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Honoka Takahide Allegra

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"It wasn't like that!" Allegra folded her arms over her guitar as the shark-like girl joined in with the magician's taunts. These girls unsettled her more and more by the moment, but like hell was she going to show it. She wouldn't give them that satisfaction. "Friendlier? Huh, nice try. It didn't feel like that when someone kicked off just now..."

Her gaze snapped from Touka to the ceiling. By the feel of it, that same someone was kicking off again, just above the classroom. Threatening somebody. "Someone's got to do something!" she cried, leaving the dark girls behind her as she rushed from the room. Answers weren't important, not when the entire school could be in danger.

No sooner had she left than she felt another flare of darkness, this one seething from far down the hallways. For a second, her pace slowed, her usually boundless energy faltering. Who needed confronting most? Gritting her teeth, she kept running. The girl on the rooftop was the one causing trouble right now.

Spotting Tama, Soma and Yui, she called out. "We've got to help! If whoever this is picks a fight... I don't want to think what could happen!"

Ayumu Harasawa Phantasmagoria


Sighing, Phantasmagoria shook her head. "Well, at least we tried to talk some sense into her." Had they all been that naive once, or was the fake metal chick just something else? That coolly detached gaze became wary as it drifted up to the ceiling. It wasn't the burst of red-hot anger from Ami that worried her so much as the other presence. A keg of powder about to be lit, and the entire Detention Club could suffer the consequences.

"That wannabe rock star isn't exactly going to help matters... Maybe I should go get Ami to cool down." She winced inwardly as she moved towards the door. Even if she could get through to Ami - she was used to keeping Kiru out of trouble after all, or at least the kinds of trouble that weren't fun - it would mean facing her again. Nonetheless, loyalty to the club was a duty of all its members.

At another energy pulse, one she'd only sensed once before, Phantasmagoria froze. That aura had intensified since last time, feeling like... Like all that fury and grief that had consumed her, back then. She clenched her fists, remembering that utter numb shock on the face the mascot's screen had displayed. The kind of incident that could turn a light girl dark. No wonder the former president, dark already, had plunged even further into corruption.

Aegis moving away from the roof should have brought some relief, if not for the chance that she'd run into Chiaki. No way would that end well. And there was still that small matter of Ami above them, facing someone else, likely to burn the school down if anyone riled her up any further.

"Things really are going to get interesting," Phantasmagoria muttered. "For better or for worse."

Tama Miyara Angelite

@Noxx @SimpleWriter

Listening to Yui's suggestion, Tama nodded before transforming once more into her jewel-encrusted self. "Yeah, it's quite a short-staffed night shift for us light girls," she agreed. "With a high turnover rate, no less, even if the dark girls still help in a way. But we've got to get to the bottom of this somehow. If we find out why everything's hitting the fan, maybe we can do something about it. Plus there are answers we need, like..." That weight inside her chest grew heavier. "Like who did that to Luna. And where Alara is."

She spun round, nearly denting the wall with her wings, as a frantic Allegra rushed towards the group. "Uh, Honoka... I don't think she'd react well," Angelite warned. "Just looking at us was enough to make her want to roast us alive, and most likely everyone in the vicinity. There's someone who might know what to do, though. Someone we were just about to go talk to anyway." With that, she turned in the direction of the unusual light aura, which moved along the hallways.
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Soma began to vent her frustrations one by one eventually another light girl joined in their conversation, it was Yui from the classroom she was evacuated from. This was about the time Tama offered some of her lunch, thankfully Soma had started learning some skills for the extended stay in Japan like how to eat with chopsticks, so it wasn’t an embarrassment like last time she ate at Luna's’. Soma sighed heavily after clearing a small part of Tama’s lunch just before Yui started talking turning this little pow-wow into a complete light girl emergency meeting, to be sure there was a lot going on in the school now but as long as no real citizens were in danger Soma wasn’t going to concern herself with it. Pinching the bridge of her nose Soma stopped her from talking right there to interject her own two cents in.

“Luna wasn’t ignorant, this city was her beat before it was anyone’s she knew far more than she let on, my issue is that she told me not to think about it too much, then she up and dies leaving all of us fumbling around in the dark looking for answers all because she got a lady boner from harassing the local cult leader about justice or some other nonsense.” Soma clarified fully transforming into Bastion complete with flag, the realization that her house was most certainly gone brought an annoyed look to her face so strong one could swear it would stay like that forever, to be sure the girl frowned and scowled a whole lot more than anything else.

“You make it sound like we're working a nine to five shift Yui, we’re not cubical workers having a chat about our boss around the watercooler, I save people and give them homes to live in because I want too not because I feel like it’s my duty; people get tired of jobs and quit eventually” Soma explained “Well if it is a job to you its time to punch in ladies, one of our own is isolated with two enemies on the roof we should at least render aid in some way, that weird magical girl she was with left her up there somewhere in the school if she’s looking for anything it’s probably information because if she wanted a war she wouldn’t have left so check the library, we’d do better keeping her at a distance but just no following her for now, ugh I hate to just skip out on information gathering but Rose saved me” Soma was finished talking and started to make her away to the roof clear in what she wanted to do with her day, this being what she wanted to avoid a good chunk of her life; Eve would be so proud that she was willingly getting into a fight.
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Honoka Takahide Allegra

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Honoka practically bounced where she stood, staring with pleading eyes at Yui and Tama. She could feel that presence blazing like flames across petrol, accompanied by another dark aura, no less. "Soma's right!" she cried. "C'mon, we can't just leave our friend up there! We're a team, aren't we?" Without waiting for an answer, she turned and rushed after Bastion. The wound on her side seared with every movement, but she ignored it. Her own safety didn't matter. Only the safety of the team and the school's other occupants did.

Images of the massacre three nights ago flashed through her mind, which only spurred her on. She wasn't going to be useless again. She wasn't going to let people get hurt or worse.

Tama Miyara Angelite

@Noxx @SimpleWriter

At Soma's little comment about Luna, Tama bristled. She had a good mind to slap the other light girl across the face, but restrained herself. "Soma. I know you're angry that... that Luna isn't with us any more," she replied, her tone steady, yet brimming with underlying irritation. "But that's no reason to talk about her like that. She wasn't reckless. It's just that nobody, no matter how tough, is invincible."

Before she could calm Bastion down, the shield user strode towards the roof door, Allegra sprinting alongside her. "Wait!" Angelite called, chasing after her teammates. "Soma, you remember how mad she got when Yui and I stepped in. The so-called weird girl you mentioned, we need her to help us deal with this!"

Clenching her fists as neither listened, she sped her march to a run. There was nothing else to do. If they intervened, they could be putting Rose and the entire school in even more danger. If they didn't, though, things were likely to turn out badly for their fellow light girl and the other students anyway. Maybe there was nothing to lose.

She turned an urgent stare towards Yui. "Please. Find the visitor."
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~ Rania ~

Before Chie could even land her hand on Chiaki's shoulder, her wrist would be grabbed by Rania as the dark haired westerner gave the red hair her usual charming smirk, yet her stare was cold. "Now, now, let's not forget good manners." she simply said, letting the wrist go. She then crossed her arms over her chest.

A double edged moved not solely aimed as much at the physical contact with Chiaki, but also the bad attempt at ignoring Rania. The foreigner student gave a good look at Chie from head to toe before adding "That is, unless your creator forgot to add such a thing when they brought you into the world?"

~ Yui ~

Yui's recent 'unbreakable' optimism was briefly shattered at such a harsh mention of Luna, the magical girl looking down. Saddened. While Tama reprimanded Soma, the image of the Sakura she left on her friend's tomb came to Yui's mind - tall, proud and beautiful. This was the memory she wanted to keep of her mentor.

Both she and Tama were walking after their friends when Yui began to stop. "Let them.." she started to say, low at first. "If anyone can come out of this unharmed, it's Soma."

But one quick look over at Tama, and Yui realized there was no way her friend would ever let them fight alone. She smiled - she did not have to tell Tama how guilty she was feeling for not following them once again. Despite this, Yui turned the other way and sped away, walking fast through the school corridors. Just as Aegis would find her way to the exit, she'd soon come face to face with Gaia, a serious expression on her face.

"Hello again. We need to talk...Please."
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“Yes, we do. I believe I said so three days ago, did I not?” Aegis replied once she was stopped by a certain green haired magical girl. “That said, I don’t want to be seen as some kind of lunatic who talks to herself in a public place. If you want to speak, you’d better follow me,” she added as she resumed to make her way out of the school, fooling the guard who took care of the gate in the same way as she did to the teacher from before.

Supposing that Yui continued to follow her, it wouldn’t take long for the two of them to arrive at Aegis apartment, where the blonde would finally look straight in her direction, now that they were away from the prying eyes of the public. “Alright, you can go back to normal now. But please, transform again before going out. I don’t want anyone having weird ideas if they see an unknown girl coming out of my room,” she said, moving her hair out of the way before sitting on her bed with legs crossed.

“Before I say anything. What’s it that you want to talk about? Bear in mind that, it’s anything related to your magical girl problems, I’m really sorry but I have to say that I can’t help you with much more than words.”


“Talking about manners after barging in like that? You know how to tell a joke,” Chie said as she pulled away from Chiaki after being blocked by Princess Grumps. “I have no idea of what you are talking about. Out of everyone here, I’m the most balanced one,” she added while a grin found its way to her face, replying to the accusations regarding her creation.

“Anyway, you two can’t be here for anything good, so what do you about dropping this and going to have something to eat? I don’t know about you but I could eat a horse right now — bones and all,” Chie joked as she circled around Rania and turned her shameless grin toward Chiaki.

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For the longest time, the only spatial awareness Chiaki had was of the steps placed in front of her, boots clicking against the ground. There was also Rania, a shadowy presence in the miasma of darkness that surrounded Chiakia’s vision. Only when they were joined by two much weaker shadows did she stop in place, still staring forward. Even as Chie made motion for her and was stopped by her partner, the former Detention Club President ignored the newcomers.

It lasted up until Chie made it clear she wanted to talk, scooting around the former Code Keeper to smirk at her directly. Both clad in their magical outfits, Chiaki stared down the redhead with an unblinking gaze. However, her vision seemed distant, as if she was looking at something just past Chie’s core. Or perhaps, someone. “If you want to talk to me, do it in person Touka,” she said directly to Chie’s face. “Don’t send your puppet to do it for you. I taught you better than that.”

That said, her eyes flickered back directly onto Chie’s face. It was clear the vessel had a mind of its own, or what could constitute for intelligence. “What we do here is none of your business. If your creator won’t listen, then maybe you will.” Once again Chiaki made to move forward and brush past Chie stiffly. It was clear she was going to pursue her goal regardless but in case Chie had ideas of following she added, “Take another step and I’ll be leaving your toy in pieces, Touka.”

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Somehow Kanbaru had a feeling this meeting wasn't going to end all peaceful like with them waltzing off to a diner like Chie suggested and talking out their issues. Fortunately they were all transformed so no poor sap would walk out and see this stand off in the making. Her muscles tensed alongside a surge of anger that both of them knew and disregarded her partner as some soulless familiar of Touka's.

"Oh come now Rania, you should no better then to insult a Magical Girl infront of their partner. It's bad manners, a rule of commen sense, and unlike Chiaki you don't have the excuse of grief to blind your better judgement." An icy wind wafted through the corridor, tugging at the edges of her billowing coat and pulling her hood taught against her head. Her feet naturally slid apart with hands opened as though to grasp her Devil Arms at a moment's notice. Chiaki was older and stronger then her sister, and Kanbaru knew she didn't want to be upclose with Luna. Beneath her mask Kanbaru smirked, knowing she wouldn't be the one taking that bullet when shit hit the fan.

"Can I get an apology from my sempai? I appreciate the opinion of my elders."
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The Mascot bounded up her arm quickly, setting itself down as if her shoulder was just a chair it could sit on whenever it pleases. Normally Ami wouldn't mind this at all, but she really didn't have the luxury of just sitting down and cuddling with her favorite tv headed cat at the moment. Not when there was still a clear and present threat right in front of her. Now of course it would be easy to just let the poor little thing go, she was outmatched and outgunned on every level.

But Ami had already let one Light Girl go today. Imagine how she would look if she let another one go not even five minutes after the last! It would make it look like she almost liked the little shitheads! She would be the laughing stock of the Detention Club, well probably not, but she would feel like the laughing stock of the Detention Club! So what Ami did was she gently grabbed the Mascot on her shoulder and set it on the ground, nudging it away with her foot in an attempt to make it leave.

"Looks like your friend doesn't really care about you all that much huh?" Her eyes darted to the side for a brief moment, something catching her eye that only further cemented her resolve. "It's too bad for you, but I'm feeling really pissed off today. Not only that but I've got someone I need to impress right now- Ami then threw her hand into the air, a wall of fire flaring up from behind Rose as she kicked off the ground towards the Light Girl with sword ready to bifurcate her completely. -so I hope you can last!"

To no ones surprise Ami's restraint had at last snapped and Tsuruga was going to have to go along for the ride if she didn't want to abandon her partner to the battle. Fully aware that they weren't going to last a minute without the intervention of others, however, compelled the normally more reticent magical girl to dive into fray with an explosive burst of repulsion at her back.

Overtaking Ami in the blink of an eye her arms wrapped the firey swordswoman's back, the force of their collision jarring but not impeding her rush. Together they crashed forwards towards Rose with every intent to do battle, but first, a change of locale.

"Get lost!" Tsuruga screamed over the shriek of straining metal as with a mighty heave her wings snapped forward, their momentum halted with a thunderous wave of repulision sending everything not nailed down before her hurtling off the building to clear a city block. Fencing surrounding the roof was uprooted and scattered like great streamers of chain link, the spartan streets spared any collateral harm by the unforgiving cold of the season.

"Now you can cut loose." She placated her partner as they swooped down the road to confront the Light Girl on less crowded terms.

“Computer please play ‘What’s up danger’ from my playlist” Rose said as her magical sense not only mapped out Ami and Tsuruga’s movements to the tee it also showed her a list of possible attacks. While Ami’s action was right on the money what they didn’t account for was the winged girl’s attack which caught her off guard and sent her sailing over the edge, just as her song started to play, shooting her so fast passed the wall of flames it made it worthless.
“WHOOOHOOO!” Rose howled as she allowed herself to be carried through the air obviously having a little too much fun.

//That wasn’t wind magic…its more akin to force magic// Her computer chimed in informing her of the winged one //Also in the future not please do not call me computer, we share the same name//

Rose ignored the comment, but took the information using the boosters on her back to control her flight, the fact that her body was made of a hard-magical metal gravity wouldn’t allow her to fly far thus meaning her boosters had to be on a whole other level of propulsion being that she flew to Japan from America on them alone. Lighting up her back booster the Solid Witch shot herself upright in an arch just enough above her foes to avoid them, as she passed over her cannon fired off a fully charged shot right at Ami’s back, the force of which would blow Rose right back to the school’s roof just as fast as she sailed off it.

“I’m right here at your door, I won’t leave, I want more!” she screamed clearly singing along to the song now blaring so loud the dark girls could hear it playing as she passed right by them.

//Suggestion: The flying girl is more of a support than anything, take out the fire user and the other can't do much//

The support from her partner was unexpected, appreciated nonetheless, but it definitely caught Ami off guard as they rushed down Rose full force. Of course Tsu wanted to get away from the school, not that she minded. It was just another annoyance when the Light Girl ignored her partners wishes and retreated back to the school to continue battle.

A quick application of fire to her legs boosted the two of them out of the way of Rose's blaster shot with ease, Ami quickly signaling for Tsuruga to make a quick turnaround. "Keep us in the air, let's show this loser what real aerial superiority is." When Tsuruga complied Ami would let loose with a quick volley of fireballs, looking to knock Rose out of the sky and turn the heat up.

Being aware of the attack made it easy to push herself out of the way, and Ami's 's help all the more so, with the pair leaving a crimson streak as the banked up and around to face the school once more. Discontent roiled and frothed in her stomach, a lead weight that reminded Tsuraga letting this girl linger on their school endangered everything they'd built in their daily lives.

For her peace mind, Rose needed to go down fast and hard.

"We can't be indiscriminate here. One wrong spark and we'll light a tree that has the entire school shut down on account of arson. Grr, this bitch..." Tsuruga growled, the light refracting off her glasses providing an air of menace as they circled the roof. "If I could get my hands on her this would be over in a second."

//Your suit is fireproof to a certain extent, but don’t push it we have a limit of what we can take and that girl could reach it easily, also that girl has much better mobility in the air than you do, however, you can rocket yourself in a straight line she has massively more omnidirectional options, aerial combat is not advised//

Rose’s body hurled itself through the sky like a bullet while she loudly sang her song looking back at the rapidly approaching institution of learning just long enough to know when to shoot off another burst of her thruster rockets to rapidly change her direction. Now, instead of flying towards the school, she was speeding into a completely separate section of the city, pulling up her arm cannon firing off a shot at the three fireballs once they were completely lined up piercing them with one shot causing what looked like fireworks in the sky.

“Play ‘Rise’ by glitch mob and turn the volume all the way up,” she laughed careening above the city buildings flipping her body over landing on an unremarkable building.

“Welcome the war we’ve only begun, so pick up your weapon and face it!” she sang along shooting off four weak energy pellets to cover the sides the duo would most likely fly in one higher up, one lower and two side by side all four were sailing to an area if they continued to fly in a straight pattern in an attempt to force them into changing their attack patterns.

“Could we connect the air pumps and valves in the left arm directly to the booster in the palm to create a super-heated blast of air, we might be able to counter that force magic being that its just throwing air with a magical force, fast air but air all the same” Rose muttered to her inner machine.

//It is possible, but I’ll need time to re-arrange your body structure thankfully we run mostly on magic so the technical stuff can be forgotten//

The Solid Witch was having fun ‘fighting’ even if in reality it did look she was trying in the slightest.

The energy pellets were hardly even worth her time, simply batted aside with her sword as she and Tsuruga continued their bullrush towards their opponent. Once she landed Ami would quickly follow suit, having Tsuruga let her go so she could dive head first into battle. Literally. Ami fell from the sky, poised to smash Rose underneath her as she delievered a crushing blow from above with her sword, easily cratering most of the area around her landing zone.

Of course that wouldn't be the end of it, as the crater began to glow red with heat Rose would quickly notice a rise in temperature not dissimilar to a volcano. "You know, your voice is super obnoxious. I think I'm going to crush your windpipe first." Ami rose up from one knee, glaring at Rose with murder in her eyes. Not even a second later she was on her, delivering several flurries of blows, intersperced with quick disengagements for Tsuruga to engage and keep the pressure up.

With Ami countering Tsuruga could focus on what she did best, her flight a mad dash to close the distance with hellion Light girl who'd blessedly averted disaster and found a more isolated rooftop to engage them from. They could all afford to cut loose and leave the bill to some random company they had no intimate connection with.

"Break some legs already!" The Iron Winged magical girl said, sending Ami off like the bombers of yore dropping a payload before streaking past. Except Tsuruga didn't need to waste time circling around. Flaring her magic halted her forward momentum, and another burst sent her spiralling upwards with her wings curled above her head. The metal gnashed with a high screech lost in the rising altitude till it came together, the tips joined in a nasty tip.

Then with a flip, Tsuruga's feet faced the sky while she hurtled headlong towards the rooftop battlefield. Putting her focus fully upon her flight controls, she aimed vaguely behind the adversarial Light girl, hoping to stagger her with the force of her descent and make an opening for her partner.

It seemed the situation had taken a turn for both the better and the worse. Feeling the flaring auras hurtle away from the school, Tama gave a sigh of relief as she ran towards the exit. Now she, Soma and Honoka could help without anyone getting caught in the crossfire. Of course, reaching their friend would be a lot easier if not for the combatants' speed.

"Whew. That's the school's safety taken care of," she said, rushing outside as fast as she could. "Now for Rose's."

The sight of her teammate rocketing back, followed through the sky by the two dark girls, indicated she might have spoken too soon. Just as dread churned through her, though, Rose zoomed off in another direction, even further this time - so far she left detection range. It was only thanks to the attacks blazing through the sky that Tama was able to track them down, the building they'd chosen as their new battleground coming into view.

As soon as it did, Honoka half-ran, half-staggered forward, open-mouthed at the smouldering crater. Despite her aching legs and the red-hot agony of the cuts on her side, she leapt from building to building and stood tall, aiming her Divine Arm at the winged girl who swooped like a bird of prey. "Hey! Don't you dare harm our friend!" she yelled in a breathless rush, shooting a pick-shaped energy bullet at the dive bombing dark girl. At the very least, it could distract her. "Or anyone in this city!"

The corners of Rose’s lips curled up into a smirk as her magical sense detected two more signatures belonging to two other light girls, the information assaulted her brain but still didn’t impede her fighting capabilities. The short version, it was completely okay to ignore the flying enemy and focus on eliminating the burning wicker woman. Waiting until Ami made a wide horizontal swing with her broad sword Rose leaned heavily into the attack bring up her folded right arm to block the sword that would crash into her metallic body. The sword struck, cutting deep, but not quite all the way through, had she not prepared herself and tensed her arm to the blow she’d lost it right there, but that didn’t change that the flaming sword was fairly deep into her cannon arm. The sword itself was so deep that it was actually stuck in the metal arm and would take some considerable force to pull out this made it hurt all the more along with the fact it was on fire.

//Megaton punch ready//

“Prove yourself and RISE!” Rose sang her smirk turning into full-on smile clenching her fist, released the piston and air valves within her arm delivering a devastating blow aimed directly at Ami’s body more precisely her center mass.

Honoka stood her ground and shook her Divine arm at the sky as is to damn the winged one with as much strength as she could muster, which wasn’t much but still admirable all things considered. A hand seemed to just appear behind the girl grabbing her by the collar and yanking her off her feet, it was Soma who stood to take her place.

“You’re in no shape to actually fight, take a breath and assist from the sideline” The blond looked down at Honoka then back up at Tsuruga snapping her fingers created four large shields in the air all layered on top of one another making each layer denser than the last. “Take shelter from the angry gods, heed the call of safety beneath the behind the walls of your Bastion and prey your walls hold against their wrath” Bastion chanted stabbing her flag into the roof of the building, if Tsu didn’t change course she could smash her way through the first layer and possibly the second, but the third and fourth were as dense as she could make it, not to mention she’d have to exert that same strength to come out of the other end.

Ami smiled as she took first blood, cleaving into her enemy's arm like a hot knife through butter. It was all part of Rose's plan obviously, but it mattered not. Because she had already fallen into Ami's trap.

Rather than pull the sword out and retreat from the punch, Ami instead twisted her body to the side to make it a mere grazing blow. Yet she still did not retreat, holding onto her sword tightly and staring Rose in the eyes.


If Rose had been paying any attention to the crater below them she would have quickly realized the temperature was still rising, the ground glowing white hot as Ami set up the knock out blow. Ami wrenched her sword into the air with all her strength, Rose attached, and then slammed it into the ground, planting her right foot onto the Light Girl to minimize her chances of escape.

Then their world exploded. The crater beneath them erupted into a massive pillar of flame, the intensity of which could be compared to an erupting volcano. The flames would do nothing to Ami of course, but Rose would be plunged into the hottest pits of Hell.

Yet it ended just as quickly as it began, only five seconds of this heat in total. [color=crimson]"Now stay down."[/crimson] The metal of Rose's body was undoubtedly softened by this heated assault, letting Ami easily push her sword the rest of the way through the arm, cutting through cleanly. "Killing you would be breaking the rules, but I could probably claim self defense if you keep it up in this state."

To her detriment the fight was joined by more of the Light girls, her effort to distance from the school insufficient to keep Rose from being joined by three more of their lot, and by some stroke of fortune they all prioritized the one falling like a meteor as opposed to her stab-happy partner. The first attack was a pittance, a projectile plinking off her folded shields like a snow ball against the a plow.

That her target became obscured through multiple layers of shielding, however, put an end to Tsuruga's diving finisher. A shame, as it would have looked rather spectacular following up the conflagration that was Ami's magical onslaught. With a wordless growl she repelled herself to the side, her own momentum too great to control with enough finesse she'd attempt to circumvent the shields.

Rather, Tsuruga changed targets and crashed in the vague area of the newcomers with her folded wings obliterating the roof beneath their feet as she carved through, ultimately punching out through a wall to hover above the street caked in plaster dust from the waist down.

"You lot just can't keep your noses out of trouble, can you?" The Iron Winged magical girl spat, rising up to roof level to survey her damage with arms crossed. "Stay down, or I'm not going to regret a few rules violations."

"Rose!" Tama could only stare in horror as flames engulfed her friend before she could react. She only had time to shove Honoka aside. Crystals began to spread over her skin, but before they could form any substantial defense, Tsuruga's attack smashed the paltry amount of armour, along with a good portion of the roof.

Her surroundings rushed past as she and the others plummeted, crashing to the ground. By some stroke of luck, Tama landed on her side, not her back where her emblem was, but cried out as her own rock shards embedded themselves in her flesh. "Uggh... Honoka! Soma!" She tried to sit up, only for jolts of pain in her ribcage and left arm to force her back down. She coughed, blood splattering on the floor.

Through the haze of dizziness, she saw the winged figure rise up, heard the threat she hissed. "T-Trouble?" Tama growled, her voice sounding weak even to her. "Like you're one to talk." Gritting her teeth, she dislodged her wingtips from her skin, easing her torso up as much as she could and crossing the gem clusters. A shield formed in front of her, Honoka and Soma, irregular facets gleaming. No matter how one sided this fight was, she'd give it her all.

"Stop! That's enough everyone."

Time stopped for all of the Magical Girls, though not of the external worlds. Instead of their surroundings being frozen in motion, it was their own bodies that had been turned rigid and held in place by an invisible force. Even their magic, the bellows of the Black Knight's flames, paused in their fiery inferno before slowly dissolving away.

A green aura suddenly outlined the forms of Tama and Honaka. It left with it a warm sensation that mended injuries and slowly but surely rejuvenated them. The source of this magical output, one that could halt Magical Girls from either sides, hobbled out into view on the roof they all stood on.

"Goodness, you girls travel quick!" said Miss Tamashi in a huff. She bent down at her knees and rested a hand on her chest, panting to catch her breath. "Now then...ahem, I'm sure you all must be wondering what's going on with a million questions! But lunch period is over and I think we can discuss it on the way back."

She turned her gaze onto each girl, dark and light; with a smile towards the light ones. "I'm happy to see so many familiar faces here! But unless you all want extra dentention, I suggest you stop this fighting amongst yourselves and get back to class."

The magical force holding everyone down let go. Those who were transformed suddenly found themselves back in their normal clothes. "And I'm taking these with me for the rest of the day," Miss Tamashi said with a wave of her hand. "You can have them back after the school day but I expect you to be on time for classes regardless. Is that understood?"

With another huff, the teacher turned around and click clacked away with her heels towards the direction of Miso City High. She was already dreading the prospect of walking back.

Whenever the students arrived back, they would notice the tarnished roof of the school had suddenly been fixed back in place. Was it Miss Tamashi? And speaking of which, just who was she anyway.

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Gaia's original composure and self assured stance was somewhat shaken by the way Aegis simply accepted while barely even looking, let alone stopping, to talk to her. Despite this initial surprise, Gaia frowned and transformed back before following the blonde out of the school. The road to Aegis apartment wasn't long, but it was kind of awkward seeing how none of the girls spoke up. Keeping her hesitation to herself, Yui entered the room.

To the comment Aegis gave her at first, Yui coughed in her hand and looked away, obviously uncomfortable, but she spoke up after hearing what Aegis had to say. Yui and Gaia being two completely different persona, she was back to her low and fragile voice.

"Magical Girls problem? I...I'm not sure what you are talking about. What I wanted to discuss - well, me and my friends originally... - was about Miso City. A lot is happening and has happened here. As you know, a few days ago..." Yui shivered at just the thought of what happened that night. All that pain. "...a few days ago, something horrible happened. I...we were not strong enough to really stop it or help as much as we would have wanted to. What I would like to have is answers. And I feel like you...you might have some...? You came at about the same time...and since then I feel like much happened. And much more will...So, that's it."

Yui seemed to then hesitate a bit before looking back at Aegis and adding; "Also...just who are you?"
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Rania was about to talk some more, but stopped dead on her tracks as soon as Chiaki uttered a word. While listening to the echange, Rania examined her nails with great attention. Her eyes only left her hands to look at Kanbaru when the blue haired girl spoke up. ONce her last word left her mouth, a terribly heavy silence weighed on the group. It was broken when Rania, a smile back on her lips, spoke up;

"You're pretty, I will give you that much." she said to Kanbaru. Rania's gaze inspected the girl up and down. "...Although I do not know if you were the right choice as a Code Keeper. We'll see if you are worthy of my legacy."

Rania didn't have the look of a close quarter fighter, even less so in her transformed state. However, with impressive speed, a blood red whip appeared in her hand which she immediately lashed out to grab Kanbaru's right foot. Rania, or rather; Pharaoh, raised her left leg and pressed it against the girl's chest, pushing, while pulling on her whip, making them fall on their back. She licked her lips looking down. Nothing was more pleasing than putting one's enemies into submission. All the while, seemingly out of thin air, a long and very large cobra came slithering out of what pocket dimension it had been kept in. It's tail was spun around Pharaoh's legs, while the most massive part of it's body served as a wall separating Chie from Rania - leaving her alone with Chiaki behind.

"I've made up my mind; I'll test you here and now."

Hitting the ground as she did wasn't as much an issue as it was the whip slowly lapping at her magical reserves with its tight embrace of her ankle. There was a grunt of impact and not much else, seeing as Rania was greedily drinking in the sight of her with an unabashed arousal that even Kanbaru thought was exessive given the circumstances. However, if she was going to take the first strike then Kanbaru was to be certain her reprisal made certain this wasn't a game for Rania to luxuriate in.

"You're taking this far too lightly if you think you're in that good a position." Kanbaru fired back, only for her empty hands to grasp her Devil Arms and match her verbal assault with an all too real one. Each round blooming into a cluster of ice crystals upon impact with either wall, scale, or the lurid Egyptian's flesh. As this went on a pillar of ice rose between her shoulder blades, boosting her back onto her feet harshly without interrupting her reprisal.

"And I'm not going to let you slink away till I get that apology."

The empty black eyes of Apep fixated on Kanbaru as the snake moved to coil around it's master. The ice shots connected with it's scale, causing some damage. However, the absorbed magical energy had already seeped in the summon, making it somewhat tougher. The snake's head contorted back under it's own coiled body and came back up top side with Rania now standing on it, keeping her whip tense with both hands.

She laughed "If I took this seriously, it would be over way too fast. I have not had a proper fight in a long time." With a hiss, the snake uncoiled itself completely as it launched straight at Kanbaru, gaping mouth wide opened. The ice on it's skin shattering as the body and scales contorted and moved against itself. Hit or miss, Pharaoh would use the momentum of the snake's movement to launch herself on the other side of Kanbaru to try and lash the whip around the girl's throat.

Kanbaru was under no misconception Rania would be out just like that and still she persisted in not taking this seriously. Apep at least took the attack as enough of a threat to shield the former Code Keeper before lunging forward with jaws agape. Rather then take the beast head on the Icy magical girl dropped her devil arms and gripped the supporting pillar of ice behind her. The floor beneath her feet lost all friction beneath a sheet of creeping ice that spread down the hall in either direction and Kanbaru capitalized on this with a heave, swinging herself around the pole before flinging herself beneath the lunging serpent upon her back.

Coming up just as she had before, Kanbaru scowled beneath her mask upon finding Rania standing behind where she'd been, whip cracking harmlessly between them. "Your fast, but let's see you keep that up on black ice."

"But first, I think we can do without the cold blooded reptile." A snap of Kanbaru's fingers and a sextet of icy spears rose from the frosted floor, converging beneath Apep's head were it no doubt rested after colliding with Kanbaru's prior pillar in the hall. She couldn't be certain it would pierce but the snake hadn't consumed much of her magic and it was hogging up too much space to leave on the field long.

As Apep reached his destination, the icicles found their mark. However, instead of hitting below the head like anticipated, they hit the body...because instead of stopping at the pillar, the snake went right through, back into the 'invisible portal' hence it came. "Nicely done."

Rania cracked her whip at her feet this time. A quick look at the ground would reveal it slowly being covered in some black mist that came out of seemingly nowhere. It crept forward, but even as it would touch Kanbaru's legs she'd feel nothing coming from it directly. Rather, what looked like skeletons with black, misty bones raised from it. Yellow lights for eyes fixated on Kanbaru. Two of them had thrown themselves at Rania's feet for her to climb onto, acting as more solid ground.

"You move well - but this battleground does not really favour you, don't you think?" With a move of the short scepter she held in her other hand, the signaled the small army to go forward. The servants began running at their target as one; some fell due to the ice, but would get back up or straight up crawl towards their destinations. Other chipped at the ice with their weapon, sucking away the magic bit by bit.

In the confined space of the school's corridors, Kanbaru was under real threat of being overrun.

"Tch. You as well, but that's only to be expected." The Icy Magical replied in kind as Rania deftly mitigated her attempts to turn the environment against the Egyptian. She settled her hands on the lapels of her coat, straightening it out from the abrubt slide across the floor while her adversary raised a veritable army in the confined school halls. They were ragged things of bone, metal, and cloth and looked as brittle as any videogame skeleton. If the Serpent had been a priority threat superceding Rania, then these were the fodder she'd use to set herself up for a decisive blow from her whip.

"These boys look pretty hungry for magic. Do you not feed your peasants or are you in the habit of controlling gluttons?" She noted, eyes taking in the way her ice was broken down with each attack from the growng horde and figuring they had the same properties as their Master. Beneath her hood there was a gleam of dark amusement in Kanbaru's eyes, her arms encasing themselves in thick gauntlet's of ice as she had when restraining her edgy Club President. Holding them apart with the palms outward, she welcomed the coming horde as ice rose to swallow her whole, a sphere or murky frozen matter dominating the hall's width.

"Dessert is on me tonight." Kanbaru's words barely escaped the orb, but her intentions were clear when she shot a pillar up 45 degrees from behind her, launching herself bodily down the narrow hall like a pinball to trample the skeletons before her and close upon Rania

Rania looked unfazed by everything that happened, but upon closer inspection her eyes were following Kanbaru's every actions with utmost attention. That being said, the ex code keeper kept her composure and didn't move a muscle. Rather, as soon as she understood the bluenette's plan, she smirked.

With another grand movement of her scepter, the skeletons all altered their course and began amassing in front of Rania. Those furthest away evaporated into thin air to re-spawn at Rania's feet. The skeletons began climbing atop one another in a grotesque scenery of desperate servitude until, eventually, they formed a thick wall of bones - weapons at the ready. Rania crossed her arms, confident.

"Bold move." she laughed "Come then. Deliver all of your sweet, sweet nectar onto me."

The greed of her adversary was apperant in every lustful curve of her lip or the lidded gaze that bored into Kanbaru's approaching form. If the situation wasn't what it was she half expected Rania to start tearing off her clothes instead of siphoning off her magic, though judging by her sadism she didn't believe the possibilities to be mutally exclusive.

With Rania withdrawing her skeletons for a single condensed wall of bones and weaponry Kanbaru had nothing to abstruct her path forward, the ice sphere gaining more and more momentum till at last the fated meeting of metal and frost drew imminently close.

"Too easy." But ultimately, Kanbaru didn't intend to bull rush Rania at all. An orb of ice never impacted a waiting wall, but a torrent of shrapnel certainly had. Her fists clenched and the sphere shattered around her, jagged shards and obong chunks larger then her head throw forward in a storm of minutie too numerous for the eye to track. With it she herself rocketed forward, an ice wreathed gauntlet leading forward with claws outstretched for the general location of Rania's neck to punch through the barrier and take the Pharaoh in close range where her whip would do her little.

Rania's smile faded away as she realized what was coming. Instead of receiving the girl's body onto her laps, her minions were shot at by a multitude of chunks of ice and icicles. Some skeletons were dissipated by the attack, indeed weakening the wall. Yet, despite the fragments passing through her minions and landing around her, Rania didn't move.

Her eyes widened slightly when she saw the icy hand actually pass through the wall. Surprisingly, Kanbaru would feel her fingers wrap around Rania's neck. After the initial surprise, Rania quickly let go of her scepter, which seem to disintegrate, and grabbed her whip with both hands to wrap it like a rope around Kanbaru's forearm. The wall of skeletons all simply vanished in black fog, blocking Kanbaru vision for a moment.

"Pretty and daring. Alas, as much as I enjoy rough games..." Kanbaru would feel her magic being drained through the whip. Rania kept on going as she pulled on the whipe to bring Kanbaru closer. As she did so, she twist and turned on herself to pass the whip around the arm twice more until she was almost pressed against her target. With one hand, she ran the back of her finger against Kanbaru's cheek.

If she had previously wished for Rania to take this more seriously, her wish was now granted. The girl could feel the full extent of Rania's magical aura now as they got this close, and she seemed un-bothered by the cold hand grasping at her neck.

"You might earn that apology yet."

The wall came down and brought Rania and Kanbaru face to face, the both of them flush with the excitement of conflict and flush with their perceived successes. In Kanbaru's grasp was Rania, held firmly enough she wouldn't have the chance to bring her snake to bear. In Rania's grasp was Kanbaru's arm, the limb wound thrice over by her whip which made short work of melting through the ice and digging into the magical girl's coat. An unpleasant sensation of her power being drained creeped up the limb like a slow ache, but she kept her focus on the slowly encroaching ex-code keeper.

"I could say the same of you, though I think you're aware enough that it's unnecasary." Kanbaru replied, oddly at ease despite the positions growing increasingly in Rania's favor as she was drained by the whip. Already the fingers around Rania's throat where down to her gloves, water seeping between them as the ice in contact with the whip melted. However, that had no effect on her other arm, which she rose and brushed against the Pharoah's cheek, the tip of her clawed thumb grazing dangerously while rest of her fingers cradled the back of her skull. "How about we call this whole thing a wash, you apologize to my partner later, and we can...compare notes. We don't need to be total brutes like our partners now, do we~?"

The contact of the ice on her skin did little to cool off Rania's battle lust. Locked in this rough embrace, her eyes scanned Kanbaru's in silence, wearing her almost constant smirk of superiority. Then, the foreigner leaned in closer until she was just a inch away from the bluenette's face and almost whispered; "Agreed."

Then, Rania turned around. Using what magic she stole, and her own, she pulled on the whip while pushing Kanbaru upward with her own leg, leaning her whole body forward. With this level movement, she overpowered and slammed Kanbaru on the ground on the other side, knowing full well she could take it. She had better be. She then walked around Kanbaru and landed her foot on the girl's chest again, looking in the direction of the fighting still on going.

"That is, if you still have a partner. Unlike me, Chiaki was not in a playful mood." Briefly looking down at the girl laying before her she added "...and had a much less desirable opponent. I would not bet on her chances of survival."

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"Hey, hey! My eyes are up here, you now?" Chie said when Chiaki looked literally past, or perhaps, into her. "If you wanna know, I'm not following her orders right now. But I could patch you up if you really wanna talk to the boss so much," she added, before taking a step to the side.

"But, it would really help me get some points, if you became a good girl and didn't cause more trouble than necessary in the middle of the school day," Chie said before putting up her best puppy-eyed face.

"If you didn't intend to cause trouble, why are you transformed." The fact that Chie had taken on her magical garbs wasn't lost on Chiaki and she looked up and down the girl's uniform. The two of them ignored whatever interaction was held between Rania and Kanbaru; it was probably for the best. "What I think is you mean to impede my path regardless," she said in a sigh, taking a step forward. "Have it your way then."

"What, you don't like it when a girl comes to see you while wearing her Sunday best?" Chie said after the other girl's rebuke. "Anyway, I could let you go if you only told me what you even want to do around here. I mean, we are friends, aren't we? You certainly can spare a moment to let me know," she added, taking a step closer to Chiaki.

"Let me go?" For the first time today, Chiaki's expression changed. It dipped down into a smirk that seemed too wide for her lips and too bright for her features. "At what point did you think I was under your authority." Chiaki was on Chie before she even finished her sentence, a fist slamming into the puppet's gut. It sparked with a vibrating discharge that shot Chie away from her like a rocket slamming into the school hall walls. Rania seemed to be having her own with Kanbaru so she left her partner with the other girl, slowly stalking forward in Chie's direction.

"Argh!" Chie spat as she was flung away faster than she could notice, only to be met with a crushing embrace with a wall. "Pfft! You know what I meant to say," she said after spitting some 'blood'. "Then again, you are that puppy's sister,so I shouldn't be surprised that the only way we can talk is like this!" Chie said as she threw a punch right back at Chiaki.

If looks could kill, the stoic glare Chiaki gave to the wired copy would have stopped Chie's heart stone dead; if she had one. Body vibrating like a pulsing ghost, she sidestepped from the fist aimed at her face. In the same fluid motion she lurched down and swept her leg, tripping up Chie. As the other girl stumbled, she would be met with another vibrating fist, this time against her cheek, Chiaki sending her flying. "You need to learn to keep a muzzle on your toys, Touka. Before it says something it will regret. First and final warning."

"Argh!" Chie repeated her groan from not long ago after being hit a second time without even being able to land a single strike of her own. "Alright, I see that you are not fooling around, but this is even less reason for me to let you go around and ruin our day even more," she added as she got back to her feet, after rolling with the impact of Chiaki's punch. "I may not have any ice to cool your head down, but this will probably be enough to knock the wind out of you!" Chie declared before lunging forward, summoning her spear, aimed right at Chiaki's chest.

The blow was parried with a harsh slash of the Dark Repulser. One blade in hand, Chiaki summoned another and slashed it right for Chie's face. Her feet carried her forward, being the one to put pressure on Chie. Red light arced and lit up the school hallway as Chiaki swung with precise abandon, daring Chie to make a step forward, let alone counter at all. "You will need more than this to halt Mugetsu," the former Detention Club President toned.

"Well, thank you for the tip, then," Chie said as she winced back, trying to protect herself from Chiaki's furious assault. Fighting like this wasn't easy, not after she burned all of her stored power a few days ago, but at least she had enough to pull a few more neat tricks. Like creating a clone right behind Chiaki and attacking her two flanks at once. Which was just what Chie did as a grin came back to her lips.

"So slow." As her eyes tracked the movement of the second Black Shot behind her, Mugetsu forced both Dark Repulsers together to create their signature double-bladed form. From there it was a simple matter of deflecting and parrying the spear blows from both sides of her, the Devil Arm spun hauntingly in her hands as she whirled around with deadly grace. Traces of her blades connected with the lockers around them, leaving behind red hot scars into Miso City High's property.

"And then, they call me because of the collateral damage..." Chie quipped as Chiaki was unfazed by her multi-directional attack. "Though, there's still more from where that came from!" she yelled as another pair of clones came out of Chiaki's very on shadow, seeking to hold the blonde in place while the already existing ones tried to score an actual blow.

"Oh?" A third clone wasn't too unexpected but it happened all the same. The third Black Shot had pooled out from her own shadow and held her back, catching her arms in her own. At the same time, the other two lunged forward to try and strike the dark girl down. "You rely on the same tactics, Touka." Mugetsu's body began to vibrate at impossible speeds and she slipped right through the clone's hold. Leaping up high in a flip, she slammed herself around in the air, smacking all three with a boot to the face. They were still reeling even as she landed again.

"Tsk! Trying to fight someone like you is a pain in the ass, you know?" Chie said as she was forced to merge with her clones after Chiaki's counter. If she couldn't relly on her usual moves, she would have to improvise, if she wanted to get out of this while not looking like a weakling. Just as she thought so, Chie remembered something that might give her an edge, at least for one attack. Even if it would likely only invite more furious counter later...

"Ok, let's see how you like this little trick I picked up from a lost puppy!" Chie yelled as she created another clone, this time on the outside and used its blade to reflect the light of the sun from outside, reflecting off the windows, on Chiaki's face. It was a blatant copy of one of Luna's favorite cheap moves — one that she learned from Chiaki no less — but something that the other girl likely wasn't expecting. And then, she followed the blinding attack with a kick to Chiaki's stomach, trying to disable the other magical girl as fast as she could.

"If I'm so difficult to move, you should stop wasting your time-" Using the environment around her was something she thought beyond the clone's sentience. The moment that clone was made manifest in the chilly air outside, using its blade to direct the sunlight, Mugetsu instantly knew what she was doing. And she seethed with an aura of darkness that almost engulfed the entire school. "You...Why you-grhn!" Her body moved on its own, raising her arm up to shield her eyes. It had left her wide open to Black Shot's boot, sending her stumbling backwards.

Her boots skidded harshly against the ground until she finally righted herself from the force of Black Shot's kick. Mugetsu grip tightened around Dark Repulser while her free hand clutched her gut. "....I changed my mind. I'm sending you back to Touka in pieces." The look of ensured death was painted on her expression as she stared down the walking wired girl.

"Come on, don't look at me like that. I'm the only one here who actually liked that puppyhead," Chie said as she noticed Chiaki's seething anger. What did she even understand of grief anyway? Sure, she may have lost her sister but what about Chie who never had anything, or anyone, in the first place? "Anyway, it's about time we end this show, soon enough people will begin to walk around here and I'm sure you wouldn't want to break your own rules, would you?" she added before flinging a number of dark daggers on Chiaki, each of which would split up when they got close enough, acting more like a shotgun blast than a bullet. If this move was enough to harm Luna, it probably would work on her sister as well, or so Chie though.

"Don't you...dare lecture me." Showing more than enough emotion than usual, the darkness that had encompassed Mugetsu's entire form flared out in hateful waves. It was similar to the negativity that constantly ebbed away from Touka, a sensation Black Shot would have been well aware of. The flaring darkness halted the knives where they stood, draining away their power and letting them clang to the floor to become disparaged wires. Useless and broken. Body twitching, Mugetsu suddenly disappeared from Black Shot's perception.

It would be too late to realize it was not twitches, but vibrations that spurned her on. Mugetsu zipped from locker to locker, each one caving in from her slamming landing as she surrounded Black Shot on all sides. The negativity in the air was growing, near choking human students now who were foolish enough to wander close to the invisible battle.

"Ok, you are beginning to really piss me off. Do you think it's hard to lose something? Then, try having nothing to begin with!" Chie shouted, raising her voice as the darkness around her grew. Instead of being crushed by it, the empty puppet as she was, drew upon the dark energies, her own negativity and mood getting progressively worse, along with Chiaki. And so did her powers grow by the moment as the fact that her next swings would get closer and closer to hit Chiaki, despite the other girl's speed. It was probably only a matter of time until th two of them were right around the same level. What would be of everythign around them was yet to be seen.

"Don't talk to me about losing something!" For the first time in their encounter, Mugetsu voice roared back among the black blurs surrounding Black Shot. The wire clone was howling to a hurricane at this point, every one of her swings deflected back; until soon enough, those same swings were assaulting her now. From every angle, every inch of her artificial body was barraged with blows and swipes of Dark Repulser, culiminating at last with two harsh boots into her back that slammed her to the school floor.

A loud, thundering crack resounded as Mugetsu stood literally above her opponent. With her blades heaved, she eyed the back of Black Shot's throat and thrust down without a second though. But the puppet felt no pain resounding at her neck, even if she could feel it. The red hot blades instead stabbed through her shoulder, pinning her down. For the longest time Mugetsu just stared at Black Shot's back beneath her boots, visibly shaking as the darkness swelled.

These were real twitches now and she glanced around before aiming to calm her breath. More of an outburst would soon be lethal to mortal viewers, though neither of them noticed the interested expressions of a televised screen in the corner. "What do you know about losing someone, anything? All you are is an empty vessel. A puppet who can't feel a thing," Mugetsu hissed, wretching her blade out of Black Shot. "And because of that you have no power against me. You're weak and will remain just as empty as you were born...."

"Ahhh! Get away from me!" Chie roared back as she struggled to free herself from Chiaki's oppression. Her voice was distorted, almost to an ihuman degree as the darkness permeated the void at her core. The fact that Chiaki's rebuke didn't help her regain her composure was one last drop in the bucket. That said, soon enough, Chie's scowl turned into a twisted grin and she looked up at Chiaki with eyes that betrayed a growing inner malice. "Or maybe not. After all, if I'm empty...

But Mugetsu wasn't listening. Her head was pointed up towards the ceiling and it slowly dawned on the Dark Magical Girl that her target was no longer present. In fact, she had left some time ago. "You've cost me my hunt. Tch." Her sword summoned away, she leaned down and grabbed Black Shot by her hair, slowly dragging her back towards where they had come. Like a specter of Death, she ignored whatever insults her defeated opponent had to say before meeting up with Rania and Kanbaru again.

"Quit messing around. We're done here," was all Mugetsu said to her partner, tossing Black Shot over Kanbaru. Without another word of acknowledgment, the grieving Magical Girl stalked away. She didn't care for the fact that their resulting battle had set the school fire alarm system to go off. That wasn't her problem.

As for Chie, once all the negative darkness surrounding Chiaki began to diminish, so did her own instability. Once the other two left all she did was turn towards her partner and say, "Well, at least it seems like we will not have afternoon classes, right?" with a twisted grin still stamped in her face.

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Ami Murota

It would be an understatement to say Ami was shocked. Her jaw was hanging open, she was wide open to attack, just staring at Miss Tamashi with the dumbest look possible. What the hell just happened? The teacher just showed up and did... something! She tried to go back into Magical Girl form, only to find herself powerless. The annoying teacher yammered on about lunch period being over and needing to head back to class, but Ami was more concerned with the loss of her powers. She absentmindedly followed after the teacher as she continued trying to transform, disregarding anything else she might be saying. She even ignored the light magical girls who had been similarly depowered, her intense hatred for them put to the side as she focused on more important issues.

"Just who the hell are you?"


"Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. I knew I came to this place for a reason. It's no Vassal, but it's a step in the right direction." He tossed aside his telescope, looking out at the collection of Magical Girls from afar. Bloodshed. Violence. Entertainment. Who would have thought he would find all these things and more in a backwater realm like this? Most of the population was boring old humans, yet they have something like that living among them! And they don't even know!

"Oh Ami, you sweet dumb student of mine. I'm gonna have to teach you something real cool later for leading me to something like this. Oh man I can't wait for tonight." He picked himself up from the ledge of the building, grabbing the leashes to several dogs. "Come on guys, we have a wild night to prepare for."

And then nothing remained, not even the sound of the wind.
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Ding Ding Ding Ding

Hana sighed softly as she lowered her scalpel in the biology lab midway through experiment, a surgical mask covering her face as she gently placed the half-dissected frog down upon the Tray, having accurately ascertained the position of each of its important organs, and noting in her head just where on earth to attack to cause catastrophic organ failure. Y'know, in case she had to kill a frog in the future.

Of course she had to make notes and things on the structure of a frog for her course but seeing what made it tick certainly ignited that morbid pleasure within her. Still, she closed her black hard-back notebook, placing it within a normal school bag, Certainly she couldn't pull forth her means of choice for storing items, what with having to at least appear normal within the schools labs, She wasn't as much as a risk taker.

Still, She had quite a few anatomically correct drawings of many an animal, mostly insects and things. Stuff she liked to share with her significant other to give them inspiration for their ideas. Afterall, She was merely an manipulator of life, but her friend had bigger better dreams and wanted to create it. Whom was Hana to stop such lofty dreams.

Walking to the door she glanced up a bit to see the students moving out, fire alarms were always the worst. She'd have to inform... or perhaps neglect to inform the school of the faulty sprinklers in the lab she was just in. So lost in her own mind, and such was the lack of depth perception. She walked right into the doorway with an "Ow" much to the giggling of the more popular girls.

The 'Normal' Kids though she was weird, yet she thought the normal kids were idiots. That same thought and hatred of normal would loop through her mind as she rubbed her forehead nursing her slight red mark from her clumsiness. A clumsiness that always occurred whenever she got too relaxed. Now she was simply annoyed at whomever pulled the alarm for making her hit her head on the door.
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Tama Miyara Angelite

@floodtalon @TheWindel

"What...?" Tama sat up, her chest no longer feeling like glass shards scraped together inside it when she breathed or moved. So Miss Tamashii, the teacher in Touka's class, had been some kind of magical entity the whole time, and somehow hidden the fact up until now. Tama stared from the teacher to the other girls, all returned to civilian form and restored to full health. "Oh thank goodness." Despite the shock, she gave a huge sigh of relief. She stood, flexing her left arm, the bones now in place and fully healed. Her skin bore no gouges, not so much as a scratch.

"A day with no surprises would be surprising in itself," she remarked as she followed the teacher, eyeing her with mixed awe and caution. Miss Tamashii had saved them, but who was she, exactly? And what kind of being was formidable enough to seal away magic? To confirm this, Tama tried to transform. Nothing happened. While grateful that the teacher had ended the fight that way, she couldn't deny being more than a little unsettled.

If not for the fact that Ami and Tsuruga had nearly killed the light group just now, Tama would have asked if they'd known about this. As it turned out, she didn't have to. One look at Ami's face gave her the answer. "Miss Tamashii," she said, bowing as she caught up with the woman she'd seen countless times, but had known nothing about. "Thank you for stepping in. We had no idea, though... Please, could you tell us more?"

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As soon as she found she could move without the sensation of having been hit and reversed over by a truck, Honoka sprang up. Her eyes, now their usual blue instead of red, were wide as they could be. At the sight of her unharmed comrades, a grin spread across her face, a joyous laugh bubbling out of her. "You're all ok! Thank you so much Miss Tamashii, thank you thank you thank you!!!"

A whirl of mixed feelings coursed through her. Miss Tamashii was like them? No, not like them. Powerful enough to fix all damage as if the fight had never happened, and to take their own magic. Honoka couldn't say she was comfortable being helpless, but reminded herself the two dark girls were no longer a threat, with their powers gone too. Ignoring Ami and Tsuruga, she sped after Miss Tamashii with an endless torrent of questions. "Wow, are you a magical girl too? Or some kind of goddess? Why didn't we sense anything? How long have you known about us? What's even going on in this city?"

Being a magical girl had brought bombshell after bombshell. First the mutant Nightmares. Then the sheer number of dark girls, in Miso High no less. Now this. A positive surprise for once, but what would it be next?
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"I see... you came to stop me without even knowing whether or not I'm your ally. Isn't that a little careless of your part?" Aegis said as she observed Yui's tense posture. The nervousness was stamped all over the other girl's body, which kinda made a small smirk appear on the blonde's face. Though, she could only toy with the younger girl for so long. "At any rate, my name is Aegis. Explaining everything will probably take some time so, why don't have a seat? I promise it won't bite," she said while pointing to the desk right across from her bed.

Yui looked back at the chair, then at Aegis and, with a deep breath, sat down. Both hands on her knees, she looked around for a few seconds before speaking up, obviously confused. "...I didn't come to stop you. Why would...?" Yui closed her eyes for a second as she took another breath in, closing her fists as if to focus. "I know at this point that there are many things we don't know. A-about...well, about a lot of things. I don't know if I should try to stop you? I...hope not. So I didn't come here for any other reasons than to ask if you could give us a bit of answers as to...why?" With a bit of hindsight, Yui's eyes also narrowed a bit "...And you did mention you wanted to speak to me on that roof, as you said. Are you not a Magical Girl, too?"

"You got one thing right, there. The fact that you girls can even feel me is a fluke since I'm nothing like you are. If I had to put it in a way that you would comprehend the easiest, I'd say that I'm an angel. Of course, if you choose to believe in it," Aegis said looking right into Yui's eyes, with a dead serious glare. "That said, I can't give you answers to something if you don't make your questions more specific. Though, I'll say that the reason why I'm here is more or less because I'm hunting something that you can call a demon. Not like your Nightmares, but a real creature of darkness," she added before flipping her hair.

All of this information seemed a bit much for Yui...but then again, after all, that she had seen after becoming a Magical girl, could she really just wave it off? That was when something came back into her mind. ON that night when she first met Aegis, she was beside her when a green flash took her away. She knew for a fact that it had been the Detention Club president because she had seen the exact same tactic used on Luna at the park. The state in which Yui had found Touka later that night was still engraved in her mind - was Aegis responsible for that? If yes...then just what kind of Angel would do something like that to someone.

She tried her best to not let this hesitation go through her eyes as she spoke up "There is a lot of Darkness in this city. We can't help but notice the increasing number of both Nightmares and...fallen friends." she said, referring to both real friends but also Dark Magical girls "...and we had been wondering why here. Is it because of that 'Demon' you spoke of?"

"In part, yes. I have no doubt that she's having more than her allowed fill of fun playing with you. By that, I mean you humans, of course. Anyway, that's not the sole reason for that, I believe that your friend must have said it once 'This city is a rather strange place. There's no use trying to figure out why, since everyone just accepted it as truth'," Aegis said, more or less quoting the words Luna mention while talking to Yui and Soma, back at a certain ramen restaurant deep in the hills of Old Miso City. "What she said is not wrong. The supernatural has a way of attracting itself in a snowball reaction. The more strange things happen, the more they prompt a chain reaction. This city just happens to be one of those kinds of weird places that exist all over your world. And, the fact that its residents have been accepting it as part of their daily lives for countless generations only reinforces the cycle. But, certainly, the Nightmare you mention would be as bad as they are if not for her. Which, once again, is one of the reasons why I'm here."

"I see..." she said in a breath while looking down, thinking. Luna did say something like that but accepting it was harder than it had been after that horrible evening. "So we are supposed to just accept it, then..." she said, still whispering to herself. She looked back up at the blonde. "I don't think I can just accept it, but it only means we'll have to work harder. For everyone's sake..." The image of a beaten Touka still in her mind, Yui's stare went back to being a bit defensive "So...what was it that you wanted to...tell me? If anything at all..."

"So, you are beginning to understand the reason why your friend fought. Perhaps, you have no idea of how hard and how painful it was for her to do it for so long but... it's not because she accepted that Miso City is a strange place that she gave up on fighting for what she believed. A single human being can't change the world on their own. All that they can do is that which they believe is right. She knew it and fought a long, long battle against fate, until... it finally caught up to her," Aegis said, her tone of voice becoming more and more somber and regretful as she went, almost as if she felt responsible for what happened to Luna. Which, wasn't that far from the truth given her next words, "This is what I wanted to say before. In fact, I wanted to apologize for not seeing it coming until it was too late. I know the identity of who took your friend's life, but... I cannot allow you to seek revenge, or even face her directly. Not only would she play with your feeling and make you die in agony like she did to your friend, but also... I really can't let you, humans, touch her. By that, I'm meaning the demon I'm hunting, of course. If by any trick of fate, you succeed in bringing her down, I'm afraid I couldn't do anything to save your world from certain doom. In fact, I wouldn't do anything, if you ever hurt her since the demon I'm talking about is my very own sister. And our mother wouldn't spare your world if you hurt her."

Find your Justice rang through Yui's mind as she heard the supposed Angel speak of her deceased friend. "You shouldn't...underestimate the strength of a human's heart...I'll heal this place...whatever it takes..." she said as she brought a hand to her face and wipe away a tear before more came. "I do not know for sure what was happening in Luna's heart or mind, but she thought me that if we find a reason to keep on fighting on and strive, that is all that matters. I think you are wrong, and we can change the world...and this is what I'll do - I'll save them, just you wait." The 'them' could refer to a lot of things, but Yui had in mind the inhabitants of Miso City and, more importantly, the Dark Magical Girls she saw not as enemies but as lost friends.

The knowledge of the Demon's existence and identity surprised Yui, to be sure, but the only question that came to her mind was; "Then what can we do? Are you here to protect her, or take her home? See...you said you can't let me take vengeance, but I'm certain that within your heart you know I wouldn't do that. I don't believe in vengeance, or hate...it just helps forces of Darkness. I've seen what anger does to people...speaking of which..." Again, the image of a twisted Touka. "...Were you the one that put Touka in such a state? I...know you fought. Then when I found her... she was on the brink of Darkness. If it wasn't for her friend, then I don't know what might have happened..." In Yui's voice was real, truthful fear and sorrow as to Touka's possible fate. The same compassion she had for any living thing.

"Was it...you? If...if it was, then...can you be an Angel if you did that?" the last part of her question held more accusation that she had meant to.

"And, that's why I can't let you get anywhere near my sister. You are just too pure and hopeful for your own good. I don't want you to go through the kind of suffering she must have put your friend through before she killed her. Also, to answer your question, whether I knock some sense on her head so that she stops playing with you like disposable dolls, or bring her back home, all is the same. And it depends more of her than myself, mother won't care for what happens as long its one of us that strikes the other down. My real mission here is making sure that our mother doesn't decide to come here on her own. As I said, it would be the literal end of your world, if that happened," Aegis said, back to her usual tone, as she rested her back against the wall. "I too have things that I think that are worth protecting as well, you know?" she added in a whisper, almost as if she were sulking while talking more to herself than Yui.

"You mean her, don't you?" Aegis asked a moment later, her voice going back to an apologetic, almost self-deprecating tone. "I'll not mince words with this one since I don't think that embellishing the truth would help... It was indeed I who did that to her. I mean, striking her at least."

"That said, your sister is much more lost than you imagine. If mine is a Demon, yours is about to become something much worse. I don't even have a name I could give to such a kind of monster. She... continued to pounce at me over and over again, no matter how many times I struck her down and, in the end... I think that it was I who couldn't control my darkest impulses when I used more power on the last strike than I probably should," Aegis sighed deeply after she finished her confession. "I guess that I'm still a long way away from mother's ideal..." she added in a reminiscing tone while staring at the sky outside of her window.

As Aegis spoke, Yui's expression increasingly changed. She, too, had spoken of Dark Magical Girls as sisters before, but the more Aegis compared Touka to 'her own', the more Yui began questioning what exactly was Aegis saying. Everything from before kind of left her mind for now;

"Wait...what do you mean? You said the Demon was your sister...what did you mean...is she also an Angel that fell to the Darkness, then? Like Touka and the others are to us? I am...a bit c-confused..." From what Yui heard of their mother, maybe it wasn't so bad that Aegis didn't fit her 'ideals' too much...

"No, my sister is like that because she inherited a certain side of our mother, while I inherited the other. I say that she's a demon because that's what you humans understand as pure darkness. But, in truth, she's an Angel just like I'm. Just that she's one of darkness. I won't get into specifics since it would go over your head, but suffice to say that our mother is called the 'Dark Archangel' in the higher worlds. She's a being of perfect light, that's nonetheless a bringer of destruction. Like a sun going supernova, it's a beautiful light, but it also would evaporate you with this in an instant. And, I got my light from her, while Palis got darkness."

"But, your sister is human, you are different. She's going down the path to becoming something monstrous either because she wants to, or because she's misguided. If you want to save someone, she is the first one you should look over," Aegis said, hoping that she wouldn't have to say much more than that to explain cosmic matters to Yui. At least now wasn't time for her to know about this.

Yui would try to better understand and grasp all of what Aegis told her about herself and her sister, but all of the attention was focused on the latter part of her speech. Her eyes went from left to right as she began thinking, trying to rationalize what she just told her so nonchalantly. "B-but..." What assurance was there that what she said was the truth? Then again, if she was really what she said... "I'm an Orphan..." she said as her breathing became quite a bit more irregular. "I d-don't have...any family? B-but you're saying...I have a ...sister?"

Yui stood up, one hand over her throat as if it would help her breathe better, or clear her mind. "How am I supposed to know...if you're telling me the truth?!"

"What? You didn't know she's your sister?" Aegis replied in a totally surprised manner, almost mirroring Yui's reaction, if not for the fact that she had traces of realm astonishment showing all over her face. "How can you girls be this clueless? Did you never notice how many of you magical girls end up in this path following the trail of their older siblings? I'm pretty sure your 'magic' is a consolidation hereditary phenomena that attract those useless furballs to you to some degree. But I'm not a perverted Alchemist, so I don't really have much information or interest on these theories."

"The fact is if you concentrate hard enough you'll understand it. Or, just ask your friend's sister, the one that was the former leader of your dark ones. She's sure to know how siblings connected by magic feel. Anyway, there's just one more thing I think I can tell you. That is, if you understood it all up to now," she said before throwing a judgemental glare towards Yui.

Yui didn't know what to do or what to think of all of this. It was as if part of her world had just been capsized. "Of course I d-didn't notice ! I was alone...all my life. And now you tell me I have someone...?" The shadow of a smile appeared on her lips as she said this, but it quickly disappeared as even she thought of how foolish it must have looked. She gave Aegis back her stare, although not quite as aggressive. "Yes, I think I understand...the most of it...Sorry, this is just so much for me to...accept..." Now that Yui was aware of this, all of what she had said earlier about having goals and remaining strong to save others...had a whole new meaning.

"Very well then. This might be the most important thing for you since my sister and I are likely going to be just passing memories in your world. Soon enough, all that'll remain from us is whatever is it that you choose to carry on your hearts, but... I can feel that there's something different lurking around," Aegis said her voice was once again back to a serious and composed tone as she shifted her position a little bit once again, now finding herself hugging her legs while resting her head on her knees. She was either unaware or simply didn't mind the fact that such position could expose herself to the other girl as she continued speaking, "When I came to your school earlier, I could feel something 'unusual' there. I can't pinpoint what but it's a kind of anomaly that shouldn't belong in this world. If you want to get to the bottom of what happens in this city, perhaps finding the reasons behind it would help you."

Yui was still trying to compose herself and when she finally managed to calm down, she turned to Aegis, convinced of what she was about to say...only to face the other way, embarrassed. Pretending she was looking at something rather interesting on a shelf, she continued; "I-I...I couldn't say. Of course...but, all I feel at school is the omnipresent presence of those corrupted." She walked around a bit until she was somewhere to Aegis' left side before looking back at her. "I will. We will...me and my friends. Maybe they found something...Oh!" her eyes widened "I almost forgot...I hope they are alright. I-I'm sorry, Aegis...but I must go!"

Yui bowed respectfully to the blonde "I think my friends need me. I thank you very much for everything you've told me. You've given me a new light...and a new hope, I believe." She got back up and made for the door, but before that, she stopped in her track and turned to her host.

"M-may...may I go?"

"Sure, the door is open, anyway. Just remember what I said and don't do anything that would give the wrong idea for my neighbors. The last thing I want is people spreading rumors about me around the city," Aegis said as she too got up from her bed and walked toward the bathroom. "I have to leave to work right away so this is as good a time as any to end this talk. Maybe will do it again someday, who knows?" she added before going in. The faint sound of rustling clothes being a clear indicator that she was getting ready for a bath. Whatever Yui chose to do was on her own, Aegis didn't care either way.

To Aegis proposition, Yui didn't know what to say. She didn't even know if the 'Angel' was speaking true or toying with her. Despite this, she agreed hastily and, with a last bow and a short stare in the general direction of Aegis, she left the room - after changing form, of course.

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“Goodness me, so many questions!” Miss Tamashi was all smiles even as she led the four Magical Girls away from their dreadful fighting spot. Indeed, even the rubble and lingering traces of an inferno crater were magically swept away. Stone hobbled back into place, black flames extinguished, and the roof was repaired back to its normal state. Or at least as normal as an old building like this could be. On ether side of her, the teacher was surrounded by light, Honaka and Tama bombarding her with thanks, praise and most of all, questions.

Ami did so as well, though she was much more reserved back with her partner. “Hmm, Hmm. Let’s see here…the best way to put it for you girls is that I’m…well…I’m….”

Suddenly halted in place, Miss Tamashi spun on her heels to pose to her students. A sparkling expression shined on her face as she raised her fingers up in a victory gesture. “I’m a Magical Girl too!” She waited for the inevitable “oohs” and “ahhs” of her juniors to pass before she continued her striding step.

“Or maybe ‘girl’ is putting it lightly. I used to be back when I was your age you know. But age is only another factor to magical beings like us. I found myself rid of it a long time ago,” Miss Tamashi said. By now they were close by to the high school and she could already see students scrambling around inside from the windows. Oh, how the spirit of youth was eager to learn!

“I’ve been watching over this city for a while now, trying to keep an eye on it. Still magical, never aging, but always making sure Miso City runs smoothly. It looks like you girls have done a number on it though, eheh.”

As she spoke, she turned her head to peer at Ami and Tsuruga. “Don’t think I forgot about you two. Nor did I forget your lackluster report Murota-Chan. I should have guessed you all had something to do with the Nightmare attack a couple of nights ago…” The memory was no doubt fresh in all their heads and Miss Tamashi sighed from the thought of it. “Worry you not. Since I’ve gone and outed myself, I suppose I need to-eh?”

Strolled up to the school’s entrance, she was surprised to find some students exiting the building. No, wait, more than a few; nearly all of them. Ami would feel the intense heat coming off from the school more than anyone else. But anyone with ears could hear the fire alarm blaring out like a siren’s call. Every student crowded around the snow-crunched grounds of the exterior.

Teachers were bustling about, talk of cancelling the school day early buzzing around the gathered students. “I suppose I should give this back to you if we’re getting a half-day,” Miss Tamashi muttered; a moment later and every one of the four girls would feel their magic returned to them. “Miyara-Chan, Takahide-Chan, feel free to come around and chat! Oh, we’ve got so much to talk about now!” Miss Tamashi said, hugging the two girls with affection before scooting off with the other teachers.

By now, the school should have been mostly evacuated and it was all but confirmed that they would be dismissed early for the New Year’s. Not that any Dark Magical Girl needed a reason to ditch. Indeed, Touka stood somewhere off to the side and stared at the school’s front; no doubt Seyrun was lingering around as well. Her earlier bloodlust had been curbed by something most unexpected and she frowned deeper than usual.

“Get over here Kanbaru.”

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It was clear that she and Rania were about the only ones enjoying their battles on this day, for Chiaki stormed over like the justifiably grieving girl that she was and tossed a battered Chie atop her. The elder Dark Magical girls departed without fanfare and Kanbaru wasn't inclined to stop them now that they averted certain disaster. Granted, it seemed by the ringing of the fire alarm her partner's battle turned rather pyroclastic but that was a small price to pay when the alternative would have seen the school levelled, students and all.

"Yeah Chie, I think schools out for the day. Lucky us, and it only cost us a good thrashing too." She replied to her partner's nonchalance, an easy going smirk matching that of Chie's as she rose, helping the redhead up in the process. With their school saved it was time to enjoy the freedom a little fire provided and get lost while the getting was good.

Or at least, that is what she'd have liked to have done, were it not for a telepathic message from a certain bundle of anger and nerves they called a Club President. Having gone through all the effort of defusing one bomb she may as well do another lest Touka do something regrettable. "The things I do for this club...Well Chie, I suggest you go have some fun with your day off. Play at an arcade or something. I'm going to check in on our illustrious leader."

Approaching the nearest hall window she flung it open and leaped down to the ground level with ease, her form unseen by the common folk huddling outside in the cold as the fire alarm emptied the building. From there it was easy to track the dark aura of Touka, the bluenette coming to stand beside her with her back to a convenient tree. "So, is this about that Light girl who mauled you coming onto our campus, or do we have more issues on the docket today?"

Tsuruga Deishuu

Of all the things Tsuruga could expect to happen, a teacher coming out and posing like a TV magical girl was not one of them. That this teacher could seal all of their powers, both light and dark, was even more so.

This was rather upsetting to Tsuruga in particular as she was, in fact, flying at the time her powers fell from her grasp. Her shrieks were short lived as she met the leafy embrace of a roadside tree, the sort planted to beautify the area, her body crashing through branches and foliage till collapsing in a heap in the tiny square of dirt alloted to it.

Being a magical girl she wasn't going to die to something so paltry but, as she laid there groaning, she wasn't inclined to follow the teacher back to the school either. Better to curl up in a ball and groan till the aching stopped.
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Rania, Yui & Machiko

When Chiaki came passing by her, Rania removed her foot from Kanbaru's chest to let the girl stand up, blew her a kiss and a smile that said 'Until next time' before following her partner. "Sorry, I couldn't help it." she said regarding her messing around, and referring to their target having left already. "Ball of light like that..." her voice became much more serious "...Can't hide very well in the dark."

A little time later, as the school was being evacuated, a very hurried looking Yui came landing right beside Tama and Honoka in her transformed state. She had no reason to believe anyone else than her two teammates could see her, after all. The Dark Ones could, but Yui paid them no mind if any were still here. "Tama! Honoka! I think I found a bit of information on what we discussed earlier... as well as something more." that last bit of sentence held more reserved than the start of it. "I think...I think I really need to speak to you, girls." There were tears building up in her eyes, but it was unsure what emotion was overwhelming the magical girl. "Can we go somewhere private?"


A bit later, as the school was getting ever more empty of any students or teachers, it became more and more silent. The corridors and empty classroom darkened a bit as the late afternoon setting sun came down on the world. Somewhere in that school, in such a dark classroom was sitting a lone girl. Multiple desks had been pulled together, a table sheet put over them with quite a feast of sweets and pastries laid upon it. The girl had long, blonde-white hairs and was wearing the school's uniform. The room was the Detention Club room where they were supposed to have met once the school was over. The girl must have been sitting here for a good...one, maybe two hours. Waiting on their fellow club members to arrive. She had obviously missed the alarm ringing off, somehow. And somehow managed to stay in the school.

With an empty stare, she finally looked up at the clock. "Oh." she said with a tone of voice as emotionless as her stare. Silently, she finally stood up and began packing up. "Looks like club activity was cancelled." she said, without a care in the world.

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Apia Wingstar ~ The Hivemother
The Tree
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Apia stepped back outside of the school. The day had ended, and while normally there was supposed to be some club activities for the Detention Club that she should attend, they were apparently canceled for the day. Odd, but she didn't exactly complain. With the addition of some new Light Girls that thought they were apparently higher and mightier than Apia and her S.O. (which was complete bullshit), Apia strayed away from the club over the last few meetings. She still attended when she had to, but she stayed incredibly silent while she was there. She didn't want to get too far in over her head accidentally due to her mouth.

But, she didn't care about the club right now. Apia was heading to the tree she spent her time at afterschool. Her mom always picked her up after club activities, and since those were canceled today, she had a few hours to kill. Unfortunate, but true, though she didn't mind. Really, it only was a nuisance on days with bad weather. When she finally got to the tree, she placed her bag on the branch she normally hung her stuff on before sitting down against the trunk of the tree and looking around her.

The tree was relatively uninteresting from a distance, though it was certainly clear Apia spent a ton of time here and made sure it was going to look nice. There were all sorts of wildflowers around its base, and there was even a mysterious beehive hanging down from a branch. Apia wanted the tree to be a relaxing place for her, and she made that so.

She held out a finger for a lone bee to sit on for a moment as she looked back towards the school. Would Hana be visiting the tree today, she wondered.
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