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Unto the Foray -- Minerva Fairchild

The Festival was always a troubling time for the Lion's Fang.

For she understood the necessity of it, a mass gathering so that those who might be so fortunate to find their soulmate would do just that precisely. In her eyes however, she simply saw it as a security risk; people gathered en-masse only provided an easier target for those with ill-intentioned methods.

It was for that reason she was there. A pale, crystalline petal, pristine amongst the masses casting an ever vigilant eye about as she kept her arms guardedly folded. A migraine at worst and a headache at best, she was here only at the behest of her uncle--as a security measure so that maybe her cousin would finally meet someone worthwhile, and begin a new generation of Fairchild nobles to ensure the future of the family.

She, however, the Black Sheep, would likely nary have even the slightest chance. Her duties were to be acutely focused, free of distraction. Observantly, her eyes drifted over the vast degree of variation that had converged, and she persistently scanned for trouble and soon found it. There was a thief, but it was handled by a samaritan; elsewhere there was social conflict, but it seemed to have been settled.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, as much as she desired to actually have something to do--something to distract her from what she would never have; she similarly knew that these people deserved that chance, and wishing trouble from them was selfish, even. Shaking her head and causing prisitine platinum locks to flare about, the noble would finally emerge from her wallflower position and fade into the crowd.

It was the best way to catch a fool--blending in, that is.

With all the peculiarities and the like traipsing about, the matter of such was all too easy. A soft tune curled along her lips in a melancholy hum, but the Magi would not make a sound further.
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Princess Delyndra Allervai

As the musician from earlier came to the strange man's defence, Delyndra's indignation did not cool. But as the man spoke, his voice full of shame, she felt her heart soften. His words were calm and full of authority; she was unused to being spoken to in such a manner, though it reminded her somewhat of the gentle, wry instruction she received from Archmage Sinad. She accepted the scraps of fabric and the poultice he offered her wordlessly, her mouth still open as if she might speak. Instead, she simply pressed the compress against the cut in her face gently, wincing slightly at the stinging pain.

"I... the guards will not be necessary," she said as he walked off. For a moment, her indignation flared again - who was he, to turn his back on her? But then a moment later he returned, carrying the satchel of books she had left on the ground, and handed them to her without another word, and she immediately regretted that childish surge of anger. The satchel contained tomes that were frankly priceless, including a copy of Loranther's Fables: The Mageling and the Phoenix Dawn that had been penned by the author himself. Leaving them on the ground where they might have been trampled or stolen had been foolish, impossibly careless...

"... Thank you," she said, slinging the satchel back over her shoulder. "I will be alright." She looked at the two men in the alleyway with her with eyes unclouded by anger; the musician, the one she'd favored with a smile earlier. He was a tall man, with dark hair, a beard and a warm smile on his face; perhaps she was imagining it, but she thought she saw a kind of sadness past the good cheer painted on his face, somewhere in his eyes. It passed a moment later, like a clap of thunder. One thing she hadn't imagined was the Mark she glimpsed on his arm; that was nothing to remark upon, she told herself. It was the Festival of Destiny; the streets were lousy with Marked.

She was staring at him. Oh, gods, now she'd have to say something. "I heard your music earlier," she blurted. "I found it fine." She grimaced and turned back to the one who'd knocked her over, as though hoping that she could somehow distance herself from her own social ineptitude by ignoring it. "You're a tribesman, yes? From Mount Frostswallow? I've read much of your people, but I've never met one. Of you. Before." She swallowed, sharply, grinding her teeth. By the gods, she was bad at this. It was entirely unbecoming of her; the woman who would be Queen should not be embarrassing herself in front of any audience, no matter how small. Her immediate instinct was to bolt, run away and find a new conversation, one she could start over, but her sense of pride weighed her down like an anchor - she would cling to the sinking ship of this interaction until she managed to right it, and only with that victory under her belt would she sail onwards. Father's nautical metaphors were really affecting her today.

"This poultice was made from Thornwind, you say? Or... was it bladeroot? I have... such... trouble, keeping the two separate..."

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Interacting with: @FailingForward & @EurmalEye

Ramsas sees at the very start the woman wasn't all too cooperative with the idea, but when he heard Birch begin to speak he saw her face slowly fade from that of annoyance to a more normal calmed face. He internally sighed as he saw that the situation calm down as she didn't wish to bring in any guards or create a big scene out of this. He just leaned against the wall as the whole place wasn't gonna become a mess and make his life hard trying to get his friend out of jail. Unlike last year at the Golden Goose, but that fiasco was in part by Ramsas' own doing so he does need to take blame but that doesn't matter right now. What matters is that they could still have a good time and not end up in jail.

As the tension all but died when Birch came back Ramsas decided to lean against the wall near him. As Ramsas was spoken to he perk up slightly as she was talking about his music. He was kinda saddened by the fact she called it fine as he said, "Fine? Well it looks like I'll have to try harder next time to impress you!" As he snaps his finger and points at her with a wink. A thing he often does to show he is going to try extra hard to find them and force them to say his music is good, even if it kills him.

As he sees she looks back towards Birch and talk to him again as they talk about where Birch is from and the medicine he gave her. She seemed to be the scholarly type. Hard to get smiling or laughing if not coaxed with alcohol and enough embarrassment on both ends but not impossible. As he looks at her she seems, strange. She doesn't look like the person to come to a festival like this. She looks as if she was here to find a book or the college of magic, but he wasn't one to judge himself. He has literally nothing on him except his clothing and his bracers he'd normally wear, but when he is here it's better to have them off so it is easy to show that he is marked so he can get free drinks, food,and service.

Ramsas waited 'till they finished discussing the difference of those plants to say, "Hey why not we go to a place to eat as we talk it would be a nice place to talk and get to know each other as I am starving after that performance". Just as a thought as it would also be a way to fill everyone's stomach and forget what happened here, so only good memories are left because it is hard to remmember bad things when you are with good company and a full belly. As Ramsas looked at Birch for his confirmation he saw the man and said, "After we get you a wardrobe change real quick. We can't have you in tattered clothing". Ramsas said as he gestured to the torn apart outfit.
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@Tenma Tendo

Lucian was going through many scenarios in his head, but one main voice was clear as day. "Don't screw this up..."

As he got closer and closer to the Sky Knight, Lucian expanded his wings to their full length to slow himself down more, until he was just hovering. He opened his arms to catch the girl. Even though she was coming at a slower descent, she was still falling at a considerable speed. If it were a regular human, they might not have caught her.

Lucian caught the girl, of course with a little challenge. The catch was almost perfect. His left hand almost slipped. He caught her in an embrace. "Don't worry, I got you!" He said. He went perpendicular to the ground in order to glide peacefully back to the fair grounds.
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Lia would have to take the man's word for it; her legs still looked too long and limber, and she wasn't entirely sure about those little nubs. Still, that was the least of her concerns, though the fates proved kind as it turned out he shared her enthusiasm. That's right, this was what the festival was all about, wasn't it? Two kindred souls meeting by pure chance, experiencing the entertainment, enjoying a drink and eating. Well, destiny had gotten her this far, so going along would be for the better, wouldn't it?

Keeping on her smile, Lia nodded, practically jumping on the fiery man as he offered his arm. She was all too happy to take him up on his offer, letting the air of romance and hope take the lead. Her heart was racing in her chest, the anticipation alone biting at her nerves. Ah, but she needed to keep calm, a fretful woman would make for a poor wife, wouldn't she?

She had to admit his talk was flattering--she definitely liked that. He could lead her to a cliff and she'd jump off happily if it meant he'd go ahead and keep that up. Was she letting him get the best of her? Probably, but there was no shame in that, right? She giggled as she looked up at him once again, hanging onto his arm. "You may call me Lia," The giddy mermaid replied rather cheerfully, batting her eyelashes at him. "And what do I call you?"

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Location: Fountain Square
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Birch gave the woman an appreciative nod and smile after he learned that he would not be imprisoned for the night. He had spotted a book called Loranther's Fables: The Mageling and the Phoenix Dawn which in the woman's satchel and made a mental note to ask her about it or look into it late. He had heard some incredible things about places like libraries that he was quite interested in visiting.

Now that she had calmed down for her reasonable anger, she was talking to Ramsas and asking him questions in a somewhat awkward, but endearing way. Birch listened carefully to make sure that he answered each part of her questions. "Yes, I am one of the tribesman, specifically from Mt Frostswallow yes. Let me introduce myself and my friend here. This is Ramsas, adventurer and wandering skald of the highest caliber. Whenever he graced our mountain, he brought joy to us all." Birch turned to Ramsas and said, ""I am sorry for interrupting your performance by the way. Can I spread the word for your next show? Get more people to listen in?"

Turning back to the woman, he said [color=aba00]"As for myself, I am Birch of the Oxhid tribe, son of Clan leader Rowan. Might I know your name in turn? I am not surprised you have yet to meet one of our people, we do not often get the opportunity to travel much. Especially not myself, as this is my first time off the mountain! You have an incredible city here. Look at all of these people! And the lights! And I even saw you do some magic! That is incredible! You must be an extremely powerful caster to do that so easily!"[/color] Birch took a breath to slow himself down. Through he was still feeling guilty, his natural enthusiasm and curiosity had started to bring his mood up once again. "Definitely Thornwind, although charred, diced bladeroot is an ingredient in there. It helps the poultice last longer, but also does wonders for the smell. I'm surprised you know of it frankly. You must be a scholar as well as a master magic-user!"

When Ramsas mentioned going to get some food, a gleam of determination entered Birch's eyes. The will of the unyielding mountain spoke through him as he said to them both, "I know a fantastic restaurant, Best food I have ever had." Still, Ramsas had a point about his outfit. There was simply no way to repair the ruined sleeves and he now lacked the coin to purchase another outfit. Birch thought for a moment before taking a small blade from his boot and deftly cutting the remain material off his arms leaving his tattooed arms and shoulders bare. He took off the white puffy collar as well, the thing was atrociously itchy and the cut down through the shirts collar exposed his marked throat a some of his tattooed chest. The result, while not fantastic, was a marked improvement in terms of comfort.

"That should be fine, I am already going to offend the royalty for sure since I have lost the gift from my tribe. Plus from what you have said Ramsas, I have gathered I missed the mark on my sense of proper fashion regardless. Now follow me!" Retracing his steps from earlier, he brought them to the finest and only restaurant he had ever been to. A burly, mustachioed man stood in the window of a stall haphazardly put together with various unlabeled meats hanging inside the shack. A cooking fire and jars of seasoning lay behind the shack. Upon seeing the approaching trio, the man grunted and spat into a bucket below.

Leading the other two to the only table, which was actually a barrel, and some stools surrounding it, Birch approached the counter. He reached into his other boot and pulled out one of his three emergency silvers. The chance to make up even the smallest debt he owed to them both it was worth it. He returned with three kebabs on a platter and three flagons of what had been labelled "Drink."
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Today just wasn't Eris' day. After leaving the barbarian behind on the roof, she'd gone to her buyer who doesn't question the things she sells him. There she'd sold most of the things she'd stolen that day earning a good profit. After she left, Eris set out with specific intentions on returning a few items to a certain person but decided not to, then decided she should and then again not to. Setting her off in an internal battle against slight guild and on what she should do. During this internal battle Eris ran into a man making him spill his beer and food on himself. She muttered an apology and tried to walk away but he grabbed her shoulder and spun her around beginning to yell at her. That is when she noticed this man was wasted out of his mind. 'Great, just what I need.' Eris thought.

"You better pay for my food and drink shrimp!"

"How about no." Eris coldly replied before turning to leave again. The man growled and grabbed her again, spinning her and throwing a sloppy punch. Eris easily dodged and swiftly kicked him in the chest. The man stumbled back and knocked against a stand selling drinks, successfully spilling them everywhere. Now she had the attention of multiple drunk people who wouldn't get their drinks. "Oh sh-" She was cut off as the group let out a roar and began after her. Eris turned on her heel and began running. Second time in the day she was being chased. She ran not knowing where she was going and eventually was chased out of the crowded area. When Eris went to look back at the group she didn't see she was running straight towards two people. By the time she noticed, well she had already run into them, well one of them.

Eris ran straight into what felt like a wall, a warm wall then fell back landing in shallow water. It was only then she realized she had run straight to the shore. Fixing her hood and rubbing her sore face Eris looked up at the two she ran into only to hear the footsteps approaching. She jumped up and hid behind them, not caring at this point that she'd run into them, they were now going to be the buffer between her and angry drunks.
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New Friends! whether you want it or not...

A collaboration with [ShwiggityShwah]; @Kitty; and @Hero

”Lia. A lovely name.” It matched her. ”Like a musical instrument.” He knew he was laying it on pretty thick, but he honestly was just trying to be a gentleman, trying to remember what he heard others say. He didn’t figure himself an eloquent or poetic man. Instead he toned himself back a little hoping not to put the woman off. He has been described as being a little, load.

She asked him his own name while hanging from his arm. He could of sworn he told her, but maybe she was so blown away by his presence that she didn’t quite catch it. He was embarrassed but he found it undeniably charming. He raised his other hand, scratching his burning hair and laughing out loud. ”Don’t you remember? Hah! I guess I do talk a little fast.”

He gave her a cool look with a wink and his thumbs up. ”My name is Kyros, but you can call me…” He placed his hand gently on the hand that held his arm. ”Yours.” His smile softened and cheeks reddened. He thought that line was pretty good. ”We should get you a towel, and then find a place to wine and dine, I want to learn everything about-”


”Hmm?” He looked down to see a woman had run into him. She looked utterly in a panic, though the first thing he noticed was the pair of horns on her head. A demonkin, no, what were they called? Tiefling? He shrugged. So it was going to be a fateful day of one beauty after another. Just cause she had not risen from the sea, doesn’t mean this clumsy woman deserve any less kindness. Kyros looked to Lia for a moment with an innocent smile before he leaned over, offering a hand to her as well. ”Are you-”

To his surprise the girl seemed to run behind him. He was confused by this, his eyes looked at him, though he followed his gaze and it turned out the lady had a bit of a party following her. Kyros’ sheer size caused them to stop in his tracks. The six men seemed irritated. Kyros looked back, wide eyed. ”Can I help you gentlemen?”

”Grrr, get out of the way! That girl broke my drinking stall!”
”Why you talking to him!? They are probably working together.”
The crowd was just shaking first, one even holding bottles of booze.

Kyros had to release Lia, breaking his heart a little as he stepped forward and made sure he was far away. He’d die a thousand deaths than let a scratch befall her. ”Sirs, please. I’m sure this is just a misunderstanding, a friendly accident.” He kept his heads upturned. The last thing he wanted was a fight, especially when he wished to show his gentler side.

The offer seemed too good to be true, Lia’s imagination running completely wild. Kyros--he said he had already introduced himself? She would have to take better care to consider his words in the future. Perhaps she had let her excitement get the better of her, an all too common occurrence that nearly every resident of Thalassa could attest to. Still, he didn’t seem to mind, much to her relief, albeit before she could inquire on his offer (a towel? What is that?) someone walked into him. Or ran, or something, she had been far too busy paying attention to him to be wary of her surroundings.

The perpetrator chose to hide behind them--a wise choice as the entourage that followed showed. Frowning at the gathering crowd, Lia let out a huff as Kyros stepped forward. A kind soul, indeed, preoccupied with solving the situation with words and not force. Admirable, truly, and were it any other time she would have greatly appreciated it.

But as petty as it sounded, she was more annoyed they were interrupted. Did these peasants not understand the event of love, for goodness’ sakes?!

Narrowing her eyes, she eyed the crew warily. The stench of alcohol was strong, causing Lia to wrinkle her nose. It would be a lie if she said she had never partook in the drink, but letting oneself lose control like that was such an ugly display. She looked back and down at the one who had caused all the discord, raising an eyebrow. A hood? Hooded figures usually had something to hide, though for the moment, she would only let out a wary sigh. No need to jump to conclusions yet, she supposed.

”An entire group of drunkards chasing a lone woman…disgraceful,” Lia huffed again, placing her hands on her hips. ”How are we to believe you, hm? For all we know the entire incident happened because you don’t know how to control yourselves!”

Kyros looked at her with surprise. Maybe not so gentle. She’s… wonderful…

While she did have a very solid point in the matter, the men were drunk, belligerent and out for restitutions or blood. One of them actually threw their bottle at Kyros. He managed to swap it out of the air, the glass clattering nearby. ”You butt out of this girl! You don’t know crap!”

Kyros muscles noticeably tensed.

The yelling of all of them cutting through the crowd became a bit of a jumbled mess. A few things rung out loud and clear. ”Do you see the things on her head!? I bet they’re all in this together!” Now this was getting to be some kind of conspiracy. It was hard to talk about who they were referring, the mermaid or the demon.

Kyros glared a little bit, diplomacy wasn’t going to resolve this as well as he hoped.

”They’re all guilty! Just a bunch of thieves and freaks!”

There was a calmness, before there was a sudden gust of wind, a sudden flash of heat. The walkway they stood on cracked under the pressure as something as suddenly Kyros ran forward and was in the groups face, his hand sole gripped around the one who spokes face and was holding him in the air. Two feet in the air.

Kyros was… different. His eyes seemed completely devoid of emotion, his teeth were clenched, his hair seemed to be whipping wildly and even getting slightly bigger. Then from his hands, and around his body, little sparks of flame appeared and it seemed to coat his body. He looked at the man with utter hate in his eyes. His voice boomed like a thunder crack


There was a gasp and a scream as Kyros literally became engulfed in flame. The group wisely ran, the man being held by his face struggling to get free in the Genasai’s grip before Kyros let him go the man falling on his rear and then crawling before scrambling away whimpering, having just saw death.

Kyros didn’t chase, they weren’t worth it. He merely breathed, in and out, trying to calm himself down as the fires on him began to very slowly dissolve away. He lost his cool it seemed. He didn’t even realize what he was doing until the heat fully died down.

Both of them were helping her out, even the larger man who had caught a glimpse of her horns. Two people in one day who hadn’t instantly chased her away or tried harming her once they saw her horns, what are the odds. Eris watched as the two defended her against the group and watched in awe and amazement as she watched the large man become engulfed in literal flames. The men ran away scared and she simply stared on, that was the first time she’d seen anyone do that or anything like that.

”Well that’s a first.” Eris muttered to herself from where she stood. She walked until she was in between the two and looked back and forth between them. She didn’t know exactly what to do, she wasn’t much of someone who thanked people normally but they did just help her so she should do something. Reaching in her small coin bag she pulled out a gold piece for each of them. She walked over to the woman first and handed one to her then over to the man. ” For helping.”

Lia's jaw dropped at the audacity of the drunkard's words. How utterly rude! Thieves and freaks, the nerve of their baseless assumptions was enough to stun a court to silence. But it seemed that despite their vulgar words, they were no match for the literal fiery fury Kyros held. He wasn't just kind, it seemed: he had power that could be felt even from a good distance away. Her eyebrows shot up at the display, anger all but forgotten as she watched the rest of the thugs turn tail and flee. Served them right!

Now that the distraction was gone, it was time to go back to more important matters. Or at least, that was what Lia wanted to do, but she was quickly reminded what started this all in the first place: the hooded girl. She was grateful, at least, even if a bit odd. As petty as it was, Lia couldn't help her wariness as the woman stepped between her and Kyros, unable to hide her displeased expression. As she was handed the coin, Lia inspected it. It looked like the ones Undine had given her for the festival. As fascinating as it was, there was the matter of the unwanted company at hand.

"Your gratitude is appreciated, but…" Lia slowly stepped around the woman, taking the chance to be close to Kyros as she flashed a smile. "I believe your thanks should be reserved for this one." She declared, throwing him a look of approval.

Kyros held his head and then threw his head back. ”Gah! I didn’t want to do that!” He exclaimed almost letting the two girls behind him go ignored for a moment. He turned, his eyes averted, and his chin pointed down. He looked… ashamed. ”I apologize, Lia… to both of you.” He tsk’d, clenching his teeth before looking Lia, a sorry expression. ”I hope I didn’t scare you…” He then looked at the hooded girl, she had gold in her hands but he seemed embarrassed. ”Or make things more difficult for you.” His hands ran through his hair. ”I hope those guys don’t decide to try and get the guards or something.” He honestly could get in trouble with the law, and what would that lead for Lia, and worse, this poor innocent stranger.

Eris was off put by the woman now slightly based on how she acted with the man, but simply shrugged it off. The two were probably destined? Although they seemed strangers still. She didn’t care enough to ask. As the man spoke, her focus went to him. ”Yeah no, your little thing you did. Not scary at all. Nor could anything make things more difficult for me.” Eris told him, her coldness beginning to come out as she spent more time around these strangers. ”Also those cowards won’t dare get the guards involved, too drunk to be believed.” She’d had a run in with people like them before, guards rarely listened to drunken ramblings from men like them.

”Can you just take this gold coin so I can go?” She asked the man after having held it out to him for a while without him taking it. She had fallen in shallow water and was still too close to said water for comfort in her book. Not to mention she’d had her horns seen by two people today and that just had her uncomfortable on a lot of levels. So she just wanted to get out of this situation, but not until the man took the coin.

The northeastern coral kraken was scary, though Kyros' display of power was more exhilarating than frightening. Still, she couldn't enjoy his response for too long before the woman seemed to be losing patience. Lia wrinkled her nose at the woman's insistence that Kyros take the coin. Goodness, someone was being quite testy all things considered. Did she forget that she was the one who came to them? Honestly, she was getting a bad impression of the common populace. As much as she wanted Kyros to take her offer so she could go, her more royal duty to her own people gave her some compassion. Or something like that, who knew. Either way, she couldn't exactly shoo her away without looking bad.

Deciding to take another approach, Lia gave the woman a shrug. "Now, now, that's no way to talk to someone who helped you out. Kindness is free," She stated, a hand on her hip. "If you really must be going, I believe a 'thank you' may go a longer way than coin would."

”More difficult?” He repeated. The woman’s words did make the man turn with an odd look about her. Everything she had said had left him with a cold feeling, a cold chill. Horns? Paying for kindness? A disposition of mistrust? He could relate. She probably had so little to rely on, and yet she ran to them. This was the festival, destiny is supposed to happen here. He had found his one and only, but no one deserves to be alone.

He turned and smiled as Lia took the words out of his mouth. Then to Eris, his hands on his hips and smiling broadly, thinking himself clever. ”And if a thank you is too much, you can always show your gratitude by offering a bit more of your company. Perhaps join us for a drink, or lunch?” he suggested, actually inviting the hooded girl to enjoy the festival with them. ”Its a festival right? You’re not allowed to have a bad time.”

Glaring under her hood towards the woman, ”You took your coin so you can stay out of it.” Eris cooly told the woman before looking to the man once again. ”Just take the coin. I’m not someone to hang around so take it and we can all go on our merry little ways. I think this festival is dumb anyways. Destiny is a load of crap. So let’s get this interaction over with so you two lovers can go get married or whatever.” She didn’t understand why this man just couldn’t do what she was asking of him, people couldn’t be that oblivious right?

Puffing out her cheeks in irritation, Lia had to remind herself to hold her tongue. Why was Kyros inviting her along?! What happened to getting to know one another?! As much as she wanted to put this peasant in her place, it was not up to her to do it. Kyros' kindness was wasted on such a rude person, and despite his insistence, she refused to just thank him and be on her way, claiming he was trapping her. Lia returned the glare with much gusto, albeit she was about as threatening as a pufferfish considering she was more pouty than anything.

But when the woman mentioned that she thought the festival was dumb, that was when Lia felt herself understanding somewhat. So the woman was alone? Was that why she was so cold and grumpy and rude? Oh, the poor thing, everything made sense now! Her heart splintered, torn between wanting to encourage Kyros to take the coin so she would leave already and wanting to assist the unfortunate soul. This, too, must have been fate, though it felt cruel to deprive her of her alone time. But it was her duty as both a woman in love and a (self proclaimed) matchmaker to assist the less fortunate. Even if three was a crowd.

"Oh come now, you don't truly mean that, do you?" Lia asked, suddenly changing her tone and barely containing her blush at marriage--marriage--being suggested. "This entire festival is supposed to be about finding true love!"

”There’s an idea. Marriage, but we’d need a witness.” Kyros teased now finding humor in Eris’ sour note. He was thrilled that Lia had agreed, he felt it deep in his chest that she’d protest, but she was every bit the spitting image of an angel in his heart that he thought. He crossed his arms. ”Besides, Destiny, True Love. The gods. All that pales in one simple fact.” He held up a single finger while walking over to Lia’s side.

”No one should be alone. Come on, I’m stubborn as an ox, you live by a strict code of your own personal honor, and you have nothing more to lose.”

”Love doesn’t happen for everyone.” Eris scoffed at their positivity. ”I meant exactly what I said and actually I do have more to lose. It’s called my life. So if you aren’t going to take this then I’ll just keep it.” Shaking her head at their ignorance and overall positivity she muttered to herself, not so softly. ”Why do I even try to be nice. Now people are pushing the stupid festival on me and trying to befriend me. I swear…”

How anti-social! But then again, she probably shouldn't have come running to them for protection if she didn't want to interact. Just as that thought crossed Lia's mind, however, her eyes brightened up. Ah, of course! Why didn't she think of this earlier? She flashed a mischievous grin at Kyros before stepping forward, her hands behind her back as she came up with a solution. Regardless of what she would choose, Lia would be happy either way.

"Well, I suppose the right thing to do would be to send you on your merry way, but may I ask one more thing?" Lia had a glint in her eye as she spoke. "What will you do if you run into further trouble? Will you continue to hide behind people and possibly expose yourself to more danger? You can do that, or--" She took a step back and looped her arm with Kyros'."We can be your bodyguards!”

”Seeing as I’ve been running into and away from trouble my whole life without help I think I can handle it. I just happened to literally run into you both while running. So I used you both to my advantage.” Eris shrugged, she didn’t care she was coming off rude one bit. ”Besides. Like I said. I’m not the type of person you want to hang around.” She reminded hoping they’d give it up, these two seemed to persistent for her to be able to simply walk away from this conversation. At this rate she was thinking of robbing them for all they were worth but she wasn’t at that point yet.

”Oh I dont know, I’m having a lot of fun talking to you. You have this adorable way of pouting.” He laughed shoulder to shoulder with Lia. ”For someone who doesnt care about others, you’re spending alot of time explaining that you don’t care.” His laugh settled.

”wouldnt it be nice to not have to run for a single after. A change of pace. And variety is the spice of life." Ultimately it was her decision. Just a bit of cheer hopefully to remind her that she could be welcomed. "In any case feel free to use me as your shield from harm whenever you need to. Though I think we would like your name. It’ll make each rescue a bit less formal.”

It was difficult to admit that there was definitely a momentary lapse in her cheerfulness, not having missed that little compliment thrown the woman's way. Argh, why must the gods test her so?! No, no need to panic, she seemed adamant on staying her way. And Lia was very happy about that.

"He's right, you know," Lia cheerfully agreed, delighted that the stranger seemed intent on staying just that: a stranger. Still, no matter what she decided, Lia would be alright with. Either she'd cave in and agree and they would go forth and partake in the festivities, or she would finally take her leave for good and she would finally get some alone time. "I am Lia, and this is Kyros.

”When others won’t leave well enough alone, you have to explain it a few times to get it through their thick skulls.” Eris coldly informed the man who she now knew had the name Kyros. She scoffed at giving these two her name. Like she wanted them to know such privy information that would allow them to acknowledge her elsewhere. No, that wasn’t happening. ”And I’m... “ Eris began to take a few steps back. ”Leaving.” She turned sharply and left the two where they stood. Going back to the busy areas to no longer be alone with such cheery, positive, annoying people.

Kyros shrugged. ”You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” Kyros wished the girl luck without words. She’d need it. He’d been there. It was a cold path she was walking.

Distractions gone, he turned back to Lia, finally alone again. ”But you, you have such a big heart.” Honestly her words for strangers, the bravery and compassion. He felt such a kinship. He put his hand over hers while she hooked her arms with him and looked down to get lost in her eyes.
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Fei || Andour City || @JrVader

Enveloped in the embrace of the stranger kind enough to come to her aid, Fei latched onto the man's clothing much like a koala would, face buried near the crook on his neck as she awaited the effects of the collision to gradually wear off. Most people would first thank the person that probably saved themselves from becoming nothing but a giant splat on the ground, but Fei needed to get something clear first before she could move onto that.

Pulling away bit so that she could see her surroundings a bit better, Fei let out an annoyed snarl, shaking a gloved fist in the air much like an old man trying to get the neighborhood kids off his lawn.
"Charna, get your butt over here this instant!" She yelled before letting out a high pitched whistle that's make sure the dark pegasus was listening.

Once she got that out of her system, the dark haired girl looked up to her savior with a small, but clearly embarrassed smile.
"I am so sorry you had to help me like that. I-I really appreciate it though!" She hummed, purple eyes moving from the other's face to the white wings protruding from his back. She wanted to ask...she really did, but would it come off as rude? Unsure herself, Fei decided to go for it, seeing as the man as kind enough to, oh I don't know, save her or someone else from immediate death.

"Apologies if I got the wrong idea but...are you an angel?"

Wow...that sounded a lot better in her head.
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@Tenma Tendo

Well, this wasn't the first time. Lucian could not help but smile. "Part Angel, actually." He says, smiling to the woman in front of him. His Angel wings disappear into white specks, dispersing into the air. "I was born in the Aether though," He scratches his head. "Does that make me an angel?" he continues to ramble on for a little.

After his little ramble, he looks back to the woman. he extends his hand. "I am Lucian. Wanderer and Aasimar. And whats yours cutie?" This action may seem a little brash, but Lucian doesn't know any better.
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Moving through the crowded streets was rather like swimming along a river. There was a flow to it, even if it did abruptly change directions or come to a complete stop, and if you could stick to it you'd be just fine. It was when you suddenly hit a rock, or in this case a lost tourist with their eyes on the scenery and not the road, that things got dicey. Keeping an eye out for such lost ones was paramount, ewhich made it quite difficult to consult the guide on upcoming events. Markus discovered that the hard way when he nearly tripped over a Halfling gawking at a scantily clad foxgirl from his decisively indecent perspective, and he quickly decided it was time to step to the side, up onto a raised step and away from the cobblestones, to fully read his list.

For starters there was the play the next evening. That might be interesting, he'd always had a liking for viewing stage pieces. Something to think about, at any rate. Then there was the speed dating event the following day, which he truthfully had no interest in. How could anyone, he wondered, have any faith in it working? It would be impossible to fully know and connect with someone after only a brief meeting. Kryssa would pout when he told her about that, but that was just something he'd deal with later. And after that was...

"Oh!" he said aloud as he read the entry for the Tournament. A chance to test himself going toe to toe with what would hopefully be some of the nation's best combatants. Now THAT was an event he could get behind. When was the last time he'd really felt challenged to the degree this promised?

Almost on cue, out of the corner of his eye Markus caught a flash of white moving around through the nearby crowd. Further inspection showed that it belonged to a young lady of his own age, and that it was her hair. "Right," he said to himself, "It was those times, wasn't it?

Minerva Fairchild. A young noblewoman the same age as himself who, like the rest of her family, made a business of hunting down magical criminals. They'd encountered one another on two occasions, both times crossing paths in pursuit of a shared target. The first had been a notorious wizard who had murdered a family in the Corvis family's province, thus setting Markus on his tail. They'd flatly told one another to stay out of the way, but when neither budged they simply continued working. Alas, the Fairchild woman had won that day; by the time he'd discovered the wizard's hideout she'd already had the man restrained. The second time had been chasing a thief wielding a mystical artifact. That time, they'd decided to openly make a competition out of it; Markus had managed to get the artifact from the thief's hands, but Minerva once again had the arrest to her name at the day's conclusion. It had been scathing on its own, and her attitude in the wake of both incidents hadn't helped.

But what was she doing here, during the festival? He wondered as he kept an eye on her movements through the crowd.
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Fire and Water, a Perfect Combination

Watching the strange woman storm off, Lia barely managed to suppress her smile. It seems the gods were on her side after all, with the woman's departure in Lia's favor. There was a small part of her that did feel guilty in earnest, but she was mostly relieved. After all, there was much to be discussed between her and Kyros, and the sooner they spoke the better.

Putting the entirety of the event behind her, instead she looked up at the taller man, catching him looking down at her. Her heart nearly skipped a beat, and it took a lot more effort than usual to keep her composure. Ah yes, those eyes on her and her alone, just the way she liked it! His compliment was unfounded, especially considering the distaste the two women held for one another, but she wouldn't dwell, instead flashing a brilliant smile at him.

"And no mention of your heroics?" Lia asked, genuinely surprised." Fire magics of that kind aren't usually so vivacious! Strength of that kind is coveted by many." Especially her, all things considered.

He would begin escorting her away from the shore, away from the sea and towards the flowers and ribbons and music. It was time for them to be a part of the festivities and not have it run into them, his stomps in sync with the pitter patter of her delicate feet.

He raised a hand, surprisingly humble for even him. "Please, handling a bunch of drunks isn't worth mentioning." He appreciated the way she looked at him, it made his stomach turn in knots and him to scramble for words.

She complimented his strength. "I can thank my lineage for the magics. The strength, well." He wondered if he should explain himself. He decided for it but make it a grand epic so as not to have her heart bleed to his sad tale. [Color=gold]"In another life, I was a gladiator."[/gold] he threw his head up and used his free arm to emphasize his tale. [Color=gold]"Battles to the death were my breakfast, wrestling great beasts my dinner. You had to get strong, and fast. I fought for survival, a life I wish not for anyone. But it has its uses."[/gold] He grinned.

"I cant create, but I can protect." Indeed that's all the fire could do, destroy, but maybe channeled properly… "But- ehhh, sometime I lose my cool." He made a fist, looking pained and shaking it. "To call my sea maiden such a vile profanity… I just had to defend your honor."

Aha, a magical lineage! Not entirely uncommon but still appreciated more or less. At the mention of his previous life, Lia couldn't help her smile, charmed by his tale. Born for the warrior's life, was he? What an entertaining way of living Kyros had, molded by his experiences and his own hands. It was actually admirable, speaking of his sincerity and unshakable determination. Though he revealed little, it spoke volumes alone: and she liked it a lot.

Nodding in what was obviously approval, Lia's free hand reached up and rested on her cheek, a grand smile that didn't want to go away remaining. "And defend it you did! It was like watching the sun rise, the colors of red and orange hue illuminating the night sky and setting it ablaze!" She remembered having a similar feeling the first time she had watched it happen above the surface, her vision undiluted by the sea.

"The element of fire represents passion, you know," She was sure he had heard it many times, but spoke of it nonetheless. [color=94cfc]"And who can contain their passion? The zest of life is meant to be expressed and celebrated!"[/color] She was insistent as she spoke, reaching a somewhat reasonable level of excitement as they walked arm in arm, making sure to stay close.

"I do know." he said laughing heartedly. [Color=gold]"I like to think I personify it."[/gold] She catered to his ego so much that it was apparent that he knew so little about her. But that was an ego, a partial narcissist.

His opposite hand enclosed around her own. [Color=gold]"No truer words has ever been spoken."[/gold]. The two had come to a square, the road crisscrossing, the market stalls open, the drink and merriment flowing, and music from three or four places hung in the air and echoed towards him.

He spun out of her arm to arm embrace and stood before her. His hands clasping around her own. "My dearest Lia, I propose we show this city what life really means. Let's have the greatest day of our lives!" He stepped in holding her hands to his chest. The only way she'd be closer is if they hugged as he looked down at her, his eyes smoldering with affection and desire.

"My destined." He whispered before giggling. He brought his face close but a few inches from kissing her, but it was only to sigh sweetly, feeling like the luckiest guy in the world.

He pulled away, his hand taking her with him into the crowd. "I want to know everything about you Lia. Where are you from? The life you led. Your dreams. Tell me if I'm asking too much."

Sweet merciful Triton below, it was like he was plucking all the words she would ever want to hear and laying them out for her to see (well hear). The tone, the location, from how he moved and suggested they enjoy the day--it was perfect. This was exactly what she had hoped for when she had heard of the festival, and they were only on day one! Not that she would complain. No, on the contrary, this was an opportunity. While Kyros finding her had come smoothly, now she had to really bring it in.

Or she could be totally enraptured instead.

Speaking of bringing it in, the sudden movement had thrown Lia for a slight loop, his words nearly missed as her focus was on her hands near his chest. Now that she was properly looking at somewhere that wasn't his ripped arms or gorgeous face, she had to take a second to properly admire his physique. Or she would have had her face not felt like her cheeks were burning. Her eyes flickered up to his, realizing how close he was. This was how she was going to die, her heart was going to pop out of her chest!

Fortunately he pulled back and she remembered to breathe. Oh goodness...At his questioning she straightened up, eager to reply before she stopped herself. Now didn't seem like the best time to reveal her royalty. Despite getting swept up in the whirlwind romance, she suddenly remembered that she was incognito. Lying would reflect poorly on her character, wouldn't it? Well, she would just have to omit certain parts.

""Well, if it isn't obvious, I come from the sea," She absentmindedly flicked one of her fins as she brushed her hair off her shoulder. "My home is in the Anenome Sea, the Kingdom of Thalassa. I've come to the surface a few times, though the sensation of legs and walking on a flat surface has yet to be second-nature," She remembered the last time she was here, albeit she had met with the King at the time. "So far I have had one goal in mind for my life, though I can say coming here should nudge me in the right direction." She cheerfully concluded.

"The fins did give it away… but I didn't want to assume. I first thought you fell overboard and swam back yo shore." The drenched dress made sense now. He listened intently, mo doubt an odd sight for those sharing the street. They gave the genasai and mermaid a bit of a berth.

"Anemone Sea. That's a ways." It was out to sea off the Wavecrest Isles. He stopped when she mentioned her kingdom. He looked at her mouth and eyes agape. "I've heard of that kingdom. That would mean… you're a mermaid?" and that explains the legs. He assumed some magic was at work on her so he didn't question it.

He suddenly started sputtering then chucking. Then laughing. "Fate is truly a surprising thing!" He recovered. "I am Ifriti, the genasai of fire. We hail from the Elemental Plane of Fire and roam the deserts and blasted scorched lands of the world. To think we come from so far from eachother, to meet here. I've heard opposites attract but, I don't know, its funny to me." Mermaid meets a fire elemental, that was a new one. He chuckled a bit more, before squeezing her hand. "Funny and wonderful."

He listened to her intentions. He nods. "Ahh, the fair princess journeys to find her prince." He couldn't know who she was. "I hope hes everything you could have wished for." He says with a slight blush. That was his pattern, high, obnoxious before toning it back to something tender.

He stops when he notices something. "How often do you come to the surface? Theres so many things I want to share." He guides her towards one of the carts. Theres a pungent smell coming from the wooden box of a stall, and something vanilla and creamy.

The woman is rosey cheeked and red haired. "Dont you both look precious, what can i get ya."

Kyros raises two fingers. "Two floats please." He pays the lady and they get two large tankard of something frothy and bubbly. He gives her one and holds his with both hands. "Its Root Beer mixed with a sweet iced heavy cream, it makes it all fizzy. Try it." sweet and bubbly with robust after taste. "Hope you like it."

Opposite indeed, especially considering their respective elements. Before she could dwell on his comment, however, the word 'princess' threw her off for a second, eliciting a slight laugh as she averted her gaze. Astute or lucky? She prayed it was the latter and was massively relieved as he moved on, the woman nodding enthusiastically. Finding her prince indeed! Though there was a tiny prick of responsibility nagging at her in the back of her mind. Maybe keeping things secret wouldn't work out, what if he didn't approve?

"The last time I came to the surface was with my brother," She frowned for a second, recalling that it was shortly after he had ascended the throne. "There wasn't much time to sightsee, unfortunately. Coming from the depths means we didn't have much time before our tails would return, so we did our...business, and then returned shortly afterwards." That wasn't a lie, negotiations counted as business, right? It did in her book, and she remembered Aedre emphasizing the importance of relations with those above the surface. Business was definitely one way to describe it.

His next question distracted her, though she didn't get a chance to respond before the strangest smell hit her. What was that? She blinked in confusion as he ordered...what was that? Floats? Her lips formed a small 'o' as she watched the woman, momentarily befuddled as Kryos handed her a mug of something bubbly. Ah, a drink! Was this beer? Kyros' explanation answered the question, the combination coming off as a shock. Beer and cream? As she drank however, the combination of the sweetness and fizziness proved to be a positive one, her eyes widening for a little as she lowered the mug, her tongue resting on her lips for a second.

"It has a sublime flavor to it," She replied in earnest, taking a second to drink more. Pausing for a moment, she realized she hadn't accurately answered his question. "Ah, well, you see, it isn't often, but that was due to my own limits," And the fact that royalty couldn't be gallivanting here and there, but that wasn't important. Making sure not to spill the drink, she tapped the sapphire gem hanging from her neck, the sheen glimmering dimly before extinguishing. "With this, I have no need to worry."

He enjoyed his own, ecstatic that he made the right choice and she liked her drink. He helped her nearby, a standing table available for them to put their drink down and enjoy it before moving on. The music of a nearby square starting annew to fill the air withe soft chime of winds and strings.

Festival Music

“That sounds frustrating.” He said hearing about her problems with visiting between the water and the surface. She had less trouble than an air breather would have but he could relate. He still tried to linger on her every word, his head resting in one hand, leaning forward as close as he can across the table. She showed her necklace that accentuated her chest and neck and he grinned. He hoped there was magic that could allow a surfacer to go to the see the depths below. ”Ooo very fetching. But, don’t feel like you need to force yourself on my account. I wouldn’t mind going for a little swim with you.” There was also the public baths… but that might be something for tomorrow. He also had to lie too, a little. He could swim, just not for very long. She didn’t need to know that, he could handle it.

He grabbed his flagon and took a long drink, a milk moustache forming on his upper lip. ”So you and your brother huh. Hmm… I’m making a guess here. You’re a family of merchants.” He suggested pointing his finger for a second before explaining himself. ”Makes total sense to me. So passionate, eloquent, and whats the- sophisticated. You must have traveled the world more than I have.” He held her in such high esteem, his face saying it all.

Lia raised her eyebrows as she giggled to herself, pleased to hear Kyros was more than happy to swim with her. It was no small feat making it to Thalassa, but she was sure there was a way if she actually thought about it. Not that she would know, Aedre always made it a point to go where needed despite the council's insistence that they accept foreign visitors. Still, she had something to worry about when he took a guess at her family's profession. Oh dear, he was more intuitive than she expected. Lia occupied herself with the drink for a moment as she tried to think of what she could say.

"Ah...well traveled, though I've only ever been to capitals," She admitted. "Although I wouldn't call us merchants. Though my brother has always emphasized trade, so perhaps that could technically fit."

Clearing her throat for a moment, she decided to divert the focus off of her. "And yourself?"

He crossed his arms as he leaned on the table. This was refreshing. His heart was doing cartwheels and leaps when he was enchanted by the sea goddess, but he really felt he was getting to know the girl behind the eyes. And, when she confirmed traveling to the capitals, he made a very surprised ”Really?” His interest very much piqued. ”I never thought I could meet someone who was willing to travel. It’s why I’m still, well, was, a bit of a lone wolf. But-” He sighed, his hand sliding across the table hoping to touch hers, his motions and voice, he was smitten.

“Me?” He raised a hand and tapped his chin. It was always so easily to tell someone who he was, what he does, but he felt so… brutish before a charming passionate merchant like herself. He held names like, brute, sell sword. He finally admitted. ”Im-” He picked up his head. ”A hero for hire! There’s always a war to fight, a monster to hunt, a village to protect. I go far and wide to offer my services, my strength, for a noble cause.” He leaned on the table trying to look cool. Considering his minimalist attire, it probably didn’t pay much. ”And I’ve gotten quite good at it.” His life was all about fighting, from his childhood til now.

He tried to make it sound less than what it was. ”So I’ve been practically everywhere. Deserts of Aurhiem, the White Peaks, the Skullstone Isles, the Jade Realms, Gem, Hyala, The Haltan Groves, but never under the sea before. I’d walk those roads all over again to show you some of the wonders I’ve seen.”

The diversion worked at least, much to Lia's relief. She listened as she continued to drink, greatly enjoying both conversation and drink. The bubbliness in her stomach occupied the steady beating of her heart, positively enamored with his speech. A noble cause indeed, she found herself smiling at that. Just the two of them, traveling the world to see its wonders and exploring where no other has gone. It sounded very much like a dream come true, hand in hand with her one and only.

"Anywhere sounds good, so long as it's in good company," She teased, throwing him a wink before she took another wonderfully fuzzy gulp. Her eyes wandered for a slight moment, watching him for a second before concentrating on her drink. Once finished, she placed her chin in her hand. "Adventuring is something I've always wanted to do, and with the right person it would be magical." She hinted.

His eyes were lidded to her talk of travel, of adventure and excitement. He finished off his fizzy drink and moved it aside. His eyes were flirty, were meant only for her as his voice got low, whispering. ”Oh really. The unexplored parts of the world. It might be dangerous. Treacherous. Exciting. You might see something no one else has seen. People might even write a story about Lia, the Mermaid that Walked around the World.” He subtly moved closer to her, inching around the table to get close again, the table too wide for him any longer. He stood before her. ”The Mermaid that Tamed the Roaring Fire.”

There was a cheer down the road from them, the music lifting up again as a new melody played and the crowd sang and clapped. There was an ethereal singing of a some talented bard whose voice cut through the crowd.

Kyros felt blood rush to his cheeks. “Lia. Dance with me.” He asked.

The idea of getting etched in history wasn't a foreign one, albeit she thought it would only be a passing mention on being her brother's sister. Lia tapped the handle of her mug, taking a second to think about it. Was this going in a direction that it shouldn't have? They weren't making promises. Just a little flirting here and there. Of course, she was fully convinced and hanging onto every world and throwing caution to the wind and she was pretty sure this was the man she would be marrying. Maybe. She could already hear Aedre reprimanding her. But that was a concern for the princess of Thalassa, not the Lia enjoying herself in the company of the gensai Kyros.

His invitation was met with curious eyes, briefly looking to the source before returning to him. Was he embarrassed? It was an adorable image, though Lia hesitated for just a second. She'd likely make a fool of herself all things considered, but how could she refuse?

Finishing her drink first, she savored the flavor before giving Kyros her full attention. "By your command," She joked as she would stand, letting the sound of music flow through the chatter of the crowd.

He took her hand. He was mindful of her legs and knew he wouldn’t be tossing her about in one of the maypole folk dancing, but the bards voice was slow enough that he could sway with her, hold her. Start their day off with a magical moment. It started to get crowded as they got closer, groups already forming to watch the merry makers. They were dancing, jumping twirling, dressing and hair swaying. They took the square. He grimaced, was there room for him and Lia?

There would be. He looked above, a tavern had a second floor, a rooftop space that overlooked the square and had their own patrons, but up there, they had a view, up there they might be able to make some space for them, up there they could hear some music.

”This way.” He said to her, his hand squeezing as he muscled his way through, going through the crowd, a door, a busy tavern and finally up stairs. The outside sitting space was as Kyros imagined, some more tables set up, but the majority of them were unoccupied. He maneuvered around the tables as he got to an unused spot.

He stood before her, offing a hand for her to hold, and his other to take her waist. He knew ballroom… seemed very uncharacteristic but he knew the steps humans would dance in royal balls. It was a bit slower then the music, but once she was nestled in his arm, his chest open for her to lean upon. He would sway with her, let the music melt over them.

Following along as giddy as a clam with a pearl, Lia felt like she was practically floating. They were walking hand in hand. Hand in hand. Her heart was probably going to burst out of her chest at this point, doing her best to remain somewhat composed. Drinks? Check! Music? Check! Dancing? On the way! She honestly couldn’t have planned things any better herself, the universe practically handing them opportunity after opportunity. She would have to offer prayers to the gods sooner than later, she mused.

Once they were hand in hand, she gave Kyros a breathless smile, letting him take the lead. She wasn’t entirely sure swaying was the way land-dwellers danced, but she wasn’t going to complain. The music seemed like it was off in the distance, the two focused on one another. Granted, she was trying more or less not to trip on anything, but otherwise the setting was just perfect.

"Oh, such a charmer," She giggled, smiling brightly.

He threw his hand up, and around her. He spun her through with momentum, shaky legs or not, making her twirl with almost angelic grace. A taste of the numerous formal events he had been apart of, and thus picking up the steps. She’d be caught and set upright through the movements. She wouldn't sit out on the fun.

”What can I say, you bring out the best in me.”
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Delyndra, Ramsas, and Birch

In collaboration with: @EurmalEye & @FailingForward

What was she doing here? This was ridiculous. A man had knocked her over in the street, and now she was here getting food with him and a musician at some back alley meat stand. There was no reason for her to have quietly followed him all the way to this place... and yet, she had. There was something captivating in the gaze of this 'Birch', a sense of foreignness, of... not ignorance. That was an unkind word. Alienation? Like everything was somehow exciting to him. Even the barest-bones cantrip she had ever casted in her life. Still swirling at the center of her decision to follow these men here was that sense of pride. A queen would not run; not from these people, not from anyone.

"My name is Delilah Farhill," she said out of the blue, unused to having to introduce herself. "I am a student at the Andour Academy of Magic, so you are correct to identify me as a scholar, though a master of magic I am... not." She let out a nervous, awkward laugh. The change in wardrobe had done Birch some favors; something about seeing someone cut a fancy and uncomfortable garment to ribbons was quite gratifying to her, though she resolved not to ponder why. At the mention of the Royal Family, she took a sip from the flagon of burning, bitter 'Drink' to hide her face. The taste was sour, but not entirely unpleasant. At the very least, Birch hardly had to worry about what her family would do about his missing gift; on the list of visiting dignitaries she'd have to look out for, she had not seen any in the way of tribespeople, even the sons of any Clan-Leaders. Technically, he was a kind of prince, a thought she entertained with some amusement.

She couldn't resist; now was as good a chance to probe the feelings of the common people as any. "What do you know of the Royal Family?" she asked, glancing from Birch to Ramsas before taking a bite of the sauce-covered hunk of meat on the plate Birch had given her. Her face wrinkled automatically. It was... certainly something.

"Well it is very fine to meet you Ms. Farhill. And there is an Academy for Magic in this city? Simply incredible! If not a master now, then a master soon, I suppose." Birch watched as her face, as it wrinkled in what was surely the same delight he had felt when he had first tried the cook's fine masterpiece, even if the 'Drink' seemed to be quite poor. Looking on her now, he realized that she possessed a great beauty, with skin that looked like it had never been touched by the blizzards frigid air. More than that though, beyond her eyes seemed to roam about searching and probing for information. Wonderful eyes for a scholar in his mind. He wondered what kinds of things they learned at the Academy, absentmindedly taking another bite of his kebab.

He took a moment to collect his thoughts before answering her question about the royal family, mulling over and organizing his thoughts. "Not as much as many I am afraid. I know of how King Dreyen Allervia slew the Orc-lord Groakash in the seas and repelled the sea front. We had some communication in the early days of the war as we guarded the Mountain fronts. I know your kingdom has weathered much hardship besides over the years that your king and queen have guided your people through. I know there is a Princess, but not much else about her. I empathize with her though. Clan-leader has led us through some of the worst orcish attacks in the last century since they banded together. As leaders, we have to be prepared to lead our people as well or as good as the people before us. It is our duty, but duty can be a heavy chain to bare indeed."

Birch reflected quietly to himself for a moment, then turned to Ramsas. "But surely our Bard friend here has more knowledge than myself?"

Ramsas followed Birch without much of a thought and just rested his tired legs down as he watched Birch leave to grab food. A normal thing he watches people do as he rarely had coin on him, and even if he did it was used to buy his round of drinks, yet it was strange this girl here, she didn't even say a word. She just followed them here and seemed intrigued by Birch, it was fair, he was from a place entirely different than here. Eh, Birch would also see this place as different as well. Fairly few people wield weapons openly, and even fewer are prided in their combat talent he comes from a place both are a norm and he can oftentimes find it fine but most others don't understand that idea. You need to be able to fight and survive because that is your life. Ramsas knows this sentiment as in his time has found himself staring down the same blade Birch has.

As Birch came back he took a drink and began to coax it slowly so he could tell it was not just meat juice he started drinking it. Hmm, definitely not the best but could be worse as it sit well with Ramsas as he placed it down as the girl stated her name, Delilah. He thought it was a pretty name, but it seemed strange she looked like a commoner but she had something off, she is from the college most should have nicer looking cloaks and clothing than she does, might be she just got in there but he might probe that later, and besides the most scholarly people don't come out to these, so it might be that she is different somehow but that can be a question for a later moment right now she asked them a question.

He listened to Birch and was slightly saddened that he held such a weight as he can tell it weighs on him as his voice changed near the end and feel silent. Almost as if he is looking at such a fate knocking and it might just be Death at the door. Ramsas' smile lightens ever so slightly as instead of a smile it is a smirk but it is still there.

As Birch passed the question over to Ramsas he shrugged as he said, "My thoughts on the Royal Family? Well that is a strange question to ask but I suppose I do have some views, I truly don't mind what they do as I am unaware of their affects to me. But if I was to say from some of the stories that they seem like decent folk. As I look at this city around me that I visit nearly every year I find it doing well and fine, even my friends living here says that they do good by them so I can only assume that they are decent people".

He said this as he doesn't really live in this city and really visits for a week or so to see friends and leaves to adventure once more. Once he finishes he takes a kebab and takes a bite of the meat, it was pretty good, definitely not as good as Kartha's roasted boar he would be having at her place tonight, but definitely a delicious treat nonetheless.

He then asks Delilah the same question, "So what are your thoughts on the Royal Family?" He asked as it was only fair and it would be nice to ask someone who lives her their point of view, why would he care? He doesn't he just wants her to get more comfortable with them as she seems like she is slightly tense while here.

Delyndra smiled at the mention of her father’s favorite story. When she was young, the king had often re-enacted the tale of his victory over the monster as a comedic farce for her entertainment, pressing the palace servants into various roles as he japed and capered. He had that way with people. Birch’s words gave her pause, and she hoped that the surprise did not show on her face. She regretted her condescending humor at the notion that this man was a ‘prince’ - clearly, he understood something of what it was to be a ruler.

And there was Ramsas, still looking at her with those soft eyes. She was not unused to being looked at, but there was something different about the way he was looking at her, not judgemental, but curious, wondering at her feelings, her actions. When he spoke, he said nothing that surprised her; her parents, as she was acutely aware, were well-liked. “I… know little of them. I’m not very involved with this city. I’m from the, ah, countryside.” She took another bite of the kebab, a little more palatable than the first, and dabbed daintily at her mouth with her handkerchief. “I find that the, ah… it’s best, when possible, to remove oneself from politics.”

She swallowed sharply and turned to meet Ramsas’s gaze. “Where are you from, musician?” she asked sharply, her face flat, her eyebrow raised. “Or were you content to keep staring at me?”

Ramsas seems to have made her slightly upset with him looking at her, might be a fine way to slowly embarrass her into slowly let her guard down, ”I mean if I can stare at a beautiful face like your own I wouldn't mind for a few more moments”. As he leaned forward and places his chin in his left hand as he sets his elbow down and leans in and looks at her for another moment or so before he sits up straight again as he says, ”I hail from a town called Thrensvail, around a 5 month travel from this kingdom in a land called Thragon. Is that good enough for you, or would you like to know more about it?” As says with a slight lean back so he can slightly look her dead in the eyes and also so he could check her features as a face and words can lie, but eyes always tell the truth more than any other can.

Birch glanced back and forth between them. For some reason, the tension between the two had grown large. Ramsas stared at the scholar intensely and Delilah seemed quite nervous. Birch was mystified at what had happened and cleared his throat quietly. "You know Ramsas here has helped out my clan in one or two dire situations. But I think his real talent is for music. How long have you been playing for Ramsas? It must be difficult to control all those instruments." His eyes flicked back and forth hoping the tension would relax between the pair. He tried searching for inspiration to fuel more friendly conversation. He realized he had a question that might help keep the conversation friendly. "Do either of you know which race has white skin and horns?"

Delyndra cocked her head and smiled at Ramsas, a serene expression that was completely lacking in warmth. “Aha, the good bard flatters me,” she said. “I am familiar with Thragon. I’m told it is lovely this time of year.” She held her gaze as Birch began to speak. “Ah, I’m sure the people of Frostswallow were very glad to have you.” Her words were utterly without either kindness or malice - merely guarded probing, the most essential skill of the noblewoman. This man was more clever than he let on - if she were to find out how clever, some games would be necessary.

Birch, on the other hand, was exactly what he let on, which was both unsettling and refreshing to the princess. She furrowed her brow at his question, something of his earnestness leaking into her and leading her to show her thoughts on her face. “Horns like what? Antlers, like a deer? I’m told some elven druids exhibit such things. Or do you mean white scales? Dragonborn then, most likely.”

As Delilah answered in kind to his staring with a wonderful face of someone who knew what was going on, now it was social games. She knew quite a few things for a woman who looks so young, she seems to have a good bit of experience of hiding her emotions and intentions, quite clever. She commented on his home land and to him it is news to him that it looks nice this time of year, he hasn't been there since he turned of age.

Ramsas straightens himself and looks over from Delilah to Birch as the man asked him a question as Ramsas said, trying to remember how old he is, ”I have been playing instruments for around 20 years or so now. I think I started using my magic to do so for around 15 years, but I know I started making a habit out of making multiple instruments for around 10 years since my first time coming here for my first festival of destiny. But during that time I was searching for friends and doing performances. But since then I made it a ritual to come here every year to meet friends and every 5 years to celebrate with others such a wonderful and lovely event”. Ramsas says with some gestures as he gestured with his arm around his size and height at the time. And he started making small instruments float in his hand as he showed how many he could make at each time with the most is him right now with around 20 different instruments going all at once, and the least being when he first started doing this was one full instrument and a small bell. As he closes his hand and it turns to just orange bright dust then dissipates as he takes another sip from his drink.

As there is a moment of silence Ramsas senses that Birch doesn't really knows what's going on as Birch asks a question that seemed very out of the blue. Ramsas sits there for a moment as he thinks if he knows a race that has white skin. He assumed something along the lines of Alabaster white, but horns? Very hard, Ramsas has seen plenty of races but he couldn't quite know which one it could be, so Ramsas shrugs and concedes an, "I don't know, I would need to know more, there are too many races I can think of that fits that description". As he looks towards the woman she isn't quite so scholarly type as he thought she was, she seems to have entered and dueled in social interactions before, he would need to pry her open slowly. A task that could take some time, but could prove to make quite an enjoyable time as those types of people can become the greatest of friends.

Things seemed to have calmed down with his two tablemates thanks to his quick intervention. He let out a small sigh and felt some of the muscles in his back relax in response. Inwardly, he wondered what had upset the pair of them. He hoped it was over now. Ramsas had been a friend to him and his village, but he had a debt to Delilah and was enjoying her company. "I am not exactly sure I only got a quick look at the person and those were the main details I got. It didn't look like they had scales though. Just checking to see if anyone had any idea." He glanced wistfully at the bards hands where the last of the orange dust from his conjurations dissipated. "You know when I was a child I dreamed that instead of a warrior like my father or my elder brothers, I would be a mage like from the skald's tales. Being able to cast my arms and fly through the sky or transform the mighiest orc warrior into a mouse. I actually managed to find a trader that knew a cantrip that was willing to teach me, but I couldn't ever get it to work. In contrast, it seems like magic is commonplace outside of the mountains. With the exception of the Mark, of course." He pointed to his own mark at the base of his throat surrounded by tattoos. "What do you both think? Are the stories real or just skald's tales?"

Ramsas places his hand onto Birch’s shoulder as he finds his friend saddened that he is unable to live out his dream as a mage and use magic. But Ramsas wouldn’t be able to just teach Birch even if he tried as it takes a mind who can create the perfect image in their mind and how it works just to work his magic. Yet that is how it is, the world is not fair enough to give everyone a fair chance, so there needs to be those who could give them chances. Sadly it would take time to just get Birch off and understanding how to use magic, something Ramsas has a difficulty understanding as his magic is strange on its own, but later he might find Birch and try and teach him to start. Ramsas says to his friend, ”Hey it’s fine. We aren’t all perfect, for you it might take more work to start up magic. It took me awhile just to get my magic work, even after many years of using it I still have much to learn and improve so much. If you set your mind to it you can do it, and hey you were the one who taught me how to properly to create medicine, something few can do and which still takes me awhile just to do right”. Ramsas says this to see if he can cheer his friend up in any small way right now. He has been saddened by his outburst earlier then, it seems like him using magic seemed to have him thinking about he can’t use magic, so Ramsas keeps this in mind when they are alone not to use magic.

When Birch asked what he thought about the marks Ramsas said with a chuckle, ”Well I think the marks was a magic placed on people by old wizards to get people to marry to people they would never meet.”. As Ramsas set his chin in his hand and leaned as he looked up to a corner and continues, ”I heard a story once, though. These marks are from millennia ago two lovers, 2 mages who came from warring nations. Each met on the battlefield and found the other extraordinary. May it be through cunning, looks, strength, or what have you they fell for the other and everytime they were on the battlefield they fought, not out of hate, but love. The love to see the person they love succeed, to watch them grow. They loved each other so much they wished to be together forever, to watch the other grow and become a better them, so they put a curse on each other. Every time they die they came back as the same person in a different body”.

Ramsas sighed as he continued, ”Yet through these times a witch watched as these two constantly came back over and over, never losing the other as they marked the other that would change when they knew. So she devised a plan the next time they died she would scatter them so they would never find each other and she wouldn’t have to be sad as she would never find someone to love her. Yet what she did was split them up into hundreds of pieces. Each piece falling across the world and reformed as a new person. Each person wished to find their soulmate, the exact piece that they were for. A heart wishing to find the heart it belongs to, a hand wishing to hold the hand it was meant to, and a soul wishing to become one with the soul it was destined for”. As Ramsas looks back down and looks at Delilah and slightly softened his smile as he says , ”What say you do you believe in any of the stories?”

He was doing this in hoping to see her blush as when he does this it has caught hundreds of people off guard. He wanted to open her up and also see how strong her defenses actually were. He needs to see what kind of state of mind she is in, could she be love struck like many others? It would make sense why she would be here, but Ramsas needed to start and find out.

Birch smiled over at the bard as Ramsas placed an arm on his shoulder to comfort him. The man was a skilled warrior, an exceptional bard, a powerful mage, but most importantly a wonderful friend to him. “You are right, of course. It is like that old saying ‘There are always less orcs on the other front.’ Magic is probably far more interesting to me since my people as a whole seem to have such a limited amount of talent in its application. Anger problems seems to be the more common replacement, though I would hardly call it a ‘skill.’ As for the medicine, bah, you picked up the trick well enough and I am far less familiar with the plants around this beautiful city." Birch did feel lighter though, the friendship and understanding Ramsas had shown him lightening his load.

He listened with rapt attention to the tale Ramsas wove of love broken by the dark magicks of a jealous witch. Unconsciously, he touched the sun shaped mark at the base of his throat as Ramsas described. By the end of the tale, Birch cried loudly, not in sadness, but moved by the tale. He wiped away his tears on his bare arms and took several deep breaths to compose himself. "So sad. Being split up like that." He shook himself trying to shake off his feelings. “In the mountains, we have another story, but I think not nearly so interesting a tale.” Birch looked up at the sun’s position in the skies measuring how much time had passed.

Birch stood up, picking up the empty plates and his own mug and bringing them back to the kebab chef, who grunted in acknowledgement. “Friends, I have much coin to earn before the day ends this evening, so I must be off. I hope that we can meet up again soon! Possibly at the show from the Royal Company playing tomorrow?”

Ramsas looks out and sees that much of the larger commotions are gone as he sighs out as well as his friend talks of leaving, ”I myself need to find a few friends while I’m out so I must leave our lady here as well”. As he gestures towards her and says, ”I hope I can see you later on today or tomorrow at this play that is being held”. As he then looks back to Birch, ”To you my friend, if you need a place to stay because of your misfortunate circumstances I can lend my aid to you all you need to do is find me when you wish. If not, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow if not out in the city, but at the play myself. And with that I must bid a farewell”. As Ramsas begins to head out as he takes his hands together and begins to form his guitar as he begins to play and leave once more. Off to find some friends and merry adventure.
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Fei || Andour City || @JrVader

Ah, so this guy was a halfie, huh? No matter, it didn't excuse the fact that half of his blood was purer than anything she'd probably laid her eyes one. Nodding slowly to show she was listening, Fei clapped her hands in awe as the little flecks of light rose up into the sky, some of them even getting close enough for her to reach out and touch.
"Wow that's so cool..." She mused with a sweet smile before tilting her head at the man's sudden rambling, a thoughtful look painting over her original features.

"Well, you don't have to define yourself under a single title if you don't want to or don't think you fit under any. You can just be, uh, you...if that makes sense." The girl tried to explain, hands moving around in strange motions as if it were helping her prove her point. She only stopped when the taller man introduced himself, Lucian was his name, before asking for her own. Being far too use to strangers and acquaintances alike complimenting her looks with pet names and things of the sort, Fei appeared mostly unfazed as she took Lucian's hand firmly.

"Fei Iordanou. Maiden of the Sky and Sky Knight. The pleasure is mine. Might I ask what you're most looking forward to in the Festival?"
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