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The first thing David smelled was the sea. The soft, gentle winds hit his face like a lazy wakeup call. The smell was almost intoxicating to the man, as if he hadn't smelled it in years. That wouldn't be too far off. Slowly, his eyes opened to reveal a beach. Waves gently rolled in, seagulls called out as they swept across the water. On the beach he could make out umbrellas and towels in the distance, but he was next to an old pier. He had been sitting in a beach chair, and as he rose he could feel the pain in his joints and legs.

My name is David. I live by the sea, completely happy. I'll go to work selling bait to hopeful fishermen, usually close up early to fish myself, and take a nap on the coast with my favorite chair.

His mind spoke as if he reminded himself where he was. Turning around, he could see the skyline of Manhattan, and although he knew it was New York, he wasn't quite sure he had visited. He looked around for a moment, still a little confused on where exactly he had to go. He was dressed in worn jeans, some converse sneakers, and a dark blue flannel. He definitely looked like a fisherman, alright... David noticed then a bag next to the chair, and a rusty looking fishing harpoon. Gently, the man picked it up, and a very eerie feeling swept through him. A large gust of wind flew by him, giving a stronger smell of the sea. He felt like he and this harpoon has seen a lot of things together. David smiled gently, setting it aside for now. Opening the bag, he found a notebook, a few hundred dollars in cash, some water... and an old coin.

David picked up the golden coin, wiping the dirt off the surface to see what it said. It looked foreign... Like, it was written in.

I am Poseidon. God of the Sea.

the voice boomed in his head, causing him to drop the coin. He breathed shakily, picked up the coin, and examined it. It certainly was a Greek coin, with a trident symbol on it as well as words he couldn't necessarily make out. He slid the coin in his pocket, and focused on the notebook within. The book was almost completely empty, except for one page with names:

Lilith Henderson
Blake Lou Delarose
Felicity Omen
Vanessa Onasis
Harry Corey Thompson
Robert Malek
Daciana Adila Adomi
Asha Jaziri

Eight names... And he had absolutely no correlation he could come up with. He had never heard these names before, but for some reason, he knew they meant something.

"Hey there, Friend!" Someone called out.

David turned to see a rather large man in beach attire, holding a metal detector. He smiled at David warmly. "Hello." David called before turning back to the bag, throwing it around his shoulders, and grabbing the harpoon. "You seem lost. Don't know exactly where you are or where you came from?" He called out. Chills went down David's spine. The man chuckled. "Don't worry. They'll find you, or you'll find them eventually... Hopefully soon."

David had no idea what this man was talking about, but he had a feeling it had to do with the names in the book. "Do you know where I can find them?" He walked closer to the man. "Not necessarily... They're somewhere there." He pointed towards Manhattan's skyline. "That's the problem with treasure hunting. Sometimes you find you find what you're looking for..." The man's smile turned sinister. "And sometimes you find some faulty readings."

In a swift motion the large man swung the metal detector, and in the glint of the sunlight, turned into a large axe. David luckily lifted the harpoon to deflect the blow, but sent him flying backwards. The man laughed. "You reek of the Gods..." He inhaled sharply. "I remember you, Sea God." David fought to get back up, once again holding his harpoon up to stop the blow. This time, it felt like instinct took over. In the same movement David flipped the edge of the harpoon into the man, and sliced the side of his torso. The man gave out a demonic scream, causing David to step back.

David backed up to the ocean, feeling the waves engulf his feet. The man with the metal detector started to get blurry in David's eyes. Blinking a few times, he noticed the man change shape. David was stunned to see the man's lower body stay relatively the same... but his torso and head had turned into a Bull. "The Minotaur." David breathed.

"You remember me." The beast spoke. David felt like the two had had a long history with one another, and it wasn't necessarily a friendly one. "You tricked my mother, tricked me into going into that horrible maze. Now that you are mortal, I can finally exact my revenge!" The minotaur roared and charged at David. He was beyond scared, he tried to dodge but was hit horribly in the side, flying deeper into the sea.

His head hurt, he saw stars, and the side of his torso was absolutely bleeding. He felt like giving up, but then, as he tried to inhale the water to accept defeat... He could breathe? David opened his eyes, not phased by the salty liquid going into his eyes. His clothes were completely dry, and the pain in his side slowly faded. Through his shirt, he saw that the cut had shrunk.

Rise Poseidon, God of the Sea.

David swam back up to the surface, which seemed to surprise the Minotaur. "You're not yet powerful enough to kill me, Poseidon." He bellowed. "No, but I can stop you." A feeling in his guy lurched forward, sending a large wave over the beach, engulfing the creature. As much as he tried to claw at the sand, the Minotaur was dragged into the sea. "You cannot stop us! They will come after all of you! Humanity is lost!" He screamed before being pulled underwater.

David made it back to the shore, and fell to his knees. He was exhausted. The feeling in his gut had disappeared. He panted, shaking slightly at what he had just seen. He looked at his harpoon, hearing a small hum come to it, as if trying to speak to him. He didn't know what all of this meant... but maybe, the people on the list could. Slowly rising to his feet, David placed the harpoon on the side of his backpack, wrapping it tight before he looked for a way into New York City.
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The noise was startling as she heard the electronic music announcing some event then there was this rattle accompanied by metallic splashes and when her vision cleared she was puzzled to see a bucket of coins filling before her. Two men in dark suits appeared beside her one looking over each shoulder, the one on her left saying “Miss would you please come with us?''

Still confused and blaming it on her drink she felt like she was floating when in fact the men were carrying her.

“We brung her Boss” they said in chorus

“Set the Lady on the couch and give us some privacy” the big man behind the desk said causing the thugs to retreat

Yawning she heard “Sleepy Miss Omen?”

“Well yes actually, what happened” she answered with a question because she still hadn’t figured it out.
“You just won the $52,745 premium payout slot, earlier you ran a craps table to the tune of $63,219 bucks, I’d say you was cheating but I’ve kept an eye on you since you was up 18,000 at the dice so you’re good there but we have a problem."

“The Dust Bunny doesn’t want your business any more, you’re banned. See the cashier and then check out and don’t even look back” grumbled broke nose Jimmy the operations man here. Inwardly he was cursing because this dame had taken him for $115,964 after only 4 hours in his shop and if the commission wasn’t breathing down his neck he’d have had her tossed out lucky if he left her her shoes.
An hour later Felicity was standing in Valet parking with the two nice gentlemen who’d helped her to their bosses office. She had cashed out and taken the casino up on their offer to pay the taxes leaving her a bit over 72 grand 5 grand in cash and the rest in a cashier’s check.

“Why are we standing here?” she asked still confused

“Your car ya ditzy dame.” chuckled the one she’d heard called Antonio

About that time a car that stood out in the line of expensive machines waiting to advance. It was a 1974 Super Beetle Convertible in perfect condition. The men walked her to ti and the young man who’d been driving it hopped out and offered her the keys which she took and somehow slipped him a C-note in a single smooth motion.

As she drove away the two men nodded to a paid LEO to follow her, the boss wanted that check. She drove down the main drag and as she did she wondered why this town was so familiar and she didn’t know it at the same time.

For 15 minutes the LEO followed her waiting for the opportunity to pull her over and shake her down, the check she had would net him about 7 grand in reward and he needed to get his boat fixed. She drove like grandmother obeying every law and on those roads with the most camera giving him no opening. So intent on following her the LEO ran a red light but being that he was in a cop car it didn’t cross his mind to worry, that’s when a trolley hit him.

Felicity was 3 hours outside Vegas on Route 66 when Brokenose Jimmy heard the cop had lost her because he’d be in an accident, she was sipping a huge lemonade and thinking about horses.
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It had been a long day. Daciana was on her way home, walking as quickly as she could with her cane back to her cheap studio apartment on the outskirts of New York City. Well, it was relatively cheap, in comparison to the prices of the other apartments nearby and especially those that lay deeper inside the city limits. Still, $1500 was a lot of money and it didn't make itself, so Dacia had been out and about making her rounds, providing the locals and tourists alike with affordable.... err, prescriptions. She had taken the time to collect on a few debts as well, since she was currently in need of a few extra household items, and she would also have to figure something out in terms of dinner. Since she didn't have a car, Dacia was used to having to do a lot of walking. She was grateful for the pretty excellent physical shape that she was in for it (and also due to the fact that she worked out often, in case she ever needed to handle some 'business matters' or discrepancies), but it was still exhausting, and she definitely felt one hell of a migraine coming on.

By the time that Dacia had nearly reached her apartment, her head was pounding, and she knew that as soon as she got inside, she was going to administer herself a bit of her own medicine. These were the only thoughts that she usually had, really: thoughts of making money, thoughts of keeping herself housed and fed and clean, and thoughts of suffering/pain. She couldn't shake it. In fact, she even tried to physically shake her head back and forth, hoping that the spots in her vision would clear up this way. However, this only seemed to make matters worse. Dacia blinked hard, but the image before her did not dissipate, and she figured she must be hallucinating. Maybe she was dehydrated from being out in the sun all day. Whatever it was, it was concerning, because before her stood a large, stoic grey wolf.

A wolf? Alone on the streets of New York? Impossible. Daciana knew she was mentally ill, but surely she wasn't this crazy? But throughout all of these thoughts and attempts to grasp at a possible explanation, the wolf remained, standing tall but complacent, and making no effort to move toward her or harm her. Then, suddenly, the wolf made a high-pitched whining noise; was it a whimper? Dacia looked at the wolf with narrowed eyes, but as it continued to whine, she approached it cautiously. She had her cane, and a somewhat large knife in the back pocket of the black jean skirt she was wearing, but she didn't know if that would be enough to fend the wolf off were it to attack... As Dacia neared the beast, though, she noticed that it was bleeding, wounded deeply in its left side. Forgetting all thoughts of her own safety, she moved quickly to the creature's side and examined it. When she touched the grey fur, the animal made another sound, but did not move. Dacia met its crystal blue eyes and saw that the animal was afraid, but not aggressive.

When Dacia looked back to the wolf's side is when she became truly flabbergasted. For there where the deep gash and blood had once been remained nothing but perfectly intact, soft fur. There was no sign of the previous mark Dacia had seen, and to her amazement, the wolf gave her one last look and then seemingly disappeared into the background. Stumbling into her apartment, Dacia lit a candle, set up her rig, and took a few hits, making certain her blinds were all closed. Eventually, she passed out, perhaps due to shock, or because she had succumbed to the terrible headache that plagued her that afternoon.
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Robert "Bob" Malek


The soft rhythm of the hammer beating against metal was soothing. He was making.... something, he couldn't remember. He just remembered the tongs in his hand, the heat from the furnace, and the steady rhythm of the swing.


Working the metal let him forget all of his thoughts, all of his feelings, it was like he was being reborn. But what was he making? His hands seemed to understand the shape, but his mind was blank, like a forgotten dream. The even rhythm of the hammer and the heat of the metal became the only things that existed in the world, and that was fine.

He stopped.

It looked like he was hammering out the rough form of an inch long curved claw. He walked over to the grinder, it needed to be shaped and cleaned up. At the grinder bench he was surprised to see seven other claws, perfectly polished; and there, next to the claws, there were the gauntlets for which they were made. He was fashioning a weapon, why? He didn't let his thoughts interrupt his work and he began to work the thick claw on the grinder. The metal was hard, and getting a good grind was going to take some time.

THUMP-THUMP! There was a heavy bang on the door.

"Come in!" Bob yelled and turned to the door opposite his bench. A child walked in, a boy, maybe ten years old. Bob smiled, "Hello there little one," he said in a gruff voice, "that's an awful big knock you got there. What can I do for you?"

The boy walked towards where Bob was standing, his shoulders and legs seemed to twitch and his jaw was slack. Bob noticed that his eyes were solid black with a small green dot for a pupil. "WhY DId you leT us Die, PaPa!" came a growling voice unnatural to the body from which is came, "whY, WHy!? DoN't you loVe us PaPA?"

"You need to stop there, friend." Bob said, hardness creeping into his voice, "I don't know you."

The boy creature vaulted across the room and with a shriek leapt onto Bob! He grappled the creature whose face had now extended and grown sharp teeth and a probing tongue, green spittle spattered over Bob's face as he grunted in effort. The two spun in circles around the room, crashing into tools and half finished projects hanging along the walls. The boy bit and snapped at Bob's face, "WHY DON'T YOU LOVE US PAPA!?!?!? WHY DID YOU LET THEM ALL DIE??" The voice screeched from the boy creature's face even as its maw tried to bite off Bob's face.

With a grunt of effort Bob lifted the boy-creature into the air, the monster growled and barked and tried to bite into Bob's face, its limbs punching and kicking the older man with no effect. "I. Don't. Know. You. Child!" Bob yelled, and he pitched the monster head first into the hot furnace he used to temper his steel. The monster screamed and flailed as its head melted but soon its kicking stopped and it lay still, the fire popping as its head burned.

Bob walked over to the front door and bolted it shut, upset about the idea of killing a child and disturbed about the fact that he just got attacked by a monster. He went back to his workbench and using the little tools he had he put the elements of the gauntlet together and slipped the completed one onto his right hand, it felt good, natural. He took the glove off and began to work the final claw for the other. He didn't remember when he started this project, but he figured he knew what he needed them for. Curse those beasts for taking the face of a child, curse them!
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