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Name: Axel Wulf
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ward

Appearance: 6'3", 200 lbs

Tall and toned, with abnormally large biceps and shoulders. Brown wavy hair, between 5-6 inches long, is usual swept to the side and out of his eyes. Sometimes wears a predominantly white cloak with 3 thin grey stripes running down the back, the cloak of his old group. The hood is usually pulled up and the collar normally covering his face up to the eyes, which are a grey/blue.

He usually wears his black dress coat and pants over his white shirt. The coat is the tight fitting sort. The buttons on his shirt are undone about halfway. Around his waist is a skewed black sword belt with a sheathed sword and several daggers. The sword and daggers were nothing spectacular, merely instruments of his trade.

Relic Description :His relic is an ornate arm band composed of several different metals depicting all four legendaries, imitating their cardinal directions. Set in each legendary are several stones, usually depicting eyes. The colors change depending on what Natrelmon is out.

History: He's quick with his blade, and quicker with his tongue. Wielding the toned body of a trained swordsman, and the knowledge of a powerful mage, there are few things that can shake his confidence. With over developed arms and shoulders from apprenticing as a blacksmith before the great war, it allowed him a much faster swing and more powerful blows then your average swordsman. Apprenticing as a blacksmith was not due to financial struggles, as he comes from a wealthy military family. He decided he'd like to spread his roots, meaning in this case, add to his many talents. Having been involved in swordplay since he was a child and already an excellent mage thanks to Archmage Adler, he decided it was time to learn more practical arts.

When the war started, Axel joined the military and was immediately promoted to an officer due to family ties. Brashness and youth caused him to abandon his post on a tip off about enemy movements from a spy. Although he succeeded in routing an enemy force, the loss of his comrades was great. He was dishonored and demoted to a private. He was strangely happy about this as he reveled in his swordplay, a talent that was unused as an officer. This is not to say he didn't feel remorse for the loss of the soldiers who were under his command, yet he simply classified it mentally as "Casualties of war".

Being able to classify things in such a way doesn't mean he doesn't care. He simply recognizes that some things are out of his control. A long standing trait he inherited from his father.

Stripped of rank, Axel was sent on many scouting missions. A position he was well suited for.He generally was able to find enemy positions without ever having to get close to them. Thankfully, his natrelmon, never allowed harm to come to him. Chu and Yosoku, one extremely fast and deadly with a blade, the other a massive brute. Together they made a devastating pair that could outmatch almost any foe.

The war ended, and many lives had been taken by Axel's blade and spells. There was still fighting to be done though. He joined a mercenary group named Byakko's Fangs. They were hired by wealthy families to stop raiding and attacks by rag tag bands of soldiers who were not pleased with the ending of the war. Years years passed, and Axel left the group and decided to complete the rites and further his training

Tracker - 9 -34,400 exp
*Wind Tracker Specialty
Mage - 1

Noteworthy Skills: Trained Swordsman, Expert tracker, Blacksmithing, Over-average knowledge of Magic, Lucky Gift

Spell School-
Windspeaking- Rank 3 - 21600 exp
Mistshaping- Rank 3 - 21600 exp
Stonewarding - Rank 1 - 3979 exp
Secret Spell School - Rank ?

Money- 6,500 N

Armband Relic
Steel Longsword
Military Armor
3 Throwing Daggers
Traveling Gear

12 F Relics
3 E Relics
2 D Relics

Mythin egg


Yosoku - F- lvl 25 -
Chu - M- lvl 22 -
Lancelot - F- lvl 17 -
Shariha - F - lvl 25

Mythari - M - lvl 25 -
Omutiel - M - Lvl 22 -
Albion - F - Lvl 25 -
Yosoku - M - Lvl 15 -
Kasaiga - F - lvl 21 -
Volcan - F- Lvl 10 -
Swalest - F - Lvl 22
Armkfish - F - Lvl 25
Amar - M- lvl 21 -
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Name: Kiyo Reijin
Age: 29
Gender: Female

Appearance: Kiyo is a youthful woman who is best described as being "almost beautiful"--if only she weren't so plain. Her features are steep and angular, as is typical of the Reijin family, and her skin is relatively pale – Kiyo looks as if she has been sheltered indoors for most of her life and looks physically weak, and while this is not incorrect she is more resilient than she looks. Kiyo has long, silver-grey hair that reaches down to her sternum in angel curls. Kiyo has a bit of a resting bitch face.

Hometown: Lifan

Personality: Kiyo is a seeker of power of all kinds, and does not adhere to a set of morals in the same sense as most people. While she believes that she is fundamentally good, she will not hesitate to perform unquestionably evil acts to further her own agenda. Kiyo likes to help people, but not at the expense of her own advancement – she comes first and foremost, but is a stalwart ally until such a point where remaining allies becomes detrimental to her own goals.

Thanks to her experiences in the war, Kiyo is particularly fascinated with the ending of life and what comes next, leading her to be fond of Ghost-type Natrelmon. She finds exorcism and the art of Gishiki equally interesting, however, and is not so much fascinated with obtaining eternal life as she is curious about the nature of death, about those who transcend it, and those who restore things to the natural order.

Relic Description: Kiyo manifests her relic as a book of portraiture. The Natrelmon she has captured are depicted in greyscale portraits, with the black being almost oily.

Starting Natrelmon:

Lotulia (M) [Level 15];
Zeruo (F) [Level 10];

Gifts: Telepathy; Advanced Knowledge

Starting Spell Schools: Frostweaving; Windspeaking; Shadebinding [Advanced Knowledge]

History:  Kiyo is the youngest child of the Reijin family, a noble house of the East centered in Lifan. Kiyo’s growing up was relatively normal, and she was trained in the arts of war as most children of the prominent houses were in the time in which she was raised. The Reijin family were traditionalists of a most esoteric sort, keeping alive ancient customs that many found eccentric and anachronistic in the modern era. Kiyo grew up learning how to cultivate herbs and performing tea ceremonies alongside learning martial arts and the art of Frostweaving--something her family had historically practiced thanks to their worship of Seiryu, the Lord of the North. In the war, Kiyo eschewed the use of her family's magic in favour of Windspeaking, which afforded her the ability to weave in and out of combat to better use her Shadebinding magic. Though she still paid deference to Seiryu, and conducted her rituals in his name, she eschewed his magic knowing that it would not be as useful to her as that of Windspeaking.

During the war Kiyo became fascinated with the nature of death, wondering precisely what came afterwards in the wake of the lives she helped take and the lives she helped save. She underwent her rites as custom dictated, hoping to gain more experiences with the nature of death and to grow in power.

Professions: Mage; Herbalist

Herbalism - Rank IV - 2,600 EXP

Mage - Rank V

Gift(s): Innate Shadebinding; Telepathy

Noteworthy Skills: Many connections, notable magical prowess, competent at hand-to-hand combat, extremely knowledgeable in a great deal of esoteric subjects, especially those relating to ghosts/death and ritual magic.


Windspeaking - Rank V - 109080

Rank I - Windborn Weapon
Rank II - With the Wind
Rank III - Soaring Gusts
Rank IV - Slashdance
Rank V - Vacuum Aura

Shadebinding - Rank IV - 54915

Rank I - ???
Rank II - ???
Rank III - ???
Rank IV - ???

Frostweaving - Rank I - 17473

Rank I - Frozen Sphere
Rank II - Frostburn

Necromancy - Rank I - 800

Rank I - ???



- 3 Rank F Relics

- Shared Herbs with Selim:

1 Lady's Mantle
9 Mistweaver
14 Wintergreen
6 Wardian Foxglove
15 Noxshrooms
10 Peak Root
5 Moonlit Pearl
1 Armic Plating (Psychic/Steel)
2 Gen Darts (Fighting/Dark)
2 Lotulia Blossom (Grass/Water)
3 Weddelbek Straw (Grass/Fighting)
5 Toranese Thistle
1 Blue Mist Flower

Shared Elixirs with Selim:

- 10 Elixir of Capture
- 2 Elixir of Draconic Spirit


Grandra (M) - Medium - 16731- 25
Zeruo (F) - Medium - 1000 - 10
Mythrael (M) - Slow - 37738 - 31
Tibearius (F) - Slow - 911 - 9
Kyumin (M) - Medium - 343 - 7
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Name: Mallory Starr
Age: 16
Gender: Female

HT: 5’11”
WT: 185 lbs.
Mallory is often described as nerdy and plain in appearance. The only notable trait that she did inherit was her unusual height, even if her figure is willowy. Her face is a soft oval with smokey blue eyes hidden under large, rounded glasses. She braids her sandy blond hair into a single ponytail, her bangs allowed to run in rampant wisps at the sides. It seems she rarely gets enough sun because her skin is rather pale.

Her outfits lean on the practical side. She doesn’t really see how anyone could move in a dress and prefers slightly baggy cargo pants with tons of pockets. This is held up by a green and brown camouflage belt. Her tops are solid tee-shirts that fit her measurements pretty well without constricting her blood veins. It doesn’t help she’s a bit top heavy in her chest area but hides it underneath her large hiking coat.

When traveling, she carries a medium size backpack across her shoulder. It holds her numerous books like a ‘Basic Tamer’s Guide to Natrelmons’ and ‘Mage Magic 101’. From these short instructions, she decided her profession on. She also has a spare set of glasses if her first pair ever gets broken.

Hometown: Toran

Mallory is responsible and mature for her age, usually using her head before she acts. Her nose is usually stuck in a book but doesn’t make her any less aware of her surroundings. She had trouble socially interaction since she prefers the security of her own head. Books bring her a special type of joy because she enjoys other people’s imaginations and ideas, feeling it easier to handle than social interactions. Camping and related activities are not her favorite past time.

Relic Description: Attached to her wrist is a pendulum bracelet with a gem for each Natrelmon, more become added as she needs them. Those that aren’t in use are placed in a safe place in her backpack. Each one is assigned a color to enable easy identification.

Starting Natrelmon: [Gwisin] Olena - Dark/Ghost Type
Starting Spell Schools: Abjuration and Invocation


Her parents moved to Toran from Lifan. That over two years ago, their reasoning was for a change of scenery and because she was a minor there little fighting it. Thankfully there was a magic school in Toran as she learned to adjust to the cultural differences. Due to her ignorance of Xander’s reputation, she didn’t really consider running the other way when they met on the first day at her new school. If she knew dealing with him would become a headache, she might’ve bolted to the other side of town.

She met her first Natrelmon after being curious about an abandoned alleyway in the city, a place that was rumored to be haunted. After being nearly scared to death, the culprit revealed itself to be nothing more than an Olena. She wasn’t sure if it approved of her fear or the fact she could see it, but it quickly took to following her around. This lead to a crazy idea. If she couldn’t bring out the best in herself, maybe as a tamer she could do that for the Natrelmon she caught.

Professions: Mage and Tamer
Noteworthy Skills:

+ [Mallory Starr] +

+ Party Natrelmon +
1) Gwisin [Elwis] - [M] - [15] - [3375] (Dark/Ghost/Poison type)
2) Bool [Flabara] - [F] - [10] - [1000] (Fire/Poison type)

Money: [17000] N
Spell Schools:
- Rank [III] [Abjuration] - [21600]
- Rank [III] [Invocation] - [21600]



Innate Abilities:

Splendid Conjury
As advanced practitioners of protective magic, an Abjurer's Walls are naturally stronger than those of their non-abjurer counterparts. The Abjurer's Wall and Encompassing Wall spells get an additional [Rank / 2] uses.

The Abjurer is able to channel for one exchange while within [Rank] feet of a barrier, absorbing it into themselves. Then, the Abjurer's magic will naturally repair the barrier over the course of five exchanges. Then, after it is repaired, the Abjurer may instantly redeploy the wall anywhere within [Rank] feet of themselves or their Natrelmon, following the usual wall rules.

The Abjurer can choose to deploy the wall before it is repaired, causing it to retain the number of hits taken before it was absorbed.

All Abjuration spells are invoked verbally and Wall spells require a somatic (movement) component to indicate where they will be placed.


Rank I- Chant of Mending

Rank II- Effulgent Burst

Rank III-Blinding Radiance


Innate Abilities:

Prismatic Seal

Whenever an enemy trainer or Natrelmon is affected by an Invocation spell, they gain a stack of Prismatic Seal.

Once per battle, the Invoker may consume [X] stacks of Prismatic Seal when they affect an enemy with an Invocation spell, where [X] is the Rank of a chosen School of Magic. For the next [X] exchanges, the individual is unable to use that School of magic.

When an enemy Natrelmon reaches five stacks of Prismatic Seal, the next time they are affected by an Invocation spell they are rooted for two exchanges. Receiving any damage will break this root.


At Rank I, the Invoker can use minor illusions out of combat for various purposes.

The illusions can be detected by mages of an equal or higher rank than the Invoker (in any school), except at Rank X in which case they must also be an Invoker.


Rank I - Shimmering Bolt

Rank II - Inundate

Rank III - Celestial Curtain

Medium- Can see ghosts, even when they are invisible.

6 F Relics
3 E Relics
3 D Relics
1 C Relics

- Rank [I] [Mage] - [0]
- Rank [I] [Tamer] - [0]


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Name: Selim Raess Dar
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: As a Gadotian by lineage, Selim's skin tone is a warm beige color that goes through phases of deeper brown colors when he spends more time wandering through the desert, with a variety of stark white imperfections (scars) or red abrasions from sandstorms. When he stands up straight, Selim is just over 6 feet. He has solid muscle tone from his time training for the Clash of Iron.

Selim tends to wear a modern take of classic Relinic and Gadotian apparel. He generally wears a trimmed, light colored, high collared jacket made of a tough material. It was designed to have freedom of movement, so some points are a bit less form fitting to also allow it to provide some protection from glancing attacks. His pants are fairly standard men's legwear design. Most of his stuff is kept in a small bag on his back, which straps across his chest diagonally. Shoes are an old worn pair of black boots, with a high ankle and newly replaced soles for grip.
Hometown: Gadot/Relin, previously Orin
Personality: Selim is naturally empathetic and has a unique, genuine charisma - once you get past some of the initial stumbling blocks. Selim can quickly be caught off guard if one of his practiced introductions are not applicable. Because of the programmed responses to seem civil, not too entirely uncommon in Orani culture, Selim can come across as serious - which he is. There is also an unshakable sadness and frustration that can be picked up on, especially by those who knew him years ago.
Relic Description: Selim's relic is a half-dollar sized metal bobble with a purple stained glass ring, about an inch thick. It has an etched relief design of his home in Relin on it. His creatures are added either to the etching or to a small inscription on the back.
Starting Natrelmon: Crowire & Kohitsuji
Starting Spell Schools: Abjuration/Invocation
History: Gadotian by lineage and birth, the early years of his life were spent in Orin with his parents, who had moved to Orin to serve the upper echelon's of Orani society with their craftwork. It was a mixed success venture, just enough to give Selim a taste of some of the finer things and enough access to an education to keep him interested in learning. It also gave him enough of a talent of blending in, or at least socializing with, those with unlimited access to the world.

After a few rough years, the family moved to Relin to work with the craftspeople there to refine their designs into something unique. They settled happily there for awhile, but were forced to move with Selim's mother fell ill and could not handle the tough Relinic winters any longer. They moved back to Gadot and purchased a sizable portion of land on the mountainside with enough space for a flock of sheep and Hitsuji, along with a contingent of messenger Hawklines which were traditional in Gadot.

Selim had a penchant after moving back to Gadot of wandering deep into the desert. He had enough experience with Invocation to be able to tell mirage from Uaine magic. He had a number of choice encounters with the desert folk, who only really tolerated his presence due to his ability to communicate telepathically as well.

While the Orani almost exclusively practiced the art of fencing for combat, which Selim learned from his time there, the Gadotians preferred a wider variety of spice in combat. Selim opted to learn from the Gadotian weapon schools as a part of training for the Clash of Iron, which is a combination smithing and swordsmanship combination run by the people of Ilsver and Gadot, almost always with one of their residents being named the victory (despite being open to all participants). Selim has participated, but has not ever won. It did, however, earn him a few nice contracts as a bodyguard for some wealthy clientele passing through Gadot, usually forcing him to travel to Lifan.

During the war, Selim aided in crafting weapons for the East's military. Following the War he delayed undergoing his Rites to continue his education and help care for his ailing mother. It was after she passed that Selim decided it was time to undertake his journey alone. He chose to take one of the new Kohitsuji from their family farm, along with a Crowire he had for a number of years as a companion.

Professions: Herbalist and Breeder
Noteworthy Skills: Selim's experience required he be able to help care for others as well as be able to care for his own minor scrapes and bruises. He has knowledge of blacksmithing from the family craft business and has undergone formal training in the ways of weapons. The experience in Orin and interactions with the Uaine have given him a continued interest, and access to, in the history and knowledge of the world.


Abjuration - Rank III - 21600

Rank I - Chant of Mending
Rank II - Effulgent Burst
Rank III - Blinding Radiance

Invocation - Rank III - 21600

Rank I - Shimmering Bolt
Rank II - Inundate
Rank III - Celestial Curtain

Gifts: Telepathy, Lucky

- Spear
- 1 D Relics

Currency: 7000 N

- Crowire - M - 15
- Kohitsuji - M - 10
- Veolu - F - 15
- Olena - F - 9
- Soelbe - F - 15
- Narashi - F - 20
- Ocalia - F - 13
- Kaigara - F - 13
- Veolu - M - 15
- Albion - M - 15
- Mythin - F - 1
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Name:Osmeren “Oz” Morioka
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: Oz is the very picture of average and unassuming. Standing at 5’10” and a build that is neither scrawny nor particularly well built, he’s the kind of guy that is easily lost in a crowd. His skin is on the slightly paler side and extraordinarily smooth, speaking volumes of his time spent assisting his master’s research. He keeps his unruly brown hair in a short, lazy ponytail with his face framed by a set of bangs. The only feature that really makes Oz stand out would be his hazel eyes that are perpetually brimming with curiosity.
Hometown: Lifan
Personality: The very embodiment of the word affable, Oz always carries himself in an easygoing and unassuming manner. While it might be a stretch to call him charming, he is the kind of guy that can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. On top of that, he far too easily goes along with whatever flow he finds himself in and is one of the most imperturbable creatures in existence.
Relic Description: Oz’s relic takes the form of a thin, metal bookmark with one end beveled. And on that beveled end is a small hole with brightly colored threads running through it, each one storing a Natrelmon.
Starting Natrelmon: Eishund, Gen
Starting Spell Schools: Frostweaving [3], Windspeaking [3]
History: As far as Oz is concerned, life for him started when he was taken in by a certain red haired mage at the age of four. Raiha Morioka had always been an incredibly polarizing figure within the Mages Guild, as she is widely regarded for her ability as a Searsinger and herbalist, but her blunt and solitary nature makes her incredibly difficult to work with. How Oz ended up in such a person’s care is a puzzle to many, but not one that the young man himself is all that concerned about. After all, in his books she is the one that saved him and that’s all there really is to it.

And in spite of everything, growing up still proved to be a rather mundane experience for Oz. While it was far from typical, Raiha still give Oz chores of sorts, only they mostly related to assisting in her work or keeping her workshop maintained. Consequently, all of his time spent sorting her herb stock taught him a great deal about the craft, while her complete inability to make a decent meal motivated him to learn his way around the kitchen. The relationship between the two has never been quite close enough to be described as similar to the kind between a mother and son, yet at the same time not nearly clinical enough to be written off as simply one between master and her apprentice either.

Years passed by and by the time Oz turned twelve, Raiha formally started training him in magic. And to her surprise, she discovered that her charge had a greater capacity for the art than most. The fledgling mage had little interest in learning the art of Searsinging, much to his master’s chagrin, but took to the lessons like a fish to water. The comfortable and predictable routine of his daily life began to seem like it just might be able to stretch on forever. So of course he wasn’t all that surprised when on the day of his twentietha birthday his master dropped a surprise on him.

Raiha was leaving Lifan for the foreseeable future. Without him.

His master didn’t leave him any explicit instructions or advice, but she made it a point to let Oz know that he shouldn’t bother waiting around the workshop. There wasn’t anything in particular Oz desired to do, but given his skillset he figured now was as good a time as any to perform his Rites.
Professions: Mage, Herbalist
Noteworthy Skills: Remarkable memory, intuitive understanding of magic, fairly competent cook
Gifts: Magical Savant
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Name: Ingwe Zithembe
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Region Of Origin: Atrew

Starting Natrelmon:
Vulkan - Level 5 - Male
Amar - Level 15 - Female

Appearance: 6'0", 180 lbs

Relic Description: His relic is a spring loaded collapsible, steel, bow staff.. It is six foot long when fully extended. When collapsed it is a foot long.


Ingwe grew up on a very small, dusty farm in Atrew. Life wasn’t easy, he worked hard to help his parents put dinner on the table and never took the rare leftovers that could help pad his mother’s boney frame.

He became lean, agile, and fast. As time went on, the meals became smaller and at the age of fourteen, Ingwe took his first job outside the farm. Political wars had been tearing village and family alike asunder all throughout Atrew. Ingew began killing people for money. It started off with militia leaders and corrupt holy men, but before long it became a bigger then Ingwe could handle. He assassinated the leader of an extremely vicious and well known militia.

He fled the country in fear of having his family killed, and has been laying low as a breeder ever since.

Breeder - 2
Merchant - 1

Noteworthy Skills: Trained Bowman, Salesman’s Charisma, Poisoning, Herbalist’s Knowledge

Gifts: Truth Gift

Spell School-
Necromancy - Rank 3
Mistshaping - Rank 1

Money- 1,000 N
Steel Dagger

Kujaku - Level 16 - Female (Dark Pact)

Emleaf - Level 16 - Female
Leadro - Level 17 - Female
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Name: John Sarriah
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: Often confused as a younger boy [she is very aware of this, and realizes the name does *not* help]; petite, short, professional and clean with a hint of flair; dark-skinned \\

Hometown: Lifan, raised near a cemetery
Personality: Solitary, quiet, studious, somewhat naive but business savvy, vegetarian, views Natrelmon as equal to humans, generally prefers to work at night
Relic: John carries a large wood-bound tome, closed tightly and hung from her hip with silver chains strung through the spine. When she captures a Natrelmon, she details what she observes about them in the book to deepen her understanding. This information is diligently studied and updated each day before she sleeps.

Noteworthy Skills: Defiantly dedicated and a quick study, fluent in legalese \\
When she was young she read a book that described humans with the ability to project their soul outside of their physical body, and decided to spend six months meditating until she had taught herself to do it using handwritten notes in the margins as her guide. [Astral Projection]

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Name: Xander
Age: 17, almost 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Xander is the kind to stand-out in a crowd, whether it be due to his somewhat odd shock of silver-white hair, the startling purple eye, or his insistence on wearing a rather ludicrous amount of purple in his daily attire. Standing a little bit below average at 5'6, this lack of height is made up for in him being solidly-built due to both his own training and the everyday labor every man of Xaun is often expected to take part in. Aside from this, his only other notable characteristics is a rather nasty looking scar around his neck and another over his left eye. Both are the result of a few rather serious, almost life-threatening accidents that Xander treats as if they were no more than bumps on the road of life. He also has a number of scars from the less interesting, everyday accidents that his devil-may-care approach to danger seems to attract.
Personality: Xander is an over-excitable individual who is, quite simply, really. really lonely. Despite his cheerful nature and happy-go-lucky demeanor, Xander has never really had any friends aside from his Natrelmon, Mythi. Having spent the better part of his life being ignored by everyone in his town but his father(and even that relationship was filled with no small amount of tension), the boy is quite a literally starving for any kind of positive human interaction, and when he finds it, tends to get almost overwhelmingly excited and more than a little bit clingy as a result. part of the reason he began these rites is the hope that he'll be able to make great human and natrelmon friends along the way, and maybe, not be so lonely anymore.

This being said, his loneliness isn't the only reason for him to partake in this continent-wide gauntlet. The main reason would be his love of adventure and excitement, as Xander loves few things more than the rush of adrenaline through his veins, and few things offer as good a hit of the stuff then engaging in battles with other tamers, testing skill in both guiding Natrelmon and magical dueling to create a fantastical dance of strategy that makes him feel truly alive. It is in these battles that he finds himself able to lose any sense of self-doubts or worries about his loneliness, putting 110% of his focus and effort into facing off against his opponent.

Relic: Almost laughably emblematic of his origins, Xander chose a fishing rod to be the his Relic, a durable length of wood created by his own two hands that is rather plain, if well constructed. What draws the eye, however, is the odd crystalline hook thay decorates the end of the line, a piece Xander found in a small cave while exploring the Island jungle. It's color changes depending on the typing of the Mon he currently has out.
Starting Natrelmon: Mythin and Doshe

History: Xander was born under. . . odd circumstances, to say the least. In the months leading up to his birth, their had been a strange sickness plaguing Xaun that no one could explain, draining people of their strength until they simply lost the will to move on. While their didn't seem to much in the way of physical symptoms to the disease, a commonality between all the victims was that their hair lost all pigmentation, turning into a ghostly pale white as the sickness progressed. Such was the case with Xander's mother who managed to hold out long enough to give birth to her son, but succumbed to it soon after as the strain of the ordeal proved too much for her. Her son, however, had seemed to have been touched by the illness as well, as Xander was born with pale white hair and, stranger still, bright purple eyes that seemed to almost glow at times.l

Since birth, Xander was ostracized by most others in the village, at first because they thought that he had been cursed by some fell creature and would likely spread the deadly sickness to others. However, as time passed on, people noticed that not only was Xander surviving and thriving despite the fact that he should be infected by the strange affliction that took so many, but that the sickness itself seemed to not take any new victims after his birth. And while most didn't know what to make of this strange circumstance, a few particularly paranoid villagers turn their fingers towards the child, claiming that he wasn't truly human, but likely some strange undiscovered Natrelmon that had taken over the body of an unborn child. While most dismissed this theory, it still put a mark on Xander's head as he grew up, marking him as something different and thus, something to be feared.

Things only grew worse as he grew up, however, as it wasn't long before the boy began to show strange innate magical abilities, such as being to see through walls and illusions of any kind and making it so he could pass through solid matter at will, almost like he was a spirit rather than a mortal child. Not only this, but a curious phenomenon seemed to follow the boy wherever he went, causing some level of disaster around him where ever he went and while he always managed to make it out of them relatively no worse for wear, the same couldn't be said for those around him. Numerous accidents have always occurred around Xander, often leaving him with little more than a scar and another story to tell, but others have lost fingers, arms, legs, eyes, and so on. . . even their lives. Before long, people stopped seeing him as a cursed child, but instead as a curse on the village itself that brought misfortune and disaster in its wake.

Despite this environment of mistrust and isolation, or perhaps because of it, Xander grew up to be an almost overwhelmingly positive and motivated boy. He'd often time leave the school and the village entirely to explore the wilds that made up the rest of the island, as well as bugging the trainers and tamers that often came around for tips on how to become one. Perhaps it was due to the way that he saw the other village kids idolize the trainers and their awesome companions that made him wish to become one, or maybe it was the stories of adventures that the men and women often spun to the children, speaking of intense battles and sweeping vistas that he couldn't even begin to imagine. Even Xander himself was unsure of what the true source of his desire to become a trainer was, only that he was determined to not only become a great one, but he wished to be the greatest that had ever lived.

Professions: Tamer[Specialization:Dragon](Rank 5) - 8000
Mage(4) - [Deep Knowledge:Invocation]
Magic: Stormcaller(4) - 51600
Invoker(3) -21600
Searsinging[Exorcist Flame](1) - 800
???(4) - 71600


Aspiration: To become a legendary Trainer long term, and just have a fun life in short term
[Mythi] Mythari, M, lvl 23 - 16308
[Zeke] Doshe, F, lvl 10 - 1033
[Buck]Bolvent, M, lvl 14 - 2246
[Lili]Grandra, M, lvl 20 - 8968
[Gigi]Grianos, F, lvl 20 - 8126
Doxi, F, lvl 25 - 15928
Swindle, M, lv 14 - 2246
Panzer, M, lv 25 -
Ocalia, M, lv 25 -
Cryzen, M, lv 25 -
Items: 500n
10 A relic, 2 E relics
Xander's Notebook of Natrelmon Observations, vol. 1
A traveling bag full of supplies for his journey
Notable Skills: Compotemt Outdoorsman, Expert Fisherman Nautical experience, Natural mage, Good with Natrelmon

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