture--oh, thank God, it's just you," Lorenzo sighed in relief, stifling a yawn as he would stand. "Okay, so, I'm a little out of it, but I'm here to help!" He beamed, positively proud of himself as he grinned at Grant.

Unbelievable. Grant didn't know whether to be annoyed or touched that Lorenzo wanted to help. "...I finished everything already, do you have any idea what time it is?" He asked him slowly.

"What?! But that's why I got here early--oh, shit," Lorenzo facepalmed as he realized that he had passed out. "Okay, so, I got here early, but I must have passed out. But that counts! So you can't be mad!" He defended himself, puffing his chest out.

Grant was completely flabbergasted by Lorenzo at the moment. The urge to kill was definitely still there, but knowing he had made a genuine effort to show up was still somewhat surprising. The younger brother slowly shook his head, letting out a sigh.
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Though the young insomniac had slept assuredly better under the influence of alcohol, he was still exhausted. It was an exhaustion that set deep into his bones. It was an exhaustion that made his every movement into a drag. He knew that he wasn't allowed to be slow today but he couldn't help it. His morning ritual was awfully dragging, he took everything one step at a time. He had been hoping to finish setting his moth today but he didn't see that happening, he'd already woken up far too late.

As he showered, he was given some time to think about the night before. All things considered, it hadn't been awful. He had been given enough alcohol that he'd been plastered and he had made a friend. He hadn't gotten to spend as much time with Colin as he'd been hoping for but he understood that business got in the way of frivolity at times. He wasn't going to over think it if he could help it.

As he lathered his hair in shampoo, he thought about the girl that he'd met. He'd greeted her through use of her coffee order and the alcohol had made him uncharacteristically confident. If she had been a man, he might have been bold enough to flirt with her. She'd been a peppery little thing with a sunshine-y personality and he had found it very refreshing.

He could be rather mopey at times but surrounding himself in people who weren't tended to make him feel better. As he rinsed the soap from his hair and cut the water, he couldn't help but think that maybe this was the start of something good. He hadn't really had any friends in an awfully long time, it was nice to think that he might have someone to hang out with now. It made him feel strangely happy.

Maybe that's why his mood was so good today despite the exhaustion that he couldn't shake. Maybe that's why he was so happy to see her name blink across the screen of his phone. He quickly dried himself off and dressed before checking the messages that awaited him. He couldn't help but smile because there was something endearing about getting triple texted by someone who just really wanted to talk to him.

He responded with flourish, qualming a smile in the still very steam-filled bathroom.

Sorry, I slept in. I hope that's not too uncool, I was a little hammered last night. Lmao, that's obvious. I'd love to join you. It's not like I've got much else to do around here. Could you pick me up?

After he sent the message, he set about brushing his teeth, using his sleeve to wipe the fog from the mirror. He brushed avidly, filling his mouth with water, spitting the froth out. He smiled at his reflection and then went about combing the messy, damp brown hair that kept falling across his forehead. He could almost ignore the deep bags beneath his eyes if he focused on the smile.

After he finished applying deodorant and spraying himself down in cologne, he was ready to face the day. He was ready to be a functioning member of society again. He made his way downstairs to get a pot of coffee brewing. He needed to smother some of this exhaustion in caffeine and he needed to take some painkillers for the headache. He assumed he'd have time.

He found himself checking his phone frequently, eager to see Eva's reply.
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LOCATION / /Zima Residence → Horton Town Square / / INTERACTING WITH / /Zeke [@Prosiac] / / MENTIONED / / Katinka (exit story), Dmitri / / TIME / / 7-8 AM

And just like that, when she thought everything was going to be full of celebration and happiness, events at the Zima Residence had turned around. Not even thirty minutes and the family was fighting. Father was arguing with Katinka about how many family members were coming over. Eva didn’t know what to make of it. She was dressed and was feeling so giddy about everything. But then as if in a snap of someone’s fingers, the party was canceled. Her father kicked Katinka out of the house and, those who were going to come over had thusly rescinded their invitations- well, more like Dmitri canceled everything; told them not to come.

As she sat down, letting everything soak in, she still didn’t understand. Just an hour ago, her family seemed to be happy. What could’ve changed? How could just sixty minutes turn what was supposed to be a joyous occasion into the worst day ever?

“This couldn’t possibly get any worse..”

Sorry, I slept in. I hope that's not too uncool, I was a little hammered last night. Lmao, that's obvious. I'd love to join you. It's not like I've got much else to do around here. Could you pick me up?

I’m so, so, so sorry, Zeke. There’s been some trouble over here. I’ll fill you in. Meet me in the Square in about twenty minutes?

After sending that text to him, she still didn't know what to feel. All of her hopes for the day were crushed and now Eva was left with this crushing, defeated feeling. She had hoped to show everyone the guy she liked a lot, but now it just seemed like all was really hopeless.

“I’ll be back, Papa!” Eva said, taking the keys to her car as she left. Before she could give him a chance to say anything she was out the door. She wouldn’t show it, but on some level, she was disappointed. Why did it have to happen like this? Those same thoughts continued to linger as she drove from the rich area of Salem to the Square where she would sit in the plaza as she waited for Zeke, who should be arriving any minute now.

LOCATION / / The Brady Pub / / INTERACTING WITH / / Jessica @SpicyMeatBall / / MENTIONS / / Jessica / / TIME / / 7-8AM

Did Colin expect anything out of her response? Not really. The man knew he was asking for a lot. To drop everything going through his mind the moment he saw her eyes and their hands connected was overwhelming. It was overwhelming for him and it was undoubtedly overwhelming for her. She didn’t have to say it because Colin saw it plastered over her beautiful face. And when she spoke - god, even hearing her speak brought him back to their days at Salem High. Granted, things were very different back then, but he was thankful to just hear her voice. It didn’t have to be for long, just the fact that she graced him with it for the limited time she spoke was enough for him.

“Honestly Colin, I’m proud that you’ve come this far. Seeing you like this is nice, a huge step up from the hole you were in high school. But this is a lot right now and it probably doesn’t help that I’m hungover.”

As she explained her gratitude for his honesty and how she was happy for him and how far he came, but it was obvious to him that she couldn’t handle all that he told her at the moment. Well, handle seemed to be the wrong way to phrase it. It was, at least from Colin’s point-of-view, she didn’t know how to process it.

“You should probably take it easy,” he suggested, laughing. Jess had always been the type to go too hard, too fast.

“I appreciate the apology, I really do Colin. I just need some time to get my head straight and figure this out. You know as well as I do that this is not a matter to be taken lightly. I hope you’ll understand that much.”

“Of course I understand. Truth be told, Jess, I didn’t think you’d hear me out this far. I half-expected you to not give me the time of day. I know what I did was unforgivable, so I am grateful that you heard me out. You will never know how much it meant to me.”

Their eyes met once more and what Colin was going to say next seemed to be blocked by those eyes of hers. Even after all this time, he was helpless in her gaze. “Take as much time as you need, Jessica. I will be here for whenever you want to talk. I’ll always be here,” he sweetly said. His hand remained on hers. Honestly, Colin didn’t realize it.

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