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Max sat in the back row, having come in slightly late due to his previous club. He was more or less knew what to expect today and wasn't surprised the Druids had again raised a stink about their intervention. Though, unlike his club leaders, he believed magic had its place and that working with magic could only improve technology. He had no interest in debating its viability with the two sisters. As Corona and Esther concluded their short speech, Max approached them, "Good morning." He dully greeted before asking, "Do you have a moment. I wanted to discuss the future of this tracking device. I may have some ideas on how to better utilize it. Beyond just tracking lost cattle."

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Corona asked, tilting her head slightly.

"Yeah, what do you mean, Max?" Esther chirped in, one hand on her waist. "Tell us clearly. We're always open to any suggestions from our members after all!" she said with a smile.

"Excellent," Max replied, looking more motivated. "My first thought was looking into human trials. Although this is typically looked down upon knowing a person vitals and being able to track them has many applications for safety services such as police and fire and rescue. However," Max grinned a bit, "What I think would be even better is if we could modify the device to read magical energies. Knowing how much magic a person, or creature, has a lot of strategic advantage. If we were to speed up the delivery mechanism, or even make it ranged. Then it wouldn't have to be voluntary either."

Corona’s smile disappeared, turning into a frown.

“Funny you should say that, since I’ve been suggesting that from the very beginning!” Esther replied. Unlike her friend, it seemed she was still as cheerful as ever. “Human chips would really be useful, I agree. I even suggested to Corona to replace our electronic cards with implanted chips instead. It’s far more secure that way, no?”

Future Tech members were given said cards that were needed to access the building. Higher clearance cards would be needed to access the lab and storage, as there had been cases of thievery, usually from those outside the club, stealing all sorts of gadgets and doodads from their labs. Thankfully, none of the stolen goods had been of the dangerous kind. Usually, those troublemakers just stole them for their pranks.

“I’ve told you, Esther, it’s not ready yet for human usage,” Corona finally interjected. “And Max,” She turned to face towards him with crossed arms. “We would never inject them to people without their permission. That is not how we function.” She gave him a grave look, pretty much saying that he would be screwed if he tried that little idea of his without her permission.

“I agree with the rest of your suggestion however,” she continued, her posture now turning into her usual, relaxed form. “It indeed could be useful. But like I said, it’s not ready yet for human usage. Not enough tests. We have to make sure it wouldn’t trigger any allergies on the human body first. Speak to Miriam. She’s in charge of the testing.”

Miriam was of course, another member of the Future Tech club. Naturally, Corona and Esther couldn’t handle all the experiments and research the Club did, so they had to relegate their duties to other members of the Club.

Max should have expected the split response given the Sisters tended to have radically different viewpoints. He was glad Esther agreed with his assessment, but he did politely listen to Corona's objections before responding, "I will talk with Miriam about testing the modifications. Though Corona, I ask that you not misconstrue my meaning. I concede the point that rejection of the implants could be a problem for human subjects. However, I feel that testing on Otherworld creatures would be safe, even with the current version. They aren't like us after all, so I doubt it would bring great harm to them. I want to be able to understand these creatures better Corona. And, part of that understanding is realizing they won't always just let me." Max looks at Corona for a response before adding, "Now on a different note. How are we getting to town today? I hope it is not the long version or I may need to skip out as I have an important date today at noon."

“Well…” Corona answered. “I’m fine with using it against beasts and animals. As for how to deliver them from a distance, I suppose it could be done with a launcher of sorts. Something like a dart gun. Or even mini-drones, though the creation of them still requires a level of expertise we still haven’t reached yet.”

“Imagine mosquito drones fighting actual mosquitoes, keeping you safe from them even in the middle of the thickest, most damp tropical jungle. It would be a wonderful invention for everyone, as long as we can mass-produce it of course,” Esther chimed in with excitement.

“That, of course, is still further away even more,” Corona commented.

“As for your other question…” she continued with a smile. “We’ll be taking the flying saucer. So get ready. Brush up on the manual if you forget your duties as one of the bridge crew.”

"Ah yes, the Saucer," Max said his voice deflating with each word. It was a little known fact, but Max hated heights. He could deal with flying alright, but when it came to the site of the ground fast approaching he would lose all his nerve to anxiety. He took a moment to compose himself as he thought." I don't imagine you will have much use for me. Seeing as I am on weapons." Max replied, sounding a little hopeful. "There really wouldn't be much point in me equipping that VR headset if I have nothing to shoot at." the headset Max referred to was a half helmet that Max could wear that gave him direct control of any weapon he wanted. It also came with a set of controllers he could aim like real guns allowing him to employ his real-life training. Sure they had targeting computers capable of locking on, but they were slow had no sense of the situation or their surroundings. Max could do more than just aim well.

“Hmm, true,” Corona resigned, pursing her lips. “We’re not doing a large scale beast extermination task after all.” Occasionally they would be requested to take care of beasts and monsters that disturbed and threatened the people of the countryside, where they lived near the forests, swamps, and mountains where such creatures existed in large numbers. Unlike the druids who would prefer to negotiate and commune with such creatures, they would just come and kill them instead, ending the problem permanently. And with some of the club members being Bestia members, they had a good knowledge on how those beasts would hunt, where their territories would be, how they breed, etc, etc.

“Alright, if that’s all, then we shall depart at once,” Corona declared. “Esther, the engine for the Saucer is all tuned up already, right?” Esther was the head of the mechanical engineering department of the club, so the task fell to her lap.

“Of course!” Esther puffed her chest. “I already did the checks early in the morning, just as you told me too!”

“Good. Then there should be no problem,” Corona replied with a smile.
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The Saucer, aptly titled such as it resembled the classic alien vehicle, was painted with a mixture of white and gold. It wasn't as big as a full-blown mothership however, which was a fortunate fact since that meant it could be stored safely inside the club's garage away from prying eyes, as it only had the capacity of carrying at the most 100 people or so. The Club's members didn't amount to that much, so it was fine for everyone to come onboard.

The biggest room inside was definitely the control room, with a circular design of operators sitting in the front, forming a half circle around the room, with the center being the captain's seat. Corona, naturally, took said seat, and she had other members to man the stations in front of her. Esther on the hand was stationed inside the engine room, along with a couple other members. THe rest non-working passengers would have to stand behind Corona, and they had to make sure to not fall over when the ship accelerated and decelerated.

It was quite the barebone ship indeed. At the very least, it had a toilet, though it was just for one single person.

The Saucer had already been there as the property of the club for a long time. It was an artifact obtained from an alien world, brought to this world accidentally through some unknown means. The records weren't clear on the case, though it suggested that the ship had some form of trans-dimensional travel capabilities.

And after all those years, they still had yet to understand the technology contained within it completely.

It was certainly a really convenient travel vessel however, as it allowed them to travel into the city in mere hours, compared to days it would normally take.

They landed the Saucer on the outskirts of the city, their destination being there. If it were inside the city however, they would still have to park their vehicle there, as there was no way a Saucer of that size could land safely on a crowded city like that. The risk of hitting a building was too high.

Esther always complained about it however, saying that they could just land inside the city just fine. She was just too lazy to exercise her legs.

They camouflaged the vehicle, allowing it to blend perfectly into the background. This would deter attention to it, though not that they expected any random citizen to be able to steal it. The controls were really difficult and complex, and they would need at least five people to even make it take off.

"Alright everyone, we're going to the village hall straight away. They should have already gathered the farmers there. We then gave another explanation of the chip, just to reassure them, then we could get to injecting right away," Corona explained.

As they landed right beside the village, it didn't take them long at all to walk to their destination.

The elder greeted them with a nice hospitality, shaking Corona's hands perhaps a little too enthusiastically as he thanked her over and over for coming to his village. He then led her and the rest of the group to the village hall, a building where the villagers could gather to discuss things.

The place was already crowded when they arrived, and after some words from the Elder, it was time for Corona to take the stage.

Or, that would be the original plan, if not for Corona changing her mind at the last second.

The last time she was here, she was the one who did the speech. But some of the farmers and herders were still not receptive to her explanation. After doing some introspection, she believed her speech was too technical, filled with difficult words that her audience wouldn't be able to understand.

And so she decided to leave it to Esther this time, as she was far better regarding passionate speeches, especially when it involved technology.

Her judgment was soon proven correct, with Esther appealing far more to the emotional side of things compared to her more logical one. She told them how without the chips, the poor animals would one day get lost and sick, and it would be too late then to ask for help. With the chip installed, their safety would be guaranteed, and as their owners, the farmers and herders could relax as they wouldn't need to watch them physically to tell where they were and whether or not they needed any medical attention. Many diseases would not show any obvious symptoms until it was already too late after all.

When Esther finished her speech, she was greeted with a loud applause. From the faces of their audience, Corona could tell that most, if not all, of them had been convinced by her arguments.

"Don't listen to her!"

Suddenly, they were interrupted by a loud voice shouting into the hall.

A druid had entered, and she was clearly not happy with what had been transpiring.

"Putting chips into animals? How barbaric and inhumane can you be?" she shouted at Esther. "Animals aren't one of your machines! They're living beings as well!"

Corona groaned. THis is going to get ugly.
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Nikola was pretty sure things were going well for him. He seemed to be doing well enough in the conversation and Livia wasn't showing any obvious signs of discomfort, which indicated that he hadn't said anything bad. It was going pretty well, he was sure. But then, that boy came.

Max, a moniker of some sort no doubt, but Nikola didn't know his full name. He had heard of Max by reputation, and had experienced it firsthand the day previously, and ever since then he'd been wary of him. Sadly, it seemed that Nikola had forgotten that he was a part of this club. Nikola looked with curiosity as to what the boy had brought, and became confused. There were pillows with images printed onto them, depicting the favoured summons of the various club members. The depictions themselves seemed embellished somewhat, but Nikola was mostly confused as to what they were for. Pillows were for resting one's head on, so why would you put pictures onto them?

Distracted as he was, Nikola almost missed Livia's question.
"Um, sorry..." He began, trailing off slowly.
He had wanted to frame that as a question, but he'd realised what she'd asked him as he spoke. Thinking quickly, he spoke again.
"I sort of have things to do after this, so..."
That wasn't really true, he didn't have any plans after this. He did plan to study, but that didn't really count. Hhe had been looking into summoning another creature soon, though that was another matter entirely. But besides that, he wasn't sure what he should do if he took her up on her offer. Still, he should give Livia a better answer, at least.
"Thank you for the offer, Miss Livia," Nikola said finally. "But I'll have to decline, because..."

As he searched for the right words, however, he heard his name being called. He looked over to Odhra the culprit, but he couldn't glean anything that was said from the atmosphere alone.
"Um, sorry, what?" He asked.

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The flight was going to be a long one, and to distract himself from this fact, Max spent the majority of the trip to the city organizing his supplies. He didn't like letting other people see him get equipped, but he was behind schedule thanks to his laziness at Cute and Fluffy Club. He hoped that being the weapons enthusiast of the Future Tech Club would excuse him from suspicion as his assortment of items could be alarming. Max had over a dozen grenades set out, several of which had colored bands wrapped around the middle. He also set out enough spare magazines to supply a small squadron. Though probably the most alarming thing would be the jerrycan of gasoline and flares he'd set out. As much of gun enthusiast as Max was some would wonder if the school would be a warzone sometime today. He had one ulterior goal to perform while they were in the farmlands. He hadn't had the time last night to perform his summoning ritual. As if fate were cursing him. Livia had gone out last night with Odhra to summon Mizushi. He had found this out in Cute and Fluffy Club that morning. As a result, he couldn't perform his ritual without attracting unwanted attention. It wasn't that he distrusted them, but he needed to keep the Changling a secret for as long as possible. Its weakness was something to easy to look up once you knew what it was. He needed that element of surprise if he wanted to get the better of Isobel. He now intended to perform the ritual while in the city. The remote area of the forest adjacent to the farmlands would be an ideal location. He just needed to slip away for a little while without Esther and Corona noticing. He would figure that out when he got there. He was sure an opportunity would present itself eventually.

Once they arrived in the city proper, Max took his time looking over the area they were to set up in. He took special note of the geography and looked for landmarks. They armed everyone with injectors and handed out additional instructions to refresh everyone on their use. The instructions were to take the injectors and place them on the back of the creature's neck centered with the spin, then wait for a small beep to indicate it was correctly aligned. After which you could pull the trigger and inject the chip along with a mild anesthetic for pain. It was made as simple to allow those without medical training to perform the procedure.

After the refresher instructions, Esther and Corona set up to give their usual speech to the people. It was usually Corona giving the speech, but this time they decided to let Esther do it. They felt Corona was too technical for the simple farm folk. Esther spoke with a lot more energy and enthusiasm. It was a little emotional for Max's taste, but he understood the need to appeal to the people's sensibilities. The speech closed to the sound of applause, which was a good sign until a girl from the crowd intervened. The girl was a druid, judging by her attire, and she wasted no time laying into them. Max was irritated by the druid's blatant prejudice. Her words were nothing but illogical biased. He was going to need to put this girl in her place, lest she damages their organization's reputation with the farmers. He approached the Druid from the opposite end of the stage. He stands as close as possible, letting his body tower over hers as a small show of intimidation. He spoke in a purposely condescending tone, "Young Lady, you know nothing of what you speak. You claim we are committing some form of injustice, but if you truly knew anything. You would understand there is nothing unjust about what we are doing here." He leaned back and continued his tirade without giving her a chance to respond, "Perhaps you mistook my friend's words as propaganda and believe that when we say we better humanity, its only humans. This is not the case. What we do betters all creatures in the long run. Of course, I don't expect you to take my word for it. However, if you wish to renounce our intentions, you should do so logically and constructively." Max stepped away from the girl and turned to the crowd. "We shall have a debate, and the audience will be our judge," he stated, loudly so that everyone could hear. "The terms are simple. I will reiterate our device, and you shall find whatever fault you can with it. Within reason. If we can't give a satisfactory answer, then I will concede to you that technology isn't good for the animals. However, if we do answer your concerns, satisfactorily, you must concede that technology is good for the animals and endorse it. Do you agree to this?" Max stared at the Druid, his expression neutral.
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The fact that this woman had completely misunderstood what she was talking about didn't exactly improve her estimate of this person's understanding regarding summoning. As for her request regarding the smell of the dead body, well...

Nettle didn't have time to answer back before the lady turned her back and walked off but Nettle didn't really have anything to specifically 'Pretty' up the smell of a dead body. Her incense weren't on her since there wasn't any particular requirement for it listed in the club charter.

Thus the dead body remained as it was. The smell was no pleasure but before long the club session was over and Nettle wheeled it back from whence it came. She held little concern for one person's opinion regarding that matter but it could also be said she held little concern for the herbology club as a whole. They were a nice diversion but for the most part she was well ahead of the rest of the attendees. Her understanding of flora encompassed a great deal of what the other members of the club knew so more often than not she had much to show but little to see.

Alas, it was but a brief diversion from her true focus.
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”Young Master…” A feminine voice croaked into Fran’s skull, the noise at once both comforting and rattling his teeth until they threatened to fly from their sockets. Fran groaned objectionably, rising from his place atop one of the messy desks of the Artisan’s clubroom. While he couldn’t see himself, or his servant for that matter, he could tell she likely had some objections to how he must have looked. His hair stuck up at odd angles, silver locks tilting awkwardly into his obscured vision, with a few smudges of grey-black coating their tips. His clothes were little better, the button up had somehow lost nearly half its buttons during his rest and what few remained were struggling to keep him halfway decent.

So all in all, today was starting out fairly normally.

”Miiiillltiii….” Fran grumbled, his hands flopping gently around the desk in search of his glasses for a moment. ”I told you to wake me up at three this afternoon. This is not what three o’clock looks like.” He continued, finally finding his glasses and putting them on, his eyes refocusing quickly to the familiar darkness of the clubroom.

”I apologize young master...” The voice said again as space tore itself apart for a moment, Milti stepping through. ”But you asked that I keep you abreast of any significant changes to Lady Olgmire’s condition.” She chirps, her tentacles moving quickly to his side and brushing out the worst of the tangle of his hair. Fran stared at his servant for a moment, his confusion clear on his face.

”She called last night saying she might not make it…?” His servant offered, hoping that would suffice to jog his memory as she attempted (and failed) to fix his bed head. After an awkward silence she continued. ”...She is the model sir.” She added.

”Model fer what?” Fran asked dully, leaning onto the desk and giving up, knowing full well Milti would tell him even if he didn’t put any effort into trying to remember. The shoggoth sighs, her tentacles retracting from her master’s frame after smoothing out what she could. ”The model for this mornings Artisan club still life sir. She has just informed me, or rather you, via ear wrym that she will be unable to make it. Citing Gastrointestinal distress.” She said primly, handing the offending ear wrym to Fran, the echoes of retching still playing clearly through its speaker even at a distance.

”Uuugh. That thingy….” Fran whinned, declining to get a better listen of the poor girls continued suffering. ”Can’t we jus’ cancel it? ‘S not like we’ve got a lot of people to disappoint anyways.. ” he half slurred, laying back down onto the desk as he readied himself to make this problem not his anymore.

”I’m afraid not.” Milti said sternly, her tone killing any notion he might have had of getting out of this nearly instantly. ”If we were to do so that would make the 47th consecutive event to which you were responsible for organizing to have been canceled. And need I remind you that should that happen agai-”
”again then the remaining members have threatened to quit...” Fran finished for her, his voiced pained. God he doesn’t know who nominated him to the position of club chairmen but if he found out he was going to throw them into the furthest reaches.

Part of the reason he’d joined the Artisan’s club is that next to nobody ever did. When you attended a school for summoning all sorts of magical beasts and mythological creatures, learning how to paint really seemed like a waste of time. All in all, it was probably the second least popular club, with a grand total of six members at his last count. Not that he counted closely. The club mostly left him to his own devices, content to let him sleep on the job so long as he occasionally got an event together.

Not that he ever did, which was sort of the problem. The rest of the club had banded together to MAKE him do his job, sick of having to do his work for him. And if they quit, then HE’D have to be the one to handle all the paperwork associated with a club dissolving due to lack of membership. Yeah, hard pass.

Taking the ear wrym he cut the connection to whatsherface and took a look at a nearby clock. 40 minutes till the club was meeting. That...really wasn’t enough time to find someone respectable enough to fill the slot. Thankfully, he didn’t really need (or expected) to find respectable.

Placing the ear Wrym on he quickly zero’d in on his new rube volunteer. ”Come on...pick up. If I’m awake I know you are…”

The Earwyrm only rang for a few seconds before it was answered.

“HELLLO IT'S YA GIRL LIZ, WHO BE CALLIN!?” Her loud voice rang over the wyrm, almost threatening to deafen whoever was on the other line.

“Master Lizaveta, now is not the time to answer calls.”

“Ah, shut up Fel, I've earned a break. Trying to fit muffin with this voice modulator is annoying.”

Fran winced as his ear exploded from the sheer volume of his ‘friend’. ”Good morning Billboard. Its Fran. I need you.” He said after sighing, rubbing his eyes as Milti set about the room, carefully righting upturned canvases and generally tidying up the space.

“Geh, why you always gotta be mean?” Liz grumbled. “What the hell you need me for ya lazy nerd? Need me to fix your toaster or something?”

”I’m not mean. I am simply direct.” Fran objected, an audible thunk being heard across the ear wrym as he laid his head down. ” As for what I need….it is less I need you and more I need your body. I’m in a bit of a tight spot and frankly...you’re the only one I can trust with it.” He said, thinking he was being pretty clear with the whole thing. Its not like he made a big secret out of his membership in the artisan’s club. And Liz, for all her bluster, was probably smart enough to put two and two together.

“E-eh? My...body?!” There was an audible 'thunk' as whatever Liz was working on slid off the table and fell to the floor. “You insult me then you want...my...body!? There was a few seconds of silence that followed as Liz grumbled something just barely inaudible. ”I dunno who taught you to flirt, but that ain't the way ya do it. Request rejected. I got better things to do, ya sleep zombie.”

Fran stares into the middle distance, eyes unfocused like...well a sleep zombie. ”I fail to see how asking you to model for the Art club is flirting.” He said bluntly, deciding that Liz was no longer smart enough to put two and two together. As always, she seemed to go beyond the call of duty, despite no one asking. ”I figured you would have been thrilled for an opportunity to preen and prance about like a show pony....” he drawled slowly, now atleast somewhat worried that Liz might not do it.

Time to use the big guns then. He sighed loudly into the ear wrym. ”Ah well, if you wont do it...I’m sure your housemate Rena would be more than happy to….” He said, voice slightly sweeter and more attentive than normal. Rena was just as annoying to him as Liz, but the mousey platinum blonde that was machina’s resident welding enthusiast was also a rather hot topic to his ‘friend’. ...parts of her anyway.

”How is she by the way? Last I heard she’d passed you in terms of cumulative scores. That puts you at what rank again? 65th I think it was?” He added dreamily, knowing he’d probably get an earful about this later. Thankfully, ignoring Liz was a lot easier than asking her for permission.

“....WHAT.” Liz stood up from her chair. The balls on this guy was amazing sometimes. “Geh, what the hell you talking about? That fat cow got lucky! LUCKY! The professor was probably too busy staring at her boobs to grade the exams properly!” The petite redhead snapped. “And why didn't you just say that in the first place!” She scooted back from her chair, standing up and placing a hand over her chest.

“Obviously, as someone who is far more good looking, energetic, and overall just simply better than that hussy, I would be a far better choice for a model!”

”Good. “ Fran said dully, emotion falling out of his voice like a brick back into the familiar flat monotone. ”Be at clubroom C in 10 minutes. Milti will help you get undressed. I owe you...nothing. I owe you nothing. But Milti is giving me that look that says I have to say something appericative or I will get in trouble. Remember. C in 10.” He says in a clipped tone, snapping the connection through the ear wrym off before the redhead had a chance to rebut.

Milti stared at her master,disapproval written all over her face. ”Young Master…” She said warningly. ”Need I remind you that it is poor form to treat a young lady like that…”

Fran shrugs before laying back down on the desk, deciding that his comment about Liz’s dubious quality as a proper lady would only net him more hassle. ”Just let me know when she gets here…” he grumbled, immediately falling back asleep.

-A few minutes later-

The door to the club room burst open. A large metallic spider walked into the room. Atop it, sat none other than Lizaveta. She was leaning back, hand resting atop her mount with a book in her other hand. Her labcoat was unbuttoned, showing the school uniform underneath, and her legs were hiked up to make sure everyone had a good view of them.

“No need to stand up,” She called from her mount as Muffin shuffled into the room. “But your goddess has arrived. Feel free to paint or sculpt me like the perfectly build machine that I am.”

From his seat at the desk Fran...stayed slumped, loud snoring echoing throughout the room. He did, if nothing else, take the suggestion not to stand up to a whole new level. Milti, however, strode quickly to Muffin’s side, patting the metallic spider’s thorax gently. ”Lady Vasilev, It is so wonderful to see you again!” The shoggoth warbled, raising a tentacle to help the small girl down from her mount. ”On behalf of both my master and the art club thank you again for volunteering. We’ve got about twenty minutes until the rest of the club arrives so we’ve plenty of time to get you ready.” She chirped, her many eyes swiveling in different directions as she pinpointed the things she’d need to fix or collect.

“E-eh?” Was no one here? She expected everyone else to already be here. Oh well, she'd make her grand entrance later. “Hmph, alright, then!” She hopped of Muffin, using Milti's tentacle to help her hop off the spider. Muffin waved a claw at the shoggoth, before positioning herself in the middle of the room and relaxing. “Nice to know one of you isn't rude, hmph.” Liz said to Milti. “Alright, so what are we doing?”

Felicia slowly walked into the room behind Liz, hands held in front of her. She cast Milti a bored glance, but otherwise didn't seem intent on interacting with anyone here. The robot settled next to Muffin, resting a hand on the large spiders leg.

”I am glad you asked madame!” the shoggoth said, bouncing in place happily. ”Today's event was organized by the young master. Many of the club feel like their practice with anatomies is somewhat lacking. So the young master decided that a few sessions dedicated to improving on this front was the best option. Today we will be doing the preliminary nude still life to determine where everyone's current level of skill rests and on what elements they need to improve upon.” She explained, slowly walking over to a corner of the room and pinning the corner of a sheet to a wall.

[color=Grey] “How rude.”[/color] Felicia sighed idly, draping herself over Muffin, rubbing the top of the Spider gently. [color=grey]“He interrupts our work and doesn't even have the decency to greet us. And they say this one is rude.”[/color]

“N-nude?!” Liz stuttered out, blushing lightly. “W-well, Felicia's right! You should be thankful I'm taking the time out of my day to help you. I want to hear that idiot fran to thank me personally. I was busy developing a voice modulator for Muffin.”

Milti raises a tentacle to her chin for a moment, considering a few things. As a servant, she couldn’t actively defy an order given to her by an esteemed guest. But, conversely, she couldn’t actively permit an insult to her master (however very much deserved) to be perpetrated on her watch. After a few silent seconds a thought finally occurs to her. ”Would Madame perhaps instead wish to partake in an act of...let us call it petty vengeance?” She asked, an inhumanely wide grin of thousands of razor teeth spreading across her face in what she thought was perhaps a playful manner.

”The young master’s earlier behavior ...leaves much to be desired. As his caretaker, I am concerned that if such open and crass assessments of his female peers forms were to continue, he would go unwed. Rightly so might I amend. If the young lady permits, I would like to...how you say ...make him eat his face noises?”

“...I like the way you think, Milti.” Liz replied with an impish chuckle. Well fine, if she couldn't get that pile of failure to reply to her directly, then this was the next best thing. She trusted Milti wouldn't do anything weird, or put her in a weird situation, so it was fine. “What ya got in mind, Milti?”

”Well, firstly…” Milti says, strolling silently over to Fran’s side. A pair of thin tentacles slide forth from her sleeves, wrapping themselves around the frames of Fran’s glasses and removing them slowly. It would be nice to say this took some degree of finesse, but given Fran’s track record, she probably could have shaken the damn things off him and he’d not have woken up. ”The Young Master has a horrible habit of wearing his glasses to bed. As his servant, it is my duty to make sure they are removed. It would not do to have him near sighted for an extended period of time in a school environment after all. Especially when he can only barely make out detail from approximately six feet away.” She explained in an airy voice, somewhat mocking of her own role.

”Secondly, I am to provide you with the equipment necessary for acting as our nude model. Hopefully he will find his assessment to be...a learning experience.” She added, making a point to walk to an oddly specific point on the floor before gesturing vaguely to the sheet she hung earlier. ”On the chair provided you shall find a pair of flesh tone undergarments and tape for your breasts. Please forgive the slight discrepancy in shade, but it was short notice. Also please do ensure only to cover what is necessary for decency to be maintained. After all…” She says, grin now widening so far that it the toothy maw was beginning to lap her skull as her many eyes narrowed to slits. ”We wish to provide as close to a real experience as we can for our club members.”

“Heh.” Liz's mouth curled into a smug grin. “Milti, your wasted on that lazy, unmotivated zombie. You ever think about working for someone else?” She asked absentmindedly as she walked over to where the garments and the sheet was located. Phew, she wasn't actually gonna be naked. It would have been embarrassing, but she'd do it. Totally would. Yep. She didn't mind the attention at all.

Tossing off her labcoat, Liz quickly undressed, tossing her clothes carelessly to the side. Next came the flesh colored suit. Weird, but it was doable. Slipping on the garments, Liz slid them over her legs, taking a moment to make sure they left as little to the imagination as possible, the shorts cutting them off just at her upper thigh. This was a 100% fool proof plan that could not possibly go wrong.

“Fully dressed!” Liz shouted. “You can start drawing whenever. And make me look good, and don't forget to be generous in the chest area.”

Milti raised a tentacle to her lips, stifling a giggle at the girls eagerness. Fran shifted in his sleep, mumbling something barely audible about advertisements. ”Now hold your horses…” The shoggoth said, sliding over to the girl. ”A few things first…” She said, gently taking off the girls glasses and placing them on the table next to Frans. A trio of tentacles slid out from the maid’s wrist, carefully and expertly combing through Liz’s hair and tossing it into a sultry wild mess. ”There. Perfect. Now, take your position and get comfortable, I’ll awaken Fran…”

“A-ah hey I can't...see...” Liz narrowed her eyes. She herself, was farsighted, so she didn't have trouble seeing far away, but close up? Yea, she couldn't see Milti's pretty face. Eh, shouldn't be too much of a problem since she wouldn't be doing anything up close. Smirking to herself, Liz took a moment to decide how she wanted to do this. Something sexy. Something daring, something using that chair. Hm...ah.

Climbing into the chair, Liz sat in the chair sideways, stomach facing the back of the chair. She propped her arms on the back of it, resting her head on them, facing Fran. One of her legs hung lazily off the front and waited for Milti to wake the other summoner.
Content with the trap laid out before her, Milti walked over and gently pat Fran on the back. ”Young master. The meeting is about to start…” She coo’d, her voice echoing inside the collective groups skull with surprising volume. Fran shifted uncomfortably from his heap, yawning as he raised his head. ”Fucking hell...Milti I said to wake me when Liz got here. Dont tell me that dumb bim-” He grumbled briefly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes until he spotted Liz.

Pink exploded on the young mans face as six black tentacle shot from his clothing, slamming into the tile floor and hurling him bodily away from the girl, as though space might somehow provide the decency she was currently lacking. There was a loud slap as he covered his eyes stammering. ”Milti the FUCK IS SHE NAKED FOR?” he demanded. ”SHE’SNOTSUPPOSEDTOBENAKED.FUCKSHIT.OHGODSIFCOGSWORTHSEESTHISI’LLBEDEALING-...” He starts, speaking far faster than one might expect from such a normally lax boy before suddenly realizing what he WASN’T feeling on his face.

Keeping his hand firmly in place, just in case, the tentacled youth turned back towards Liz’s vague direction. Blush now redoubled with the addition of annoyance. ”Oh you think you’re fucking cute, eh b-billboard?” he attempted to seeth, the image somewhat failing at the stutter.

“Yaahahaha!” Liz laughed loudly. That's the fastest she'd ever seen the guy move. “What's the matter, sleepyhead, can't handle true beauty?” She didn't change her position from the chair much, only holding a hand to her mouth as she sat up straight. “Finally realizing the charm of this billboard is more than Rena? Go on, compliment and shower me with praise already.”

Fran ground his teeth together, glaring daggers at Liz as he slowly lowered himself back down into a skulking over to her. ”Big talk when it took me being vision impaired to think of you as even slightly cute.” He huffed, ‘leaning’ (more tilting oddly in her direction while his legs dangled beneath him really…) into her face. ”Hell. Blind me and you’d probably the sexiest thing on two legs by default.” He added.

“Vision impaired? You mean my natural beauty blinded you!” Liz shifted her position again, leaning back in the chair and extending her slender leg towards Fran, pointing at him with one of her toes. “Come on, back me up here Milti.”

”I am inclined to agree with Madame’s assessment sir!” Milti said, bobbing happily from her position. ”You did react rather strongly to her appearance. And you have mentioned before that red haired females are to your preference.” She added helpfully, eyeing the clock carefully but saying nothing more.

”That was ONE time!” Fran blurts, shooting Milti a damning look at the shoggoth rolled off easily. Turning back to Liz he quickly wrapped a tentacle around her ankle, pulling her and the chair forward with a soft squeak of metal on tile. ”As for you, is your ego really THAT inflated? The hell is your problem with not being the biggest issue in the room at all times?” He asked, leaning forward and practically bumping noses with Liz. ”Maybe the reason people like Rena more than you aint got anything to do with pointless chest fat!“ He half yelled, startling Milti.

”Uh Young master…” She attempted, her voice going ignored as her summoners tempers began to flare.

“Tsk, I'm ten times cuter than that cow.” Liz sat up, puffing out her chest as her chair was pulled forward. “Smarter, cuter, and one-hundred percent better at everything than she is. Those big bahongaloos are the only redeeming quality she has!”

”Oh yeah. Her boobs are why she’s more popular than you.” Fran says, rolling his eyes. ”Not the fact she’s NICER than you. Yeah you might be cuter but if you’re so great why is it that she’s got dozens of friends and you’re stuck with me?”

Liz opened her mouth to respond, but words initially escaped her. She was perfectly nice, wasn't she? Sure she was a little headstrong, but it wasn't like she was intentionally mean to people...right? “Hah? Me stuck with you?” She laughed, standing up in the chair. “What about you then, huh? What's that mean for you that you're stuck with just me?”

”I…” Fran started, backing up a bit, looking ready to back down and racking his brain for a good come back. ”Dont flatter yourself Billboard. I only hang out with you cause you dont look at me weird for being a cripple!” He blurted, slapping a hand over his mouth a half second later.

“....Yahahaha!” Liz laughed brightly, placing one of her feet on the back of the chair, hands on her hips. “See? You said I'm mean, but doesn't that mean I'm a nice girl? I let you hang out with me, so obviously that makes me much nicer than that cow!”

She put her weight on the back of the chair.

“So don't go saying I'm not nice, ya hear-eh!?” The chair, unable to take the weight of it, began tipping forward at an unstoppable fate. “Yeeep!” Liz squealed as the chair barreled forward, stumbling and sending her crashing down to the floor in Fran's direction.
As soon as Liz’s fall registered in his brain, Fran’s tentacles leapt forward and wrapped themselves around her arms and waist. For a second, he almost felt proud of his good reflexes and was about to rub the save into Liz’s face when he realized something. That right now the only thing holding either of them up were his legs. His totally useless actual legs.

With a mighty cry of ‘FUCK’ Fran was thrown to the ground as Liz toppled ontop of him. He felt his head crack against the tile, pain blossoming in the back of his head. Thankfully, it didn’t seem like it was too serious of a fall. It hurt to be sure, but it didn’t hurt enough to fully quell his annoyance with the scrawny redhead.

”Mfuffer fnuke..” He started, his voice...oddly muffled by something soft pressing against his face. Cracking his eyes open he felt the energy drain out of him as he was greeted by Liz’s...well, even now he’d strain to call it ‘cleavage’. Was more of a canyon really. A very very close and very warm canyon he noted, if the heat on his cheeks was anything to go by.

He quickly threw his eyes upward, eager to look at anything other than that right now. Liz...seemed alright. Her hair was still tossed about in wild trussels but otherwise it looked like the tentacles (And himself) broke her fall rather well. ”L...Liz you ok?” he asked, trying to command his tentacles to release the girl only for them to give a small squeeze. Panic, evidently, threw his control out of the window.

“Geh, Lemme goooo!” The redhead squealed, panic setting in as she struggled against the tentacles. “I'm fine thank you just lemme go!” She shouted, her chest rubbing against Fran's face. “Eeek-That's not some place you should be touching!?”

”C..calm down!” Fran said, trying and failing to get his tentacles to listen to him. The offending appendages pulled the girl closer, rubbery black skin sliding smoothly and soundlessly as they drew her arms in. ”They’re freaking out cause you’re freaking out!” He said over a face full (half full?) of bosom and quickly wrapping his arms around the girls waist in an attempt to get her to stop wiggling. Both to help his tentacles and so he could try and breath reliably without being smothered. ”Just calm down and let them figure out you’re not a threat.” He grumbled, trying not to think about how (admittedly) cute the little squeaks Liz was making were. He’d have to bring that up...later.

”Uh Young master…” Milti said from the side lines, raising a finger to try and get the two attention. ”Milti not now!” Fran barked back, not really in the mood for whatever the traitorous shoggoth had to add. He’d had just enough of her shenanigans for the day thank you very much!

“I'm freaking out because they're freaking out!” Liz shouted. “How do you expect me to be calm when I got these slimy tentacles touching me in places!?”She squealed again, pulling at a particularly annoying tentacle trying to coil around her neck. “You calm down first! I'll calm down when my cute butt isn't on the liiiine!”

The tentacles, for their part, seem to take offense that the implication of them being slimy. The one freed from Liz’s neck coils around her wrist and begins to slither steadily up her arm. ”I’ll calm down when you calm down!” Fran yells, attempting to uncoil a tentacle from the girls midsection. ”And this isn’t one of those stupid pornos you read. They’re not going to try and do anything weird to your scrawny ass!” He adds, the tentacle he was working on loosening ...and then dipping quickly behind Liz. Sliding quickly down her back and into the hem of what little she had keeping her modest and sliding out the left leg from the front. ”...SHUT UP THEY DONT NORMALLY DO THAT.” He said, ignoring the fact that they sometimes did that. But when they were YOUR tentacles it didn’t seem so bad.

“Eeee, I don't believe you! That tentacle's definitely feeling me up!” Liz squealed again, trying to do her best from turning this entire thing into a bad doujin. She wasn't being very successful, if the one slowly slithering down her backside was any indication. “This is not how I imagined my first time to gooooo-geh!?” A sharp smack was delivered to the back of her head, causing most of her body to fall limp.

“That is enough of this farce.” A cold, mechanical voice interrupted the two of them as a strong, metallic hand reached down and grabbed Liz by the waist. “Organic, I suggest you unhand This One's summoner or this one shall be forced to register you as a threat.” By now Liz had at least, stopped struggling.

“...ooof, why'd you have to hit me so hard.”

“Because this was annoying to watch.”

”Finally someone sensible..” Fran said with a sigh, turning his attention back to the tentacles. They writhed for a moment, still agitated with Liz and his own panic, but were calming quickly. But eventually they calmed enough that Fran was able to start uncoiling them from Liz’s form. Finally all but one were freed, Fran quickly taking the time to skitter out from under Liz and turning away, turning away dutifully as the one still trapped in the girls clothing retracted quickly.

”Thank you Felica. “ Milti said, feeling that maybe she let this get too far out of hand...and not regretting it. ”Young master I feel as you might wish to kno-”

”What Milti? What could I possibly wish to know that wouldn’t make this dumpster fire of a morning better?” Fran asked, rubbing his eyes and wanting to disappear down a very very dark hole.

”...That Lady Rena has arrived…” Milti said, stepping to the side as a flushed platinum haired girl cast eager glances between the two of them.

“...I believe we have wasted enough time here.” Felicia threw Liz over her shoulder.

“Wait....my clothes!”

“We have more clothes in the dorm. We can let this organic flesh thing have them.” Liz wasn't in any position to wiggle out of the robot nuns grip. Muffin had seemingly been watching the whole thing, fidgeting back and forth, desiring to help but her body was far too big to help intervene in any reasonable way. She cast a glance over to Rena as Felicia carried her by.

“So how long have you been there, tits for brains?”

Rena shot Liz a coy smile. ”Long enough that if you call me again I’ll make sure the whole school knows you like to park in the handicapped zone.” She said, voice sweet and friendly despite the threat. Fran quickly re-evaluating as to who the nicer one was. Right now it was Muffin. Muffin was the nice one.

Sighing, Liz gave her dismissive wave.

“Yea yea, sure thing.” She let her body hang over the robots body. “See ya later.” Muffin was following after, making little mechanical chirping noises. “Fine, fine, just my wounded maidenly pride...”

Fran watched as the trio leave feeling... a little guilty for how things turned out. He threw a look towards Milti, the shoggoth not shrinking under the annoyed glare in the slightest but standing as prim and confidently as she had through the whole exchange.”Soooooo…” Rena chirped, taking out a pen. ”When’s the model getting here?” She asked, a mischievous glint in her eyes saying she already knew that answer.
”....I need a favor?” Fran asked, wilting under the gaze.

”I think I can arrange that...for a price.”

Fran swallowed hard, deciding that he hated the weekends.
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"...I'm not taking part in any hugging test." Livia sighed. Siobahn nodded aggressively, clinging tighter to her summons. "...though perhaps in the pursuit of scientific curiosity I could afford some minor discomfort." This earned a pout and a low huff from Siobahn, who released Livia from the hug and folded her arms, glaring at the human. Seemingly ignoring her, Livia returned her attention to Nikola.

"Shame. I'm certain she'd love to meet someone else." Livia replied. "But very well, lets get this over with." She honestly wasn't really looking forward to this, but if it'd piss Siobahn off, she'd have her fun with it.
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Eric Williams

”Ah uh..." Lorcan muttered, eyeing the pastries longingly. ”I had best not. I keep to a pretty strict diet these days. " He says, trying not to make eye contact with the lush surgery temptresses in Erics bag. While he wasn’t strictly required to keep to the eating regiment his trainers had put him through, Lorcan would admit that he’d pretty much gotten entirely to used to it.

”Too many empty carbs for me to justify it sadly. I’ll grab something at breakfast.” He said, finally steeling his will against the cinnamon bun’s siren song. ”Anyway..." Lorcan said, the pleased tone returning to his voice. ”Most of my friends just call me Lor." He chirped, omitting the fact that he didn’t LIKE most of those ‘friends’. ”It's a pleasure to meet you Eric. I look forward to getting to know each other a little more." He said politely, extending a hand out to shake.

You. evasive. little. shit. Well, “Lor” it is then. Eric irately thinks to himself before accepting "Lor's" handshake with a smile. "Likewise." He replies. Query: Which one of you is lying more? The raven asks, it's sarcasm as dry as ever. Shut up. Eric thinks back.

"Your loss. While they might look like just sugar bombs, the kitchen staff here does amazing work. Mixed whole grains, fresh fruits & berries, natural sugars, the works." Eric says with chuckle, grabbing a blueberry scone as he packs the pastries back up. "Well, I'll admit you caught me at the perfect time, I was just about finished with my Tai-Chi routine. Want to join me for breakfast?" Eric asks over his shoulder as he throws his jacket on.

”Gladly. After a twelve mile run I could do with something light.” Lorcan said brightly, putting his shirt and coat back on slowly. Twelve miles seemed like a low number right? ”...also, Tai-chi? That’s an eastern soft martial art correct?” Lorcan asked, adjusting the collar until the jacket sat perfectly. ”I’m surprised. Most people wouldn’t bother. Not when boxing is so much more prevalent in this region.” He added, deciding to pick the boys brain a bit.

"Yes, well my teachers have quite a diverse range of skills, so I've picked up a rather... eclectic mix myself. As nice of a form as it is, Tai-Chi isn't the most practical in an actual fight, but as a form of meditation it's great for mental discipline. So, a good morning exercise." Eric replies, collecting his things as they head for the cafeteria.

”Aaah...never put much stock into meditation myself. But different strokes as they says…” Lorcan said, walking in and heading straight for the food line. Brushing past several students as if they didn’t exist and cutting a clear path for the two of them with presence and indifference alone. ”I will say that it keeps you well fit..” He comments idly as he picks up a fruit salad, scrutinizing its contents for a moment before putting it back. Apparently not meeting his standards.

”I imagine you’re considered quite the item among the student body.” He adds, picking up a bowl of yogurt. ”...unless you’ve got someone in mind already?” He asked, red eyes flicking over Eric playfully as he resisted the urge to grind his teeth together.

Trailing behind Lorcan, Eric's eyes narrow as the young nobleman cuts a path through the crowd. You might be trying to hide who you are Lorcan Brigh, but your actions are a dead giveaway. Though at his comments, Eric blinks, one eyebrow arching slightly. ...And that's definitely flirting. Though I can't tell if he's being serious or not... Suggestion: pursuing a romant~ Shut up. Sighing, Eric shakes his head. "Can't say that I do. Between studying and maintaining my physical skills I've been busy enough as is, never mind any sort of romance."

Lorcan hummed appreciatively, seeming content with the answer and the tension in his jaw easing a little. ”Hmm...well, I’m certainly pleased to hear that.” Lorcan said, grabbing a grapefruit. ”Good, so nothing funny is currently going on..” Lorcan thinks, waiting as Eric chose his breakfast. ”...but just in case..”

”You know, you might want to consider trying a little dating here and there though.” Lorcan offered as he took a nearby seat, a few girls turning their heads towards both him and Eric. ”And work and no play n such. I hear most that Phantasma students tend to be a little more...adventurous. If you’ll pardon me buying into hear say and all.” Lorcan said, hoping to perhaps lure Eric away from any Dracona-dating aspirations he might not have acted on yet.

"Ehh..." Eric offers noncommittally as he takes a bit of the scrambled eggs he picked up for breakfast. "I'll probably pass on in-house dating. If you ask me, us spirit summoners tend to lean a little too hard into our idiosyncrasies, myself included. I'd take someone more grounded any day." He says with a wry laugh. "Alright, your turn. So you favor us house Phantasma members, but do you have a special someone waiting for you back home?" Eric teases.

Something deeply sour flashes in Lorcan’s eyes for a moment, a brief tiny flash of anger that could easily be missed if one wasn’t looking for it. ”Nope!” He says, the mask returning just as fast as it had vanished, though his spoon jabbed into his yogurt a little TOO hard. ”Parents tried setting me up a few dates...But I’m not the romantic sort. Don't want to waste a woman's time after all.”

”Mostly because I didn’t want to give Dad the excuse to marry me off to the first big family that makes an offer…” he thinks to himself, glad that he was safe from THAT particular hardship for a good while. And on a brighter note, Eric seemed in the market for someone grounded. Which...pretty much meant Isobel was decidedly NOT on that list. ”But moreover, me and those girls tended to run in similar circles. So I guess I agree with you on too much of the same thing being dull.”

It appears that you have hit a sore spot. The raven notes. So it would seem. Time to push another angle. Eric mentally replies as he arches one eyebrow in response to Lorcan's statement. "Setting you up on dates? Like for an arranged marriage? You nobility or something?" he asks, adding just a touch of skepticism to his tone. There we go. Let's see you avoid this one, Brigh.

Lorcan fixes Eric with a quizzical look. Well, it made sense the boy would start asking questions like that. Lorcan’s military garb was not exactly common amongst the plebians. ” ‘S rather big assumption that one or two dates would result in an immediate marriage.” He says blithely, grinning at Eric. ”Should I be concerned what I am implying by eating with you?” He asked in a teasing tone. Around the two of them, a few of the students began to lean slightly in their direction.

”Bloody gossips the lot of you…” Lorcan thought, dismissing the masses once again. ”But to answer your question, yes. Though my family hardly has much of a history to speak of. Mostly trade organizers who got a little bit of power. You’ve probably got a noble or two of such origins in your own house. Dracona hardly has a monopoly on such castes...” He answers with an easy sincerity. Wasn’t exactly like he was lying about the Brigh family origins anyway.

At Lorcan's teasing, Eric lets out a snort of laughter. "Not that I know of. I haven't paid much attention to what the rumor mill has spewed out about me." He says, taking another bite of breakfast. Again with the flirting. Best not to read anything from that yet. And no comment you. The raven thankfully staying silent this time.

"As for family..." Eric trails off, his expression growing almost painfully impassive as he stares off into the distance for a moment before bringing his attention back to Lorcan. "Well I can't say that I do. My parents were total commoners." He says, lying through his teeth with practiced ease. "I was orphaned relatively young and was lucky enough to get taken in by a retired knight, Sir Branwan. Without him, I... Well, I doubt I'd be here." Eric says softly, his voice barely audible over the background din of the cafeteria. After a couple moments of silence, he shakes his head to clear it and looks up with a wry smile. "Sorry 'bout that. Guess we all have our demons."

”I wasn’t aware Branwan had a ward.” Lorcan says, arching an eyebrow. All in all, he’d not call it an overt lie. Branwan was anti-social at best. Lorcan could only recall a handful of times he saw the knight at High Society functions, and never once had they exchanged words. So, it was possible the man had a child he’d not known about.

Still, it was worth noting. Branwan wasn’t knighted for nothing and if he bothered to take Eric in, then chances were good he bothered to actually teach him how to fight. ”We’ll start at 35% then.” he thinks, correcting his earlier assessment. ”And no need to apologize...Also I think you’re the only one likely to have a demon between the two of us.” He said, only barely finding the boys commoner origins noteworthy.

Eric lets out a short laugh at Lorcan's sly joke. "I like your sense of humor. Nothing like a bit of dry wit." He says, turning his attention towards breakfast, content to finish the meal in silence.
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"Its settled then!" Odhra said to Nikola in a chipper voice, completely missing the other boys confusion. "Nikola will act as our judge for the snuggle comparison test!" He added, taking out a notebook and a pair of glasses, donning them quickly. "We'll start with the live...er, sorry Sio. The Model battery first, to establish a base line of huggability. So who wou-" He began, before being interrupted by a chitinous form darting past him.

"Perpare to be subject to my embrace flesh body Nikola!" Bailey yells, practically throwing herself onto the invoker in question, wrapping him quickly in a hug. To describe Bailey as 'boney' would be something of an understatement. Hard spikes of vestigial exoskeleton poked out from her skin at odd angles, and her relatively thin frame had little cushion to hide that. But she made up for it with enthusiasm, the hug warm and sincere as she practically oozed friendliness. Her tail and arms wrapped tightly around Nikola, her stinger hanging uncomfortably close to the boys face, as she squeezed hard pulling the boys chest to her own as a small blob of venom formed at the tip of her stinger.

"...go first." Odhra finished, watching the display with no small degree of amusement. He didn't seem particularly worried about Nikola, either because the venom was harmless (Given it was Odhra, that didn't necessarily provide much comfort...) or because he was simply used to such displays. "Well, ...good a start as any. Alright Nikki" Odhra says, "Please rate your level of enjoyment with hugging Bailey."

Bailey smiles at Nikola, her grin going wide as she emits a sharp buzzing noise, apparently pleased with her performance.

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Evangeline Lindall

Evangeline was just standing there, testing the pillows. Oh how soft. Still, she listened to the proposition for the contest... At first she seemed excited about it but then she thought about it. Floofel though probably-- "Apologies, but I cannot take part in this competition. The only one I will hug is miss Evangeline after all." She gave a soft curtsy as she turned around to return to her duties.

"Ahehe... That's how it is... Anyhow, no hogging! I want a Bailey hug too!" She said, jumping up and down a bit. "Though..." She muttered. Her eyes went over to her sister and she made a jumping hug into the girl. "I'm testing everyone!" And her first target was her big sister!

Tiana and Pela

It’s been a while since school started and Pela was still a bit suspicious of her new “roommates” as they were called. ”Ooohh, Chobo. The nervousness is getting to me. I should speak to my “roommates” but… It’s so…” Pela was bemoaning her current situation, knowing that today she should at some time leave the dorm to go out and eat real food.

The bird looked at her, ”Kweh.”

”But Chobo… What if they want to do something to me?!” She exclaimed at the bird, being rather loud. ”No… You’re right.” She added, her stomach growling at the two of them. ”Why does this human body act against me.” She was obviously had an accent one could easily tell but only if they could get her to talk for more that a couple of words. ”Alright, Chobo…. We’ll take steps outside now…”

The giant bird started to walk to the door and Pela followed behind with her hand on the bird’s back. Chobo somehow learned to open doors and let itself out of Pela’s room with the girl right behind it. She peeked out of the doorway to see if anyone was around.

“Oh, hello there.”

Without any warning whatsoever, Tania was standing there, right out of sight from the girl.

“Going out?” she asked with her usual smile. “What a coincidence. I was just about to leave as well.”

”Uwa!?” The dark skinned girl cried out as she was surprised. Where? How? She wondered. Her head hit the wall as she reeled back from her surprise. As if that had no real effect, she quickly ran behind her bird. ”Leave? No! No… Leave no.” She muttered, grabbing into Chobo’s feathers. Chobo for his part practically sighed. ”There is no the going out here!” She continued doing her part to stay out of sight and keep this other girl out of her vision.

Tania’s smile transformed into an amused one as she witnessed the dark-skinned girl going all panicky over her presence. She already knew very well that her roommate was the really shy type. They barely ever spoke to each other.

She couldn’t help but find her attitude to be… adorable, to put it bluntly.

“Oh, so you’re not going out? Then why are you standing there, blocking the way for other students who’re going in and out?” She continued to drill her.

Pela had not expected this line of questioning. Or rather… Was this a test? If she answered wrong was she to have a terrible fate? ”Being question?” She foolishly answered. Her eyes never even left from Chobo’s golden feathers. ”No! That is to mean! Umm. I… Not meaning to be nuisance as it is called?” Her voice was quivering. ”Do not mind this one and be along way!”

“Well, I would be on my way, if not for the fact that you’re blocking the path I need to take,” Tania remarked with a light grin. “I need to take some things from my room before I go out, you know.”

Pela for the first time looked over the back of her bird companion, the color under her blue eyes a bit of a blush. ”Grab them.” The girl added, pulled on Chobo so he would waddle over as close to the wall as possible. ”Room past Chobo now. Fine to walk past, more room than enough.” The biggest change now was that her slightly worried and watery eyes were available to see. A step in the right direction perhaps. ”Even with goods.”

“Thank you very much, Pela.” She put an emphasis on her name as she walked through. “I’ll be sure to remember you for this generous action of yours,” she said with a smirk. “Now, if you will excuse me…”

Pela would be able to smell the sweet and alluring scent she (or, to be more exact, the butterflies flying all around her) was emitting as she went past her.

As Tiana passed by, Pela gripped into Chobo’s feathers… Though perhaps a little too hard as the bird “KWEH”ed and ran forward. It pulled Pela with her until her grip faded and she let go. In his haste to get away from the pain, he ran into Tiana and knocked the two into each other. ”Uwawawawa!” Pela was panicked. Touching. Touching… Touch… ”Much apologies!” She exclaimed as she backed off of her roommate, smelling the sweet scent off Tiana. Her eyes were looking anywhere but Tiana’s face, though they quickly examined her hands and feet in a defensive sort of way.


Pela's sudden movement took Tiana by surprise. As the other girl pushed her, she immediately lost her balance, causing her to fall flat on her butt.


She yelped when she felt a pair of hands grabbing her chest. Thankfully, said hands were quickly withdrawn, followed by their owner profusely apologizing afterwards.

"...You clumsy oaf. Urgh, you make my butt hurt. You're heavier than you look."

She picked herself up, dusting her dress in the process.

"And you groped my breasts as well. You should be glad you're a girl or I could file for sexual harassment." She lectured her, putting on a (fake) stern expression.

"So, how would you repay this little act of transgression of yours, hmm?" she asked her with crossed arms. She gave a glance towards her bird familiar. "How about you give him to me? I can use him for my experiments," she asked with a smirk.

Pela took note of how bad this “sexual harassment” sounded. ”I not understand ‘sexual harassment’ or ‘file for’. Groping breasts is but skinship for Oak tribe.” Her tone seemed a bit angrier than before though, ”And you no take Chobo! Chobo is my friend!” Despite her tone, she wasn’t looking Tania is the eyes and was still averted. This time however to the aforementioned breasts before looking away elsewhere.

"Oh, that's right. You're not from the civilized part of the world. Of course you wouldn't know of such a thing. Allow me to apologize." She gave a slight bow. "I wonder what else you don't know about. You're Virtuoso already, correct? So you should already be used to our customs here." She eyed her up and down. "For example… underwear. I know some other tribes like yours don't usually wear them. How shameless," she added with a smirk.

Pela was still a bit angry so she spoke out. ”How rude you are. The Oak Tribe has had undergarments since before we met the first traveler.” It was about that time however that she realized a couple of things. First, she had been talking with this girl… Second… Soft. She opened and closed her hand to remember the feeling before realizing once again that she had been talking back to this “civilized” person. ”I, umm, apologies…” She said, nervously playing with her hands as she apologized.

“Really?” Tania replied. “I suppose I would just have to take your word on it,” she conceded, though her smile seemed to suggest otherwise.

“As for your apology, I suppose I could take it for now. But I expect to be given a favor when I need it from you. Good day.”

And with that, she left the other girl behind, walking back towards her own room with her usual relaxed, yet regal gait.

She was certainly an amusing one, I had to admit…

When Tania walked to her room, Pela rushed over to Chobo, grabbed him and walked out of the dorm room. She was very flustered right now and wasn’t quite sure what to make of the situation she just encountered. ”Chobo, food, yes?”
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Nikola barely had time to react before his position came under the assault of Odhra's summon. Noticing the assault, Kitten leapt out of the boy's lap just in time, as Bailey's arms scooped the boy up into a crushing bear hug. He squirmed in her grip, but try as he might, he couldn't break free. Spines poked into his side as the arms squeezed him closer. The summon's stinger hung close, and he could see a globule of venom building on the tip. Somewhere close to his feet, Kitten growled threateningly. And yet...
"It's alright Kitten, I'm fine." Nikola said.
His voice was muffled somewhat, smothered as he was, but his reassuring tone seemed to calm the dragon.

That was the truth, just about. The hug was uncomfortable, but not unpleasant. He hadn't been subject to many hugs, admittedly, but he could tell that she wasn't trying to hurt him, though she was using a little too much strength. There was a goodhearted warmth there, not unlike the affection he received from Kitten. It was nice, really. But he couldn't stay that way.

Nikola tried squirming once again, just trying to get a little more space. He had to rate the hug, and it was getting harder for him to think, partially because she was holding him very strongly, and partially because it was a bit embarrassing.
"Um, could you please let go of me for a moment?" He managed to say.
The hug was still quite tight, which made it hard for Nikola to talk.
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Bailey releases Nikola reluctantly, somewhat disappointed she might have not done well enough to warrant an immediate review. The dissapointment, however, was drowned out a second later once Floofel made her announcement. "That is the height of unfairitude Miss Floofel!" Bailey said, fixing the mothly maid with the pouting look that could only be rivaled by Eva. "Miss Eva already gets to embrace you intimately in private all the time. Surely an exception can be made for an empirical study of cuddle quotients?!" She argued, trying to sound and look reasonable and utterly failing to as her voice cracked and she picked up Mr. Teethapus, hugging the stuffed toy to soften the blow of her rejected hug request.

Odhra clears his throat pointedly at his summon, the scorpion girl shooting to attention. "Bailey. You don't get what you want from a tantrum." He said curtly, cutting off his summon before she had a chance to provide an excuse. The scorpion girl went a bit sheepish and stared at the floor while Eva launched herself at her sister.

Odhra watched the ensuing...sibling assault was really the only way he could describe it, a bemused smile cracking on his face. He didn't really have siblings back home, so it was always nice whenever Eva's childishness got the better of her. Often at expense of Livia's dignity as their clubs 'cool' representative.

Bailey watched as well, but shuffled awkwardly to Odhra's chair, plopping down in his lap roughly and snuggling into his side. Jealous that Eva gets to hug whoever she wants and not get scolded (Unfair!!!!) but not really wanting to risk upsetting her master anymore with bad behavior. Odhra silently pats his poor (spoiled) summon briefly before turning back to Nikola, pen and paper raised expectantly for his assessment....after a brief addendum to the bottom to add Livia to list. If only because he was curious to see where Eva's assessment of her sisters qualities would rank in her wide berth of cuddling experience.

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Livia merely resigned herself to being 'glomped' by her sister. Eva hit her with all the force of a small, overly energetic kitten hyped up on catnip. That is, just enough force to cause her dress to be slightly wrinkled from the impact. Wrapping an arm over Eva's shoulder and pulling her close, Livia sighed lightly. "Yes yes, big sister is very huggable." Livia cast a glance over to Siobahn, who was folding her arms, looking in the opposite direction trying her best to appear uninterested. She held Eva tightly, wrapping her arms around her sister in a hug, casting another glance over to Siobahn.

The ghost was hilariously jealous, her skeletal hands digging into her wispy garments. She almost felt sorry for whoever ended up hugging Siobahn. She might actually try to take a bite out of them.

"Now now, don't let me have all the fun. Go hug Siobahn." Livia gave Eva a light shove. She didn't really mind the hug, but if it had been anyone else they'd have probably been growled at a bit. She had suggested Siobahn for the mere fact it would piss her off more - The ghost knew one thing if nothing else, if she so much as even dared to hurt or do anything to Eva that'd be the last thing her little ghostly self ever did.


Isobel's morning training had become something of a spectacle over the course of her stay at L'Mordryn. Aside from normal laps, strength training, and other physical work outs, the Dracona summoner often trained alongside her dragons. Agility and perception training with Ciervia, endurance and teamwork with Grarves...and strength and obedience training with Rutul. A number of people had come out to cheer or simply watch for some entertainment.

"HAAAAAA-!~" If there was one thing People knew about Isobel, she didn't take shit from no one. Not even her dragons. Another piece of common knowledge, was that Rutul routinely gave her just that. "-YAAAA!" The dark skinned human wrapped her arms around Rutul's neck, digging her feet into the floor as she pivoted. The Wyvern hissed as he felt his body give slightly as Isobel managed to slide his feet out from under him, sending the ornery Wyvern right to the floor with a loud thud. "You gonna behave now or am I gonna have to get rougher, huh!?"

In response, the Wyvern yanked its neck, slamming his head into Isobel, sending her sliding across the ground as the Wyvern returned to its feet with a mighty roar and mouth full of embers. Isobel grinned, wiping a bit of dirt off her mouth.

"Heh," She laughed. "I dunno why you're pissed off so much this morning, but fine then. You wanna be that way, I'll just beat the shit out of you harder." Picking herself up, Isobel sprinted towards Rutul, leaping over his head as he snapped his maw towards her, landing right on top of his head. With a roar, the dragon thrashed, his head slamming into the wall of the arena, as he threw his tantrum, bucking and flapping his wings as he attempted to dislodge his summoner, and he just so happened to get lucky. Before she could get a good grip, Rutul sent her flying into a nearby wall. Quickly, Rutul walked over as Isobel hit the ground.

And slammed his claw right on top of her.

There was a gasp from the new watchers in the crowd. Some of the older veterans simply seemed like they had seen this play out hundreds of times before. Some others cheered in glee over winning a bet....until the dragon gave a confused roar.

"Grrrraaaaah!" Isobel had indeed, very nearly been crushed by her own summons. She had barely managed to catch his foot, using all of her strength to stop the Wyvern from crushing her to death. "SIT-" She managed to push the Wyvern's claw back, throwing it off balance. "-YOUR ASS-" She now had a good, firm grip on the Wyvern's heel. "DOWN YOU OVERSIZED TOASTER!" With a might roar, Isobel slammed the dragon into the nearby wall.

Rutul didn't move.

"...whew." Isobel rested her hands on her knees, breathing heavily as the dragon finally seemed to have calmed down. Standing back up straight, she stretched her arms. "Jeez, what was with you today, you're really upset, ain'tcha?" Before she could get an answer, the Wyvern cave a derisive huff, before flapping its wings. "E-Eh?! No you don't you coward!" The dragon took to the skies, but not before Isobel could latch onto his claw.

The dragon soared, Isobel hanging on for dear life as she began scaling the Wyvern's side. Rutul of course, still wasn't having any of it. He spun, shook, and did his best to shake off Isobel, but the dragon was unknowingly up against a much, much, larger dragon. Isobel had an iron grip upon the dragon, and quickly made her way to his head.

"You ain't goin' nowhere!" Wrapping her thighs around the dragon's head, Isobel pulled on Rutul's horns, yanking his head in the direction of the school. Tired, worn out, and slightly injured and confused of how this human could even keep up with him, the dragon gave up and went on a downward spiral

He hit the ground, his head slamming into the window of the schools eatery.

The sudden force of impact send Isobel flying off, landing right in the middle of Lorcan's and Eric's table, and covering her in a liberal amount of their food. She was still sweaty and wearing nothing but her sports bra and spats.

"Oh, hey Lorcan." She said casually, waving at him, breathing heavily. "Yo, Eric. Hold on a sec, gotta go do something." Isobel got up from the table and walked back over to Rutul.

"Feeling better, boy?"

With an indignant, tired, Roar, Rutual pulled his head back from the ground, huffing lightly before bowing his head, conceding defeat. He flashed a glare to the others that had likely gathered from this spectacle, but for now merely contented himself with getting comfortable outside, resting his wounded wyvern pride.

"Alright, we're done then. I need food anyways." She turned back to the two boys. "Mornin'."
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As soon as Lorcan heard the glass shatter he sprang from his seat, leaving his half eaten breakfast mostly left to defend itself from an unidentified projectile as he reached into the realms and back to his dorm. In a flash of red light he felt the familiar weights of his saber enter his hand and Warin on his shoulder, the confused little psuedodragon hissing upon its emergency entry. ”An attack here?” he thought, his mind whirling away at which of the neighboring countries were both well equipped enough (and stupid enough) to attack L'Mordryn. A few of the students had jumped at the sound, but most were fixing him with queer looks before returning to their meals, seemingly unsurprised by the chaos and wonton destruction of their dining hall.

Looking down at the decimated table the previously hardened edge of readiness shattered against the one thing that consistently did so. Isobel sat up from his food, or at least where his food HAD been, as if she hadn't just been hurled bodily through a window. Bits of glass and food sliding off her bronzed skin, a little winded but thankfully (he noted) otherwise unharmed and greeted him and his prey...friend. Friend.

With the twin realizations that this wasn't an attack and that Isobel was safe now firmly in hand Lorcan's stand relaxed a little...Right before he noticed Isobel's clothes. Or lack there of. His voice failed him as he caught an eyefull of his 'cousins' figure as she turned back to her assailant; finely toned back muscles under chocolate skin shining warmly as they moved and drew his eye down her frame to the rather generous peppering of yogurt on the small of her back.

His imagination went wild with the image, his brain awash with fantasies he knew to be objectively wrong that both upset him and warmed his face to a crimson shade that Rutul would be jealous of. He was still standing as Isobel turned back to the two young men, taking a seat casually, Lorcan's face flushed to its zenith and eyes desperately flitting between spots across her figure as he attempted to lock onto something that DIDN'T send his brain into histrionics before finally settling on her eyes.

"I'z butt her what now?" He asked smartly, voice cracking a little as he began to reclaim his normal composure. Warin spares a moment to stare confusedly at his master, the little psuedodragon now just as lost as his host. Deciding his master was clearly in need of a hard reset the little monster carefully nipped at Lorcans ear. The mild pinch was enough, Lorcan reaching up and half heartedly swatting away the diminutive jaws as his brain returned to him.

"Ahem..." He tried again, this time more coherently. "Good morning Isobel. Two questions. Firstly, the fuck." He says, gesturing to the crash site and the pouting dragon licking its wounds outside. "Secondly...w...why are you half naked?" He asked, using all his willpower not to look down at her bust, still slick with sweat and heaving evenly with her deep breaths. Ok, so maybe he failed not to look. But only for a moment or two.
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Eric Williams
Saturday Morning, Cafeteria

With their conversation having lulled off into silence, Eric had been perfectly content to finish his breakfast in silence. Alert: Isobel is currently airborne in your direction. What? Eric thinks back in confusion before diving out of the way moments later as Isobel comes flying through the window. Picking himself back up, Eric observes the chaos. "Wrestling with Rutul, I see." He comments idly, totally unfazed by her minimal attire.

...Though it looks like somebody else is quite flustered... Eric notes to himself, keenly observing Lorcan out of the corner of his eye. ...Let's see, a saber, officers model. Given Lorcan's attire, I suppose he could be aiming for a commission once he leaves the academy. As for the summon, clearly Dracona, though a little on the small side. Either, he went for something smaller to avoid adding to the chaos, or this is his go-to. So, impressive self control on Lorcan's part or he's still a fairly green summoner...

"Good morning Isobel." Eric replies with a friendly smile and a resignated sigh. With a quick glance between her and Lorcan, Eric shakes his head. "How ever you know her, it clearly isn't that well. This is... well, normal." Eric says, gesturing to the chaos. "And Isobel, I'd offer you my towel, but I'm going to need it later... and I'd like it clean of food. No offence. Also, speaking of which... Lor, Where do you know Isobel from? I mean, I only know her because we're sparing partners."
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Nikola took the pen from Odhra's hand and thought for a moment. The rating scale went from 1 to 10, 10 being (presumably) the best result. What he had to rate was the quality of his the hug experience. The boy frowned as he thought of that. He wasn't well suited to this. Nikola was an orphan, and he had a detached relationship with his siblings. His foster father certainly held some affection for him, but he showed it in unconventional ways. The servants of his house were in a similar position; he was close to some of them, but for the most part, they had a professional relationship. Nevertheless, his peers had put in the effort to include him in their activities and he had to reciprocate them somehow. But this would take some thinking.

With a small "excuse me", Nikola took the paper from Odhra's hand and laid it onto the table in front of him as Kitten nipped at his heels. He scooped the fluffy dragon and then sat back down onto his seat. Laying the beast onto his lap, the boy began to think. He couldn't really rate the hug on an emotional level considering he didn't have much experience, but maybe he could compare it on a mathematical level. He supposed that he could use Kitten as a baseline, since they interacted with each other so often. If he assumed that Kitten was around a 10, he could work it out from there.

A commotion had begun near him but Nikola ignored it, focusing his eyes on the paper in front of him so he could concentrate. Bailey's spikes knocked off a few points right off the bat, because comfort was important. Besides that, though, there wasn't much else that detracted from his rating. Her intimidating appearance belied a definite friendliness that he didn't often experience. Overall, he'd rate the experience...
"A solid 7." Nikola muttered, writing the number onto the paper in front of him.
His hand stopped and he frowned. Bailey seemed to be somewhat hurt that he had asked to be put down. He hadn't meant anything in particular with that, he just hadn't had the experience to rate it on the spot. Not much he could do about it now, but maybe the rating could help appease her disappointment.
"...And a half." He said, quickly adding the decimal to the end.

Finally, he took the paper and pen and handed them back to Odhra.
"Alright, I'm done. I think." He said curtly.
He wasn't sure that his intentions would be apparent through his actions, as he didn't particularly dislike Bailey's embrace.
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Lorcan shot Eric a withering look, forgetting his manners for a brief second before reclaiming his plastic smile. ”I'm her cousin.” He said sweetly, the small bubble of annoyance at Isobel for blowing his cover somewhat overshadowed by her partial nudity and his sudden renewed agitation with this cheeky upstart pleb. "And while I am familiar with her general...rowdiness." He adds, looking over at Rutul. "This is a somewhat new level. Its not exactly like Ear Wrym's can communicate across the country...New one then?" He asked, taking off it coat and tossing it to Isobel casually to towel off with...or cover up. Either would be a blessing at this point.
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Tania's membership in the Skirmisher Club was quite the curiosity, as the girl herself never seemed to enjoy fighting in the slightest. Never once did she step into the arena herself. Her familiars did all the fighting for her while she only watched from a safe distance, busily taking her notes.

...No, in retrospect, it wasn't that odd, if you considered that quite a number of students in the club never actually fought themselves. They just came in to watch as spectators, cheering on whichever fighter they wanted to support.

That, or ogling them as they fought.

It was no secret that many of the fights here ended up with torn and ripped clothes. With how teenagers and their hormones were, it was no surprise that many would come just to see an attractive member of the opposite sex walking around with ripped shirts or/and even pants.

She didn't condemn them from in. Not in the slightest. It was a perfectly normal evolutionary incentive after all. To breed with the ideal mate and pass on your genes to your descendants.

Today, she had come with one goal in her mind. To test her new and improved genetically enhanced gorilla she had raised over the past month. Its genetic base was that of the original summon, a perfectly normal gorilla with the exception of its terribly fast growth rate, able to mature from a baby to an adult in a mere month. She obtained it from a realm dominated by the creature.

Thanks to the advanced gene incubation and development device Future Tech just happened to have, she was able to grow a child born out of its parents' skin cells. And she could freely modify its genes as well. With a maturity rate of a month (and another month until death from old age), it was the perfect specimen to test out all her theories regarding DNA manipulation and the like.

And now, she was about to test it in the matter of strength. She had engineered it to grow much stronger muscles than its normal brethren. It should have no problem beating that gorilla of a girl Isobel now.

...Indeed, she was still taken aback of the fact that a mere human girl could wrestle a gorilla and actually win.

Then again, she shouldn't be surprised when she frequently wrestled with her own pet dragon with barely any injuries whatsoever.

...Really, some of the students of this school were just simply inhumanly strong for no discernable reason. She would have examined her all over if not for the fact that she refused on such an offer.

Well, she couldn't blame her. The tests wouldn't always be pleasant after all.

She now arrived at the arena the club normally used to conduct their battles. Hmm, still pretty empty, Seemed like she had arrived early.

"Alright, you can come out now, Kong 8.0."

A big gorilla manifested out of the summoning portal. With a smile on her face, she began petting the creature on its head, which it certainly was happy to comply with as it lowered its head without her ordering it to. As it was raised by her, it seemed it had looked up to her as its own mother of some sort.@Rune_Alchemist
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Sazel and Pelanu

Sazel groaned, punching a bunch of papers away. “Dumb notes!” You are not helpful at all!” she complained, no hints on whoever was the mysterious white haired lady yet, she would have to check the yearbooks page by page, which would take a loooot of time, plus, she felt like she was missing something. Why couldn’t the teacher just tell her who that was! This was all his fault.

Well, if one bit of fault was to be attributed to Sazel, according to Sazel, was the fact that she did not know how to draw. She needed to work on that, it would help with the chronicle club, it would help with her research on summons… yeah! Minutes after getting that idea up on her head Sazel could not think about anything else, she was going to be an artist, she was going to be able to draw all the cool animals and plants she saw, and she would draw that bloody mysterious girl with perfection to match that of the photo. Puffing her chest, thinking of how great it would all be, she pondered what to do next, doodling, probably, but… she had nothing to doodle on and the pen was not proper for drawing. She banged her hand on the desk. “I must acquire pencil and papers!”

Throwing over her coat, in the typical style of the frontier land duchy she was from, she started to run out of her room and into the halls of Bestia as if her life depended on it. She ran so fast, she probably wouldn’t see someone walking just past the corner…

”Uwah!?” Someone called out as Sazel hit right into them. Something happened and a chain reaction went off where a big bird “kwehed” and started to run off. ”Wait! Chobo, darn. Go back to your pasture!” The girl said as the bird disappeared into a wall. Of course, any summoner would just know the bird was unsummoned or however the wording would be.

The girl in front of Sazel would be a… Somewhat familiar face. ”Roommate… Yes? I… Umm…” The tall girl seemed a bit defensive in posture and never made eye contact.

“Oh wow, you!” Sazel’s hands flew to her roommate’s shoulder. “By the thunders, if it weren’t for that white haired girl you would likely be the hardest student to find! We have been sharing the room for what? A few weeks, and I never manage to catch you around! Either you oversleep, or I oversleep, or we are busy… But not anymore! I have finally caught you!”

The short summoner then smirked, as if she had just finished some evil plan, but she, of course, was just overthinking and too proud of having finally found at least someone she was searching for. “So yeah! Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Sazel. Thanks for softening my fall!”

”Eh? Thanks? Fall… No! Umm!” The girl seemed to shrink a bit from being touched on the shoulder. Was this a challenge?! No, wait, she wasn’t giving a verbal challenge at least. ”Umm….” The girl looked over Sazel. Her clothes gave off… Well, not quite the same vibe as most of the people around here. More like her tribe if she had to put a finger on the thought. ”Sazel…?” She continued, swallowing before taking her version of a risk. ”I am Pelanu.” She was practically shaking at this point.

Sazel nods emphatically. “Oh yeah! Pelanu Oaks! I at least knew your name.” she then looked down at her new friend, the friendship being a one sided decision by Sazel, and pondered, looking at those clothes of her. “Hmm! Your tribe dresses quite odd! Not what I would expect from a tribe!” her hand reaching downward, she pinched some of the thin black textile that covered her tummy, albeit so close to the skin you could even see the shape of her navel, then she lets it loose, slapping back against the skin. “This looks like synthetic silk from the southern republics! How amazing that you tribe was able to reproduce this state of the art textile with probably less technology! The white bits look like cotton from the desert lands but obviously couldn’t be that since you lived so far from it… ah, and the belts! What an amazing thing to have in traditional clothing! Even my own kingdom couldn’t claim this, as back then, we didn’t have belts, we just wrapped stuff up and hoped for the best! Your culture must be fascinating!”

Pelanu was taken aback by how… Handsy this Sazel character was getting. She was starting to have difficulties trying to think of replies to all of these. ”Sy-sy… synthetic?” She asked, having never heard that word before.

Sazel tilted her head. “Ah, it’s like, imagine a silkworm, yeah? But the silkworm is a machine, and the leaves it eats are oil. That is pretty much what synthetic textile is.” she then looked really confused. “But if this is not synthetic, then how did your people make such clothing?”

”Bought from traveling merchants.” A still somewhat dazed and confused Pelanu mentioned. ”Chief thought it would make me fit in with this ‘civilized world.” She started to try backing up from Sazel a bit to make some distance to make her feel a bit more comfortable.

Sazel was… horrified at that. “No! That is not right! Can’t you see the problem in such a mentality?” she shook her head and one might even think she has an honest opinion on this serious matter until she opened her mouth again “It is… BORING! Humpf! You ought to wear your favorite clothes, and if somebody comes to you and say ‘oh, this is not civilized’ or ‘oh, this is improper’ or ‘oh you need protection to enter this place or you will be hurt’ you look at them and you say nu uh.”

”I see no problem.” Pelanu raised an eyebrow at all of this. ”M-my reason for coming to this place was to learn how these people live.” She managed to say fairly bravely. Of course, she took a step back as if she was about to step on a snare. ”I would… Rather not stick out like… Swollen thumb?”

The shorter girl groaned, shaking her head and stepping back, resting against the wall. “Sticking out is what is fun.” but looking over Pelanu’s clothes, she did notice it did stand out a bit, maybe even a lot, in its own way, still, now Sazel was curious, and it was another mindbug for her to obsess about. Why did people keep causing trouble to her? She sighed. “Swollen thumb? Is that how they say that? Huh!” Sazel too was not a native speaker, so she took Pela’s word for it. Now the shorter summoner had fully stepped back, giving the roomie some breathing space.

Pelanu was able to relax a little bit now. ”Sticking out not much fun. Outsiders find my tribe odd. It cause a fall. No need for such incident again.” She mentioned, finding Sazel similar enough to herself to inform the roommate. ”Just… Word is paranoid? I think?”

”My mom says I am a walking diplomatic accident and I am fine, it's not that bad!” she giggled, the bells in her outfit ringing. ”But, hmm, paranoid… I guess that is a word to describe it. I just don’t think anyone would go mad over your clothing, really. What do they even look like?”

”Ahh, no, that is… Simple hemp, cords wrapped.” She couldn’t think of a good description beyond that. ”Outsiders visited village one day. I saw movement late at night and went to look. Pushed off village, I think... and woke up the next day. Scared of outsiders since then. I’m pretty sure I heard them yelling at me.” She skipped a couple of details here and there. ”Outsiders worrying over all, clothes are not an issue.”

Hearing the story, she was confused. ”Pushed off the village? What? Is it on a hill or something?”

Are your villages not built high in the trees?” Pela replied, confused as Sazel seemed to be. ”Housing is made up in the giant oak trees with walkways around.”

”Nope! My house is like… doughnut shaped and on the ground.” she adds, making a ring with her hands. ”But your people live in tree houses that is very cool! Ah, I wish I could live in one of those, then I could have so many squirrel friends...” she looks melancholic for a moment. ”But, just know, I promise to never throw you off some walkway!”

”I hope not.” Pelanu said, a bit worried still. She was able to talk to this girl at least. ”Are we done then…?”

Sazel tapped her chin. ”I think this is good enough for introductions, but! I must ask, are you in any club?”

Pelanu looked Sazel over again, somehow expecting her to make some odd movements with that question. ”No…”

”Then! You ought to join one!” she takes a handful of steps closer. ”Personally, I’d say you would love realm exploration! You get to meet a lot of cool creatures and some of those don’t even try to eat you!” she sighs. ”But I guess there are other options too.”

”I’m fine without a club!” Pelanu exclaimed, taking a step back followed by another. ”I don’t need to be around more people, no, no.”

The step back was answered by a step forward and a soft lean. ”But you could be finer in a club! Most of the people there don’t even act like people, so you don’t have to worry.” then a smile appeared on her face. ”Furthermore~ You did say you wanted to, and I quote.” Sazel shifted from her typical high pitched voice to lower and reserved one, immiating Pelanu. ”I want to learn how these people live” she returned to her normal voice. ”So! Joining a club would certainly be part of that, so it would help you.” and Sazel, as the student would get points with the teacher for recruiting, which the whole genesis of her suggestion.

”I can learn about them from a distance!” The girl exclaimed. She stepped back again, ”No need for club.” She continued, ”No need for the pushiness!”

Sazel kept step forward, ”Nobody is gonna push you down anywhere! It is on the ground floor,” the noble girl then gasped, giving Pelanu a sudden hug, and then forcing her back from the opposite direction they had been walking. ”Err, speaking of the devils, watch your back, you almost retreated into the stairs.”

Not only was her back to the proverbial wall, but she was being hugged now too! ”No need for the hugs!” Pelanu was struggling like a wild animal, not wanting this at all. ”Athena!” She called out. A scattering of leaves appeared behind the girl and there stood a girl looking out of place. Well, she not a human at least. She had wings and was covered all in feathers. Standard definitions would call her a harpy.

This new creature looked at the two entwined in a hug and had a face of surprise. ”Stop the hugging, please!” She rushed over to try separating the two. ”For everyone’s sake it would be best.”

Sazel turned and gasped at the second summon she had seen from her roomie. ”Oh wow, I knew you were from an advanced level, but a Bestia summon who talks? And she is so cute!” the noble would look at Pela and back at Athena, before pulling the owl, who had rushed over to them, into the hug. ”And such soft plumage too!”

”Unhand me!” The harpy complained as Pela kept thrashing. Her face was contorting towards wanting to cry really hard at this point. ”Unhand us for everyone’s sake.” The harpy continued, pushing on Sazel’s face with her hand portion of her wings.

This would prove effective against the small frame girl, although she would cling to both of their waists for dear life, soon, the pressure on her pouting face was too much, and she fell back, falling on her butt. ”Such a violent reaction... humpf.

If Sazel looked at Pelanu’s face right now, she would notice that there was a slight look of ecstasy … But it quickly disappeared after she realized there wasn’t a force on midsection. ”Pela, are you ok?” Athena the Harpy asked, looking at Pela. The girl nodded and Athena turned to Sazel. ”Alright, sorry about that. Here.” She offered a wing to Sazel to help her up.

Suppressing a little ‘ohhh’ of realization as she saw Pelanu’s reaction, Sazel took the offered wing, getting up and sighing. ”Thank! Hmm… Unfortunately, I should get going before the academy’s shop closes, I need pencils. But don’t worry~ Now that we are best friends, I will make sure to greet you every day with a nice good morning hug.” she smirked. ”And do join a club, you dork.” with that, she stepped onto the stairs and waved, starting to descend at an unsafe speed.

”Wai--” Athena started to exclaim as Sazel ran away. ”I will return shortly.” The harpy said to her master before fluttering off toward Pela’s roommate. ”Wait up, human.” Athena said as she closed in with Sazel and grabbed her arm to stop her. ”I just want to give you a warning in case you saw something you shouldn’t but if you value…. Well, yourself… I suppose one could say… You may not want to do things to Pela. If you catch my drift.” With that said, she released her grip on Sazel’s arm and turned around to walk away.
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Albus Winterhold

Albus had been watching Isobel's regularly scheduled scuffle with Rutul. He was happy enough to watch the scuffle from the metaphorical stands. Rather than chips today, he had a bit of a sweet tooth and stole away with some cookies. Chocolate chip in particular. He just watched Isobel and Rutul do their thing... Until Rutul flew off with Isobel. "HEY! WAIT! ISOBEL!" He yelled at the two as the flew off... With a sigh, he stood up and ran after.

Soon enough, he caught up to Rutul basically throwing Isobel into the cafeteria. "Calm down you... Oversized toaster? Was it?" The boy said, imitating Isobel. He took himself inside the cafeteria to check on Isobel just in case. Of course, Isobel was fine. Not like she'd get messed up from a such a high fall... Well, of course was fine. It was Isobel. She could probably be impaled by an unlimited amount of blades and be fine. Still... That was quite the white look on Isobel's back.

"Heyo! Lorcan and.... Eric, right?" The trappy boy said, walking over to where the two stood. "That's just Isobel's thing you know? Showing her summon who's boss. That's besides the point though. Were you just a little too happy to see your cousin that you managed to stain her with some white goop? Degenerate but I don't judge."

After that slight bit of teasing, he looked over to Isobel. "Good work today, Isobel~. Looking sexy as always~. White's a new accent to ya'."
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