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While on the outside nobody would think it of him but Rob really did quite enjoy the nights watching the school teams play. What it didn't enjoy was seeing Deus sat up with him and the rest of the group rather than down on the field lighting it up. Even so, with the performance to that point there was very little reason to get excited. 'This is a shower of shit today...' he muttered to himself.

The game ticked by and the group spoke amongst themselves as things just appeared to get worse and worse. Whether it was the lack of Deus or the general mood of the school bringing the team down, nobody would ever really know for sure. However as usual DJ was there to try and lift everyones spirits. With a flick of the wrist he lofted a kernel of popcorn into the air before catching it in his often big mouth. Whatever bet he had made before hand had slipped past Rob's ears as he watched his school drop another pass deep.

DJ patted him on the shoulder with a smile. "Get your dancing shoes ready, brother. Shit's gonna be magical." Rob turned and looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "What are you on about DJ?" Before DJ could reply Augie piped in with his joke and it all became clear to Rob who couldn't help but laugh. "Let's be real...while i'm incredibly flattered...no...honoured by your wanting to dancing the night away with me, I am afraid that I am truly unable to dance."

Rob leapt up to his feet and did his best spinning ballerina impression, narrowly avoiding a tumble down the bleachers. "See? How on earth would I be able to keep up with your fantastic skills? Surely someone more suited to this would be Isaac? That guy has some serious moves."

Turning to the groups very own Bear Grylls Rob moved to continue the joke but caught ear shot of Isaac's suggestion to move inside. Deus agreed and the charade soon dropped. The fact was the game was pretty diabolical and to be totally honest, Rob wanted to go home and get changed before heading to the party anyway. "Guys I think leaving now is a superb idea. I need to go get my sexy clothes on anyway. Shall we say meet in the hall in an hour?" Rob reached in his pocket to take his car keys out before turning back to the group. "Anyone other than the sexual predator known as DJ want a ride home? Don't think I would be able to trust him to keep his hands off me." Rob winked in his friends direction as he waited for an answer.

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Listening to everyone speak around her it was clear that the game was not worth watching. Last year's had been more fun when Deus was playing and they had someone to root for. Arabella was on the field for cheer, but the girls didn't have much to cheer for. It was a shame that their last Homecoming game was going to end in a big loss. Oh well, it was only football after all. When Isaac spoke, Bernie leaned back into his knees and looked up at him, she stuck her tongue out at him before leaning forward again, "Yeah, I'm with all you guys. Let's bounce."

Bernie laughed at Rob and DJ's antics, specifically Rob's outlandish dancing. The two were definitely lifting the groups spirits as they were usually good at. Bernie pulled her cellphone from her jacket pocket as she quickly texted to Ara that some of them were heading inside, and others were going to be heading with Rob back home to change into more fashionable clothes. Bernie had not planned really for dressing up tonight, she was putting most of her money elsewhere, and besides- Prom would be way more important in the scheme of school dances, right?

Getting up from the cold bleachers, Bernie exclaimed- "Okay, see you perverts later! I'm going inside before I die of ammonia or whatever that disease that makes your lungs pop is called." she expressed, clearly not knowing what the proper pronunciation or complications of pneumonia were. Climbing down the bleachers, the group was split into people going with Rob and people going into the school.

The dance was not ready as people on the student council scurried inside the gym placing decorations and setting up the inside bleachers. A place to have people sit on waiting for a special someone to ask them to dance, or perhaps a place to just rest tired legs from dancing. The student council had decided on the very typical theme of "Winter Wonderland" and the several shades of blue and white was a clear indication of that. Construction paper snow flakes were haphazardly taped everywhere, and the tech team had been busy at work making just the right lighting. It was a teenager's dream come true, surely!

Bernie removed her coat, hat, and mittens- shoving them into the sleeve as she passed it towards one of her peers who was doing a makeshift coat check in the outer hallway. Her simple outfit would be revealed; a pair of black leggings and a soft pink over sized, off shoulder sweater. Ivan Santos passed her a name tag for her to write her name on. She wrote in all capitals; BERNIE B♡ before handing it back to him. He pressed it on to her jacket, signifying her jacket. Ivan then placed a bright blue wrist band around her wrist telling staff she was a student here, and not a student from a neighboring town's school trying to get in on the action. "Thanks Ivan." she complimented, and he returned a friendly smile, and a reminder that the dance would not be ready for another twenty minutes at least.

Walking off to the side slightly, Bernie leaned against the wall waiting for the friends who came with her to finish checking their coats.
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The sport. The crowd. The facade of spirit in the air...

It was a High School game. That was certain in Alice's mind. It was all too common that the hundreds of pairs of eyes one might expect to be tracing the speedy players on the field were busy observing the crowd. Each socialite scanned their friends moreso than they paid attention to the game, it seemed. It was all a puzzle, the school— in some manner Alice didn't fully understand, but who was she to judge? Her eyes, too, failed to watch the field. Instead her gaze was captivated elsewhere: upon a graffiti mural that stuck out on the side of the fieldhouse. It was subtle, emblazoned across the wall obscured by the bleachers so that only someone who might have went looking for something—or someone who was trying to get away from the prying eyes— would find. '𝒞𝒶𝓃'𝓉 𝒽𝒾𝒹𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝓈𝑒𝒸𝓇𝑒𝓉𝓈', it said. "Not anymore apparently," the girl replied. Subtle, spooky, graphically pleasing.

A torrent of cheering momentarily sweeped through the bleachers dragging Alice's eyes away from the hidden dusting of spraypaint. Her friends awaited her back in their seats, and she couldn't avoid the game forever. She shrugged her flowing peacoat more tightly around her body before surging on and back up the metallic stairs. She had arrived just in time to see Rob almost launch himself down the stairs in a tumble. Her approach came just as quietly as her exit had, thus Alice didn't interrupt the conversation. Talk of leaving was brought up nearly immediately and a look of surprise came to Alice's face. She had no intentions to argue with her friends but did feel the need to speak up. "Leaving already? The game's just—" Alice interrupted herself as her gaze fell upon the scoreboard. "Ah... That would make sense." A moment later, she clandestinely averted her eyes unto Deus, offering an amused look and a small shrug. "Their loss, it seems."

As Bernie mentioned her plans to head in, Alice perked up. "I'll come with you. Nothing like spending extra time in school..." Her escape was much easier than expected, but Alice supposed that was in part due to Bernie. She trailed after her friend alongside the rest of those going inside to observe the quaint setup early. She offered few words to the student at the door, removing her coat and going through the strangely uniform process that could only have been formulated by high school staff trying their best to prevent petty theft. Inefficient but effective.

Alice intended not to draw too much attention to herself. As such, her outfit was a rather unsuccessful attempt to emulate subtlety observed in works like the hidden gem beside the bleachers. Of course, that involved a lot more thought than she had hoped it would. In an effort to maintain some semblance of formality (as something too casual would draw just as many eyes as something too flashy), Alice wore a simple black dress beneath her coat with black tights beneath. Nothing too revealing, and nothing too '18th century', she'd mused. Of course, that was until she'd become aware of the theme that had contrasted her ideas entirely. Alice chose to rectify this mistake and satiate any friends that may accost her for otherwise ignoring the theme with a fistful of blue glitter thrown haphazardly in a swathe down the side of her dress and a matching blue ribbon run through her hair.

Soon enough, Alice had taken up her rightful position against the wall as the observer. The scurrying students raced through the hectic scene to prepare for the onslaught of incoming students. Alice couldn't imagine why anyone would volunteer for the position. More stress to deal with? Perhaps it just wasn't for her. "As picturesque as you'd imagined, Bernie?" Alice rubbed her arms slightly, as if still trying to escape the cold that had shook her back at the stadium. "Can't say I want any reminder that winter is coming soon..."

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You say you're sorry
But it's too late now
So save it, get gone, shut up
'Cause if you think I care about you now
Well, boy, I don't give a fuck

The day Ronald Calloway’s secret was revealed to the population of Sterling Heights High School, Arabella Jennings had failed to show up to school. The girl had been fast asleep when the wave of notifications arrived, and was jolted awake by the wave of notifications sending her phone into a vibrating, beeping frenzy. With eyes half-blinded with sleep, Arabella unlocked her phone to see what the commotion was all about, and her grogginess instantly disappeared when her blue eyes fell on the Sterling Heights Secrets alert. She’d read over the lines on the site at least ten times before she shot up from bed, put on her robe and slippers, grabbed her keys and drove off to Ron’s.

Arabella had arrived at the Calloway household in record time. She’d barged straight through the door and into his bedroom with no warning, and went off on what was possibly the biggest rant the boy had ever been witness to. All the pent-up anger of dealing with months of cheating rumors, mind games was finally liberated in a series of cold, hard truths that had the school’s King Bee wide-eyed and stunned into silence. But it was that last statement - a confession of the secret she’d kept for the duration of their ‘relationship’- what really broke him: a punch to the ego so strong that the young woman knew he would never take another female for granted again. After it was all said and done, Arabella turned on her heel and marched away, making sure to erase every shred of his existence from her life.

That was the last time she ever saw or heard from Ronald Calloway.

The next day, people had been expecting - and probably some secretly hoping- to see Ara walk into school a broken girl whose world had just come crashing down. Instead, they found themselves face to face with an Arabella Jennings that was confident, determined, and a force to be reckoned with. There was not a single chip on her armor, only the shining light of a thousand suns. She remained the same cheerful, enthusiastic and outgoing girl most knew and loved. And for those who wondered how she was so unaffected by the blasphemy going around, the response was always the same: believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Eventually, the gossip died down, and everyone went on with the rest of their lives. Ara did the same with her head held high, her heart at peace knowing she’d left her mark in Ron’s life forever.

* * * * * * * * *

The first game of the season was a complete bust. Nobody was sure if it was because of the absence of two of their best players or just dregs of the negativity cloud floating around in the last few weeks, but the SHS team had been brutally beaten for the first time in three years. A grumpy Arabella had been forced to watch from the sidelines, praying her and her team would get an excuse to put their hours of practice into work. But unfortunately, luck was not on their side today, and the game had come to its. Crestfallen, the cheerleading team had headed back to the showers, hoping that the Homecoming dance would go much better than the game had.

“Talk about cheesy…” Ara said cheerfully as she made her way to where her friends stood, taking position on the opposite side of Bernadette. Her slender body sported a black sequin halter top, paired with a black leather peplum mini skirt and trusty black heels. Half of her blonde hair was pinned back, revealing a face with just enough makeup to highlight her most appealing features. The girl looked around the room with a face that was a combination of amused yet horrified, clicking her tongue disapprovingly. “This school should really use a larger activity budget. These decorations are literally atrocious. That or a better decorating committee. Pretty sure my bedroom looks, like, literally a million times better than this.”
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"I'd love to come back to your place to watch you get changed, Rob," he glances at Alice for a split second, "...but I kinda wanna get some actual music playing. I've heard from reliable sources that they have a Bluetooth system that I can hijack if I get there early enough," Augie said. Crossing his arms and putting his hands in his armpits to keep them warm, he took up the rear of the line of those who were heading straight to the dance.

On the way, he lost himself in thought about what music he'd be playing. At the time of walking through the door, he had a pretty solid list consisting of some 90s bangers that everyone would know, and some newer tunes that would get people feeling good about the night. Some thematic winer-y songs, too. Towards the end of the list he put slower, more lyrical songs that might suit the mood when the dance was dying.

It was considerably warmer inside, so he decided he would ditch the coat. Under it he was wearing a button up shirt over the top of a long sleeve shirt. It was fairly casual wear, or, if you asked him, it was "warm and not over-dressed".

First port of order: connecting to the speaker system. Every second he wasted was another gamble against the chance of shitty music for the night. A few slips of the finger here and there would see him visibly tense up. The silence seemed full of fear, right up until the fateful moment the speakers confirmed they were connected. "Awww yeah! Time for tunes, guys. Well not yet, when more people get here. So they don't know it was me and all. Ara, if you wanted the decorations to be good, you shoulda volunteered. Take matters into your own hands. You coulda done way better here, too," he said. She had been having a rough time recently, so he decided to not completely tear her a new one for complaining about something that was wholly in her power to fix.

While waiting for the others to finish checking their coats in, he perused everybody's outfits, of which all of them had more effort put in than his own. They were all a bit getup-y, though he did like the apparent carelessness of the glitter on Alice's dress.
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Looking up from her phone, Bernadette looked Alice up and down, and offered her a soft smile. She liked the black dress, it was simple but beautiful. The splash of glitter was confusing, but Bernie did not think too much more of it. Alice had a unique style, so it must have been on purpose, unless she rubbed up against some of the directions on the way over. When Alice questioned her about the decorations she shook her head, "It's definitely better than I could do, but hopefully Prom will be better. I heard we're having it on a Riverboat!" The idea had only be a rumor at the moment, heard from a friend of a friend who was on the student council

Ara's comment could be heard as Bernie glanced at her. She was happy that Ara had gotten back to her normal self, the last couple weeks had been hard on- and Bernie had tried her best to be a good friend. However, when someone is going through a bad break up, and the emotions are on a roller coaster ride from hell.. well, sometimes all you can do is just hang on tight and smile for the camera. Bernie took a look at Arabella's outfit next. She too was dressed head to toe in black. Bernie squinted her eyes, for a moment. Did she not get the memo to dress in all black? Was Alice her new BFF and they had matched for the dance? Bernie shook her head, no- it was most likely just a coincidence.

Laughing at Ara's comments about the decorations, she nodded, "I was just telling Alice that I hope Prom is better. This is kind of... tacky, but at least we get a dance. Which with how bad the game is going outside, I'm thankful for." Bernie nodded, catching sight of Augie as he approached the group. He gushed about music as the girl giggled to herself. She hoped Augie would not get caught. His music taste was not in par with Bernie's but she could get down to really anything, if she tried hard enough. "Student council wouldn't let Ara be in their group cause they know she's got expensive taste, and they only have a budget of ten dollars and about thirty cents, which Ara spends on the freshman who carries her books to class." Bernie added to the teasing with a small smirk. She loved Ara, and knew that she would be able to take the joke as she was in a good mood tonight.

Bernie looked to the doors, watching the other students rush about. "I hope they open the doors soon, I am actually kind of excited to dance this year." she commented, as she watched a person wheel in the old fashioned popcorn machine the school used for every event. Hopefully the rest of the boys wouldn't be too long at Rob's house, but knowing Rob he had something extra up his sleeve and would get anyone who followed him home involved.
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