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Name: Zagruk grotkicka

Nickname(s): 'Da shiv'

Klan: Snakebites

Role: Kommando

Common Armament: 'eavy Slugga (With extra stabby bit), Stikkbombs, Buzzbombz, Speshul stabba (Stolen astartes combat knife)

Anything else: I gotz me toxic stuffz and venumz for rubbing on m'stabby bitz. But I also 'ave me own bitey squig! I callz 'im squiggly cause 'e's always sqwigglin' around wen Iz try ter 'old 'im.
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Name: Gardak Flamelobba

Nickname(s): Shef

Klan: Deathskulls

Role: Burna Boy

Common Armament: Skorcha (wiff extra stabby bit), fiery stikkbombz, and a zoggin' sharp choppa

Anything else: An oddity among ork burna boys. He has an obsession with creating the perfect skorcha fuel that will cook any piece of meat perfectly when subjected to its inferno.

He also possesses a cigar that never seems to fully burn out no matter how long it stays lit. Unfortunately, his lighter does run out of fuel and he constantly scavenges for new lighters, some of which he keeps in his collection after they run out of fluid.
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Name: Hellstompah

Nickname(s): Grinz

Klan: Blood Axes

Role: Gunner

Common Armament: Shoota wiff Kustom boomer

Anything else: Hellstompah likes collecting the scalps and ears of those he's killed, wearing them as fetishes on his armour and his belt.
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Name: Gutsnaga

Nickname(s): 'Mad Boss'

Klan: Formerly Deffskullz and then Blood Axes

Role: Nob or 'Boss' - also an impromptu Mekboy at a pinch (can hot-wire things, possibly even use them.)

Common Armament: A rite shooty slugga, a two-handed rite cutty big choppa made from a chain-axe taken from some battlefield or other, and a big metal gob... also a stabby knife the size of a human arm, for da close work, innit.

Anything else: Gutsnaga is an oddity as an Ork, starting as a Deathskull Stormboy and imbibing all he could from that experience, it just so happened that he held the belief that he could loot more from the enemy by being more kunnin' an sneaky like. Thus he was banished by his blue-faced brethren for his perfidy; it just so happened that this, and his meeting with a group of Blood Axes, was the catalyst he needed to complete his un-Orky 'upbringing'.

For decades he has fought using the kunnin' ways of stelff and sneakin' about, gathering quite the collection of gubbinz along the way, forming a crack team of kommandoz known as Da Devilz Brigade - so called because he saw it in an Imperial squiggle-paper thing one day and liked it.

Most recently they became part of a war effort for Waaagh! 'Artrippa, and this is where our tale begins.
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Name:Kargut Blastikk

Nickname(s):Da Mad Bombah

Klan:Bad Moons

Role:Tank Busta (demolition "expert")

Common Armament: Camouflaged 'Ard boy Armor (The camo even works oddly enough)
Tank Hammer
Tank Busta bombs
Lot'a 'splosives!!!

Anything else: "What you mean I aint stelfy? Da Humies can't raise da alarm if I blew it up now can dey? 'sides, not much use sneekin after a big ol Kaboom! Humies all worried 'bout their tanks an' buildins, too busy to be shootin' at me!"

His 'Ard Boy Armor is not intentionally camouflaged, it is caked with enough mud and plant debris it has become passable camouflage.

He also carries a necklace of gears, nuts, and other assorted components of vehicles he has smashed or 'sploded the most precious of these is a thick gear supposedly belonging to an Imperial Titan (this is entirely... not true)
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Name: Ugrokk Limcutta

Nickname: Dok

Klan: Blood Axe

Role: Painboy

Common Armament: Slugga, choppa, dok's tools

Anything else: Due to the impracticality of collecting payments when out sneakin' about, the Dok has taken to keeping a tally of the treatments he administered to each of the ladz. By the time the mission ends he has forgotten which set of tally marks was for which ork, because he never actually labels them. The others are then left to decide amongst themselves how to split the total payment they owe to their resident painboy.
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Name: Snekart 'Eadsmakka

Nickname(s): "Boltagit"

Klan: Blood Axes

Role: Kommando

Common Armament: An Imperial 'eavy bolta purchased for a lot of Imperium cash. Otherwise, standard Kommando gear - soot-blackened choppa, a couple of stikkbombs, and camouflaged hide jacket, trousers, and boots.

Anything else: Snekart is very proud of his 'eavy bolta, insisting it be referred to as such instead of the proper Orky name of big shoota, and given "da roight kustom ammo" to properly explode his foes in battle. Other Orks find this tendency infuriating, hence his nickname. He also wears stripes of purple and red on his back, his reasoning being that the enemy won't be looking for any purple, so it'll make him sneakier, whilst the red will let him sneak faster - but, since he won't be sneaking away from enemies anyway, they're on his back so the other boys can see where he is.
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